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tv   NBC Nightly News With Lester Holt  NBC  July 24, 2017 5:30pm-6:01pm PDT

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similar temperatures tomorrow but 90s making a comeback. >> still summer. >> nightly -- tonight, i ask not collude, for the first time, jared kushner speaks out on russia. what he told investigators. his answers raising even more questions. also new drama as president trump goes after his own attorney general. a new health care cliff-hanger. the senate set to vote for a key vote tomorrow. but what will they be voting to advance? and could john mccain make his return? human trafficking horror. ten dead and chilling new details about dozens smuggled into the back of a sweltering big rig. what the driver told authorities about the gruesome discovery. instagram live tragedy. one sister is dead, the other facing charges. a crash raising new concerns about distracted driving and alcohol. and inspiring
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america, at a bar where something special is on tap. nightly news begins right now. from nbc news world headquarters in new york, this is nbc nightly news with lester holt. good evening to our viewers this the west. good to have you with us tonight. the often seen but rarely publicly heard son-in-law to president trump, jared kushner stepped up to the cameras and microphones today to deny any funny business between himself and the russians. kushner, a senior adviser to the president faced pointed questions from senate staffers today during a closed-door session, despite a constant drip, drip drip. he stated flatly that there was no collusion, but that has not stopped the questions. nbc's kristen welker starts us off with
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details. >> reporter: usually under the radar, jared kushner now under a harsh spotlight. >> i have been fully transparent in providing all requested information. >> reporter: tried to put to rest any question about possible crucial with russian officials during the election. >> let me be very clear. i did not collude with russia, nor do i know of anyone else in the campaign who did so. i had no improper contacts. i have not relied on russian funds for my businesses. >> reporter: the brief scripted statement, an attempt to stay on message after a nearly two-hour closed door session on capitol hill with senate intelligence committee investigators. >> did you answer all the questions, sir? >> reporter: kushner denied trying to set up a secret back channel with the kremlin and detailed four meetings with russian, including that one with donald trump jr. and a kremlin-linked lawyer with promises of dirt against hillary clinton. he said he didn't know the focus of the
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meeting, despite receiving an e-mail with the subject line, clinton, russia, confidential. he said it was discussion about adoptions and a waste of our time. he texted his assistant, can you please call me on my cell. need an excuse to get out of meeting. his meeting with sergei kislyak. kushner says the encounter was so brief he had to ask what is the name of the russian ambassador, but those answers raising even nor question -- more questions. >> he surely will be prepared to testify publicly, and i think congress will want him to do that. >> reporter: he said his father-in-law won fair and square. >> donald trump had a better message and ran a smarter campaign, and that is why he won. suggesting otherwise ridicules those who voted for him. >> reporter: president trump offering up a distraction to all of
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it, tweeting, so why aren't the committees and investigators and of corps ourse our beleaguered a.g. looking into hillary clinton's crimes. he rolled his eye when is asked whether sessions should resign today. as for kushner, he'll be back in front of the house committee under oath. it comes after he said he had no knowledge that anyone on his campaign met with any russians. >> kristen welker, thank you. let's turn to the health care cliff-hanger. the senate is headed for a key vote tomorrow, but what will they be voting to advance? at this hour, it's a mystery, even to most senators as president trump issues a new warning, and there was added drama late today as a top republican is raising the of possibility that john mccain could return for the vote. howie jackson has the details.
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>> reporter: president trump using the power of his presidential bully pulpit against the backdrop of the blue room and the faces of what the white house calls the victims of obamacare. >> it was a big, fat, ugly lie. >> reporter: with doom and gloom declarations, the president railed against the law of the land, not surprisingly swiping at democrats. >> they run out. they say death, death, death. well obamacare is death. >> reporter: but he saved a punch for his own party, too. >> so far senate republicans have not done their job in ending the obamacare nightmare. >> this is too little too late. and what you're seeing now is a lot of kabuki dance in which the president is saying the buck does not stop with me on health care. >> reporter: the president's message meant for capitol hill where senate leaders say they will vote tomorrow to start debate on a bill. it's just not clear what that bill will look like. option one, repeal paum care n obamacare now and replace it later. and it may not have enough support to pass. option two could have
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even less, repeal and replace at the same time. then option three, repeals, replaces and adds sweeteners for skeptical republicans. >> the only way we'll have ideas is if senators are allowed to offer and debate them. >> reporter: and that's the catch. they have to vote to start debate at all. and last time around, four republicans did not, including three women. >> some of the people who are opposed to this, they're female senators from the northeast. if it was a guy from south texas i might ask him to step outside and settle this aaron burr style. >> reporter: and the absence of john mccain doesn't help the bill's prospects. as he recovers from the surgery that led to the recent diagnosis of brain cancer, he posted a picture of him hiking with a friend back home, his feet in the water. as gop leaders hope he gets his boots back on
