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tv   Early Today  NBC  April 30, 2018 4:00am-4:31am PDT

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/s are you watching that mess that's going on right now with the caravan coming up? our laws are so weak. they're so pathetic. >> there is nothing wrong with preparing for a legal proceeding. that's what we do in the united states. we prepare our clients for court and that is the ect same thing we're doing here. >> a brewing legal battle at the bought r border. a si asylum seekers going head to head with president trump. support for the headliner of the night. a major merger in the works pairing t-mobile and sprint giving verizon and at&t a little competition. a mystery of the macron tree planted with two presidents a week ago now it's missing.
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why? and avengeers infinity war approaches a billion dollar faster than any movie in history. good monday morning. i'm frances rivera. for a group of central american migrants trekking through mexico to the united states in search of asylum, the hard part is just beginning. a caravan that began with over 1,000 migrants fleeing violence in their home countries has dwindled down to just over 400. throughout the grueling month-long journey, some traveling from as far as guatemala and honduras to the port of entry in tijuana, mexico. american supporters gathered in san diego's friendship park only about 100 feet away. but u.s. border patrol agents weren't as welcoming. nbc's gadi schwartz was there when the caravan mostly mothers and children all learned their asylum claims would have to wait. >> reporter: i'm going to take you through this emotional moment. this is a caravan of migrants from central america. they have been 2r568ing over a thousand miles to get here.
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we are out at the port of entry just on the other side of this building where they are going to try to claim political asylum. but you can see the faces are extremely somber. they have just been told that cvp, customs and border patrol is not accepting more applications for asylum because they are at capacity and that no one without proper documentation will be allowed to pass through. they may have to wait some more time in mexico. very difficult for some of these families to hear. they have been waiting for several days here in tijuana and they have been 2r5678ing for over a month. they would like to see themselves possibly detained for a few hours as they are investigated by officers to make sure their claims for asylum are legit and given an ankle monitor and released into the united states. >> babies crying, mothers crying. it's simply unacceptable. that the united states government should allow this to happen. >> reporter: at this point it does not seem as though this caravan is going to make it into the united states today. they say they're going to try again tomorrow. back to you guys.
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>> all right, gadi, thank you. president donald trump has already painted the traveling group of migrants as a direct threat to the united states. now let's gets more from nbc's tracie potts live in washington for more on how the trump administration is reacting to the migrant caravan. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. president trump specifically said it's a mess. jeff sessions, his attorney general, said that they are going to follow the law here, that it's a deliberate attempt to undermine the law and overwhelm the system. but it's a law that president trump says is weak and that's why he is working to fix it. meantime, they are also looking at possibly charging some of the lawyers who have crossed the border to help these families with their asylum claims, to make sure that when they do and if they do reach that processing stage, they are allowed into the united states. about 20 lawyers have crossed over to help the 100 or so who are still trying to get into the united states. meantime, on the u.s. side, they
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are being greeted with supporters, chants, other latinos here in the united states who want them to cross that border. it is certainly a tense situation that is reverberating here in washington. fran snes >> all right, tracie, thank you. president trump is taking full credit for talks of denuclearization with north korea. in a tweet he cited this "the new york times" headline. kim jong-un is prepared to cede nuclear weapons and shutdown nuclear test sites in may if the u.s. pledges not to invade. the south korean government says the pledge came last friday during the historic summit between the north korean leaders and the south korean counterpart moon jae-in. kim also pledged transparency saying he would invite inexpecters and journalists from south korea and the united states to witness the nuclear shutdown. but there are still looming questions whether he will act on his promises. all this as president trump is expected to meet with the north korean leader. during a rally in michigan saturday, the president said talks could happen in the next three or four weeks.
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tensions are rising between the united states and iran ahead of the may 12 deadline when president trump will decide whether to pull out of the iran nuclear deal. the president has repeatedly threatened to scrap the deal unless what he sees as major flaws are fixed. in his first official trip abroad as secretary of state, mike pompeo reiterated the president's stance and had some tough words for iran himself. >> we remain deeply concerned about iran's dangerous escalation of threats to israel and the region. and iran's ambition to dominate the middle east remains. the united states is with israel in this fight. >> pompeo's remarks coming as the palace announced a new agreement between france and iran to save the deal. iranian president rouhani telling french president macron the deal is not negotiable. lucy cavanagh has more on pompeo's trip to the middle
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east. >> reporter: mike pompeo the newly minted secretary of state to the middle east, he is in jordan this monday morning, but spent the weekend in saudi arabia and israel where he's been briefing these key u.s. allies about president donald trump's threat to quit the iran nuclear deal. now, the white house is supposed to decide by may 12 whether to recertify that agreement. and we saw pompeo pushing a hard line in iran, accusing the country of destabilizing the region, a message that was no doubt welcome in riyadh and tel aviv, both of those countries are fierce rivals of iran. now, speaking with israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu, pompeo said the u.s. will withdraw from the international nuclear agreement with iran if that deal is not renegotiated. america's european allies are strongly against this and also some concern about how this will be reconciled with the trump administration's policy on north korea by pledging to break one nuclear deal just as president trump enters negotiations for another.
