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tv   Today  NBC  December 26, 2016 10:00am-11:01am PST

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>> announcer: from nbc news, this is "today" with kathie lee gifford and hoda kotb live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. oh. fun day monday, everybody. december 26th. the first day of kwanzaa. we hope you all had a very merry and blessed christmas. that's by marin moore. >> that rhymes. >> didn't she get grammy nominations? >> in the mix, baby. >> if this doesn't get your attention on the day after christmas nothing will. >> what? >> hot guys with chiselled pets and their adorable puppies. >> oh, my gosh. >> throw a baby in, and i'm
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gone. these guys are looking for a good home. yeah. the pups. unfortunately the pups. something four, everybody and something for the kids. school out, your kids may have cabin fever. we have activities for the whole family. >> love that. and already unwrapped presents now. what do you do with all that stuff? >> we'll get you organized for the new yeah. >> i know. all that crumpled wrapping paper around. elizabeth mayu will know what to do with it. >> and whether hitting the town or staying home on new year's eve. we have something for you. ♪ have yourself a merry little christmas ♪ i. like when you sing it. >> a quiet one. that's what we had. and you? >> great. spent time with my family, sister and mom, soaking una few rays, enjoying myself. >> of course you are. >> since christmas is over we thought it would be a perfect time to give you this cake. this is a melted snowman cake.
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remember when frosty went south? what this is. by avis cupcakes. it's not an ice cream take. this is all icing. cupcakes. >> clever. >> having a post-christmas party, why wouldn't you have this? >> adorable. >> we have to show you this. this is a sleepy, little baby. >> earned pooped after the holidays. >> you're eating something so delicious, and you're so tire and you just -- sitting in front of you. so everybody's really full, tired of celebrating. so this sbababy is not going tot his exhaustion get in the way of his love nor spaghetti. >> ah -- and then, good night. good night. night, night. oh, my god. sleeping, sleeping. [ laughter ] >> oh, wait! get some more. >> oh, wait?
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is there month? oh. >> anthony was this you when you were a kid. this is our cameraman anthony when he was a little kid. >> by the way -- oh, wait. look. good nighty -- night. >> don't you love -- >> the parents are just letting -- >> a-ma is what shecky would say. a-ma! >> that is the cuest video. ever been sleep 234i your life eating? >> no. i'm too old to remember, but look at this one from cute baby to cute baby and dog, hoda. there's a theme here. there's a basset hound named walter. you love him already, right? my be the most patient dog ever. walter, look -- >> let's the little boy play cars on his tummy. >> oh, my god, and he's like, and down. >> i had a basset hound once named engelbert and i loved him. he was -- they're very stinky, but very sweet dogs.
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>> and i bet it kind of feel goods to have those cars on him. >> maybe. maybe. >> do you think that feels good? for more check out a lot of you might have gotten new puppies for christmas. the post popular names. >> what? >> came out with them. top names -- >> both: luna. >> number four. >> lolla. >> number three. >> both: daisy. >> sweet. >> two -- is lucy. >> i know a lucy. >> you do? >> yeah. one of my friend's dogs name is lucy and the number one dog female name is -- >> both: bella. >> which i this is a big name for baby girls, human girls, too. >> what about the boyce? >> five, jack, four, cooper. >> what's number three? >> buddy. >> oh! >> and then number two -- >> our dog.
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charlie. >> the number one dog name of all-time for this year is. >> i love the drum roll. got to have it. >> both: max. >> smacks a good name. >> so how did you come up -- oh, we know -- >> i came up with blake. >> couldn't have the man, settled for the dog. >> right. then i wasn't going to use the name. my mom said it was almost stalkerish, i put the kibosh on it and was going to do charlie, kind of chocolate-ish, dark, dark, chocolate and then blake -- remember, you had him calling on the show so i had to go with blake. >> a good choice. >> and bambino. >> you know what? the truth is, there is my bam. frank and i and my mom sitting at her favorite little restaurant in connecticut calmed tara. it was mother's day weekend, and a gorgeous girl walks by with a powder puff in her hand, just like an uber model, that kind. just gorgeous. i said is that dog? and she goes, yes. i said, can i see it? she comes over, shows me.
