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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  July 12, 2017 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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>> i know we're looking at speeds that are pretty pleasant around the area. someone called into to chp and said there is a brush fire there. we're also firing that in the news room, well let you know if it affects anyone else. a report of a crash there that can be slower tracking. >> right nowfire fighters are patrolling a neighborhood in the east foothills to make sure the fire doesn't flare up again. >> bob redell is on the scene,
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how many homes did it destroy. >> reporter: sadly at least one, the one behind me. it was on a hillside above the san jose country club. and there was a second home near by that did suffer serious fire damage after a fire sparked below this neighborhood around 4:30 yaesterday afternoon. there is a fire line. they are calling in to assist with helicopters and flames. they brought them for more than two hours yesterday afternoon. people from 11 homes had to be evacuated including this woman who spoke with her neighbor whose home burned down. >> she lost everything, they just told her to get out now.
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>> i'm feeling fortunate that our neighbors were able to get out. >> the fire department still does not know what caused the fire to start. it is sed yuled for a couple hours from now. >> thanks for the latest there, bob. >> we have breaking news to get to this morning as firefighters are on the scene of a destructive fire. a row of burned vehicles. and here is the very latest information that we have, our crew just got from the chief on scene. it came from about 2:15 this morning, tore through three vehicles. it took about 15 minutes to go through the blaed.
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time now for washington where a batch of new e-mails is giving insight between president trump's sun and a russian lawyer. the president is already tweeting this morning saying remember when you hear the words sources say from the fake media, often times those sources are made up and do not kpits. earlier he said my son donald did a good job last night. he was open, transparent, and innocent. this is the greatest witch hunt in police history, sad. that is in regard to his son's interview with fox news last night. >> the new e-mails, and this is not just sources say, the e-mails were sent out by donald trump junior. >> reporter: right, he is the source of the e-mails.
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but the new york times that broke the story said they have the e-mails, too, and they told donald trump junior that he wth were going to publish them just before he posted them. >> he received an e-mail promising "very high level and sensitive information, part of russia and it's government's support for mr. trump. his reply "if it's what you say, i love it." >> analysts predict the fbi may want to know more. >> if he told the truth, he was just implicating himself in campaign fraud. >> the russian government -- that means you.
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>> no. >> democrats are asking why didn't trump alert authorities about a foreign government promising dirt on hillary clinton. >> this was unethical. it violates the oath of citizenship. >> it's an odd way to suggest the russian government wants to help. >> it is a serious situation that is a long way from over. >> the white house denies that ft. tru president trump knew anything about the meeting. >> the confirmation meeting begins for christopher ray. the president announced ray's nomination last month after abruptly firing fbi correct eor
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james comey. >> we' we're learning about an interesting incident at sfo yesterday. a plane's propeller made contact with the run way. none of the four crew members were injured. we're told an investigation is still under way. this morning we're getting information about an air canada yet that almost landed on other jets. it just missed crashing by as little at 37 feet. this animation shows how close it came before pulling up to make another pass. crews of the planes on the ground watches in horror as the jet approached them.
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>> they knew more than anything else that he was not in the correct run way. they went around and avoided a real catastrophe. >> they say there was two air traffic controllers on duty at the time, but one was on break. one person being on duty at that time of night is not unusual. visitor website at nbc bay >> we are starting to learn more about the u.s. military members that were killed in a tragic crash on monday. they say they were part of an elite marine unit. the others were baited in new
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york. for first responders, that crash hit especially close to home. >> as for the cause of the crash, that is still a mystery. the air tanker was on a training mission. an east oakland elementary school is asking for help after they had vandalization and computers broken. police are investigating. they want to buy security cameras and new computers. and a kayakers way too close encounter with what he believes was a great white shark.
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he has the pibite marks to prov it on his kayak. that kayaker says a 12 foot great white shark knocked him into the water when it turned the boat over. for the next ten minutes he feared it could strike again. >> i was frightened, trying to climb on top of my boat which i was not able to do. they rescued lawson. he planned to return to the water today with his other kayak. >> we'll have great weather for going to santa cruz. it will be very chilly to start. lower 60s by lunchtime and we'll see the temperatures up to 70
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degrees today. looking at the day planner for san jose, 8:00, temperatures at 62 and at noon it will be barely comfortable. hitting the mid 80s today with the light wind. you may be late if you take the bart. >> yeah, they're now in recovery mode. it was unscheduled maintenance. but it was between the west oak lapd and oakland. so it could result in other effects. but they fixed whatever problem there was. it is between the two
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destinations. coming up, taking to the skies. just in time fwhar is left for our summer travel season. amazon prime day is officially over. so were how did it go? how is your bank account looking. what people thought and how much money they spent after the break.
