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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  January 28, 2017 11:00pm-11:30pm PST

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a judge steps in and halts part of e right now at 11:00, emergency intervention. a judge steps in and halts part of president trump's executive order banning immigrants from several middle eastern countries. >> since yesterday's been like hell, honestly. >> this as people are detained at airports tonight including some at sfo. the news at 11:00 starts now. thanks for joining us. i'm terry mcsweeney.
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tonight's ruling a temporary stay. it applies to immigrants with a green card who just arrived in the u.s. today or already in transit. it prevents the trumpization from sending them out of the country. but most of trump's immigration ban remains in place. yesterday he issued an executive order temporarily banning all refugees and denying entry from all an seven countries. all predominantly muslim. since then rallies have erupted across the country and in the bay area. inside airports people being detained and questioned because of the executive order. tonight at least some of those people are being released. we have team coverage of the order apartment fallout. chuck coppola spoke to a standford student held up for hours. first, at sfo hundreds cheered when they heard a judge stepped in. >> reporter: tonight at one point, there were hundreds and hundreds of protests are packed
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into the airport. it's a little bit quieter now. today there was a lot of confusion what to expect as people waited for loved ones. we saw some people reunited including one man who says he was detained for six hours. of protesters packed the international arrival area near where they believed travelers might be detained. then cheers as word spread of a stay delaying enforcement of trump's executive orders. >> he was just released. >> she says her father who lives in iran but has a green card was detained for six hours in san francisco. >> we were really worried that they were going to send him back and he's not a very strong man. he's 80 years old. >> reporter: alongside protesters attorneys and groups that support immigrants' rights. >> that's part of the legal effort to support individuals being detained.
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>> reporter: earlier in the day, there was confusion how customs and border protection was handling the order and who might be held. >> >> is being told he should not get on a plane because if he does, he pay be detained. >> gavin newsom and other lawmakers even came to the airport to show support. >> people are happy to see me and pissed off because they want me to get those folks out. there's certain things i can do and can't do. >> reporter: he vowed tonight to make sure everyone was helped and accounted for. >> we have been heartened during all of this to see hundreds of protesters come out and make very clear they stand with their muslim neighbors and welcome refugees into their communities. >> reporter: i did check inside the international terminal about 20 minutes ago. and demonstrators were upstairs at one point, they got close to a security line. that was briefly shut down. but reopened. again a smaller crowd at this hour.
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demonstrators are still here. reporting live at sfo, christie smith, nbc bay area news. activists and many in the immigrant community are celebrating the ruling that came down in new york tonight. this is video of people rallying outside that courthouse in brooklyn. san francisco mayor ed lee commended the decision in a statement reading in part as the son of chinese immigrants i am disgusted by the president's executive order to target the muslim community and ban immigrants from entering the united states. our country was by the by immigrants in search of religious freedom and a life free of persecution and violence. these actions are a direct betrayal of those american values. hillary clinton responded to the protests across the country a couple hours ago tweeting i stand with the people gathered across the country. tonight defending our values and our constitution. this is not who we are. we mentioned earlier that protests were happening at other airports across the country and that includes chicago's o'hare airport. and jfk in new york. nbc area's jeff coppola joins
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with us the story of a stanford student who says she was questioned, searched and held up at jfk for several hours today. >> reporter: the graduate student told me she was greeted at jfk with an uncomfortable invasive patdown and asked her political views whether she knew anyone who was a radical ca member in sudan despite her status here she is a citizen of sudan, one of the countries on president trump's list to bar entry into the u.s. chaos at jfk international airport. hundreds of people protested the detention of at least a dozen travelers inch including ph.d. candidate at stanford. she told us about being handcuffed and detained. >> i felt humiliated, scared. at that point, i thought i was probably going to either get deported or detained in some place. why else would they put handcuffs on me. i started crying. > in a statement, three of
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stanford's top administrators said we are enormously concerned about the episode this caused our student and her family and what it may suggest for others in spectacular situations. >> living in the u.s. since 1993. i've never expected to be treated this way upon my return home. >> reporter: at jfk, one detainee hamid khalid darweesh was released after 18 hours. he helped the u.s. military as an interpreter during the war in iraq. >> america is the greatest nation, the greatest people in the world. >> reporter: detention included a 12-year-old girl from yemen trying to join her parents and siblings in the central valley community. according to the family's attorney, the parties and siblings are american citizens. >> i think the order is extraordinarily over broad. it is drawing lines based on national origin and religion. and it's so sweeping that it's expecting people like a 12-year-old child who is simply
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trying to join her uz citizen family in the united states. >> we recognize the important of a strong visa process to our nation's security, however, the administration's new order is causing damage and should end as quickly as possible. from the newsroom, chuck coppola, nbc bay area news. people of all ages came out for the rallies and protests. this video you're looking at sent in by steve spinner showing a 2-year-old boil participating in the protests as the sfo. here's another from mark mccoal. came to us via twitter. we want to see your photos. you can tag us on twitter, instagram or post to our facebook page. you can e-mail them to ic at the temporary ban of refugees prompted an emotional response from silicon valley ceos.
