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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  December 26, 2016 6:00am-7:01am PST

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on the windshield, all of that as you wake up. that makes it hard that day after christmas to go back to work. if you do, just turn the heater on, grab that cup of coffee and make it a great start to the day. it's 34 degrees in the peninsula. 35 in the south bay. 29 in the north bay. we will have 50s today, reaching 56 in the peninsula. tri-valley 54. 54 in san francisco. we'll talk about all that coming up and a look at what to expect as you head out for traffic this morning. all green sensors for the most part. a smooth drive all around the bay area. we haven't seen much in the way of a lot of cars on the roadways also for the bridges as well. looks like it's going smoothly. here is the richmond bridge. one car rolling across. no issues. i'll have another look at traffic and weather in a few minutes. >> thank you very much. we mentioned it was a tragic
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weekend. investigators believe drunk driving was involved in a deadly christmas day crash in the south bay. the suspected drink driver was killed as well as a 14-year-old boy in another car with his parents. >> tom jensen is live at the scene of the crash to show us the growing memorial for that teen. >> this happened after midnight. you see the memorial is getting larger. 14-year-old boy killed in the accident along with the woman who was expected drunk driving, 25-year-old woman, both identities have not been released yet. happened just after midnight about 12:30 christmas morning. police say the 25-year-old driver crossed the median, crashed head-on into the car carrying the two parents of the boy and the 14-year-old in the back seat was pronounced dead at the hospital with the 25-year-old driver of that other car.
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the parents were treated and released for nonlettening injuries. you can see this memorial is getting larger and larger. a lot of signs saying we love you, india, rest in peace. friends and family paying tribute to the victims of this tragic accident. we will have more information as it becomes available throughout the day. live in san jose, tom jensen, today in the bay. >> so sad there. thank you very much. 6:02 on your monday. investigators are still looking for a shooter who opened fire outside a san francisco night club early christmas morning. we brought you this story as breaking news yesterday on "today in the bay." two people injured as a result of that shooting. it happened early christmas morning outside the grand night club south of bryant on 4th street not too far from at&t park. police found two men on the sidewalk who had been shot. according to the club's website, there was a christmas eve event
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going on at that time. high speeds could be to blame for a deadly accident in sonoma county. a 21-year-old motorcyclist was killed after he was broad sided by a pick-up truck. it happened around 10:00 saturday night on petaluma hill road. the two peoplejez the truck weren't injured. chp investigators are still looking into what happened. >> we are investigating the speed of the motorcyclists who is being a factor in the collision and still working on whether or not alcohol was a factor. >> the officers shut down parts of the road three hours during their investigation. let's get you caught up on the latest holiday schedule here. >> heads-up if you're planning to use mass transit. caltrain will operate on a saturday schedule. we thank you for watching if you're joining us. caltrain will offer six additional trains between san francisco and san jose. the schedule includes one round
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trip between san francisco and gilroy. santrans will operate on a sunday schedule. the new year just a week away. with it comes a parking crackdown at b.a.r.t. stations. b.a.r.t. is increasing fines for illegal parking. >> this is a past time for a lot of people to break parking rules. pete suratos is live in lafayette with how much it will cost you if you ignore parking rules. >> good morning. it's never a good idea to illegally park here at b.a.r.t. those fines are going to double starting next week. it says we are inside a permitted parking lot here. it is clearly stated there. b.a.r.t. is going to double fines to make sure folks don't try it. starting next week, if you illegally park in a daily spot, that fine will jump from $35 to $55. if you're in a permitted spot or illegally parked, it will double
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from $40 to $75. if you have five or more fines, you pay an additional fee of $100. if it jumps from 10 or more, it jumps to $150. b.a.r.t. ire's decision is to d with those fines. b.a.r.t. approved all of this in february. as i mentioned, these fines will kick in next week on january 2nd. pete suratos for "today in the bay." >> 6:05. fans around the world are mourning the loss of another music legend in 2016. george michael was found dead yesterday in his home south of london. this is new video taken outside his home where fans are leaving flowers and notes. >> this was especially stunning news because george michael was only 53. how the str's work touched so
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much lives here in the bay area. >> george michael burst on to the early '80s pop scene with wham. later his image added facial stubble, aviator shades and sex appeal. >> he pushed that envelope off the cliff. i remember the video for that song. also had a message where he was talking about mooning monogamy sex. >> he revealed he was gay and conquered pneumonia in 2011. his fame in the '80s is what many remember. >> george michael with prince, madonna and michael jackson, literally ruled the entire decade of the '80s. >> a new album and tour was months away and he gave a few hints. >> some of my favorite albums would not be things anyone