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all right, we're making it halfway through the weekend. a purplish hue to the sky. we take a live look at san jose. the temperature trend for willowglen increasing, a hot day for those kids out at summer camp. i'll have another look at the hot forecast and temperatures ahead at 5:19. >> again, we talked about possible delays for bart, but anything going on, watch for it to effect the entire system. we'll check in in a couple minutes. >> thank you very much, msnbc joe scarborough says he is leaving the republican party. he says he will now be an
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independent. he is upset with how many in that party have reacted under the situation. >> a new aero mexico flight will be making flights from smoes. the first flight arrived at 9:00 in the morning, it is set to depart at 10:00 in the morning just after have a ceremony. >> also happening today, a mobile home park that was saved from demolition this year. the city's plans planning commission reached a deal with park owners to keep it open.
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>> new this morning, middle income earners can now qualify for afford housing. the new law also increases the number of affordable units required in construction. they have the highest affordable housing requirements in the nation now. >> amazon says this years prime day could be the biggest shopping event in it's history. are we surprised? >> no. >> we go now to landon dowdy, good morning, did you play a part in that? >> guilty as charged, but reports say that most reports say it came from sam and laura in san jose. starting the day higher after a
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wild ride yesterday. stocks fell after donald trump junior released e-mails about meeting with a russian lawyer. investors will be watching sales today. they are expected to say the fed will likely raid interest rates again this year. closing up just half a point. . meanwhile, amazon says this year's prime day will like i will be the biggest shopping event in it's history. they say customers bought three times more echo speakers than last year. they estimate the prime day could generate up to $1 billion in sales. and gymboree plans to shut down about 350 stores as part of
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their restructuring. most of them are gymboree and crazy eight locations. >> thanks, landon. have you seen this on a florida beach? a really amazing rescue. strangers forming a human chain to rescue ten people caught in a rip current. this is video shot saturday. a motion notes her two sons way out in the water, screaming for help. 80 strangers formed a human chain stretching 100 yards into the ocean. the mother says she is so thankful. >> i was so grateful they were there to help me. >> the boy's grandmother
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suffered a heartattack during all of that chaos, she is still in the hospital. >> but you know, it's great to see people just do it. >> yeah, it is. you always warn us about rip tides. >> and it will be a problem for today, also getting that note out from the national weather service that they are a risk for the south facing beaches, so if you're going into those areas to find somewhere to cool off, watch out for that. we get a live look at three of our micro climates reegt now. we're and at 58 in the east bay looking at fremont. we're going up to 65 today, and the seven day forecast is
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looking at how the temperatures will be trending upward in the next several days. this will be a break. we'll see a high of 84 degrees. some of these temperatures are just slightly above normal, but the coolest weather that we will have in the next several days. looking live at freeh monlt again with a light breeze and our temperature friend. as you go out we'll be in the low 60s. and you can still leave the air-conditioning off. you may have to turn it on for just a little while. here is a live look outside from the sunrise over lake tahoe and in the next few days our high temperatures will reach into the low 80s with sunshine, we're also keeping an eye on that wild fire on the other side of the lake. in san francisco, our highs stay
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in the mid 60s, we'll be in the mid 70s for the weekend. we'll see that marine layer rolling back. and hitting the triple digits up to 101 degrees on saturday. still hot for next week. mike, you have a concern about a crash now in the valley. >> yes, the traffic flow even though it is light, there is no major issues but the problem is over here we have an issue of a motorcycle involved crash. it will be dark in that area as well. it sounds like there are no major injuries, but we will track that. we have a delay, recovery mode for part. i think everything should be getting back on track, but hopefully it is ten minutes eninstead of 20 minutes. now you can join us as well,
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make sure you remember our team. if you're making a choice over to mountain view. they are all about the same, all clear depending on which road you want to take, it will be different in the course of the morning. back to you. >> we'll stick with you, thank you, mike. >> disturbing new video sending shock waives across social media this morning. >> you took my rights away from me as an american. >> the body camera footage of actor shia lebeoff is just being released.
