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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  January 23, 2018 5:00am-6:01am PST

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generated out ahead of that or out as we look at the water and the potential of those waves, but the good news is that we are not seeing any of those high waves occurring, but the water still may be a little unpredictable as we go through the day. so you want to make sure that you are prepared as we are going to continue to watch for the possibility of more earthquakes or after shocks throughout the rest of the day. you want to make sure that if there is a tsunami watch issued, you keep the tv on nbc bay area, you also if you are heading out the door go to on your smart device or you are connected to those emergency alerts. you should also ahead of time learn those evacuation routes, if you are near the coastline, if you are within two miles, and plan to leave and then make sure that your family knows what the plans are and pack those valuables and important documents so that they are ready to go in the case that you do have a tsunami watch issued. as of right now it has been canceled and we will continue to monitor this situation as we go
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throughout the day, marcus and laura. let's get to "today in the bay's" pete suratos, he is live in san francisco. pete, what's the warning officials have for people about the water right now? >> reporter: good morning to you guys. as you mentioned, that tsunami watch has been canceled but they still want folks to stay away from the coastline here in san francisco for at least the next 12 hours. right where we're standing near the marina in san francisco you see the water here, this is considered what would be a tsunami zone so folks would have to be prepared to evacuate. as we swing over to our right side, this is where you would see the homes that would have to prepare for an evacuation. let's show you guys that tweet where the department of emergency sent out that tweet saying that the tsunami watch had been canceled but to stay away from the coastline for the next 12 hours. these are the areas that would eventually have to evacuate if a tsunami was to hit. they're always telling folks to prepare in those areas in the event of t you can see the
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marina green in that presidio area is one of those areas. as far as staying prepared, you want to have a go bag ready to go with water and extra clothes, a first aid kit, practice a plan where you should meet, who to contact and get to know your neighbors who could help with what, that would be very helpful. take you back out here live, we're near the water where if there was a tsunami these are some of the areas of concerning, but the important thing to take away is stay prepared and stay away from the coastline for the next 12 hours. live in san francisco, pete suratos for "today in the bay." let's go to "today in the bay's" bob redell now, he is live in santa cruz. there were big expectations as to what could happen if a tsunami would hit our area, we were under a watch. i know you've covered this in the past when we had great concern there for the santa cruz coastline. >> reporter: well, good morning, laura and marcus. santa cruz harbor for patrol agents did go and wake up the people who -- the some people who live on these boats behind
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me in the santa cruz harbor, they were up early this morning once they heard about that watch to wake them up and say, listen, this area is under watch, you hide to be aware in case you might need to leave at a moment's notice. fortunately that did not happen but people in santa cruz are well aware of what happened in 2011 that was after the earthquake in japan, 1,000 miles away caused a tsunami to come into this harbor and it caused a lot of damage, about 17 ships were sunk, more were damaged and the damage estimate was at least $17 million. so this is something that people who were here five, six, seven, eight years ago are familiar with and they know to take these sort of things seriously. i did just get off the phone with the national weather service and piggybacking off of what pete was talking about, the national weather service says that the bay area could expect some sort of, quote, tsunami experience. i'm not talking about a big wave or anything like that, they said it might be a one or two inch wage. we won't be able to see with our own eyes, but over the next six
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to 12 hours there would be increased current activity. if you are a small boat or especially in the golden gag or santa cruz harbor, a kayaker you could see increased current activity. don't go out. wait for the six to 12 hours to pass. if you are a swimmer in the open water don't be surprised if you do go out there that some of those currents might sweep you off into an area you are not used to, bob redell, "today in the bay." meantime in alaska thousands fleeing their homes after that 7.9 earthquake actually struck off the coast. >> "today in the bay's" kris sanchez is live at the usgs in menlo park with the latest there. kris, any reports of damage that we've seen from this? >> reporter: we haven't seen reports of damage but certainly the focus right now has been on getting people to higher ground in alaska. their tsunami watch has been -- rather than tsunami warning has been downgraded to a watch and advisory at this point, but this is what folks woke up to overnight. >> this is not a drill.
