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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  April 18, 2018 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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of the bay, no need for any options, good stuff there, palo alto peninsula, no delay here nimitz through oakland is the only delay we have northbound. >> thank you very much, mike, it's 5:00 right now and new this morning, the bay area may be known for its beautiful weather but it's air quality is getting some bad marks. a live look at san francisco at san jose this morning. a new report by the american lung association says the bay area is in the top ten for the worst air quality in the nation. kris sanchez joins us live. several california cities are topping this list. >> reporter: yeah, we're not exactly in good company here, laura. 11 of the top 25 most polluted cities in the country are right here in california. let's take a look at where we rank -- check out your screen as you brush your teeth this morning. san francisco, san jose, oakland, bay area, we are number six in short term particle
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pollution from cars and dirty engines and smoke from fireplaces and wildfires. and number ten in the same kind of pollution but the kind that sticks around year round. we're 13th in ozone pollution, which scientists say is a result of warmer temperatures and climate change. and now these rankings reflect what was happening dwbetween 20 and 2016 but you don't have to look that far back and have to be a scientist to notice this. you might remember all of the spare the air days last winter and hot days the year before. 2016 brought the second warmest temperatures ever in history. if you have heart disease or asthma, chances are your doctor has probably talked with you about pollution being a contributing factor. there is some good news here, california has made strides in reducing pollution but the suggestion to continue car pooling when you can and respecting the spare the air days and when it's time to buy a
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new car, consider something low emission. kris sanchez, "today in the bay." 5:01. developing this morning, new stories emerging about that woman who died after a southwest airplane's engine exploded and the people who risked their lives trying to save her. we brought you live breaking coverage during yesterday's midday newscast. this happened on a flight from new york to dallas. investigators say that the engine's fan blade broke apart mid air, shattering the window and nearly sucked one passenger from the plane. jennifer rea or den and wells fargo executive and mother of two died from her injuries, others who tried to save her talked about the terrifying experience. >> wonderful man, emt and passenger managed to get her back inside the plane and lay her down and started cpr. we continued that for about 20 minutes. we landed while we were still doing cpr.
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>> that plane made an emergency landing in philadelphia. this is the first commercial aviation death since the asiana crash at sfo in 2009. it's 5:03. the red cross helping more than 100 people with no place to live at yesterday's fire at the large san jose apartment building. it happened yesterday morning on mclaughlin. four people were taken to the hospital but firefighters say no one suffered serious injuries. at this point the entire building is off limits. also new this morning, san francisco supervisors are reportedly upping the ante in the scandal surrounding radiation data collected at the former hunter's point naval ship yard. examiner reports supervisor cohen called for a special hearing. back in 2014 nbc bay area's investigative unit first reported the navy was aware data collected at the super fund site had been mishandled. nearly all data collected there over more than a decade may have
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been falsified. our investigative unit is still following the story including new information by a watchdog unit. head to to learn more about the most recent findings. new this morning, more criticism for california. the president tweeting overnight, there is a revolution going on in california so many sanctuary areas want out of this ridiculous crime infested and breeding concept. jerry brown is trying to back out of the national guard at the border but the people of the state are not happy. want security and safety now. we're also learning about the security meeting between the trump administration and north korea. the president confirms his choice for secretary of state outgoing cia director mike pompeo apparently met 101 with kim jong-un earlier this month. >> remembering former first lady barbara bush. the nation continues to mourn her death.
