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tv   Today  NBC  October 23, 2018 7:00am-9:01am PDT

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at 7:25. and more for you at 11:00. make it a great tuesday. thanks for starting your morning right here with us. good morning. good morning. doubling down. president trump making new threats against that migrant caravan during a late night rally and the unsubstantiated claim that democrats are funding it. >> do you know how the caravan started? does everybody know what this means? >> as the caravan grows and moves closer to the border, will this become a defining issue with the midterms just two weeks away? breaking overnight. savr savage murder. turkey's president releases new details into the death of "the washington post" columnist. the leader claiming saudi officials planned it days before
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carrying it out. we're there live. bracing for willa. this morning the dangerous category 4 hurricane closing in on popular tourist destinations in mexico. with flood ravaged texas right in its path. al has the very latest. those stories plus new clues. police now looking for these cars in the mysterious disappearance of a wisconsin teen. a vigil overnight for her safe return. the cdc investigating dozens of the new rare polio-like disorder affecting kids across the country. who wants to be a billionaire. >> all i need is one ticket. >> tonight's mega millions jackpot, the largest the world has ever seen. and the entire country is counting down to the record-breaking drawing. today tuesday, october 23rd, 2018.
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>> announcer: from nbc news, this is "today" with savannah guthrie and hoda kotb live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. and welcome to "today." thank you for joining us on this tuesday morning. there has to be a winner this time. right? >> we were just saying, like, it's going to happen tonight. it has to happen tonight. >> we got our tickets at 9:00 last night so i think we're good to go. >> ready to rock. huge, ridiculous, absurd jackpot. we'll see what happens. >> we'll talk about that later. but first our top story. that massive migrant caravan slowly heading to the u.s. border and quickly becoming the republicans' biggest talking point with 14 days to g until the midterms. we have two reports starting with gabe gutierrez in mexico. gabe, good morning. >> reporter: hoda, good morning. thousands of migrants spent the night here. the president is threatening to cut off foreign aid to the countries that let them pass as he ramps up his rhetoric towards the midterms. this morning as the massive
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migrant caravan defiantly inches closer to the u.s., president trump is calling it an assault on our country telling usa today he will send as many troops to the border as necessary. >> they call it a caravan. >> reporter: at a rally in houston overnight, the president using the caravan to energize his base just two weeks before the midterms. >> i think the democrats had something to do with it. democrats produce mobs. republicans produce jobs. >> reporter: there's no evidence the caravan was organized by anyone other than honduran political leaders and social activists. the president now tweeting, this is a national emergency. >> going to the middle and search. you're going to find ms-13. you're going to find middle eastern. you're going to find everything. >> reporter: earlier the white house press secretary supporting those unsubstantiated claims. >> does the president have credible evidence that middle easterners are in this caravan? >> absolutely.
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and we know this is a continuing problem. it's not just in this. we have ten individuals suspected or known terrorists that try to enter our country illegally every day. >> reporter: according to the department of homeland security, last year less than 1% of border apprehensions were immigrants from africa or the middle east. overall there were about 400,000 border apprehensions. 17,000 were criminals and of those 1,000 were gang members. this caravan is much larger than previous ones. now at least 7,000 strong. it's not clear how many of these are hondurans and how many mexicans joined the demonstration after it crossed the border. but they are heading north and they have no plans to stop. the conditions are grueling. on monday one person died after falling off the back of a trailer. another fainted in the blistering heat. we are not criminals. we are fighting for a better life, this woman told us. clutching her 1-year-old girl. the president's words are not
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changing her mind. a senior dhs official says the timing of this caravan is fluid. on foot it could take two to four weeks. the migrants plan to rest today then travel to another town and take trains to tijuana next to california's border. >> all right. gabe gutierrez, thank you. >> let's bring in peter alexander at the white house. there's certainly a big political element here. the president's talking about this caravan. he is out on the campaign trail. he must think it's to the republicans' advantage. >> reporter: you're right. what's striking here is the economy's strong, unemployment is low, but instead of talking about his achievements these days the president really is leaning into this message of fear. his closing argument focuses on stoking these fears of illegal immigration, ms-13 shadowing middle eastern figures. it's what he's been trying to do recently to try to motivate his base of support. his voters to stave off
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democrats from winning back the house or the senate or both. obviously what's crucial in the circumstance here is that the president recognizes that he is up against a wall right here. and we've witnessed in recent day assort of pace of falsehoods coming from the president. most notably recently saying there have been riots in california, that people there have been rioting over sanctuary cities. there is no evidence of any of that taking place. he's also been talking about the fact he says there will be a new middle class tax cut passed before the midterm election. again, congress is not even in session until after the election. so it's impossible for that to happen as well. >> when this caravan started, it was about a thousand people. it's grown to 7,000. some people are obviously fleeing violence. who are the other people in the group? >> reporter: it's a good question. by all accounts from the journalists on the ground including gabe gutierrez and our team from nbc news, this is now between 5,000 and 7,000 people in this caravan. it's impossible to know whether there are members of gangs in there. certainly that does exist as a
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possibility. but from everybody on the ground, again, they indicate that what they are seeing at these are they are largely foreign migrants. these are mothers and children from central america. again, there appears to be -- there is no evidence of any middle easterners traveling with them right now. but again, the president has been focusing on that as he views that as to the message he's trying to deliver here even if the evidence doesn't back it up. >> peter alexander, thank you very much. breaking overnight. chilling new details in the murder of that "washington post" columnist. the president of turkey now claiming it was premeditated and very cruel. and this morning the head of the cia has made her way to the region. nbc's chief global correspondent bill neely has the latest. hey, bill. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, hoda. turkey's president didn't hold back this morning repeatedly using the word murder and directly contradicting the saudis saying this was planned days in advance. this was no rogue operation.
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and for the saudis to cover it up was an insult. but he stopped short of directly implicating the saudi crown prince. turkey's president had an audience around the world as he accused saudi arabia of what he called a violent, savage murder. this was a planned operation, he said. not an accident. we h but he didn't disclose it. and he didn't mention the audiotape turkey says records the killing. he questioned who gave the 18 suspects their orders and called for them to be tried in turkey. but he produced no evidence linking the saudi rulers to the murder. president trump spoke again to the saudi crown prince and is hinting he's still not convinced. >> i am not satisfied with what i've heard. >> reporter: in a new interview, he said the killing was foolish and stupid but believes it was a plot gone awry. there is a lot of evidence now that what happened here was far,
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far from a mistake. clear signs of complex planning by the saudis and of an elaborate coverup of what their foreign minister now calls a murder. today he promised action. >> we'll see to it that the investigation is thorough and complete and that the truth is revealed. that investigation discovered discrepancies between what the team reported and what actually happened. >> reporter: cia chief gina haspel is now in turkey suggesting the u.s. is trying to assess turkey's evidence in the killing. the saudi story is unraveling fast. they used one agent to pretend khashoggi was still alive. footage leagued by turkish officials showed him wearing the same jacket and shirt as the journalist with a fake beard. turkish investigators are still finding evidence. this car with saudi diplomatic plates in a car park.