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this is an actual tsunami warning. everybody get at least 100 feet above sea level. >> within minutes of that we started seeing video of people taking that advice very seriously. this is video of a line of folks evacuating kodiak, alaska, by car. it is south of anchorage in the gulf of alaska, to getting to higher ground will be critical for those folks. it seemed pretty orderly, but folks are clearly rattled. >> i got dressed and came out to my living room and i have a great view of downtown and, you know, all the traffic goes by my house on the evacuation road at the high school, i'm about two blocks from the high school so i was watching all the people walk.from downtown and coming up and walking across the street and some cars weren't even slowing down to stop to let them
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pass. >> reporter: now, i have a friend and former colleague who is a meteorologist with the national weather service, you can follow me on twitter to see how he's tracking this tsunami threat there in alaska. again, our situation has improved, their situation has improved as well, but still pretty serious this morning. at usgs in menlo park, kris sanchez, "today in the bay." and of course our breaking news coverage continues online for all of us. we've been posting updates all night long. head to nbc bay area for instant coverage. looking live in washington, d.c. this morning, federal workers will be back on the job today across the country. the government is officially back open. now, monday congress approved and the president signed a measure extending the budget deadline by three weeks. for the average worker some are relieved, others are bracing for another standoff, but many d.r.e.a.m.ers aren't happy. >> we are really disappointed, one, to republicans because they
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keep playing games, they keep trying to pass some sort of anti-immigrant policies against not only undocumented students, youth, but families, and second to democrats that they couldn't hold the line. >> we're not pieces of a chess board, we're human beings. >> we will be back to the same situation, which is ridiculous. >> democrats agreed to end the standoff trusting the republican promise to address daca next month. it is 5:07 right now and happening today the santa clara city council is set to discuss the city's rules about marijuana. counselors will study possible fees and taxes. we looked into the existing rules overnight. last year santa clara county temporarily banned recreational growing, selling and use in unincorporated areas. mountain view leaders will discuss plans to hire a consultant company to look at ways to reduce airplane noise. the company specializes in sound mitigation. residents have been frustrated
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with noise from aircraft descending into the mineta airport in san jose. mountain view council members want to approve a move to work with los altos in the hiring of those consultants. we are going to wake up to patchy fog around the bay area. we've been watching that in the north bay. we can see it right now as we get a live look outside in san rafael and the visibility in santa rosa down to a quarter of a mile. you do need to allow extra time to get to work this morning as we are also seeing patchy fog drifting around parts of the tri-valley as well. as we get a look at our high temperatures today, once that fog clears out we get a lot of sunshine and it will be a nice one with highs in the mid to upper 50s and this is our dry day before some more rain approaches the bay area. i will be tracking that and giving you some timing coming up in a few minutes, but mike gets you out on the roads right now. we have fog and a crash both in the north bay but separated on the map here. we're looking at anywhere south
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of the bay bridge, look at that, easy drive, clear view as far as our road weather sensors did go. it's up here 780 the connector between interstate 80 and 680 eastbound is where the crash was reported at south hampton road. that's not a major commute spot but it does involve a tanker truck so i'm following that. sounds like everything is off to the center divide and a distraction. also a distraction the fog in the north bay, rio vista, then the break where the crash is and more fog over through novato. that will be an issue for highway 37 and 101 this morning. light traffic flow throughout the area keeps things moving well. despite that fog we have these travel times down through to the golden gate bridge for 101 without delay. thank you, mike. it is 5:09 right now. coming up, tsunami watch canceled for the california coastline, we are tracking the latest for you after that 7.9 quake hit overnight in alaska. in business news netflix says it costs tens of millions of dollars to cancel certain
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shows. when "today in the bay" continues. kari weather tease
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who are these people? the energy conscious people among us say small actions can add up to something... humongous. a little thing here. a little thing there. starts to feel like a badge maybe millions can wear. who are all these caretakers, advocates too? turns out, it's californians it's me and it's you. don't stop now, it's easy to add to the routine. join energy upgrade california and do your thing. good tuesday morning. right now at 5:12 we wake up to some mostly clear skies. as we take a live look outside in fremont already busy out
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there. we're getting an early start. our temperatures throughout the morning will be in the mid 40s, a very cool start, but all that sunshine warms us up into the upper 50s by this afternoon. this is our day to get out and enjoy. by tomorrow afternoon we will see some rain moving in. i will have the timeline of that coming up at 5:18. and a great drive throughout the east bay, no major problems including from the east bay to the peninsula. there's your westbound commute. enjoy it, folks, we will have changes i'm sure over the next 20 minutes. thank you very much. 5:13. back to our breaking news this morning. a 7.9 quake hit kodiak, alaska. so far no reports of damage from the area, but the quake led to a tsunami watch for california. it's now been canceled, however, there is a warning from san francisco officials for people to stay away from the water. there still could be some high waves expected. 5:13 right now, the president has slapped new
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tariffs on washing machines and solar panels. >> scott mcgrew joins us now. you warned us this could happen. >> it was a couple weeks back, solar panels and washing machines certainly two different things but both getting new tariffs for the same reason. worries that foreign countries are dumping those products on our market. so foreign made solar pams and foreign made washing machines will get a lot more expensive. in the washing machine category that would be brands like lg or samsung. whirlpool machines will not have the extra fee because that's an american company. candidate donald trump also promise add tariff on chinese made goods like iphones but so far president trump has not done so. looks like an interesting day on wall street. futures the best that investors make turned south overnight. we do start at new records for the dow and the nasdaq. >> it's earning season when companies open their books to investors and netflix is king, or queen. it turned in phenomenal numbers sending netflix shares skyrocketing overnight.
