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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  November 6, 2017 11:00pm-11:35pm PST

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grown right here in california, with absolutely no antibiotics ever. a better way to grow, a better way to eat. and it starts with foster farms simply raised chicken. california grown with no antibiotics ever. a ner . right now at 11:00, we're following breaking news, a nerve wracking and long commute home for hundreds of ferry riders suddenly stranded on the bay. i'm jessica aguirre. >> i'm raj mathai. stranded for nearly five hours on the bay waters. 330 commuters waiting to be rescued. the ferry from san francisco with unexpected problems. nbc bay area terry mcsweeney is
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obey island for us. >> for these commuters it was a long day and night. what was supposed to be an hour long commute turned into an hours long or deal, ended with that ferryboat being toed here to mayor island. under tow, pulled into the dock at mayor island. on board 330 people who spent much of the night stranded on san francisco bay. >> i'm so tired. >> it was fine. it was just a long journey tonight. >> they left san francisco about 5:30, a short while later the ferryboat lost an engine, they continued, and then the second engine died, too. >> at the end we couldn't use the bathroom, so that kind of sucked. other than that, it was okay. >> the tug boat arrived but the trouble wasn't over yet, it had too deep a hull, so it took
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commuters to mayor island, where they boarded another ferry for their commute. >> just boring. 4 1/2 hours. >> what did you do? >> texted, checked face book, what else are you going to do? >> tomorrow morning the early ferries are soubstituted with buses. terry mcsweeney nbc bay area news. >> thank you, terry. new rev lielations about a story we broke last week, students are joining complaints against a teacher. vicky win joins us now. >> reporter: teachers and school counselors met with students today to talk about this letter sent out to parents. it outlines the school's response that claims a long-time teacher sexually assaulted two students and after they were reported, he continued to the
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teach for years. most parents we met today had no comment about the allegations raised in a washington post essay by former student katherine lee hans, accusing the spanish teacher of groping her. she said she reported the incident to san jose police in 1996, six years after it happened. she wrote her friend jean was sexually assaulted by hernandez in the summer of 1990. they said that was reported to current president mary miller. fernandez continued teaching for 14 more years. >> i was concerned but my experience has been phenomenal over many years. >> mom sharon lowbeck said she spoke with her daughter about the allegation. >> we told her you don't judge until you get the whole story. >> students say teachers spoke to them in class today. >> they say that they support us, they'll be here and they're
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trying to do their best. they have a policy on how to take care of this, and either that was followed or not, i don't know. >> if anything were to happen to you, would you know what to do, where to go and who to tell? >> yes, our schools are good about teaching us to come forward and tell people and make sure we have someone we can trust. >> reporter: just today the school took the tribute to fernandez off the website. but the list of allegations is growing, one woman said he was kissing her cheek, touching her knee and making inappropriate comments. mary miller declined to give a statement. >> it's essential for young women to be able to report an appropriate behavior. >> jennifer berger runs about face to empower girls and women. how important is it for a
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thorough investigation? >> i would say essential. i would say critical. >> fernandez left in 2004, moved back to spain and died in 2015. we were not able to reach his relatives for a response to these claims. >> multiple former students told the unit they reported staff as recently as last year. we are investigating these new complaints. meanwhile the die cease says allegations of this nature are supposed to be rored to them, but they say they learned about these incidents the same time as the public. >> we'll continue our reporting on that story. the man hunt continues in pal low alto and beyond. partners in crime. these two men pulled off a daring escape from the palo alto courthouse. tonight the search continues and they are considered armed and dangerous. jean elle is here with more. >> reporter: those two men drove
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away from the courthouse, accused of two armed robberies. prosecutors say in both cases they tied people up at gun point. they were at the courthouse answering to charges when they escaped through that door. the chef couldn't believe his eyes. police officers shut down sharedon avenue. law enforcement agencies launched a massive search after the two men escaped from the santa clara county courthouse. the two were being escorted by a deputy at the time of the escape. the sheriff's department said the pair may have used this key to unlock restraints. both are facing armed robbery and kidnapping charges connected to two verizon store robberies. >> which they show up at the end of the night, accost the clerks with zip ties, lock them in the storage room with guns and take
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the property. >> the deputy district attorney says bib bens faces a 24 year sentence. mcclue is facing a possible life sentence. >> he's looking at over 100 years to life because of his record and the nature and scope of these crimes. >> investigators say the pair got into a waiting car across from the courthouse then ditched that car, and drove off in a u haul. investigators want to know who placed the vehicles for the men. with lengthy prison time ahead police say the pair should be considered dangerous. law enforcement agencies went off the region. if you see them you are asked to call police. reporting live jean elle. another search, this time for these two young girls. they haven't been seen since early this morning. authorities are reaching out for
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help. 13-year-old ie yana harris and devon cummings walked away from a housing unit for troubled youth. they were last seen around 1:00 a.m. >> we're unable to do anything to protect our citizens, and it's disgusting and a shame. >> steve kerr responding to a question about gun violence tonight following the church massacre in texas. tonight kerr is speaking up as new details about the shooter surface. most critical that gunman should have never been able to purchase a gun. the military dropped the ball here. >> reporter: it sure seems like it. as for steve kerr, he's been outspoken on gun violence before, his father was assassina assassinated. and tonight he's asking what it's going to take to solve the problem. >> we have to look at it like a public health issues. >> steve kerr offering
