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tv   Today  NBC  December 29, 2016 10:00am-11:01am PST

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from nbc news, this is "today" with kathie lee gifford and hoda kotb, from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. >> hey, everybody, welcome to thirsty thursday, december 29. just two days to go in this year. >> look at you, little sex pot. >> look who's talking. i love that dress every time i see it. oops by little mix. you like that, right? >> love those girls. really sweet. >> just a couple days before the biggest night of the year. you got big plans? the parade. >> the rose parade. >> with al. >> yeah, in pasadena. what about you? what do you got planned? >> we always have it right down there in the keys, very laid
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back. >> perfect. >> hang out with, you know, jimmy buffet, it's fun. if you want to look bold and beautiful, and who doesn't for new year's eve, bobbie's buzzing with beauty tricks. include being the secret to pumping up your pucker. >> what? and louis and jill scoured the crowd for two ladies who looked ready to party. we're going to check them out. >> if you've got friends and family coming over to your house to watch the ball drop, we're going to show you some festive decor idea, plus fun games to keep everyone entertained as you count down to midnight. they'll be watching our special for one thing. >> what else would they be doing? >> our year ender special, it's very big. >> if you're planning on serving some libations at your party. he travels the worrell to find unique drinks. >> how did he get that job? you and i were born for that job. >> that was for us. this is good.
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this is so about me and kath, isn't it? >> yes, it is. >> if you're a music lover, we're going to play a little game. there's a study by university of cambridge, it found that music lovers are divided into two distinct groups. empathizers and systemizers. they claim they can predict -- what's a systemizer? >> i don't know. >> they can predict which category you're going to fall in by learning how you feel about a song. >> okay. >> we'll either give them a thumb's up or thumb's down. it will tell us what we are. everybody play with us. ♪ georgia georgia >> okay. thumbs up. ♪ hello from the other side ♪ no sunshine when she's gone >> yeah. >> we are agreeing? ♪ ♪ welcome to the jungle >> no. >> i do like that.
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♪ we got everything you want hey who let's go ♪ ♪ hey ho let's go >> so i loved blitzkrik bop. >> i only don't like the one in the middle. if you liked the first three -- >> i'm an empathizer. >> you have a well-developed ability to understand feelings of yourself and others. you tend to prefer mellow music that has deep emotion. if you liked guns n roses ramon energetic music and you like lyrics that elicit joy or even anger. >> that is so not true. i'm sorry. >> but what if i liked all three of the first ones and two of the last ones? >> you can like what you like. you spent your whole life as awe musician, which i did, a lot of people don't realize that, you
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tend to be influenced by that. >> the problem with being you, think, listening to music. >> a lot of problems with me being me. >> no, but here it is. when i listen to music, i don't hear issues. because i don't know what they are. i just go, oh, makes me feel good. you've go, wait, that person, they weren't in sync with the other person. i can't even notice that. >> you just like what you like and there's nothing wrong with that. >> do we disagree with another survey? >> yes. >> okay, good. >> now, there are beauty short cuts that women take. a lot them are -- we all do it. a lot of them are bad for you, hoda woman. >> when you were getting really to head out of the house, there are certain things some people don't bother doing. the app whisper asked women for their embarrassing beauty hacks. you only shave the area your legs that are not covered by clothes. yes. that's an easy one. because who has time to do the whole leg? it's a lot going on there. >> not your legs, they're very long.
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paint over chain echipped nail, absolutely. >> only wash your bangs and then blow them out, not all your hair. you ever done that? >> no. >> i've wet this part and reblown it before, just the front. >> then that's it. spray clothes with perfume instead of washing them. >> yes. >> eh. >> everybody's done that. >> chewing gum instead of brushing your teeth. if it's like lunch. if you wake up in the morning and chew gum instead of brushing your teeth. >> that's gross. use wipes rather than showering at the gym. >> a lot of people don't like to get naked in front of other people and stuff. maybe they go home and take an actual shower. >> sometimes when i do one of those spin class, there's not really room to color, i just spray on deodorant and use wipes and stuff until i get home. >> wow. you don't run into anybody after. >> okay. some people, this one i find -- >> this is gross. >> leave your makeup on for days on end. >> why would you do that? >> drunk. if you're drunk and you don't realize.
