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tv   NBC Nightly News With Lester Holt  NBC  November 3, 2017 5:30pm-6:01pm PDT

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20-year-old honda according with 141,000 miles. a loss alt ohs man directed the add for his girlfriend. listed the car at 500 one man willing to pay 21,000. tonight, reaction is pouring in to the sentence revealed. no prison time for bowe bergdahl who walked off his post in afghanistan, held captive for five years. americans wounded while trying to find him. president trump calling the sentence a disgrace. and there's breaking news. police say they're building a rape case to arrest harvey weinstein after an actress's allegation he sexually attacked her. and there's new fallout for kevin spacey as "house of cards" employees accuse the oscar winner of inappropriate behavior. the president dogged by new revelations in the russia investigation. seizing on a controversy among democrats. a key insider who says hillary clinton had unfair help to beat bernie sanders. a fatal hit and run caught on camera and a hunt for the
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driver and passenger who took off, leaving the other driver to die while strangers tried to save him. and long lines tonight across america and around the world. the new iphone already a smash hit. this is nbc "nightly news" with lester holt. good evening from los angeles as we welcome our viewers here in the west. when army sergeant bowe bergdahl abandoned his base in afghanistan eight years ago, he set into motion a chain of events that left a comrade severely disabled, compelled the u.s. to release taliban prisoners and embarrass the military. tonight he stands to lose virtually everything but his freedom. at sentencing today a military judge sparing bergdahl prison time but branding him with a dishonorable discharge. the decision brought angry reaction from the families of those who served with him and president trump, whose previous words, ironically, may have spared bergdahl from more serious punishment. with details our
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pentagon correspondent hans nichols. >> reporter: sergeant bowe bergdahl leaving court today in civilian clothes, free but dishonorably discharged, his rank knocked down to private. after pleading guilty to desertion and misbehavior before the enemy bergdahl had been facing a possible life sentence. >> i think he's still absorbing this. it's a tremendous relief, obviously. >> reporter: president trump blasting the ruling, tweeting the decision on sergeant bergdahl is a complete and total disgrace to our country and to our military. echoing comments he made about bergdahl during the campaign. >> he's a traitor. a no good traitor who should have been executed. >> reporter: comments bergdahl's lawyers objected to and the judge said could spark a more lenient sentence. >> he's already been hammered by the taliban for five years. that was sufficient self-imposed punishment. >> reporter: bergdahl has been a lightning rod since his dramatic release seen squinting into the sun, gaunt and confused after five years of torture
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living at times in a cage. in a controversial exchange president obama released five taliban prisoners from guantanamo bay. his ordeal began when he abandoned his post in afghanistan in 2009 intending, he told mpr serial pod cast to report problems with his command. >> suddenly it really starts to sink in that i really did something bad. >> reporter: he was quickly nabbed by the taliban. bergdahl's desertion prompted a massive rescue operation which had life-altering consequences for those who looked for him like sergeant mark allen, who was shot in the head. his wife says allen can no longer walk or talk to his 9-year-old daughter. he's never had the chance to really play with her or help coach her sports or ask about her day she testified. specialist john morana lost full use of his hand when a grenade hit him on another search mission. >> he earned a place in the prison system for his actions. >> reporter: in court bergdahl did apologize to those who searched for him. his lawyer will appeal the sentence, but it
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can only be reduced, not increased. lester? >> hans nichols tonight, thank you. there's late word that disgraced movie titan harvey weinstein could soon be facing criminal charges related to a new york city rape accusation. nbc news has learned that new york police are building a case against weinstein based on the claim of an actress who says he raped her in 2010 and that they have compiled what they believe to be credible evidence against him. nbc's kate snow has details. >> we have an actual case here. >> reporter: tonight the new york police department confirming they're gathering evidence to seek an arrest warrant for harvey weinstein based on interviews with "boardwalk empire" actress paz de la huerta who accuses weinstein of raping her twice in 2010. >> she put forth a credible and detailed narrative to us. this happened seven years ago. and we found corroboration. >> reporter: the chief of detectives said if weinstein were in new york city right now and the assault were more recent, he would be arrested. >> we would go right away and make the
