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tv   Today  NBC  May 10, 2018 7:00am-9:01am PDT

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bay. we are back at 7:25 with a live update. >> talk about a beautiful view as we continue with this friday eve. have a good one. good morning. breaking news. welcome home. the three american prisoners freed from north korea, greeted by president trump, as they arrive back in the u.s. in the middle of the night, the president hailing their release as historic ahead of the high stakes summit with kimong-un. >> the true honor is going to be if we have a victory in getting rid of nuclear weapons. just the beginning? new fears that volcano on hawaii's big island could be gearing up for an even larger eruption. shooting massive boulders in the air and producing dangerous acid rain. we are there live. fighting back. the president's personal attorney fighting claims.
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michael cohen saying they have the wrong michael cohen. >> his documents is inaccurate. those stories, plus, serial killer search. are police closing in on answers to a decades old mystery in michigan? epipen emergency. growing concerns for families across the country as the fda declares a shortage of the life-saving device. and first on "today," carrie underwood opening up about the accident that kept her out of the spotlight for months. ♪ it's okay >> every day, i feel a little more back to normal. >> as the superstar reveals what happened and what's next for her today, thursday, may 10th, 2018. >> announcer: from nbc news, this is "today" with savannah guthrie and hoda kotb. live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. >> welcome to "today." thank you for joining us on this thursday morning. >> i'm so excited to hear your
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conversation with carrie underwood. i think so many people have been rooting for her. wondering, you know, what happened? she talked about the accident, but we haven't really heard how it all went down. >> she is revealing a lot about that. she's talking about her comeback, back on stage, and some other things she has going on. she's better than ever. always gets a little better. overnight, big waves and smiles from three americans freed from north korean labor camps, as they were met by president trump at joint base andrews. we have complete coverage, beginning with nbc national correspondent peter alexander. hey, peter. good morning. >> reporter: hey, hoda and savannah. this was a made for tv moment in the middle of the night. exhilarating return. the three now former detainees greeted by president trump himself. the first stop, walter reed medical center to be evaluated. then the long-awaited, private reunions with their families. overnight, a jubilant homecoming.
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three americans, former prisoners in north korea, now free. president trump escorting the men off their plane after personally greeting them on board. the former detainees walking under their own power, joining the president for an impromptu news conference. >> this is a special night for these three really great people. congratulations on being in this country. thank you. >> reporter: mr. trump inviting one of them, kim dong-chul, to speak. >> how does it feel to be home? >> reporter: kim answering, we are very, very happy. he was sentenced to ten years in a north korean labor camp. asked how they were treated. we were treated in many different ways. for me, i had to do labor. when i was sick, i was also treated by then. both scholars were detained for
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unspen unspecified acts. this statement, thank god for, and all our families and friends. god bless america. the greatest country in the world. these images released of mike pompeo meeting with a smiling kim jong-un ahead of the release. the president thanked the north korean dictator for releasing the prisoners. >> i really think he wants to do something and bring his country into the real world. >> reporter: insisting a nuclear free north korea is within reach. >> my proudest achievement will be -- this is a part of it -- but will be when we denuclearize that entire peninsula. >> reporter: president trump also honoring the memory of otto warmbier, the american college student who died after his release from captivity in north korea. >> i want to pay my warmest respects to the participant par warmbier, who is a great young man, who really suffered. >> reporter: even taking the opportunity to tout ratings in
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the middle of the night. >> i think you probably broke the all-time in history television rating for 3:00 in the morning. that, i would say. >> it is a celebration for those men today. it may be a long road ahead, peter. what can they expect in terms of their recovery? >> reporter: hoda, that's a good question. as those three men savor their newfound freedom, we spoke to laura ling, one of two american journalists held captive in north korea back in 2009. she described the adjustment period when she got back home. >> there was really an appreciation that i had for the smallest things. things we really take for granted. music, to hear music on the radio brought me to tears. >> reporter: as for that high stakes summit between president trump and kim jong-un, the president last night declined to say whether he has spoken to kim jong-un directly. he said that the two men have agreed on a time and a location
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for the summit. he has now ruled out the dmz, president trump has, which leaves only singapore as the last remaining location that he's publicly mentioned. >> peter alexander, thank you. as we just saw, the vice president, mike pence, was also there overnight. he sat down with nbc's chief foreign affairs correspondent andrea mitchell. good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning, savannah. the administration clearly hoping to capitalize on what they see as a major diplomatic success. the homecoming that the vice president says could signal real breakthroughs to come. >> andrea, it was an incredibly powerful moment, to see the president and the first lady bring three americans back to freedom. it was all a direct result of the strong and clear leadership that president trump has provided on the world stage in this moment. think about how far we've come in the last year. a year ago -- >> reporter: since the olympics, when you were there, it was so
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tense. >> yeah. >> reporter: what do you think made the difference? >> i think from very early in this administration, president trump changed the policies of the united states, from an era of strategic patience with north korea to move toward the kind of campaign that would bring economic and diplomatic pressure to bear, while reserving all other options. to see these three americans come off the plane, we hope it is a sign that this is a real opportunity to achieve peace on the korean peninsula. but we'll continue to move forward in a way that engages. we have a date set. we have a location set. that'll be forthcoming very soon. but today, we appreciate kim jonge yun's -- kim jong-un's efforts. >> reporter: is the president praising him too much and raising expectations too high? >> i think what the president
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was referring to is that in this moment, the regime in north korea has been dealing, as far as we can see, in good faith. >> reporter: this is still a dictator, sir, who has enslaved millions of his own people. >> andrea, we have no illusions about that. i made that clear when i was in south korea for the olympics and as we traveled through japan. the president made it abundantly clear when he addressed the national assembly in south korea during his visit there. we do believe that the regime in north korea has taken steps that indicate this may be an opportunity for a breakthrough. the kind of breakthrough that has eluded the united states and the world community for more than 20 years. >> reporter: bob mueller. you knew him. he must have briefed you when you were a member of congress. he is a marine. he's a life-long republican. do you think he can be trusted? do you think he is a bad guy? >> our administration has been
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fully cooperating with the special counsel. >> reporter: do you think his investigation is a hoax? >> and will continue to. what i think is it's been about a year since this investigation began. our administration has provided over a million documents. we've fully cooperated in it. in the interest of the country, i think it's time to wrap it up. i would very respectfully encourage the special counsel and his team to bring their work to completion. >> reporter: you now have the president's lawyer getting millions of dollars from companies that he says he can get access, including one company that had a russian connection. is that draining the swamp? >> well, what i can say is, that private matter is something i don't have any knowledge about. i think the white house issued a statement saying the same. >> reporter: officials say the return of the american prisoners which, of course, is the story of the day, clears a major hurdle for the upcoming summit. the biggest challenge now though
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is to see if kim jong-un is really ready to deliver on his promise to denuclearize. savannah and hoda? >> that'd be a biggie. andrea, thank you very much. also this morning, the president's attorney is pushing back against the claims that he did promise access to the trump administration as this war of words elscalates with stormy daniels' attorney. nbc's kristen welker is at the white house. good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you. stormy daniels' attorney, michael avenatti, is stepping up his attacks, accusing president trump's personal attorney, michael cohen, of selling access to the oval office. now, for the first time, cohen is fighting back. this morning, the president's long-time fixer, attorney michael cohen, now being forced to defend himself. in a court filing late wednesday, cohen's attorney accusing stormy daniels' lawyer, michael avenatti, of circulating false information about cohen. on tuesday, avenatti produced a document, suggesting cohen collected millions of dollars from large corporations, with promises of access to the president. cohen pushing back.
