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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  July 31, 2018 4:30am-5:00am PDT

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good morning and than >> good tuesday morning to you. we take a look out to what looks like to be clear skies ahead. marcus has the week off. >> monday is behind us. moving onto tuesday. >> tuesday pretty much the same weather as yesterday. we will have the cool temperatures and inland areas starting to warm up. san jose starting out with clear skies. let's head over to east san jose and check out our temperature trend. we'll still have a warm one for the middle of the afternoon. we'll take a look at all of our micro climates coming up. h
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morning commute. >> i was about the say we are all in the clear. as i was b. i will look into that and see what's going on. aside from that this one is from an earlier crash. we are not worried about heavy delays there. we are not seeing the bay bridge toll plaza back up. aside from that i have no major accidents to report. i'll send it back to you. >> all right. back to you. developing now, extreme weather is a challenge for firefighters battling two large firefighters in lake and mendocino counties. it has burned more than 68,000 acres. they say at least seven homes are destroyed. some 2,000 firefighters are on the front lines. we have a crew.
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we'll check in with them at the top of the hour. >> another big report is the car fire burnishasta county. it more than 800 homes and other structures are gone. six people are dead including two firefighters. so far it is only 23% con tand. today in the bay show heard progress crews are making in this area. >> nothing prepared him for seeing his own home burn to the ground while on the job. firefighters on the ground are still working, making sure hot spots are out in this burned out neighborhood. >> this was me. >> that's something familiar to dave, a u.s. forest service pilot who was behind the wheel of this plane when he looked down and saw his home burning.
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>> i texted my wife and said the house is picture and sent it to his wife. >> i expected it to be gone but you never know. >> finding out your home is gone after ten years is surreal. he didn't land the plane. he kept on working. his job is to direct planes carrying retardant into the fire zone. >> i would rather be helping than sitting here feeling sorry for myself. >> he knew his wife and two children were evacuated and safe. his wife never thinking twice about her husband's decision to keep working. >> everything else can be replaced. >> to leave the house and fly and to protect the whole town. >> reporter: there are a lot of public servants in the position
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as david. dave plans to go back to work on wednesday. >> amazing. three firefighters burned while fighting the car fire. the fire cheefr telief says he believe it's only july. they dispatched 66 fiesh fighters to help across the state. the santa cruz man accused in the murder and sexual assault of mad di middleton is due in court. she accused of killing maddie at their apartment complex. he admitted to it during questioning. sunnyvale leaders will debate age limits on buying semi automatics. the ordnance would bann anyone
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under 21. right now the age is 18. they will debate that idea tonight. happening tonight a new set of metering lights gets its first test drive along 680. the lights are located on northbound at the bottom of the bridge. they say the peak traffic metering is supposed to begin. uber hitting the brakes, the clangs you might see on the road. first a look ouchlt we'll have your weather and traffic coming up in just a bit.
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yesterday the market fell and nasdaq continued to climb with big names like facebook, netflix and amazon. the feds begin two day meeting but not expected to hike interest rates. nasdaq closing down 107 to 76-30. snap chat is signing deals to bring more toextending the partnership to have a best as
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sunday story sum marizing news and highlights for the past weak. they are teaming up for extra time recapping the top tooer soccer matches and internal dramas. nbc is an investor and bet their sports will keep you coming back to the app. the app says 52 million people watch the snap chat content. uber hitting the brakes on self-drivi self-driving trucks. it will focus technology solely on cars. it brought a start up called auto in 2016. he says it became embroiled in a lawsuit. uber will maintain and match trucks or the truck drivers to the cargo. back over to you. >> all right. thank you. in you this morning, something is missing on the
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streets of oakland. more than 140 were towed. five had been reported stolen. police issued 40 citations. they say there will be more tweets throughout each. it is 4:40. we have a cleose eye on things. >> we check out mostly clear skies to start. there may be drifts of snow today. temperatures start out in the upper 50s heading into the mid-70s by noon. we'll take a look at micro climates and same temperatures, a wide range across the bay area coming up next. and keeping a close eye on all of your bridges but also the roads. a live look at the san mateo bridge. we have no issues there. we did see a minor issue pop up in the south bay. i'll have details on that coming up. emeryville camera
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during these devastating wildfires -- a lot of people are stepping up to help. look at this adorable little girl. two-year-old "gracie" handed out dinner to help firefighters in shasta county. too. gracie also offered breakfast burritos to fire goods morning. giving a little wave right
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there. she offered breakfast burritos to fire crews. her uncle and grandfather are both firefighters. of course she is concerned. >> teach your kids to take them out and do public service. >> all right. you get out the door you have to worry about weather and traffic. >> and the smoke too across the bay area. we are seeing smoke move by. the santa clara valley south bay
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will have some quality for today. let's head over as you make your way out the door. it is 60 at 5:00 and looking at low 60s through about 7:00. so a nice and cool start with mostly clear skies. that sunshine starts to warm us up. it is at 77 degrees. let's check it all out and start in the south bay. it is also 83 downtown san jose and 94 today in concord and in pittsburgh. oakland today reaching 71 degreesin half-moon bay. san francisco mostly in the 50s and low 60s. mission district will be 57 degrees and 87 here. santa rosa 86 degrees. it will be a warm day. if you're going out they have been killing it this season. we are going to have great weather as we head into this