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it is unusual for diplomats to simply abandon a car in a suburb. why the saudis did it and what it means isn't clear. the saudi crown prince has been getting advice from the president's responsible. >> just to be transparent. to be fully transparent. the world is watching. >> reporter: so many questions still unanswered. well, the turkish president also said he wants an impartial investigation into the killing and he's obviously had a lot of questions for the saudis during that speech. not least, where's the body. he was doing his best as the world watched to make the saudis squirm. hoda, savannah, back to you. >> all right. bill, thank you. craig joins our table. good morning. >> good morning to you. an explosive device was found yesterday in the mailbox of billionaire george soros. the fbi and local police responded to his home monday afternoon. they say an employee of the residence opened the package, discovered what was inside, and
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called police. that person moved the device which was said to be similar to a pipe bomb to a wooded area. no one was hurt. soros is known for donating to democratic candidates and liberal causes. he is also the subject of many unfounded conspiracy theories. an emotional vigil was held in wisconsin overnight. a community coming together to pray for the safe return of a 13-year-old girl who vanishes eight days ago. police are now making a new plea to the public. they want help in the case. ron mott has the latest. ron, good morning. >> good morning. the disappearance of jayme closs remains a mystery. this as the urgency to find jayme is picking up in intensity each passing day. this morning officials are focusing on a pair of vehicles caught on nearby surveillance cameras around the time of the fatal shooting at the closs
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family home. >> we're asking you for help to find these cars. >> reporter: one a red or orange dodge challenger. the other a black ford edge suv or acura mdx. for the second time since jayme closs disappeared, the public being asked to help in greater numbers. >> we are asking for about 2,000 volunteers to walk specific areas in or around the crime scene to help with our investigation. >> reporter: authorities believe j jayme was in the home during the shooting when her parents were murdered. the front door kicked in. a 911 call placed from her mother's cell phone. the dispatcher hearing, quote, a lot of yelling. authorities working around the clock following up on leads. >> we've received over 1300 tips in our community and from across the nation. we have closed 1100 of those. >> reporter: elizabeth smart who was kidnapped nearly 15 years ago posting information about jayme's case on instagram asking
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her followers to call police with any information. ♪ last night a gathering of hope at the local high school. this grieving, worried community holding on for some good news to emerge from this tragedy. ♪ speaking words of wisdom ♪ let it be >> reporter: country singer chris cusy who is competing on "the voice" performed at the event which included a light ceremony to honor the lives of j jayme's parents. her hometown simply isn't ready to give up. >> we're going to bring her home. >> reporter: now, we're expecting those volunteers to get going here just a little bit later this morning. the search is expected to go pretty much all day. guys, back to you. >> all right, ron. thank you. meantime, the cdc is investigating possible new cases of afm. that's that rare polio-like condition affecting children across the country. in all, there are 62 confirmed cases in 22 states.
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and more than 150 suspected cases. the average age of those affected is 4 years old. and a lot of parents are concerned. so here with what parents need to know is nbc's news medical correspondent dr. john torres. dr. torres, we woke up this morning, we saw the bump in the numbers and we wondered, like, explain what's going on there. >> so since last week, the numbers of confirmed stayed the same. 62. suspected cases have gone up by 28 to 155. more states are reporting these. the cdc is checking in to see if they get confirmed. it's a lon so more than likely some of these will flip over to the confirmed side. >> so just so folks who haven't maybe just hearing about this right now, it just presents with flu-like symptoms and then suddenly takes a really serious turn. >> and that's the scare ji part. it's not even flu-like symptoms. it's cold-like symptoms. they will feel under the weather, runny nose, cough, sleep a little bit. then all of a sudden they can't move their leg, stand up, grip things. they keep dropping things or have a slurred speech and droopy
7:15 am
eye. that is the paralysis taking hold. once that takes hold, it's now afm and that's when they need the treatment that we have which isn't much at this point. >> why don't we know more about this disease? >> this disease has been around for a long time. in 2014 is when it all of a sudden started bumping up and started affecting children. and every two years it seems to affect them. it coincides with things call e intro virus but they can't make that connection yet. it's still new. they're still researching it. it's going to take some time to figure out what's going on. we can't find the one commonality. >> the basics, wash your hands. keep everything clean. >> especially during a social situation. if they're at parties or on the playgrounds. talk to them about washing their hands especially before touching their face. >> all right. dr. torres, thank you. much more to get to this morning including lottery fever. tonight's $1.6 billion mega millions drawing is a world record. and if you still do not have your tickets, time quickly
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running out. nbc's kristen dalg rhlgren is a convenience store. what's the word? >> reporter: hey, good morning. yeah, pretty exciting morning here at this convenience store. steady stream of people coming in. most leaving with a ticket and a smile. we've all heard about those long shot odds. you have a better chance of being eaten by a shark or struck by lightning. but this morning across america people are like, so you're saying there's a chance. this morning the anticipation is reaching a fever pitch. >> all i need a one ticket. that's all. >> reporter: tonight's mega millions prize, the world's largest ever lottery jackpot. $1.6 billion at stake. >> i don't know if we'll win, but it's a nice dream. >> reporter: a dream that could come true if you beat the extraordinary odds. >> thank you. good luck. >> reporter: convenience store clerks say they've never seen a lotto fever this high and lines this long. >> around the clock, around the clock. everybody just $2 and a dream.
7:17 am
>> a lot of people that say they've never played before, they don't even know how much a ticket costs or anything like that. >> reporter: one ticket, only $2. but a winning number on that ticket could multiply your investment to a jaw dropping $904 million before taxes if you take the lump sum payment. if the prizes seem higher, there's a reason. mega millions changed its game in october of last year to increase the number of potential megaballs. the sixth and final ball drawn from 15 to 25. helping dwindle your chances from 1 in 259 million to 1 in 302 million. but still, many people are keeping the dream alive for as long as possible. >> i hope to set up my family good. i hope to take care of everybody i know. getting emotional, sorry. but it's the dream, right? it's the dream. >> reporter: people are really excited about this. lottery officials estimate that
7:18 am
75% of possible number combinations will be sold tonight. and that means then there is a one in four chance that nobody will win and it would roll over who knows how big the pot would go then. but good luck to all of you. if i don't show up tomorrow morning, you know where i am. >> my brain cannot take it if it rolls over again. >> thanks, kristen. we're going to have much more on jackpot fever coming up. we're going to talk to some past lottery winners who are doing some amazing things with their huge prizes. >> sharing the wealth. it's cool. let's get a first check of the weather from mr. roker. good morning. >> good morning, guys. thank you for getting your first weather from us. we're talking about hurricane willa. extensively, rapidly intensifying hurricane. 175 miles west of mazatlan. and this -- the tenth major hurricane of the northeastern pacific season. category 5 hurricane and it's the second most major hurricanes in the season. path of this system brings it into mexico later tomorrow -- this afternoon, i should say.
7:19 am
heaviest rain threat comes in wednesday ahead of this system. from amarillo to corpus christi. thursday, it continues across the southeast into the panhandle of florida bringing heavy rain there. drying out in texas. but look at the rainfall amounts. we're talking about anywhere from 1 to 4 inches of rain from del rio, texas, to the panhandle of florida. could be flash flooding in texas. we're going to have to watch this very, very closely. we're going to get to your local forecast coming up in the next 30 seconds. good morning.
