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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  July 25, 2017 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> and i'm sam brock. we can see a good portion of the golden gate bridge. that is always nice. >> for now. a lot of sunshine. it's going to be another warm day. this is our break from those 90-degree temperatures as we take a live look outside in san jose. we're going to head up to 83 degrees later today and our temperatures will be trending into the upper 50s by 6:00 and some upper 70s by noon. as we head over to mike you have an update for the peninsula. >> i do. the tarp or the blanket southbound at milbrae. let's say we're going to track that but it doesn't sound like it's preventing an issue. we got confirmation chp says the fast lane is blocked now by the crash and there may be injuries related to this crash north 280. now traffic is still light on the peninsula. you don't see any slowing there.
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it's pretty light all around the bay so there's a nice, easy drive. travel times, the toll plaza where the cash pairs have to pause to pay, sam. mike, thank you very much. let's go right now, no pause, finally full speed ahead in washington, d.c. we think. a busy day from capitol hill. a live look as republicans are preparing to take the next step to get rid of the affordable care act or obamacare. today the senate is expected to decide whether or not to finally start debate over health care. we learned senator john mccain will be on hand to cast his crucial vote. president trump tweeting so great that john mccain is coming back to vote. brave american hero. thank you, john. he also tweeted, obamacare is torturing the american people. the democrats have fooled the people long enough. repeal or replace -- or i should say repeal or repeal and replace. i have pen in hand. tracie potts joins us live from
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washington with what we can expect on capitol hill today. it is going to be a big day for republ republicans. good morning. >> reporter: sam, good morning. what to expect on capitol hill is a tough one to answer today because while technically we know that it's a vote about opening debate on health care, what plan? that we don't know. >> madam president -- >> reporter: today the senate the is expected to decide whether to debate health care. >> the only way we'll have an opportunity to consider ideas if we can offer and debate them. >> reporter: there are three options, repeal obamacare and replace it later, repeal and replace it now, or throw in things like cheaper, leaner insurance plans to get skeptical conservatives onboard. >> are you going to get the votes? you'd better get them. he'd better get them. otherwise i'll say, tom, you're fired. >> reporter: the boy scouts last night, president trump insisted
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his health and human services secretary, tom price, convinced congress to get rid of oba obamacare. >> it's time. after seven years of saying repeal and replace obamacare we have a chance to now do it. >> reporter: critics say he's unfairly throwing responsibility for fixing health care to congress. >> what you're seeing is a lot of dance in which the president says the buck does not stop with me on health care. >> reporter: it's tight, one or two votes could make a big difference. >> we are going to need everybody pulling out all the stops tomorrow. >> reporter: that's why it's significant that republican john mccain, recently diagnosed with brain cancer, returns to washington today. so mccain expected to vote yes on opening that debate today. susan collins of maine has made it clear she's voting no. that only leaves one more republican who can defect before this all goes down in flames and, frankly, there are several as of this morning still said to
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be undecided. back to you. >> again, this is just to start debate not on a piece of legislation. thank you very much, tracie. 5:03. the break authorities needed in the case of a deadly shooting outside an east bay ice cream store. the shooting happened last wednesday outside a baskin robbins in pittsburg. authorities say 19-year-old larry meal jr. of antioch turned himself in over the week. police believe he was the shooter and that he knew the victim. 5:04 and developing right now this 2 1/2-week-old boy is undergoing tests after he was left abandon ed in a strip mall parking lot. this horrifying story happened yet. the infant's father has been arrested. surveillance video shows him taking the baby carrier out of the car and leaving in the sunset mall parking lot. several people were working in a barbershop. there is the carriage sitting in
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the middle of the parking lot. they say they saw the whole thing unfold. >> i walked over to the parking lot area, the baby actually was found right here. the fire department up the street like a block away. i know it's not a crime to drop your kid off if you can't handle it. >> police say they arrested the father, 18-year-old daniel steven mitchell, after he was in a hit-and-run crash later the same day. police doesn't believe the mother of the child was involved with this. a four-year legal fight is about to head into a san francisco courtroom again. a judge will soon decide whether to revoke the death certificate of the teenaged girl declared brain dead after surgery. in court documents a retired neurologist says video show she was still alive and that her condition has improved over time. a medical procedure at children's hospital left jahi in a state doctors describe as an irreversible coma. after a public battle with the hospital and doctors who wanted