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>> any response to avenatti? >> his documents is inaccurate. >> reporter: cohen's court filing argues some, but not all, transactions in the report actually belong to a different michael cohen. >> our report appears to be 99.35% accurate. if we were -- if this was an i election, that'd be pretty good for the popular vote . >> reporter: avenatti noting the connection with novartis. cohen reached out to the then-ceo shortly after the election, promising access to the new administration. the company paid cohen nearly $1.2 million, but that same official says they soon realized cohen couldn't deliver. at&t paid at least $200,000 to cohen's company to provide insights into understanding the new administration. both companies say they were contacted and cooperated fully with special counsel robert mueller. also under a microscope, columbus nova, which gave cohen
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$500,000. it has ties to russian oligarch viktor vekselberg, also reportedly interviewed by mueller. cohen used the same account to wire the $130,000 hush money payment to stormy daniels. the porn star said she had sex with mr. trump more than a decade ago, a claim he denies. the president's attorney, rudy giuliani, tells nbc news the president was not involved in any way, either before or after he was president. a spokesperson for the russian ole gar igarch is also respondi saying he never had any contractual relationship with mr. cohen or his company. >> kristen welker, thank you. a republican senator, john mccain, is urging his colleagues to vote against the confirmation of gina haspel as cia director. mccain was held as a prisoner of war in vietnam. he was tortured and has been a vocal critic of harsh interrogation. he said he respects haspel but her testimony failed to fully
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explain her involvement in the cia's enhanced interrogation program after 9/11, which many people considered torture. haspel began her testimony on wednesday by offering her personal commitment that the agency would not restart that controversial program. >> i support the higher moral standard that this country has decided to hold itself to. i would never, ever take cia back to an interrogation program. >> several lawmakers have offered their support of haspel, including richard burr, who called her the most qualified person to ever be nominated to the post. turning now to nbc universal's investigation into multiple allegations of sexual harassment. nbc's stephanie gosk is following that and has the latest. >> good morning. a team of nbc investigators say they spoke with 68 people as part of the internal review, including current and former management and staff members. it was led by nbc universal's general counsel. some critics say the network
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should have hired a third-party investigator instead. this morning, nbc universal's investigation into multiple accusations of sexual misconduct against former "today" show anchor matt lauer is over. the report concluded, we found no evidence indicating that any nbc news or "today" show leadership, news hr or others in positions of authority in the news division, received any complaints about lauer's workplace behavior prior to november 27th, 2017. that's when a woman came forward to the company with accusations against lauer. >> we are devastated. >> reporter: he was fired roughly 24 hours later. three other women then reported allegations to the company dating back to 2000. the investigation team says it found all four women to be credible. two of the four complainants who came forward said they believe leadership knew or must have known about lauer's alleged inappropriate sexual behavior in the workplace.
7:15 am
the nbc investigators say they found no proof of that. in a new statement, lauer says, in part, there are aspects of the nbc report with which i clearly disagree. adding, after he was fired, i took responsibility for those relationships and apologized to the people i hurt. and promised to begin the process of repairing the damage i had caused my family. i have worked every day since then to honor that promise. the attorney for the employee who first accused lauer criticized nbc's decision not to hire an outside investigative firm. >> whenever you see in a report like this that people are still nervous about coming forward, it's time to shut down the internal investigation and bring shn someone in from the outside. >> reporter: the investigation is called thorough and objective. noting two outside law firms validated its findings. the report concludes there is not a current culture of harassment in the news division. >> just ahead on nbc news -- >> reporter: linda vester, who accused nbc's tom brokaw of
7:16 am
sexual harassment in the '90s echoes concerns. writing in the "washington post," i want nbc to stop fighting me too within its own walls. i ask them to retain an outside investigator to look into sexual harassment and any coverup of sexual harassment at nbc news. brokaw has vehemently denied the allegations. nbc news chairman included ways for employees to report complaints. an internal team of counselors will be available, as well as a company affiliated with an outside law firm that people can contact. he added, we cannot change the past. we can learn from it and try to make it right. >> thanks, steph. there is also another aspect to the me too movement. harvey weinstein's wife is speaking out for the first time since their separation. curious what she is saying. >> she's speaking to georgina chapman, to "vogue."
7:17 am
they're still married but going through divorce proceedings. among the things she says, quote, there was a part of me that was terribly naive. clearly so naive. i have moments of rage. i have moments of confusion. i have moments of disbelief. i have moments when i just cry for my children. what are their lives going to be? guys? >> stephanie, thank you. >> thank you, stephanie. we turn to the weather. al is actually out on the road this morning. he's in chicago. there's a special surprise coming. first, just the weather. any prisurprises there? >> well, there are some surprises coming to our friends along the east coast. we've got -- we had some rough weather here in chicago. it's heading now to the east. buffalo down to columbus, all the way down into parts of tennessee and kentucky. we're looking at this storm system making its way to the east. right now, we have a risk of severe weather back through the central plains and along the eastern seaboard, from central new york all the way down into central virginia. 28 million people at risk. storms redeveloping during the afternoon.
7:18 am
hail, gusty winds. this system makes its way from western new york into the east coast, along the i-95 corridor by the afternoon. we're looking for probably airport delays, and we're looking at rainfall amounts stretching from the plains all the way to the east coast of about one to two inches. >> rain and east could be locally three to four for so, you guys have recently started dating... yes. - yes. a little less than a month. coming up on two months now, yeah... cool. so, i want to show you guys these three chevy suv's. the first one is called the trax. beautiful! do you think it would be good for moving in together? moving in together?! ahhh! - ahhh! okay, well, this is the chevy equinox... wow. nice. perfect for when you two have your first kid. give me some time... okay, this is the traverse. for when you have your five kids, two dogs and one cat. (laughter) whoa! five? ahhh... well, no matter what stage of life you're in chevy has an suv for you. you have it all planned out, thanks. . good thursday morning. i'm kari hall. here is a live look outside with
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a clear start this morning. we are toigoing to get a few showers today. 82 in concord. san jose high of 85 or 77. it will be a zoohigh temperatur top. >> that's your latest weather. >> you look fabulous. >> you do. >> thank you. coming up, dire new warning about what could be next for that erupting volcano in hawaii. is it about to start spewing massive bold eboulders into the? we're there live. have michigan police unearthed a suspected serial killer's burial ground? it is a decades old mystery. first on a thursday morning, this is "today" on nbc.
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coming up, the new fda
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because every. one. counts. walgreens, trusted since 1901. santa rosa police are a very good morn to go ying. police looking for two men both called suspects in a deadly stabbing. police believe the stabbing happened during a fight reported last night near santa rosa high school. when officers arrived the scene was clear. soon there after police learned a stabbing victim died. police believe the two men you see here moe the victim. police believe they may be driving a white chevy equinox. keep an eye out for that.
7:27 am
a live look in san jose. we have low 50 s heading to the upp upper 70s today. winds will pick up into saturday morning. we'll feel low 80s on saturday and a touch cooler on mother's day as we keep the sunshine and cooling trend continues into next week. 65 today, 75 tomorrow as well as saturday and low 60s next week. let's get an update on the commute. >> we have westbound right under the university bridge. you can see one vehicle remaining on the shoulder there. i don't know if you can clearly see that but it was a crash that did clear a few minutes ago. this shows you where that crash was. we see slowing recovering now. walnut creek, concord looking pretty good. another crash did tie things up a bit. it is moving over the scene
7:28 am
which is on the shoulder. northbound 280 another crash. >> thank you very much. another update in half an hour. i'm dianne feinstein and i approve this message. i support the affordable care act, and voted against all trump's attempts to repeal it. but we need to do more. i believe in universal health care. in a public health option to compete with private insurance companies. and expanding medicare to everyone over 55. and i believe medicare must be empowered to negotiate the price of drugs.