7:20 am
i'm meteorologist kari hall. it's a cloud,start as you get ready to head out the door. we've had cool temperatures this morning. we're heading up to 71 degrees. it will be another beautiful day. cooler than normal, and 69 degrees in santa rosa. as we check out our forecast over the next several days, we go from the mid 70s to upper 80s. by the weekend friday 86, and 87 on saturday. will willa intensify a possible nor'easter this weekend? we will have details coming up. coming up, new images from the deadly rafting accident that claimed the lives of four american tourists as their families demand answers. and what voters, republican and democrat, agree, is the single-biggest issue facing the country with the midterms two weeks weeks
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we've hadfor a long in san francisco and half-measures haven't fixed it.
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febreze eliminates even the toughest odors from the air. and it uses an all-natural propellant to leave behind a pleasant scent you'll love. use anywhere odors can spread. freshen up, don't cover up. febreze air effects. and good morning to you. 7:26. i'm marcus washington. our breaking news, a large fire an apartment construction site. our pete suratos has been covering this all morning. any changes? >> reporter: good morning to you marcus. this massive fire on grand avenue and filbert is still active as you see. oakland fire is still working on this. according to oakland fire, they say it started roughly just before 2:00 a.m. a five-alarm fire on a building that was said to be a series of condos. we're told it would be the icehouse townhomes.
7:27 am
there are six structures affected all together. in fact, embers from the fire caused spot fires not too far from here. altogether you're talking about 30 people who have been evacuated. the cause of the fire is under investigation, but this will have impact on the commute all morning long. certainly we think about the wind and weather with that. has that been a factor. >> the wind has been light. we do have low clouds out there. heading up to 63 degrees, and 66 in oakland, 71 in san jose, and concord today, reaching 76 degrees. we will have some more seasonal arable weather, but heating up into the weekend looking at upper 80s by friday. how are the roads, mike? >> pretty predictable, but the smoke and even the water that's
7:28 am
visible, that will be a distraction. keep your focus on the road. and we'll have another local update for you in 30 minutes.
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here we go. >> i have to stand up. is that okay? >> yeah. >> hey. yeah. >> wow. >> i mean, look at hoda go. woman of many talents. that was a hidden one. we went to "the tonight show" last night and she just killed it. that was even before we got to her karaoke song. >> wait until you see her jumping. >> number 24. >> you do it under pressure. it was very impressive. we'll show you more about our visit with jimmy. it was fun. before we do all of that, let's check today's headlines. president trump doubling down on threats against that migrant caravan headed towards the united states. the president is calling it an
7:31 am
assault on our country, telling "usa today" he will send troops to the border. last night in houston, he made an unsubstantiated claim that democrats were funding it. >> i think the democrats had something to do with it. and now, they're saying, i think we made a big mistake. democrats produce mobs. republicans produce jobs. >> there's no evidence that the caravan was organized by anybody but activists. a female student was shot and killed in utah. the lockdown was lifted several hours later after the suspect was found dead. police say that the suspect and the victim had had a previous relationship. no motive, though, was guinn for the shooting. a tour helicopter crashed off of the coast of hawaii on
7:32 am
monday, injuring all three people onboard. several agencies responded to the scene, as well as kayakers that were close by at the time of the crash. the pilot and the passengers are said to be in stable condition. a representative with the hospital company says the pilot suffered an apparent medical condition during the flight. in the meantime, an investigation has been launched into that deadly river rafting accident. it happened in costa rica and claimed the lives of five people, including four americans. kerry sanders is here. he has been following this story. >> reporter: good morning. the families of the four americans who died are demanding answers. they want to know if the rafting company should have gone out when the water was so rough. in costa rica, the emergency commission had an alert for the possibility of flooding. this is the last photo of friends together. the group in costa rica for a
7:33 am
bachelor party when tragedy struck. the rafting company, quepoa expeditions. the group booked a rafting expedition but the trip turned deadly. one of the survivors posting on instagram, what started out as the best trip of our lives, turned into one of the worst nightmares anyone could imagine. andy, jorge, ernesto and sergio will be in my heart and memories forever. the river ruiz rwas running hig recent rains. the friends in three rafts, accompanied by five guides. one of the survivors telling nbc news, within five minutes of being out on the river, all three rafts capsized and everyone ended up in the water. everyone struggles to get back on the rafts. but ultimately, the rafts continued to capsize, due to the
7:34 am
intense current. ten of the men made it out alive. four others and a local guide were swept away. ern ernesto -- all members died from asphyxiation. costa rica is a popular destination for adventure tourism. this is not the first time the government has investigated an accident that left americans dead. last new year's eve, a small nature airplane crashed, killing ten americans and two crew members. and in 2015, a catamaran carrying dozens of tourists on a pleasure cruise off of the coast, killing three, including an american. >> that crafti inrafting compan operating legally. >> reporter: local news is reporting that the tour institute said that the rafting company did not have the proper
7:35 am
permits to run trips on the river. nbc news has been unable to independently verify that. the accident is being investigated by the country's judicial organization. >> kerry sanders, usually in the miami bureau. but he is here because he won an award. >> a murrow award. congratulations. we told you about willa. willa's moisture may enhance a developing storm. there's a big deep dip in the jet stream. that will pick up moisture from willa. there's a storm that makes its way to the east. and on friday, it starts to come up the carolinas. gale-force winds could because beach erosion. heavy rain in the northeast and snow in the noun tmountains and
7:36 am
new england. if we were in december or january, we would be talking major good morning. i'm meteorologist kari hall. very nice day across the bay area. even though we do start out with some clouds, we will get some sunshine today and our inland valleys reaching into the low to mid 70s for the coastal areas and inner bay. mostly 60s with breezy winds. we're getting ready for temperatures to go up. by friday we're up to 86, 87 by saturday, gradually cooling on off for the end of the weekend. a lot more sunshine in this forecast. >> and that's your latest weather. just ahead, gym memberships and weight gain, both on the way up in the u.s. we're going to talk to a doctor about what a lot of us are doing wrong. also this morning, new technology used by parents and teachers to test for marijuana in all forms.
7:37 am
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7:42 am
>> health care is the number one issue. nbc's morgan radford is on the road, she's talking to voters. she's in kansas city, missouri. morgan, good morning. >> reporter: that's right. voters are saying they care more about health care than they do about gun control, immigration issues, even their own taxes. that's why we've seen health care appear in 50% of midterm ads all across the country. that's why voters say this is a personal issue, one for some, can mean the difference between life and death. health care is making the air waves. >> stop making our health care a political football. >> reporter: republicans and democrats in a fierce messaging battle. >> people with pre-existing conditions. >> to cover pre-existing conditions. >> reporter: and voters are listening. >> we're concerned about it. >> reporter: a new poll shows health care is the top election this year. with 71% of voters saying it's very important in deciding who they'll send to congress in november.