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arrest. >> reporter: the actress' lawyer telling nbc news he expects charges. >> her story is of high interest because there are features about it from the legal perspective which make it a compelling criminal case. >> reporter: the manhattan district attorney's office says a senior sex crimes prosecutor is assigned to this investigation, but won't comment further. weinstein has unequivocally denied any allegations of nonconsensual sex, but nbc news has confirmed there are also investigations of weinstein under way in the los angeles area and london. also in london, metropolitan police investigating a 2008 sexual assault. media reports say that one surrounds actor kevin spacey. spacey hasn't been seen publicly since last week. today nbc news spoke with someone who worked on the set of "house of cards" for two years. the person says colleagues felt uncomfortable with spacey's behavior and complained to superiors. spacey routinely gave special attention to men, especially the lower level production assistants. adding, there weren't
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any secrets about that behavior. the production company behind the hit show acknowledged one complaint about spacey during the first year of production saying it was resolved promptly with spacey undergoing training. we are deeply troubled to learn about these new allegations that are being made to the press concerning kevin spacey's interaction with members of the crew of "house of cards." for now the sixth and final season of "house of cards" is on hold. as for harvey weinstein, the new york police department believes he's out of state right now. there are reports he may be in arizona. i'm told tonight by an nypd source if there were a rape charge, it would be possible to seek to extradite weinstein back to new york. lester? >> kate snow with those late details tonight, thank you. president trump is off on a critical 12-day trip through asia, but before leaving he made his first on-camera remarks about a former campaign adviser since learning that aide took a plea deal claiming he doesn't remember much about a meeting now at the center of the russia probe and the
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president also reviving his claims of election rigging after accusations from a former democratic party official. here's nbc white house correspondent kristen welker. >> reporter: president trump touching down in hawaii, sounding off before taking off on his landmark trip to asia. now a former trump advisor who was in the room tells nbc news then candidate trump listened with interest as papadopoulos floated the idea of a meeting between trump and vladimir putin. jeff sessions immediately shot down the idea. today mr. trump who just last week boasted about his great memories -- >> one of the great memories of all time. >> reporter: -- said he has little recollection of this
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encounter. >> mr. president, do you remember george papadopoulos during that march meeting? >> i don't remember much about that meeting. it was a very unimportant meeting. >> reporter: in february the president insisted he wasn't aware of any campaign advisers contacting russian officials during the campaign. >> nobody that i know of. >> reporter: asked today if he stands by those words -- >> all i can tell you is this. there was no collusion. there was no nothing. it's a disgrace, frankly. >> reporter: also under mounting scrutiny, attorney general jeff sessions who testified before congress he wasn't aware of any trump advisers communicating with russians. that is contradicted by papadopoulos and now former trump adviser carter page who testified on capitol hill thursday that he told sessions about a july trip to moscow. page says that trip had nothing to do with the campaign. adding pressure, the president today ramped up unprecedented calls on his attorney general to investigate his political rivals hillary clinton and the democrats. so will he fire sessions if there's no action? >> i don't know. i'm really not involved with the justice department. i'd like to let it run itself, but honestly, they should be looking at the democrats.
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>> reporter: kristen welker, nbc news, the white house. >> reporter: this is andrea mitchell. the president seizing on a new charge from a democratic party insider that hillary clinton co-opted the dnc to defeat bernie sanders. >> you want to look at hillary clinton and you ought to look at the new book that was just put out by donna brazile where she basically bought the dnc and she stole the election from bernie. >> reporter: donna brazile, a former interim democratic party chair writes in her new book "hacks" that she stumbled onto a shocking truth about the clinton campaign. she writes, i told bernie the cancer was that she had exerted this control of the party long before she became its nominee. the accusation that clinton stacked the deck against sanders. >> the dnc at that time certainly had its finger on the scale in favor of secretary clinton, there's no doubt about that. >> reporter: massachusetts senator elizabeth warren with chuck todd -- >> they really believe this all throughout the primary that the system, it was rigged against them, rigged against them.
