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Trump Administration
  Today  NBC  March 13, 2017 7:11am-7:18am PDT

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mar-a-lago. matt, savannah, back to you. >> lots going on behind you, hallie jackson, thank you. >> kellyanne, good to see you. >> this is the day the house intelligence committee wants the justice department to turn over any and all evidence they have that proves that barack obama wiretapped the phones at trump tower during the campaign as president trump has alleged. are we going have real facts on this this afternoon? >> the president called for the house and intelligence committees to add this piece of the investigation to an existing investigation and he's pleased that that is happening. we won't really comment further until those findings are -- >> why wouldn't the president say to jeff he's pleased that's happening. we're not going to comment further. >> why wouldn't the president say to jeff sessions, his appointee to attorney general, turn over to the american public, evidence on this subject that i can be proven right when i accuse barack obama of a crime during the campaign. >> that sounds like an incendiary allegation. what jim clapper has said on other networks, if not this one, he can say those organizations
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under his purview did not do this. that doesn't discount the rest of the obama administration. we know kevin lewis, the president's spokesman said a week ago, matt. he said he can tell you that the president and people in the white house weren't responsible. >> you said incendiary accusation. it's president trump who made that accusation. >> we're very happy that the house and senate intelligence committee see enough to go ahead and add this to an investigation. >> aren't they doing it as a courtesy? in essence, the president is saying, hey, congress, can you find this out for me? when it's something that he, himself, could pick up the phone and find out. senator john mccain said this weekend, either retract the statement to president obama or provide the information. this is information he has. he tweeted about it. he brought it up. he has the power to clarify. why not? >> i can't comment on the private conversations he has with his attorney general and
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other officials on this topic. we're aware of the deadline and glad it's happening. >> if he doesn't provide some sort of proof, don't we risk going down the road to september 16th, 2016, when candidate trump had to stand in front of the microphones, after years of insinuating that the president obama was not born in this country, the phony birther thing, had to say he was born here? don't we risk running down this road again? >> i'm not surprised you're conflating the two. i fail to see a comparison. we're talking about a big agenda here. i know it's your show and you can talk about what you want. but there's 20 million people just last year who said no to obamacare. 6.5 million of them paid a penalty. >> can i stop you right there? the media did not bring up this topic. president trump did. >> i didn't say that you did. but there's so much going on that the american people want to hear about. >> all the more reason to question why it is that he would bring that up and then therefore throw the discussion -- it isn't like something that a blogger wrote. it's something the president of the united states accused his
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predecessor of tapping his phones. >> and it's under investigation. >> so, in fairness, the media are just trying to find out if there's any voracity to the claims. >> i understand. but there are so many other things going on as well that matter to americans. they heard what he said in his joint session. they're still listening to that message. they're happy that a health care plan that has left millions with skyrocketing premiums and no care -- there's literally thousands of people in this country that can't use the insurance card because they can't afford the premiums and deductible s >> paul ryan was asked, how many . people are going to lose health care insurance as compared to obamacare. he couldn't come up with an answer. can you give me a number? >> yes. the fact is that what speaker ryan said below that comment was he can't give you an answer because he doesn't know what people will do. >> because it's up to them. >> it's up to them. once they have more choice and freedom in the marketplace, they'll have tax credits.
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those not on medicaid and don't have employer-sponsored plans. he doesn't know what they will do. we know what they will have. they will have more choices and competition. >> but access to health care is different than having health care. >> we want people to have care. we want everybody to have care. and there's inequitable tax treatment, those who -- 175 million americans who get the health insurance through the employers. those on medicaid will continue to be on medicaid. and the health savings accounts, the interstate across lines. the ability of mechanics and farmers and small business owners to pull their sources together and get health care together. >> another important issue to people. economy, jobs. got a good jobs report. the unemployment rate has dropped to 4.7%. we know during the campaign when these very same jobs figures would come out, the president said they were fake, the obama administration was making them up and they were a hoax. sean spicer was asked about this.
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let me play you his response. >> i talked to the president prior to this. and he said to quote him very clearly. they may have been phony in the past. but it's very real now. >> okay. it's like a funny line but, in a sense, he can't even answer that question with a straight face. because he knows that the president is saying numbers that were fake when they were under his predecessor are now real because they're good. what gives? how do you explain that? >> if you are one of the miners or somebody in manufacturing, construction, that's receiving one of these 135,000 new jobs created in the president's first full month on the job, savannah, that's the only number that matters to you. >> why wasn't the miners' jobs real under president trump but not real under president obama? that's what you just said. >> and half the media laughed at the comment. it was a lighthearted moment. we have less than 5% unemployment. you have ceos coming to the white house and making announcements to unleash investments, to create new jobs. >> that's not what the issue is. >> not take jobs to mexico. >> pardon? >> that's not what the issue is here.
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the issue of credibility. he is saying these are -- the labor department has been doing these numbers the same way for decades. love them or hate them, think they're right or wrong, the process hasn't changed. the method has not changed. so, the question is, where is the credibility there? saying those numbers were fake but now they're real because i happen to be in the office. >> the credibility is in the $7 billion intel took off the shelf and is going to unleash the investment because they're working with president trump to do so. the credibility is in the 235,000 new jobs created. in other words, he's the president now and we're looking at what this president is doing in short order. >> with all due respect, what savannah is asking is, if we couldn't believe what he was saying during the campaign, if he was calling these numbers fake, when they were real, because they're real now, where is the credibility in that? >> he's also talking about things that were fake. like you can keep your doctor if you like your doctor. you can keep your plan if you like your plan. there was a lot of fakery going on for people that were promised
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something that never came to be. and health care is a prime example of that. he's saying to americans who feel like they can't get care, they can't get coverage. we have five states in 1,021 counties, roughly one in five americans in this country live under one choice. that's not a choice if you only have one insurance provider. >> in fairness that, doesn't answer the question. you're mentioning health care. on this issue of the job numbers, fake then, real now. >> i'm talking about numbers that matter to americans right now. and president obama is his legacy. president trump is just getting started. but the stock market likes his presidency. job creators like his presidency. the miners do. he rolled back a terrible regulation that was hurting them. and they're along with manufacturing and construction, industries that are benefitting in an outsized way in his first initial jobs report from february, his first full month on the job.