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to remove the teen from life support, the family moved her to new jersey where state law allowed for the family to continue medical support. happening today the south bay's largest water agency is going to discuss a new plan to store more water in case of another drought but that would come with a big price tag. >> "today in the bay's" kris sanchez. the reservoir would be the first new one really built in decades. >> reporter: yeah, would you believe, laura, this would be the first reservoir in 60 years here in santa clara county, so certainly nothing we've seen in our particular lifetimes. but i want to show you the area we're talking about. we're talking about an area down 152 south of gilroy. if you drive south and you have driven past this. the proposed reservoir would hold 100,000 acre feet of water, enough water for about 650,000 people. the cost is estimated at this
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point at $800 million. now this is the very early stage of the talks, though. tonight's meeting is one of the first steps to get the ball rolling but the water district is likely to hear a lot of questions about the price and about why the district needs a new reservoir when it spilled over water this winter. here is the head of the silicon valley taxpayer association. >> they are currently draining water out of the current reservoirs so they need more capacity but they're draining water. so it seems to be at odds with one another. >> reporter: we've been digging into the story since last week but coming up at 6:00 i'll show you where the money could come from and what it could mean for customers and rate payers. and right now on my facebook page you can find the agenda item here at the santa clara water district tonight. post a story that we did previously so you can be prepared if you want to stop in and have your say.
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in san jose, kris sanchez, "today in the bay." and this is a popular discussion happening today the meetings on the proposed expansion of another reservoir. this sits between brentwood and livermore. planners are hoping to double the size of that reservoir and provide water for hundreds of thousands of more people and farmers. today's public hearing takes place in brentwood. walnut creek leaders tonight will host another brain storming session to boost the area that's immediately north of downtown. leaders are calling it the north downtown plan. it's a long-term plan to alter the commercial district surrounding north main from civic. they will hold it at the civic park community center hoping it to receive some ideas from the public. happening today east bay regional parks directors will be meeting up to get an update on efforts to fight toxic algae while blue green algae he is a common problem we've reported on
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that particularly during the summer and usually at low water levels. very harmful to people but especially dogs. supposed to get an update on the algae. it is 5:09 and we wake up to clear skies. here is a look at where we're heading for high temperatures. we'll be in the low 70s for oakland. upper 70s for palo alto and san jose, 83 degrees. some upper 80s for a lot of those inland areas at half moon bay. 62 degrees. if you're heading out to go hiking today in the north bay, it will be most ly sunny this morning. nice and cool with our temperatures really warming up fast. already at 10:00 we're at 76 degrees. i think that are will be the best time to hike. it will be in the low 80s today and then with some gusty winds our temperatures drop back into the 70s by 6:00. coming up in about four minutes i'll have a look at the temperature trend for fremont. mike takes you back to highway 4. that's right, kari. mostly green around the bay,
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coming down the peninsula for 280 there's construction but still tracking the crash. again, that's in lanes and more updates from chp coming up. over here highway 4 a new issue. a car reported with a flat tire and someone is trying to help them get to the side with flashing lights. be careful. slowing through bay point. light traffic flow keeps things moving well but, again, coming up on those folks in the next few minutes. no problem for the travel times over here for the tri-valley, the castro valley and the peninsula as well. 101 in toward the south bay. back to you. thank you very much, mike. it is 5:10 right now. coming up work badges. the reason one company is implanting employees with microchips instead. plus, if you want to buy a home in the bay area, where would you get the most bapg for your buck? i'll tell you. mike traffic tease