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okay. so this is adorable apparently. we're ready for some cute video. this is a sweet little boy try to wake up his mom but the mom was pretending to be asleep. check this out. >> mommy. >> aw. oh. >> oh, poke. >> little pokey. >> think he loves his mommy? it must be killing her. >> aw. he's prince charming. >> oh, my god. >> i don't think cody would have done that to me. >> that is so cute. >> he would have gotten one of his things, his weapons and whacked me. >> all right. >> do you sometimes wonder if
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you're dressing your age. >> or do you even care. >> why are you asking that today? >> this is hot. i'm sorry. you are bringing your "a" game. >> i just know what carina puts in my closet for me, honey. "the new york times" listed three rules to dress like an adult. let's see if we followed them today. >> do not distract. like remember when we were dressed like -- >> what was that for? >> '80s. >> that was '80s day. do not distract. everything about that is distracting. >> they say clothes should not be the focus of attention or too revealing. >> i'm not revealing too much. just the top of my arms. >> a little bit of that. >> you want people around you to think about what you say, not what your clothes say. i don't think that's always true. >> you think -- >> you should think your clothes as a costume. >> what? i don't know why. >> pick your clothes. you should say, oh, i'm at this stage of my life so i'm going to
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wear this. >> then i should be wearing a burr lap bag. you have to have fun in life too. >> yes, i totally agree with you. >> if you're dress like that -- look, i'm in my 60s. >> right. >> who wants to celebrate that? >> here's rule number three. learn to iron. >> i do like to iron. it's calming. i like it. you can control it. especially when you go around the arms and collars and things. >> you know what, i picture you -- you like things that are just so. you like things that -- squeegees and iron, vacuuming. >> i don't know why but i do. the single biggest sign of adulthood is the condition your garment, not the garment. >> the condition of it? oh, if it's wrinkled. if you're like, who's the person with the wrinkles, it means you're not an adult because you didn't iron it. >> i don't know. who's got time to make up these things anyway? >> here's something good. you know how sometimes your dogs make these wild faces and you
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say, oh, my god, i think my dog was smiling. >> some dogs don't do any faces at all. >> does bam do faces? >> he just gives me the eyes. >> there's a great dane that loves to make some crazy faces. his name is mootka. he's from finland. check out some of his snaps. >> oh, my god. >> what? >> that's totally weird. >> what kind of dog is he? >> a great dane. >> he looks like gary a little. he's got gary qualities. >> wait a minute. oh, my gosh. >> i don't understand where his mouth -- oh, oh, i see. >> oh, good golly. oh, poor thing. okay. anyway, you know what we're going to do today, because today's special, we're going to talk some more. we've got more to talk about. >> plus, our ladies get ready to walk the red carpet. see their brand-new ambush makeovers for the very first time. >> first, more talky. >> more talky. >> cheer, hoda woman. >> cheers.
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all right, we're back for a little more chat. >> how about that? do ya'll liky? >> do you think a name makes you more attractive. >> there's dating app called happen. studied the names and found out which ones got the most attention. >> there's guys and girls. we'll go through most attractive names for guys are, from five down to one. sam.
10:14 am
>> will. >> tom. >> richard. >> the number one is james. you know what that -- >> those are all pretty old timy. >> probably because they're the most popular names. probably why they're picked. >> these days it's jesse. >> david, adam and chris. >> now for women, jessica. a lot of jessicas. charlotte. laura. sophie and the number one is sara. >> i love the name. >> sara's a beautiful name. >> should we talk about pet prenup? >> yes. >> there is a lot couples who are dating, living together, have a dog. the question is, would you have a prenup for your pet? >> well, you should ask yourself that. because you're the one that had blake when you came into this relationship. >> so would i have a pet prenup with blake? >> no, joel. >> oh, joel. >> i don't believe that blake has legal representation.
