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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  July 6, 2017 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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good thursday morning.. a live look outside at san jose we are officially more than halfway through the workweek... to you. let's take a live peak this morning overlooking san jose. we're officially halfway through the workweek. things are going to start heating up this weekend put ready for it? you better be. mike in l.a. on a little have a kay. >> good morning. >> thanks for joining us. >> i'm sam brock and we're happy that you're here with us. >> it hasn't been do rough but let's hope it's good. it's still 4:30. >> you've got your keds shoes on. >> when i've got to run from the snooze room to the studio. >> and as the weather's going to heat up. >> yeah. this is what we'll all be
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talking about over the next couplech days, the high temperatures that will be heating up for the valley areas over the next several days return -- including your weekend. we see that fog rolling across the golden gate bridge right there. still low visibility in spots. temperature at 56 degrees, livermore starts out the morning at 60 degrees, nice cool start but then look where we're headed today up to 98 degrees in concord. morgan hills. >> laura. >> 96 degrees. >> and 87 in san jose. i'll talk more about that coming newspaper a few minutes. let's head over to see if there's any problems blnchts still showing no problems out on the roads but is it is still 4:30. but we should be okay for now. take a look right now at the bridge drive times yesterday we started seeing some slowing fairly early on. westbound 580, richmond bridge
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about 7 minutes. westbound 80 eight minutes, and 13 minutes on san mateo bridge. back to you. take a look at that bang will private security car. firefighters this morning had to bring out the jaws of life to pull the driver out of that car. crashed into a stoplight at crassman avenue in sunny ville near highway 37 about 2:00 this morning. we're still waiting on word right now for the condition of the driver and also the reason behind that crash. also new this morning, a group of coyote creek citizens are suing. the victims are hold a news conference to announce the lawsuit at rock springs park at 11:00 this morning. you'll recall when the neighborhood flooded they had to be rescued by boats if the if was one of the worst floods san jose's history. a developing story, president trump is in poland as
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he begins i had second foreign trip and we have some live pictures here, or at least this looks like it's some video of the crowd. >> your oppressors try to break you, but poland could not be broken. >> it is, in fact, live just stop being for a second to listen to president trump. he is addressing the international community right now. >> and when they came on june 2nd, 1970 zblooin getting into some history. >> and one million poll lands gathered around victory square with their very first mass with their polish pope, that day every communist in warsaw must have known that their oppressive system would soon come crashing down. >> president trump now also discussing matters this morning regarding the international community and its need to demonstrate -- >> poland joins the security -- difficult it's a critical time frankly for the world because you see what's going on. not only must we secure ow nations from the threat of terrorism, but we must also
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confront the threat from north korea. and that's what it is, it's a threat. and we will confront it very strongly. >> trump's words come just days after the u.s. concluded that north korea's latest missile launch was indeed an intercontinental ballistic missile, the kind of missile capable of reaching the united states. we're going to have much more on the president's upcoming trip here and a live report in our next half hour. plus overnight illegal fireworks continue to light up the skies across the bay area. now people in one east bay city are demanding action. oakland residents are demappeding they stop these actions. we have more on what could be done. >> reporter: a two-hour display of illegal fireworks lit up the night sky in oakland. a lot of it happening in this man's neighborhood.