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she was 92 years old when she passed away yesterday. >> and this morning people are lying flowers outside of the family's neighborhood in houston. tomorrow she'll lay in repose in houston so the general public can pay their final good-byes. jay gray is live there now with a look back at her remarkable life. jay? >> reporter: yeah, marcus, what a life well lived. we are hearing people from both sides of the political aisle and others across the country and around the world remembering barbara bush, celebrating that life. someone that many believe was the most beloved and respected first lady in our nation's history. >> she was the matriarch of a political dynasty, barbara pierce bush was the wife of the 41st president and mother of the 43rd. another son served as governor of florida and made his own run
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for the white house. her quick wit and no nonsense deep meaner made bush a popular first lady. >> at last i guess a chance to prove i'm more than a pretty face. she was a force for a number of causes like literacy and aids and children's issues driven in part by the loss of a daughter to leukemia. with her husband bush raised more than $1 billion for charity after leaving the white house. >> my wife barbara, the silver fox, former president george h.w. bush publicly referred to his wife barb as the reason for his success. she was fiercely protective of and loyal to her family. >> at the end of your life, you will never regret not having passed one more test, winning one more verdict or not closing one more deal. you will regret time not spent with a husband, a child, a friend or parent. >> she often joked that she had
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been lucky to marry so well while friends and fans say it was the country that was lucky to have such a gracious and caring woman as first lady and in her later years affectionately known as america's grandmother. you know, george and barbara bush married for 73 degrees and they describe that time as a love affair. we're told by family members that the president was at her bedside yesterday holding her hand for hours until she passed away. she will lie in state at saint martin's church on friday here in houston. the public getting a chance to say one final good-bye saturday that will be a private funeral and then barbara bush makes one final trip from here in houston to college station, texas, where she'll be buried on the grounds of the george bush presidential library on the campus of texas a and m. marcus and laura, what a lady. >> i know, she really was.
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i think she made everybody smile, very nice. nice tribute there. thank you very much. right now at 5:08, a chilly start and morning drive through the east bay will be mostly cloidy and temperatures in the upper 40s but reaching into the upper 50s by lunchtime. and we'll be tracking this system moving in with more clouds throughout the day and slight chance of rain as well. i'll have details on that. mike has a look at the improvement for oakland. >> it doesn't look like it, but you will have improvement over the next couple of minutes. there you can see the flashing lights and traffic moving north of high. the construction has completely cleared from north 880 so that recovery should be just about ten minutes and no other real delays for freeways around the bay. back to you. >> thank you very much, mike. it's 5:08, coming up next on "today in the bay," 112 years later, the bay area still remembers. this morning the city of san francisco honoring the lives lost in the 1906 earthquake.
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>> we're live at the ceremony getting under way at the exact moment the quake struck. plus -- >> it definitely doesn't get better and whole lot more pool time instead of river time. >> coming up at 5:25, the popular northern california river with dangerous amounts of bacteria as we inch closer to summer. the warning health officials want you to know about. the bay e
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lives lost in the 19-06 earthquake in san francisco.. happening now in san
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francisco, the bay area remembering the lives lost in the 1906 earthquake. they are gathered there at lottas fountain as they have done every year for past 112 years. let's take a brief moment of silence. >> it is now 5:12, what do you say we all start san francisco and let's do it together. >> it only takes a tiny -- ♪ ♪ my home upon the hill i find i love you still ♪ ♪ i've been away but now i'm back to tell you san francisco open your golden gates ♪ ♪ outside your door
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♪ san francisco -- ♪ >> they do that every single year and you notice the women there dressed in the traditional clothing from 1906. we've covered this for so many years, 112 years since the 1906 earthqua earthquake. at one point they had some of the actual survivors there but they were elderly and now there's none left but the tribute continues this morning. we'll check back and pete suratos is there live as well. nice to see the tribute in san francisco. >> it is, certainly. >> 5:13 right now. a little more than 2002 weetwo nasa launches a mars explorer called the inside lander. this is among its mission to
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study the earthquakes on mars. happening today, scientists connected to that project will hold a public forum in san francisco. today's event is being tied to the great quake anniversary. >> now to more business and tech news headlines on this wednesday morning. tesla aiming to make model 3s around the clock to reach its goal. >> and for the rest of the news about the bell we turn to kate rogers live at the cnbc world headquarters. >> good morning, kate. >> >> hi, marcus and laura, good morning. wall street will try to build on the gains despite a disappointing earnings report from ibm. rallied on the back of strong quarterly results from netflix and hit a record high on today's watch list earnings from banking giant morgan stanley and american express. the dow closing up 213 points to 24,786 and nasdaq jumping to 7,281. tesla will switch factories to working around the clock as it