7:43 am
the biggest question -- whether pre-existing conditions protected under the affordable care act, will be there after midterm elections. in ohio, it's a matter of survival for colleen and her family. >> my daughter was diagnosed with melanoma at 7. one year after, the aca -- sorry. >> reporter: no, don't. >> and it was life-changing what the aca did for us. >> reporter: now, cancer-free, the high school student still worries about life without insurance coverage. >> all of my friends are worrying about, you know, who their homecoming date will be. and i'm sitting at home worried about what congressmen voted on today. >> reporter: here in missouri, where voters faced one of the close of the races in the country. christie cater runs a pilates class. do all of you have diabetes? >> yes. >> reporter: every one of you? >> yes. >> reporter: how does having diabetes and a pre-existing condition affect the way you vote? >> pre-existing is the most important thing because they say
7:44 am
they'll cover pre-existing but they cover pre-existing at a much higher rate. >> i have an insulin pump. it's $10,000. and insurance covered 80% of that. so i make payments on that. >> reporter: how many of you voted or will vote democrat for this election? undecided, undecided, democrat, democrat, republican. show of hands, how many of you would be willing to switch parties based on the issue of health care. you would be willing to switch? you'd be willing to switch? and despite assurances from the president -- >> and republicans will always protect americans with preexisting conditions. we protect you. >> reporter: some who were most affected aren't completely convinced. especially after the president tried to repeal the affordable care act. do you believe the president when he says he will protect pre-existing conditions? >> no, i don't. >> reporter: if you had one message to your legislators, what would it be?
7:45 am
>> don't discriminate. >> let's fix the health care system. >> let's fix the health care. >> put yourself in my shoes. >> reporter: keeping a close eye on the campaign trail through november. >> morgan, at the top of your piece, we saw all of the ads. they're all over the airwaves in some of the key states. are they having an affect? are those messages resonating? >> reporter: savannah, that's actually what's interesting. a lot of the voters that we've spoken to here say, while they're happy that the candidates are talking about the topic of health care, they're disappointed in the ads themselves. saying they've been too divisive. they're attack ads tharin focus on the negatives of health care. >> morgan, thank you. coming up next, everybody dreaming big about the mega millions. what would it be like to win one of those jackpots? we're catching up with past lottery winners who have done something amazing. and it did buy them happiness. done something amazing. something amazing. olay regenerist
7:46 am
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7:50 am
billion megamillions drawing. what is life like on the other side of a huge jackpot win? nbc's joe fryer looked into that for us this morning. good morning, joe. >> reporter: good morning, guys. when the jackpots get this big, you hear horror stories of past winners. the lot to curse. this morning, we want to shine light on those that found happiness and fulfillment and the lessons they learned along the way. you can say the entire town hit the jackpot when mary and brian won powerball. they paid off the mortgage at their church. and funneled money towards a new high school football stadium. >> it was in the plans. we decided to hasten the process. >> reporter: and that's not all. the community did not have a grocery store. so, the couple built one for $4.5 million. >> it is one of the funnest things that we've been able to
7:51 am
do is watch as we give to other people. >> reporter: it was 2012 when they defied the odds and won the prize, taking home $90 million after taxes and refusing to fall victim to the lottery curse. >> how can something that can make your life and other people's lives so amazing be a curse? it can be, if you let it be. i don't want to think about it that way. >> reporter: that philosophy has guided a number of winners, like the smith family. >> all of you are thinking you wish you was me right now, right? >> reporter: two years ago, they won a $429 million jackpot and quickly created a foundation, pumping millions into their town, trenton, new jersey. >> we've all been involved in work to help the community. all we say is god financed us. >> reporter: in california, the cisneros family won a jackpot in 2010, steering some of their winnings towards scholarships
7:52 am
and other programs. >> we didn't buy a new car or travel anywhere. we didn't do a lot of that stuff. that was one of the first things we did, to set up our family foundation. >> reporter: if many winners, giving is the ultimate victory. >> we find the happiness in our family and friends and having our kids around. >> reporter: if you do win, some advice from the lohse family, surround yourself with legal and financial advisers. and not with the ones who have their hands out, but their hands on your shoulders. >> joe fryer. >> we were talking about earlier, when the jackpots get this big, we hear the stories about so many winning the lottery and living under bridges. >> these are people who would be like that anyway. >> that grocery store looked nice. coming up, what had savannah and hoda breaking out in song and hoda breaking out in song with jimmy
7:53 am
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because at best foods, ♪ ♪ ♪ breaking and happening now: a large fire at an apartment good morning to you. a large fire in an apartment construction site in oakland. we have been there all morning. pete has the latest. >> reporter: yeah, good morning to you, marcus. oakland fire is telling us one
7:56 am
firefighter was injured with a leg injury, appears to be in stable condition, was sentence to a hospital not too long ago. i want to show you the structure fire we're talking about. still coming out in this active structure fire on west grand avenue. according to oakland fire, they're saying it started roughly around 2:00 a.m. a five-alarm fire for a series of apartment buildings under construction said to be the icehouse townhomes. 30 people had been evacuated. the cause of this fire is still under investigation. >> pete is live there in west oakland. kari, what is the weather looking like? >> it starts out with mostly cloudy skies, light winds, and still cooler than normal highs. and 66 in oakland, 76 in concord, 72 today in napa. now, as we look at our inland valleys, we will still have nice and cool weather, but it will be heating up as we get closer to the weekend.
7:57 am
an update on the commute from mike. >> 85 j.c. north of the split, we have a crash blocking in lanes. this plume of smoke that pete is talking about, grants and filbert, it's a distraction for the maki the maze. >> more local news in 30 minutes. magazines...even b-b guns. plus: a sunnyvale man faces thousands in repairs for a car he just bought. our consumer investigator helps him get over the speed bumps. tomorrow from 4:30 to 7. good morning
7:58 am
7:59 am
we've hadfor a long in san francisco and half-measures haven't fixed it. homelessness doesn't just hurt homeless people. it hurts all of us. that's why we're all voting "yes" on c. the plan is paid for by corporations that just got a massive tax break. it's time for them to give back by helping all of us to fix our homeless crisis. with more affordable housing... expanded mental-health services... clean restrooms and safe shelters. vote "yes" on c. it helps all of us. narrator: he claims to be an education reformer, but marshall tuck's failed record managing actual schools won't work as superintendent of public instruction. as ceo of l.a.'s partnership schools, the teachers gave tuck a vote of "no confidence." and tuck's total mismanagement of l.a. charter schools caused financial problems that cost taxpayers thousands. tony thurmond. the only candidate endorsed by classroom teachers. holding all our schools accountable
8:00 am
and always protecting neighborhood public schools. tony thurmond. for our schools. it is 8:00 on "today." coming up, doubling down. overnight, president trump taking aim at the massive migrant caravan. >> they call it a caravan. >> calling it an assault on our country and threatening to send as many troops to the border as necessary to keep the caravan away from the u.s. what it means for the midterms just two weeks away. plus, too big to fail? how gym memberships are on the rise at the same time obesity rates are up in the u.s. experts weigh in on the simple fix for your daily routine. and clicking into place.
8:01 am
we will take you inside the wildly popular world of youtube kid stars. >> we had an idea. we wanted to make sure for kids. to make it more family-friendly. >> how they're turning millions of views into millions of dollars. today, tuesday, october 23rd, 2018. ♪ >> we came from new hampshire. >> for mom's biggest dream come true. >> to be on the "today" show. >> cheers to turning 21. >> on "today." >> coming from portland, oregon. >> to celebrate five years cancer-free. >> aloha from hawaii. >> from the bay area. >> celebrating 23 years of friendship. >> mega millions jackpot, $1.6 billion. >> being on the "today" show, pri priceless. >> that was good. >> adorable. welcome back to "today." we appreciate you hanging out with us on this tuesday morning. we're going to go outside in a little bit. we have a busy morning. a lot to get to.