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expected. i know who i am and what i'm capable of. my limitations. >> someone who could sing, write, produce, play the instruments. he isn't known for that because he didn't go on stage doing a whole lot of that. he's definitely the hand behind it all. that's what he brings to the table. >> now we have an update on the condition of actress carrie fisher. her mom debbie reynolds said her daughter is in stable condition after suffering a heart attack on friday. the 60-year-old had her heart attack on a flight from london to l.a. she was rushed to a hospital after landing. debbie reynolds says she will keep fisher's fans posted throughout the recovery process. reynolds thanked her daughter's fans and friends for their support. happening today, it's the first day of kwanzaa. they honor a different principle
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each day like unity and creativity. in the bay area, is there a kwanzaa celebration at noon today at the museum of the african diaspora. there will be a musical exploration of the history of blues music in the bay area. there is a common theme besides holiday celebration with. cold. >> huddled together trying to stay warm. here is a live look outside in san francisco as you step out, you can see your breath. it's only 44, high today of 54 will be a cooler one. freezing in many spots like livermore. 32. lower 30s for the north bay, as well. dropped down to 29 in santa rosa. oakland now 41 as you head out the door. highs reaching the mid 50s there. in san jose 57. it will still be cooler than average but will warm up as we
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go through the week. more on that. also some dry weather in the forecast until the start of the new year. that's coming up in about 10 minutes. >> thank you very much. up next, state of emergency in a michigan community. find out about this massive sinkhole that forced people to evacuate. outside of california, winter storms continue to slam parts of the u.s. this morning just as people get ready to travel back home after this holiday weekend. a live look outside the bay area from our emeryville camera. you're watching "today in the bay."
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good monday morning. it is 6:12. here is a live look outside in palo alto. chilly temperatures and will slowly warm. temperature trend at 11:00 will be 48. lunchtime 50 and 54 at 3:00 with cooler than the average high of 57. a look at warmer air in the microclimate forecast coming up in about five minutes. thank you. new this morning, this has been quite the journey. a father's nearly six-year long
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search for his daughter's remains in japan is now over. she was 7 years old when the japan earthquake struck her town in fukushima in march 2011. her father has been searching for her since that day. a worker found a small bone in a scarf that looked like the one she was wearing on the day she went missing. dna analysis confirmed it was her. the girl's father says he wishes he could tell una he is proud of her finding her way back to him. state of emergency for a town in michigan after a massive sinkhole opened up. people from two dozen homes were forced to evacuate after a sinkhole caused one home to partially collapse. investigators say it began forming friday night and they believe it started because of a sewer failure 60 feet below that damaged home. officer involved shooting garnering national attention. a distraught man threatening
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police was shot and killed by officers in florida. sheriff's deputies near st. augustine said the 61-year-old man called 911 and was threatening to shoot himself, others and the police. investigators say that man was inside an rv behind a family home where he lived after a standoff, deputies say the suspect came out with a hand gun and what not put it down, prompting the police officers to open fire. ice and snow wreaking havoc in the midwest during the holiday weekend. in eastern iowa it was a wet and soggy christmas. heavy rains and high winds chilled the air and soaked the roads. a blizzard in south dakota where many areas saw up to eight inches of snow. winds gusted up to 60 miles per hour causing snow drifts and zero visibility on the roads. makes what we are seeing here not look so bad. >> yesterday was so beautiful. i heard my mom bragging to her friends, yeah, it's nice, it's
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sunny here. all the kids are taking their toys out to the park yesterday. >> both of you have new babies. >> that's right. great first christmases. a lot of memories made there. here is a live look outside. it looks good. it is chilly. you can tell the flag is waving in the wind. a breeze there it's 45 heading up to 54 later on today. after this cold start it will be warming up with some sunshine. it will be dry and mild as we go through the rest of the week with breezy winds. this weekend we'll have a chance of rain for new year's day. right now it's 41 in oakland. 35 in san jose. frost in some areas. doesn't have to be down to 32 to have frost, especially on the windshield of the car. it is freezing in livermore and morgan hill. it's freezing in napa and santa
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rosa. today highs reaching 54 in the tri-valley. also in san francisco, 55 in the north bay. taking a look at the bigger picture, people traveling. family maybe coming in for the new year. still looking at scattered showers across the midsection of the country from chicago down to dallas. that may cause a few travel delays. a custer of showers near the l.a. area. that's not expected to cause major problems. a live look outside. you see roads are flowing smoothly. it's 41 up to 55 today. we see that temperature trend with a lunchtime temperature only 49 degrees. with the breeze that will feel cool heading up to low 50s today. looking at wind speeds, it will be gusty along the coastline. half moon bay. wind speeds most of the afternoon between 15 and 20 miles per hour. throughout the rest of the week it will stay dry. a nice onshore flow.