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the ground here. we're learning new details in the horrifying case of human trafficking in texas. charges were filed ge against the driver of a tractor-trailer that had dozens of undocumented immigrants inside. and authorities have revealed that a tenth victim has died. gabe gutierrez has the latest from san antonio. >> reporter: federal prosecutors say james bradley jr., the 60 year old trucker who drove undocumented immigrants to a stifling end. ten are dead after 39 were found trapped in this tractor-trailer. >> it's dangerous, you know, putting somebody's life at risk. these smugglers are callous. >> reporter: he was driving the truck from iowa to brownsville, texas but had stopped to get it washed and detailed. he says he was unaware of the contents until
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he stopped to use the restroom. he noticed bodies lying on the floor like meat. the gruesome scene unfolded as temperatures reached triple digits on saturday. some of the survivors started taking turns breathing from the only ventilation hole. court documents say they paid smugglers to help them cross into the u.s. one survivor from mexico owed the smugglers $5500. this dramatic police body camera video from 2015 in texas shows desperate conditions dozens of undocumented immigrants, gasping for air, rescued in time. a 13 year old boy among the survivors. >> they're willing to risk their lives for their kids and family members. >> reporter: last year, officials investigated more than 2,000 cases of human trafficking. >> it's a symptom of a broken immigration system, which congress has refused to fix. >> reporter: but
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homeland security secretary john kelly says there's been a sharp drop in border arrests since february. he argues the trump administration's illegal immigration crackdown is a deterrent. investigators say at one point, nearly 100 people were crammed inside that tractor-trailer. tonight at least 20 are still hospitalized. if convicted, the driver faces up in life in prison or even the death penalty. lester? a heartbreaking turn of events in the case of a terminally ill baby. in the uk, the parents of charlie gard have dropp dropped their legal battle to bring him to the u.s. for treatment after coming to the painful conclusion that it would not have been successful. let's get more from bill nealy in london. >> reporter: they gave him rife, but today charlie gard's parents decided he would have no chance of a normal
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one. >> we are let our son go and be with the angels. >> reporter: new scans convinced them charlie has irreparable brain damage. he was born healthy, but soon a rare genetic disease meant he couldn't see, hear or breathe on his own. no cure said doctors, but his parents pinned their hopes on nearby y -- michio hirano. >> he has saved my son's life. >> reporter: they fought british courts who wouldn't allow the treatment. their plight sparking a global debate. the pope offering support. president trump tweeting he'd be delighted to help. >> save charlie gard! >> reporter: but the emotional battle that saw charlie's caregivers receive death threats is now over. his parents conceding treatment won't work. >> our son is an
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absolute warrior, and we could not be prouder of hem. and we will miss him terribly. >> reporter: court battles, they said, wasted precious time. >> and we are so sorry that we couldn't save him. >> reporter: little charlie is still alive here tonight, but very soon, his parents will make the heartbreaking decision to end his life support. charlie's first birthday is next week. a baby boy whose spirit will live forever, say his parents, as they let him go. bill nealy, nbc news, london. let's turn back home now. millions are under flash flood wash flash flood watches all over the map. now a powerful system is pushing east, and we get the latest and all the extreme weather from nbc's joe friar. >> reporter: with turbulent floodwaters hurdling over rocks near tucson, 17 hikers were trapped. and for half the
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group, the only way out was up. a helicopter plucked them to safety while the rest were guided out on foot. it happened after monsoon storms dumped two inches of rain in less than an hour, suffocating streets in neighborhoods throughout the area. in mesa, a driver had to be rescued from a submerged car, while a boy stuck in floodwaters was carried to drier ground. 3 million are under flash flood washes. powerful wind and torrential downpours are wreaking havoc across the midwest, downed power lines in illinois left tens of thousands without electricity. >> we need the rain, we just don't need six inches at a time. >> reporter: with floodwaters still menacing, sandbags are in demand while rain is not. >> i hope we're back to normal next sunday, god willing and the river don't rise, huh? and weekend weather in new orleans. now it is moving to
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the northeast, already an ef-2 tornado rolled through maryland's eastern shore, bulldozing several homes. a string of punishing weather, stretching from coast-to-coast. joe friar, nbc news. from too much rain to too little, the vatican has turned off allity famous fountains as vatican city suffered through a severe drought. vatican radio links the decision to the pope's message on environmental and water issues. officials in roam are considering rationing water for up to eight hours a day for over a million residents. still ahead, the deadly tragedy that played out live on social media. a young woman accused of killing her sister in a drunk driving crash while streaming it on instagram. plus, it may be the weigh ay of the future, but would you do it?
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welcome back. in central california, disturbing video, streamed live and shared on social media is part of a police investigation. a teenager is dead, another in serious condition. experts say this crash points to a larger problem of distracted driving. our national correspondent, miguelal ma gmiguel almaguer has the report, and a warning, the video is difficult to watch. >> reporter: the video was streaming on spram live. a 18-year-old, suspected drunk driver posting in real team,
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with two 14 year olds in the car when she loses control. the driver, o'dulia sanchez, continued to broadcast live. >> wake up, baby! >> reporter: both passengers who were not wearing seat belts were ejected. >> this is the last thing i wanted to happen to us, but it just did. >> reporter: sanchez reaching her younger sister jaclyn, who died in the crash. >> hey, everybody, [ bleep ]. my sister is [ bleep ] dying. >> it's a tragedy all the way around. and hopefully we never have to see this again. >> reporter: sanchez now faces vehicular manslaughter and dui charges. instagram saying we are deeply saddened by this tragedy. we urge people to use our reporting tools if they see any content or behavior that puts anyone's safety at risk.