8:02 am
let's get right to your news at 8:00. president trump is threatening to use as many troops as it takes to keep a migrant caravan from reaching the u.s. gabe gutierrez is there this morning. good morning. >> reporter: thousands of migrants are here and plan to take a day of rest today. the president is threatening to cut off foreign aid to all central american countries who let them pass as he ramped up his rhetoric ahead of the midterms. telling "usa today", they will send as many troops to the border as necessary. at a rally in houston, mr. trump use ed the caravan to energize s base. he was also tweeting this is a national emergency. this caravan is now 7,000 strong. the conditions are grueling. on monday, one person died after falling off of the back of a trailer. another fainted in the blistering heat. the timing of this caravan reaching the u.s. is fluid.
8:03 am
a dhs official says there's no way to tell at this point. we're told that the migrants plan to rest today and then walk for several days to a nearby town and then take trains all the way up to tijuana, next to the border. >> gabe, i know you will stay on the story. thank you. turkey's president declared that the death of "washington post" writer jamal khashoggi in the consulate and not what the saudis have claimed was a rogue operation with the deadly turn. the president said he is not satisfied with the saudis' explanation either. he called the killing foolish. but he said he still believes it was from a plot gone array. and suggesting that the u.s. wants to review the evidence gathered there thus far. tourist resorts and fishing villages are being evacuated
8:04 am
where hurricane willa is expected to make land fall as an extremely dangerous category 4 storm. some areas could get more than a foot of rain. that could trigger flash floods and landslides. the storm will be bringing heavy rainfall from texas to florida. al will have that forecast in a few minutes. >> the world's longest sea bridge is all set to open tomorrow. a 34-mile span that connects hong kong and macau to mainland china will cut it from four hours to less an one hour. it was supposed to be years ago but faced repeated delays. not on time, overbudget but fascinating. a little morning boost. a young patient stole the show and pharrell williams' heart at the same time. it was a weekend benefit for children's hospitals of los angeles. ♪ ♪ happiness is the truth
8:05 am
9-year-old eliana was invited on stage and she started dancing during pharrell's performance of "happy" she moved the entire audience with her enthusiasm, but more with her gratitude. >> she knows how to -- she knows how to hug the tears out of you. >> i love pharrell. he's the greatest. thank you so much for letting me up on the stage. hey, i just want to have a second with you. >> ah. >> so those two just shared a little private moment. she wanted to share a few private thoughts with pharrell. it clearly moved him. they turned off their mikes and sealed with a hug. >> i know. >> that was a tearjerker in a good way. sweet. well, coming up, as americans, we're exercising more
8:06 am
than ever and we're fatter than ever. we're gaining weight and we have the fitbits and all of that stuff. we're going to get answers from the doctors. what is everybody doing wrong? also a new eye opening "rossen reports." >> hi, i'm jeff rossen, vape pens and gummis, how can you tell what is the pot and what is not? and see the kids sneaking marijuana. does it really work and how do you get it, next. (christine) when you hear the words oral cancer, think about more than just your mouth.
8:07 am
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8:11 am
talker" and new ways to think about diet and exercise. >> in recent years the national focus on health has skyrocketed. the question is, is it making a difference? everywhere you look, promises of a new, healthy start. >> i never felt like this. >> reporter: the ads, apps and devices, trying to get you to exercise. well, they are working, according to fitness industry data from axios. gym memberships were up 21% from 2007-2017. but so were obesity rates, up 17% over the same ten-year period. the problem? experts say the food we eat. >> there's not a lot of places to get healthy foods. >> reporter: only one in every ten adults eat the right amount of fruit and vegetables each day. and one-third of americans eat fast food daily.
8:12 am
>> a lot of people aren't cooking at home. they don't have time to be at home. >> reporter: there is good news, though. data from the cdc, shows a decrease in the number of cults of people with high cholesterol and a drop-off of cases of diabetes. but experts say that may be due to increased medical treatment not better eating habits. last month, weight watchers adopted a new name, w.w., wellness that works. a change that is a shift away from the diet culture and toward a more holistic approach to health. and they're not the only ones. >> whoever said working out can't be fun. >> reporter: with so many messages bombarding us daily, it's no surprise that americans are confused and have diet fatigue. and they say, many of us are plain tired. lack of sleep and stress are shown to contribute to weight gain, as well. losing weight and achieving
8:13 am
overall health will not work out unless you watch what you eat. with all that in mind, why don't we bring in nbc news medical contributor, dr. natalie azar. you look at the headline and you think, i'm sweating at the gym and it's all for not? >> if you think your end point is weight loss, exercise is not the key determinate. if you exercise a lot, it can increase your appetite. we know it can really burn calories more quickly but that can plateau. but the important messaging here is that exercise is still obviously important. but it might just not be the key thing when it comes to weight loss as your end point. >> what are the hidden things that are causing weight gain? obviously, if you eat too much or drink too much. guilty. but other than that, there's other things that might be causing it. >> absolutely. one of the biggest reasons that people can gain weight is actually stress. >> yeah. >> if you think about it, right? stress releases a hormone called
8:14 am
cortis cortisol. it's not the same for everybody. but it can increase your appetite. and we talk about sleep a lot. a hormone issue. if you're not sleeping enough, it causes a shift in the hormones that causes increased appetite and medication. side effects of certain medications can result in weight gain. >> the diseases associated with obesity, and that shows diabetes going down, high cholesterol, hypertension, but weight gain is increasing. how can that be? >> we explain that by saying these conditions are being medically treated. you would think there would be a rise in those conditions with obesity but that's not true. let me be the first -- not the first person to say this. but ask any of my patients, there's never a reason i tell people not to exercise. and we cannot deny the impact it
8:15 am
has on health and increasing mood and sleep. if you're talking about weight loss, exercise in addition to dietary changes -- it's more important what you put into your body than what you're doing with your body. >> is there a better time to exercise that helps you with weight loss? >> that's an excellent and unanticipated question. >> what's the answer? >> i don't -- i'm not going to answer this in terms of a physiological answer or a scientific answer. a lot of people will say earlier in the morning is a better time to do piit. it's not good to sleep to exercise right before bedtime. i will go on record and say earlier in the day. >> dr. azar, thanks a lot. halloween, almost here. apparently some costume names are just as creative as the actual outfits themselves. dylan is in for carson. she's in the temporary orange
8:16 am
room. >> not creepy at all. >> it's halloween. when you're shopping for a costume, you may find some unusual names paired with your character's costume. the makers can't get the rights for the real names. they are forced to improvise. >> this is video game guy. that looks similar to superma o supermario. other names are pete the plumber. and this one is called where is the stripey dude? not to be confused with the popular where's waldo? then this one, juice demon. or you may know him better as beetlejuice. >> i didn't get that one. >> this is hungry rebel girl. clearly, that's catness from "the hunger games." they sent some time with the thesaurus. this one is called no shinless.