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california values senator dianne feinstein
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park this afternoon. that is lester holt. anchorman from nbc "nightly news." he's in town with the nbc "nightly news" across america. he threw out the first pitch. >> i think that was a great pitch. >> come on, lester. wow. >> 7:30. big honor for our friend lester. this was like a bucket list item for him. he has the chicago roots. >> that's right. used to work in chicago. worked there for 14 years. it is a good pitch. >> it is a strong pitch. >> remember the other pitches we've seen? >> right. >> remember? >> why don't we have that video? >> also an accomplished jazz musician, and they're doing a story about jazz. >> sews all his own clothes. >> yeah. wait, what? we're going to start with the headlines. overnight homecoming years in the making.
7:31 am
>> home sweet home. >> i'm very honored to have helped the three folks. they're great people. >> in a rousing overnight ceremony, the president welcomes those three detainees held in north korea back to the u.s. the president optimistic about what the release means for his upcoming meeting with kim jong-un. >> i really think he wants to do something and bring that country into the real world. on edge. breaking overnight, israel launches a massive military strike against iranian targets inside syria. retaliation for iran's strikes against israeli army sites. the mounting tensions leaving the two nations on the brink of war. the smoking gun? delta airlines now says fluid spilling on to a power source caused smoke to pour into a jet's cabin and forced an emergency evacuation of passengers at a colorado airport. raising the roof. in a controversial move, the state of california now
7:32 am
mandating that beginning in 2020, the majority of new homes and apartment buildings be built with solar panels on top of them. welcome to bear-y-queen. a canadian zoo brings its bear for ice cream at a local drive-through. local officials aren't happy about it, threatening to fine the zoo for the surprise trip. today, thursday, may 10th, 2018. >> you need to get into that story. >> i know. >> why would you share an ice cream cone with a giant bear anyway? >> oh, my gosh. >> that's a little scary. >> yeah. >> carson, good to have you back. >> thank you. >> sometimes, you want fro-yo. >> i hear you. lots to get to. including new fears over the volcanic eruptions in hawaii. still going on. officials fear kilauea's crater could explode, which could send more boulders, lava and ash into the air. nbc correspondent miguel almaguer is on the ground for us this morning.
7:33 am
what's the situation? >> reporter: good morning. eruptions, including one from late yesterday, continue to come in waves. what remains constant is the threat and the looming fear. the latest eruptions from kilauea sending a fountain of lava shooting into the sky. fiery wave of red cascading down local streets, as toxic gas seeps again into the air. >> wow! >> reporter: the earth rattling as it splits apart. >> the cracks went from two inches to 12 inches wide and 8 feet deep. you could hear the rumbling. it was on either side of my house. >> reporter: with some 40 structures destroyed and fear more will be lost, lava now covers land the size of 80 football fields. this lava field, which rolls right over this road, stopped just short of destroying a home. you can still feel the heat here. you can see here in the earth, there are cracks. smoke is venting. with the earth still boiling,
7:34 am
some eruptions have come within a mile of a geothermal energy convention plant. shut down last week. 60,000 gallons of highly flammable liquid are stored here. >> we've always been concerned about it. we're working with the state to get containers to move it. >> reporter: now, a week since kilauea blew, this month, today, a new concern. the threat of acid rain. volcanic pollutants can rise and settle in the air, creating a haze that can fall back to the ground with rain. the volcanic hyperactivity shows no signs of slowing. >> there is no way to stop these eruptions. the timing of it is such that we don't know exactly how long it will last. >> reporter: this morning, uncertainty and volatility on an island constantly changing before our >> and you have -- i mean, i think it's 1,800 families have have been evacuated.
7:35 am
i guess more than a week now. when are they able to go back? >> reporter: it's really unclear even today a week later. those cracks or those fissures are coming files away from the volcano and there's now concern about these massive boulders that could shoot out of the volcano, so at this hour it remains unclear when those families will be able to return home. it could be days, weeks or possibly even months. >> thank you so much. now to suburban detroit where authorities are searching for the remains of a number of missing teenage girls. some vanished decades ago and may have been the victims of a man police suspect could be a serial killer. we're joined from the scene there. hey, ron. >> reporter: hey, good morning to you. this is where they're searching in this field behind me just beyond that tree line you see back there. the police commissioner said investigators are pretty confident they're working on a grave site. this morning investigators unearthing a field hoping to
7:36 am
solve as many as half a dozen cold cases, missing teen girls long feared dead and possibly buried here. >> i'm cautiously optimistic that we're doing our jobs and we're bring to bring closure to these families. >> convicted in the death of 13-year-old whose remains were discovered near the search zone in 2008. officials interviewed him in prison multiple times. >> so far i'm surprised. >> he's a very strange person. >> you be incarcerated in the michigan department of corrections. >> serving a life sentence, he as not been charged in any additional murders. after finding a piece of evidence wednesday officials feel they're confident on closing out these cases. >> linked with the information we had plus information that we received from prison inmates that he was bragging, he was bragging about killing these young girls. >> all she had to do was go on north avenue -- >> in 2008 he mapped out the
7:37 am
area for investigators, a place he used to keep bees and led thoertss to cindy's remains. now with new information police they belief they may ultimately find kim laurel not seen since 1981, just 15 at the time. 17 when she disappeared and kimberly king who vanished in 1979 at age 12. kimberly's sister and best friend showed up at the search site. >> it would mean a great deal to be able to bring her remains home but it looks like it would bring a great deal of hope to a lot of families. >> reporter: the search area is about 24 acres and authorities are trying to narrow that down to about two acres. it's like trying to find a needle in a hay stack. back to you. >> thank you. we will switch gears now and let's get a check of the weather. al is on the road. did you see lester while you were there? >> you know what? i didn't see lester. i missed him.
7:38 am
but he did a nice job throwing out that first pitch. let's see if you won't mind what we're pitching you as far as temperatures are concerned. we are looking at a warm swath from coast to coast basically, but turning cooler through the plains, so bismark is going to be awfully chilly at 58 but st. louis at 88. moving ahead, you're going to see tomorrow some record highs likely in the center of the country, but the cooler air starts to infiltrate a little further south. salt lake, green bay, billings and as we move into the weekend temperatures that are even warmer in the west. i should say in the southeast. records likely in the southeast, but cooler from boston, chicago on into rapid city
7:39 am
>> we're about an hour away from revealing why we're here in chicago for an amazing mom. we'll show you in just a little while. >> we are so looking forward to that. coming up, we're sitting down with an amazing mom and superstar carrie underwood, her first tv interview since the accident that took her out of the spotlight. >> and savannah and hoda celebrate a mother's day celebration. >> and then craig joins hundreds of police officers for a really special bike ride. we'll tell you the special reason behind their 300 mile journey. >> but first what all parents need to know about a troubling shortage of epipens across the
7:40 am
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we're back with a new warning about a shortage of a potentially life-saving medicine. >> talking about epipens. the fda says manufacturing delays are making them harder and harder to find. nbc's kristen dahlgren is here with really important information. so many families rely on epipens. >> exactly. go . >> reporter: good morning. anyone with allergies knows how much you rely on the shot in an emergency. families are worried and wondering what to do. a life-saving device needed when seconds count, now in short supply in parts of the u.s. the food and drug administration declaring a temporary shortage on epipens. both name brand and generic. saying there have been supply disruptions and intermittent manufacturing constraints. in a statement, drug maker mylan, which partners with pfizer, is denying a shortage, emphasizing the product is
7:45 am
available. mylan recalled tens of thousands of epipens in march of last year after two reports their devices failed in an emergency. the fda issued a warning letter, saying the manufacturer failed to add -- ainvestigate. saying drug shortages are often caused by poor quality manufacturing. alternative brands are available, but they're administered differently. >> it talks to you. >> reporter: the differences prompting some parents to worry. two of this mother's children have severe allergies and need epipens at all times in case of reaction. >> i'm concerned. when i send it out, i'm not sure people will know who it is or how to use it. >> reporter: medical professionals advisers parents and users of the epipen to take action before an emergency strikes. >> if you check your epipen supply and it seems like you're
7:46 am
getting close to the 18-month expiration date, you can go to your doctor. if there is not an alternative, you can ask your doctor pre-fill skr syriges. >> manufacturers say there are epipens out there. check supply and make sure they're not expired. if you have trouble finding the medication, contact them for help. >> scary though. thank you, appreciate it. good information. coming up, we're going ton mother's day surprise for a remarkable mom. first, these messages. frosted flakes.