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it's a little two-pound thing, and she said, you must love him so much. she goes, i do, but i have to sell him. i have to sell him, because i'm working now with ralph lauren and i don't have time and i can't leave him. [ sigh ] at that point, frank leans over to me and he goes, does she come with the dog. [ rim shot ] to which i just said, you just bought yourself a lot of expense ib dog. a little later, call him linguine. >> then what happened? >> i don't know. bambino means -- baby in italian. baby boy. so he was my baby boy. never told that story. >> i never knew that story. wow. >> one of the most expensive items we ever bought that two-pound thing. wherever his mommy is, she gave us a great blessing. so typical of frank.
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does she come with the dog? >> so think about the -- best and worst gifts -- >> like he just woke up. just laughing now. >> and surprised how many return gifts. >> surprised me. >> $70 purchases are returns after christmas. >> 70 billion! acourting to market tools the most returned gifts. >> here they are. electronics. >> most like electronics. >> toys and clothes and shoes which is everything you get. i mean, everything you get. >> you know what nobody ever turns back? harry and david. >> because you can't! >> it's fabulous i. love it, too, but if you don't like pears. >> but they're perfect pears. you serve them. everything is perfect from harry & david. >> users on the website mum ps net. >> the worst ever gotten from a partner. here they are. >> a new set of wipers for her
10:08 am
car. >> a document shredder. >> wrinkle cream! oh that is so mean! >> lectric shaver for your legs. telling you, these are terrible. >> how about this one? a skin remover for your feet. >> one of those eggs. >> ot best thing, remember i turned you on to t. happy feet? >> baby foot. >> don't give it as a gift. that means your husband's been looking at -- >> gnarly, crusty toes. >> this is the question. so a lot of people have birthdays during the christmas holidays and feel slighted. it's already christmas i already gave you something. these were all born on december 25th. overlooked, ways to make it bet forepeople born on december 25th. >> what are they? >> they say what you should do is, no combined gifts. don't use christmas paper on a birthday gift.
10:09 am
>> on a birthday present. yeah. >> this is a good idea. consider celebrating a half birthday like at a june picnic. say we're going to celebrate my birthday in june because it's in december and nobody cares. >> that make nos sense. >> mine is in august, like yours. we were always on summer vacation. >> you never had friends around. >> always the same sara lee cake and nobody cared. >> interesting. >> a half birthday? who's doing that? >> i always celebrated it with frank, because frank and i had the same birthday, august 16th. >> when did you have yours? your half birthday? when's half? >> february. >> whenever it was, we'd say it's our half birthday. >> oh. okay. anyway, so -- i want to eat the cake. >> dig in. all right, everybody. it. >> a lot coming up in the show. >> we have a great show -- we hope. >> yeah. >> our final favorite things of 2016. don't miss them i have a great threater. >> and piles of wrapping paper and don't know what to do with it. create a space for all your
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stuff. >> not my stuff. >> your stuff. >> yeah. get you organized for the new year. >> that would be a first for you, hoda woman. the kind of courage that shows up when we need it... and when cancer is least expecting it. courage. just one reason more of us are surviving cancer than dying from it. give now to the american cancer society. ♪ "you are the best thing" ♪ by ray lamontagne ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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congratulation es! you survived the holiday shopping season and the unwrapping of gifts for you and your family and now are probably looking around wondering -- >> both: what am i going do with all of this stuff? >> it is time to guess organized start off the new year fresh. here with us, elizabeth mayu.