8:17 am
and the kansas sweetie. you may know her as dorothy from "wizard of as." and this might be the laziest of all. a lad in a costume, which was aladdin. >> how are they not being slapped with cease and desist orders? >> they're not using the names. >> they make it just different enough that it's not a knockoff. >> maybe. >> sue them. little "pop start"? >> first up, "the voice." we can reveal that mariah carey will be the key adviser on "the voice," this season. she will mentor artists during knockout rounds. and she explains why working with contestants have been a humbling experience. take a look. >> the sessions with the
8:18 am
contestants, some of them have blown me away. it's a very humbling experience to be around all of the raw talent. i'm not saying you get jaded being in the industry or doing your own music and really being caught up in your own world. but maybe a little bit. and it's nice to see other people and what they're doing and what they're working with and what they're bringing to the table, in terms of their contributions, as artists. i really enjoyed it. >> while we won't see mariah until next week, catch a new episode of "the voice" at 8:00 on nbc. up next, some can grachlatigrac congratulations are in order. amy schumer is expecting her first child. she posted this photo shopped image of her and her husband's faces on the bodies of the duke and duchess of sussex. when fans did just that, they saw a long list of schumer's voting recommendations.
8:19 am
at the very bottom of the list, schumer listed, i'm pregnant. in a statement to "the los angeles times," schumer confirmed the pregnancy was not a hoax and chris and i are thrilled and almost positive he is the father. i look forward to competing with markel. and savannah and hoda were on "the tonight show" with jimmy fallon. they had to point an arrow on who was likely to have completed the scenario at hand. when the topic of karaoke came up, nobody fooled around. >> who is likely to sing at a karaoke bar? >> i think both of us are. >> i would say hoda. >> you would? >> i heard you sing. you have a great voice. >> i have a terrible voice. but i love karaoke. >> what's your go-to song? >> i like a little "apple bottom
8:20 am
jeans" by flo rida. one, two. help me. ♪ apple bottom jeans boots with the fur ♪ ♪ the whole club was looking at her ♪ ♪ shorty got low, low, low, low, low ♪ >> yes. >> that was not bad. >> that was before she spun the basketball. it was awesome. >> we had some fun. >> that was cool. >> i'm always impressed. in the studio like a random tuesday morning, she will make music requests. >> she was singing to "mambo number 5." >> i just sang. >> maybe she should go to broadway next with roker. >> hey, now. >> i wouldn't do that to people. >> "my fair lady." got some weather, honey? >> we do. the latest on willa right now. it's 130-mile-per-hour winds,
8:21 am
and moving north at 5 miles per hour. the tenth hurricane of the season. this is going to dump a ton of rain from san antonio, all the way to the panhandle of florida. four-inch isolated totals. looking at strong storms in the that's what's going on around the country. here's what's happening in your neck of the woods. >> good morning, i'm meteorologist kari hall. still no rain in the forecast for the bay area but we're looking at, at least a cool start for the week. highs in the mido-80s for the inland valleys. cooling off early next week in time for halloween. as we look at san francisco's forecast, low 60s today. then up to 72 degrees on friday. 71 on saturday. back to the 60s we go. >> if you're heading out the door, take us with you, find us on "today" show radio, sirius/xm
8:22 am
108. yesterday, we showed you products that could be used to hide drugs. this morning, how about kids that are bringing marijuana into school? >> there is brand-new technology to detect that pot. jeff rossen is here to show us. >> reporter: as if we didn't know, pot comes in all different forms. oils, candies, baked goods, you name it, making it easy for kids to sneak in into schools. now, some school districts, across the country, are using a high-tech gadget to spot pot in just seconds. this morning, we're heading to colorado where marijuana is legal to show you how it works. across the country, kids sneaking pot to class. in california, ten students sickened by suspected pot candy at this middle school. and at this high school in oregon, police confiscated a
8:23 am
fou pound and a half of pot brownies. now, schools are turning to this, a new marijuana test kit. so small and simple, almost anyone can use it. those test strips and that swab, can detect thc, the active ingredient in pot. if it turns red, that means it's positive. right now, we're inside this colorado high school, where they use the marijuana test kids. and we're going to try it out in a real-life test inside this classroom. you can see on the table, we have a lot of stuff. we have vape pens, cookies, gummi candies and a couple of backpacks, regular school stuff, right? these are regular chocolate chip cookies. these are regular gummis. i'm going to eat one of these right in the story. no pot in here. and this is a regular backpack. on the other side, these are pot cookies and these are pot jum gummis. there was pot in this backpack.
8:24 am
the co-creator of the test kit is on the other side of the school. he has no idea which objects have thc and which don't. the one on the right is a nicotine pen. the one on the left is a pot pen. >> you take a swab. you have to cover the whole mouthpiece. >> reporter: he swabs both of them and rubs the q-tips on test strips. >> that's a dark red. the results are clear. >> this has pot in it. this is an e-cigarette. >> reporter: now, it gets tougher. the gummis. >> you have red coming already. this has marijuana in it. this is a normal candy. >> reporter: so far, the test kit is spot-on. we try the cookies. within seconds. >> this is the pot. >> reporter: dark red again. three for three. but this kit makes a bolder promise, that it can detect
8:25 am
trace amounts of marijuana, even if it's not there anymore, so you know if your kids did have it. remember, earlier, we put a baggy of weed into this gray backpack, and then, removed it. come, here at home, i want to show you there is nothing in these backpacks. nothing in there. nothing in there. he swabs the backpacks one at a time. and the result -- >> this backpack had marijuana in it at one time. >> reporter: the dark red q-tip telling the story. the test kit spotting the pot during our test. 20 schools and 30 police departments are using that kit. the test is noninvasive. it's designed for teachers and parents to use. they cost 10 bucks for a package of four tests. you were impressed by the
8:26 am
backpack test. >> it wasn't like there was pot sitting in the bag and you took it out. >> swab it and it turned red immediately, even if there's trace amounts. >> swab your i )m - -... our breaking news: a a very good morning to you. it's 8:26. breaking news. a large fire in an apartment complex site in oakland. overnight. pete suratos join us live with the very latest. >> reporter: good morning. there's one firefighter that is injured through all of this with a leg injury but it's described as being in stable condition. he was a part of this firefight, battling this massive structure fire on west grand and filbern. fire is saying it started roughly around it:2:00 a.m. it was a set of condos under construction. embers actually caused a few
8:27 am
spot fires at homes on nearby isabella street. altogether, 32 people have been evacuated. the cause of this fire is still under investigation, guys. >> all right, thank you very much, pete. you saw the smoke there. let's get back to the drivers this morning. >> it may very well be. this is our view. i'm looking over 580 traveling through the maze. there's downtown oakland. clearly visible. you may smell smoke. though we see no disturbance in our normal routes. just towards the maze. a lot of slowing south 680 towards son mon that, an earlier crash there. back to you. >> all right, thank you very much. another update in half an hour. see you then.
8:28 am
8:29 am
8:30 am
good morning, everybody. it's 8:30, now. it's tuesday, october 23rd. we have a great crowd out on our plaza. saying good morning to you, as we speak. so many good folks. nice day, too. feels like fall, not like winter. >> whoa. >> sunny just did a jumping trick. >> give him a treat. >> that was awesome. >> sunny, you and your training.
8:31 am
>> i have no treats. >> we have to give him a treat. >> thank you, sunny. >> see if you can top that, dylan. i can top that. it's hard to top sunny. i'm looking for carol. where is carol from new hampshire? hi, carol. how are you? >> i'm good, thank you. >> you've been a fan of the "today" show, for quite some time. >> i have. i watch it before work every day. >> is it a dream come true to be on the "today" show? >> it is. >> who is your favorite baseball team? >> red sox. that's amazing. we want to make another dream come true. i know you know the world series is getting under way in boston tonight. the sox, of course, taking on the l.a. dodgers. thanks to major league baseball, you are getting two tickets to tomorrow night's game, including round-trip transportation and hotel accommodations. >> oh, my goodness. >> it's good, right? >> a trip to the world series.