10:15 am
i could be wrong. >> blake will always be mine. we share him but he's mine. >> no, but if heaven forbid -- >> yes, blake would be mine. >> but it's not -- you don't have it -- a signed written agreement. >> i know, but it's fine. he would say fine. he would say okay. you can have blake because he's yours. >> you just have to make it very clear. >> a lot of people -- this can be such a sticky issue for couples. >> i think it's like your money. waver y whatever you had before you came into the relationship should be yours. you know, and when you leave. but if you get the pet together? >> then you've got trouble. >> okay, all right. >> there's a custody issue. >> okay. let's move on to another topic, shall we? >> yeah. if you ever got married again, would you do a prenup? >> would i do a prenup? why am i weirdly smiling, i don't know why. >> i saw the panic in your face. >> this is the time when klg
10:16 am
pulls the pin on the grenade and just drops it on the desk and then looks at me and goes well. >> this is what i say because i love you. you can think about that and we'll come back to you. >> all right. >> it is normal to wake up at night. this is good news for me because i wake up a lot. >> if you're wondering, there's new research that say a lot of people wake up in the middle of the night. most people wake up two to three times during the night. when you get older, in your 50s, like us, most women wake up three to four times per night. >> the question is, can you get back to sleep. that's the -- >> can you? >> not usually, no. once we pass our teens, sleep tends to get lighter and waking up during the night is more frequent. as you get really older, it's usually for -- to go to the bathroom. men have a prostate problem. then they're -- >> yeah. well, they say you need more sleep when you get older. you're supposed -- you need more. they say it's a myth that older people don't need sleep. >> we all do. we can't stall any longer. it's time for i-hoda. >> oddly, it works so well out of that topic.
10:17 am
i don't know why. >> really? >> this is a song -- it runs the test of time. it's by fifth dimension. >> oh, i love fifth dimension! >> here we go. ♪ last night i didn't get to sleep at all no no ♪ ♪ i laid awake and watched until the morning light ♪ >> doesn't she have a great voice? ♪ the darkness of the lonely night ♪ ♪ lonely night >> even the guys are singing. ♪ last night i didn't get to sleep at all ♪ >> see, this is feel-good music, hoda, we love that. >> all right. >> find your stuff and this one's good on i-hoda on apple music. >> and we are always on sirius xm. today show at 1:00 and 8:00. >> you have a great show on mondays and wednesday, hoda woman. >> all right. >> they're saying good-bye to their old. say hello to fabulous new looks
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kath and i both have our little new year's eve plans. kind of mellow. >> i bet i know what you're up to this new year's eve. you're going to need a little help with it. bobbie thomas. >> "today's" style editor. she's here with the tips and tricks you're going to need.
10:22 am
>> you've got some unusual ones. >> this is all about those fun hacks that at the last minute if you're looking for something that's clever, you should check out the shoe aisle for a footwear gel insole not just for your pumps but for your face. there's something called the silly sponge. essentially a silicon buffer that has been sold out through seven runs. >> it looks look a small breast implant. >> if you can't get your hand on that or an implant, you can stop by the drugstore and honestly it's kind of genius. it allows you to -- >> man tip laipulate it, right? >> what beauty buffs love best is it doesn't absorb the product and you can wash it out. because sponges be absorb half product. next, the idea to just get blood flow going will help a temporary effect. an electronic toothbrush. >> on your lips? >> on your lips.
10:23 am
you just go to like the child's section if you want a $5 -- these are under $10 from the drugstore. >> it does help. >> next, if you are now exfoliated and you got your lips plumped, a really great way to take any lipstick and make it deeper and on trend is eye liner. black or brown would be a really great way to kind intensify the color. so if you just add a little bit of that, you'll see all a sudden you've got a great deep lip. on sara, who's my gorgeous assistant here, this is the color but on her lip with a little bit of black eye shadow actually. that's what it comes out as. >> like a darker more nighttime look. >> that's really what's on trend this year is to have a deeper lip and nude eye. when it comes to eyes, if you want a little glitter, use vaseline or even a vegetable oil to keep the glitter on. a clear lip gloss is such a pretty kind of retro eye look and it gives you this really glossy ethereal -- like angelic
10:24 am
effect. she's gorgeous, she can't go wrong. but this is a quick simple way you can get out the door for a party. last but not least, turn your jewelry in your best hair accessory. this is a statement necklace. we've got it for like 20 bucks. i love charming charlie. and then simply place it on your head and look, if you get a great shot of her from the front. you turn to the side. all you have to do is just pin it back. and look, it looks almost like wedding hair. in two seconds. look at my hair. i took a chain. look at the ponytail. i just wrapped a simple chain around the ponytail and it takes just a few minutes to be inventive. >> great ideas like usual. they wanted a new look so we gave it to them. >> we hope they like what they see when we reveal their ambush makeovers. >> plus, festive ideas for a fun new year's eve party all coming up after your local news. this morning-- it's still
10:25 am
10:26 am
sinking in...the world continues to and a good thursday morning. 10:26 i'm sam brock. happening right now this morning it is still sinking in. the world continuing to remember legendary actress debbie reynolds who died one day after the death of her daughter, care
10:27 am
yi fi -- carrie fisher. in connecticut a bus driver is accused of falling asleep at the wheel with children on board that bus. hear from a concerned parent on our facebook page. on twitter, pasta pomodoro is suddenly closing all of its locations. employees learned of that news over text. tough at the holidays. weather and traffic after this break.