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netflix says it will spend as much as $8 billion on new content. now, as a company it's now worth more than $100 billion. it did say cancellation of certain shows cost the company about $40 million with an "m." now, it didn't name the shows but we will go ahead and suspect this is one of them after kevin spacey ran into so much trouble, but again, netflix is a company now worth $100 billion that puts it in a whole new silicon valley category. >> sure. >> not as big as google, google it eight times as big as that, but still amazing. >> it's come a long way from remember getting the discs in the mail and having to send them back. very interesting. >> yeah. >> exactly. that's old school. kids don't even remember vhs anymore. quarter after 5:00 right now. when it comes to lucky dogs, this one owes some real heroes. it's life. this is dramatic body camera video from early january showing first responders in atlanta locating a dog, it was
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unresponsive inside a fully engulfed apartment complex. a police officer pulled it to safety and a firefighter gave the dog some oxygen, the dog now fully recovered, ready for adoption. by the way, firefighters have named him smoky. look at that. they do remarkable work and they save these animals and, you know -- >> it is. >> isn't that cool? >> smoky, i'm sure that dog is like, yeah, that's funny, guys. >> my name is rover. you've been tracking fog this morning. >> we have had some fog rolling by, especially in the north bay, i'm starting to see it in san francisco, too. as we go throughout the day we are going to see that fog clearing and some sunshine in the forecast. it's going to be a nice one. let's get a look at what i'm seeing on the camera. you can see it drift on by, you can see it moving across the camera right now. really cool start. as we get out the door on this tuesday morning and as you get a look at that seven-day forecast at the bottom of the screen some
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sunshine rolling through, but by tomorrow that rain will be returning. so we will be tracking that. look at how cool it is now in the north bay, napa 35 degrees and it's 41 degrees in livermore. we will also have to watch out with that fog, there may be a few icy spots on the roadways, those elevated bridges and roads. but in the south bay with our temperatures in the mid 40s no worries about that, we've also had mainly clear visibility and then with that sunshine our temperatures gradually warm up as you head out for lunch we will be at 55 degrees. our high temperatures today reaching up to 59, in livermore 57 degrees there, oakland 57 degrees and 54 today in san francisco. here is our next round of rain, we can see the swirl of the clouds, that rain that's moving into the pacific northwest and this will be sliding southward along the coast and making it into our north bay by late tomorrow afternoon. then it continues to make its way into the south bay as we go into the evening. so here is a look at the
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timeline, by 2:00 it's moving through santa rosa and napa and approaching san francisco and then it makes its way into the peninsula as well as the east bay by that evening commute. so it's going to be a soggy one tomorrow and you do have to plan accordingly and then scattered showers continue into thursday as well. we are looking at the possibility of getting at least a half inch of rain and then seeing some higher amounts in a few spots where we do get those heavier downpours. while we get heavy rain we will have the potential of getting up to two feet of snow in parts of the sierra from kang vale down to twin bridges and higher elevations getting a pretty good amount of snow. the rest of our forecast clears out in time for the weekend, that includes the sierra, too. if you are going that way for this weekend you will have fresh powder on the ground and then we're going to feel our temperatures warming up here for the inland areas, chilly start, but seeing those highs into the mid 60s. we will talk more about the sierra coming up in about 20 minutes, but mike is saying it's really calm for most of our
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commuters. >> that's right. right now really calm, we're just getting started. you see that volume build in places like the bay bridge. i want to show you south bay all the way into the city, through oakland and the east bay an easy flow of traffic. the only thing that stands out on our maps is this fog throughout the north bay as kari is talking about. colder temperatures and the fog could result in that mist freezing on the roadway, but no reports of any problems from chp up there just yet. 780 eastbound that crash reported in the center divide. if you connect from interstate 80 over to 680 and the benicia bridge those are the only folks concerned with that and of course the semi-truck driver. an easy drive throughout the east bay approaching the bay bridge, no problems over through emeryville and no delays for these transit systems. 45 trains now on time for bart, actually probably more by now. a live look shows you the view from the toll plaza side over in towards san francisco. an easy flow, picking up the volume and there is a backup
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for the workday, guys. >> that's a beautiful shot, though. coming up next on "today in the bay," alarming new findings what an investigation into the oroville dam is revealing about previous problems with the structure. a new report looking 5