7:47 am
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7:51 am
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7:55 am
woman: thank you. that deer, it just... just came out of nowhere.
7:56 am
sh good thursday morning. low 80s over the area like concord. it is 79 in santa rosa. we will have slightly warmer temperatures for tomorrow with inland areas up to 85 degrees. it will be windy with gusts increasing between friday night and early saturday morning. and then for fridsunday highs ie upper 70s. san francisco 65 today and 70 tomorrow. let's get an update on the roads. >> we are looking at a pretty smooth drive. a lot more traffic over the last
7:57 am
hour. a lot of cars there. we do see slowing heading towards that continued work. you show a smooth light drive for areas between here and san francisco. back to you. >> thanks. getting word about a deadly stabbing police believe happened during a fight. police looking for two suspects they say know the victim. check our twitter speeds for updates. videos taken moments after the plane touched down. today is bike to workday. a lot of folks heading out. i posted a link on our twitter
7:58 am
feed. follow me on twitter. we can now use a blood sample toh care, target lung cancer more precisely. if we can do that, imagine what we can do for asthma. and if we can stop seizures in epilepsy patients
7:59 am
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8:00 am
marshall tuck for state superintendent. marshall tuck. it's 8:00 on "today." coming up, breaking overnight the three americans freed from north korea now home safe and sound. president trump greeting them on the tarmac. >> this is a special night for these three really great people. >> this morning, the latest on their condition and what the move means for president trump's historic summit with kim jong-un. ♪ plus, carrie underwood opens up. we catch up with the country superstar in her first tv interview since that traumatic fall six months ago. >> it could have happened to anybody, but there was just one little step that i went to catch myself on and i missed. >> and her triumphant return to
8:01 am
the spotlight. i watched, and i felt something special. >> yeah. you're singing something that is straight from your heart, it's easy to just be in the moment. plus mothers know best. >> we came to motherhood late in life. >> it's like a puzzle piece that snapped in, and now i'm me. with mother's day around the corner, savannah and i open up about kids, caring and chaos. >> i'm just loving the craziness. it felt not like chaos but abundance. >> and we'll introduce you to some incredible moms making a difference. today, thursday, may 10th, 2018. ♪ no matter where i go >> we're the foxy ladies from around the world! >> on "today"! >> hoda and savannah, we brought my mom from minnesota to celebrate her 70th birthday. >> from arkansas. >> and chicago. >> it's our first anniversary.
8:02 am
>> and our 55th. ♪ >> we're the sullivan sisters from chicago. we want to say hi to our family and friends back home. >> we're celebrating our 65th birthday. >> and 55 years of friendship. >> awesome. what a beautiful crowd we have outside. welcome to "today." we appreciate you being with us on this thursday morning. we're happy to have this great crowd. and we're happy to have -- >> one craig melvin. >> we love when a craig melvin shows up. happy to have you. >> thanks for having me. >> we want to get to your news at 8:00. three american captives were freed by north korea and are back on u.s. soil. greeted personally overnight by president trump. he called their release a sign that north korea's kim jong-un really wants to achieve something at their upcoming summit meeting. nbc national correspondent peter alexander is at joint base andrews. peter, good morning. >> reporter: hey, hoda. good morning to you. we've moved over to capitol hill from andrews this morning, and some breaking news to share with
8:03 am
you, within the last half an hour, this visit last night, the arrival, the president greeting the three detainees, the last hurdle that needed to be cleared before this summit between president trump and kim jong-un. you see that moment, when the detainees arrived last night. the president boarding the plane, visiting with them privately before coming to the cameras for what was in effect an impromptu news conference. it was a made-for-tv moment in the middle of the night. in the last half hour the president tweeting "making it official" that summit with kim jong-un yng. "the highly anticipated meeting between kim jong-un and myself will take place in singapore on june 12th. we will both try to make it a very special moment for world peace!" as for those detainees right now, they are being treated, evaluated at walter reed national military medical center. they will be reunited with their families in private a little bit later today. obviously the president has been
8:04 am
very grateful for their release, as he said publicly and today again he thad kim jong-un for his excellent treatment of these three men, who have been imprisoned until literally a couple days ago. the president says it will not change the way he looks toward this event. the breaking news the president will be traveling to singapore on june 12th for that historic summit face-to-face, with north korea dictator kim jong-un. hoda? >> peter, thank you so much. new fears this morning of a war brewing between israel and iran after israel says it attacked dozens of iranian itiea overnight. this was the most serious military clash so far involving israeli and iranian forces. it was israel's biggest strike inside syria in decades. israel says today's missile strikes were retaliation for iranian rockets fired at israeli targets near the border. it comes days after the president announced the u.s. is backing out of its nuclear deal with iran. we are hearing this morning from georgina chapman, the
8:05 am
estranged wife of harvey weinstein. she's speaking out for the first time since their separation. in an interview with "vogue," chapman says, quote, there was a part of me that was terribly naive. clearly, so naive. i have moments of rage. i have moments of confusion. i have moments of disbelief. i have moments when i just cry for my children. what are their lives going to be? when asked if it was true that she had not been out much since the weinstein story broke, she said, i was so humiliated and broken, i did not think it was respectful to go out. it's still so very, very raw. we have the news covered. how about a little morning boost? i think you're going to like this one. how about this romantic surprise? at a recent wedding in alabama, the bride, amy, was about to toss her bouquet, when she pulled a fast one. >> one, two, three! >> instead of sending it airborne, amy hands it to her
8:06 am
brother's girlfriend. she seemed puzzled until the brother comes over, fishes a ring out of his pocket. you know what happens. he gets down on one knee. >> how about that? >> he proposes. the bride and her brother had been planning this maneuver for weeks. amy said this, quote, i got married, and my brother got engaged. this was the most special day of my life. >> you know what? amy, what a great bride, sharing the moment. >> yes. absolutely. >> love it. straight ahead, carrie underwood's first tv interview since the scary fall. opening up about what happened and her emotional return to the stage. then, we are all about mother's day. this morning, we reflect on what being a mom means to us. embracing the craziness that comes with the best job we'll ever have. first, these messages. >> oh, babies. ting... yes. - yes. a little less than a month. coming up on two months now, yeah... cool. so, i want to show you guys these three chevy suv's. the first one is called the trax. beautiful! do you think it would be good for moving in together? moving in together?! ahhh! - ahhh! okay, well, this is the chevy equinox... wow. nice. perfect for when you two have your first kid. give me some time...