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good morning, bay area. we've had a very pleasant start right now in the 40s for the majority of the south bay. peninsula in the 50s. out near san francisco at about 52 degrees. we are expecting to warm up quite nicely into the 60s. finally we're seeing a little bit of a warmup. 65 degrees is expected for san jose. santa rosa in the 60s. let's get a quick check of your traffic. north bay drive time, southbound 1018 minutes. southbound 101 to golden date, 11 minutes. over to the east bay, seeing a nice commute. southbound 680 towards vargas road, 11 minutes. southbound 880, 10 minute drive. pretty light traffic. sam, i'll send it over to you. >> that seems to be the theme of the week. thank you very much for that report. we appreciate it. we will both be back for the nbc bay area newscast at 11:00. hope to see you then. in the meantime, let's send it back to the "today" show.
10:30 am
it's the last thirsty thursday of 2016. >> oh! >> i know! so we wanted to close out this year with a couple of bang-out things. >> ambush makeovers. head to toe new looks courtesy of our all star glam squad. >> louis licari, la, la, la, la. >> this is over, hodie. >> you're right. author and style icon jill martin. >> yes. >> how was it outside today, kids? >> today was fun because today was a special ambush. this is not only a ambush, it's a glamorous ambush. it's the holiday season. >> a glambush. >> a whole new segment right there. >> what? >> brilliant. >> all right, let's talk about lori chambers. she's 50 years old from atlanta,
10:31 am
georgia. here on a 50th birthday trip. she recently moved back to atlanta with her family and before that she lived in myrtle bea beach and the czech republic. >> she gets around. >> let's take a listen to her story. >> we have a 50th birthday. >> so tell me how you're feeling. >> oh, i feel awesome! great way to celebrate my 50th. today's the day. >> today's the day. are you happy for your sister? >> of course i am. she deserves this. it's going to be great. it will be just a memorable way to celebrate the 50th. >> we're going to ditch the boa and take care of you. >> we are so excited. we're here with her sister nicky. please keep your blindfold on for just a sec. here's lori chambers before. all right, lori, let's see the new you. wow. wow, wow, wow. all right, are you ready, nicky? take that blindfold off. look at your sis.
10:32 am
>> she look gorgeous. >> okay, you ready to turn around? >> yes. >> okay, get ready to freak. turn right around, honey. >> oh, my gosh, wow. >> you look spectacular. >> gorgeous. >> are you all right? >> i thought she was -- >> oh, you look like a model. this is so crazy. louis. tell us everything. >> how pretty, right? >> lori, look right here. >> there you go. >> beautiful. beautiful. >> with lori, i lightened her hair and i added these soft highlights but in a very natural way which is the way highlights look today. and then we also lightened her base a bit too, by the way. >> i love it, so pretty. >> and gave her this wonderful haircut. to make it extra special for the holidays, he put in this wave, which makes all the difference. of course you can wear it straighter. her hair will have a wave of its own. it will come to life.
10:33 am
>> jerry, we do need some kleenex. yes, we need it. thanks, honey. >> tell us what you think. >> i already knew my sister was beautiful before we walked in here. but she's just off the charts. i'm just loving it. i'm so happy for her. it's a great day. >> would you say -- >> love it. >> birthday. i know, it's fun, right. you weren't sure at first. jump suits are so in now. look at this body. this is by maggie london. rachel -- >> big round of applause for lori. come this way, join your sister. our second lady is rebecca. she's 21. from gathersburg, maryland. she's a senior at the university of south carolina studying math. her dream is to teach high school preclalculus. she's on the ultimate frisbee team. let's hear her story. >> i can tell you're excited deep down but you seem a little freaked out.
