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tv   Early Today  NBC  October 19, 2017 4:00am-4:31am PDT

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president's gold star picks getting headlines, investigating how it was blind sided and resulted in deaths. >> on a car jacking involving an 11-month old. >> celebrities launch an on slault of messages. >> truck recall. >> i'm frances rivera. >> i'm phillip mena. this morning con troefrls over what is often a. what the president said when he made a condolence call to the
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widow of a fallen soldier, one of four killed in action in niger over two weeks ago. >> congresswoman frederica wilson was with the family during the call and here is what she said happened. >> he said, well, i guess you knew he -- something to the fact he knew what he was getting into when he signed up, but i guess it hurts anyway. you know, just matter of factually, that this is what happens. anyone who is signing up for military duty is signing up to die. she was in tears and she said, he didn't even remember his name. >> the president shot back immediately, refuting her claim. >> mr. president, what have you -- >> didn't say what that congresswoman said. didn't say it at all. she knows it and she now is not saying it. had a very nice conversation with the woman, with the wife who sounded like a lovely woman. did not say what the
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congresswoman said, and most people aren't too surprised to hear that. >> reporter: what is the proof, mr. president? >> let her make her statement again and you will find out. >> a fast moving story that continues to develop this morning. for more we go to nbc's edward lawrence. good morning. >> good morning. what is being lost is we have a grieving mother with two kids and a third one on the way who lost her husband. it is turning into a he said/she said on sensitivity. the congress woman frederica wilson is doubling down in a tweet saying that the president was actually insensitive in his phone call. she added in the tweet the woman's name, myeshia johnson, calling out the president for saying the woman or the wife when defending the call. furthermore, the mother of the fallen soldier told "the washington post" -- and his most was in the call and heard the call -- that the president did disrespect her son. the pentagon is sending a team to niger to figure out how these four american soldiers walked
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into what amounts to an ambush. senator mccain when asked if the white house is forthcoming about the issue, he said no. more fallout from this is another family coming forward saying their son died last june and the president during his condolence call offered $25,000 and they never received the money. the white house is saying that they recently sent the check but, again, many follicles are saying that money might not be the answer for the president. >> presidents have their own way of providing condolences, of expressing their compassion to the families, but i have never heard of a president offering to make a contribution of that sort. i think, frankly, it would create a terrible precedent. >> and this has some people questioning whether the president can actually be consoler in chief. frances, philip. >> edward, thank you. the manhunt is over following a deadly workplace shooting in maryland. thorlts arrested 37 yeerd radi
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prince. he is accused of killing three co-workers and wounding two others at the business where he worked. he drove to a used car dealership in wilmington, delaware and shot and critically wounded another man he knew. more on what led to the suspects arrest. >> reporter: wanted in connection to shootings in maryland and delaware is in police custody. >> as a collective effort for finally bringing apprehension, and of a very sad day, to a close. >> at about 5:30 authorities recovered the suspect's vehicle. over an hour later police were tipped he was walking through a neighborhood. >> at 7:05 p.m. a suspect was taken into police custody after a brief foot race from the three agents from the atf. during the foot chase our suspect discarded a .380 firearm which was also recovered and he was taken into custody with no
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incident. >> reporter: police say prince's shooting spree started earlier in the day at a park where he was scheduled to work. when police areefed, five were shot, three were dead. almost two hours later in wilmington, delaware, police say prince shot another victim. investigators say the victim was known to prince. in the hours that follow police watched for pribs along the i-95 corridor from new jersey to washington before capturing him. two days ago the leader of the free world tweeted, quote, so much fake news being put in magazines and man zeegs. takes routine remark for mr. trump. it seems half of the country agrees with him as 46% of those polled telling politico they believe news organizations fabricate news stories about the
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president and his administration. among republicans that number jumps to 76% in texas, a manhunt is underway for suspects caught on dramatic surveillance video. it shows a group of men carjacking a woman and her 11-month old niece in broad daylight this week. they believe the suspects are linked to a shooting nearby that killed one and wounded another. one suspect was captured we have an update and gordon hayward and that grizzly injury. the forward makes that awkward landing, his leg bulking underneath him. while his team maltds watched in horror he was carried away on a stretcher so he could be treated for a dislocated ankle and fractured tip ya'. his agent tweet he is unlikely to return this season but they expect him to make a full recovery. hayward had a hospital bed
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message for the boston faithful before the team's home opener last night. >> i wanted to say thank you to everyone who had me in their thoughts and prayers. i'm going to be all right. hurt me that i can't be there for the home opener, but i will be supporting you guys from here and wishing you the best of luck. well, a mom not only gave birth to sixth child but to an internet sensation. four year old had a meltdown. bryce couldn't bear the thought of anything happening to his mom and let her know it. >> we need you because we need a mama. >> i know. but you got your daddy and your brother. >> i don't need no brother. i don't need no brothers and no dads. i only need you. >> yeah, everyone is loving the precious mother/son moment. the video has gotten millions of view. briles's mother excited for the internet fame and shared a
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video. >> this is another reason we have no more storage on our cellphones or anything we don't want to delete. >> when they get older you're not getting any of that, you're getting, mom, i want to go with my friends. let's talk about the story in the northwest. three to five inches of rain has fallen, minor river flooding expected with run-off there. again, we would like to get some of this moisture to california. of course it has been extremely dry over summer as it always is. we will get rain in oregon and northern california but not enough to help with the firefighting efforts. that's unfortunate. rest of the country looks fantastic. texas to the northern plains, everyone in the east has a beautiful fall day out sidough the northeast, ohio valley and
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the southeast. still a few showers and storms in florida, but for the most part looking good. pretty nice weather pattern. >> nice everywhere. thank you, bill fast forwarding into thus, former president obama hits the campaign trail. new jersey he will campaign for phil murphy running for governor. then he heads to richmond president trump and puerto rico governor will meet at the white house to talk about recovery and rebuilding efforts. mr. trump visited the hurricane-ravaged island earlier this month. >> hugh hefner will be the first man to grace playboy's cover. the november/december issue will celebrate the life of its late every morning, i thought i had to make a choice. do i use a toothpaste that whitens my teeth or one... ...that's good for my teeth? now i don't have to choose! my dentist told me about new crest whitening therapy. so, i tried it! from crest 3d white comes new whitening therapy.