10:14 am
taking care of all of our stuff laying around? >> it's a lot and the bottom line is, you don't use it i believe get rid of it. you know what? deal with what you have. first thing, thinking of taking down the ornaments. >> not yet. >> a few more days. to get you thinking, one of the things you can do a good new use for an old thing, shred all the wrapping paper. shred it and you have a very nice little way to beautifully store -- >> ooh. this is a great idea. >> your ornaments! >> yeah. really nice. >> so it keeps them -- >> use whatever boxes. shipping boxes. >> doesn't matter? >> so fetive looking. and also save it for next year if you'd live to save it for next year and use newspaper or something. >> can be anything. just a nice way to use it. if you're not going to recycle it. >> right. >> okay. >> so i was given a few tests and one of the things the producers here said, how do you deal with the sweaters when you
10:15 am
go to pull one out they all tumble down? i had this epiphany to use a wine rack. >> so many good uses for a wine rack. yeah. >> this one is from cammersteen. get it on amazon. keeps them all separate. roll them all up. if you travel a lot, roll is a much more effective way to do it and the weight is not hitting on the other. >> you can see them all. so smart. >> another idea i had, take magazine holders turn them on their side and you can stack them. put them on the shelf of your closet and that way you have a nice little way to store sweaters, t-shirts, hats. they don't pile on top of each other. >> and never looking for the mate, because it's right there. >> you can see all of them. >> elizabeth, i love you! >> amazing. >> you thought this through. >> i really did. you can see i stay up late at night thinking of these things. >> yes. >> the next thing, i hate tangled necklaces. >> or ebuds. >> i use press and seal. >> what? >> you buy it --
10:16 am
>> never heard of it. >> it's like saran wrap or one of the plastic wraps but it has a sticky side. you put the sticky side up. >> not really. that's not sticky ough. >> well, it's sticky enough to put your necklace in it and there -- >> how great to travel with those? >> and they won't tangle. >> elizabeth, you're worth whatever we paid you. >> nothing. >> nothing. >> so i -- i think it's such a waste to let doors not go to use. so every interior of a door i use it. this is actually a shoe rack. >> so smart! >> you knee shoe rack? >> yes. >> instead, put your hats and gloves. first of all, they dry. you see them all. put kids below, older people above. that way everybody -- >> you can reach. >> part of is, organizing is about getting what you need when you need it. and so this is -- >> you can train your family. believe it or not, they will go and put it back where it was! >> that's funny. >> they will. no, they will do it. >> they will? >> yes. >> this is true. i've divided this. again, every door should be of
10:17 am
use. pretend this one is in the bathroom. put this on the back of your bathroom door. >> shoe racks? >> clear, plastic shoe rack from the plastic store. get at kohl's, bed bath & beyond, $19 or something. everything. i always use it for toys, too. all the barbieing, legos, so they can see it. the back of my kids' closets, back of a bathroom door. every closet. >> great idea. >> so smart. >> finally what do we do with our bras? >> what do we do with them? >> i don't have -- >> mine of really big, too. >> i don't have a dresser. so i have to resort to hanging pretty much everything. and this is how i keep my belts, my bras, my -- >> where did you get that? >> this is from container store. it's just, it's a belt hanger, but i'm just -- the whole idea is that you use and look for things to solve other problems. >> why don't you have drawers? >> i just don't have room in my apartment for -- i just have
10:18 am
closets. >> okay. >> i nerve her drawers. >> it's not your business, hoda. >> and i keep my underwear and stuff -- >> too much information. no, no! >> these are not mine. >> more like my mothers. okay. a belated christmas gift from us to you. >> meet 2017's calendar guys and their adorable pups. >> find out how you can bring one of them home. >> and she's talking about the pups. >> yes, of course. that's after this.