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decades .. shows concerns about the integrity of the oroville
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welcome back to "today in the bay" on this tuesday morning. 5:22. a new report looking back five decades shows concerns about the integrity of the oroville dam, even while it was being built. half a billion dollars in repairs is being done on the spillway after last winter's heavy rains. according to the sacramento bee workers in 1966 raised concerns about eroding rock where the massive spillway now sits. contractors at the time advised california's water resources department to find a stronger rock, but that advice they say was ignored. developing now, one person is reportedly dead after a volcano eruption and avalanche at a japanese ski resort. a web cam captured a view of the falling debris and smoke. several people were trapped in the avalanche. all but one were rescued. at least ten others were hurt. new this morning, the new commissioner of the food and drug administration is talking about america's opioid crisis. in a brand-new interview with
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nbc news he says the fda is not to blame for the epidemic. >> could the fda have stopped this? >> i don't know that we could have stopped it. i think a lot of people didn't do what they needed to to in the past or we wouldn't be in the situation we are in right now. >> how big a problem do you think this opioid crisis is? >> i think that this is one of the biggest public health crises facing this country. >> ever? >> ever. >> come say the government could and should have stopped this from becoming a national health crisis. hear more from this interview at 7:00 a.m. on the "today" show right after "today in the bay." continuing coverage on the(% deadly flu epidemic sweeping the nation. this morning we know it's responsible for dozens of deaths here in california. ek,bq]s say it's already five times more deadly than last year and so far there is no signs of it letting up. the cdc reports this year it's been deadly for even healthy people. not just the elderly or those are weak immune systems. at least 74 seemingly healthy
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people under the age of 65 have died due to the outbreak. that is including 25 right here in the bay area. doctors maintain the best defense to combat the flu is to get a flu vaccine. 5:25. happening right now, academy award nominations are being announced in los angeles. we're monitoring this behind the scenes and we will bring you the upcoming news just a little bit later. of course, big time right there, you can see production design up right now, beauty and the beast, blade runner, darkest hour, dunkirk. >> dunkirk. >> and the shape of water. i haven't seen any of those. >> it's always good to see the nominations coming out. coming up next on "today in the bay," breaking news that we continue to follow this morning, a now canceled tsunami watch for our bay area coastline after a massive quake hit off the coast of alaska. they were evacuating there. we have live team coverage with what you need to know.
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but first a live look at the bay bridge toll plaza this morning as your commute gets on the way. a full check of your weather and traffic coming up next.
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coverage.. we )re monitoring our coastline
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this m we continue to follow breaking news on this tuesday morning on "today in the bay" where we're monitoring our own coastline. a live look at the santa cruz harbor where we have reporters stationed because there was a tsunami watch issued this morning. it has since been canceled within the last hour. officials are still warning people to stay away from the water. it comes after a massive 7.9 earthquake hit off the coast of alaska early this morning. we have team coverage for you this morning, a very busy tuesday. we actually came on early here on "today in the bay" to give you the latest information. good morning, thanks for joining us, i'm laura garcia. >> and i'm marcus washington. first we want to go to meteorologist kari hall with the latest on the quake as well as i see right there you're tracking that with that watch is now over. >> right, the watch has been canceled for the bay area. we do not have any warnings along the canadian coast, either. there was a 7.9 magnitude earthquake so that was a really strong earthquake that happened underwater in the gulf of alaska.
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what happens when you have that earthquake, it displaces the water, we start to see waves coming out after that happens and it takes several hours for it to make it down to the bay area if it happens in this area. so the good news is that we haven't seen any high waves, a lot of waves have been very low, but we will still have some unpredictable currents as we go through the day. that's what we will have to watch for. also we are not going to have some inundation for today, but it's definitely a good reminder that you do need to prepare and that you should have a plan already in place. so how to prepare if the tsunami watch is issued, you should make sure you stay tuned to nbc bay area or if you are leaving you go to, you have those alerts on your phone, if you had the nbc bay area app and make sure well ahead of time you learn those evacuation routes if you are within a couple of miles within the coast and that you do plan to leave once that tsunami warning is issued.