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are ro it's 5:13 and it's all clear. already busy early and as we head through the day some breezy winds. temperatures are starting out nice and cool in the upper 50s. low 60s and then rising into the low 80s for this afternoon. coming up in about 5:18 i'll have a look at some hotter temperatures and your weekend forecast. check in with me before you make plans. that's coming up. and if you're planning on driving in the tri-valley, it's
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a good time to go. nice, easy drive, mild slowing for 580 and 84. we're tracking the east bay. thank you very much, kari and mike. it's 5:14 right now. instead of employee badges one company wants to give micro plant implant chips a try. they will begin to offer employees a work issued microchip implant. they're the first to do it. it would give access to the building without the hassle of keys or badges. it is about the size of a grain of rice implanted between the thumb and forefinger. it is back to the workshop for a couple thousand hover boards from overheating batteries. all of those incidents were reported last year. it affects 2,800 irover hover boards powered by ion lithium batteries. they have been report ed to
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overhoet and, yes, in some cases even explode. the boards were sold at t.j. maxx and marshall's last year. the fastest acceleration time ever. from 0 to 60 in under four seconds. 46 horsepower. fans can start building their own on ford's website for fun. it is coming to showrooms this fall. >> here is a question you probably never thought you would be asking yourself. is your vacuum cleaner spying on you. >> probably say iing, you don't use me if you have. >> the new version of roombas are apparently able to send information about your house back to a central server. the ceo of their parent company tells reuters he is willing to sell that information to other companies. now roombas can only figure out a couple things about your ho e house, basically how big your rooms are and how much furniture you have. that's hardly a state secret,
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right? companies like amazon might be interested in like the size of your living room to better tune the performance of voice activated echo or to sell you furniture. the south bay's google reported conference. one thing jumped out to me with analysts and reporters, google has doubled the number of employees in the last four years. they now have 75,000 plus employees. mostly here in the bay area and, remember, google is just going to get bigger with that mega campus we've been reporting on for downtown san jose. that's really good news if you're trying to get a job at google. even if you're not it's good news if you own a home. demand should keep house prices high. if you're looking for value the real estate website trulia says redwood city is the place to be. the company measured things like the number of starter homes and price and crime and amenities and said there are four neighborhoods in redwood city
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that offer the best bang for the buck in all the bay area and they're less than 30 minutes from san francisco and palo alto for work. so the four neighborhoods are palm park, redwood oaks, roosevelt and if none of the names sound familiar look at the prices. >> good lord. >> when trulia says they're the best value it still take a lot of money. palm park is the cheapest with houses just over a million dollars. it's the baltic avenue of that monopoly. >> what about park place because it feels more like park place. >> maybe a little bit more. >> thank you very much, mcgrew. new video to show you, you know he the saying it is like an oven out here. so hot in tacoma, washington -- how hot was it? >> how hot was it? >> that's what we're asking each other. a truck was haul recycled bakery waste and started leaking its load. it turned into dough.
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>> yeah. the pizza variety. authorities couldn't figure out what the foam like substance was until they realized the hot temperature mixed with the yeast to make the dough rise naturally. >> any punch lines here like, i don't know, nothing makes a person roadside dough? i don't know what that means. >> try that again, laura. it was so hot out there on the roads -- >> how hot was it? >> no, you don't remember match game. >> i do. ♪ >> yes, he was one of the panelists. >> a game show history buff. >> i want to be a game show host. this is like being on a panel. >> i like game of thrones. >> i think we had the same childhood. we watched a lot of tv. >> enjoy this weather while it's here. >> yeah, it's going to be really nice today and we're going to see that sunshine continue once again for the inland yaz. but the coast will see the fog
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and the clouds hanging around all day. as we start out right now looking at three of our micro climates on the right side of the screen is the tri-valley looking live in pleasanton 59 degrees. and for the east bay right now 61 and 56 in the north bay. the seven-day forecast is up at the bottom of the screen with some mid-80s today and mid-90s for much of the rest of the forecast. so we're trying to enjoy today with our cooler temperatures even though we're still slightly above average for this time of year. we've had some very warm weather this summer. it continues today in concord. we're up to 87 degrees. hayward, a high 74. for the peninsula, 73. and the mission district up to 66. napa will be at 81. know ma at 83 later today. let's break it down for oakland as we get a look at the day planner. we will start out with a few clouds drifting by but then more sunshine throughout the day. nice noon temperature. 71 degrees and then a little bit more breezy as we head into the