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aims to produce 6,000 model 3s by the end of june. that's according to elon musk exts mail that was confirmed by cnbc. musk says tesla will halt production for several days to upgrade equipment. and the irs is giving americans an extra day to their tax returns after the website went down on deadline day. businesses or individuals with a payment or filing due tuesday will have until midnight wednesday. no additional paperwork is necessary to get the extension and the irs site which crashed amid filings appeared to be back to normal yesterday. back over to you. >> a little extra time for procrastinators. it's quarter after 5:00. happening today the spacex falcon 9 rocket launch that was postponed on monday is now scheduled to blast off tonight. it's carrying a $337 million nasa satellite and it will take off from cape canaveral just before 10:00 our time. nasa says the satellite will work on finding thousands of new
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planets outside our solar system. >> at 5:15, we want to talk about giving back to the community. that was the theme of yesterday's big event in san jose. >> it was a lot of fun, marcus and i hosted the 49th annual volunteer recognition luncheon in campbell. it's put on by the junior league. they do a remarkable event. there are hundreds of nominations for volunteer groups and then they kind ever whittle it down and pick winners, it's very nice, they get sti pend for their funds. >> i wish you could see during this event, each one of those recipients the 11 they chose, spoke with so much passion. you can see it in their eyes and it was so -- such an honor to be a part of that. thank you to the junior league of san jose. >> always nice to see. >> it does, you realize, the bay area is such a giving place and there's so much volunteers -- >> you learn about even more of
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things we can do at a take a little time. >> junior league helps every year with a food drive. >> they have a derby thing they are doing. >> you have to get the big hat ready. >> you know i'm ready. >> and julep. >> yes, of course. today we're going to have nice weather. we're tracking a little rain but it won't have a major impact or your day. it does start out cool, you do need layer or two and then our highs will be a little bit lower than yesterday and reaching the low 60s in the south bay and south county up to 63 in gilroy and 62 in antiocantioch, oaklan2 degrees and the high only 55 degrees, bundle up there. redwood city 61 and 56 on the embarcadero north bay. 62 in novato. seven-day forecast is up at the bottom of the screen with 50s and then a big warm-up on the way for much of the inland areas. going out for a jog in milpitas,
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only a few peeks of sunshine and kind of cool, upper 40s through the 7:00 hour and upper 50s through noon. as we go through the day we're going to have a lot of great weather and a lot of events going on around the bay area too. celebrating the ducks versus the sharks at the sap center, we have a lot of events going on around the area. if you get there early, we'll see sunshine and then tonight as the puck drops it will be at 55 degrees and slight chance of rain but everyone will be inside the sap center or some of the restaurants nearby. and if you're going out to the a's game today at the coliseum early afternoon, and highs there reaching in the upper 50s. so this is the system that's bringing in the clouds and only some light sprinkles. we'll have a chance of seeing some of the mist and drizzling this morning and then clearing as we go through the rest of the day, a mix of sun and clouds,
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and round of rain for parts of the bay area. looks like it's mostly golden gate bridge and farther south with pspotty rain and clearing out by tomorrow morning. then models are really backed off on how much rain we're going to see, only a few hundred gtdtf an ench and dry and sesunny wea upper 60s for saturday and sunday and inland areas 82 degrees by sunday. it's going to go from winter to spring to summer, all in a matter of a couple of days. i'll be tracking that. and mike, you have a great commute out there. >> we do have a great commute after that construction and closure clear out of oakland. look at that, green sensors and no more red or yellow. the south bay and south county all the way in through south bay, silicon valley, tri-valley and east bay, the maze, over here the arrow shows where we have traffic jammed up but that cleared up very quickly, seven minutes and everything was back to speed. we have a little backup forming at the bay bridge over the next
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couple of minutes and into the bay bridge under the water of course, ace train is reporting a little delay. they can't pass each other and that's what's going on train number one behind a freight train. everything else moving nicely on the rails. i've seen a smooth drive, couple of cones in lanes around the high rise, haven't seen a problem over the last 15 minutes. i'll continue to follow this until they clear it from the report. back to you, marcus and laura. >> thanks mike. >> 5:20, much more for you on "today in the bay," including a dangerous trend sweeping schools. >> i see a ton of kids doing it. it's a lot in the bathrooms. >> so no longer smoking in the restrooms but vaping. this morning, we investigate the impact this could have on the health of students smoking vap pens in school. videos that will make your
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draw job. a seal with a knife in its mouth and how it's shining a light in america's litter problem. and scott mcgrew is taking a well deserved vacation but he's still up tweeting this morning. sharing a touching story on twitter. you can follow him @scottmcgrew on twitter. you can always join the conversation on social media.