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once again, all has been canceled, but it is a good idea to make sure you are prepared well ahead of that and that you have packed any valuables or important documents to take with you. we do not once again have any watches or warnings, but it's something we will continue to monitor as we go throughout the day. >> thanks so much, kari. a live look from our san francisco camera, you can see the san francisco bay and alcatraz, about an hour ago sf officials warned people to stay away from the water for at least the next 12 hours. that's probably going until about 5:00 p.m. today. now, the concerned areas with the shoreline areas, the marinas and the harbors may have dangerous, strong and unpredictable currents. our pete suratos is taking us to san francisco department of emergency management, he will have more later on in the next half hour for us. we also want to check in with "today in the bay's" bob redell, he is live in santa cruz this morning. we sent him to that area because when we originally got this watch, tsunami watch in the bay
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area, that was a big concern back in 2011, the santa cruz harbor there suffered a lot of damage from the tsunami we had back then. >> reporter: correct. good morning, laura and marcus. the santa cruz harbor patrol officers did notify the folks who live on the boats in the harbor, they did notify them to be prepared to evacuate. fortunately that watch has been lifted so these people are safe. this is something that people around here, especially those who have been here for the past several years, something they take seriously because of what happened back in 2011. you will recall that japan had a magnitude 9.0 earthquake off its coastline thousands of miles away but sent a tsunami wave to the west coast that sunk 17 vessels here in the santa cruz harbor, it damaged dozens more and caused at least $17 million in damage to the harbor infrastructure. so that's something that's in recent memory for a lot of people here. when they hear tsunami watch
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this is something that perks their ears up, again, fortunately this is not a threat here. we did speak, though, with the national weather service this morning. they said at the bay area and northern california coastline could expect some sort of, quote, tsunami experience. we are talking about a wave of 1 to 2 inches in height, but the bigger issue is stronger current activi activity, especially in the golden gate area or the harbor or off the coastline here. if you are a small boater, kayaker or swimmer something to keep in mind, especially if you are a swimmer, those increased currents could sweep you off into areas that you are not used to. reporting live in santa cruz, bob redell, "today in the bay". now, our breaking news coverage continues online. we've been posting updates all night long. head over to for that instant coverage. continuing coverage this morning of a police standoff that is now finally over in the south bay. this is video we just got in within the last hour.
5:34 am
broken glass. law enforcement officers were inside the room when it all played out. it actually started on sunday night at the wyndham hotel in south san jose. we brought it to you all morning long on "today in the bay." yesterday police were there for a man they say was wanted on felony warrants. so far no update from how the incident ended, but last night people who were evacuated from nearby rooms told us they were unnerved. >> just said i've got a reservation here, i'd rather not stay, actually, and they were very understanding and set me up with a room at one of the other hotels. police so far not saying anything about the suspect and there is no confirmation about whether someone else was inside that room. we're reaching out to police for you this morning, hope to have an update for you later this morning. 5:34. a homeless window washer is hailed a hero this morning after stepping in to save a woman being choked from behind. police released from dramatic surveillance video of the attack
5:35 am
you can see right there. now, this happened last week. jesse green is homeless and often washes car windows for tips. this is at a gas station in san francisco's tenderloin. police say that suspect attacked the store clerk totally unprovoked striking her several times and getting her in a choke hold. green was outside of that store, he sprang into action along with a customer. >> her face was purple. i mean, he was really -- he was really -- he was -- he was doing the man thing on a woman, on this little teeny thing. she was little teeny fragile. >> wow. now, police caught up with the suspect and arrested him. he now faces multiple charges. police say if green had not noticed what was going on, the story could have ended far worse. we have new details for you this morning on how a man accused of brutally killing an antioch teenager evaded arrest for decades. last month we told you that police arrested mitchell bacum
5:36 am
in the oldest open cold case on record in antioch. he is charged with abducting, raping and killing a 14-year-old girl back in 1980. all new this morning, the east bay times reports that investigators had once cleared him as a suspect. the paper cites recently released court records showing bacum took a polygraph test which showed inconclusive results. the paper says that bacum told police that he was at a bar at the time of the killing and his aunt vouched for that alibi. he has not yet entered a plea in the case. happening today in santa clara county talks of building a new jail and just how many prisoners it will hold. now, this is video of the main jail on west leading in san jose. almost a year ago the board of supervisors approved a seven story building to be constructed in the same area but since then measures have been taken to reduce the amount of prisoners in the county.