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8:09 am
it is 8:08. we've been waiting for this. it is something we can't stop talking about. hoda's one-on-one with carrie underwood. >> she's a singer, songwriter, actress, a wife and a mom to 3-year-old isaiah. she's juggling it all with this activewear line she has coming out. i had a chance to catch up with her at a mother's day event for her brand. her first tv interview since carrie's scary fall six months ago. ♪ carrie underwood. that voice back in the spotlight, blowing everybody away when she appeared at the academy of country music awards, singing her single "cry pretty." her first appearance since her fall back in november. ♪ yeah, yeah >> it was, obviously, a big deal
8:10 am
for you to step out on the stage. people hadn't seen you since you had fallen. >> yeah. >> i think people were really worried about you. what did happen that day? >> plain and simple, it was kind of a freak accident. i just fell. i just tripped. taking my dogs out to do their business. it could have happened to anybody. i say if i had fallen anywhere else, it wouldn't have been a problem. there was just one little step that i went to catch myself on, and i missed. in the beginning, i mean, i feel like, you know, i didn't know how things were going to end up. >> in what way? what do you mean? >> i mean, there was -- it just wasn't pretty. >> were you by yourself? were there people? >> i was. no, my son was asleep upstairs. >> carrie was rushed to the hospital, leaving her with more than 40 stitches around her mouth and a broken wrist. i'm looking a you, and i feel like you look the same. >> oh, thank you. >> i feel like you look the same. >> thank you. i have a dedicated team of
8:11 am
professionals who can spackle and paint and paste. no, thank you. i'm feeling -- every day, i feel a little more back to normal. >> looking great and sounding even better. the response to her return to the spotlight at the acm awards was overwhelming. i was watching. i know you're a powerhouse on stage. you always are. but i watched, and i felt something special. was there something different going on? >> yeah. when you're singing something that is straight from your heart, it's easy to just be in the moment and be connected to it. i never realized how much it translates until after the acm awards. it was, like, wow, you know, there was something different about that performance. ♪ cry pretty >> that standing o, what did you
8:12 am
think of that? >> when i'm singing a song, it's like, i'm in the music. i'm right there living it. then it's like, as soon as the song ends, i'm like, oh, i'm just carrie again. it's like the magic ends somehow. i turn into a pumpkin in front of everybody. i'm not, like, a center of attention kind of person. >> by the way, the song "cry pretty" has touched a lot of people. we've all felt it. like you nod your head when you hear the words. >> i feel like people relate to it because it is, like, oh, man, sometimes, you just do have to just let it out. >> i go to the bathroom. i literally go in the bathroom. there's no other escape hatch. >> i love this. i have had conversations with people. i feel like people are telling me places they cry. i've heard closet. i've heard shower. i've heard bathroom. >> what's yours? >> i feel like my car kind of is. i feel like you just feel like -- which i know people can see you, and they probably have seen me at a stoplight or something and been, like, what is this crazy lady doing over
8:13 am
here? >> what carrie underwood is doing is more than just music. carrie is not only a busy mom to 3-year-old isaiah, but a lead designer for her active wear clothing line, calia by carrie underwood. today, celebrating mother's day by working out with her mom, carol. so on mother's day, what words do you have for her? >> oh, i'm a crier. >> you're going to cry. i'm going to cry. then hoda is going to cry. >> she's a great mom. she's a great daughter. she's a great person. i just want her to always be that way. i love her. >> you hit the mom jackpot. >> i really did. >> you hit the mom jackpot. >> i did. >> let's all go in here. >> all right. >> one, two, three. >> yay, moms! >> yay, carrie. >> the cool thing, too, at the event, she was always -- she always had her eye on her mom. she was working out. mom, you okay? you over here? you can tell that is the real deal, the entire family. >> i thought you picked up on something interesting about her though. the way she looked when she was
8:14 am
getting the standing ovation, she went from this amazing singer to this shy, sweet girl. >> public perception of superstars, especially in music, is that they're that way on stage. when you go to the concert, you see them, and you think it's how they shop. especially for her to say, as soon as the song is over, i feel like i'm a pumpkin again. >> i feel like it was also enhanced because of her fall. i think she felt a little insecure. when she saw that standing o, she got an award at the event, she just was sobbing. i thought, she's the real deal, by the way. if you're wondering, are they like they are, as you would imagine? she is that person. we're going to have more on that. she's going to -- i'll talk to her more at length in our fourth hour. speaking of moms, mother's day, of course, on sunday. we all are celebrating moms today. >> we have teamed up with good houseke housekeeping, woman's day and redbook to introduce you to incredible moms who make a difference. >> we have more on that later, includie ining an awesome surpr.
8:15 am
but first, hoda and i chatted about what being a mom means to us. ♪ >> we're here to talk about being moms. we're sitting around this beautiful backdrop. >> you know, we came to motherhood late in life. now that i know vale and charlie, i don't want any other babies than them. i would have waited a million more years for them. >> i remember thinking, like, i've loved something for so long that i never saw, that i never felt, that i never touched, that i could only imagine. she was just in my head. >> i couldn't be more thankful. >> yeah. >> hi, lovey. >> i was shocked when we went home with her. you're going to let us take her home? was there any manual? those moments, i mean, i can remember being cheek to cheek. the tears rolling down. just having a little conversation with her.
8:16 am
i'm always going to love you. i'm always going to protect you. always going to be your mommy. >> hi. they put her right here. i remember she fit. it's like a puzzle piece that snapped in and, now, i'm me. i feel like when it comes to motherhood, all we can make is just a beautiful, safe place for them to land. you know? >> that's the goal. you want to create this oasis. >> yes. >> it doesn't mean it is going to be a perfect, like, you know, june and ward cleaver home. i think that's -- we have to accept the messiness, too. >> i mean, there are days when sometimes, hailey is a little out of control, and i start losing it. i can feel myself coming unglued. >> yeah. >> you can do your grateful check-in, which i do often, but sometimes, the world gets out of control. you're, like, please, i can't. i just need a second. i felt like i'm on empty, and i got nothing going on here. >> it is. it's so true.
8:17 am
>> i remember saying -- having like a short conversation with god. i remember saying, i would have begged you for this day. like this terrible day, i would have begged on my knees for. >> yeah. perspective by its nature, you're not going to get it every single day. when it comes, it's like a lightning bolt. >> yes. >> wait, i have two kids? are you kidding? oh, my gosh. when did that dream come true? i will drink to that. >> i'll drink, too. >> i feel very grateful. >> i do, too. >> the other day, it was bedtime. it's crazy. you can't even put charlie in clothes right now. he's a tasmanian devil, circling and circling. everything is flying everywhere. it just was crazy. i'm just loving the craziness. it felt not like chaos but a abundan abundance. >> i am the most impatient person on the planet. i have no patience. i will be, like, bottle done, go to bed.
8:18 am
wait, you're not ready? hold on. she's taught me patience, and she's taught me no dream is too big. if you believe in something, it may actually come true. >> i think what my kids have taught me the most is gratitude. i just felt lucky. that's crazy because sometimes, i'm, like, take me away. but i think, in general, i really love the crazy. cheers. >> cheers. >> why don't we get in one of these fabulous boats here. >> what? >> we're at the central park bo boathouse. let's ride around. >> is this like our great escape from life? >> this is so nice. imoms, we feel guilty for setting foot away from the kids. it is good to occasionally get out and ride in a boat with your friend. all these beautiful couples, and then it is me and you. >> that's because we are a couple, okay?