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evening and temperatures cooling off quickly into the 60s. we stay in the 60s all day long in the santa cruz beaches with more clouds to start out during the morning and then at noon we'll start to get some breaks in those clouds. all clear skies at 4:00 but that does not last long. let me show you why. we are seeing the marine layer getting a little thicker as we look at the coast today and this shows you where the clouds and the fog will be as we head throughout the morning with even some drizzle. it does clear back for a little while but then it starts to roll right back in by 7:00 in san francisco down to half moon bay and also all along the coastline. we will see more of that as we head through the rest of the forecast. our temperatures staying in the 60s and low 70s. inland areas are really going to be hot over the next several days. temperatures peaking on thursday and also on sunday. mike, what's going on now in the south bay? bay which doesn't start their commute until later in the
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morning, but we have an issue affecting the on ramp onto southbound 280. be careful. we don't want you couch surfing with your car as you get on to southbound 280. both directionings of the freeway as well as 880 all move smoothly throughout silicon valley. over to the peninsula northbound 280. one lane still blocked. your fast lane are reports medium bigger rig to move that big box truck that is still part of the crash. no major injuries from what we understand. a smooth, easy drive. over to waze and show you it's an easy drive over to the bay bridge toll plaza coming off the bridge. that's why i showed you the route down the east shore freeway with the best time. make sure you join our team and find the best time for you. click on your profile. the animation shows you how. nbc bay area wazers. that's the team that you want to join. back to you. >> sounds good. thanks, mike. 5:21. up next a 5 year year georgia boy is dead.
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his family is blaming a summer camp. >> i would never have agreed for him to do anything like that. >> the action that family says it may take next. hear more from the boy's mother. as we go to break our coverage continues online. you can always follow us on social media for more stories. this morning a little behind the scenes look.
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a mother and father are looking to take action against the summer camp where their 5- year-oon at 5:25 a mother and father looking to take action against a summer camp where their 5-year-old son drowned. camp organizers took the kids to slide down a water fall and to swim. he didn't know how to swim. he ended up drowning. he was taken to the hospital where he later died. the family was visibly and understandably upset during a news conference. >> they didn't tell me what they would do with my son. they robbed us of his life, of his potential. >> the mother and father accused the camp organizers of negligence. they said they're looking to file a suit to stop this from happening to any other family. >> utterly heartbreaking.
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5:25 right now and a coyote attack in sunnyvale prompting some folks to warn everybody to keep their pets inside after dark. a family says that a coyote killed their cat monday morning. this happened about five miles away from the rancho san antonio open space preserve. officials with the department of fish and wildlife said while they were there, there could have been more reported recently but not an increase in the number of attacks. people who have lived in the neighborhood for years tell us they have never had a coyote attack personally. we did some investigating overnight and sifting through our archives we found this video from 2015 showing a mountain lion and her rubs roaming in a home near the open space preserve, the same place. at the time experts told us it's normal to see mountain lions in the area but it's rare to see a mother with her cubs in a residential neighborhood. coming up a san jose family still searching for answers, the
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step one man is taking four months after his grandson was shot and killed near his school. >> reporter: draymond green getting into some foul trouble off the court. the lawsuit being fouled against him this morning. i'll break down the history of or the court troubles next. ♪
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what should i watch? show me sports. it's so fluffy! look at that fluffy unicorn! he's so fluffy i'm gonna die! your voice is awesome. the x1 voice remote. xfinity. the future of awesome. coming up on 5:30 on this tuesday morning, a live look outside right now.