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that will keep it cool. then we'll watch a storm system as we head into the first part of 2017. looking at the temperature trend in san francisco, some 60s for the middle of the week. this weekend it will be turning cooler. also for the inland area. we will be bragging about this weather. 64 on thursday. it does get cooler in time for the weekend. let's get a look at the traffic map to show what the roads are like. looks like a fairly smooth flow overall. tracking a few issues on the roadways. especially as you head out across the peninsula and going across the golden gate bridge looking also at some slow moving traffic in parts of the tri-valley. that's cleared up. we are watching speed sensors there. as we head through san francisco, highway 1 looking slower going northbound.
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looking like a smooth drive for most of us. turn on the heater and try to stay warm. >> good advice. >> it could be a breakthrough in cancer research. the new treatment that could get rid of cancer cells without surgery. >> buy one get one free phone. the unadvertised headache that came with them. nbc bay area responds next. coming up on "today," the latest on that shocking overnight news pop icon george michael dead at the age of 53. what his long-time manager is saying about a possible cause and the tributes pouring in. a holiday travel nightmare. blizzard conditions set to batter the plains once again.
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>> and pint-size ninja warriors. a live look at a beautiful, shining shimmering bay bridge lit up as it always is in the early morning hours here. a beautiful time to be in san francisco.
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6:21. a tsunami warning at chile on high alert hours after a earthquake rattled that area 7.6 magnitude earthquake struck about 800 miles south of santiago yesterday morning. the area is sparsely populated, but it did prompt officials to evacuate about 4,000 people in that region because of the tsunami scare. fortunately, that warning was called off about 90 minutes later. >> in medical news, there is a lot of guesswork when it comes to diagnosing a concussion. the secret could be in the ear. researchers at northwestern university say the key is how the brain processes sound. using electrode sensors that monitored children. kids with concussions had a 35% smaller brain response to pitch than those who did not have
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concussions. this test correctly identified about 90% of children who suffered a concussion. >> a new study finds a strong link between sleep patterns and recovery patients who suffered traumatic brain injuries. researchers followed 30 people who had been hospitalized from moderate to severe brain injury. the patient's thinking abilities and sleep problems both improved at the same time. experts say more studies are needed to figure out why brain and sleep recovery seem to be intertwined. >> low risk prostate cancer patients may have a treatment option that kills tumors without removing the prostate. inject a light-sensitive drug into the blood stream. when activated by a laser, it destroyed the cancer tissues. half patients went into complete remission compared with only 13% of those who did not undergo this treatment. researchers hope therapy could work for other types of cancer.
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nbc bay area responds to a milpitas woman who said at&t didn't honor a promotional offer. >> our consume are investigator is here with a step our too many took to help her. last february rita says she signed up for a buy one/get one free phone promotion through at&t but when rita got her bill, she was charged for two phones. she went back to the at&t store and says the manager told her they made a mistake. the phone she bought didn't qualify for the promotion. they made a mistake. the manager says he would escalate the problem to upper management since it wasn't her fault. rita never heard another word. she says whenever she called the at&t store she never got a call back. she finally called us and we returned her call and reached out to at&t. it credited rita's account $650. in a statement, the company apologized and said our customers are important to us and we want them to have a
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positive experience. it went on to say, we are glad we are able to resolve the situation for the customer. if you have a complaint, call us at 888-996-tips. have a great day. people who need it most got an early christmas dinner yesterday in san francisco. >> we have a big piece of ham and big breast of chicken and mashed potatoes and gravy. you get that sense of abundance which this feast of christmas is all about. >> chefs prepared another food for 3,000 people. the dining room opened at 10:00 a.m. and football players from indiana university were there to help serve the meals. the players are in town for the foster farms bowl. that's happening at levi stadium wednesday. filling out the trump cabinet. donald trump still has a few spots left to go.
