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tv   NBC Bay Area News  NBC  February 25, 2017 4:30pm-5:01pm PST

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we're on early tonight because of nhl hockey. many flood victims are finally getting the help they need. >> within the past 30 minutes we've received a new update from san jose city leaders on the cleanup here in the flood zone. >> we have team coverage, including meteorologist rob mayeda tracking the next chance for rain, but we begin with rick boone who is live in san jose with more on the assistance center opening today. rick. >> reporter: as this opened up this morning, there were a lot of people coming in here this morning and all throughout the day nonstop. these are folks who pretty much have lost everything. >> the water went up to like five, six feet. so pretty much everything got damaged. >> reporter: jose has nothing left but the clothes on his back after his home off center road completely flooded. now he's hoping san jose steps in. >> we have to start from the ground up again so it's going to be a long process. >> reporter: he's one of hundreds who lined up at the
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flood victims services center at the community center to get help. among services offered, charities helping people get food and clothes and even a nonprofit helping people clean up their home. it's also a chance for victims to tap into thousands of dollars from a growing relief fun now at a half a million. >> we're going to be putting a plan together to determine with denations that have come in what is the best way to use that to get people's lives back. >> reporter: talking to more people returning home, assessing their damage for the first time. >> what we've seen people suffer over the last week has been heart wrenching, but it has really been emboldening to see how the community has come together. >> reporter: and for many like jose, time is not on their side. the longer he has to wait for services, the harder he feels it will be to get his family's life back on track. and time is a big factor. some people have told me off
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camera that they are hitting some roadblocks inside this building, not getting the answers they need fast enough, so they know they don't have that much time before time runs out for them when they have no place to go. absolutely no place to go. this center will be open for one more week. rick boone, nbc bay area news. >> thank you very much. nearly a week after historic flooding in san jose, here's what the anderson dam looked like today. still a lot of water but nothing like it used to be when coyote creek was spilling over its banks. marianne favro is live in san jose where city leaders are just giving everyone an update on the dam. >> reporter: yes, i just spoke with the eoc director who said today was a day of cleanup. more than 100 volunteers came out today to help the flood victims. and more than 100 households also applied for assistance today. now, right now there are 40
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building inspectors out helping assess the damage in the area. to give an example of how many people have gotten back into their homes, in the rock springs area which had heavy flooding, 306 people have been cleared to return to their home. now the city tells me that they are moving forward and looking at two things. first of all, they're going back and looking at the data that was used to issue the mandatory evacuations. they want to make sure that they're using the right data for that. also there were some concerns about how the way they let people know they had to evacuate, that emergency call, how that could be improved as well as looking at the infrastructure and storm preparedness and flood protection in the city of san jose. so moving forward, those are some of the things that they are looking at. now, this is very important. for the hundreds of people who have been evacuated and are now staying at james lick high school in east san jose, those people will have to move to
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seven trees, a different facility, starting tomorrow. that is because school will be back in session at james lick high school. as you know, it's supposed to be raining later tonight and there are big concerns about additional problems so they're going to have a lot of extra emergency crews out here today and also going to have additional pumping stations as well in case it rains more and causes additional flooding. and the other thing to be concerned about is the initial dollar assessment. the city has to provide that dollar assessment by monday, so they're working on that. we hope to get that for you on monday to know just how much dollar damage there was because of the flooding. reporting live in san jose, marianne favro, nbc bay area news. >> all right, thank you very much. the break in the rain has helped crews to clean up the flood zone but that is about to change. meteorologist rob mayeda is standing by now. rob, this break in the rain is good but apparently there's new stories to hear about. >> we are going to have to watch
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how hard that rain falls. good news at anderson reservoir there. earlier in the week coyote creek flooding it was 106% capacity. these levels will slowly start to come down. statewide average is 119%. same time last year the major california reservoirs were only 58% full of historical average so quite a change in a year's time. mobile doppler radar scanning out for our next storm system. the good news here, it's a colder system and a lot of the moisture being sent into central and southern california. the water vapor loop shows you there is no atmospheric river connection with the storm. that's what powered up those incredible rain rates we saw earlier in the week. so the timeline of this system, we will see a little more rain later in the week but rain totals generally less than a half inch of rain. earlier we had a storm that brought 6 to 10 inches of rain,