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that is in walnut creek. we have some public fountains, a beautifully lit trees and a hint of sun rise to come. good morning and thank you very much for joining us. i'm sam brock. >> and i'm laura garcia-cannon. a nice city in the east bay. kari has a look at our forecast this morning throughout the bay area. >> and it's going to be a nice one, a little bit cooler in spots he is peespecially in san francisco. low clouds and fog will be rolling back in as we head in later this morning and then some clearing today. we're going to see those temperatures a little bit warmer over the next couple of days and for the inland valleys it's going to be into the mid-80s today but then the warming turns again tomorrow. in the low 90s over the next several days so i think you'll want to go for a nice long walk and enjoy the cooler temperatures. and coming up this weekend one of my favorite festivals is kicking off. i'll talk about that in about seven minutes. mike takes us now to the san mateo bridge. over here eastbound 92, that's why i wanted to take a live look. reports of a disabled vehicle
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along the span. we cannot see it from the hayward side. you do see the build westbound which is your commute direction. we'll show you the map. the speed sensors do not show any major issues as far as either direction. disabled vehicle reported somewhere across the span. chp will check that out. no delays for any of your spans right now. getting over to the bay bridge, here are your travel times. an easy build, the upper freeway, slight slowing there as well as at the toll plaza because metering lights are on. back to you. thank you, mike. 5:31. en state warriors star draymond green in the spotlight for something off the court. later this morning a lawsuit filed against the warriors star alleging assault and bullying. "today in the bay's" pete suratos joins us live taking a closer look at the case and, pete, as laura mentioned again another issue involving draymond green. he's no stranger to trouble in the off-season. >> reporter: yeah, good morning to you. another off-season, another incident involving the star
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forward draymond green of the golden state warriors. we're going to get more details on this lawsuit being filed this morning during a news conference in los angeles that's set to take place at 9:00 a.m. in the meantime i was able to gather some information on incidents draymond green dating back to last year. now this video you're looking at dates back to march of 2016 when he snap chatted a video of himself speeding in his new bmw hitting speeds of 118 miles per hour. and then fast forward to july of 2016 when he was arrested for assault on a former michigan state football player at an east lansing, michigan, bar. he did reach a plea deal in the case paying a $560 fine. in the same month not too long before he left for the olympics green sent out an inappropriate snap chat picture with followers at first claiming he was hacked and then admitting he meant to send it privately. today we'll learn about this, a man and woman suing green for
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alleged assault and battery citing claims of physical assault, bullying, and misleading statements by green that they claim have severely impacted their lives. i want to point out our sister station knbc in los angeles will be carrying this live at 9:00 a.m. and i'll continue to monitor and provide updates as we get them. we're live outside of oracle arena. pete suratos for "today in the bay." it's going to be an interesting morning once that press conference comes around. pete, thank you very much. it's 5:33 right and happening today a grieving grandfather plans to announce a reward in the murder of his 19-year-old grandson found dead in an east san jose elementary school. bob redell is live with a push for answers in this tragic case. bob, what's the grandfather saying? >> reporter: good morning. he tells us san jose police have no leads in the murder of his grandson whose body was found here a few months ago here in east san jose.
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a little bit later this morning at 10:00 a.m. he plans to announce a $5,000 reward for any information that leads to the person who shot and killed his grandson, joseph back on saturday, march 25. he feels this is the only way to keep the case in the public eye. police told us back in march they didn't have any leads or motive, just that this was the city's seventh homicide. i did reach out to police about 30 minutes ago for an update. he played for the 49ers and is a youth football team known as smiley, according to his former coach because he smiled a lot. he has been raised by his grandfather since he was an infant. a year prior to the murder the grandfather had phoned the coach to let him know he is worried about his grandson getting mixed up with the wrong crowd. here is what the coach said when we spoke to him back in march. >> no matter what trouble he's ever been in or whatever he did or what he was doing, he was a
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good teenager. >> reporter: his body was found around 10:00 saturday morning, march 25th in east san jose. the police department is asking anyone if you saw anything unusual around that time in the hours leading up to that time they'd really like to hear from you. reporting live here in san jose, bob redell, "today in the bay." >> i under that family's grief. thank you, bob. some scary moments to tell you about on an east bay highway, a shooting over the weekend has california highway patrol looking for a gunman this morning. the man says he was driving along concord avenue near the 680/242 split saturday night when another man started driving erratically. he says he tried to catch up to the erratic driver to try to get his license plate but suddenly heard a gunshot that shattered the rear window of his car. >> it was almost like being at a shooting range, just bang. it was right there and the whole car smelled of gun smoke. that's how close the shot was fired to me.