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google's ceo is the latest to speak out about the executive order. he size it has impacted nearly 200 of his employees traveling overseas. they were urged to return immediately. he says the company's first order of business is to help those employees affected. microsoft's ceo also spoke out about the executive order and says the company will provide legal assistance to employees impacted. the ceo of airbnb is offering to provide "free housing to refugees and anyone not allowed in the u.s." brian chess can i has been active on twitter all day long, calling for open doors. he promised more details to come and told people to contact him directly if they urgently need a place to stay. president trump has not made any public statement about the judge's ruling tonight but the trump administration has been dealing with the repercussions all day. a busy working saturday at the white house for president donald trump. >> that's big stuff.
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>> reporter: behind the scenes his team scrambling to manage fallout from his executive order halting immigration from these seven predominantly muslim countries. as reports broke overnight of people detained at airports across the country, a senior administration official on the phone today with government agencies to try and clear them on a "case by case basis." >> thank you. >> totally. >> sources tell nbc news justice department lawyers reviewed the order but the department of homeland security and state department had no warning. >> and is it a muslim ban. >> it's not a muslim ban. it's working out very nicely. you see it all over. it's working out very nicely. >> the president held a string of calls to u.s. allies accepting an invitation from the german leader to attend the g-20. he also spoke by phone with vladimir putin accused of medaling in the u.s. election. president trump also signed
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three new executive orders today. the first prohibits anyone from taking a job as a lobbyist for five years after leaving his administration. reorganization of a national security council. and the home linda security council to better respond to new threats. the last new order from president trump is a big one. he's asked his joint chiefs of staff to come up with a plan within 30 days to defeat isis. this brings his total dpv actions to 18. he's only been in office for a week. our coverage continues on air and online. we'll follow the battle over the executive order today starting with "today in the bay." we're also posting the latest at next at 11:00, an all-out search for a missing teenager after her car plunged into a creek. the changes her family are now calling for after a second crash happened in the very same spot. governor brown reveals he's being treated once again for cancer. the treatment he'll have to battle the disease.
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and right now in san francisco, we are in the 40s. but we did manage to hit a high of 60 degrees. we're talking another round of warmups for the next couple days. plus, we're tracking rain in the forecast . in my future, i'm twice as likely to have a stroke.
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a missing 1-year-old woman whose car plunged into an east bay creek a week ago. today a new twist. a recovery team pulled another car out of the water after it crashed in the same spot just a few days ago. now the family of the missing woman is calling for cal transto make safety improvements to the road. here's thom jenson. >> you can get caught off guard by how sharp a turn it is. >> he says he won't quit the
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search for his 18-year-old daughter jada until she's found. even as they look for her, a vehicle recovery team pulse another car from alameda creek near fremont. the 27-year-old driver of that car escaped with minor injuries after plunging into the creek thursday in the same spot where jada went off the road. jada's dad is holding out hope she's still alive but he as a that curve that she and the other driver missed meeds to be safer. >> it will catch you off guard. it will -- you'll turn because there's a previous right-hand turn going into it, and then it gets -- it's a tighter turn. >> wants improvements like a new guardrail and nbc bay area has obtained a caltrans study that calls for safety improvements at that curve. >> something should be done about it. it should at least be looked at with heavy concern. >> a march and vigil to protest the deadly police shooting of a 21-year-old man in the north bay.
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family members say police shot and killed angel ramos early monday morning when officers responded toa fight at a house party. they say he was holding a knife and attacking a 16-year-old boy. his family says he was defending his brother during that fight and police didn't have to shoot. >> mother of angel ramos. and all i know is i love my son to the end. i can't understand why it happened. he didn't have a knife on him. they're saying that he was -- i can't talk. i'm sorry. >> ramos' family joined demonstrators in a march in front of police headquarters. police say the investigation into the shooting is on going. a health concern for governor gary martinez brown. his office announced this morning he will undergo further treatment for prostate cancer. he is 78. he'll be treated at ucsf. the treatment will be a short course of radiation therapy starting in about a month.