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condolences to families in texas where 26 people were shot and killed yesterday. then speaking on gun control. >> our government has to lead the way and they can't cave in to the nra because the nra wants to make money. they have toll put people's safety and health over the history of the gun lobby and the gun industry. >> reporter: as the investigation continues police say the shooter devin kelley's killing spree was not random. targeting the church his ex-wife and inlaws attended, they were not at the service sunday. >> there was a domestic situation going on with the family and the in-laws. >> nbc news learned the air force failed to report the conviction to proper authorities in 2012 when he assaulted his wife and fractured his step son's skull. if it was reported he would not have been able to buy a gun. tonight sutherland springs
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coming together again. honoring those that were killed and wounded. >> what can you do? it's not much to pray and cry and hope. >> ian cull nbc bay area news. >> a moment of silence today at the house of representatives honoring the victims of sunday's dead deadly mass shootings. the polls open in eight hours. tomorrow is election day. for some cities in the bay area, but not all. here are tcounties involved. most of the issues are bond measures. there's two marijuana tax measures, rent control and sales tax measures. because of the fires in the north bay, sonoma county is only accepting ballots by mail. president trump is in south korea. mr. trump visited the u.s. and
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south korean troops then met with president moon jae-in, he's now at the blue house, the official residence. it's the biggest conference of the year in san francisco and tonight it's in full swing, 170,000 people in the city this week for the annual dream force conference. tomorrow former first lady michelle obama will headline the speakers. it's a tech conference hosted by san francisco bay sales force. today, actor ashton kutcher was among the keynote speakers. there's a concert tomorrow night featuring lenny kra vits and alicia keys. i'll let you know where it dips to the 30s tomorrow morning, at 11:20 tonight. a teen shot and killed by his school, the search for the gunman and the bizarre outfit
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the gunman was wearing. is pg&e cutting corners. the new red flag being raised about power lines and trees after the north bay wildfires. santa rosa police, offering a
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reward to whoever can help them find a shooter. they targeted a man inside this car near corby avenue and just in, santa rosa police are offering an award to whoever can help them find a shooter. they targeted this man. the man in the car was shot several times. he's in critical condition. he is expected to survive, though. the police believe the man was specifically targeted but have knocked down a motive yet. the police are looking for clues after a teenager was gunned down near a high school. police say a black car pulled up alongside a group of students, a man got out, and shot a
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17-year-old several times. one witness tells us the shooter was wearing a bizarre outfit, a red and white clown suit. neighbors are stunned. >> it's like, you know, what's happened. it's relatively a nice neighborhood to live in. it's close to things, but yes, when you see something like that your first thought is what's happened to my neighborhood. >> the teen did die from his injuries a short while later. tomorrow an east bay schoolteacher faces a judge for child assault and porning on charges. he teaches at walnut creek intermediate school. detectives say the alleged victims are not students at the school. dropping in drugs. it's a new way to have smuggling illegal drugs into jail.
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santa clara sheriff investigators believes it was used to smuggle drugs into inmates. they want drones to be banned over correctional facilities. the board of supervisors discussions the issue tomorrow. new questions tonight in the wake of the north bay wildfires, the center around pg&e and trees and live power lines. >> they allow one out of 100 trees to violate standards and still pass audits. one out of 100 critics say is one too many. >> our people are well trained. our patrols are terrific, we're on time. everything is going great. >> that's pg&e's ceo over the summer in civil deposition
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testimony over the 2015 fire. she was talking about her company's efforts to prevent power lines from sparking wide line fires. >> we have one of if not the most comprehensive vegetation management programs in the company. >> that's her talking last week, out thing the million dollars they spent on tree removal last year as cal fire probes whether downed line were part of the fire storms. we've learned the pg&e regions have been identified as the greatest risk of wildfires. this internal analysis of five years of wildfire data found the north coast faced three times the danger as the rest of pg&e's region. the attorney claims pg&e was not
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ready for that threat. >> we know their vegetation management program is nothing more than the paper it's written on. >> one problem she says is pg&e auditors gave out passing grades when one out of 100 trees they checked was too close to power lines. while that 99% ratio may sound good. keep in mind pg&e has 55 million trees near its power lines. >> that means over half a million trees out there could fall into power lines and cause a wildfire. that shouldn't be acceptable to anybody. >> bob kay agagen agrees. >> can you not accept any tree that does not -- or any pole or any component that does not meet minimum standards. your safety goes arye. >> worse he said is when it can't reach that 99% compliance rate, pg&e expands its universe
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of trees. >> so what pg&e does when it doesn't pass it cheats, it adds more miles and more miles until it reaches a passing grade. >> pg&e says expanding an audit sample does not jeopardize safety. that's something that kagen can't understand. >> failure occurs at the weakest link in the system. it doesn't matter that there are 100 good poles if that one pole is going to fail. >> pg&e told us that the way they score their audits is statistically valid and follows industry best practice. their method oology provides a y to manageme activities.