5:36 am
>> the victim says he was driving a white mercedes with a tint ed back window and paper plates. speaking of these sorts of situations a sharp rise in highway shootings in the east bay as you know over the last couple of years. of this been at a woman accused of stabbing a man to death is due in court. we're learning more about the crime in that area. police say mia smith stabbed that man on saturday night at a home just a away from washington elementary school. police say the two knew each other but have not said how. we're still working to figure out what led up to this. we investigated the homicide rate. this weekend's killing is the only homicide of 2017. the police department says there were no homicides in 2016. there was one in 2015. berkeley city council has a
5:37 am
full agenda today and at the top of the list police reform. city leaders will be considering revug and reforming the police commission. this is the daily cal. the need for reform comes after the police department released a report last week showing racial disparities such as black drivers being narly six times more likely to be pulled over than white drivers in berkeley and that blacks are five times more hikely to be searched than whites. 5:37 right now. tonight's hall and oates and tears for fears is being postponed. due to a family emergency at the tears for fears camp. a look at the s.a.p. center website. if you have a ticket, hold on to it. >> she's a man-eater. watch out, she'll chew you up. >> couldn't you pick a different song? >> that's my favorite song.
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>> you weren't talking about me? >> check his play list. the bay area is dry. a little slowing and that sofa has been cleared southbound 280. no major injuries. no delays approaching the maze. a little slowing for 238 off the castro valley y. oh, surprise. >> i thought you were going to say, let it all out, continue the theme. >> going back to the '80s. moving to 2017, i've been waiting to find out what your favorite festival is coming up. >> in just a few seconds.
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>> it's going to be hot no matter what you plan to do in the inland areas. taking a break from the high heat but look at saturday's forecast, 98 degrees. 87 for the bay and the coast 73 degrees. inland still in the mid-90s. laura knows me very well. it will be in the low 80s start ing out in the morning. you want to get there early. look at how hot it's going to be as we go into the afternoon reaching into the mid-90s. we're going to stay in the 90s for several hours. maybe it's a road trip weekend and heading to yosemite. low 70s to 80s. a great weekend for a road trip there. i'll bring you back home with a look at today's temperature
5:40 am
trend for evergreen in three minutes. >> that was impressive. laura nailed that. we have new details in the deadly california crash making national headlines. >> see the disturbing video police shows a woman live streaming a crash. it is tragic. it killed her sister. >> in politics the president he on the attack again.
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it will be bright and sunny. a beautiful sun rise. a lot of hues, pinks. evergreen in the upper 60s as many more people get out on the roadways, it'll be in the upper 60s and low 80s by noontime. still very warm. i'll talk you through it but cars are swerving around one vehicle stuck in the middle of northbound 101 at the 680/280 interchange. a deadly car crash is casting a new and unfortunate light on so many people putting their phones first. some of the video may be
5:44 am
disturbing. it's pretty hard to watch let alone fathom. a driver live streaming her drive with two 14 ye-year-old girls. authorities say she was drunk, she crashed that car, but she kept streaming the aftermath live. at one point she reaches for her younger sister who was ejected in the crash and died. >> hey, everybody [ bleep ] you already know why. my sister is [ bleep ] dying. >> the fact our habits of paying attention to the world around us are radically transformed and in a lot of cases damaged and degraded by our media habits. >> it's almost unconceivable. that was a social media epic who believes the story if it doesn't shock you there's something wrong. authorities arrested the driver. she's an 18-year-old.