8:19 am
let's not forget it. >> yup. >> here you go. this is for you. >> oh, wow. >> wow. >> thank you. >> happy mother's day. >> lovely. >> that was so nice. >> so nice. >> happy mother's day. >> happy mother's day, lovey. >> love you. >> i want to see more of the boat ride. it was turning into laverne and shirley. >> i noticed the flowers were dead yesterday. we shot it two weeks ago. >> my favorite line was the abundance line. it is an important thing to remember. >> it is true. if you can remind yourself of that. it is hard sometimes. we all have kids. there are moments with you're, like, okay. >> you two make it look so easy though. you do. on a daily basis. seriously. >> thank you, craig. >> we feel grateful. thanks, again, to the central park boathouse. >> father's day next month. irish pub. talking about being dads. >> let's do it. >> wings and beers. >> i'm there. >> we'll work on that. >> i love that. >> by the way, if you want to
8:20 am
hear more about motherhood, we did something on >> i think it's there. coming up, we'll highlight an amazing mom. she's changing her community. we have a live surprise for her. mr. roker is in chicago with the weather and all that. >> announcer: today's weather is brought to you by kay jewelers. the number one jewelry store in america. every kiss begins with kay. >> craig and carson, we're going out. we'll do a father's day thing. it'll be epic. look out. let's show you what we have going on for your weekend, including mother's day. first of all, tomorrow, record highs through the southeast. severe storms in the mid plains. sunshine in the northeast. along the west coast. we look ahead toward saturday, you can expect to see record highs in the mid-atlantic states. heavy rain from the upper mississippi and ohio river valleys into the northeast. mountain snows in the central plains. sunshine in the pacific northwest and into the southwest. and on mother's day, record highs again through the
8:21 am
southeast. sunshine in new england. some wet weather from the mid-atlantic and the northeast into the upper ohio river val y valley. mountain snows for all the moms that's what's going on around the country. here's what's happening in your neck of the woods. >> good thursday morning, i'm meteorologist kari hall. it's going to be nice and sunny today. highs for the inland areas up to 79 degrees. the winds will be picking up tomorrow. temperatures going up, too. iland areas up to 85. 83 degrees on saturday. for mother's day, it will be slightly cooler. the wind's calming down. that cooling trend continues into the beginning of next week. for san francisco, today, look for highs around 65 degrees and 70 for the next couple of days. and 64 degrees on mother's day sunday. >> that's your latest weather. coming up, our amazing mom reveal in a little bit. guys? >> it's going to be good. >> can't wait. carson is in the orange room with a new debate over the best ways to get a good night's sleep. >> hey, guys. this started when rob lowe was
8:22 am
on the ellen degeneres show. he shared a sleep confession. >> i sleep better because i'm not with my wife. it's the truth. i mean, i love her enough to speak the truth. >> rob lowe is saying his wife keeps him awake when playing family feud on her ipad. she isn't the only one who enjoys his space. take a look at what we found. the national sleep foundation says that one in four american couples sleep in separate bedrooms or beds. we asked you on social media to chime in. here's one. i miss my bed when it was just me and there wasn't a snoring, cover-hoarding grizzly bear next to me. >> why did you put my tweet up? >> sorry. on the other side, i can't sleep without my husband. i feel like part of me is missing. >> awe. >> we asked on twitter. do you sleep better without your partner? what do you think they said? 60% saying, yes, i sleep better without my partner. i want to mention in rob lowe's
8:23 am
case, sleeping separately is a temporary situation. he only does it when aware on tour. for others, it is a real thing in their homes. >> what about you? >> i think this is -- >> no, no, no. >> look, my wife is out of town right now. i sleep better when she's not here, obviously, because there's nobody there. but i prefer to sleep with her. >> good answer. >> i'd rather sleep with my spouse. >> makes sense. pop star, mr. daly? >> i do. >> secretary of state for that diplomacy. >> we'll start off with amy schumer, hosting saturday night live this weekend. second time hosting the show. she feels she knows now the lay of the land. >> oh, for starters, this is called the page desk. they call it that because it is where they keep all these pages. okay. now, this is called home base, which is not a euphemism for making sweet love, as i thought, but where you perform a monologue. it is a fun fact you probably don't know, but i am the very first woman to ever host "snl,"
8:24 am
or even be in the building. ready to sweep up the glass from the ceiling i just shattered. >> may not have shattered the glass ceiling, but it'll be a great show. watch amy and musical guest kacey musgraves. "s "snl" this saturday on nbc at 11:30. the editor in chief of "vogue" broke down everything from monday's met gala. her and stephen colbert discussed the outfits, including amal clooneys. she started in this pantsuit dress. she ended up having to change, and she explained why. >> she wore this incredible dress on the red carpet designed by a young, british designer, richard quinn. it was made of tinfoil. she was a little concerned it might rip during the evening. she went into the gift shop, and she changed into this extraordinary dress, which is designed to look like stain
8:25 am
glass. >> you sell this at the gift shop? i thought it was just astronaut ice cream and paperweights. >> only if you are amal clooney. >> all right. >> good to be amal clooney. that is your pop start today. got a little click? >> i'm a golf fan. saw this video and thought it was funny. tough spot on the golf course. roll the video. he was right at the foot of a tree. you can take an unplayable. trying to sneak it through the window. >> oh, my gosh. >> that's his buddy. broke his camera. he is okay. you hear laughing in the background. sometimes, you might want to chip out or take that unplayable. >> wow. >> that window wasn't big enough. hope he is okay. we think it is. >> startling. by the way, icon alert. look who is over here. annette bening. she has a new movie called if the the s-- "the seagull."
8:26 am
we're going to talk to her in a moment. first, a check ofdanville polict your local news. >> good morning, it's 8:26. danville police are still not saying how a san roman valley high school student wound up unresponsive in the school swimming pool. students, parents and staff gathered at the football stadium last night to remember 15-year-old ben curry who died tuesday afternoon. curry played on the school basketball team. another story involving students. this at san jose's oak grove high school. students there are in class this morning after a hazmat scare. about a dozen people were treated after first responders say somehow they breathed in pepper spray. this was during a biology class. problem for 280. we're looking at most of your commute, normally we push north through the south bay and we do see that today. and then along the peninsula,
8:27 am
it's a little slowing along san mateo for 101 and also palo alto. 280 has been jammed towards woodside. today a crash just past that woodside exit blocks the slow lane as quite a bit of distraction, so very delicate, folks traveling 280, silicon valley. the interchange, no problems. smooth through oakland. northbound 880 jams around high street right by the coliseum. no surprise, it's just typical, you know that, back to you. >> all right, thanks. we'll have another local update in half an hour. because antonio villaraigosa got it done. he defended women's healthcare, banned military-style assault weapons, banned workplace discrimination, and more. antonio for governor.
8:28 am
8:29 am
8:30 am
♪ you must have confused me it's 8:30. it's a thursday morning. beautiful day out on our plaza. may 10th. it's an awesome spring day. we have an awesome spring crowd. >> we love it today. >> guys, we have the music season about to start. >> i can't handle it. >> kicking it off in a good way. >> next tuesday, one of our favs, meghan trainor will be here. >> nice. >> hit us up for fan passes. go to > . >> ready for our crowd moment? >> y okay. i'm looking for participant my and kennedy. wait, what? okay. so we understand you guys were here back in 2014.