10:34 am
>> i am. i've never done something like this before, so i think i'm more nervous than excited. >> but i think we can get you to excited, right? >> hopefully. >> we're going to take good care of you. are you excited for her? all right. hope springs eternal. she's here with her boyfriend. >> let's take one last look at rebecca before and now let's bring out the new rebecca. >> oh. this is great. oh, wow. >> garrett, you ready, honey? >> i'm ready. >> okay, take it off. >> oh, my goodness! oh! >> you look gorgeous. >> you look amazing. >> you want to turn around and see, honey? >> wow, turn right around. >> holy crap. >> what did you say? holy crap. >> tell us how you really feel. >> wow. >> you look gorgeous. >> you look gorgeous. >> what do you think? >> she looks amazing. >> wow. i like it.
10:35 am
>> that's the easiest -- >> my mom will like it too. >> good. >> looks gorgeous. look at your buy friend look at you. this is how you know how good it is. >> what we did, we made her hair a very natural believable auburn color which works with her skin color. >> she looks like emma stone. >> you really do. >> gorgeous. >> that beautiful side hair-do with the waves again. and of course it was all pulled together with the makeup with her new warm color. >> beautiful. jill, is that new by shony? >> yes, with the build in color blocking. and gorgeous hair. i've never seen that before. >> kendra scott earrings too? >> kendra scott earrings. >> excellent. big round of applause for both of our ladies. louis and jill. >> louis has got -- >> there you go.
10:36 am
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sure, you could paint the town red on new year's eve. >> or throw an intimate gathering in your own home. >> either way, it is a festive night. lifestyle expert kimberly sharingle whitman of kimberly is here with decor. >> we're glad to have you back. you bring such great class with you. >> this makes kath and me too feel so good. just white flowers. >> it's so simple. these are all flowers you can get at your local store. you don't have to be a master florist to do this. if you keep all of the same type of flower and all of the same color in each vase, then you can create a really fabulous look. what we've done here so you don't have to buy so many flowers is we've added height and volume by turning another
10:41 am
vase upside down and placing this one on top of it. you have a smaller mouth to this vase and you don't need, you know, two different vases. you can just use, you know -- >> that's so clever. >> you can lay some down at a different angle instead of everything so perfectly. >> keeping the vases at different heights is helpful too. gives a little bit of drama. i love the sparkle of the mercury's glass for new year's eve too. >> gorgeous, gorgeous. >> it's easy to create some pretty candle also for your new year's eve celebration. you can fancy them up a little bit just by taking -- cutting a little bit of a streamer like this and taping it on. tying a little black ribbon around it. >> i'll help you. >> turn on your votive. >> how are you doing it, you're just -- with a bow? >> yeah, sure, or even just a knot to make it look like a tuxedo sort of. a knot would be cute. >> okay, tape that up. >> look at that, you're done.
10:42 am
votive inside. you're finished. everything's from the store. maybe you have streamers and ribbon left over from the holidays. >> probably. >> you probably already have a wreath still on your front door too. why not take it down, grab a little bit of silver spray paint or sparkle and just go to town and spray it. fun way to greet your guests with a little bit of sparkle. >> often you're throwing a party and you want to keep kids entertained and have fun yourself. >> this is a fun game for children of any age really. so we'll drawn clues on to pieces of paper. stuck them into the balloons. now, you're guys can grab pens. we've written on the balloons some different times. as the party's going on -- >> oh, you pop them. >> you pop a balloon. so it's sort of wake your guests up. >> go for it i'll a little scared. >> me, too, i hate popping balloons. >> you have a clue there. the clus represent one of the guests at your party. >> australian accents. >> loves australian accents. >> oh, great singer. >> passion for wine. so that would be --
10:43 am
>> me. >> it must be. so fun to do and really, you know, keeps the party going. if you do one at 11:55. oh, we're ready for the selfie. if you do one at 11:55, the pop will remind them it's time. >> make a few desserts. >> why not set out a cupcake bar for your guests and let them do the work. if you take the cupcakes. you don't even have to use the spoons. just dip them. so take a cupcake tin fom your kitchen. and then everyone's a master cupcake maker. >> the only thing missing from this party. >> a few lively libations from the booze traveler jack maxwell right after this. chalkboard.
10:44 am
but listen to this: (family talking) that's a different kind of sound. the sound of the weekend. it's baking season. warm up with pillsbury.
