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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 5  NBC  January 19, 2017 5:00pm-5:31pm PST

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hour by hour outlook for when the heaviest rain arrives. >> just in declared a local emergency. to get access to state disaster fund. our recent storms triggered widespread flooding as you know. mudslides and sink holes in that county. large portions are still closed due to damage. the public works department says right now there's no estimated time for reopening of that road. parts of the south bay facing a muddy mess today. to show us some of the hardest hit areas there. >> reporter: i'm on summit road as you can see this tree was ripped right out of the ground here and took part of the road with it. these cones marking the spot and there's trees down like this all along summit road and home owners also took a hit. the near constant rain is
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eroding the ground right underneath their feet. mark holt new the recent storms were going to hit his home hard but never expected this. >> when i was up -- you heard a big crack and the hot tub was sliding down. it took his deck and hot tub with it. >> now you can high-five people down here. >> reporter: a common sight all along the summit road. hopped on his ford tractor and took upon himself to help out. >> clearing the culverts and trying to make sure the road is pabl. >> reporter: nearby the lexington reservoir isn't spilling over like last week but that's likely to change.
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meantime hope figures his hot tub casualty could cost up to $50,000 to repair. >> i hope insurance covers it and so far they're not so we'll see. >> reporter: he's doing whatever he can to prevent more damage. i bought a bunch of plastic to cover up everything as much as i could. i'm not sure how much that's going to help. >> reporter: on a bright note hope says his well will has been dry for the past four years but obviously now water isn't a problem. reporting live from santa cruz, nbc bay area news. >> the rain has let up for now the rock slides have not. san francisco. christy exactly what's going on right now. >> reporter: i can tell you we've had a dry afternoon and they've quite a bit of work  done. this is some of the cleanup of the debris that came down.
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what we saw today is crews chipping away from loose rocks up above after experts determined some heavy pieces could fall and while they removed them the road was closed. the crash of the rock slide was unmistakable but these slides were triggered intentionally by a team with hand tools and equipment to try and reduce the risk. >> so that's one of the reasons we close the road because we were concerned about the heavy rains last night and in the future knocking those big pieces out. >> reporter: it closed yesterday afternoon and also briefly during the storm last weekend for a slide on this blofd in san francisco. then geo technical experts were brought in. >> they determined that there was some major pieces that were loose and so therefore we had an emergency declaration by our director to get our contractor out here -- >> reporter: today they chipped away at loose rocks while drivers tried to get around the
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closure. >> it's very inconvenient. when i leave to go home after work, it's like i have to go -- instead of going down the hill and straight to my house i have to go all the way around. >> reporter: some commuters who use the road to use 280 might find a backup but those closest to it understand. >> things got dried out and loose and when it rains it fell down. >> reporter: now it was already in place out here to catch loose rocks. in the short-term public works will be adding additional fencing. they hope to have this entirely reopened sometime tomorrow afternoon. reporting live in san francisco, nbc bay area news. >> thank you. it is a sign of the times. this is the reservoir seeing water like we haven't seen in years. in fact, all of our major reservoirs are at or near capacity which prompted scientists to say more of our
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state is out of the drought. last week scientists declared 49% of the state was in severe drought, today it fell to 44%. compare that to a year ago this week where 86% of the state was in drought. we continue to receive eye opening pictures and videos from our viewers across the bay area like this picture from mike johnson that shows a tree on top of a car. this picture of the sun breaking through the clouds over san francisco was sent to us by dean jenco. you can tag on us on twitter or instagram or facebook page. with two more storms approaching our free nbc bay area news it's a great resources to track these conditions. get a detailed forecast for your community. you can also get the latest information on flood watches and
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warnings around the bay area. developing news now within the last two ours we've learned that one of the world's most wanted men is now in a new york jail. elchapo. he's been extradited to the u.s. to face numerous charges of his role as the head of the cartel. he gave international fame after twice escaping from mexico. the extradition comes a bit of a surprise. president-elect moved from a solemn movement to the rocking concert at a lincoln memorial today. president-elect trump began his day with a visit to the tomb of the unknown soldier. vice president elect mike pence joined him for the traditional wreath laying ceremony.
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and there he and his familily attended a celebratory concert at the lincoln memorial. country music stars toby keith and lee greenwood headlined the concert as well as the rock band 3 doors down, at the moment is bigger than me. >> i have something to do with it but you had much, much more to do with it than i did. i'm the messager. i'm just the mess enger and we were tired and i love you. believe me i love you. >> the celebrations ended with a firework show that filled the sky above the national mall. now protests are underway in the bay area. oakland one got started just 30 minutes ago and the issue here is whether all the next couple soggy days are going to impact a lot of the protests that will be planned for the next couple of
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days. >> reporter: that is a big question and we thought that weather would really impact this event i can actually hear protesters walking towards me right now coming in this direction and if you take a look here by me, officers are also on hand getting ready gearing up for what is supposed to be peaceful protesters here right now but they are concerned about the protest planned for tomorrow and saturday. and local businesses we've talked to are also worry it could turn violent like it did on election day. >> right where it says we proudly serve oakland is where they hit us. >> reporter: shattered glass still covers the sign boyd patterson showing his support for oakland. >> oakland is the one that's breaking the windows. >> protesters covered his business on broad street in graffiti. >> it cost us 1,400 to replace it. >> reporter: now with demonstrators calling for a general strike tomorrow he worries he'll be hit again.