5:37 am
a lot of buzz at los gatos june if i had schools. their superintendent has been fired. they voted unanimously to let dr. diana abbati let go. they say, quote, this is the right step for the district at this time. abbati will be on paid leave for the next 90 days. according to reports last year, the teachers union said they had no confidence in dr. abbati's leadership over fiscal issues. it's illegal to have pot delivered in fremont, but someone had it delivered anyway and they were arrested, but not for ordering recreational pot. robbing the delivery guy was the reason. fremont police say that the delivery person arrived saturday, the 23-year-old man who ordered the pot told that person that he had a gun and stole $200. the suspect used his actual cellphone to order, so cops were easily able to find him. since all pot sales are done in
5:38 am
cash, there are major concerns that robberies like this at pot stores could rise. new this morning, california is one of a handful of states with traffic laws that make people safer. that is the word from a group called advocates for highway and auto safety. this is a live look at 101 in palo alto. the group put out a map highlighting certain states. a lot of red and yellow there. that's considered bad. green, look at california, means the state is significantly advanced in adopting safety laws. these include laws that encourage the use of seat belts, motorcycle helmets and child safety seats. th prevent teenage drivers and distracted and impaired driving. >> go i have it to california for this one. >> great for the green on the california maps, but not right here at the bay bridge toll plaza. it would be red and orange. you will see that in a second. the backup because the metering lights are on, that would be the speed sensors and the metering lights still keeping things on the span moving. we will show you the map, show
5:39 am
you the backup on the approach coming off the of the berkeley, it's just past west grand to the metering lights and an easy drive into san francisco. no big surprises there. south of the bay bridge we are looking at an seeingy drive, green sensors except for a little patch of 101 right behind where it says san jose, typical for northbound 101 just north of 680 right at this time. the north bay, the only thing other than the green sensors is that orange blob there, that's where the fog registers over in rio vista, north of pittsburg and the novato area. kari has been talking about temperatures over there. >> and rain coming later this week, right? >> we will have rain moving in tomorrow, it will be out of here for the weekend which is great news. as we make weekend plans it's going to be a nice one. cold to start during the morning and in the mid 50s for the high along the coast, the bay will be at 59 degrees and 61 degrees inland. sunday is also going to be beautiful, a lot of sun, reaching up to 65 degrees, 62
5:40 am
degrees for the bay and 58 for the coast. if you are going to monterey on friday it's going to be 56 degrees, saturday 61 degrees, a jacket or nice warmzsd# sweat along the beach at least we will @r(t&háhp &hc% sunshine. russian river weekend, going there to tour some of the vineyards and enjoying that sun, it will be in the upper 50s on saturday and sunday will be the warmest day, 64 degrees. if you are getting out of town going to l.a. we are looking at some highs in the upper 70s by the end of the weekend. so it will be very nice there. for yosemite a nice cool weekend after getting some fresh snow on some of the upper sierra and the higher elevations on saturday, 45 degrees and on sunday the clouds return with a high of 50 degrees. let me know what you're doing this weekend. what is going on? you may see your events or a place you're headed to featured right here coming up at 5:38 tomorrow morning.
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i'm @karihallweather on twitter. i have a look at today's temperature trend coming up in about three minutes. coming up, we continue to following that breaking news out of alaska, that 7.9 earthquake that hit alaska off of its shores leading to a tsunami watch here in california. now, that has been canceled but there is still warnings about the waters. meanwhile, the government is back up for now. all based on a promise. we will take a look when "today in the bay" continues.
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morning. as you get ready to head out the door a chilly start. let's go to cupertino. we will have temperatures in the mid 40s through 9:00 and then at lunch time 55 degrees with our highs today up to 59. all clear skies, sunshine today but clouds moving in tomorrow ahead of some rain. i will have the details on that, the timeline is coming up at about 5:49. and here we're looking at the fog in the north bay which is presenting an issue. we also have the slowing out of valle vallejo. we will see how those two factors combine for the morning commute. a live shot coming up. back to our breaking news right now. a 7.9 earthquake hit near kodiak, alaska. so far no reports of damage from alaska, but that quake led to a tsunami watch here in california. that has since then canceled,
5:45 am
however, there are warnings from san francisco officials for people to stay away from the coast lines, that's up until about 5:00 today. >> right. there'só$vz just concerns there could be high waves coming there, but that watch is now canceled which is good news for us here. quarter to 6:00 right now, other headlines we're following this morning, the news of neal diamond never touring again sinking in for his fans. >> music legend fans are upset about this. he is retiring from touring after being diagnosed with parkinson's disease. he canceled his anniversary tour yesterday. he was set to play in australia and new zealand in march. the artist who turns 77 years old tomorrow says that traveling was too hard on his body, however, he will continue to write, record and pursue new projects. neal diamond appeared at the sap center in july. >> a lot of people talking about this as well, we post this had story on our facebook page. really heart felt comments have been pouring in.
