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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 5  NBC  July 29, 2017 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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right now at 5:00, a new firestorm of tweets from the president regarding health care. the president's strong message to republican senators while people rally to stop any further efforts to repeal obamacare. a troubling allegation on the stanford campus after a second woman is attacked. a story in the south bay. police investigating the discovery of a body. the news at 5:00 starts right now. i'm terry mcsweeny. investigators are searching for clues tonight after a gruesome discovery. a man's body was found at the corner of winsor street, just east of main street.
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tom? >> reporter: terry, yeah, police are saying very little right now other than what you said. this was the body of a male adult found in this parking lot right here. police are still on the scene. they have been on the scene all night and all day today. i was able to talk to a man who lives next to this parking lot and he has a trailer connected to this parking lot. this is what he told us and what we know from police. police were called to the scene hear after someone called 911 and said they found the body of a man here. that was about 1:00 in the morning. and that man who lives around works right hearsay police questioned him early this morning. he didn't know anything but he said he's seen and heard trouble here before. >> honestly doesn't surprise me. there is always fights probably every other night outside this bar, down the street at the other bar, too. >> reporter: that man said that
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he was asleep in his trailer with the windows open and heard nothing until fire crews came to the scene. he said he may have slept through a fight but he doubts a gun was involved here. an hour later he said a police officer came to the door and asked him if he knew anything, if he heard anything, but like i said, he said he heard nothing but those sirens. he said that was 1:30 or 2:00 in the morning. earlier they in fact asked police where the body was located, even in this parking lot. they wouldn't even give us the location where the body was located. so as you can tell police are being very tight lipped about this right now as they investigate. we're live. nbc bay area news. >> thanks very much. we were the first news agency to break this story on line and we're going to continue the follow the latest developments on air and on line as people search for clues and a suspect. >> i want to tell you about breaking news out of australia right now.
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the prime minister says a major counter terrorism investigation is being carried out to disrupt a plot to bring down a plane. police raided four homes in part of this operation. four people have been arrested. the prime minister says the sydney airport has been under increased security since thursday. all other arnts in the country have stepped up security. now to our continuing coverage of the health care battle. the president is making it clear he is not happy, that obamacare is still in place. mr. trump tweeted today that the plan to repeal and replace the affordable care act is not dead, quote, unless the republican senators are total quitters. the president also said republicans look like fools and threatened that if a new health care bill isn't approved quickly, bail outs for insurance companies will end very soon. the president is referring to federal payments to reduce insurance payments, especially
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for low new mexico people. chuck schumer accusing mr. trump with toying with the lives of millions of americans. today rallies held in cities across the country protesting further attempts to repeal the affordable care act. christy? >> reporter: well, terry, there was a large crowd here today. at one point they were on each corner here behind me. an organizer says that these rallies were planned before that senate vote, which did bring some relief. but they promised to stay vigilant. they marched and rallied this afternoon. sheila carried a sign reading save medicare. she's concerned about the existing health care system. >> the house and the senate have pull on the tax, taxes and budget. and, so, they can cut money in the budget. >> what do you want? >> health care! >> when do you want it? >> now. >> demonstrators gathered.
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the organizer says overall the idea for the rallies came together more than a month ago, before the skinny repeal of the affordable care act. >> we said we're still coming out because we know this isn't over. we know we need to keep speaking up for this. >> reporter: some said they were grateful to the republican senators who voted no. >> a good step forward. >> we are watching. we are holding our elected representatives accountable. >> reporter: now, at the rallies today, several people told us they were taking time to call people to remind them to call their elected officials and tell them about their concerns over health care. reporting live in walnut creek. thanks very much. it has been a bay area trend as of late, hot weather. outside we go. this month of july some areas
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inland have experienced three weeks worth of 90 degree temperatures. tracking the conditions. slightly cooler today, rob, but that's not going to really be the trend. >> no it's not. you mentioned the three weeks of 90 degree temperatures that include concord and livermore. if you're in the tri-valley it is t-shirts and shorts weather. bay side a jacket and at least maybe not the shorts. when you see san fras cicero, misty skies. lots of low clouds all day on the coast. this is our typical weather. out of the 90s today. mostly 80s. 65 currently in san francisco. and 50s around half-moon bay. all set to change tomorrow. valley temperatures set to climb. won't see 100s this weekend, but
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mid-90s will be possible and elevated fire danger while the coast stays cool. what's unusual about this weather could linger. we'll have more details on how hot it is going to get. >> thanks a lot. and i really like that closet you have going on there. track the heat this weekend on your smartphone. new at 5:00, stanford police investigating another sexual assault thursday night on the west side of campus. the victim knew her attacker. this is the second time in less than two weeks. last week stanford issued an alert after a rape was reported inside student housing. to the latest developments in north korea where the united states is reacting strongly to that country's ballistic missile test. north korea is releasing video purporting to show the test.