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the weekend. police have released the body cam footage. here )s part of it:: new this morning, video from georgia over the weekend. >> i'm sitting in the back of your car and you have not given me a reason, or a right that you have infringed upon to tell me why i'm in the back of your car. >> what am i cuffed for. >> i explained it about five times. >> lebeouf became up set after they would not give him a
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cigarette. the house energy sub committee will be hearing from officials at the state level to see how they're responding to the problem. according to the cbc 91 americans die every day from an opioid overdose. a live look now from our nation's capital. the debate for the health care bill is reaching a tipping point. mitch mcconnell says it will be unfailed tomorrow and veiled to. republicans can only afford to close two votes if they want to pass that bill. >> 5:26 right now, a chaotic scene in san francisco overnight. skateborders clashing with police. the confrontation that lead to an officer being hurt and two police cruisers being vandalized. a wild fire here in the south bay, destroyed one home
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and damages another. the problem made by firefighters.
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coming up on 5:30 right now on your wednesday morning. we start with a live look from fremont this morning and those roads are starting to get packed once again. there might even be a little breeze outside. i'm sam brock. >> take the breezes when you can get them. it could be stagnant.
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we will have hotter temperatures and that nice cool breeze will be hard to find. we'll see the high temperatures as we reach the mid 70s, but we're enjoying the mid 60s by the afternoon. check out that weekend forecast. i'll talk more about the weekend coming up in about 7:00. >> the biggest change right sheer a back up at the bay bridge. the metering lights have been on for about 8:00. look ag at your map, a smooth drive for the roadways, a back up on the other pay bridge.
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earlier unscheduled maintenance, so we give you that warning, plan ahead. >> 5:31, developing in san jose right now, popping up from a brush fire that destroyed one home and damaged another. >> this is the second fire in two days in san jose. it was terrifying to watch this unfold yesterday. what firefighters are looking at. >> a neighborhood above that location. the flames are sue pressed right now, but this is the one home that was destroyed, another home near by that was severely d
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damaged yesterday about 4:30 in the afternoon. the fire burned at 100 acres. san jose fire had to call in cal fire to assist, and cal fire sent three helicopters, six airplanes. freedom people from 11 homes were evacuated including this woman who spoke with neighbors after her home burned down. >> she said i lost everything. they just said get out right now. >> i feel fortunate that our neighbors were able to get out. >> the people who were evacuated have been allowed back home. one firefighter suffered a minor injury, no civil vans were hurt. they still don't know what caused this fire to start, we can learn a little more at 11:00
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a.m. >> thank you, keeping us up to date. >> breaking news that we're covering this morning, a series of bombings has killed 19 people in all. four attacks in northeast niger nigeria. police say 12 of the victims are members of a civilian self defense force. >> back at home now and still developing this morning, checking into what might have caused this massive blaze that started yesterday evening at the alco iron and metal company. firefighters remaining on scene overnight still trying to douse whatever flames are left, it caused thick black smoke to be scene for miles. this video was posted on twitter
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by our own sheryl burke tcherylo drive through that. >> you go inside, but you're still breathing the air from the outside, right? so we went in and closed it up, it was no better. >> we asked the air quality management district about the impact it has had on the air that we breathe, and they say it will take a week. we're digging for answers for what led up to this wild and chaotic scene last night. casebordea skateborders and police crashing. >> i policed a call to see if
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anyone will face charges in this event that occurred. but i will show you the video from yesterday, you see they are riding down very trafast. a large group of skatebordarska were having what they called a rally. the crowds would not allow a person who was in need of help. then you had two patrol cars value dannized. one officer was sent to a hospital for injuries. they say police overreacted, but police described the scene as a very hostile environment. the first fall initiated the calvary, and there was about 70 cops here.
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>> we have taken bottles and skateboards from the crowd. >> an officer is trying to block a skateboard from riding into a car, but in the process he sent him flying into the car. there is no update as of this morning for how the injured officer is doing. if we get more information, we'll jup date you on twitter and facebook. >> we will check back with you as well, pete. >> later today, the fran police commission will get a report from sfpk on how they're doing handling evidence from sexual assault cases. they are required to share their results with survivors. >> it is 5:36 in the morning,
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and more than a million people will end up with a highest water bay. a unanimous vote to raise rated nearly 20%. to make up for all of the money they lost while people were conserving water, which was mandated by the state. rates will go up 9% today and 9% next year. >> happening today, palo alto city leaders looking at a policy that many say is unfair. they say tough luck if customers are charged higher because of leaks. hundreds of residents say sometimes leaks take too long to fix. you can have your say tonight at 7:30 at city hall. >> in san may dteo, they're
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discussing a massive sewage treatment improvement. later today the public works commission will hold a study session looking into what they call mitigation measures. then they will be briefed on the plan and they will approve one of the two sites. >> it was too late for me to add to the map, there is a mattress down here, it builds traffic happening there. i will put that on the map for you in the next report. also, we follow this motorcycle crash just north of 580. that motorcycle rider, no major injuries, but it will be a distraction, be careful as you go between 580 and brentwood.
