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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  July 7, 2018 11:00pm-11:28pm PDT

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. news at 11 starts right now. >> breaking news in thailand, a dellicate and risky mission now underway. in the past two rescue of boys and the coach trapped in the cave for the past two we could they get to 12 hours that will be 7:30 our time tomorrow morning, it could take a total of four days to get them all out.
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concerns over lack ofox gen, the possibility of rain in the forecast. 13 international divers and five ty seals. two divers will occupy each boy. helicopters are ready to transport the boys to hospitals when they come out of there. 12 boys, 11 to 16, and their coach, stranded since june 23rd. after intense rain flooded the cave. the weather a major factor. thlo happening in thailand. >> what we are seeing is a bit of a break you can see, heavier rains may make a comeback in northern thailand. we will have to watch rainfall
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intensity, and this is all tied into the typical summer monsoon pattern. we get heavy run-off at times, the issue, as the rains return, more sections of the cave could be prone to rising water levels, a rate that any pumps brought in wouldn't keep up with it. in addition to the typhoons in the western pacific. that moisture gets pulled in as well. critical window of oppni last day or so. the long range forecast as we head to the middle of the week will see heavier rains in will . >> we tweeted the breaking news from thailand, moments after the word came to the nbc crews.
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follow us for up to the minute information. >> communities are edge, because of a naked man lurking in neighborhoods. he has broken into one home. he was caught on surveillance. we learned of another city he may have stalked. live in freemont where the man was last seen. >> i can tell police say fou h the last month. the most entered the home in the middle of the night. and stood naked the entrance to a bedroom of a young woman. >> the young man, crouching on a home in pleasanton thursday. investigators believe he is the same man who entered a back door of a home in freemont last month. and performed lude acts of a
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bedroom door of an 18-year-old. she screamed. he took off. >> i wondered why he picked that house. had he gone there before? >> neighbors worked to share information with police. >> some people have tenants. this guy was captured on cameras. >> he has a distinctive tattoo on hispp arm. he approached two people in a car in freemont, then less than an hour later, exposing himself to a woman walking her dog on red fox circle. police believe he struck on june 15th, performing lude acts in the backyard of a home. they hope this image will be
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enough to take him off their streets. >> someone will recognize the tattoo. i think he will get caught if he keeps it up. >> some neighbors were so shaken by the incident, they went out and purchased new surveillance systems. we learned that police say there have been similar cases in newark. area move.ive in san jose. freemont. >> here is another look at the in if you recognize him, call police. we posted this picture, and the tattoo on our home page. >> 24 hours ago, a heart-breaking scene near santa barbara, and today, views of the aftermath, after the flames ripped through the community. some are back in their homes, but a lot of concern remains, fire fighters work to keep
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people safe. >> reporter: there is part of golida that remains under evacuation. there are crews that remain to check for hot spots that do not flare up again. there are a lot of power lines damaged in this whole thing. people have been able to return home. they say the weather conditions tonight are a whole lot better than what they survived last night. linda williams watched from her deck as the fire grew quickly. >>teturn home, because the streets are under a voluntary order, no longer under mandatory. because of the fire, she is ready to leave in a moment's notice. >> it was crazy. we had 20 minutes to get out. >> there are 600 people who live
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in the area that is still under a mandatory evacuation in holiday hills, it is in bad shape. power lines are damaged. during an update, the sheriff said 20 structures were destroyed. >> our hearts go out to those who lost their homes in this devastating fire. we know it is a difficult time for them. there were no fatalities. >> it may have started as a structure fire. because of strong winds. the fire continued to grow, and cooler temperatures, helped fir things there, are no flames to be seen now. >> governor brown declared a state of emergency. there are a lot of resources to start the fire. right now, the holiday fire is at 80% contain the. it was kept to a 100 acre burn
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area. nbc bay area news. >> thank you very much. >> another fire, this one at the oregon border, has fire fighters working around the clock. hundreds of homes are threatened. train tracks andi-5. it killed someone. now, 22,000 akers, 5% contained. we have learned one fire fighter did suffer significant burns. >> getting much needed help from above. the largest tanker in the country, the global super tanker, 600 miles an hour, drop 19,000 water or retardant in a single run. >> track the forecast and
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conditions in your neighborhood with our app. >> it is unclear whether the trump administration met a deadline tonight, to reunite migrant children from their parents at the border. >> a southern california judge said he would not deviate from the deadlines, they must get outside a detention center, in san daempth taken from their parents as they cross the border, seccing a judge ordered the trump association to reunite the names of the kids, get the name to the aclu by tonight.