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10:22 am
rescue but they've done a huge amount of rescue work in, like, since 2009, they rescued over 8,000 animals. into loving homes. >> it's personal to you, right? >> it is. i adopted a sweet pit bull four years ago that pretty much changed my life and opened the need for animal rescue. how many dogs and cats and stuff are out there that need loving homes. >> all available for rescue today. >> adoption, yeah. >> already rescued. you're right. for adoption. >> absolutely. >> check out, look what we have. how we're doing this. this is awesome. >> he's not up for adoption. >> thomas' dog is here coming out with pepper. come onnous thomas. >> hello. >> tell us about this duo. >> thomas, he's first of all an amazing athlete. two-time world kick boxing champion. >> of course he s. and he's -- moved to new york five years ago from paris and pursuing his modeling career and pep sirper
10:23 am
14-pound shih tzu, a senior dog. 12 years old. would need to be in a home with holder kids. more subdued home. >> thomas, step right over here. >> who's next? >> michael johnson with ralph. come on out. >> oh, wow. >> hi. >> hi. how are you? >> wow. tell us, give us a little nutshell on them. >> mike is from knoxville, tennessee and has been in new york a short time. six months. here pursuing his modeling career and acting career. >> who's he got there with him? >> ralphy is also from didn't, like me. >> okay. all right. >> good. michael, thank you. looking great. good luck. >> thank you. >> next up, there september's in the house. sean alexander and whitney and wilda. >> i can't handle. tell us about these. >> hi, honey. >> look at that one. >> yea. so precious. >> sean is from lubbock, texas, and he's been here for a few months. pursuing his modeling and acting
10:24 am
career, and -- >> oh! >> he has whitney and wilda and two collie mixes. >> i think they've adopted him. >> last one, the month of march has nadine and norbert. come on out! >> oh, yes, indeedy-do. oh! how cute? tell us. >> i've known brett a long time. we go way back. i've watched his acting career blossom. his latest claim to fame i guess, would be, well, he played young arnold schwarzenegger in the last movie. >> thank you all. >> don't drop the ball. >> that's after your local news. i accept i'm not the hiker i was. i even accept i have a higher risk of stroke
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oh, sweetheart. good monday morning. at 10:26, i'm sam brock. the bay area mourns the death of one of the most recognizable pop musicians of a generation, george michael. the singer's manager said he died this weekend of heart
10:27 am
failure in england. calls for a higher minimum wage to increases in bart parking fines, new laws coming in california, including banning redskins as a name. >> and lee lou, the therapy pig, will be on hand to help those that are stressed out. >> and a cool start. how long will it last? we'll tell you after the break.
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expect it to warm up gradually as we go through the day and a lot of sunshine. right now we're looking at the highs today in the peninsula, 55, 54 in san francisco and the north bay up to 55, east bay also 55 and san francisco a lot of sun as we go into the next several hours but lunchtime, up to 49 degrees, low 50s later on today and all clear for tonight. there will be another cool night, lows dropping down to 38 degrees, tomorrow a mix sun and cloud and 57 degrees. it continues to warm up as we go through the week, up to 60 degrees for both wednesday and thursday, inland areas will be even warmer, up to 64 on thursday and it looks like we will keep dry weather through
10:30 am
the rest of the week but it will be turning much cooler. >> that is going to do it for us right now. more news in just 30 minutes at 1 11:00. wow! it's fun day monday dand after christmas, which means while you want to just sit and chill, hmm, it's time to start chilling the champaign and thinking about your new year's plan. >> whether you're going to hit a club, watch the ball drop on tv or going to a restaurant for date you need a new outfit to ring in 2017. >> right. here to sad shimmer and shine to your style, from fashion and style -- >> both: christine bibber. >> hey, how are you? >> we love your outfit. >> thank you. it's staparkly from french connection and a sparkly party dress. >> french keshconnection? >> yes.
10:31 am
i love it's i is move, i can sit. >> affordable? >> yes. 270. >> all righty. >> a little pricey but -- a. great new year's option. >> and going on date for new year's. >> look at them. >> good for you. >> one handsome couple here. we have lisa, and she is wearing this amazing skirt. it's called the rx holiday party skirt in a bag. so this skirt, in case you are in a little rut, you can pull this out of this bag. it's a metallic shimmer and shine. >> wait. put the calm meras on her. >> pulling this out of a bag. this is the skirt lisa the wearing. there it is. folds up, doesn't wrinkle and can have this at kniss momethis moment for a holiday party. can you look totally sexy. >> and sebastian looks great. a velvet bow tie we see. >> white button oxford, old navy jeans and the vest velvety with
10:32 am
satin trim. ups the ante a little bit i. like the jeans with the -- more dramatic. >> exactly. >> and the tie. >> lisa. >> lisa! >> we have liz here. >> wrong! sorry. throw it out, hoda! >> right, and the bow tie, great from tommy hilfiger i love a pop of red. >> we apologize, honey. >> thank you, lisa. >> where chelsea is? >> i love this one. >> a rose gold look. >> yes. all one tone. you want to make sure you're mixing textures and fabrics when you're doing the same hue. a knit top, super simple. can be warm, long maxi skirt and a little jeweled neckline even the accessories are the same. blush pink again, different textures are key. you don't want all the same texture to add dimension. >> has some glitter on the shoes. >> of course she does. >> fabulous. sparkly. >> and kill, hitting the club.