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we didn't even vote for trump but we're getting punished for him being in office. >> we've been preparing since election day. >> reporter: to prevent those like on election day. all police officers will be on duty to manage the expected crowds. >> the main thing we've seen is a lot of garbage can fires and so pulling garbage cans in off the street. >> reporter: the largest crowds are execed on saturday for one of the many planned women's marches. >> we're expecting 10 to 20,000 in oakland alone. >> reporter: volunteers are working with police and local businesses to keep their event peaceful. >> we really want people to come to stand together. >> reporter: and back here live you're now looking at a peaceful protest that just began here. protesters just arriving in front of city hall here and we are told again a peaceful demonstration against the
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inauguration of donald trump tomorrow. president-elect donald trump and we've been told that the city is gearing up for this. they have extra police officers on hand. i'm also told that extra barricades will be installed throughout city streets. all in anticipation of the upcoming protests and the march on saturday. reporting live in oakland tonight, nbc bay area news. >> thank you. our raj mathai will be leading our live coverage. you can catch his report from d.c. starting tonight at 11:00 p.m. he'll be posting updates on his twitter feed. >> and our coverage of the presidential inauguration happens immediately after this newscast to look at the tight security in the nation's capital ahead of tomorrow's inauguration. making it official, the raiders have filed their application with the nfl to move the team to las vegas. i'll have bay area reaction
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coming up. and then guns drawn and cameras rolling. new video of a dramatic home invasion robbery and the clues that could crack the case -- ♪ keeping the peace and keeping the tune. one local police officers love of music brings him closer to the community he serves. tonight's bay area proud. >> area we've been watching as we had pretty heavy impacts from the month's rain so far. the east bay hulz but the outer fringes already on approach. when to expect the heaviest rain, hour-by-hour forecast when we come back. >> when storms hit be prepared with nbc bay area news. giving you a more accurate look. >> keeping you informed with live reports. >> the town sounded that emergency alarm tonight. >> on air. >> we are here at the base of
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the mudslide. >> or on the go. >> we're in downtown morgan hill tonight. >> plus weather warnings based on your location from the nbc bay area news app when storms hit, be prepared. with nbc bay area.
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check this out. we're going to show you a home invasion caught on camera. it happened back in december 8th just before 11:00 in the evening. four gunman filed a couple into the home and then robbed them. the video can see glimpses of their faces and you can see the guns. fremont police are asking with information to contact them online or give them a call. it was expected but it still stings. the raiders took a major step to move to las vegas. they filed paper with the nfl
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and make vegas their new home. >> reporter: that's right. as you mentioned nobody is surprised by today it's filing but folks here in oakland it sure feels like a punch to the gut. still they say, the fight is far from over. >> i'm not wearing anything that says anything oakland until we find out that the raiders are staying here in oakland. >> reporter: that's the pledge from die hard raerd fan. a lot of fans are heart broken, they're full of despair. they don't know what to think. >> reporter: the raiders have been talking with investors and lawmakers for months about building a stadium there but the backers of an alternative plan led by nfl star ronnie lot to build a stadium in oakland say they aren't backing down.
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>> when it's fourth and goal we're going to be the guys who get the ball across the line. >> we are ready to compete. we know that oakland offers something that las vegas will never have and that is legacy and loyalty. >> reporter: the mayor says she's not surprised by the raiders relocation bid but oakland has the plan and players needed to keep the team in the bay area. she's ready to make her pitch to nfl owners who will have the ultimate say on whether the team stays or goes. >> we are right on time right now ready for this challenge that has been put in front of us and i know oakland we will rally to that challenge. >> reporter: now oakland's mayor says the nfl is in the process of scheduling a special committee meeting so oakland and the lot group can make their pitch directly to nfl owners. a final decision is expected at the end of march. reporting live in oakland, i'm
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jody hernandez nbc bay area news. raiders fans venting their frustration on our dinltal platforms. across much of america the relationship between police and the public as you know has been a bit strained lately. >> this officer took matters into his own hands. >> col by dara has been a police officer for eight years. one of the things he's learned over that time is to be a better police officer in the future, sometimes you have to dip into the past. >> i put through the abc report. >> walking the beat downtown is unlike any other assignment in the police department. there are days when it's just as much public relations as police work which is why it seems to be the perfect fit for colby and the type of cop he's always wanted to be. >> i want people to feel completely comfortable to come
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up to me and ask me questions and spout off their problems. >> reporter: in his effort to do just that, colby isn't afraid to try new techniques but a couple of months ago, colby discovered something old was just what he was looking for, his love of music. >> it's always been a part of my life. i parents owned and operated their own business and i would go out on the weekend with my dad on house calls and just listen to country music. we'd have a long drive and we'd just be sitting there windows down singing country western music. >> reporter: colby continued singing as a teenager and even won a few competitions. music faded into the background. but not all the way. >> walking the beat i hum or whistle. sometimes i sing. >> reporter: but what colby did one night in november brought it