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5:23. now to a growing problem we're seeing in school, vaping in school bathrooms. this is a story "today in the bay" has been investigating for months now. we're learning more about vaping health impacts, jewel is a vaping device that can hide in plain sight and being used without any telltale odor. the truth initiative surveyed more than 1,000 teenagers, 63% were unaware that one jewel pod contains as much nicotine as a pack of cigarettes. >> it delivers so much in this case kenicotine so rapidly. kids will become addicted and then go potentially on to smoke cigarettes. >> jewel labs located in san francisco says it's working with school districts across the country to control the problem. >> 5:24 right now. new this morning a health warning and tourism concern. dangerous bacteria has been found in the american river.
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since the start of the year, nine test sites have shown e. coli contamination. now officials plan to start posting warning signs. >> if they start posting signs around here that it's not safe to swim in different areas, then people are going to quit coming to the river. >> i swim here and kids swim here in the summertime and other kids swim here also. it bugs me to catch something from it. >> so far there are no reports of anyone getting sick. you can still go in the water but the health department says don't drink it and shower after swimming. >> the new video to show you this morning and reminder to everyone to properly dispose of your trash. this is from hawaii's department of land and natural resources, a monk seal is seen holding a knife in its mouth. the waters off the big island. the pup eventually dropped the knife and swam off. someone got into the water to retrieve that knife. quite frightening there. >> that is.
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5:25 right now. coming up here on "today in the bay," remember the thousands of lives lost 112 years ago today. we're live in san francisco as the city commemorates the great quake of 1906. a closer look at the impact a powerful earthquake could have on the bay area today. the alarming new study just being released. taking a stands, the peninsula city where people are making voices heard when it comes to traffic, the reason they are blaming a popular app for the congestion and what they want the city to do about it. any
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area.. as we take a live look at san welcome to wednesday morning, it's a somber day in the bay area as we take a live look at san francisco and we remember 112 years since the 1906 earthquake. we're live there as the city remembers the lives lost and memories made as well, what we've learned from that day. good morning thanks for joining us, i'm laura garcia. >> i'm marcus washington. let's head over to kari hall tracking our weather for today. how is it going to look today? >> we're going to see a lot of clouds as we go hour by hour. i wanted to show you what it will look like as far as cloud cover and rain chances. there could be sprinkles moving through by about 7:30 to 8:00 and then some clearing for the rest of the day as we get a lot of sunshine. another round of rain moving in after sunset and mostly for san francisco and areas to the south
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with some spotty rain during the overnight hours and then clearing up early tomorrow morning. that's our chance of rain in the forecast. looks like we won't see much of it and we'll be warming up in time for the weekend. upper 60s for san francisco and low 80s for the inland valley. i'll talk about the weekend forecast at about seven minutes and mike starts out with a look at the bay bridge. >> the bay bridge backup is there but it was forming a little more leisurely. it sounds better but it still filled. back towards the 880 overcrossing, you can see the good movement for the fast track lanes that is the option and no problems on the routes feeding in through the maze and north bay looking good and san francisco, the approach for the peninsula, the south bay is at speed from the south county and that's great stuff. a live look at palo alto, the reason why 101 moves nicely because it's very sparsely populated right now. >> 5:30 right now.