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some have warned that the president risks sending the message that u.s. promises are, in affecting, empty. now, also in may, in fact, two days after that may 12th iran deadline, the u.s. plans to open its new embassy in jerusalem. this was a highly controversial move because palestinians also consider jerusalem their capital. we do expect volatility in the region in the weeks ahead. lucy c lucy cavanagh, nbc news, london. >> lawmakers and administration officials rubbed elbows with journalists and celebrities in town this weekend. a comedian on tap to roast d.c., the daily show's michelle wolff is now getting blasted herself. members on both the right and the left are calling her routine distasteful and offensive. the white house correspondents association which hosts the event even put out a statement distancing itself from the comedian saying overnight that saturday's program was, quote, meant to offer a unifying message. and that michelle wolf's routine
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was not in the spirit of that mission. wolf went after the president, his cabinet and she went after democrats and the media. and she played particular attention to women within the trump administration. here is some of what she said when it came to white house press secretary sarah sanders. >> we are graced with sarah's presence tonight. i have to say, i'm a little star struck. i love you as aunt lydia and the hand maid's tale. i actually really like sarah. i think she's very resourceful. like she burns facts and then she uses that ash to create a perfect smokey eye. like maybe she's born with it, maybe it's lies. >> oh, boy. and here she was taking on ivanka trump's role in the administration. >> there is also, of course, ivanka. she was supposed to be an advocate for women, but it turns out she's about as helpful to women as an empty box of tampons. >> she went after the
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president's wealth. >> i'm going to make fun much a president in a new way in a way i think will really get him. mr. president, i don't think you're very rich. like i think you might be rich in idaho, but in new york you're doing fine. >> the president responded overnight via twitter posting, the dinner was a failure last year, but this year was an embarrassment to everyone associated with it. the filthy comedian totally bombed, put dinner to rest, or start over. let's check in now with nbc meteorologist bill karins with a look at the week ahead that includes a warm up for some of us. >> huge warm up. we're going to end april with some severe weather not a lot. there are areas a slight risk later this afternoon north platt to sioux falls. storms coming out of areas of wyoming this morning. even snow overnight in areas of montana. that will continue in the high elevations. as far as the storms go, they're really going to be hit and miss. they're not going to be widespread as we go throughout the afternoon hours. and then even tomorrow we'll get
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some strong storms, too. watch out around omaha for your tuesday. again, frances, the big story won't be the severe weather. it will be the warm summer like temps. >> bill, thank you very much. >> oh, yeah. let's take a look -- go to our local s ta there was a lot of that warmth all the way to the northern plains. we'll talk more about that big warm up that's going to be coming up. >> cannot wait. thank you, bill. now time for today's quick hits. he will bron james after carrying his team seven sets he's burned. he's got good reason to be. after scoring 40 points, passing scotty pip in's score, postseason steal. dancers banded together in a bamboo pole dance in china. marking the anniversary of the
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eucerin has been solving dry skin problems for over 100 years. discover eucerin advanced repair. it moisturizes dry, itchy rough skin for immediate relief and proven 48 hour moisture. for healthier looking skin, look for eucerin. avengers infinity war flexed its muscle with the largest opening of all time. the film grossed over $250 million domestically, and took in $630 million worldwide, passing "star wars" the force awakens. the movie brings together over two dozen superheroes in the ten year culmination of marvel studios cinematic universe including spider man, ironman, captain america and "black panther" who still ranks in the top five since its opening in february. other movies that cracked the top five, a quiet place, i feel pretty, rampage and as we mentioned "black panther." new on this morning former fbi director james comey is dismissing the house intel committee's report on russia
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just as president trump celebrates it. the gop report found, quote, no evidence that mr. trump or his campaign co-ludsed or conspired with russia in 2016. mr. trump going so far as to say that the report shows that there never should have been a special counsel appointed in the first place. now at least one republican on the intel committee strongly disagrees. >> i have more confidence in executive branch investigations. i am awaiting the mueller investigation. they get to use a grand jury, they have investigative tools we don't have. executive branch investigations are just better than congressional ones. >> all right. here's what comey told "meet the press" moderator chuck todd about that report. >> this strikes me as a political document. >> did the house intelligence committee at all serve a good investigative purpose during all this in your observations? >> not that i can see. >> just totally too politicized? >> yeah, it wrecked the committee and it damaged relationships with the fisa court, the intelligence
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communities. it's just a wreck. >> and now to this story developing overnight. dr. ronny jackson who withdrew as president trump's nominee to lead the department of veterans affairs will not return to his role as the president's personal physician. dr. sean connolly appointed to replace jackson in that post will continue on as the chief white house physician. it follows as allegations jackson face ed about his distribution of prescription drugs and create a hostile work environment. there are allegations made public by the lead democrat on the veterans affairs committee, jon tester who president trump blasted this weekend claiming that secret service told him tester's statements on jackson are untrue. he added, tester should lose race in montana. very dishonest and sick. and he went even further during a saturday night rally in michigan. it was an emotional send off for a florida police officer who is retiring after serving 30 years on the force. >> this will be my last transmission on the radio.