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so nothing like that. that cold means we could see snow on the higher hills around the bay area before the end of the weekend. we'll give you an hour-by-hour outlook on this storm and another one coming up a few minutes from now. it's still a long road to recovery from the flooding in san jose to a lot of debris out there. brenda sent this photo of all the trash hanging in low-lying trees. to share your pictures or videos, tag us or post on our facebook page. in the east bay a break in the storm has allowed pg&e to make repairs after a mudslide threatened a transmission tower. they say the tower is now secure. kristi smith joins us live. much of the temporary work should be wrapped up today or tomorrow. >> reporter: yeah, that's right. they say the weather has been favorable this week and that is the expectation, that some of the temporary work they have been handling here in orinda
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could be wrapped up this weekend. some of the big cranes that you've been able to see from highway 24, those might be going away as well. even today helicopters are moving equipment along highway 24 after a mudslide that was first reported last month in a remote area. since then pg&e was working with soil experts and engineers. they came up with a plan to try and fix it. they say no one lost power in all of this and as you said the tower is secure. the transmission line was deenergized earlier this week and the work quite a sight to drivers along 24. in the unlikely event that wires may have come down. since then crews have taken steps to install a temporary line and reroute transmission lines to a series of poles. >> which we installed away from the damage and once those temporary repairs are complete, we will likely dismantle the
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tower completely. >> reporter: so that is what's possibly next. this week they say crews will remain on site to assess the situation and determine the next step for dismantling that tower. reporting live in orinda, christie smith, nbc bay area news. still reeling from big losses in the november election, democrats have now picked a new leader for their party. >> as nbc's chris pallone reports, the new leader is a very familiar face and historic choice. >> mr. tom perez. >> reporter: after two ballots in atlanta, members of the democratic national committee chose a former obama cabinet member as their new party chair. he's former labor secretary tom perez, a favorite of the party establishment. he beat minnesota congressman keith ellison backed by the party's more liberal faction by 35 votes. immediately perez moved to unite the party naming ellison deputy
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chair. ellison quickly embraced the unity message. >> if you're wearing a keith t-shirt or any t-shirt, i am asking you to give everything you got to support chairman perez. >> reporter: perez has a tall task ahead, replenishing the party's dwindling cash supply and trying to elect democrats to governor's offices, state legislatures and congress. >> we need to make house calls. we need to listen to people. we need to get back to basics. >> reporter: if perez has any advantage, it's that the young presidency of donald trump has energized large groups of opposition. >> i know we can win the battles ahead. i know we will win the battles ahead when we put our values forward. when we lead together. >> so now more than ever, we need to stay engaged, in the field and online. >> reporter: the collapse of hillary clinton's campaign still looms over the democrats, who with their former presidential nominee pledging her continued
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support in a social media video, democrats in atlanta say they see better days ahead for the party. chris pallone, nbc news. >> shortly after that announce one came out, president trump tweeted a congratulations to thomas perez saying he could not be happier for him or for the republican party. the president also tweeted he will not be attending the white house correspondents association dinner this year. he has note fully feuded with the media. this annual dinner celebrates the press. it's set to take place april 29th in washington. not since president carter in 1978 has a president refused to attend. nixon also refused to go in 1971 and ronald reagan did not attending, although he had a good excuse. he was recovering from an assassination attempt by john hinckley jr. still ahead, caught off guard. new e-mails reveal what the city of san jose knew in the moments leading up to this historic flooding. and a dramatic scene in
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southern california. look at this. the extreme length a man went to to save his puppy. we'll tell you about it. and if you've got weekend plans tomorrow in santa cruz, we'll see increasing clouds. cool temperatures in the mid-50s and an increasing chance of a little more rain to wrap up the weekend. plus some pretty interesting snow levels with this particular storm could be as low as the higher hills around the bay area. a look in our hour-by-hour forecast. you pay, the price you see is e unlike cable.