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tackling traffic woes in one peninsula neighborhood, residents say they are fed up with the congestion with apps like waze that convert drivers to city streets. bob redell lives us in san mateo with the changes they want to make. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, laura. this local road right here not exactly a bustling freeway but unfortunately in the evening it can feel like one when it's bumper to bumper. you can understand why the people who live in these homes here are so frustrated and demanding the city do something. i want you to look at the map we created on your tv screen, this stretch of road impacting residents here in san mateo, it's airport boulevard and north bay shore boulevard to second avenue to lind berg street. that runs north/south between peninsula and third avenue in san mateo. commuters are using this road in the evening to get to the highway 92 interchange and san mateo bridge and doing it so they don't have deal with the
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backup on southbound 101. neighbors who live on and around this area, they tell the san mateo daily journal that they feel trapped in their own homes during the commute because the roads are just so jammed with cars. something that's gotten worse over the past couple of years. then there's the problem of what to do if there's an emergency and ambulance or fire truck needs to get in. residents are asking the city for help. the journal reports the city is looking at additional signs and changing timing on lights at the intersection peninsula and north bay shore boulevard. neighbors would also like a no left turn sign at south norfolk and east third avenue which they believe will make the short cut not worth while for commuters which the city in their opinion has not sign on to yet. another option is having a city encourage waze to stop drektding directing drivers here. the problem of commuters being diverted through neighborhoods by driving apz like waze, not only a problem here in the peninsula but places like fremont, installed new no turn
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signs and livermore where they have or supposed to be installing speed tables. reporting live in san mateo, bob redell, "today in the bay." >> thanks, bob. happening today, a north bay mother accused of not calling 911 when her 16-year-old overdosed and died is expected in court today. it's a story we first brought you yesterday morning on "today in the bay." danielle foernsler was also under the influence when her son overdosed. his mother and friend were arrested and police say they responded to 20 overdose cases in the past six months, three past weekend. kathleen stafford with petaluma parents against drugs says parents need to start paying attention. >> be aware, know what's going on. get to know the trends, check cars backpacks, check everything. >> now the mother faces charges of manslaughter and child endangerment. san francisco police are looking for a man who was caught on camera slamming a puppy to
5:34 am
the ground and killing it. i have to warn you this video is very difficult to watch. we actually froze it before that dog is thrown to the ground. police are looking for 23-year-old gallon, he was arguing with a woman at a store when he started throwing canned goods at her. the suspect then snatches the dog away from the woman and just slings it to the ground. >> 5:34, new details, san francisco mayor mark far rel will fall through on a plan to veto a special spending measure to clean city streets. that measure would add more than 1 million dollars too street cleaning services. yesterday board members held a second vote just like the one last time. they narrowly approved it but the mayor's office tells the examiner, that the mayor's mind is already made up. and it can be something that is included in the next fiscal budget. nbc bay area's investigative unit has run a series of stories
5:35 am
about san francisco's trash problem. and what leaders are hoping to do about it. you can watch that by going to and clicking on the investigations tab. >> today marks 112 years since the devastating 1906 earthquake struck the bay area, leaving the city of san francisco in just shambles, thousands died. pete suratos continues live, a day that will certainly never be forgotten. you know what, it's lovely to see this tradition has gone on. we've covered it here for years. >> reporter: yeah, good morning to you, laura. it's my third year covering this and it's amazing to see residents and officials here in san francisco coming out for both of these events. we just left lottas fountain but now we're here now the dolores park area and behind me you see this fire hydrant that's responsible for saving the mission district during the 1906 earthquake, known by many as the
5:36 am
little giant. they are going to paint the fire hydrant momentarily. we just left market and kearney at lottas fountain where the ceremony took place at 5:12 a.m., that's the time when the earthquake hit back in 1906. that fountain is significant serving as a meeting spot for people during the aftermath of the earthquake. thousands of people died as a result of the earthquake and last known survivor actually passed away in 2016. this was dedicated to the late mayor ed lee who passed away unexpectedly last september. we heard from organizers and officials talking about first ceremony at lots tas fountain since the passing the mayor lee. >> we have dedicated this year's ceremony to the memory of mayor lee. he came down here for many, many years and he is the person responsible for getting the water flowing in the fountain again. >> i would like to take a special moment to remember our late mayor ed lee, who was a friend to so many of us here this morning but also a stalwart
5:37 am
at this event. >> reporter: taking you back out live to 20th and church, the fire hydrant will be painted momentarily and we'll have more in the next hour as well as a new study being released by the usgs on the impact along the hey fault line if the big one were to hit. live in san francisco, pete suratos, "today in the bay." >> a moment that will forever be part of san francisco's history. >> thanks, pete. also happening today, the usgs marks the great quake anniversary by releasing a study on the dangers of the hiayward falt. some studies conclude hundreds would die if it would have a magnitude 7 quake. usgs scientists will release the results of a new quake simulation.