8:31 am
>> four years ago, yeah. >> you did something special. what did you do? >> we took a selfie with that man carson. >> how old is your daughter now? >> 4-and-a-half. >> carson, can you recreate that exact picture? >> good to see you. >> ready? >> all right. >> that's it. get mom in, too. get mom in, too. >> oh my gosh. >> so beautiful in yes! >> good to see you again. >> good morning. >> good morning. >> we love to see you not in four years, come back and visit more often, okay? >> you watch "the voice" too? >> i hope to see you on "the royce" one day, too, get the chairs to turn. coming up, we were chit chatting with the great annette bening. we talk to her about that. it's a dream world. we will potentially marvel over some other big news in her life. we'll explain that. >> oh, i got you. >> also ahead, police officers on the move and on bikes.
8:32 am
uniting for a cause very close to their hearts. i was actually lucky enough to join them. they're going from here to d.c.. >> don't forget, we are heading to windsor next week the royal wedding. we will have reports all week long. everyone else is coming on friday. then savannah and i are doing a special. >> we are. >> an extravaganza. >> we will wake up 4:00 a.m. with us. put your coffee on, we will watch it together. spend the morning with us. >> i like that. >> let's go out to ali in chicago. first let's get a check of the weather. >> all right. let's look ahead, show you what's happening, starting off with today. we are looking at sunshine making its way through parts of the gulf coast, into texas. unfortunately, it's awfully dry in the southwest. we have severe storms through the plains and severe storms move nook the northeast later this afternoon. for tomorrow, severe storms and
8:33 am
heavy rain across the upper mid-west, record highs. through the central gulf and into parts of the southwest. still staying dry in the southwest. mountain snows in the that's what's going on aaron the country. here's what's happening in your neck of the woods. >> good morning, i'm meteorologist kari hall. we've got a lot of sunshine in the forecast today. and really nice temperatures with our highs making it up to 79 degrees for the inland areas. mid-80s tomorrow. those winds will be gusty during the afternoon into early saturday morning. it's still going to be warm for saturday afternoon. a little bit cooler for mother's day. that cooling trend continues into next week. san francisco, warming up to 70 degrees tomorrow. and then for mother's day, 64 degrees and lower 60s to start the new workweek. and that's your latest weather. savannah. >> okay. al, thank you so much. four-time oscar nominee annette bening leads an all star cast in the classic play "the siegl."
8:34 am
>> it's a tragic comedy where etch seals to be in love with the wrong person. annette plays a person who believes age is just a number. >> will i ever go outside? into here in the garden with my working clothe, without my hair perfectly coifed? never. and i stay out of the sun naturally. that's why i look so good at my age. i never let myself go like some people. see, look at me. see. watch. light of the center. i can play a girl who's 15. >> hmm. >> annette bening. good morning. >> good morning. >> you were born for this role. how do you do it? she's so conseated and number of herself a former actress. then we kind of love her. you imbue her with all this charm. >> thank you. >> it's amazing. >> well, it's a great role, checkoff wrote wit this one actress in mind that he ended up marrying.
8:35 am
i think he had been a short story writer. he fell in love with the story and wrote plays. there she is. he loved women. but he definitely understood a narcissist b that's safe to say. she is very complex. all of his characters are. >> you are familiar with "the siegl" you played the same characterner high school? >> i did, yes. >> what was it between the character in your early 20s versus the one we will see? >> i don't know that i really know. i know the love of this writing and this writer and all of his plays have been worked on a number of them. i hope that comes across and maybe i know a little bit more about how silly the silly part of her. the ridiculous part of her. maybe i get that a little bit more. but it was a wonderful thing to have played it. i always have the dream of playing it again, so this was a
8:36 am
dream. >> it's so fun, because it's been, you kind of need a flow chart to like this one loves this one. this one is the other. what was it like to film it? as i understand, you guys were upstate new york. everybody in one location, kind of like summer camp. >> quick, 21 days. >> it was hard work, it was a joy. team effort. that's the best. i'm sure you guys know in your show, it's working with everyone together. we had incredible designers. we needed them. it's a period fire. our camera crew worked so hard chasing us around, getting the scenes quickly. they were as emotional vested as we were. it was like summer camp. we all loved the material and our enthusiasm. we hope it comes across. >> what was it like behind the scenes? you stay in a hotel. there is a call time. interiors, exteriors, i can see you all sort of bunked together. >> we stayed in the area and during the day when we were shooting. we were all in the house the
8:37 am
makeup, the hair the dressing rooms. we were using the bedrooms in the house. the house on the lake is what you need for that play and the film. so we found this beautiful production designer found this beautiful location and it worked. i mean, we really are proud of this. >> well, we have to ask you about another thing in the news that potentially you signed on with captain marvel that will make everyone excited. what's the role in. >> i can't tell you. >> oh, c'mon. >> c'mon! >> marvelous. >> they. everything is very secret. so i'm really really excited. >> by you are a part of snit. >> i am. >> okay. we'll take that. >> captain marvel movie coming out. >> yes. >> have you shot snit. >> undisclosed character play. exciting. >> tell us about the family, i tell you your youngest is headed off to college. you will be empty nsteesters.
8:38 am
our kids are 66, 23, 21 and 18. >> our youngest is about to leave. it's bittersweet. but it's good. >> what do you do play parchesi? >> by the pool. >> that sounds fabulous. >> congratulations of. that we want to remind people it hits los angeles tomorrow. great to see you. >> coming up next, we will highlight an amazing mo him that we really admire. she is doing incredible things to help the kids in her community. she did a big surprise coming up. first, here' s
8:39 am
8:40 am
we're back with more of our special series leading up to mother's day. amazing moms today. as we mentioned, we joined forces with woman's day, redbook and good housekeeping. you'll see incredible women's
8:41 am
stories there and on "today." >> they're making a difference in their kids' lives and their community every day. a special lady from chicago is an inspiration to us all. >> what is this letter? >> what it means to be a mom is just watching young people grow up and explore. just find out who they are and what they want to do and what they want to be in life. >> jennifer maddox is a single mom who worked two jobs to raise her two sons, christopher and craig. >> i was a young single mother. they kind of grew up with me. i was always there to be supportive. it was important. i knew that i was the only parent that was really truly in their lives at the time. >> she's worked for the chicago police department for more than 20 years. most of that time spent patrolling the south side. >> we have gunshots almost every night. kids are not able to walk up and down the street and feel safe because of the violence that
8:42 am
plagues this community. they did not have any community spaces that the kids could actually come and socialize and be kids. so i noticed that. i'm like, well, how many children actually live here? we found out that there's over 1,200 children, 18 down, that live in a three-block radius. i'm, like, well, we have to figure out how to get them something to do and be off the streets. >> maddox started future ties, an after-school program in the basement of an apartment building, with volunteers helping from the community. they serve hot meals to the kids, assist with homework and different activities for the children, from arts and crafts to conflict resolution. >> this is a trauma-filled community. every day, our babies are witnessing some form of trauma. we decided that it would be
8:43 am
beneficial to bring conflict resolution so that we can start showing our young people that there are other ways to deal with their anger instead of violence. >> and they enjoy just the simple moments of childhood, like celebrating birthdays. ♪ happy birthday to you >> and going on field trips. >> they love our field trips. we have been skating. we have been to the movie theater. we've just taken some walking trips through the neighborhood. we plan a lot of field trips for them, just to get them out of the community and to move them around. >> it is maddox's relationship with the children and their parents that makes this program so special. >> a lot of their parents call me mom. i'm, like, a grandma. oh, my goodness. yes, i am. i accept that. because, you know, some of them
8:44 am
may have lost their mom. some of them are maybe looking for a mother figure to help and guide and support them. anything that i can do that i did for my own children, i'm more than happy to share and give back. have to. have to lead by example. cheese. >> wow. >> what an incredible woman. >> there she is. >> we're so happy. >> yes. >> jennifer maddox joins us from chicago. jennifer, good morning to you. you are amazing.marveling at wh you've been able to do. what does this program mean to you and the kids in your community? >> how you doing? the program for the community is strictly for this community, for the children, for their families, their moms. we try to provide an after school setting for them and a program for the children. >> lady! nice lady!