5:46 am
everybody probably has a neal diamond favorite song. it's been a while since we've heard from bill cosby after a sexual abuse case ended in a mistrial. last night cosby performed in philadelphia. nbc cameras caught up with him after the show. >> it was absolutely a lot, a lot of fun. a lot of fun. >> cosby enjoyed a night of performing. he told some jokes to a small group at a jazz club for about an hour. cosby also performed with the band, played the drums even. cosby isn't off the hook from those sexual abuse accusations, he's saying that he will retire in april. >> retried. >> i'm sorry, retried in april. we are getting an idea right now how many people marched in the largest women's march here in the bay area. organizers estimate 70,000 people came out saturday in oakland alone and in san francisco it's estimated more
5:47 am
than 100,000 people marched there. marchers were also held in san jose and walnut creek and we are awaiting those numbers. the government is back open for business. >> scott mcgrew joins us now. president trump quick to make fun of those who came to a compromise. >> he says democrats caved. we will get to that in a minute. the white house issued this picture showing the president signing the document, sent to him by congress, which officially reopens the government after a three-day closure, but other than this honestly the president did very little. this was all handled in the senate. in fact, senators on both sides are criticizing the white house because it's been so unclear where the president stands on all of this. he turned down several deals he said he was going to say yes to. as chuck schumer says, the president can't take yes for an answer. trump meanwhile enjoying himself online, even crazy jim acosta of fake news cnn agrees trump world
5:48 am
and white house dancing in end zone. trump wins again. schumer and dems cave, gambled and lost. thank you for your honesty, jim, is the latest tweet. now, our senators harris and feinstein voted against reopening the government. harris says the vote was fool hardy, feinstein says she was disappointed. 16 democrats and two republicans voted against reopening the government. cory booker and kerr stin gillibrand both voted no, they are both democrats and we suspect they will both make a run for president at some point. the big story now is does mitch mcconnell keep his word and allow a vote on immigration reform and restoring daca. and even if he does, can the daca bill get through the house? 85% of americans support daca, but many in the house do not. we're taking a look at everything that's going on, it seems to be happening faster and faster in washington. we're covering it all on twitter. you can follow me on twitter, i'm @scottmcgrew.
5:49 am
right now, kari monitoring what's going on weatherwise. we have fog in the area. is it going to clear out? >> it will clear out i think by late morning for the north bay and then for the rest of the day we are going to get some sunshine. it's go going to be a nice one, this is our day in between the storms. as we get a live look outside right now in san jose, it is mostly clear start here. we haven't seen any fog yet, it's 4 degre7 degrees, we will to 59 degrees today and it will be mostly clear in the south bay. we've seen the fog farther to the north. later this afternoon it will be a sunny and pleasant day, but then tomorrow that rain will be back in the bay area. here is a look at our high temperatures today, up to 56 degrees in antioch and napa and 54 degrees in san francisco and then as we get started this morning you are looking out the window getting dressed and standing in front of the closet like what do i wear today. just make sure it's something warm. so a hat and a coat definitely a good idea. with all of that sunshine today
5:50 am
you will need sunglasses and it will be a day you can pick any shoes you want, you don't have to worry about stepping in puddles today, but tomorrow back to rain boots. we are going to see this storm system moving in, here is the center of the low pressure, we can see the clouds and all this starting to move out ahead of the cold front. seeing the scattered showers, by the time it moves south into the north bay that will be early tomorrow afternoon. we will start to see the rain moving into san jose by about noon and then through san francisco into the east bay by the evening commute. scattered showers continue into thursday and then it clears out in time for friday. we will be up to 51 degrees in san francisco, a cool weekend for the coastline, but mostly sunny. inland areas will get a little milder as each day goes along, we will be in the mid 60s by the end of the weekend into early next week. as we get an update on the morning commute from mike, you've been showing some places where we've been slowing down. >> because of fog as well as the traffic volume.
5:51 am
over here this volume picking up a bit, this is san rafael and you see the glow for the lights. both factors may play in later but right now you're okay. look at the map at the top of your screen, san rafael right there at the border where that fog rolls in, that's where our camera is, much denser fog being reported all morning north of there and also affecting highway 37 now, the fog has pushed over toward vallejo affecting i-80 and the build towards west 37. still a half hour from highway 29 over toward lake view highway and a little more toward the novato side. the buildup at the bay bridge because the metering lights are on. a little slowly down through san leandro into hayward. a new crash as you approach south 880 and the dumbarton bridge. we are looking at the south bay with no major problems, a little build for north 101 at 680, a little build for the travel time. and a quick look at palo alto, the peninsula is clear. so easy past university.