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back in a whole new way. he spotted a street musician a regular downtown and walked up to him. >> do you mind if i play your guitar. >> reporter: his partner you see struck his video of the performance and colby says it seems like everyone in town has seen it. ♪ >> reporter: it's become just the ice breaker colby says he's always been looking for and now plans to regularly break out in song and perhaps breakdown some barriers in the process. >> one thing you stand next to a police officer with a guitar singing you get a lot of smiles, looks and waves just doing that instantly breaks down those barriers and warms people up. >> very good idea. thank you. a rare sight in east san jose, check that out, you know what it is. >> it's a bald eagle. >> photos of the bird posted on
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twitter. park ranker spotted it plieg around a few weeks ago. if you do see it don't bug the bird. it's america's official bird and it is a protected species plus it's just rude to bug it. leave it alone. >> it was checking out the storm clouds. >> very gusty winds. another taste of that after mid knight tonight and heavy rains at times. the kickoff tomorrow morning commute outside right now, technically this is a break between storms but we still have scattered showers. san jose similar temperatures, similar sky right now mostly cloudy skies but earlier today as captured on twitter, we had a few rainbows around the bay area. as the rain moves on, thunder showers with hail. i think -- you can still see in the north bay we have a few showers here becoming more
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widespread as the outer fringe approaches the coast. during the day tomorrow will bring wave heights up to 20 feet and 25 to 30 foot waves crashing down on the coast by saturday. so a high surf warning in effect from noon tomorrow and as we get into the weekend. high temperatures tomorrow similar to what we had today, very gusty rainy start to the morning. mid to upper 50s around the try valley. over to san francisco a gusty rainy start to the morning and partly cloudy skies, scattered showers and better chance of seeing showers at the end of the day tomorrow. light rain across the bay area. 3 to 4:00 a.m. for tomorrow morning. heavy rain, strongest winds we'll see right at the start of the morning commute and during the afternoon tomorrow back into scattered shower pattern and saturday morning still more
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scattered showers. probably getting another dusting of snow around mt. hamilton. saturday evening around 11:00 that is storm number three. rainfall projections will be the highest as we add everything up. the bulls eye now as shifted into the santa cruz mountains. the runoff into creek water shed. so sunday into monday a few more scattered showers but then we're going to begin to catch a break and it could stick around for a while, very stormy finish to the weekend but as we approach the middle part of next week, relief is in sight but not tonight. rain on the increase into tomorrow morning. snow down to 3,500 feet on saturday. 30 foot waves on the coast and another storm number three could bring the risk of localized flooding. quite a stretch of three days, once we get past that a
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long-term drying for the middle of next week. what the closely watched investigation has revealed? plus a youth counselor arrested for having an inappropriate relationship where he worked? back in a moment.
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happening now on our website you can watch our live stream of the new york unity rally. thousands of protesters and speakers are outside trump tower to share their frustrations with donald trump's incoming presidency. we've posted president obama good-bye letter. in it he thanks americans and tells them they've made him a better president. back in a moment.
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range of plans from leading health insurance companies that offer you the best combination of quality, rates, and benefits. and, through covered california, you may get financial help to pay for coverage. to get covered, you've got to get going. open enrollment ends january 31st. visit today. a san jose youth counselor is accused of having a sexual relationship with a teenager. i want to show you his face, counselor francis say he meant the teenager at a youth home back in july. it's called your house south. it's in redwood city.
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the girl was 15 at the time. your house south fired him. investigators believe there may be other victims and they're asking them to come forward. tes la's investigation clearing the company. the federal investigation looked into a crash involving a tesla model s. the car slammed into a big rig while in auto pilot mode. the investigation concluded the auto pilot system allowed the driver seven seconds to see the truck and take some sort of action but the driver was watching a movie on a dvd player at the time. the investigation also looked into tesla's crash rating. apparently there have been 40% fewer crashes. >> live look outside right now another round of rain starts to move in when we come back, the forecast, one you're going to want to hear. take one.
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schools across the bay area get ready for students to protest across the bay area. >> tonight what can we expect, rob? >> seeing the outer fringe of
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the storm. weather warning of the night, wind advisory starting at 1:00 a.m. >> okay. see you then. bye-bye. from power. the trump's arrive in washington. pomp and pageantry as the president-elect prepares to be sworn in as the 45th president of the united states. high alert amid record security. roads and waterways on lockdown. a massive force across the nation's capital. grilled on the hill. democrats unload on trump's pick of treasury secretary forcing him to admit his company foreclosed on military families. many dead in frantic search for dozens trapped inside the rubble of a snow covered hotel. trump's pastor. rare interview with the woman often called trump's spiritual advisor. who comes with a controversial history of her own. fath


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