8:32 am
>> if you need someone to go with you, i'm also a huge red sox fan. just throwing it out there. have so much fun. >> thank you. >> thank you so much. >> dylan. >> making dreams come true. >> that was a crowd moment. >> that was awesome. >> you topped it. that was good. sunny is jumping for joy. jenna catches up with youtube stars. the videos like toy reviews getting millions of views. they can also make millions. >> she's so happy. >> i can't believe that. >> the hard part is who do you take? our buddy, kathie lee, is here. she has a beautiful and powerful message for kids that we can all learn from. if you want to learn how to cook like a pro, go to the source. ina garten is here for two days. i have a little boost here. come over this way.
8:33 am
what is this little girl's name? >> her name is dylan. after dylan. >> no way. my goodness. >> what's your name? >> my name is stacy. >> where are you from? >> we're from florida. >> can i told dylan? >> yes. >> look at that. dylan and dylan. very nice. >> my mission is to get more female dylans on the planet. >> you've succeeded. that's what's going on around country. here's what's happening in your neck of the woods. >> we're going to have a nice and cool start to the week with our eyes today in the valley only reaching into the mid-70s. but it's about to heat up as we head towards the end of the week. we'll be in the upper o80s by friday and into the weekend. san francisco, low 60s today. then our temperatures peek at 72 degrees on friday. mostly sunny skies continue through the weekend but we'll start to see more clouds moving
8:34 am
in on monday. >> his name is aidan. you need to have another kid and name him al. guys, back inside. >> look how peaceful dylan is with dylan. >> thank you. each and every day, some 5 billion videos are watched on youtube. >> and a significant portion of those come from little kids. jenna is here with the young talent behind the most popular videos. >> i sure am. these kids have turned their interest into a business. now, they've put it in a book called "watch this book." we wanted to get a look at the world of kids in youtube. ryan's toy review. 7 years old with over 16 million subscribers and over 1 billion views per month. >> go to the toy section. >> reporter: hobby kids tv.
8:35 am
three brothers with over 70 million views per month. >> we have giant slinkies in this video. >> reporter: and 5.8 million subscribers and 70 million views per month. filming with the help of their parents, these kids make videos of just about anything that's fun. >> we had an idea. we wanted to make more for kids to make it family-friendly. >> we like doing challenges and messing around and stuff. >> yeah. we both like challenges and, like, being crazy. >> reporter: and the likes and views of their videos add up in sponsor revenue for these youtube stars. in 2014, ryan, the largest youtube kids creator in the world, earned $11 million. >> my clothes at walmart.
8:36 am
>> reporter: this video has more than 1 billion views. >> i give them ideas of, like, how to play with the toy and they don't need to read the instruction. they can just learn by watching. >> reporter: the kids and their parents gave us a behind-the-scenes look at how they make the videos. and i had the chance to make our own youtube video with jillian and evan. if you're the queen of slime, how do i get this off my hands? >> whoa. we made good slime. >> reporter: good slime. >> your video will turn out great. >> we wanted to make a channel that was original and creative for kids. >> my favorite thing being on youtube is having fun. >> that's awesome. joining us is two of the kid stars, first-time authors, jillian and evan, brother and sister. you wrote a book? what are people going to learn in that book? >> stuff you don't learn in the
8:37 am
videos. behind t behind-the-scenes stuff. >> it's all about making people feel like they can do whatever they want, right? >> okay, guys. >> the top five holiday toys. we should mention that you're paid by some of the toy companies. >> yes. >> walk us through the top five. >> this is called fantastic gymnastics. basically, you try to land your little character on the scoreboard by just using the buttons there and launching them. >> that looks fun. >> what's the next one? >> this is the big pick me pams. you open them up and they're fluffy. >> watch this game. is that y'all's game? >> yeah. >> and an egg down here. >> we're going to make some slime. come on. >> these are fun things that kids can actually do and make their own videos, right? >> what? >> this is one thing you all like to do.
8:38 am
>> can i touch it? >> we wanted to create slime away. no more slime. that's one thing. >> that is goopy and awesome. that is so cool. come down to the lego department, kids. >> that is cool. >> even something as simple as doing legos makes a good youtube video. who knew? >> people like to watch. come on down. come on down. show us this. what is this one? >> you can build -- you can build little things for the marbles to go down to the bottom. >> and people watch the marbles go down. >> it's mesmerizing. >> it sure is. >> what do we have here? >> what are these called? >> they're squishys. they're like a stress reliever, basically. >> they do. >> i need this. in everyday life. >> cool. you guys, congratulations, y'all. >> thank you. thank you. >> that was so cute. >> as jenna mentioned there, our
8:39 am
channel, closing in on 1 billion subscrib subscribers. >> who knew? >> go to check out jenna's story and subscri subscribe, as well. there's a surprise waiting when we reach 1 million. coming up, kathie lee is inspiring us to be a little better and help kids in the process. she has a new book out. first, your local news.
8:40 am
8:41 am
welcome back. we all have unique gifts that we can share with the world. it could be a talent, like singing or dancing. >> karaoke. >> or not that. simple qualities, like being kind or being a good listener. >> in the new children's book, "the gift i can give," the multitalented kathie lee is inspiring kids to find their
8:42 am
passion and purpose to make their mark orn the worn the wor. >> making movies, making music, having a television show, you have a children's book. >> this is my fourth or fifth one. this one i didn't intend to write. it was based on a song that came at the end of a musical i wrote last year with my friend, david pomerance, about david and goliath, called "what is your stone?" what's the gift you have since you were developed in your mother's womb. instead of asking our children what you want to be when we grow up, but what are you already becoming because god made you unique and special. and what can you do? >> the book is so sweet. it's like, maybe you're a singer and a dancer, or maybe can you're somebody that passes the ball really well to somebody else and make the team work. >> you find stray animals and you're kind to them. you put up a lemonade stand and
8:43 am
you find out about a need in your neighborhood. every child has a unique gift or gifts. but most kids want to help. have you noticed with your children, mommy -- they point it out and we need to help them find ways. >> there's a lot of things about this book. it doesn'tav h the child on center stage. you're right, they are in a role of the puppy needs someone. your mom needs a hug. >> yeah. and talk about your children's self-worth. >> yeah. >> the greatest self-worth is that you are making a difference in this world, not that you are accumulating stuff and awards. somebody else's life has changed because you cared enough to change it. >> i know you have many talented. illustrating is one of them. you found a talented illustrator. >> isn't she lovely? >> yeah. her name is julia seal. i have never met the illustrators of the books. they have little dots for eyes.