10:33 am
>> all under $100. super affordable. >> go, girl. >> she's going to the club. going dancing. kelly is great. it's a little black dress but with some sparkle down below. >> yeah. >> fit and flare, super flat flattering and a gold say symmetrical, sizes from 14 and up. great accessories, shoes. super fabulous and we did sparkle down below. that bag is great. it's from s $24. she's out dancing, throw everything in there and not lose it. >> your phone and stuff. you know you're going to party. >> have fun, girl. >> liz is in the house, finally, going to like a house party. >> yes. pants don't have to be boring. putter in a pant o er iter i et outfit to be comfortable. t.j. maxx, $17.99. >> what? >> yeah. look, it's a pleated wide leg
10:34 am
but got a super shiny sheen to t. it's beautiful. >> she's sparkly and a jeweled clutch. some accessories. just looks fabulous. >> good job. >> you all look good. >> happy new year, everybody. are your kids climbing the walls already? >> something to keep your entire family entitarianed. coming up, next! >> really? okay. the flu virus. it's a really big deal. and with fever, aches, and chills, mom knows it needs a big solution: an antiviral. don't kid around with the flu, call your doctor within the first 48 hours of symptoms and ask about prescription tamiflu. attack the flu virus at its source with tamiflu, an antiviral that helps stop it from spreading in the body. tamiflu in liquid form is fda approved to treat the flu in people two weeks of age and older whose flu symptoms started within the last two days. before taking tamiflu tell your doctor if you're pregnant, nursing, have serious health conditions, or take other medicines. if you develop an allergic reaction,
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. here's 9 deal. santa brought your kids a ton of new toys, right? >> and they get board pretty darn fast. >> and here to help, donna, author of a new book "what the fun?" >> the kids are going to be home another week. right? >> joy, oh, joy. >> i say it's time to create simple, fantastic family fun and create rich memories and you don't need to spend a lot. or it doesn't have to be hard. >> you already spent a lot. >> emily is helping us. what are we making? >> host cupcake wars. what i love about this activity, doesn't age out. perfect from kiz from 2 to teen. grab the christmas candy, frosting, whatever, have a contest who can make the most clever cupcake. >> go, emily, go! >> colorful. post the cupcakes on social media for votes, or maybe everyone's a winner.
10:40 am
right? it's really pretty. >> great. >> and how about a little yellow one there. >> all right. love it! >> thank you, honey. >> i think we have eastla at the snowman station. >> who cares how cold outside. i say make those snowmen endorse. toes do. soap, everyone has this in their kitchen. one cup of salt, two cups of flour and one cup of cold water, mix dough, and turn it into a cute little snow man and decorate with buttons, wiggle eyes, sticks for stones. >> cut to the chase. do it with styrofoam balls. >> good job, sweetie. >> i'm kind of hungry. go to a family restaurant? >> mac and cheese. >> tagi, waiter-o -- augie, the >> turn your house into a family restaurant. go ahead and have the kids pick the menu. go ahead and cook their creations then is invite neighbors or family over for a
10:41 am
little -- >> restaurant action. >> how cute. >> how fun is that? >> is the food good here? >> delicious? do you like it? >> take a bite. i want to see a big bite. oh, yes! that was an excellent bite. >> would you like to take a bite, too? >> and the critic over here. not interested. >> no. >> the fish sticks, i think. >> all right. thanks, honey. >> all right. >> thank you. and all of those holiday boxes, put them to good and fun use. paint them, make your own holiday train. >> this is so cute. >> kevin. >> it is. >> boys, show them the train? >> how's your train work? >> holiday train going away to faraway destinations. >> and this train came off the tracks. >> but that makes it more fun. >> by the way, it's easy and cute. you guys. >> you already have it at home. right. >> if want to put on a little play at home. >> is this "the wizard of oz." >> credence, annabelle, nitin and piper. hi, you guys. >> putting on a family play.