5:45 am
the other 14 ye-year-old victim still in the hospital. >> 5:45 right now and happening later today some state news. governor brown is expected to sign the new cap and trade legislation that was approved by california lawmakers last week. the program puts a price and a cap as the name would suggest on climate changing emissions so this is strengthening an old law and extending it by ten years. former governor arnold schwarzenegger expected to attend the signing. schwarzenegger approved the original cap and trade law. former vice president al gore tipping to promote his new documentary in the bay area today "an inconvenient sequel" is the follow-up to his 2006 documentary "an inconvenient truth." vice president gore was there as well and his film, of course, detail and krchronicle the dangs of climate change and last night he spoke about a lack of
5:46 am
leadership from the presidential add on combatting climate change. >> and with presidential leadership we could do more but since we don't have, we're just going to have to work around him and solve the problem without trump. >> of course we chose to pull out of the paris climate accord in the last couple of months. that might be one thing mr. gore was referring to there. he is going to be doing a press junket meaning lots of reporters at the ritz carlson in san francisco later this morning. >> the president went on a tweet storm this morning attacking his allies. >> john mcgrew, those tweets this morning were all over the place. >> they were. seven of them in total, sam. we can't get to all of them. let me give you a couple of the real doozies starting with trump attacking his own attorney general for the second day in a row. attorney general jeff sessions has take ann very weak position on hillary clinton crimes. where are e-mails and dnc server and intel leakers. trump is clearly trying to get
5:47 am
sessions to quit. sessions was the very first senator to support trump's candidacy. trump told "the new york times" he would never have appointed sessions if he had known ahead of time the attorney general was going to recuse himself from the russian investigation. trump also attacked fbi direct andrew mccabe, the acting fbi direct or, saying mccabe acceptd money. trump is frustrated the fbi is not investigating his former political opponent. mccabe, of course, replaced james comey after trump fired comey. so here is the tweet. problem is that the acting head of the fbi and the person in charge of the hillary investigation, andrew mccabe, got $700,000 from h for wife. that is factually inaccurate. mccabe got $700,000 from h, hillary, i presume, is simply wrong. mccabe's wife ran for office and
5:48 am
did get political contributions from democrats including hundreds of thousands of dollars from a political action committee allied with hillary clinton. but the president's claim that mccabe got the money and that he got it from hillary clinton are incorrect. and then this tweet. so great that john mccain is coming back to vote. brave, american hero. thank you, john. in 2015 when mr. trump was one of many republican candidates he said mccain was not a hero and he was a loser. many thought at the time trump had ruined his chances to be nominated. >> i supported him, he lost. he let us down. but he lost. i never liked him as much after that because i don't like losers. but, frank, let me get to him -- he hit me. >> he's a war hero. >> he's not a war hero. he's a war hero because he was captured. i like people that weren't captured, okay. >> so in trump's eyes not a hero for suffering years of torture
5:49 am
yet a hero for showing up to vote on health care after a diagnosis of cancer. there's a lot we didn't get to. congress will vote on russian sanctions, that bizarre speech with the boy scouts. we learned manafort is going to talk to the senate intelligence committee. we'll get to some of that in a bit. if you have comments about what the president is up to or our coverage of it you can contact us on twitter. i'm @scott mcgrew. all right. here is another way to contact us. school starts next month and this week we're kicking off our final push for supporting our schools initiative. >> this is the effort to make sure kids have the tools and supplies so we want to put it to you right now and several nonprofits in the area for the rest of the month you can donate backpacks, school supplies or cash all equally good. we'll use that money to buy more school supplies and you can find a full list of where to donate on our website,
5:50 am
all the stores have their school supplies out. i feel i've been buying glue in bulk. >> i've seen a lot of that. >> it's going to be -- i haven't even gotten a list yet. i'm way behind. i'd better get busy here. as you get ready to head out the door, let's take a live look at 62 degrees. nice and clear in sunol as the rises this morning and looking at downtown san jose it's also clear in the south bay and the seven-day forecast is up at the bottom of the screen. take a look at our high temperatures today. really nice. a good day to go school shopping. 83 in san jose. 78 degrees in pay loe lo alto a
5:51 am
francisco will be up to 64 degrees. so as you're getting up and about to head out the door, another nice day. bright and sunny unless you're going to at&t park. you'll need more than some short sleeves. you'll need a nice warm jacket. first pitch this evening will be at 7:15. we'll be in the lower 60s and then dropping back into the upper 50s later tonight with some breezy winds. and we won't have as much of a breeze if you plan on hitting the links today. a lot of sunshine and highs today reaching into the mid-80s. san francisco we'll see that fog rolling back in. we'll see it again tomorrow morning and then not so much as we head to the weekend. highs in the low 70s. the inland areas will have a nice little break from the 90s today. nothing but 90s and the rest of the seven-day forecast. mike, what's going on now in san jose? >> we're looking at this, the result of a crash right here north 101 just at the 680/280