5:52 am
back to you. >> looks good. thank you very much, mike. >> coming up on "today in the bay," new this morning, the inspiration for an american icon passes away, the original rosy from rifter dies. the connection to the bay area. happening now, breaking news out of the philippines. 40,000 people have been told to flee as the volcano spews lava. the volcano has been active for the last week. philippines have 22 active volcanoes. anything news on the future of transportation. a passenger pod will be ready by the end of the summer. the first rides could happen within three years.
5:53 am
5:54 am
5:55 am
inspiration for )rosie the riveter )-- has died. welcome backs, everyone. 5:55 right now. the woman identified as the inspiration for rosy the riveter has died. naomi parker frailly died over the weekend in washington state. she was 96 years old. multiple women have been identified as possible models for the iconic female world war ii factory worker. back in 2016 a scholar identified frailly as rosy. that scholar said a photo of her work was the basis for the
5:56 am
widely seen poster with the kpgs "we can do it." she was born in tulsa, oklahoma, but after the attack on pearl harbor she went to the work at the station in alameda. she was among one of the first women to do war work there. happening today the man accused of that deadly terror attack in new york last fall is due back in court. he was accused of driving a rental truck down a bike and pedestrian path killing eight people. he pleaded not guilty to murder and other charges. today's hearing is in preparation for trial. though no date has been set. developing this morning, el dorado county sheriff's deputies are searching for a man who fell into a water pipe yesterday afternoon. deputies say a man fell into an untreated raw water pipe. they haven't been able to find him and overnight they transitioned from a rescue operation to a recovery mission. people who live in several communities were asked to stop
5:57 am
using water during the search but emergency personnel decided overnight that it was okay to resume water treatment plant operations. a spokesperson for the el dorado irrigation district explains what might have happened. >> the man must have gained entrance in some way and got up on this -- on this pipe and -- and in some way entered -- entered the pipe through a vent. >> the water district is still asking customers to conserve water as the search continues. happening today, pushing to help homeless youth. san francisco senator scott wiener and a california assembly woman will introduce a new bill helping the rising number of young homeless people in california. this comes on the same day as homeless youth will meet with members of the assembly. people trying to get rid of stickers, signs and messages that many say are racist. the latest stickers on a stop
5:58 am
sign making a political statement about immigration. there have been many others in recent months like many -- many with phases like alt-right and opposing equality. people who live there are fighting the vand ligs. coalition against hate is planning a march to city hall today. what are we hoping that we can accomplish? bring this to the attention of the people who have the power to do something about it. >> city leaders say they have removed 39 signs categorized as offensive since november, but residents say that doesn't include the hundreds of times they've removed signs on their own. new this morning, teenagers do not get happiness from their smart phones. that's according to a new study out of san diego state. researchers say teens who spent more time on social media texting or video chatter were unhappier than those who played sports and spent time with friends. the happiest teens used digital media less than an hour per day. researchers believe screen time leads to unhappiness rather than
5:59 am
the other way around. right now at 6:00 breaking news as tsunami watch has been canceled for the west coast after a massive earthquake in alaska overnight. >> tsunami warning, please evacuate immediately. >> and this morning we have team coverage, the quick response from emergency officials along the entire west coast including here in the bay area. plus the reason you're still being asked to stay away from the water, even as a tsunami watch is now over. "today in the bay" continues right now. and a very good tuesday morning to you. thanks for joining us. i'm laura garcia. >> and i'm marcus washington. we begin with that breaking news this morning. a massive 7.9 magnitude earthquake hitting off the coast of alaska overnight forcing thousands of people to evacuate. here you can see those cars lined up trying to move away from the coastal areas.
6:00 am
>> here is a map to show you where that earthquake actually hit. it happened in the gulf of alaska not far from anchorage. a tsunami warning was issued for parts of alaska and canada overnight. a tsunami watch was issued for the entire west coast but as i mentioned it has since been canceled. however, officials in san francisco are still warning people to stay away from the water for the next 12 hours. >> we have full team coverage this morning. so you are prepared as you head out the door. we want to begin with meteorologist kari hall to really explain how the tsunami watch actually works, kari. >> as soon as there is an earthquake, especially in an area that may cause some waves moves out away from that earthquake and where that epicenter occurred, we are given a heads up and the timing of when it could arrive. when that tsunami watch was issued we were on alert as you could have a short amount of time away from where that earthquake occurred to actually prepare and mov


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