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live to washington to show which agencies trump is hiring for and what's next for the positions he's already filled. memorial for a tragic christmas accident continues to grow. at 6:26, a live look at the bay bridge toll plaza. traffic flowing very nicely. there are so few people on the road this monday morning. we appreciate you watching us. we have more news in two minutes.
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a good monday morning. 6 t 6:29. it is another chilly start to the morning. a busy shopping day. a lot of people are going to return their holiday gifts that they don't want. always delicate process there, but gift receipts are key. thank you for joining us. i'm sam brock. >> i'm kira klapper in for laura garcia-cann garcia-cannon. kari hall is doing the weather and traffic. >> returning presents, maybe they just didn't fit. >> i like that interpretation. would you take offense if someone returned your gift? >> of course i would.
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i put a lot of thought into it. >> maybe you are going to be going shopping today, catching post christmas sales and also returning some of those presents. it is now 32 in the tri-valley, 34 in the peninsula. it is cold so you have to bundle up. it's 29 degrees in the north bay. it will feel much nicer this afternoon. still cooler than where we should be, but warmer than yesterday. a little bit of some improvement there as far as our temperatures and that continues as we go through the week. let's look at what you are going to face as you head out on the roadways. we have green sensors meaning traffic is flowing at the speed limit or maybe even above in some spots, looking good on the roads this morning. a complete look at the forecast including more views of our cameras and bridges. that's coming up in a few minutes. >> thank you very much.
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>> investigators believe drunk driving was involved in a deadly collision in south bay this weekend. a 14-year-old boy was in another car with his parents. >> tom jensen is loive at the scene of the crash with the growing memorial for that teenager. >> we believe this memorial was originally erected for the driver of the car who investigators say may have been drunk while driving, a 25-year-old. the reason i say that because a lot of the signs say "we love you jessica" and "rest in peace, india." we have not been given the exact identity of the 25-year-old who crossed the median and crashed head-on into a car carrying parents and a 14-year-old boy. the boy was killed in that accident. yesterday morning just a half hour into christmas. police are investigating this as drunk driving.
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they had indications on the scene that the female driver who caused this accident may have been drinking before the accident just after midnight christmas morning. investigators have left the scene a while ago. we haven't seen anybody out here as far as putting up these candles this morning. we hope to have more information coming up later on today. we will bring that to you as we continue this morning. for today in the bay live in san jose, tom jensen. >> thank you very much. president-elect donald trump waking up this palm beach, florida. he is narrowing down his picks for the final spots in his cabinet. trump can cause serious concerns using his twitter account. >> we have a colleague tracking trump's twitter, edward lawrence who joins us live from washington, d.c. good morning there. >> good morning.