8:44 am
and i responded to her. the innocence of her. >> i like it a lot, too. and there's glitter on the cover. >> that comes with it. >> it has curb appeal. >> when you were a little girl and you were trying to figure out what you were good at, did you know when you were small? >> my mom and dad, they called me sarah heartburn. i came out with a property fall and a rim shot. that's just -- i was putting on shows since i was born. so was my sister. my brother was the academic, intellectual one. he was into his books. i believe that the thing you love most to do when you're a child, the thing that your parents can't get you in to eat because you're so blissful and joyful doing it, is what we're supposed to do for the rest of our lives. >> and your dad gave you good advice, when you turn that passion into a profession. >> he said and i quoted it so
8:45 am
many times, but there's new people to hear it. find something you love to do and figure out a way to get paid for it. and he told me something else, in this hovering world of parenting and helicopter parents, he said, i love you too much to deny you making mistakes. >> it takes you five minutes to read it. >> all of the profits of the book are going to child help, a charlt that aids victims of child abuse. you can find out more about the book at >> you just sold the snot out of it. coming up next, peeling garlic to handling jalapenos, the great ina garten is here. she will teach us how to cook like a pro. first, this is "today" onbc. n
8:46 am
in an emergency, minutes can mean the difference between life and death.n proposition 11 saves lives by ensuring medical care is not delayed in an emergency. proposition 11 establishes into law the longstanding industry practice of paying emts and paramedics to remain on-call during breaks and requires they receive fema level training and active shooters and natural disasters. vote yes on 11 to ensure 911 emergency care is there when you or your love one need it.
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8:48 am
we're back with "today food" and one of our absolute favorites. ina garten. her book out today, "cook like a pro." that's what ina is going to teach us how to do. you'll also be here tomorrow morning, as well, sharing easy tips. our first lesson focused on slicing, chopping and peeling. i have a hard time with this one. >> jalapeno is easy to cut. but you have to wash your hands afterward. you take off the top and you want to take out the seeds and the ribs. >> why is that? >> they're the hottest part of that. and you want the flesh that has flavor. take it out with a knife. try to keep your fingers out of the way. and you can just julienne and dice it. the most important part is you want to make sure you rub your hands afterwards. >> will you show the dicing? >> you julienne it really thinly.
8:49 am
>> that's a chef's knife, right? >> you can get it in any food store. just like that. i've been doing it a little longer than most. >> that would take me three hours. >> how many knives do you need? >> three fives. a chef's knife, a slicing knife and a pairing knife. you can have 62 knives. and i made sevece with this. >> you made it look so easy. you don't have to tell me twice. >> it's lunchtime for us, we're up all night. i have peeling garlic. i think i usually smush it or something. >> isn't that good? really good. >> he's shocked. garlic, i made chicken marbea. there's two ways to peel garlic that's easy. take this and split this apart. and you just want to smash it with your knife. the peel comes right off. you want to do a lot of garlic,
8:50 am
you blanch it in boiling water for 15 seconds. >> that means drop it in the watt center. >> drop it in the water. >> and the peel comes right off. >> you don't smush it, either. >> that's easy as pumpkin pie. >> are those olives? >> that's chicken. >> really good. >> how much garlic is in that? >> this is the best party i've been to. >> this is hoda every morning, eats an orange. >> i saw her eating oranges. this is the way to peel an orange really quickly. you want to take the white pith off. who thought of the word pith? >> pith off. >> what? >> did you just say that to me? >> no. >> and you want a vegetable or a fruit, real ly solid, when it's
8:51 am
round. you want a solid side so it doesn't rock around and put it on top of the salad. >> nice. >> and orange vinaigrette on it. it has arugula, raddichio. and a really good salad because everything is available. to my next student? >> we're going to cauliflower. >> we're going to make cauliflower toast. everybody cuts cauliflower from the top, which gets it all over your kitchen. turn it over and cut the florettes -- and cut the core out. and you don't end up with florettes that have a cut part. you cut just the core and you end up with lots of florettes. >> that looks awesome. did you add cheese?
8:52 am
>> cheese and toast. try one. >> hoda and i were frying intr classy. >> if people do things like a pro, just a little tip so they feel confident and they know what they're doing. i think it makes a recipe so much easier. >> if someone walks in while you're preparing it, she knows what she's doing. >> ina, come on down. >> i'm nervous about hoda. i understand she's dangerous with knives. >> okay. this is a squash. >> which one do you want? >> the smaller one. >> acorn squash. >> acorn squash with maple syrup, which is great. >> look how you're holding it, honestly. >> keep hands out of the way. and go straight in like that. keep your hands out of the way. >> pretend you're jamie lee curtis. this is likely what you do. you bang it on the board until it cracks. >> my husband is going to call
8:53 am
the police. >> look at that. >> keep going? >> that's it. >> awesome. >> that's how you get it all over the kitchen. >> that's cool. what did you do here? >> maple syrup and butter. >> this looks heavenly. >> oh, my god. >> i love feeding hoda. >> oh, my god. >> isn't that good? >> it's so good. >> and schism. >> it's a good dessert. >> our mouths are all full. >> ina, that is awesome. >> so good, we want you to come back tomorrow. new set of tips. you can find them on our website, as well. and for more on ina's newest book, go to we're back in a moment.
8:54 am
we've hadfor a long in san francisco and half-measures haven't fixed it. homelessness doesn't just hurt homeless people. it hurts all of us. that's why we're all voting "yes" on c. the plan is paid for by corporations
8:55 am
that just got a massive tax break. it's time for them to give back by helping all of us to fix our homeless crisis. with more affordable housing... expanded mental-health services... clean restrooms and safe shelters. vote "yes" on c. it helps all of us. chopping garlic. >> you guys, when have we been this happy? >> the last time ina was here.
8:56 am
>> never leave, ina. never leave. >> we have a fun hour coming up. >> tomorrow? >> we have lee brice singing for us at 10:00. and we're going to do celebrity hairstyles coming up. >> ina, we love you. we have a beautiful cot for you to sleep on and we'll see you right here. megy i )m - -... our breaking good morning. it is 8:56. breaking news. firefighters right now still putting out the latest large fire in the east bay construction site. it happened early this morning at a soon to be finished condo complex called the ice house. this is at grand avenue in filburt street. fire started about 2:00 this morning and at one point burning embers sparked fires several
8:57 am
blocks away at two homes. no injuries reported but this is the fifth construction fire in the oakland area over the past two years. in each case, the fires wiped out major housing developments and in each case it's believed the fires were set on purpose. well, happening now oakland mayor has scheduled a news conference for 9:30. pete sur ratos will join us wita live update in our midday newscast. wall street this morning suffering through another day of steep declines. at types t times the dow down m 500 points. sparking the sell-off, poor earnings. numbers from some industrial bellwether companies as well. in san francisco today, forgot your wallet, no problem, amazon opening its first bay area go store. simply grab and go.
8:58 am
♪ ♪ ♪ the holidays begin here at the disneyland resort. ban high-capacity magazines...even b-b guns. plus: a sunnyvale man faces thousands in repairs for a car he just bought. our consumer investigator helps him get over the speed bumps. tomorrow from 4:30 to 7. good morning eleni kounalakis owns this building.
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[ applause ] good morning, everyone. happy tuesday. welcome to the show. i'm megyn kelly. i have to give you fair warning. i'm fired up over halloween costumes this morning. truly, political correctness has gone amok. there's strict rules on what you may and may not wear issued by someone who thinks they're the boss of you. and joining me now to discuss it is nbc's jenna bush hager and jacob soboroff. and a special guest all the way from california, television host melissa rivers is here. >> great to see you. >> this is a different fashion


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