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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 6  NBC  February 10, 2019 6:00pm-6:30pm PST

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area, with snow on the mountains. test test six starts right now. right now at 6:00, a winter blast hits the bay area and we have lots of it in the mountains. >> good evening. thanks for joining us. >> i'm terry mcsweeney. >> i'm vicky nguyen. the snow is providing cold in the bay area. >> we saw it twice in the last 11 days. this is the view at the observatory. they did get 5 1/2 inches of new snow on top of tuesday for a weekly total of just over a foot of snow there. 4,000 feet. right now, storm ranger not seeing much as things start to
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wear down. possible frost for the morning commute. those areas that saw snow, some hilltop commutes could be icy at times. next is the setup that could involve potentially a lot more rain and wind courtesy of presidential moisture in towards the bay area. a closer look at the impact coming up on our forecast in about 12 minutes. >> rob, thank this is what it mountains this afternoon. not a lot of snow but fun to see. >> a lot of people heading outside to check out. it's a rare occurrence. covering our coverage near mt. diablo. >> reporter: we got this great assign document go to mt. diablo for the snow. we weren't sure how much we would find until we got near the
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top. people have been hiking in it all day to enjoy it. 11-year-old leiloni says the long hike at mt. diablo paid off with snowfall and winter fun in the bay area. >> we threw snow at each other and laid in it. that's why we're soaking wet. >> 3, 2, 1. >> down the hill, this family and their friend brought sleds. they didn't make it to mt. diablo for the last round of snow. >> we were sittingn i look outside my window and see snow at mt. diablo and turn to my friend and go, we definitely should go for a wee >> reporter: after cold temperatures they checked again this morning. >> we said, wow, there's snow, let's go up there. let's go. they took their sleds and here they are. >> reporter: they drove as far
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as cars could go and walked until they found snow. they hoped for more but were happy with what they did find. >> so close to home, like in our backyard. i think it's really cool. i could get used to the snow being up here. it's nice. >> reporter: they say it took a minute to figure out the best method. >> on your stomach with a running start because it's not much of a slope. >> reporter: for some, there was time for a snowman. >> it's better than i expected. >> reporter: there is ice on the ground you have to be careful when you're walking around. the snow itself seems pretty on walking around in higher elevations today. quite a bit of this, people stopping to make snow angels. on mt. diablo, christie smith, bay area news. >> not so much fun coming down. earlier today, it was shut down from koufax all the way to the
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nevada state line. chp closed it. a winter storm in effect for lake simety, and lake tahoe no longer. 3-4 feet of snow fell over night. a lot of problems at the pebble beach pro am today. these are not your problems. they delayed the tournament a couple hours. the sun eventually came out. look at the greens. if they're not green, you can't call them greens. white with hail. not all the golfers were able to finish their round today. they will finish them tomorrow. check this out. action starts at 8:00 a.m. and you can go for free. only four holes to go, the top of the leaderboard and it's for free. check the forecast wherever you are on our nbc bay area app. we will be checking the latest on our digital platforms. a developing story out of the east bay, a deadly shooting
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involving an officer. it happened after 10:00 o'clock in vallejo. employees at a taco bell near i-80 after a man parked in a drive through and slumped over the drive through. when they got there he wasn't responding and had a gun in his lap. when they told him to put his hands up, he didn't listen and instead reached for his gun. that's when they opened fire and the man died in his car. we have me mugshot for the man arrested for allegedly stabbing and killing another man at the palm tree motel on monterey road. 47-year-old robert martinez charged with murder and police say he stabbed another man that also lived at the hotel. stuck trying to get help on the road, the chp says the woman and her husband were in a minor
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accident. the woman decided to walk to get help and was hit by another car. it happened about 6:00 this morning on highway 680. the husband was waiting in the car for a tow truck. the wife told him she wanted to find help and got out. she was pronounced dead at the scene. the cause of the crash has not been determined but dark and rainy at that time. bad weather and too close to other cars, this pileup in the caldecott tunnel. a six-car pileup on westbound 24, happened about 9:00 this morning. the tunnel had to be closed a few hours. you know the kind of mess that would create traffic-wise. crews got all the cars out of the way and nobody was seriously hurt. new video from mt. diablo. the fda and national transportation board are investigating a deadly plane crash that killed the pilot. we brought it to you yesterday at 5:00. crews were trying to remove the