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>> they're ghost riding, they're burning rubber. >> >> reporter: and setting off illegal fireworks. he called 911. >> and they said they were going send a police officer over. i said no, send more because there's about 500 people in the neighborhood. >> reporter: this cell phone video shows them set being off the fireworks in an area known as jingle town. he says many of them gang members and heavily armed. >> nobody's showing up to do anything about it so what snapped they embolden and it gets dangerous and more dangerous. >> reporter: city council man says illegal fireworks in east oakland is not new but this year he said it went to a whole different level. >> at the end of the day if they can't respond then perhaps i need to call the national guard out. >> reporter: oakland police say they responded to over 125 calls and dispatched about 100 officers to address illegal fireworks and gunfire. this man says that was not enough. >> they stay silent and become a victim or do you at least speak
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up to the public knows. i'm speaking up. >> reporter: cheryl hurd, nbc bay area news. >> holiday travel right now we know is in full effect for the summer long lines at the airport. always a pain, but now new technology that's making things move more quickly. up next why it has do with how you check your baggage. and speaking of travel, american consumers are opening their wallets this year. the new milestone we're about to reach. in business and tech news this
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morning.. newe welcome back, 4:38 right now on, you sthurs. let's get to some business and tech news this morning. new technology is bringing relief for long lines at the airport. >> delta is test a self-baggage check that involves facial scanning. we having more on how that technology works. >> most of the waiting game is about getting bags on a plane. >> when you look at any bag drop line you have a lot of people who don't need a lot of help they just need drop a beg bag. >> delta is testing a new system that kpa indicts the process using facial recognition technology. >> i'm going to add a tag. >> you start at a key obviously where you print your own baggage tag, then you move on to the buy metric do it yourself drop. >> i'm going to scan my boarding pass. >> the machine can scan a passport or driver's license but a passport requires no human assistance. >> so now it's going to ask for me to look into the camera.
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>> the optical scan of rick's face will be instantly checked against the digital image pulled from his passport. >> it said, yes, that's who i am, weigh the bag and take the bag. >> of course we don't always look like we did when we got a passport or license. >> there's a buy know metric algoe rim inch that takes the dance between your eyes and ears and the points on your face and does the match. >> delta customers seem to warm up to the system. >> it's quick and easy and fast and it's great. >> as people move to the buy mettic bag drop it will free hundred delta employees to move towards other zblishz we want to move to technology and innovation that allow our employees to get out from behind the counter, not processing transactions but adding to the customer experience. >> as for privacy, the facial scan is for that point in time, they're not stored. >> all right. we'll see how that affects your
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goings on at the airport. in the meantime, americans are spending more money, they're on track to spend more than $100 billion on vacations this year. the vacation confidence index says this is the first time it's topped 100 billion in its eight-year history. they say that permanent spending more money because they're more positive about the economy and that lower gas pricings also don't hurt. coming up enjoy your morning it's a nice start to our thursday. >> we are seeing cloudy side right now in san jose and the temperature trend for willow glen starts out in the low 60s into the mid-80s today. that's going above our average high of 82 degrees. i'll have a look of what you can expect as we have a hot weekend ahead up next. and we can definitely see plenty of taillights and headlights along the san mateo bridge. we're seeing traffic build near that area and it looks like we may be dealing with a crash in san francisco. i'll have the details in just a
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bit. and a drone flying overhead in southern california catches the ultimate temper tantrum.
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who are all these caretakers, advocates too? turns out, it's californians it's me and it's you. don't stop now, it's easy to add to the routine. join energy upgrade california and do your thing. 4:44 right no, i on your thursday morning and, yeah, just a complete covering of the
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golden gate brinl again as you do see some people actually up and crossing it this morning. fogging in san francisco and along the coast as we are monitoring your conditions here to start off your thursday. >> this is funny video really to show thank you morning. a baby whale temper tantrum. whale watchers saying the calf is trying to nurse but the mother whale didn't give it enough so the calf gets mud, fluffing its tail right on to mom. the whole thing was captured by a drone operator an a whale watching boat down at dana down in southern california. >> it never zblends it's not that bad. >> it may be a good die get to the beach it f not certainly as it gets wrmer throughout the week. >> you'll want to find somewhere cooler because the inland areas are going to be hot this weekend. we've been here before so here we go again. here's a live look outside in san francisco. you can see the low clouds and mag pr this vantage point.