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r and b singer ann dra day joined little big town for a rendition of rise up. the cms chose to forgo the formal awards and devote the night to hope and healing following the devastating hurricanes, california w50i8d fires and the deadly mass shooting in las vegas. ford says it's recalling over a million f-150s from 2015 to 2017. and also 2017 super duty vehicles because of a potential problem with the doors, making them either unable to open or close or appear closed when they're not actually latched. the company says dealers will install the fix. video captured the dramatic moment that a plane crash landed into a busy florida road on wednesday afternoon, the small twin engine plane seen at the top right corner in this surveillance video from a grocery store, seems to come out of nowhere, descending at an
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angle before crashing onto a st. peter burg neighborhood. the plane hit at least two vehicles but fortunately avoided a school nearby. four people including two onboard the plane were taken to the hospital but are expected to live. another was treated at the scene. a second grade boy slept for 11 days straight and doctors are calling it a medical mystery. two weeks ago 7-year-old wyatt shaw was the life of the party at a wedding but fell into a dangerous sleep shortly after. amy thompson, his mother, says he just couldn't stay awake. wyatt was rushed to norton churn's hospital in louisville, kentucky, where they put him under observation, after ten days, doctors tried a new seizure meddation, and he woke up the next day. however, doctors still can't explain what happened. he'll spend three weeks at a rehab institute once he's discharged but hopefully he's okay and they can figure out exactly what happened and what caused that. >> so frightening for the family. 11 days. just ahead, the brave security guard that was first on the scene at the las vegas
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hi. my name is jack ant november. >> sheryl crow. >> adam scott. >> julianne moore. >> laura dern. >> i'm calling from. >> brooklyn, new york. >> nashville. >> season. >> atlanta. >> los angeles. >> i'm calling to urge you to oppose the share act.
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>> i'm calling to urge you to oppose the share act, which would roll back gun silencer safety laws. >> a lot of big names from hollywood asking for america's help on gun laws. dozens of those celebs coming together in this ad from the group's every town for gun safety and moms demand action, asking the public to call their members of congress and urge them to enact firearm legislation. one of the gun measures cited in the act, the share act, has been everyone dorszed by the nra with the group saying it will, quote, cut burdensome red tape that restricts millions of hunters and sportsmen. we're hearing for the first time from that hero security guard in the las vegas chutin s. sounding the alarm.shooter on the loose even after he was shot and wounds. nbc's joe fryer has the story. >> reporter: jesus campos is breaking 2 1/2 weeks of silence, speaking with ellen degeneres. >> i'm doing better each day. >> the mandalay bay security guard says before the las vegas mass shooth, he was called to check on a door alarm near the
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32nd floor suite. campos took the stairs but the door to the floor wouldn't open. so he took a different route. >> there was a metal bracket holding the door in place. it was just out of the ordinary. >> reporter: campos said he called for an engineer, then started walking down the hallway when a barrage of gunfire came from paddock's room. >> at first i took cover. i felt a burning sensation. i went to go lift my pant leg up, and i saw the blood. >> reporter: after campos radioed for help, engineer stephen schuck showed up unaware of what was happening. >> that's when hey sue lejesus and said take cover. if he didn't say that, i would have got hit. >> reporter: at one pount a female guest came out of a different room. >> i told her to go back inside. it wasn't safe. >> reporter: investigators say paddock had rigged the hallway with cameras. seconds later he opened fire killing eight and injures more
4:19 am
than 500. >> you being shot in the leg saved so many people's lives. >> reporter: announcing a sponsor is donating $25,000 to the victim's fund in his name. joe fryer, nbc news, los angeles. >> amazing to hear their story. at least some lighter moments there with ellen too. >> ellen always provides that. just ahead, which 68-year-old music legend is about to become a dad again. plus, could this popular snapchat filter become this year's hottest halloween costume. you're watching "early today." so... i'm hoping for good years ahead. that's thanks to research funded by the american cancer society. the same folks giving me free rides to treatments, insurance advice, and a place to stay during chemo. i need that stuff like you don't know. and now that you do, please give at
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what's better, new york or l.a.? >> definitely new york. >> how come? >> because we don't have the kardashians. >> people from new york get pretty drunk? >> yes. >> why is that? >> to, um, to make their feelings go away about bad things. >> can you do an impression of someone from l.a.? >> i'm going to go hiking today. yes, sir. >> can you do an impression of someone from l.a.? >> oh, my god, stacie, i just got my butt, lift. oh, my god, tracy. i just got my ass extension. oh, my god. i just can't believe it. >> wow. >> i think they are pretty much right on. >> he nailed it. >> kids don't lie. >> the difference between new york and l.a. pretty stark. remember this guy? you may see more of him this halloween. that's because snapchat's viral dancing hot dog is available at amazon for 80 bucks, though. the costume's description says it fits best on people under