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wreckage of the single engine plane. the cause is unknown and name of the pilot not released. no one else was hurt. the plane was flying from hayward to lincoln to sacramento when it crashed on diablo. one of the women accusing the lieutenant-governor of rain of virginia is set to appear tonight at a symposium the center is putting on, called betrayal and courage in the age of me too. she says he sexually assaulted her in 2004 when they were both aides at the democratic convention. he says it was offered to testify at an impeachment hearing if there is one. tomorrow, bartsch train tra
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be beginning at 5:00 a.m. some important information for early morning commuters. >> reporter: what bart is doing is using a fleet of buses to accommodate those early morning commuters and fill in that lost early morning hour of service. bart officials are encouraging commuters to spend some time researching bus routes. they'll have buses available at stations where they know there are a lot of early morning commuters and some routes head directly to san francisco, oakland and other major stops in the system. >> the buses will not stop at every single bart station. there are specific routes you need to look up in advance, don't show up at the station and get on any bus that's there. plan your route ahead of time. >> reporter: the modified hours will allow crews more time overnight to complete a $313
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million seismic retrofit that should protect the transbay tubes in the event of an 8.0 earthquake. the project is scheduled to be completed in 2022. nighttime bart riders will also be noticing a service change because bart's going to be single tracking trains between subdivisi subdivisi san francisco and oakland between 9:00 p.m. and on every night. bay area news. still to come, a different kind of fight for san francisco firefighters, not over flames but over this cat. we will explain that. >> people braving cold temperatures in the northwest, this cat, take a look, took the brunt of it. we will share his story. and showers winding down in doppler radar and could include
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a patch of frost for the morning commute and another major storm by the end of the week when we come back. a cat adopted by a sao
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fire station mus new at 6:00, a cat adopted by a san francisco fire station must go. firefighters say an anonymous complaint about edna the cat, the complaint was recently lodged with the city. they were told to get rid of their feline friend, edna, by tomorrow. the cat started visiting station 49 in the bayshore four years ago and is a cherished part of the crew. they love. they have been posting pictures on instagram and hope to get enough support to keep her. flu activity has been increasing in recent weeks. it is now widespread in 47
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states. the flu has hit people over the age of 65 especially hard. the cdc says we are not near the flu activity experienced last year. doctors recommending people get vaccinated before the virus strengthens. people who get a flu shot before they get sick are able to fight off the symptoms faster. a snowstorm left this cat in this condition nearly frozen. the cat's name was oreo. they found him covered in snow and ice in spokane and rushed him inside and they thawed him out and had to rub a towel in this same motion his mother would to lick him. they did it and did it and oreo is going to be >> that's t hopefully nobody in the bay area experienced anything like that because we knew this cold was m. skies are clearing, which sets the stage for chilly
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temperatures. crisp clear views around the bay area. outside, a ski jacket would be fine. it is cooling off quickly. that's the view from emeryville looking left to san francisco, still close to 50. that's one of the milder locations before 7:00. already dropping into the mid-40s, livermore and morgan hill, infrastructure degrees and concord, 47, sets the stage for temperatures now as we lost the moisture and rain we had last night. clearer skies and drier air etling in. settling in. and frost in areas south of san jose. a chilly start to the morning. highs in upper per 40s to lower 50s and north of san francisco a chance of seeing showers. not a lot on thehanc of a slighr
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two into tomorrow morning. not too much showing up, briefly around half moon bay and san francisco by sunrise, things relatively dry. a few isolated showers north of san francisco. san jose stays dry. the next widespread main event will hold off to tuesday and wednesday. it could get interesting as another system tries to drop down the coast and interacts with moisture to the south. we haven't had to talk about an atmosphered river for a while, but that may be the case. see the moisture of the incoming storm that could increase rain rates that we could see for coasta moulain ranges and the sierras. watch out for that. the estimates for coastal mountains could be high and inches of rain possible. keep an eye on the forecast during the day wednesday. after that, another cold storm
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drops down the coast, thursday to friday and snow level dropping 3 to 4,000 feet. if that's not enough, maybe this time next weekend stay tuned as an even colder system comes in. winter rolls on tomorrow morning, patchy frost likely and plan on wind as well, a gusty looking storm bringing in heavy rain and stay tuned for that wednesday storm and keeps coming. colder assistance for next weekend and possible chance for low hilltop snow next sunday and monday. >> a third chance. not often we get to say that around here. still to come, in the race to become president, add one more to the list. >>th she's in and she did it in the cold. the details when we come back.