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donald trump has taken the last 24 hours off of twitter at this moment, other than to say merry christmas to everybody. we expect that silence to not continue. president-elect donald trump has a few spots left to fill in his cabinet. three big ones, director of national intelligence, secretary of agriculture and secretary of veterans affairs. >> i want to take care of our veterans. i want to take care of them. they're being taken care of horribly. >> as he mulls over the posts, confirmation hearings will start before mr. trump is sworn in. jeff sessions and secretary of state nominee rex tillerson will face fights in early january as democrats are likely to bring up conflict of interests issues. >> he has recruited a cabinet of winners. these are very successful, powerful people who like winning and are prepared to work very hard to win. >> mr. trump ran a nontraditional campaign and has
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broken from tradition as president-elect. he tried to get a u.n. resolution concerning israel tabled, threatened to pull a defense contract from lockheed martin and may have reignited a nuclear arms race with russia. >> you haven't seen a situation where president-elect is speaking out on issues in aç w that is drowning out the person who is still president. >> mr. trump will ofrgsly become president january 20th with more cabinet picks expected soon. the president-elect will dissolve his charitable foundation because he wants to remove any inkling of conflict of interest. live in washington, edward lawrence. back to you. >> a lot of business ties to tie up. thank you very much. the search continues for a shooter who opened fire outside a san francisco night club early christmas morning. two people were injured in that shooting. we are told they were both
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recovering this morning. it all happened early sunday morning outside the grand night club south of bryant on fourth street. not too far away from at&t park. police found two men on the sidewalk, both of whom were suffering from gun shot wounds. there was a christmas eve event going on at that time. >> high speeds could be to blame for a deadly accident in sonoma county. a 21-year-old motorcyclist was killed after being broad sided by a pick-up truck. it happened 10:00 saturday night. the two people in the truck were unharmed. chp officers shut down parts of the road three hours during their investigation. scary moments at an east bay restaurant on christmas. 30 customers were evacuated from a chinese restaurant when a fire ignited in the kitchen. the fire was reported around 7:00 last night at uncle yu.
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one person suffered smoke inhalation but refused medical treatment. the fire started on the stove as employees were cooking. fire crews were able to stop the fire from spreading beyond the kitchen and attic areas. still the restaurant will remain closed. 6:36. this morning the world continues to remember british singer george michael who was found dead inside his london home on christmas day. >> an iconic and ground brauking career musically and culturally. george michael burst on to the 1980s pop scene with wham. then continued with a solo performer. his debut album "faith" sold over 10 million copies. he was known for facial stubble, aviator shades and dangling cross earring. he won two grammy awards and became cham fpion for the lgbtq
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community. >> george michael, pns, madonna and michael jackson ruled the decade of the 1980s. >> he died of heart failure. he was only 53 years old. the condition of actress carrie fisher. debbie reynolds, her mother, took to social media saying her daughter is in stable condition after she suffered a heart attack on friday. the 60-year-old had a heart attack on a flight from london to l.a. and was rushed to the hospital after landing. debbie reynolds will keep fans posted throughout the recovery process. reynolds thanked her daughter's fans and friends for support. a fatal crash over the weekend. this morning, loved ones are remembering victims of the russian military plane that crashed. memorial was helped in sochi, russia, earlier this morning. all 84 passengers and eight crew members are believed to have died when it crashed in the black sea after taking off from sochi. the passengers included dozens
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of singers in russia's world famous military choir. rescue teams are searching the crash site in the black sea. they say pilot error or a technical problem, not terrorism, is the likely cause of that crash. new details on the nephew of the suspect in the berlin christmas market attack. he was arrest on friday. prior to his arrest, he said more investigation was needed over who could have aided amri in the attack. he may have had help evading authorities. investigators announced friday his nephew and two other people had been arrested on suspicion belonging to the same extremist network. he was killed in milan after getting out of germany through france. security is tight in rome which is one of several major european cities to step up defense measures following the berlin christmas market attack. the italian army formed a barrier around the coliseum
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yesterday. thousands of tourists visit that area every day. thousands of italian soldiers are involved in a nationwide effort called safe roads. there is a lot of fresh snow in the sierra. that is kirkwood in lake tahoe. about four to six inches of fresh snow fell between christmas eve and christmas morning right on cue. heavenly reporting about five inches of snow. >> meteorologist carkari hall ts us it's zero degrees. >> it's 4 below zero. how about temperatures now at the golden gate bridge of 45 degrees. that is much warmer. still chilly out there bundle up as you head out. a lot of sunshine today. we keep the cool mornings and warm afternoons for the rest of the week. dry weather as it gets milder
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with breezy ones. our next chance of rain comes back to the bay area in time for the weekend and new year's day. i'll talk more about that in ten minutes. >> interstellar holiday celebration. how astronauts aboard the international space station celebrate christmas. >> get ready to pay more if you're caught parking illegally at b.a.r.t. stations. here is a live look outside the golden gate bridge. we've had fun counting the cars going over that bridge. it has been very light going on this monday, post christmas. you're watching "today in the bay."