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what's a knee year's eve party without a little something to drink. >> whether you plan on popping the champagne or kicking back with a cocktail, we can guarantee you've never seen any
10:49 am
drinks like these. >> jack maxwell from the travel channel's booze traveler, great show, is about to take us on a cocktail cruise around the world to try out some of the most unique drinks and ingredients. hi, jack welcome back. >> thank you for having me and thank you for calling me this morning saying wear the eggplant. >> i know how you kids do. >> yeah. >> so what we have, tables full drinks and countries that they're from, right? >> exactly right. >> want to play a game? we'll have the drinks and i'll explain and you try to guess where they're from. there's a lot of hints on the table. first up, this is dear ant vodka. there's a certain place where there's a lot of reindeer. first of all, the deer are not hurt. >> okay, we didn't say they were, you don't have to get defensive. >> i just want you to know, no deers were harmed. >> aw.
10:50 am
>> sorry. >> you don't like it? >> iceland. >> where's it from? >> it's russia! >> russian. very good. >> here, hoda, i got it for you, baby. sorry, i didn't mean to do this. >> this is beer. >> yes. >> beer. but it contains this, spurlina which is a blue-green algae. they say the healthiest food on the planet. >> greece! >> and it says -- anti-aging beer, also blessed by the pope. >> the vatican. >> italy? >> in this country, they like their beer and brats. >> germany? >> yes, germany. >> you keep giving different hints that make no sense. >> vatican and germany are so close. >> next. >> we have flags and everything. >> too many flags. >> all right, this is called seaweed smoothie. it's from an island. >> jamaica. >> it's actually seaweed in there. >> belize. >> is that true? >> that's unbelievable. >> is that really true?
10:51 am
i just blurted out any island and it was right. >> belize. >> best day ever. >> i can't belize you did that. >> i can't believe i got that. >> pine cone sh naps. >> switzerlands. >> austria. >> you're on fire it's austria. how did you know that? >> switzerland, you said close. i just went close. >> someone fed her the questions. >> she cheated. >> moving on. >> what's next? >> this is a mojito. >> not mexico, huh? >> see this here, you know what those are? >> they look like little rabbit -- >> i don't have any in mine. >> see this here, a mojito from a certain place.
10:52 am
homiglas. >> i was close. what do you mean ant butts? >> they're butts of an ant. they come out once or twice a year from the santana region of -- oh, by the way, if you have too many -- they're nice, but if you have too many, you might need an antacid. >> they'll cut that don't worry. >> no, they won't, not on our show. >> i don't want any ants in it. >> give us another hint. >> romancing the stone. >> spain. >> no, there's a university in new york named after this spelled differently. not named after it, same name. south america. >> colombia. >> oh, okay, no thank you. i don't want ant butts, do you mind? >> i don't mind at all. it's your show. >> is this one? >> what's this one? >> look at that. this is -- oh, wonderful.
10:53 am
mezcal. >> that would be like south america? >> uh-huh. >> well, central america. see, that's worm salt made from ground up worms. >> you got butts, you got -- >> your producers approved this. >> tell us what this one is. >> central america, starts with a "g." >> guadalupe. >> she's drunk. >> gaud lahara. >> guatemala. >> yes. >> the last one, good old united states of america. all the way back to george washington. rye, gin, bourbon. maybe most potent in the world. >> cheers. we got to run, babe. >> it comes with champagne. we'll do it during the break. you put it on top. happy new year. >> happy new year. >> you can watch blues traveler with this guy monday nights on the travel channel. >> i like him, he's fun. >> we'll be back. first, this is "today" on nbc.
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coming up tomorrow, lilliana's lux for less trend to ki kick off 2017. >> wow, i can't believe it's time. also, a cappella group straight no chaser. >> plus, funny moments of 2016. >> have an awesome thirsty thursday, everybody, bye-bye. children waiting for their
10:58 am
10:59 am
11:00 am
father who will never come back right now at 11:00, children waiting for their father who will never come back home after being stabbed in a target on christmas eve. the weight of the pain too much to bear for his wife who screamed in court at the men accused of killing him. now they're all heading back to court today. good morning. thank you for joining us for our midday newscast. i'm sam brock. the victim's wife was emotional when she spoke with us, describing it as a visceral reaction yesterday. relatives for the two men arrested say her husband was killed in self-defense. pete suratos is joining us live from the main courthouse in oakland. the two men will be charged with murder. first, there are some important steps that need to be taken care of.


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