4:23 am
6'4". with a head and the hand slits the costume is both comfortable. it's functional, they say, and if it's a cold halloween day, you don't have to worry about being cold out there because you're nice and bundled up with your buns. >> it looks like the kool-aid man's cousin. look at that. >> it does. it has the same face. how about somebody go as the hot dog guy, somebody else go as the kool-aid, and you got a little pair. >> nothing more 2017 than that. we just saw a selfie shot of a hot dog. the piano man is going to be a dad for the third time if you can believe it. he's 68 years olds. billy joel. he confirmed to the belfast telegraph that his wife, alexis joel, is pregnant with their second child and is due next month. the couple has a 2-year-old daughter together, della rose. joel also has a 31-year-old daughter, alexa ray with ex-wife christie brinkley.
4:24 am
>> you know he loves new york, so we'd love to see his kid do a new york/l.a. difference too. >> got to keep that energy up. 18 years old. he'll be 86, 87 years old. >> true. a 9-year-old in tennessee got a surprise. elijah davis sent president trump a letter with $3 last january after hearing about his campaign promise to only accept $1 in salary. >> well, how is he going to eat or drink or, you know, pay -- if he needs to pay for his water bill or anything. >> after nine months, the president funlly wrote elijah back but returned the money saying that, you know, he should use it to make a difference in his community. i love these kids. >> that's cool. he gave it back. >> yeah. just ahead, above and beyond. police connecting with kids through their shared love of music. you're watching "early today." curse you, he-man, you interfering imbecile! give us one good reason
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now to a story that is literally about the brotherhood of police officers. >> talking about siblings with 35 years of law enforcement experience between them. they helped some new orleans high schoolers march to suck set. here's nbc's lester holt. >> reporter: before he ever walked a beat, officer james care learned how to keep a beat. >> in high school, college, i started in middle school, and just stuck with it. >> reporter: and so when asked by a friend to help out the cash-strapped band program at mcdonough 35 senior high school, this new orleans policeman stepped in line. when does your day start and when does it end? >> generally 6:25 in the morning when i report to work.
4:27 am
and it ends roughly 7:00-ish. >> he came to our practice one time with his uniform. i was like, oh, you're a police officer. he said, yes, i am. >> reporter: so is mr. gregg, color guard instructor. also known as sergeant greg johnson of the new orleans police. he is also james' brother. >> we had a kid last week say is mr. greg really your brother? yeah, he's really my brother. >> reporter: what drives their passion is getting the kids to college. >> for a lot of these kids, they have the talent and ability to have a college pay them to be there. >> reporter: and as cops, this he have even more to teach. >> we sit down and talk to them about real life issues, things that are going on in the world like how to interact with the police. >> reporter: band practice is after school, a period these law men know can be risky to teens. >> most of the crime that is
4:28 am
occurring from kids at high school ages. if we can take these kids and keep them with us as long as we can, that gives them a better chance at succeeding. >> reporter: this band of brothers leading, protecting, and building trust. >> everybody take care of everybody. >> we like a family. it's one big family. >> reporter: do you get attached to the kids? >> oh, definitely. definitely. as much as you would like not to, you do. >> thanks to lester holt for that report. new orleans has been through a lot, so great to see the community coming together. >> that sound, too, it's so uniquely new orleans. >> yeah. >> i love it. and it's great to see a role model. they have a police officer as a role model there. that makes it all the better. >> dthey get some sibling time, some brother time together when they're out there. >> great story. we hope that's the way you're starting your money, bringing a smile to your face. i'm frances rivera.
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>> and i'm fiphillip mena. the news continues right here on nbc and our nbc stations. it is thursday, october 19th-
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-live look outside in san jose- it is thursday, october 19th. a live look outside over downtown san jose. a beautiful way to start our friday eve. good morning and thank you for joining us, i'm marcus allen. >> and i'm kris sanchez in for laura garcia. it feels a little bit fresh you are out there, like maybe the air quality is better. we know that there's rain come gs. >> we are so looking forward to that rain. we do start out with cloudy skies and also some cool temperatures this morning, looking to see those showers moving in later this afternoon into the evening. right now as you head out the door we have temperatures mostly in the mid 50s, it's a little bit warmer than it was thanks to that cloud cover as we see the approach of those showers still well to the north of us in washington now min


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