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we are in seoul, south korea with the latest. >> reporter: the u.s. has denounced this latest test, but with every success that north korea has, the stakes ramp higher for regional security and for the trump administration, which to this point has had very little progress in the way of options to try and contain the north. this latest icbm flew 620 miles at an all the tud of 2,300 miles. experts say it would be capable of reaching several cities in the united states, places like denver, san francisco. this is exactly what north korea has been promising or warning of for years. kim jong-un tested 14 times so far this year, so his program is being accelerated toward the goal of being able to show the capability of having a nuclear warhead reach the united states. today north korea's state media released video of the test last night and several statements
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from kim jong-un warning the united states that if it continues to brandish the nuclear stick on the peninsula, north korea will teach it some manners. here in south korea, defense officials unveiled video of their own missile as a show of force to north korea and south korea's president is saying he's considering deploying more components of the sad system that china strongly opposes. the problem of course is that china is the partner the u.s. is counting on to reign in the north. the issues are thorny and there are very few solutions. >> we'll following developing news out of venezuela where violence is escalating ahead of a controversial vote. it would have the power to rewrite the constitution and dissolve the constitution written under the former president. many see the move as a power
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grab. violent clashes between police and protesters have been playing out in the streets. usa department has warned citizens not to travel to venezuela because of that upheaval. a controversial encounter at the border crossing leads to the death of a teen. newly released surveillance video. plus a piece of american history stolen by thieves. we'll be right back. >> sponsored by airport appliance and mattress firm. ♪
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a tragic and troubling incident at a border crossing. take a look at video from 2013 when border agents stopped a 16-year-old tijuana boy suspected of trying to bring a controlled substance into the u.s. from mexico. theager told him it was juice. the teen took a sip, four sips and died several hours later. turns out those bottles contained liquid methamphetamine. his family sued saying he was coherselfed and intimidated. they don't deny he was breaking the law, but a simple test could have proven the bottles contained drugs. the case settled for $1 million. a gold replica of the
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spacecraft that carried kneel armstrong. police say, thieves broke into that mu se yum friday night and stole the replica. this is a devastating blow to the knmuseum. >> we're here to serve the publ public, to preserve these objects and to share them with the people to make them available until someone decided that, you know, they were more important than the rest of the public. >> police say it's tough to put a value on an item like that. only three replicas were made of that. still to come at 5:00, helping students in need get the supplies to succeed. how nba bay area and our partner is teaming up to give back to the community. >> and right hee temperatures in the mid-80s, but by this time tomorrow, seeing those temperatures soar into the
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mid-90s as things begin to heat up again. when to expect the hottest temperatures in your forecast when we come right back.
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kids are getting ready to go back to school. there is a desperate need for school supplies. we are teaming up with telemundo and charities to support our schools. volunteers filled backpacks for
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bay area students in need. >> i think this is a pretty big production. >> this warehouse filled around sunrise. >> it is not always the things people want to do on a sunday. >> i'm here because i'm trying to help others in need. >> family giving tree, the united way and nbc bay area coordinated the drive. as impressive as 40,000 backpacks sounds and looks, the organizers hearsay thr here say tiny fraction of the need. >> they are confidence their contributions will make a different when needy kids start class. >> because we want to help them and want to prove that we care for them. >> students on the assembly line seemed especially aware that the next person to touch these backpacks might very well be
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their own class mates. >> i think they will be happy because they can't afford this and there are a lot of school supplies and they will feel like someone else loves them. >> nbc bay area news. >> now, that was a powerful sound bite, wow. we have a full list of where you can donate on our website, as well as information of the supplies that students need the most on and you were talking about heat and some more heat. >> i've heard this before. >> there are some variations. >> what's nice is the sea breeze is a bit stronger. but roller coaster ride of weather coming our way. temperature will be back on the upward trend. further to the north, sonoma and napa mid-90s. in fact, probably near 90 around
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lunchtime tomorrow. so that is 5 to 8 degrees warmer than we saw today. mid-90s a possibly. one of the spots you can probably avoid the talk of heat over the next few days right there around san francisco may see some low 70s tomorrow. lowest days around tuesday and wednesday but likely still saying in the 70s around san francisco. a few spots may make a run at the upper 90s by 3:00 and 4:00 in the afternoon, so there is a big change for you. san jose 76 currently. downtown may get close to 90 degrees tomorrow as the sea breeze begins to back off. right now around the sea pretty interesting. 80 degree temperatures, but pretty big thunderstorms firing up north of lake tahoe. for now, that's where all the monsoon moisture is. it is the low clouds off our coast and will bring another round of misty skies, still 20
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miles an hour. it will bring in those low clouds for your evening plans. patchy low clouds, jacket weather for most by the time we get to 11:00 tonight. 50s to start the morning tomorrow and notice our high temperatures beginning to climb. low 90s in the forecast tomorrow. probably the hottest spots as you would typically expect c conquered in the tri-valley. san francisco spread mid-50s to low 60s. here comes high pressure monday through wednesday. very interesting what could happen on thursday. you could see that area pull moisture around on thursday. we have to watch out for this because this could bring a chance of thundershowers, which would not be good for fire dangers if those temperatures on the rise. san francisco warmer but not
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that bad. it is these temperatures that will be toasty monday, tuesday and wednesday. >> all right. thank you very much. still to come, stepping in to help during the devastating floods in san jose. the story that will make the bay area proud.