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his office says brown will continue his schedule throughout. he was first diagnosed with prostate cancer in 2012. you might not realize it but the air area has made quite an impact on movie industry. the iconic images from here are all over the silver screen. >> the bay area is -- it has a physical beauty that's just amazing. redwoods, the bridge, the bay. and this beautiful old victorian homes on these undulating hills inside of the city. it has the incredible nature out here in marin. >> the lessons she learned from a fellow actor on the set of the oscar inwinning film "gladiator." watch bay area revelations the movies tomorrow night at 7:00. it is the start of the lunar new year which means celebrations are under way in
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san francisco's china town. the year of the rooster. >> i'm going to say, going everybody. [ speaking foreign language ] >> chinese line and folk dancers were there to entertain the crowd today. the celebrations will continue for the next two weekends in the city culminating in the new year parade on february 11th. we have our microclimate forecast. i'd like to order up several todays in the future. it was a beautiful day. >> we saw 60 in san francisco. which we haven't seen in a very long time especially for win thor. we also saw plenty of sunshine. we are all wanting to see a couple more days. we may just see that in the bay area. right now, we're starting to drop down in those temps. seeing chilly 40s in the south bay. 44. 44 along the peninsula and still in the 30s for the tri-valley at 39 degrees. now, we will be expecting mostly
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clear skies tonight. which is going to keep us nice and chilly into the early morning hours. these 40s will once again drop down into the 30s and fours for the majority of the bay area as we wake up. definitely bundle up if you're going to be on an early morning ride tomorrow. now, here are your highs for today as predicted. we were in the 60s. look at this, sonoma a high of 60. for areas near oakland, san jose hit a high of 65. tomorrow we're expecting to be slightly warmer than what we saw today. definitely expect to enjoy a nice day outdoors. here's a look what you can expect across the bay area for tomorrow. los gatos and most of the south bay staying within the 60s. we're also going to maintain the 60s for the east bay, as well. oakland at 62 degrees as we make our way to the peninsula, expecting upper 50s and 60s yet again in the forecast for san mateo. ideally city a high of 59.
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the embarcadero upper 50s, as well for areas near the north bay. novato 61 for tomorrow. right now, we could have this nice area of high pressure that's keeping us nice and dry, bringing nice warming temps and, of course, plenty of sunshine. that is expected to dominate and stick around through the forecast for the next couple of days into the start of your workweek. but looking ahead at long range models we're tracking another chance of rain in the bay area. which wednesday early morning we should see the an probably of a few showers in the bay area. fast forward through thursday and friday. the majority of the rain totals are going to be sticking to the north bay with just an inch and a half to about 2 inches. and the majority of the south bay should be seeing anywhere between an inch and a half in the next seven days. we're also expecting nice travels out there in lake tahoe. expect to see 30s and, of course, tomorrow and into the weekend, we're just going to enjoy the sunshine. look at the day planner for
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tomorrow. 40s in the start and fist and 60s yet again in the forecast. >> all right. thanks very much. coming up, this win will go in the history books. the record breaking game by serena williams. some people call it a rivalry. it doesn't look that way. amazing performance from steph curry against the clippers tonight. more of that coming up in sports.
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do you remember way back to 2013 nba playoffs when the clippers eliminated the warriors from the postseason in the first round? since then, the warriors have simply dominated the so cale r called ribry between the teams. clippers, warriors met again tonight and once again, testify curry stole the show which was surprising because he was listed as questionable with a sore left quad. he looked completely healthy. the final seconds of the first half, 51 feet out.
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nailed it. warriors up 21 at the break. curry is now 1 for 9 this season. on shots of 50 feet or more. third quarter, more curry. that's from about 30 feet out. curry was on the oracle logo. he made nine threes on the night. next trip, three more. this is what you call being in the zone. this is the perfect example. if you don't go deep, why not split the defense, get the reverse layup and the foul. he scored 25 points in the frame and finished with 43. warriors win big. after the game, he shared thoughts on his big three-pointer. >> you know, me personally, you see a shot like that go in, you think i made my first shot in the third quarter. that copied the trend. so big mo going in the half and we were able to keep the energy as a group and have an amazing third quarter. >> well, the warriors are on their way to portland for the second game of a back-to-back.
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look at portland and they have won three straight. that tipoff is at 6:00. you can watch the game on csn bay area directv now! the future of tv is now. [ now echos ] 'now' does not mean now. 'future' is a relative term. nfl sunday ticket, red zone and the nfl network are not included. cbs and showtime, again, not included. most live local stations only available in select markets - fingers crossed. streaming to more than two devices at once is a subject we'd rather not talk about. dvr and downloading on the go, yeah, good luck with that. all other terms and frustrations apply. so why wait? call now. don't let directv now limit your entertainment. choose xfinity and get more to stream to any screen.
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in australia today, it was one for the ages on the tennis court. 35-year-old serena williams beat her big sister venus at the australian open. her 23 rd record grand slam sealed her place as one of the greatest in the tennis history. in the end her opponent was beaming with pride. >> and one last note here before we go. rob mayeda on the far left raising money for the lupus
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foundation of northern california, raising $100,000 tonight. rob, you're the best. the color purple. the event was fantastic. thanks very much for watching. have a great night.
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>> mr. trump? [ cheers and applause ] mr. trump, are you ready for your first meeting? >> kellyanne, what are people saying about my cabinet appointments? do they love them? >> um, they're certainly very passionate about them. i just saw one very nice


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