5:38 am
>> if a memorial for fallen soldiers will stay or go. we're learning city council approved the sale of a highway 24 hillside filled with crosses, one for every soldier killed in iraq and afghanistan. the family that owns that land says that it has two potential buyers and unknown whether the new owner will keep the crosses. the memorial advisory board wants to replace the crosses with a permanent peace memorial. >> a housing project specifically for teachers taking a step forward. last night santa clara supervisors approved $6 million in funding. it would go towards a below market rate facility in palo alto with up to 120 units for teachers and other school staff. alternatively the money could be used to issue stipends for school workers. you're looking live inside the sap center where the sharks are up three games to zero. the sharks put up eight goals in the third game but the team is
5:39 am
definitely not overconfident. captain joe pavelski remembers when the sharks dropped four straight playoff games in 2014. >> enough happened in this room where we understand that the challenges that still lie ahead of us. we're going to have to earn the next game for sure. >> and certainly you want to be there to support because the sharks game starts at 7:30. this is at the shark tank. >> tens of thousands came out to celebrate 50 years of the oakland coliseum for the a's. five decades ago, then governor ronald reagan threw out the first pitch. yesterday the team wanted to show their appreciation by inviting fans to watch the game for free. some 47,000 fans ended up attending. the a's ended up winning with a score of 10-2 against the white sox. good to see. a san francisco's sxts pca turning 150 today. >> they are throwing a blow-out bash, a san francisco banker helped open the spca on this day in 1968.
5:40 am
now in dog years that's nearly 1,000 years ago. this was just the nation's fourth humane society to open and the first west of the mississippi. tonight's formal galla takes place at city hall. one of california's top dogs in politics, governor injujerry br will also be there to celebrate. >> i think it's time the inoue family has a little puppy. >> we're having a little problem with the audio. >> i've been pushing that for many years. >> i'll write it down for you. >> thanks. >> we love animals and my daughter definitely wants a pet, laura knows that. we'll see what we're working on. in hayward, this commute though is shaping up really nicely. the backup at the bay bridge yes and it may have just cleared, a crash and hazard -- i think a deer was hit so the middle lane may be affected. the rest of the bay shows a nice
5:41 am
drive out of the south county and here's that slowing in san jose. that sure clear over the next couple of minutes. >> we're inching so close -- >> so mauch closer every day, every minute. >> a little impatient here. >> it is wednesday today and we're going to have a great weekend ahead so i can see the reason why you're really excited about it. saturday is going to be comfortable for the coast, up to 70 degrees, 74 for the bay and inland areas 80 degrees. you may heading to the coast where it's going to be in the upper 60s on sunday. and 77 degrees for the bay and inland up to 82 degrees. if you're heading out of town going to l.a., of course, it's going to be nice and low 70s there and sunshine for saturday and sunday. keeping it closer to home and making it a beach day in monterey, it's going to be at 68 degrees on saturday and sunday. so it looks pretty good all around. if you're going to yosemite, it's going to be in the upper
5:42 am
50s. those morning temperatures cool and no issues getting there or back. we'll talk about what's ahead in our day planner for today. it's coming up in three minutes. sounds good, we'll look forward to it. next on "today in the bay," preventing tragedy, the joint effort by several south bay agencies to make the street safer for you. plus -- >> both hands cannot be changed, still a threat to their safety? >> new questions as more footage showing the deadly confrontation between police officers and stephon clark. a fresh look at the time it took officers to give him medical aid.
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mike traffic tease 5:45, we wake up to some clouds and you can leave the sunglasses at home. we'll get peeks of sunshine today. live look outside at the sap center. santa teresa it's going to be mostly cloudy, fairly cloudy day and a little bit cooler than yesterday as well. especially for the middle of the day with our highs in the low 60s, we'll be tracking a slight chance of rain. i'll detail that and we'll talk about what to wear coming up in less than five minutes. i've got to say it's a really calm drive, this is the minimum i nimitz, picking up volume with headlights towards the san mateo bridge. we'll look at timing around the bay. 5:45 right now.
5:46 am
continuing coverage there are new questions in the deadly sacramento police shooting. police release dozens of new body camera video this week and we now know officers waited about five minutes after firing the last shot before they approached stephon clark's body. first you'll hear the call to him and former sheriff that says officers acted appropriately. >> we need to know if you're okay. we need to get you medic but we can't go over and get you help unless we know you don't have any weapons. >> both hands cannot be seen, is he still a threat to their safety? tactics and safety would suggest you don't move in until you're tactically prepared to do so. the officer's response time is part of an investigation. it is 5:46 right now. thousands are expected to celebrate the legalization of recreational marijuana in san francisco this friday. it's 4/20. city leaders are getting ready to celebrate.