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evening. it is 62 degrees at first pitch and cooling down with breezy winds a skies. as you make plans to go before a workout today it will be in the upper 70s as we go into early -- or late morning. you might want to head out there a little bit earlier. we are still stuck in this weather pattern with very hot temperatures. by the end of the week into next week there will be slight cooling for the pacific northwest that could edge its way in. it is great news as we continue to monitor what's happening with the car fire. we'll have more updates on that and i'm also posting updates on facebook and twitter at kari hall weather. let me know about your weekend plans. we are looking at temperatures in the low 90s for today as well as tomorrow. just a slight cool down for the weekend with upper 80s. it will continue into early next
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week. san francisco looking at mid-to upper 60s by saturdayyou' tracke south bay. >> indeed. i told you i was going to look into that. there it is. it is very much there. if you notice by the speed sensors not really catching any major slowing. this is northbound 280 as a possible hit-and-run. it looks like they are already clearing that out. i think it is still so early in the morning. we are not seeing very many cars out on the road. let's take a look at some of the drive times. northbound 101 it is 18 minutes. northbound 280 to highway 85 about 8 minutes. northbound 85 about 15 minutes. no delays across the east bay at this hour. back to you. >> thank you very much. concerns over 3d printed
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guns. they are suing the trump company to down loadable gun blueprints. they say it is a public safety threat. >> we are trying to do more things this di and age in the world of active shooters to get people help and identify those that can't possess guns. here is a software that says let's make it sooizer. >> they say they don't think criminals will go to all of that trouble saying 3d printers are expensive. the guns tend to decentegrate quickly. on the today show we have a look at the concerns some people have that plastic guns will be easier to sneak through metal detectors and onto planes.
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they are suing one state senator. she a physician that backs vaccination. women say they have been blocked from their twitter account. they filed a complaint last week. we will hear more of the exclusive interview with more ban miller. she and olympian bode miller lost their daughter in a tragic drowning. sha are talk about their work to make water safety conversation. it is part of all pediatrics check-ups. >> wherehe work no be done? everyone knows water can be dangerous and on the other hand nobody seems to take it as seriously as it needs to be taken. >> it is the intensity behind the conversation. it is 100% preventable. >> before i even truly reacted,
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when i saw my baby in the water was he's not swimming. it was so confusing to me. people are letting their guard down because they don't realize their guard still needs to be up. >> look for that right here on nbc bay area. >> coming up,c bay area responds. >> home warranties promise peace of mind. what happens when you're not satisfied with that service? nbc bay area responds next. at 4:50. new overnight u.s. officials saying they are continuing to work on their program. president trump declared it is noear reat. for any last minute deals. the trade deadline coming up at
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1:00 this afternoon. they are under 500 for the season. more news right after the break. . completely.
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nbc bay area responds. live look from san francisco. >> nbc bay area responds to a man whoght home wa wranty. >> james lang paid $1,500 for the home warranty.
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he cancelled he contacted them and he receive add prorated refund totaling $963. in a statement they didn't explain the delay in his refund just said it wasro the refund as per the customer's service agreement. another viewer told us the phone number is disconnected and web site is offline. we regularly get complaints about home warranties. you need to read that carefully and fully. consider it and look for copays and deductibles.
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those can add up. make sure you fully understand what's covered and before you buy in. thoesz those exclusions might surprise you. call 888-996-tips or online at nbc bay >> all right. thanks. happening today the williams sisters are here. >> they are here in the bay area for a tournament. a large crowd showed up to watch yesterday. look at that. it is -- wait. it takes the place of the classic which used to be played at sanford. she says she loves playing in the bay area. >> it has so much history.
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>> they make it look so easy. >> coming up another look at the last day of july. >> that's right. >> we have got to same weather from most of the months throughout the month of july. as we get a look outside right now heading out the door let's check out santa clara with low 60s in the morning and low 80s early this afternoon. we'll take a look at all of that coming up next. taking a live look at the bay bridge toll plaza moving along quite nicely. not seeing delays along the bridges. i'll have an update coming up. plus a new tax far silicon valley company, which tech giants would pay the most. before we go we want to show a live look outside pa palo alto. imagine all of those people on the road at:0 a.m. 3 minutes to.
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you're watching today in the bay. no additional music used song title or cd# & cut#: composer/library/artist: publisher/record label: length: cue use code : cue use codes: vv on camera visual vocal it )s tuesday morning a live look outside at san francisco
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good morning and thank you for joining us. welcome. it's the last day of july. it's beautiful. >> ready for the sun to arrive now. >> thank you for joining us. >> marcus has to whole week off. i know you don't so let's get you out the door. >> you said waiting for the sun's arrival. it will be a long time. it is 61 in san jose. the coolest spot in santa rosa. concord at 63 degrees at 8:00. that warm up is on the way. it will be a nice comfortably warm day. >> we'll take a look at all of our area. we have a look at the morning.
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it has been cleared out along 280 with a minor fender bender. nothing to worry about there. speed sensors aren't picking up any major slowing. >> all right. thank you very much. it is 5:00 right now. now to our other top story it is burning in northern california. so far no signs of stopping with a quarter million acres burned across the state. i want to get y most intense situations that's happening right now, the


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