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instagram, like most social media providers, do allow users to report questionable content. here with just a few touches you can report video as spam or inploept. >> instagram is not legally responsible for the contempt of anything on its site, but they morally responsible in some ways for what users do, because they have given people the ability to stream anything live. >> reporter: for the sanchez family, any warning now comes too late. >> jaclyn! please wake up! >> reporter: a forrivic tragedy that played out live for all to see. miguel almaguer, nbc news, los angeles. there's more to tell you about tonight. coming up. after nearly20 years after her death, princess diana's sons open up like we've never heard before.
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have you ever gotten to work and you realized you left your employee key card at home? that may no longer be a problem at three
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square marketing in wisconsin, which says it's the first u.s. company to offer micro chip implants to employees. they are voluntary and allow workers to unlock doors, log into computers, buy snacks and more with the wave of a hand. and the company promises there's quote, no gps tracking at all. hard to brielieve we're coming up on the 20th anniversary of princess diane faa's death. and her sons' brief phone call, it's one of the memories they're sharing in a new documentary, and we get more on it. >> reporter: private pictures of diana with her boys. princes william and harry, wanting the world to see her the way they did. >> this is the first time that the two of us have ever spoken about her as a mother. you and i are both in
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this photograph. you're in her tummy. >> yeah. >> arguably, probably a little bit too raw, up until this point, it's still raw. >> reporter: they have never talked about their mother quite hike this. >> one of her mottos to pea was you can be as naughty as you want, just don't get caught. >> reporter: in recent years, the princes together with kathryn, duchess of cambridge, launching a mental health charity, launching them to open up. >> you could feel it. >> reporter: tonight's documentary, a declaration of their determination that diana's spirit will live on. >> i do regularly talk to george and charlotte about her. and remind them that there are two grandmothers. it's important that they know who she was. >> all i can hear is her laugh. that sort of crazy laugh of where there's just pure happiness shown on her face.
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>> reporter: her impact still felt through her sons. keir simmons, anbc news. the way you can help others by simply razi raising a glass. we'll tell you about it next. ===raj vo===
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why neighbors say "where" it happened is a bigger concern than "what" happened. ===/jess vo=== and the future of driving is almost here. the changes you )ll see on highways to make way for self driving cars. ===next close===
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the news is next. ==raj/take vo== right now at 6: finally tonight, how's a cold beer sound at the end of a hot, summer day? you can always find a frosty pint at one special bar in oregon, but it serves up much more than suds. we take you into the pub tapping into the community's goodwill in tonight's inspiring america report. >> reporter: in this neighborhood pub, they pour compassion by the pint. the oregon public house is the first not-for-profit tap room in the country, serving clientele and community, by pumping the proceeds into local charities. ironically, the idea of this family-friendly pub was concocted by a local pastor. >> it's not just beer coming out. there is this whole other mission, and i've found that the customers that come in are patrons, they get that in a heartbeat. >> reporter: patrons
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when settling their bill are asked to choose from one of six small, rotating charities. that's where the profit from their tap will be sent. >> yeah. win-win. >> it is very much a neighborhood place, and we love that. >> the best part is that can you incorporate and include your kids in that conversation about why it's so good and important to help other people. >> reporter: behind the bar is molly gray, who's also the director of non-profit partnerships. >> you can come in for happy hour or you can have your wedding here. in either case, you're a part of this movement and mission to incorporate philanthropy into our daily lives. >> good people helping good people do good things. >> and you can have a beer at the same time. >> reporter: the pub has already poured more than $140,000 into dozens of charities, from animal shelters to foster children and domestic violence survivors. >> there's a lot more than a pint of beer. >> absolutely, have a pint, change the
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world. >> reporter: here, when they say cheers, they mean it with all their heart. kevin tibbles, nbc news, portland, oregon. >> all right, something worth drinking to. we appreciate you spending part of your evening with us. i'm lester holt. for all of us attake a look at your screen: coyotes attack a cat in the south bay. the neighborhood right now 6:00. take a look at the left side of your screen, coyotes attacking a cat. the news at 6:00 starts now. good evening. i am raj mathai. >> and i am jessica aguirre. a south bay family mourning the loss of a pet cat. it happened in sunnyvale. the cameras caught the coyotes
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attacking the family cat. >> reporter: people living in the neighborhood tell me they never once saw a coyote here. with the help of neighbors, the family in sunnyvale buries her cat. >> everybody that walks by, strokes him. he is going to be really missed. >> reporter: as you can see on the home surveillance video, snowball was attacked and killed by this coyote. moments later, the coyote drags the cat's body across the street. >> just a horrible, horrible way to go. >> reporter: long time neighborhood residents say this is a first. >> i have never s


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