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♪ tearing at my heart when we are apart i feel it, too. >> i still like that song. boy band nsync may not have dropped songs like that over a decade. that won't stop them from being on the hall of fame. dirty pop lovers will gagt tore highlight the music achievements of justin timberlake and chris kirkpatrick later today. >> i love it that they're all getting together for their star. >> it's fun, right? >> although, hey, i'm more of a back street boy. >> not 98 degrees? >> that's good. after the first time since her sister gave birth, kim kardashian is breaking her silence in a sit-down with ellen. the reality star shared her
4:20 am
thoughts on the current situation between her sister khloe and nba boyfriend tristan thompson. >> like, i don't even know how to describe it besides it's just so [ bleep ] up. we were rooting for khloe. she's so strong. she's doing the best she can. it's a really sad situation. >> you can catch the rest of her interview later today on ellen right here. >> very open and up front. didn't deflect. >> to drop that bomb, f bomb. >> exactly. >> without saying it. ee emotions there. kanye west revealed who inspires him and he shaved her head to look like they have. on twitter kanye posted his hero on twitter emma gonzalez the student from marjory stoneman douglas. emma posted my hero is james shaw, jr. james is being celebrated as a hero after he
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million to help deal with the problems in the great barrier reef. it will go towards improving water quality, expanding reef restoration and developing coral more resistant to high temperatures and light stress. this is the largest investment for a reef conservation and management in the continent history. yeah, hope they save that before i can get there. i want to see one of those. greatest sights on the whole planet. the week ahead is going to see huge changes. you go from april to may immediately and you see temperatures jumping into the 80s, today in the central plains. we will watch in the week ahead the storm system moving slowly through the middle of the country. there will be some thunderstorms even into wednesday. and then as we watch the east, that's what we're going to see the real warmth until the end of the week. that's when the showers and coolness will cool us down. look at the 80s going right up the east coast. >> so excite ed about that, bill. thank you. still to come, a wall street merger that could lead to lower smartphone bills. other anti-wrim in no hurry to make anything happen. other anti-wrim
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>> we're announcing that t-mobile and sprint have reached a definitive agreement to come together and form a new, stronger company. >> t-mobile and sprint have decided to team up to trak on mobile giants verizon and at&t. if approved the combined company would be worth over $146 billion while still using the t-mobile name. the company said the merger would mean lower customer prices, more american jobs, and better wireless service in rural areas. but the government is still wary about cutting down the number of carriers. it seems that a tree gifted to president trump by french president emmanuel macron has disappeared from the white house lawn days after the pair planted it. the white house has not given an official response on the plant's whereabouts, but a professor of
4:27 am
abora culture from the university of kentucky said this sappling not native to the united states may have been quarantined for inspection for any foreign parasite that's could spread to other trees on the white house property. so, is it the beginning of the end for movie buffs? the popular start-up movie past drew a whole lot of attention drew customers watching a movie a day for ten bucks a month. the company says it will limit new customers to four move iz a month. it comes amid questions about the sustainability of its business model. it involves movie pass paying theaters the full price of the ticket, ultimately losing money even on customers who see just a couple of movies a month which cost more than that $10 fee. so, seems like, you know, it's tough when you're only offering that. now if you have one of those, all right. >> what do they do, count on people not going? >> or just paying -- >> like the gym membership 9.9 a month. they're counting on you not doing it.
4:28 am
>> blue origin started by jeff bezos is entering the race to send tourists into space. a rocket owned by the company successfully launched sunday from a test facility in west texas carrying a test dummy. today's launch used the shepherd suborbital. this is the 8th test flight and brings billionaire amazon founder jeff bezos a step closing to making space tourism a reality. jeff bezos doing that, and elon musk doing his thing, too. amazing across the board. >> it looks weird, different. something from the moves itz. >> fascinatesing to see what they can do. these cute guys, leopard cubs at greenville zoo in south carolina, they celebrated their birthday with frozen cakes in a party that doubled as a going away. as part of the species survival program, the cubs will be transferred to separate zoos in memphis and new york where staffers hope they can continue to breed. and where leopards are the world's big skpeft most
4:29 am
endangered capable of jumping up to 10 feet high. big happy birthday and sending off to these guys. we thank you for being with us. i'm frances rivera. your news contins right here.uek
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with you. so let )s get ready. ad lib live picture-- san francisco it is monday morning, taking a live look outside, san francisco this weekend -- this morning -- i guess i'm still thinking about the weekend. >> i was hoping you had a great weekend. let's get through the workweek. good morning, i'm laura garcia. >> i'm marcus washington. mike is here with the traffic and commute let's start with kari hall. >> it looks like another good week ahead. we have mild weather as you get ready to head out to mostly clear skies and light breeze as you step out. temperatures in the low 50s in san francisco as well as oakland and palo alto, 50 degrees there and 49 in san jose. here's a live look outside in san jose, a few clouds drifting


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