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>> if you have a tip, give us a call, you see the number here, or visit our website, >> it's going to be a chilly morning. >> yes. i sense a little excitement there. >> i'm excited. >> she's warming up here hands like it's warm right now. >> i love when it's cocold in the morning. >> a crisp way to start the day we'll have more as well, we begin your tuesday forecast. for you rain lovers out there, we have rain in the extended forecast. let's get into tomorrow morning down as low as 38 in the tri-vall tri-valley, 42 for the south bay, coldest in the north bay at 36. so you may need to start wearing those layers in the morning, it real does work. as you add the layers they trap heat pockets net next to your both. so jacket to start. but throughout tomorrow we're
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going to see quite a bit of warming in the forecast. we going to up a few degrees. mostly sunny skies, relatively light wind. by all accounts a beautiful day. for the peninsula, we have 65 into mission so if you're headed to any of the dream force events, couldn't ask for better weather this time of the year. and napa at 56. so it is dry and sunny through tomorrow but rainfall will be quickly moving into our forecast. by wednesday, 9:30 in the morning storm system offshore, we think showers develop by 7:30 on wednesday night and then it continues until about 6:00 a.m. on thursday. the good news about this storm system, forecast modelles are aligning across the board in terms of the timing and just about everything on the intensity. so you can see there's contrast,
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but right around a tenth to a quarter inch in the south bay. and maybe three quarters of an inch towards santa rosa. not only the rainfall, but also the wind. be ready for this wednesday night 15 to 35 miles per hour gusts possible. that would continue into early thursday morning. so wet and windy as we head into wednesday night and thursday morning. again, try friday and saturday. then a second system approaches by sunday, 8:00 to 11:00 at night. temperatures in san francisco upper 50s and low 60s for the nld valley jacket weather stays, in the 60s as well. this is a nice pattern we're setting up to. we like it in the weather center. >> good to see it, thank you jeff.
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are you having trouble typing? the bug frustrating some iphone users tonight. >> the cast of river dale are here. search party plus we have sarah silverman. do not change the channel, it's good. happening now a drug bust in san francisco, police sooezing 70 pounds of meth, two pounds of heroin, and $46,000 in cash after serving a search warrant. we just tweeted photos of the bust. we're back in a moment. over 100 miles away for treatment. but that may change. the effort to bring care, closer. and as one city prepares people to prevent crime... we investigate a rise in auto thefts across the bay. that )s tomorrow - 4:30 to 7. ♪
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hi, we're alaska airlines. and we don't just fly lumberjacks to glaciers. we fly all kinds of people all kinds of places. like app developers to mexico city. musically inclined novelists to nashville. and pilates instructors to palm springs. sure, we love a good glacier. but we also like a little cocoa butter. from the west coast to the world. alaska airlines. that's how we fly. surveillance photos catch thieves in an upscale east bay town. 3 people entered a homin
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>> r. new at 11:00, take a look caught in the act. three people entered a home in black hawk and swiped a lot of valuables. the description of the suspects matches those in previous burglaries. the black hawk homeowner association is offering a $25,000 reward for any information leading to an arrest. a dramatic rescue in daily city in darkness. a chp helicopter swooped in with night vision goggles. last night a hicker slipped and feel 300 feet, he was surrounded by rocks and water, so rescue crews needed the chopper to get to him. that hiker is expected to be okay. some apple users have come across a bug that automatically corrects lower case i to an a and question mark. it appears to affect people who downloaded the most recent
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software. apple says the bug will be fixed in a future update. so now you have to live with that a. we're back in a moment. stay with us we'll tell you what the warriors did today. for the first time this season
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-- the warriors were held under
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100 points. okay mentally prepare yourself. for the first time this season, the warriors were held under 100 points. >> what were they going to do? less than 100 points. wow. here's the other side. the miami heat scored just 80 points. so everything is good. the warriors hosting the heat. . here's johnson here with a three pointer. his only points of the night. the warriors took over the game in the second half. the warriors beet the heat, 97 to 80. the baseball season is over, the astros are the champions and the off season quicks in. the last place giants don't want to be last place next season. they officially picked up a $12 million contract option on
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madison balm gardner for next season and will bring back pitcher matt moore for $9 million, as well as the panda, papa sandoval will be returning. up next ready to take off. the historic flight leaving sfl tomorrow. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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the airline is retiring its boeing 7-4-7, tomorrow it's the end of an era for united's queen of the sky. they're retiring the bowing 747 tomorrow morning. it leaves at 11:00 a.m. for honolulu, the first route it took back in 1970. the crew is expected to dress in 70-style uniforms. i hear the passengers who booked tickets bought themselves retro outfits. back in time. >> steve: from studio 6b in rockefeller center in the heart of new york city, it's "the tonight show starring jimmy fallon." tonight, join jimmy and his guests -- sarah silverman, the cast of "riverdale",


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