5:47 am
today board president will hold a news conference. big issue is all of that trash that gets left behind in golden gate park. happening this morning in morgan hill -- are we doing that? they are going to have a major crack down on those who violate traffic laws out there, part of the vision zero plan. santa clara sheriff's office and san jose police will be helping out. the major focus will be the school zones and the enforcement period begins at 6:30. >> thanks, laura. 5:47 right now. the fbi director has been appearing on a lot of shows, james comey there. now new this morning, the "today" show he will squash away any speculation that his book is a precursor to any higher political ambition. >> do you think you would ever run for president or other political office? >> never. >> that was a very direct answer, very unwashington-like. >> never. i want to say it again, my wife heard it twice. >> never, got it.
5:48 am
>> that full interview airs at 7:30. com comey's book which detames his career and personal interactions with president trump is currently number one on amazon's best seller list. new this morning, there's a new list of the world's most beautiful people. are we on -- we should be on it. >> who wrote the script? all right. so let's roll that video here. "people" puts out the official list this morning. unveiling the beautiful issue 2018 just hours ago, singer pink is on the cover with her two kids. the magazine says writers are focusing on beautiful inside and outside. nice to see. >> like to see that. they don't always put a super model on the cover. pink is beautiful outright. >> she's pretty. >> inside-outside that girl has quite the voice. >> i've seen her in concert and she flies around -- >> she flies? >> she does. but. >> air -- >> yeah, singing live.
5:49 am
>> her core has to be incredible. >> yeah, she's powerful. >> we'll string you up into the weather. >> i'll stay here on the ground and tell you the forecast today. >> it looks really good. we can look up and see the sky, it's going to be cloudy today and some areas will be clearing out. let's go through the morning drive in the east bay with a lot of clouds to start and also cooler temperatures, you walk out and want to grab the jacket then you'll start your day with some layers because it will only be in the 40s and then as we get dressed we talked about the layers you do need a scarf. it's going to be quite windy for the peninsula and san francisco. really you can leave the umbrella at home. only going to see a couple of sprinkles here and there for the morning hours as clouds roll by going to livermore, getting the kids out the door for school will be at 45 degrees at 7:00 and then only making it into the
5:50 am
upper 50s as you go back to pick them up. then we talk about the pollen report because a lot of people are sneezing and they are like what is this? it's oak and mulberry right now and also grass pollen is really high. even though we do have some rain moving through, this will not help us out with the pollen count. normally some rain will roll by and wash out the allergens but this rain is so light and system is so weak, i don't think we're going to get much as we go hour by hour. we do see mist and drizzle coming through by about 8:00 to 9:00 and mostly cloudy skies, then it does clear up as we go into the afternoon with sunshine and then tonight another chance of rain but most of it will be coming through as we're sleeping and then out of here for the morning and not all of the bay area will see that. a lot of the models only showing a few hundreds of an inch of rain in a few spots. a weak system. it's going to be cool today san francisco upper 50s.