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good monday morning. it is 6:43. as you head out the door, looks like traffic is flowing smoothly. skies are clear. here is a look at san jose and los gatos. a chilly start warming up to mid 50s today. more sunshine and we keep that throughout the week. the temperature trend coming up in about five minutes. >> traffic light. thank you very much. we are just a week away from the new year.
6:44 am
with 2017 comes a new parking crackdown at b.a.r.t. stations. the agency is increasing its fines for illegal parkers. >> pete suratos is live in lafayette with how much it will cost you if you ignore b.a.r.t.'s parking rules. >> good morning. it will cost you almost double of what it was previously when it comes to fines for those illegally parking in permitted sections. it says if you violate it, you are subject to citation. if you illegally park prices will shoot up next week. if you're in a permanent spot, that price will jump from 40 to $75. if you have five or more fines, an additional fee of $20. 10 or more will jump up to $150. the reasoning is they want to
6:45 am
make it more costly for riders who would rather pay the fines instead of paying toll and look for parking at different b.a.r.t. spots, more so in san francisco. b.a.r.t. approved this back in february. these prices will kick in next week on january 2nd. pete suratos for today in the bay. >> thank you very much. sticking with the mass transit theme, heads up if you're planning to use mass transit this morning. cal train is operating on a saturday schedule. the kids opened up their gifts. it's time to say a big thank you. today is national thank you note day. in this age of high-tech, old school etiquette is appreciated.
6:46 am
experts agree writing and sending handwritten thank you notes goes a long way to keachikeach i teaching kids about gratitude. parents can ask the child to scribble or draw something on the card. >> talk about a holiday celebration out of this world, the crew above the international space station sent a holiday greeting back to earth before they chowed down on their christmas feast. >> we'll eat well up here christmas. we are all going to miss our family members, but we'll have a great time up here. >> their meal included traditional dishes from each astronaut's hometown, turkey, stuffing, chocolate cake and hot cider and french food items including ox tongue and gingerbread. the national menorah is illuminated in washington, d.c. the ceremony took place at the white house yesterday marking the first day of hanukkah.
6:47 am
thousands of people attended the event including the president, vice president, cabinet secretaries and members of congress. jewish leaders served as kantors. the national menorah is the largest in the world.cantors. the national menorah is the largest in the world. >> today is national thank you note day. your newest kids are about 6 months old, 2 months. >> 2 months and 4 months. >> not even close. >> 6 combined. uncle sam, yeah. >> you write out the card then you have them put their hand print on it or include a picture and say thank you. >> that's perfect. >> today is a great day for it. we'll have a lot of sunshine and we'll have beautiful weather as we go through the week. still on the cool side for the babies to head out there this
6:48 am
morning. it is all clear and we've been talking about the freezing temperatures and the frost. that continues again this morning. it is only 32 in morgan hill and livermore. 31 in napa. santa rosa down to 29. san francisco 44 and 37 now in palo alto. 57 in san jose will be the high today. mid 50s for the most part. a little warmer than yesterday. still cooler than the average high for this time of year. if you have family heading back out, here is a look where we may have problem spots. there is a long line of showers extending from chicago and all the way over toward memphis and down toward houston. that's where the rain may cause travel delays. temperatures are nice and warm. for us, it is now 32 in
6:49 am
livermore. the temperature trend throughout the day brings it into the low to mid 50s this afternoon. we'll feel nicer as far as wind speeds. that makes it feel cool in half moon bay. winds at about 15 to over 20 miles per hour at times. inland areas, really not seeing much of a breeze today. that is the weather we'll see throughout the week as we see no storm systems moving in. for the most part not seeing rain in the forecast. any significant chances of rain until next year. as we go through the next few hours and san francisco expected to reach 54 and looking at low 60s today. inlantd areas trending to the mid 60s. it will beç cooler and watchina storm system toward the end of that forecast.