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we just showed you the golden gate bridge. here's another view as you head out the door this morning and in oakland you can see we do have some low visibility and it's 57 degrees right now. and the seven-day forecast is up at the bottom of the screen. you'll be able to see how hot it's going to be as we head into the weekend. at least it's nice and refreshing right now. looking at those current temperatures we have some upper 50s, even a few low 60s and then heading up to 90 degrees today in east san jose while morgan hill, gilroy will be in the upper 90s, and 85 today in cooper tine know r 95 in walnut creek while okay land 75 degrees and 96 degrees in livermore. we keep it cool at half moon bay at 62 degrees while it will be 83 degrees today in belmont. 66 on the embark dare row and the mission district and 92 in nevada today. so the air conditioners on and as you're getting ready for the day make sure you grab a bottle of water and something to give you some shade as that sun will be shining all day long for the
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interior parts of the bay area. also a good day for some sandals to stay nice and cool. as we head into the weekend we're going to have some more sunshine so you'll want to take in today even as temperatures will be starting to warm up very quickly throughout late morning and early afternoon. here's a look at the temperature trend for sonoma, napa heading to some vineyards it will be in the mid-80s by 2:00 and then hitting 91 degrees later on today. if you'll be hitting the links at a cool spot like half moon bay it will be in the low 60s to start and we reach into the 60s still those clouds mixing in. we'll continue to see the clouds in san francisco every single day even as we know there's going to be some huge changes inland. all it takes is a short drive and you'll be able to see a -- feel a temperature drop of about 30 degrees. we're going to be up in the mid-90s inland and that continues into the start of next week. anything happening out there on
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the roads? yes. we are seeing way more cars out on the road and for some reason we're seeing a definitely increased amount of volume of traffic but right now chp is reporting snag could be cause a backup if it doesn't get cleared out. it appears there may be a long blocked and possibly a crash viechg big rig and vehicle. so we're grog to look into this but right now there's no slowing in that area but that just came in. south bay drive times really quick, northbound 101 about 13 minutes, northbound 87 towards highway 101 about 10 minutes and northbound 17 towards 101 about ten minutes as well. let's take a lye look right now at our san jose camera. look at all these people on the road, they're ready to go to work or wherever they're headed. back to you. >> thank you very much. new this morning, millionaire robert durst long time friend has been ordered to testify in his murder trial. a judge ruled yesterday two
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friends will testify later this month about his state of mind. he is accused of killing his friend in los angeles in 2000. prosecutors say the victim might have known information about the disappearance of his first wife in 90 teen 82. he has never been charged in that case. >> 11 people are recovering this morning after a crash on the golden gate bridge. it happened yesterday afternoon, that crash involving three vehicles including that which is is a casino tour bus. . >> it was on the south side of the bridge heading into san francisco just before 1:00 p.m. investigators say that 3wus was coming back from a casino when it rear ended two cars. none of the injuries were considered to be serious. california's highways will hopefully get a lot smoother. $19 billion in revenue from the state's gas tax will be used to fichlt state's highways over the next ten years. 500 bridges will be replaced or repaired and 17,000 miles of pavement will also undergo
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maintenance. that's about one-third of california roads. >> you can expect smoother pavement in areas, you can expect your bridges to be in very good condition over the next ten years we're going to be working very hard on our infrastructure to get it back up to speed. >> all of it is coming from the gas and vehicle tax governor brown signed back in april. muni bus fleet is growing the problem is there isn't enough parking space to hold it. they're reporting that muni is running out of space for its buses. transit sags twonts build new vehicle yards where they can repair vehicles. they project that by 2025 it will need 55 spots, additional spots for its fleet. the price for more parking is an estimated $1.6 billion. happening today, possible fair hike for caltran will be discussed at a board of directors meeting. meeting will be this morning in san carlos. former districtors have several other discussions to get feedback on the plan.