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his group and others are ready to do what is needed to reunite families, but they need the names of their can. we are hopefully to locate the parents quicker than the government is. >> protesters called rasht policies. >> it is a regime that promotes this issue is not has had to result to dna famili h work done b tuesday. >> police have arrested a 39 year-old woman, yesterday. she is escaped to setting fire to $20,000 worthd of hey burned.
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the fires across the street. she surrended in athderton. >> the dangerous discovery that forced people to take shelter. >> it is a condition that nevert hit by one. the running of the >> still in the mid 60s, low 90s by the forecast coming up.
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you know the saying, you mess with the bull? well, today, one man got the horns. crazy video here. 2000 people braved the half mile run as they were business chased by sixbus, the course was wet because of morning rain. give the advantage to the bulls. scary moments along the russian river. sheriff deputies found a live -- investigation say the pipe bomb might have been intended for the fourth of july. >> anti-abortion movie.
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mia thornapois, and tommy -- both are known for ideals, according to an advanced copy of the script. the movie has graphic and disturbing scenes. the seafood restaurant, by the bucket, in santa clara is gone. that fire started at 1:00 this morning. dramatic video of flames shooting out of the roof. the restaurant closed last year after serving the community for 60 years. a new one was set to open. the fire is under investigation. >> a fast-moving fire scorche a. how close the fire came. that is not exactly it. there we go. the fire close to the home of
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rachael perez. the family was packed, leave look at that line of fire. like a wall. there was no damaged structures, the family remainos edge. >> i think it points to me, living up here, w >> 116 acres of education. brendal pass and -- >> what you saw, the video in gilroy, they could be closing in on a 100 degrees, right now, 58, fog-free for now.
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not much in the way of fog. san jone. tomorrow. san jose, mid to upper 80s, downtown, hottest temperatures around the southern end of the santa clara valley, and check out cooler into san francisco. this is a dry off shore wind. enough of a sea breeze to keep that strong ridge of high pressure from building across northern california, the same way it has across kourn southern california. the valleys, climbing it to the 90s, mostly 70s, and 60s near the coast.
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this is a typical spread. 50s, 60s on the coast most should be in the 50s, south of san jose, gill roy, the hottest spots, we could see 100 degrees. antioc and brent wood. 70s and 80s. similar to today 60s elwris west wind at 20. and santa rosa and senoma. the strong of high pressure then monday. as we get toward, you can see
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humidity, and muggy conditions closer to the bay. increase humidity, still got temperatures in the upper 80s, summer weather, with a twist. >> now, we will check in with laura for sports. >> the giants and the cardinals at a and and it,
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. here at the x finity sports desk, the giants and cardinals
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were back at it at at&t this afternoon. the giants getting the 3-2 win there yesterday. the top three starters in the rotation are all back. two on, two out for pena. he get right. that puts the cardinals up, 3-0. bottom of the eighth, giants down brings hansen in, and th giants omf the ninth. aust strikes out swinging, the giants fall to the cardinal, 3-2 the final. heading over to proo gressive field. aes down 3-0, the 8th inning magic is back. 15th home run on the season. next batter up, crush davis. he is called that for a reason.
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free baseball for fans on this saturday. top of the 11th. that one is gone as well. the aes beat the al central indians, 6-3. that will do it for sports, back with more news after
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we leave you tonight with an epic proposal caught on camera. kinda. >> that is so cool. >> oh, no. >> he is not the one proposing, you might have guessed. he is visiting new mexico. they get to the top.
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the young man is like, could you please record this here is my camera, i am going to pop the question. he thought he was catching the whole thing, as can you see, the camera is on selfie mode. he is recording his own reaction. didn't get the big moment. he will forever be part of their proposal video. >> this is classic. there it is. >> the days when y handy cam and double punch. that happened to my husband's brrthd at grauz. you have the camera going under the seat recording the whole time. nothing. >> that was wonderful. >> saturday night live is up next. #
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