6:50 am
we have all green sensors on the traffic map showing there's not a lot in the way of any slowdowns or jams. when we start to see them turning yellow and red, the roads may be slowing down. it is looking good as we head to san francisco, seeing some of the red sensors heading to 101 going north and south. that's where we see some of the red and yellow sensors there. also down 680 from livermore to sunol you see a couple of spots where it may be slower. allow extra time heading southbound. bay bridge about eight minutes. san mateo 13 minutes. dunbarton at 11 minutes. it is fairly smooth and we had a smooth morning, light traffic around the bay area, as you approach the toll plaza at the
6:51 am
bay bridge. sun is rising. looks good. looking good. back to you. >> roads look good, the sky looks beautiful. thank you for that. >> kari looked good doing that traffic report. a look at the top stories we are following. >> the growing memorial for a teen killed in a tragic south bay crash on christmas day. what investigators believe caused the crash. happening right now from the good to know bucket, several new laws are coming soon to california. don't get caught in the dark. a comprehensive list ahead of the new year. the tutu wearing therapy pig returning to sfo.
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coming up on 6:55. welcome back. here are the top stories on nbc bay area we start with investigators who believe drunk driving was involved in a deadly collision in the south bay. what you're looking at is a live picture of the memorial that has grown within the last day there. the suspected drunk driver was
6:55 am
killed as well as 14-year-old boy in another car driving with his parents. this is a live look at scene this morning and the memorial that formed off the road there. police responded to that crash just after midnight sunday on capital expressway and snell avenue in san jose. a woman drove over the center median and crashed head-on into another car. a teenager was in the car and died. his parents are expected to be okay. the deaths mark the 49th and 50th traffic-related deaths in san jose this year. there were 60 last year. george michael who rocketed to stardom with wham and enjoyed a long and celebrated solo career has died. that was george michael in a wham music video. he burst on to the early '80s in wham and later enjoyed a long career as a solo performer. he won two migraines.
6:56 am
his image alabama pbecame popul the years. his manager says he died of heart failure at his london home. george michael was just 53. there will be much more in a few minutes on the "today" show. devastating news for raiders fans. the star quarterback derek carr is recovering after he fractured his right fibula in saturday's game. this comes after the team made the playoffs for the first time since 2002. a big bummer for raiders' fans. a bit of good news as weather and traffic in a second -- we'll get to it right now. we are looking at a lot of people returning gifts this monday. we are talking about the fact no one should take it personally if you want to return a gift.
6:57 am
>> kari hall geniusly pointed out it might be because it didn't fit you. we want to warn you about return fraud. if you return a gift and find out it was stolen, you won't be able to return it. >> people getting gifts for me and bela, she is only 4 months, but she is wearing 6 to 9 month clothing. she is a little chunky baby. >> i love it. >> if you're a newborn baby you have extra padding to keep you warm. most of us have to put it on the old fashioned way. >> it's cold. >> look at these temperatures out there. we had to deal with freezing warnings. it starts out with frost. it's only 31 now in the tri-valley. 35 in the south bay.
6:58 am
also some frost on the windshield. 40 is the current temperature in san francisco. it dropped down to 29 in the north bay. highs this afternoon reaching into the mid to upper 50s. a lot of sunshine. that will make it feel better. also a breezy one in the east bay. 55 for the high there. in the north bay. as we get a look at traffic, it's been slowing very well all across the bay area. we see all the green sensors that you look across the bay. getting to zoom in on san francisco. it's been slowing down 101 as you head north and south in the city. it is slowing down in a few spots. also as you travel across the san mateo bridge.
6:59 am
you see it is all clear. also a lot of sunshine that will greet us into the start of this work week. it is very chilly as you head out the door. >> this is a nice time of year. my mom was here. >> catherine clapper, i love you. thank you for helping with my son. >> newborn children to celebrate. a great time if you're looking to do events with your family, christmas-related events are still open. the holiday ice rink goes to january 3rd in san francisco. it's not too late. >> my mom is planning on catching some of those after-christmas sales today. that's what she'll be doing. >> number one on the priority list. >> absolutely. >> telling her friends how good the weather is. we are back at 7:25 with a live
7:00 am
local news update. ♪ good morning. breaking overnight. icon lost. pop superstar george michael dies suddenly christmas day at the age of 53. the sing are first hitting it big with wham!. before finding each greater solo success. this morning his manager speaks out revealing a possible cause of death as the investigation moves forward and tributes pour in. paralyzing blizzard conditions, the storm making it nearly impossible for holiday travelers to get back home this morning where all of that snow and ice is heading next. avoiding conflict. president-elect trump announces


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