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and now here's donna brazile saying, yes, you were right. >> yeah. >> reporter: president trump fanning the flames tweeting, bernie sanders supporters have every right to be apoplectic of the complete theft of the dem primary by crooked hillary. nbc news obtained clinton's contract with the dnc which said it would not start until the general election, but a former party leader acknowledges clinton did have improper control before becoming the nominee. >> the question is did that rig the election? did that affect the election? and the answer is, again, no, nobody can give me one example of how it helped hillary except maybe the scheduling of the debates. >> reporter: the president saying the justice department should investigate clinton. although, even if true, it was not illegal. andrea mitchell, nbc news, philadelphia. security is on high alert for this weekend's new york city marathon. days after the deadly terror attack in new york, more than 50,000 runners and a million spectators are expected. meantime, investigators are looking into how close
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the suspect was to members of a group from uzbekistan facing terror charges after their arrests in the u.s. two years ago. let's turn now to the 11 minutes of silence on twitter that had the world talking today. president trump's personal twitter account, the way he often communicates his thoughts to the public, was temporarily deactivated apparently by a twitter employee. and the incident is raising serious security questions. nbc's tom costello has details. >> reporter: for a president who boasts that tweeting is his most effective means of communicating, a startling blue screen message thursday for 11 minutes the president's twitter page didn't exist. but soon he was back tweeting this morning, my twitter account was taken down by a rogue employee. i guess the word must finally be getting out and having an impact. >> the word getting out, the power of his use of social media and somebody trying to shut it down. >> reporter: turns out it was that rogue employee's last day. twitter says it's taking steps to prevent this from
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happening again. mr. trump has tweeted 36,000 times with the world watching every word, from surprising his own commanders by announcing a ban on transgender individuals from serving in the military to warning military solutions are now fully in place, locked and loaded for north korea. a number of employees in twitter's the trust and safety group can suspend accounts if they see suspicious or illegal activity even so-called very important tweeters. tonight twitter's not commenting on who has access to the highest profile accounts. >> if one individual at twitter can have this type of access to an account and shut it down, then what's to prevent them from threatening nuclear war? this is a serious security issue. >> reporter: when a single tweet can set the world agenda, controlling those tweets has economic and national security implications. tom costello, nbc news, washington. there is a striking new warning from the government about climate change. a major new federal study concludes humans are the dominant cause
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of the rise in global temperature since the mid-20th century. the white house approved the report's release, though it contradicts much of the trump administration's stance on climate change. we turn now to a revealing look at just how cunning and deceptive those russian efforts were to influence america's election. a disturbing example on social media, a twitter account claiming to belong to an american woman, but actually operated from russia intent on spreading disinformation in the u.s. nbc's jo ling kent has details. >> reporter: on twitter and on her blog, jenna abrams sure looked like an american, commenting on everything from kim kardashian to missile defense with plenty of strong opinions sprinkled in between. one of her tweets in 2016 went viral saying, to those people who hate the confederate flag, did you know that the flag and the war wasn't about slavery? it was all about money. >> they took real fissures in american society and expanded them to the nth
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degree. >> reporter: they we now know were russians. jenna was a fake. according to the house intelligence committee she was a kremlin-backed account. who is jenna abrams? >> she was, in fact, the creation of the internet research agency, which is commonly known as the russia troll farm. >> reporter: according to twitter, she was one of nearly 3,000 accounts linked to that russian group. twitter said all of them have been shut down and disclosed to congress. according to data from media intelligence firm meltwater, tweets from russian accounts appeared in more than 1,200 american news articles in 2016 including on and meltwater tells nbc news exclusively they appeared in more than 11,000 articles worldwide. jenna abrams was mentioned in "the washing post, "usa today" and "the new york times." she also caught the attention of former u.s. ambassador to russia, michael mcfaul, who debated her on twitter in 2015 thinking she was american. >> i was trained to interact with bots and trolls on twitter.
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i look the tweets up and i would have thought that person was an american. so that means they were making a lot of effort to disguise her identity. >> reporter: and influencing the american conversation online and off. jo ling kent, nbc news, new york. so news on the economy tonight. the new job report shows employers added a healthy 261,000 jobs last month, bouncing back from the slowdown in september amid those hurricanes hitting the southeast. the unemployment rate ticked down to 4.1%, the lowest in nearly 17 years. but the labor department says that's in part because many people stopped looking, meaning they're no longer counted as unemployed. still ahead tonight, caught on camera. a deadly hit and run. the victim's car bursting into flames. now the search is on for the driver who fled the scene. also the new iphone is here, but some thieves skipped the line. wait till you hear what they got away with.
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we're back now with a hunt for a hit and run driver after a horrific crash and a fireball caught on camera. police in milwaukee say the driver and passenger took off running leaving the scene as strangers tried in vain to save the other driver. nbc's blake mccoy is in milwaukee for us tonight with more. >> reporter: it happened in a flash. watch as a speeding car barrels through a red light in south milwaukee wednesday
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evening smashing into another car that burst into a ball of fire. mallory demeth ran to help. >> we didn't have a choice. i mean, the way that i see it is i would expect anybody else to do the same. >> reporter: she was joined by others like this business owner who pulled a man from the burning car. >> you pulled him out? >> yeah. >> reporter: he was already badly injured. >> yeah, body burned. >> reporter: 36-year-old hector hernandez didn't make it. police are using that surveillance video to search for the driver and passenger of the red light running vehicle who took off on foot. no suspects have been named. no arrests made. it's milwaukee's third fatal hit and run in a month. all involve drivers running red lights. >> it's not a video game. there's consequences. >> reporter: hernandez was engaged to be married. >> they didn't just hurt him. they hurt a whole community of people and they hurt his family. >> reporter: back at the intersection, a community's determination to keep his memory alive and find those responsible.