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. >> in venezuela today, dozens of doctors protested at a bridge n so they can treat a tanker and two cargo their patients. containers are blocking the bridge between colombia and venezuela. on the come lom ban side, aid
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from the united states is being put in storage. guiado says it is quote almost genocidal for maduro to block the aid. maduro sees it as an effort by the u.s. to remove him from power. a look at the nation's capitol, ahead of another critical week for the government and word the talks have stalled again. for the second time in two months, the government faces the possibility of a second shutdown. how much to spend on the border wall promised by president trump and the number of migrants authorities can detain. they're holding out hope for negotiations for the deadline. >> the next 24 hours are crucial. we can close some deals but they have to be good to secure our borders. if we stayed focused getting a deal and we negotiator in good faith on border security i think we can end up with something that will work and keep the
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government open. >> from the white house, another promise to build that wall with or without congress. virginia's embattled lieutenant governor ignored impeach questions. >> lieutenant-governor, are you ready for articles of impeachment if you do not resign? >> justin fairfax did not respond to the questions or articles of impeachment which could be leveled at him tomorrow. two women have accused him of sexual assault he denies. fairfax is going to the fbi about the investigations and both womfybout what happened to them. amy klobuchar officially entering the race today in a snowstorm. the three term senator is this latest high profile democrat to launch a bid for 2020. thousands of people turned out. snowy weather, they didn't care, to hear klobuchar make her announcement. she says she seas running a homegrown campaign focused on
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the american people. >> i am running for this job for every person who wants their work recognized and rewarded. i am running for every parent who wants a better world for their kids. i'm running for every student who wants a good education, for every senior who wants affordable prescription drugs. >> she is the fifth woman to announce a white house bid for 2020. >> governor gavin newsome will deliver his state of address on tuesday. it will take place at the state capitol before the legislature. the newly elected governor will talk about increased spending on education and homelessness and wants $300 million to clear dried brush to clear the state's wildfire problem. it takes place tuesday. let's turn it to sports. here's kelly now with a preview of what's coming up next. >> i'm kelli johnson. coming up in sports, an eight
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time world champion makes his pitch for brice harp toyce harp the giants. and the pebble beach pro am. sports is next. connecting with the things that matter most. and because nothing keeps us more connected than the internet, we've created access from at&t. california households with at least one resident who receives snap or ssi benefits may qualify for home internet at a discounted rate of $10 a month. no commitment, deposit, or installation fee.more.
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recently accepted an award on behalf of his late grandparents... who helped thousands of people escape genocide. saying he's very proud, warriors coach steve kerr accepted and award on behalf of
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his grandparents. the school recognized kerr's late grandparents instrumental in the work of the near east relief foundation and gave assistance to thousands of genocide survivors between 1913 and 1980. >> i'm proud of everybody in my family i feel like just wants to help others. we all do it in our own separate ways. my grandparents saved a generation of children. >> winter storm jackie speier and landon took part in this. here's kelli johnson. giants ceo made it very clear they're taking a shot at signing the slugging outfielder, like barry bonds did back in
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1992, they believe one player can turn things around. everyone is getting in on the pitch, reporting for training camp monday, i know posey is a fan right back saying, sign him up! tonight, before the warriors game, steve kerr was asked his thoughts about harper in orange and black. >> that would be fun. i would love it if bryce harper came here. does my opinion matter? bryce, come to the giants, let's go. >> it counts. giants pitchers and catchers report on the 13th and unlike last year, jeff samardzija says he is ready. that is music to the giants' ear when he led the league in innings and struck out 205
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batters. and to pebble beach pro-am program. phil mickelson started thr3 bac. birdie putt, sinks it to tie on the lead. phil, with a two shot lead now. his second shot. look at this. lays it up perfectly on the green. that's a beauty. a few moments later, phil buries the birdie putt giving him a three stroke lead. play was suspended due to darkness. he's look for his 44th career win when play resumes monday. to the hardwood, lakers and philadelphia taking on the sixers. van simmons, rebound, taking it the other way. j.j. redick for the ridiculous corner three. he'd make the free-throw to complete the four point play, falls out-of-bounds. then joel embiid backing down
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tyson chandler,he away. 37 points. sixers win it 143-120. they are battling it out at oracle arena. highlights at 11:00. that will do it for sports. more news after the break. eade
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box office. >> we have to be tough and battle ready. >> look, a shooting star, make a wish! >> oh, no.
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>> "the lego movie 2" won the box office. really a disappointing weekend overall. good reviews. but it only made $35 million on the big screen. that's half of the first movie's opening weekend. comedy "what men want" was a surprise hit. that came in number two. liam nis sam's "cold pursuit," third place. an otter went too far off course this week. they spotted him at a dumpster in down town winnipeg. slightly underweight. look how cute he is. expected to return to his natural habitat soon. likely he left the water looking for food. >> i have never seen an r' teeth so clearly i will respect them even more the next time i see them in a river. >> yes. >> thanks for joining us. be back tonight at 11:00. hope you can join us then. >> have a great night.
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