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no more. we don't want anymore! keep calm. the price you see is the price you pay, unlike cable. at&t internet. speeds up to 45megs for $30 a month. new e-mails reveal at e city of san jose knew in themomentsea
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now to a story we broke last night at 11. new e-mails reveal what the city of san jose knew in the moments leading up to this week's historic flooding. we have obtained city records that showed the water district miscalculated the data that led to the piggest flood in san jose in 20 years. the mayor questioned the water district on tuesday when that flooding began. >> our senior investigative reporter has been poring over those documents and found some eye-opening revelations that could lead to a state investigation. >> we reviewed pages of e-mail exchanges between the mayor's office and the santa clara water district. the e-mails tell the story of what the city knew and what it didn't know in the days and moments leading up to the flood. they show that washington district officials badly overestimated how much water they could release from anderson dam without flooding the neighborhoods downstream, leaving the city of san jose
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unprepared for the devastation that was to come. so much water was coming over the spillway at anderson dam starting last saturday that it equaled the amount of water in a large olympic swimming pool every second. according to these e-mails, that large amount of water had all of them on the lookout for trouble. a message from city communications deputy alex wilson at 10:20 a.m. tuesday morning february 21st, states that hydrologists from the water district told city officials the peak flow was 6800 cubic feet per second. in that same e-mail, a note to keep an eye on the rock spring neighborhood for possible flooding. but a government relations representative from the water district told the mayor's office not to worry. quote, models don't predict it would flood until 7400 cubic feet per second. at 1:43 p.m. that day, a terse
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response from the mayor himself. quote, rock spring neighborhood started flooding three hours ago. they're all wrong. meaning the water district predictions. wilson replied right away at 1:45. the e-mail reads, quote, you're right. the water valley district grossly overestimated rock spring's flood tolerance. in truth, water district officials now were telling the city that the neighborhood would flood at closer to 4,000 cubic feet per second, nearly half the original estimate. the miscalculation left the city unprepared, residents uninformed and under water. many people who live in the flood zone wonder if better warnings would have enabled them to get out before the floods came. >> or even if city officials would have started with a bull horn going down some of the neighborhoods at least, you know, and waking people up telling us, hey, be prepared. something. anything. >> these records just begin to
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fill in the gaps of what the city and water district knew and did not know before the flood. we filed additional public records request for the city and water district for all communications surrounding this event. we'll keep you posted as we get them and learn more. i'm stephen stock, nbc bay area news. still to come, a san francisco landmark has more to it than meets the eye. >> the inside look visitors can now get at the presyd yo. [ alarm clock beeping ]
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weather. ♪ [ laughter ]
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cartoons. wait for it. [ cat screech ] [ laughter ] ♪ [ screaming ] [ laughter ] make everyday awesome with the power of xfinity x1... hi grandma! and the fastest internet. [ girl screaming ] [ laughter ] became a spanish fort -- e well, so much great history
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and nearly 250 years after it first became a spanish port, the presidio is getting a visitors center. >> it will have interactive touch screens, maps to help people navigate through the hiking trails and more than 400 buildings on the national registrar of historic places. later this year the presidio will break ground on construction of a 14-acre park right on top of the tunnels at doyle drive. >> that is going to be amazing. it's a beautiful, beautiful area. >> and the weather will hopefully cooperate. >> today was so nice. it was like a spring teaser. >> even most of the rain is holding off. cloudy skies to start the weekend. we do have to deal with a little more rain but we'll focus on the words a little more as opposed to the downpours we've had earlier this week. right now 58 degrees in san jose, mostly cloudy skies. we'll take you over to tiburon in the north bay there. you can see the overcast conditions, 54 degrees. and san francisco, 52, chilly
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outside. a few sprinkles off to the west and let's check out the coast from ocean beach down into half moon bay. we have a beach hazard statement for some sneaker waves possible, some larger sets coming in around high tide tomorrow morning. so it's going to be chilly out there too. probably not the best day to run along the beach. temperatures tonight, you'll see some 30s out there. we're going to get some clearing skies as we go through the overnight hours and during the day tomorrow increasing clouds and likely dealing with a few showers around this time tomorrow. highs upper 50s around the santa clara valley, about the same through the tri-valley. pleasanton 58 degrees, 56 in concord. peninsula temperatures very similar, mid-50s from daly city into downtown san francisco. mid-50s and more mid-50s into the north bay. we'll likely see the showers arriving there first. storm ranger mobile doppler radar picking up some returns here offshore. this is a very small system, working its way down the coast
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and a lot of that subtropical moisture racing out towards southern california and we'll see a colder system dropping down the coast during the day tomorrow. the hour-by-hour outlook will bring in more clouds. by 3:00 you begin to see the showers come through the bay area into tomorrow night. then perhaps into monday morning's commute. but the rain totals here refreshingly are not as intense as we've seen in these recent storms from the north bay into the south bay. some of those areas you see in green may pick up a half inch or less, so there's the good news. but low snow levels. could see snow levels down to 2500 feet. take a closer look, higher peaks around the bay area may see a little snow, especially mt. hamilton and even along the higher hills there, big sur as we wrap up the weekend. the weekend forecast will have showers to finish. that will carry over to at least one day monday. there's some great news. finally the seven-day forecast, the sky is clear.