8:45 am
hey, nice lady! >> you can look, jennifer. >> how are you? >> she's, like, who is that? >> how are you, jennifer? >> surprise! >> nice to see you. how are you? >> how you doing? >> doing great. >> oh, my goodness. just thought for mother's day, to help you with your kids, the nice folks at ford have this echo sport for you to drive the kids around. it's got alexa. it's got wi-fi. you can drive them around. they can be yelling, hey, alexa! do something. >> oh, my goodness. oh, wow. >> for you. thank you so much. >> thank you. >> thank you for everything you do. it's great. >> thank you. >> and we have family here. look at this. this is great. >> oh, my goodness. >> happy mother's day. >> thank you so much. oh, wow. >> who is this little guy? >> that's my grandbaby, caden.
8:46 am
this is my son. these are all my babies here. >> how you doing? >> all of them. all of them are all my babies. >> wow, they're all excited, too. look at that. that's great. >> jennifer, were you scared at all, when al just rolled up and started yelling? >> i didn't know what was going on. >> that's how they feel every day. >> what's happening? oh, what's going on? >> she kept her cool though. >> sure did. >> jennifer, you're amazing. >> you can tell she's a police officer. >> exactly. totally cool. >> could have gone another way. happy mother's day, jennifer. >> thank you so much. >> thank you for all you do. >> happy mother's day to you guys, as well. thank you all so much. >> thank you so much. >> thank you, al. great job. >> awesome. just ahead, pedaling for a purpose. craig is going to share a powerful message behind a special bike tour. first, this is "today" on nbc.
8:47 am
8:48 am
he's been called a rockstar lawyer. he tops the charts on progressive causes... winning pro bono battles for immigrants and the homeless. defending gay rights and gun control. democrat jeff bleich. after columbine, bleich led president clinton's youth violence initiative. with joe biden, bleich took on domestic violence. served president obama as special counsel and ambassador. maybe bleich can't pull off the rockstar look... but his progressive record is solid gold.
8:49 am
we're back now with a special event that's highlighting those who protect and serve. >> whoever said the wheels of justice turn slowly, they never witnessed the police unity tour. hundreds of police officers taking part, riding their bicycles from new york to washington, d.c., all to honor colleagues lost in the line of duty, and to raise money for the national law enforcement memorial. ♪ they gather at daybreak, in the shadow of the new tower at the world trade center site. police officers from departments across the greater new york city area and beyond. these cruisers come with just two wheels. they're bikes adorned with the names and images of loved ones and friends killed in the line of duty. >> this is my family. we're a very tight-knit group. every year you come here, you
8:50 am
see people that have had these stories, and you want to come back and be with them. it's just the most natural thing in the world, to be here. >> for the riders, this isn't a starting point. it's hallowed ground. recently, we came here to meet patrick gorman. >> my father was on the port authority. always wanted to be a cop. >> he joined the port authority police four years ago. he was just 11 years old when his father, officer thomas gorman, raced to lower man hahan on september 11th. >> he jumped off the desk, jumped on the truck. they came over here and, you know, entered the towers. he began trying to evacuate the building as best they could. >> he died trying to save people? >> exactly. >> thomas gorman's name is etched here, among the other heros and victims. now, patrick rides with his fellow officers to honor the fallen and raise awareness of the national law enforcement
8:51 am
memorial. >> it is open ended. unfortunately, next year, cops may be lost in the line of duty, and next year. that's the way it is. that's why it is special, too. >> they gave me a jersey and a bike, and i got to partner up with officer gorman and his colleague, officer paul. >> are we hitting the town already? >> yes. >> we plunge into the holland tunnel. not long before we hit the first snag. >> you got a flat? >> a flat tire. lucky for me, these officers bring backup. they were able to fix my flat and get me back biking. our first stop is at a memorial for fallen officers in jersey city. the first of several such stops that will be made between now and saturday. remembering officers in towns big and small. bobby eggbert and tom kennedy are two of the ride's organiz s organizers. >> first ride was with six guys. then it went to 16, 24 and 160. >> different chapters converge
8:52 am
in washington, d.c. and ride into the memorial. 2,500 police officers are on bicycles. >> as we ride, there are salutes and shouts of support. >> every year, this country loses upwards of 100 police officers in the line of duty. mothers and fathers, sisters, brothers and children out there that have an empty plate at the dinner table. >> these officers know when this day's ride ends, somewhere, everywhere, there are fellow officers just beginning their tours of duty. the police tour ends on saturday down in washington, d.c. by then, about 2,000 officers will have joined. last year, the group raised nearly $3 million to fund the national law enforcement memorial. going back to officer gorman, one of the woman he saved showed up at the academy. he nearly lost it. >> one of the founders said they're up to 160 riders this year.
8:53 am
willing to bet it is more than double next year. what a great event. >> these are complicated times in which we live. a complicated time between the police and the policed. but there is still a whole lot to be said for people who put on a bullet proof vest every day, strap a gun to their side and go out to protect and serve. >> right. >> our thoughts and prayers as they make their way to d.c. >> thank you very much for that. we're back in a moment. first, in the "today" on nbc.
8:54 am
8:55 am
oh, the music. >> must be royal wedding news. don't forget, we are having our royal party on the plaza next wednesday. >> get a pen and write this down. we want you to come dressed in your royal best for a chance to win fabulous prize. two round trip tickets from new york to london courtesy of virgin atlantic. three-night hotel stay at a five-star hotel. and you'll join "today" in windsor the day of the royal wedding. >> man. >> head to
8:56 am don't forget to bring your pai )m - -... santa rosa po good morning. it's 8:56. i'm marcus washington. santa rosa police are looking for two men, both considered suspects in a deadly stabbing. police believe that stabbing happened last night during a fight on slater street. this is near santa rosa high school. by the time officers arrived, everyone was gone. afterward, police learned a stabbing victim died after arriving there. police believe the two men you see there, identified as 20-year-old johnny ruiz martinez
8:57 am
and 25-year-old gabriel hadin knew the victim. police believe they may be driving a white chevy equinox. happening right now, we're reaching out to santa rosa police about that search. we'll have the latest on our midday newscast. you can check on our twitter feed. and the latest on three americans who arrived on u.s. soil after being detained for two years in north korea. you probably were asleep when they arrived by plane when it touched down a little before midnight our time. on the homepage, the full story and video shot moments after the plane landed. today is bike to work day. if you didn't ride your bike to work, you still have that after noon commute. hundreds of stationings are set up around the bay area. more news in an hour. >> stay connected to your world.
8:58 am
warning. and we )re talking to folks who )ve faced the threat before. how (you should be getting reay (now. ( and - a fight with a contractor isn )t rare, but it is if you didn )t hire him! )today in the bay ) - tomorrow- 4:30 to 7.
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morning, everyone. welcome to the show. i'm megyn kelly. it's been nearly six months since the sudden firing of "today" show anchor matt lauer. after an accusation of sexual misconduct. now, nbc releasing the results of its months long internal investigation following lauer's dismissal. he to fill you in on that, as well as other hid lieadlines, including harvey weinstein's wife giving her first public comments, we have nbc news correspondent stephanie gosk, kristen dahlgren and our friend melissa garcia is here to talk about other stories in headlines. welcome to you all. >> thank you. >> stephanie, you've been on the sexual harassment beat in general. it is more awkward when we report on our own company. we


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