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blake mccoy, nbc news, milwaukee. and we're going to take a short break here. when we come back, painting the town orange. hundreds of thousands celebrating history in houston.
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long lines across the country today. perhaps you were in one of them as folks came out in droves for the new iphone x. at $1,000 a pop, it's apple's most expensive iphone yet, but in san francisco thieves stole a u.p.s. shipment of them before they even hit stores making off with over $370,000 worth. and after the hurricane and so much heartache, a beautiful reason to cheer today in houston. half a million strong came out to celebrate the astros fresh off their first world series title with a game seven win over the dodgers. blue and orange for 20 blocks. the crowds even bigger than officials had anticipated. and living proof that it's never too late the achieve your goals. 96-year-old world war ii vet k.t. robbins at the desoto county mississippi school
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board. a big turnout including a group of young students as he finally received the high school diploma he'd always wanted. folks there say he is beloved in the community and our sincere congratulations to him. up next, if you've always wanted to have a home along the water, have we got a bright idea for you. jeff adlibs wx tease
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next. right now at 6: a wet start to our finally tonight, how would you like your family to live inside a landmark? several of these beautiful pieces of america's past are up for sale. they have the ultimate waterside views, lots of privacy and a history unto themselves. and one can be yours if the price is right. here's kevin tibbles. >> reporter: modern-day explorers of sorts, zipping towards lake erie courtesy of the u.s. coast guard. is that it over there? >> that's it right off the bow there, sir. >> reporter: and on the horizon, the prize. these folks are bidding on a chance to own their very own lighthouse. >> this is my own fantasy island. >> this is cool. >> reporter: kristine and herman are all in. >> i called him up and said, honey, how about we buy a lighthouse. >> reporter: this
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decommissioned old lantern is one of four the u.s. government is auctioning in michigan this year. while it used to have a keeper, this one could certainly use some tlc. >> we're just hoping someone has an opportunity to find it and preserve it. >> reporter: so what are you doing here? >> it looks like a must-have, kevin. >> reporter: for years darrell jamison has looked longingly from his home on shore. >> i've been looking at it for 15 years. >> reporter: and now you want it? >> now i want it. >> reporter: the added bonus when you get one of these -- no noisy neighbors. except for the fog horn. every 26 seconds. [ horn ] in fall river, massachusetts, nick turned the lighthouse he bought into a bed and breakfast. >> you can never go to college and learn what you learn here at this lighthouse. >> reporter: for these hearty souls -- >> i found the basement. >> reporter: -- navigating all the repairs to own a piece of history, here in michigan or massachusetts. kevin tibbles on lake erie. >> quite the view.
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that's "nightly news" for this friday night. a reminder to turn your clocks back one hour before you go to bed on saturday night and enjoy the extra hour of sleep. i'm lester holt. for all of us at nbc news, thank you for watching and good night. a live look at our satele right now at 6:00, a wet start to our weekend. and more rain is moving in. our live look right now at our satellite radar. you can see clouds and scattered rain hitting the bay area at this hour. the news at 6:00 starts right now. good evening and thanks for joining us on this friday. raj mathai. >> jessica aguirre. some of us woke up to wet roads. what do we speck tomorrow morning? let's take you outside. a live look at san francisco and san jose. here is what it looked like a few hours ago in santa rosa. rain drops falling on and off throughout the day.
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>> thom jensen is in the sierra but we begin with jeff tracking the time line of the rain. jeff. >> right now we have showers developing ahead of the storm tp. the cold front bringing the more consistent rainfall is still six to eight hours away. as we zoom in we've had the more consistent showers across contra costa alameda krts. san jose as well. keeping the roadways wet and a little bit of activity across oakland. and that's what it like through most of tonight and once we hit tomorrow morning by 4:00 a.m. we see it picks up up. we'll run you through the full time line into the weekend forecast coming up at 6:20 tonight. but i want to leave us at least with the first update on what i'm watching right now. that best chance of rain, again, saturday morning, not quite as wet this weekend. and dangerous sierra snow on track as we could see


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