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i want to show you the travel times. no major concerns. and a quick look at san rafael. the southbound 101 has cleared. >> looks good there. what are we looking forward to? >> the weekend. >> last week was a short week for a lot of people, and this week probably seems like the longest week ever. it will be hot. go ahead and start making plans to go to the beach, the pool, find some air-conditioning. you can get the fresh breeze and the cooler temperatures. >> here is a look at saturday's forecast, the coast will be 74. even if you can't go swimming, just relax with the cooler air. 86 for the bay, and look at
5:40 am
these inland temperatures, 101 degrees. well, for sunday we're going to see more of the same, no major changes here. if you're looking for something nice to do, how about summerfest. we'll start out at 10:00 with temperatures near 60 degrees. and if you plan on hitting the road and finding somewhere else nice and cool, go to monterey where we'll be at 66 on friday, low 70s for the weekend. and coming up in 3:00, i'll have a look at the temperatures for smoes coming up. >> also coming up, fires continuing to spread throughout the state of california this morning. the shocking new time lapse that shows just how fast the fires are popping up. >> and a closer look at police
5:41 am
shootings. a move that lawmakers just made that could lead to some answers.
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>> good wednesday morning, it is 5:43. we're waking up to some sunshine. live right now in san jose as you're getting up and getting ready to get the kids ready, low 60s to start out. temperatures into the low 80s. not as hot as it has been, but
5:44 am
make sure you bring a bottle of water and stay hydrated throughout the day. more on that coming up at 5:49. >> zoom in on the flashing lights right there. the east shore freeway at the berkeley curve. the split between the lanes, we'll talk about the impact on the freeway. >> thank you, mike. a fight across california continuing, flames going up and down the golden state. we showed you the active fire that cal fire is battling right now. right now this is one of the most destructive fires burning this morning. the footage showing what is called a firenado. a time lapse of the video. it started just 26 hours before it was stakeen.
5:45 am
that is stable, 58% contained, it has destroyed 41 homes. ! flakes are growing near lake tahoe in the farad fire. it is also an air quality warning. that fire is 20% contained. >> further to the south, the alamo fire continues to burn near santa maria. it is 60% contained. >> quarter to six right now. trump is trying to get his sanctuary city lawsuit thrown out this morning. you may recall a u.s. district jump ruled in april that the federal government can be held from sanctuary governments. offering safe harbor to
5:46 am
undocumented immigrants. >> critics right now slamming what they call a watered down version of putting a microscope on police shootings. right now that role is for the department of justice. they asked for a two-year sudy on police shootings. >> we're demonstrating that we're doing everything possible to provide people with the safety they expect. the transparns any in how we do business, and the trust that we need to have. >> a committee ended up approaching that amended measure. they believe inindependedepende
5:47 am
investigations. >> it keeps middle and high schools from removing the question from the california healthy kids survey. they voted 5-2 to send the bill to the rules committee. supporters say gathering the data is an important first temperature to ensure equality. opponents have privacy concerns. it is summer vacation, but soon enough school will be back in session. >> we want to invite you to help out students get the supplies they need. many kids don't have the supplies they need. it be l go to good use for those kids. now, i have noticed, a rot lot sales on school supplies are
5:48 am
already starting. >> i have to buy three of everything, so my cart is literally like this. >> you had little writing pads for your kids. >> that's right, we were. spending time in the air-conditioning doing that, but it is hard to believe that we're thinking about school already. it is still going to be a warm day and feeling like summer out there. low clouds and fog looking now at san francisco. you will see that throughout most of the morning. you will be able to check out the seven-day forecast for oakland right now. >> looking busy as we look at the roadways. we'll check in with mike in a minute. fog there, we have seen the mostly clear conditions and the high temperatures today in the
5:49 am
south bay going up to 89 degrees in the east bay. we are also going to have those highs today in the east bay reaching into the low 90s. 74 in oakland, san may dteo, ann the north bay, seeing the highs in the mill valley up to 77 degrees. not a bad day if you're looking out of the window. we want to remind you that get your sunglasses because of the sunshine and something to help keep you nice and cool. if you're going hiking in the north bay, no sandals there, would want sneakers. clearing skies by 10:00. we'll make it into the low 80s.