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it would include basic fares and parking. they're expected to make it official in a decision next month. >> earthquake researchers plan on studying fault lines at the bottom of the oesh shand and there's a team that's going to be dropping size mom metters along the northern part of the san diego trough sometime this month. they want to get a better understanding of the offshore fault systems. l.a. or paris one of those cities will host the summer olympics in 2024. >> we're waiting to find out which one. international olympic community tie report praises theed by committed by both cities. they say that l.a. and kpars almost support the entire games right now with its existing buildings and stadiums. paris appears to van edge right now for 2024 but whichever city loses out in 2024 will likely be named the host city for 2028. that decision will be announced
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in september. forget about springing forward or falling back, the possible changes coming to daylight savings time here in california. first happening right now, three michigan state football players have been dismissed from the university. this has the trio is facing sexual assault charges from an incident on campus back in january. and a strong shallow earth gak u quake, speaking of earthquakes, strikes the pill feenz. dozens of people were injured with a 6.5 magnitude quake. we'll be following that all morning long. we're back with news on this thursday in just two minutes. the third time )s the charm for
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spacex. the satellite delivery company finally had lift off st 4:54.
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the third time's a charm for space kpkt, the satellite delivery company finally had lift off last night. a seven-ton communication satellite was sent up into space after two previous tries. sunday and monday's launches were scrapped just seconds before lift off. sat late deployed to its target orbit about 30 mirnz after the launch. vice president mike pence is going to be paying a visit to cape ka nav ral. 2 could provide new insight into how nasa's goals are kmang. is he then going to deliver an address to nasa employees. this administration has already cancelled the trip to an astroid and its budget proposes eliminating some of nasa's climate change work. also happening today, several activists groups are planning a sitin protest a series event of republican senators across 21 different states. they're demanding that they vote know to the republican healthcare reform bill.
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many conservatives say they will not vote for the plan because it's too much like the affordable care act passed by the obama administration. others say it doesn't go far enough. happening today, the university of calf california will release its fall 2017 admission data. it shows you where students are coming from, demographics and a breakdown of how many students in the school each school admitted. a bill to end daylight savings time actually looks like it could end up extending it. assemblyman introduced that bill. they would have to readopt saving time or push for year-round standard time. they got rid of the standard-time option but leave the door oop for daylight savings time. we've got a look at our forecast for today, things are going to be heating up. >> especially later on this
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afternoon as we take a look at the day planner for san jose, making it into the mid-80s today and you can see how those temperatures are nice and cool to start. more of your forecast coming up. and as you already know, it's another foggy start. look at the golden gate early morning commute. we're seeing a couple of cars out there but definitely limited visibility in that area. a deadly hit-and-run crash in the east bay takes the lives of these two boys leaving a family in disspregs stress. i'll tell you what's next for the suspect who was just arrested for another crime just days before that accident. happy thursday morning..
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a live look outside at san francisco.. ad lib.. welcome to thursday, live look outside right now from san francisco. city skyline there, sales force tower, just changing the entire scope of our skyline. pretty cool, though. we are coming you on this thursday and we are heating up. it's active. got people running all over the place. good morning. >> at 5:00 in the morning. who knew. >> sounds like our newsroom. >> that's right, always the kbais case. preelly you should get active early today if you want to get out and about and exercise because things are going to heat up. >> especially along the coastline. if you're along the coast you've got that natural air-conditioning all day long and then the inland areas it will be a little bit warmer. it will be 59 degrees and mid-70s this afternoon. let's head over for a update on
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the roadways. >> still fairly quiet but we're starting to see say few trouble spots and right now 1 along northbound 101 and 280 but take a live look at the bay bridge we can definitely see it looks like the possibly the metering lights might be on at this early hour but i haven't got confirmation of that i just see a little bit of slowing along the bay bridge. so that's your commute. back to you. there it. >> there it is. thank you. we get to breaking news right now this morning. fire crews are on scene of a house fire that caught fire in fremont. this is a look at some video from overnight and we are just getting into -- sorry, this is a live picture, actually, of what's going on right now. you see a very active fire presence there at the intersection of roberts and washington. that fire started about 4:00 this morning. it was brought under control within a half an hour of crews arriving on scene. no word on how the fire started but we do


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