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by wednesday and thursday, inland could be approaching 70. we need that dry forecast. looks like it will take shape once we pass monday. this storm not bridging the rain totals we saw earlier this week. still ahead, fighting back against immigration policies. the local city that brings immigrants and refugees together today. also coming up, we'll have the story behind this dramatic scene, crazy scene that unfolded on a southern california roadway. a special event in oakland day
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-- to welcome immigrants anrefu ==vo== the "kland vieamese chamberofco a special event in oakland today to welcome immigrants and refugees. the oakland vietnamese chamber of commerce hosted the event on clay street. organizers say oakland is known for its many cultures and many
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backgrounds. they want to welcome people who might be feeling isolated because of the trump administration's immigration policies. the oakland mayor told the crowd everyone should feel welcome. >> oakland is my home. i was born here. and everyone should feel that sense of belonging. every child should feel safe in their home. >> organizers also hope the event would establish a network for people struggling with current immigration policies. a bold robbery attempt in pacifica after a man jumped the counter at the pharmacy and demanded drugs at gunpoint. this man came in around 10:00 last night. witnesses say he climbed right there onto the counter in the pharmacy area, showed the pharmacist a gun and demanded narcotics. the suspect ended up running away empty-handed. here is a video we've been talking about, amazing video out of southern california. a man going to extreme lengths to try and rescue his puppy from
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a thief on thursday. check this out, the man confronted the thief. he then hung on as the driver dragged him through the streets. she said they were going as fast as 80 miles an hour at times. she told police the car windows were up trapping his arms inside. the driver sped erratically down several busy streets before opening the window and slowing down. the victim was taken to the hospital but he's going to survive and be fine. the driver and the dog have not yet been found. >> oh, my goodness. there's got to be some back story there. >> there's a lot going on. when we come back, we take you out to the desert as the giants take on the world champion chicago cubs.
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ready for spring. after all of the rain and the storms this winter, many are surely ready for spring. >> many are. and baseball fans are surely ready for spring training. the giants are on a roll. okay, it's spring training, no big deal. but they won their first two games of spring training. they came from behind to beat the world champion chicago cubs. giants win it 8-6. hunter strickland got the save for the giants. very nice down there. >> yeah, it is. i know you're going to head down there. get some of that sunshine. if you stuck around here -- >> yeah, the seven-day forecast has some of that. but we do have two cold systems dropping down the coast. we do have two systems, one that for the most part will bypass us. it's the second system dropping down the coast that will bring us the showers tomorrow into monday. almost near 3,000 feet.
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but midweek into next weekend upper 60s possible so perhaps spring training around the bay area later next week. >> i feel like giving you a standing ovation. >> it's about time. >> hockey is next. nbc sports. home of the olympic games, the nhl, premier league, the nascar playoffs and prime time's number one show, sunday night football. only on nbc. the city of pittsburgh and below is heinz field, home of the steelers. their last game here was seven weeks ago, and it was 17 degrees and they won. now, their field is handed over to the defending champion hockey team. there's another cold chill tonight off the ohio river, and a chill coming in the opponent they face, philadelphia. the keystone state. draw a line to the east, it's


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