5:52 am
interchange. reported at story road which is out of our shot. a critical point where folks are merging story road here as well as off the 680. traffic coming in. that's a bad spot. a little build for 87. not uncommon for the south bay. we're tracking 101 just before you get to 680. we'll show you the waze system as you travel across the bay. we're tracking times from castro valley to the peninsula, the purple route heading down, the time here for the castro valley. you see the comparison of a few routes picked out for you. pick out your route on your phone. check that before you leave or check it well before you leave. they can anticipate travel times as well. make sure you're a member of our team nbc bay area wazers. we'll share that information. back to you. >> thanks, mike. up next, solving cold cases
5:53 am
without a witness. the way that dna is helping investigators create a sketch of wanted criminals. but first, happening now, justin bieber is taking a break. the pop star cans several tour dates because of, quote, unforeseen circumstances. tickets will be refunded. and microsoft paint has been saved. word came out last night pie crow soft was considering getting rid of the popular program. after an outpouring of love, they said it will be available in the windows store for free. cases-- without ever ng
5:54 am
5:55 am
5:56 am
at 5:56 new this morning new technology helping police identify suspects in cold cases without ever seeing their faces. it works by taking a sample of dna left at a crime scene then creating a 3d image of a potential suspect. sacramento sheriff's department is using it for the first time right now. researchers say dna sequences can reveal a person's eye color, facial shape, skin tone, race, even geographical and scestry wh helps them create an image. we think of dna as a genetic witness. we're just reading factual information about a person who was clearly at that crime scene because their dna was there. >> they are using the technology to try to solve a cold case
5:57 am
murder from 1980. dna from the scene was used to create this sketch. investigators say it's offering new clues including the idea that the victim may not have known the killer. all new this morning it is an emotional reunion for a northern california man who was told his dog had been killed by the woman caring for them. he placed his three pit bulls in a boarding facility after losing his house in the 2015 butte fire. earlier this month he received a call from the owner of the facility saying the dogs had attacked her and that she'd been euthanized. police later arrested the owner of the facility after they weren't able to find the dogs and were given conflicting information about what happened. two of those dogs were eventually found as strays. the third dog, sadly, was found dead. our nbc affiliate in sacramento tracked the owner of the facility and denies doing anything wrong. >> the dogs were killers.
5:58 am
and you tried to feed them and -- i board animals. i don't put them to sleep. i never have. i never will. that's not my job. >> two other people are considered to be persons of interest. new video in showing a replica of a historic ship running aground in washington state. it happened yesterday morning. the ship is a replica of the historic lady washington from the 1700s. the ship has visited the bay area several times before. 19 passengers were onboard when it ran aground because of high winds. no damage and no one was injured. able to free the ship during high tide. happening today the pentagon will be facing some questions for wasting millions of taxpayer dollars on uniforms for afghan soldie soldiers that did not work.
5:59 am
they spent tens of millions of dollars with the camouflage scheme but here is the problem. soldiers are stationed in the desert. the defense secretary jim mattis has said wasteful spending undermines and undercuts public trust. celebrating the go bike program. a ribbon cutting ceremony will be held at the new bike station at berkeley city hall. berkeley will have 450 bicycles at 39 stations by the end of the year. the program recently launched in oakland, emeryville and san jose. the goal is to make them acce accessible and affordable. >> we see them around everywhere. at 6:00 the health care battle heating up on capitol hill this morning, a krcritical vote that could take place today that might determine whether the republicans plan to repeal and replace obamacare stays alive. plus, a baby abandoned at a strip mall. the technology that led to the arrest of the baby's father. and preparing for another
6:00 am
drought. the new plan moving forward today that would bring water to hundreds of thousands of people in the south bay. "today in the bay" continues right now. thank you very much for joining us. i'm sam brock. >> and i'm laura garcia-cannon. it is a good tuesday bringing some nice weather with it. >> i'm soing forward to today because it's been really hot, maybe we'll be able to leave the air conditioning off for a little while longer today. still warm inland. high temperatures expected this afternoon. milpitas up to 80 degrees. 87 in livermore. the peninsula reaching into the upper 70s for palo alto. the north bay, napa, 81. mike takes us back to the crash in san jose.


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