5:50 am
and as we go through the seven-day forecast in san francisco, we'll feel our temperatures going from the mid 60s to the mid 70s by the weekend. more comfortable weather there, and then for the inland valleys, up to 101 degrees this weekend. the hot and dry weather on the way. we had the flashing lights. right there, circling with my finger, they moved it out of the lane. so they are moving towards the bay bridge. a mooth dry now, the approach coming off of university. you'll see right at that focus point, approaching right off of university, a little bit of slowing right there. smooth traffic for the rest of the bay. some of the slower spots here
5:51 am
building for pleasanton. there was possibly a traffic break. they moved that to the shoulder. you should stick around because that is championship k-- typica for the morning commute. it said nbc bay area weighers right there. there you go, back to you. >> thank you, coming up, after the ghostship warehouse fire, the changes coming after the deadly blaze that killed 26 people. a drug emergency in nevada, the state is running out of marijuana. recreational pot became legal, and dispensaries worry they will run out of pot soon.
5:52 am
fishermen right now are pushing to sell fish right out of their boat. it will be the first time in nearly two decades. we'll have more coming up near 2:00. taking a live look outside from
5:53 am
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our fremont camera welcome back, it is 5:54 right now on your wednesday
5:55 am
morning, we're taking a live look outside from your fremont camera. the sun is up, there could be fog along the coast. kari hall will tell us when we could be in for more triple digit heat coming up in 5:00. >> new this morning, fears there could be another ghostship warehouse fire leading to a change in other cities. 30 artists have been ordered to leave by monday because they say the building is not up to code. it was converted from a factory to an art collective. but altercations were made without a permit and there are no marked exits. some teal they're being targed because of the oakland warehouse fire that killed 36 people back
5:56 am
in november. >> it seemed to me like they were a tinderbox. we are more structurally sound. >> we don't have parties or events. there is never a large amount of people in here, only the people that work in here. >> the owner has to get proper permits so fix the issues to have more inspections done. >> police looking for witnesses for a hit and run. the cyclist is expected to be okay. the cyclist was following the law when he was hit. the car involved is described as a white 4-door sedan, a possible toyota corolla or similar. pushing for net neutrality.
5:57 am
what the internet would like like without net neutrality rules. they could slow down some witnesses and speed up others. they may show request for payment to get faster service and say it will take awhile to load. they hope it will encourage people to send comments to the fcc. >> parents wondering where will i get the best bang for my buck when it comes to schools. in the bay area, uc berkeley was number fur on the best schools for your money. stanford was fifth, uc irvine was sixth, and princeton topped the list. you can now easily track the money spent on election
5:58 am
campaigns. they created a new section on the contra costa website say lowing you to search through all of the candidates documents. >> the san francisco 49ers are the sports humanitarian team of the year. espn presented that award this week for their work with the community showing how they can create a significant impact. they were giving a $100,000 impact -- grand to be used for future work. >> a family that won one of the biggest powerball jackpots in history are giving it back to their community. they decided to start a foundation to give millions of dollars away. their mom was a pastor that always taught her kids to value
5:59 am
hard work. they spent a little on themselves. a new car and house. >> my mother is having our childhood home renovated and going to let someone live there for free. >> they will affect the lives of thousands. they donated $16 million so far. >> 6:00 right now, breaking news in the east bay. extensive damage left behind after a fire ripped through damaging cars and businesses. and trump responding this morning. >> and a popular northern california beach closed after a shark attack. the encounter with the great white shark when we continue right now. very good morning to you.
6:00 am
thank you for joining us. >> really pleasant here to start today. this is, so far. >> it will be hot as go into the weekend, we will take in the cooler weather that we will have today and especially for the valleys. here is a look at the high temperatures today and some of the live cameras shows you the conditions where you live. and 65 in san francisco, the east bay 74, and 84 in the north bay. you can see a spread in temperatures, we'll talk about what is ahead for the weekend in a few minutes. >> good news, as we talked about a few minutes ago, had not seen a update from the earlier delay. no delays reported for bart. a smoothve


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