10:42 am
"wizard of oz." have fun creating the set, making costumes. >> look out, you guy, one second. we want everyone to see it. can you turn around? let's see. >> everybody's so excited. [ laughter ] >> you know, christmas is tough. it takes a lot out of you. [ laughter ] >> y'all are doing an excellent job. congratulations on everything. >> thank you very much. >> thank you. >> okay. our favorite things, beside this segment are coming up next. >> the very last ones of 2016. don't miss them, please, right after this. >> you were excellent. can i have a high five? little one? [ laughter ] achoo!
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savannah uses it, too, in the morning, shows it works on all skin types. just let it be, let it be. >> smells great. >> and it's a bronzer. >> don't just put it in one spot i have a long arm. >> that's all you're getting. >> mine is an amazing book. a third trilogy by my friend joel rosenberg called "without warning" available in march. pre-order $26.99 on he understand the middle east and everything going on like nobody's business. and he writes great thrillers that sometimes end up coming true. >> what? >> if you know what i'm saying? >> by the way, if you liked any of the dogs we showed earlier, that happens to be your favorite thing, go to to find out how to adopt one of those beautiful dogs. >> just beautiful. talking about the furry ones. we'll be back with a special tribute to our hard-working crew that we love so much. >> love, but first, this is
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"today" on nbc. >> except for a couplef th oem
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and that does it for us on this fun day monday! >> tomorrow we're going to go behind the scenes with some of your favorite restaurants and tell you how to get a reservation on those prime evenings when you cannot get one. >> plus a good segue here. the germiest and dirtiest places in your home. even if you didn't know they existed. >> signing off for the day, we love our crew, they work so hard day in, day out. >> take such good care of us. >> and put up with us. >> a huge thank you. we love you for everything you do. >> see you tomorrow for booze day tuesday, everybody. >> we love you, everybody. >> god bless. >> bye-bye. ♪
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♪ i've got that sunshine in my pocket ♪ got that good soul in my feet ♪ ♪ got that happening in my body and it drops ♪ ♪ ooh, i can't take my eyes above it so phenomenally i like the way we rock it so don't stop ♪ under the lights when everything goes, nowhere to hide when i'm getting you close ♪ when we move, well, you already know ♪ ♪ so it's magic >> matt, grab some souch hecouc buddy. >> thank you very much. >> you know what time it is, kath? wine:00. >> you were born maggie mae.
10:54 am
>> maggie mae. >> time to roll the drum roll, please. >> down to five people in my life people who matter. a very freeing thing. >> am i one of them. >> no! >> sat on bee once as a little kid. it was terrible. >> for the bee. [ laughter ] >> nancy, tell us the story when savannah got caught smop lifting. >> no, no! my gosh. we are out of time! >> where did we hear that? >> i made it up, but apparently i hit a button. >> willie, come here. >> no, no! >> willie, just because -- i know the trick now. >> i've got to go. >> this is like a remake of "the defiant one." >> that's my stupid human trick. >> are you kidding me? that's not your first rodeo, is it? ♪ sunshine in my pocket got that good soul in my feet ♪ i feel that happening in my body and it drops ♪
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christmas eve night crime that happened right in the middle of a store popular for last minute presents. we're getting word that two people are locked up and facing murder charges following a stabbing at this east bay target. good morning and thank you for joining us for our midday newscast, i'm sam brock kris sanchez has the morning off. let's go to the hayward police department. we know that homicide investigators were brought in on saturday night to that target store. what are police saying about the circumstances leading up to the stabbing? >> reporter: good morning to you, sam. police would not go on camera but they did give us that news release letting us know that they have two suspects in custody. we passed by that target not too long o,


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