5:51 am
check out the weekend. looking really nice, upper 60s inland areas go from 63 degrees today to very warm weather for the weekend. near record highs reaching low 80s by sunday. i'll be tracking that and mike is tracking a couple of slower spots. >> emphasizing a couple because the most of the bay looks really good. san jose is an early burst of traffic typical of the the morning and starting to clear and slowing also for hayward, south 880 from 238 down past the san mateo bridge. nothing really dramatic. the bay bridge metering lights are on and slowing out of the altamont pass. west 580, and livermore itself and even dublin interchange, there's debris reported but it's out of lanes and that is moving nicely. coming out of the tri-valley, we have ace train number one, 19, 20 minute delay reported in the system and there was train traffic meaning they can't pass the freight train in front of them, that's what caused theish why. the other train system moving
5:52 am
nicely and so are ferries, no delay for the upper east shore freeway, 20 minutes from highway 4 to the backup at the berkeley curve and bay bridge toll plaza. north of there the richmond/san rafael shows a slowdown for cash payers, that's from richmond over to san rafael. 101 nice from here -- actually novato down to the golden gate bridge. back to you. >> thank you, mike. >> coming up heading west, a grandma accused of killing two people still on the run this morning. where police believe she's going. at 5:52. first happening now, facebook rolling out new privacy changes to comply with a strict new european law. they'll ask every user to review their privacy choices from the information they add to the profile to how facebook uses their data to target ads, this happening after the cambridge analytica scandal. the ceo of allegiant airlines firing back after a 60 minutes report that called into question the safety record. the report says there's been
5:53 am
more than 100 serious mechanical incidents including aborted take-offs and mid air engine failures. a lot more news after the break. stick around. more surveill
5:54 am
5:55 am
welcome back, it is 5:55, developing this morning, more surveillance video surfacing showing the woman accused of killing her husband and
5:56 am
lookalike. louis reiss is seen here driving what appears to be the car she stole from the woman she's accused of killing in fort myers. the video shows her pulling up to the hilton hotel and walks up to the front desk. investigators have not said when the video was taken. boosting safety on our bay area freeways. this week the san pablo city council voted to increase the number of cameras along freeways in the wake of recent shootings. police will add 60 situational awareness cameras and 50 license plate readers, they have been using spot shotter technology which notifies officers if there's a shooting. they say gun violence is down 74% since the technology was added. a lot of an droid apps s a collecting private data on children. nearly 6,000 apz, 57% might be
5:57 am
violating privacy laws and more than a fifth collecting personal information. the hundreds of apps then shared that information with advertisers and data ranged from phone numbers to location information. >> new medicare cards are on the way to millions of seniors across the country and scammers are taking advantage. the cards have random letters instead of sgs numbers to try to prevent fraud. aarp says scammers are calling recipients and pretending to be medicare representatives and telling victims they need personal information to sends that new card. medicare reps will not call consumers. new this morning, a sign of the changing shopping environment. several sears locations are closing in northern california. three stores are closing in fairfield, roseville and sisters heights, liquidation sales and closes were close for good in july. long time customer aren't happy. >> it's something you can depend
5:58 am
on and don't worry about the quality of the product. and you don't see that too much anymore. >> oh, sears, where i got my first credit card. in a statement the sears spokesperson says the sears website and mobile app will still work. there are currently 13 sears locations in the bay area. >> still have that card you can buy a washing machine. >> that was my first purchase. >> new video this morning, a man was trying to rob a game stop while wearing a transparent plastic bag as a mask. it happened in georgia last friday. but police just released that video. the man is trying to disguise himself wearing that plastic bag used to package bottled water. i've seen you do it in the restaurants, taking pictures of your food really has become so common that it's actually changing the way restaurants do business. 70% of millennials admit they take photos of their meals before they eat it. half of 35 to 49-year-olds snap pictures before chowing down. businesses are now trying to
5:59 am
come up with those unique foods to make this more picture worthy, one brewery and company says that they released girl scout cookie beers and unicorn themed food -- that's really trendy. >> i like to think people -- that's a memory. right now at 6:00, remembering an icon, the tributes pouring in for the last former first lady barbara bush. >> the new report released this morning that finds the bay area has some of the worst air quality in the nation. >> and rain is on the way to the bay area, kari hall is tracking timing as you get ready to head out the door. "today in the bay" continues right now. >> i think you should be in the clear this morning but i'm no meteorologist. >> good morning thanks for joining us, i'm laura garcia. >> i'm marcus washington. let's head over to the meteorologist with all of the information we want to know.
6:00 am
>> you step out and see clouds and think okay, is it going to rain? we could see mist and drizzle and then clearing as the day goes along with another round of rain moving in. this system is very weak. i would not change any plans for today. i wouldn't even bother with an umbrella. it's going to be so light. as we go through the 7:00 to 8:00 hour, a little bit of green here but once again it's going to be a very light drizzle as we go through the day, we'll get sunshine and it's going to be a really nice afternoon and there's a lot going on as far as sports around the bay area and events and then for tonight, scattered showers starts to move in and most of us will be sleeping. i'll detail that and we'll look ahead to the weekend in a few minutes. mike you have a serious crash. >> it sounds like. overall the speed sensors are not showing a major problem for the commute right now and bay bridge toll plaza, the biggest backup because metering lights are on. we take you to the south bay, we're looking at southbound


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