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and i'm an arborist with i'pg&e in the sierras. the drought in california has killed trees on a massive scale. any of those trees that fail into power lines could cause a wildfire or a power outage. public safety is the main goal of our program. that's why we're out removing these hundreds of thousands of hazard trees. having tools and technology gives us a huge edge to identify hazard trees. my hope is that the work we're performing allows that these forests can be sustained and enjoyed by the community in the future. together, we're building a better california.
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when the floods hit san jose this past winter, one woman's
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actions helped save hundreds of people. she doesn't call herself brave, but rather organized. >> reporter: ever since coyote creek flooded almost six months ago, there has been a lot of blame to go around for who was at fault. there hasn't been a lot of praise, however. but when it comes to februadeb , it's deserve. >> i think you will just need one bag. >> reporter: she believes in the power of the humble list. over the past three years, organizing clean ups for her nonprofit, keep coyote creek beautiful. she has relied heavily on lists. >> what it is that needs to happen. >> reporter: checklists to make sure she has the equipment she needs. >> i have a team of leaders. >> reporter: e-mail lists to make sure she has the volunteers to do the job. >> so we'll need you to get a vest. >> reporter: so she knows the power to get her day job done
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but had no idea what her lists could mean in a disaster. not until, that is, there was one. on february 21st, coyote creek overflowed its banks, flooding homes, neighborhoods and parks. >> the one that was amazing to me -- >> reporter: she went down to the creek to survey the damage and was stunned by what she saw. >> that's when it was like, okay. so i called the mayor's office and said, hey, paul, i'm here. let me know if you want any help. >> paul is with the city of san jose and had worked with her in the past, so he knew she could help. but even he was surprised just how much. >> we're beyond grateful. it is just -- i don't think i can ever thank her enough. >> so we don't have to worry about that. >> reporter: within a matter of days, deb provided a checklist of equipment she would need from the city and she tapped her list
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of willing volunteers. >> over the course of four days we got about 1,200 volunteers to go into three neighborhoods. >> and over the next three days, another 800. that's 2,000 volunteers in just seven days. they went into homes and down to the creek, going a long way to returning life to normal along its banks. >> there you go. you got a pair. >> reporter: she is quick to deflect any praise, saying she is simply a good organizer. others are more generous. even though the worst of the flooding is long in the past, she says the impacts of the creek are still lingering, and she and her volunteers are still out there cleaning to this very day. nbc bay area news. still to come, there are some young new members to the
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sacramento zoo. why brothers and sisters were highly anticipated. ♪ what should i watch? show me sports. it's so fluffy! look at that fluffy unicorn! he's so fluffy i'm gonna die! your voice is awesome. the x1 voice remote. xfinity. the future of awesome.
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the sacramento zoo welcomed five flamingo chicks after a 20 year wait. the zoo posted this video on youtube. they all hatched last month. right now the staff is caring for the chicks. then they will be ready to join the flocks. it is a mystery why they took 20 years to mate. this is speculation. thab there wasn't enough flirting going on between the flamingos and they're not talking about it, so we may never know. >> it may take a while until the 90s get out of the forecast. back to the mid-90s tomorrow.
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>> all right. nbc "nightly news" is next. we're back here at 6:00. >> announcer: from nbc news, world headquarters in new york, this is "nbc nightly news" with jose diaz-balart. good evening, we begin with new, dangerous provocations from north korea. two missile launches by the country this month, the latest yesterday, have sparked what appears to be an arms race. rival south korea saying the latest launch of a missile which could reach the u.s., may trigger fundamental change in the security of the entire region. our correspondent is in seoul tonight with the very latest. >> reporter: tonight, striking new images released by north korea. allegedly showing the intercontinental ballistic missile that could put major u.s. cities in striking range. cameras or


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