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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 430  NBC  February 24, 2019 4:30pm-5:00pm PST

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a powerful system is bearing down on the bay area... and it right now at 4:30 the calm before storm. a powerful system is baring down on the bay area and could lead to some serious flooding. rob mayeda is tracking it all. and talks involving the oakland teacher strike. what both sides are saying this afternoon and what it means for students tomorrow. and we learned new details moments ago about the investigation into the depth of san francisco public defender jeff adachi. the news starts right now. thank you for joining us. i'll vicky >> and i'm terry mcsweeney. the search for clues in the death of jeff adachi. several new developments late this afternoon. >> christie live with what's
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she's just learned. >> reporter: sources tell our investigative unit today that the autopsy for jeff adachi is expected to happen today. sources also tell us that investigators went back to that apartment where he was found unresponsive. and had a search warrant and went back to that unit between 1:00 and 3:00 this morning. that's where he was found on telegraph place. he was with a woman who called 911. the investigative unit also learned the investigators are trying to speak with a second woman in connection with the case. yesterday there was a patrol car outside near the tower. today there was not. we're told investigators reviewing video that suspicious death investigation. there's been an outpouring of support from politicians and city leaders since the 59-year-old passed a way asuddenly on sunday. the police report we obtained does include pictures from inside the apartment. the report indicates a woman named catarina told them she and
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adachi went to dinner. that he complained of a stomach ache. according to police she reported that he had two glasses of wine, suffered the stomach ache. he took a pill. he then became unresponsive and she called 911. she was stunned to know what happened and said she didn't even know anyone was in the unit said a neighbor. >> i haven't seen people in that apartment. only is there is like handiwork in the garage or backyard. i see people like one person that's working there. but i haven't seen anyone else in that apartment for the time i've been here. >> adachi was taken to cpmc, and today a picture of him is still set up downstairs at the public defenders office and flowers, where he was remembered as a fierce advocate for the underserved and for police reform. in the meantime flags are at half staff in city buildings in san francisco. live in san francisco, kristie
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smith, nbc bay area news. thanks very much u. investigative unit providing details around the clock. stay with us. you can read more at >> now our microclimate weather. get ready, a powerful storm is churning towards the bay area and plans on staying for a while. which could mean flooding. meteorologist rob mayeda joins us with the latest. >> this time tomorrow the entire bay area seeing a flooch for river systems in the north bay and flash flood watch for creeks and streams in the central bay and north bay. could be 2-5 inches of rain. central bay from san francisco to the east bay hills could looking at inches of rain. and san francisco and south bay maybe an inch and a half but to the santa cruz mountains perhaps five or more inch of rainfall coming in. radar showing springs in the north bay through this is the
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atmospheric river pattern we're starting to see develop off shore. and this one could be sticking around from tomorrow morning until tuesday night. coming up the time line when we expect the heaviest rain and the impacts for tomorrow's commute in about 15 minutes. >> as always you can get timely weather update on twitter by following rob. his handle is at @rob mayeda. >> the strike will continue. that is the word from the oakland school district this afternoon. a news conference just a few hours ago, district leaders announced talks broke down again. teachers remain on strike again tomorrow. they walked off the job last thursday. they want better pay, smaller class sizes and more resources for students. district leaders say with the current budget crises they don't have the money to do that. this afternoon they said they were even willing to continue negotiat a this rike >> our families are counting on us.
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know that i speak for all of us when i say that we love and value our teachers and we want to give them everything they are asking for. however we cannot afford to do so. >> we're expecting a response from teachers about today's negotiations but that is going to come in some time later this evening. they are expected to be back on the picket lines with signs and banners tomorrow. >> president trump is heading to vietnam tomorrow for a second summit with north korean leader kim jong un. lawmakers today vowing to make the special counsels report public and attorney testifies before congressional committee wednesday. jennifer johnson has our wrap up from washington. >> reporter: president trump leaving a headline generated week in washington heading to vietnam monday to meet with north korean leader kim jong un. on tuesday the house a bill for a emergency declaration of the border wall. and monday, michael cohen testifies publicly before a
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house committee. >> what other light can he shed now that he's cooperating on issues of the obstruction of justice or collusion. what more can he tell us about the trump tower new york meeting or any er other issues relevant to our investigation. we any he has a lot to offer. >> the president tweeting his campaign didn't conspire with the russia. tweeting the only collusion with the russian was hillary clinton and the democratic committee. >> if that truth indicates that president trump committed no crime impeachable or otherwise. so be it. if it indicates he did that is a much more complicated world. >> the mueller report will be sent to attorney general william barr but democrats are vowing to subpoena it and release it publicly. the white house focusing on t t chairman kim now is the time and now is the moment and i hope we'll will be the second summit between president trump and kim jong un. >> the two leader meet wednesday
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and thursday but on capitol hill all eyes will be on michael cohen and what he may say about president trump. jeffrey johnson nbc washington. tomorrow a demand for change from students in san francisco. high school and middle school students will head to senator feinstein's office to urge her to support the green new deal. you may have seen the viral video on friday with the young activists. the video went rierl browse of the intense exchange. the students are filamented with the sunrise movement. hollywood's biggest stars are walking the red carpet had of tonight's academy awards. and the bay area is very well-represented tonight. >> live from the receipt carpet, gina kim. >> reporter: there is always something interesting happening at the oscars but this is a particularly interesting, potentially historic year at the
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academy awards. for so many different reasons that you are about to hear. but if "roma" wins best picture as it is widely expected to do. it will be the first time ever that a streaming movie and a foreign phil mickelson has done so. >> and oscar goes to. >> reporter: spence normally reserve forward the awards might extend to the night's entire oscar telecast. the show is going without a host after comedian kevin hart bowed out over past controversial tweets. there is up roar over a particular new phil mickelson category and the decision to give out furfilm category and the decision to give out fur -- with last year's oscars the least watched ever. the academy hoping a shorter show will boost viewership.
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>> by and large people are seeing "roma" on netflix. so i think it would be a huge moment if "roma" were to actually win. >> vice's christian bale and rami malic are seen as front runners for best actor. and "the wife" glenn close is favored. >> she lost to meryl streep, jessica language, but i do think now we're going finally see this streak end. >> as the oscars try to start a winning sfreek of their own. >> bradley cooper coming up right now. you can see him there with his lovely girlfriend. and here is the incredible thing about "roma." if al fronz kcuaron wins best cinematographer it will be the first time ever a director wins for shooting his own film. back to you guys. it starts in about thirty minutes. >> very exciting. >> yeah. coming up a car a cup cake
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shot and bart. how they are all intertwined and affected so many people today. >> a look at that. also unlikely trespasser. a turkeyed in a bay area home. the wild store next. ♪ [baby crib musical mobile] millions are still exposed to the dangers of secondhand smoke.
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♪ restaurants come to you. delicious at your door. download doordash. first order, no delivery fee. a major delay this morning because of a gas leak. it happened around ten a-m nea well bart is running smoothly tonight after a major delay this morning because of a gas leak. about 10:00 this morning near the west oakland station. this is why. a car slammed into a cup cake shop. that broke a gas line. took crews about an hour to repair the leak and that shut down bart. delaying riders from the east bay to san francisco. buses were used to take passengers into the city. the incident caused about a 20 minute delay systemwide. chinese new year festivities continue today in san francisco. also ofun to see. as you can see quite an event
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with more than 120 booths and concession stands. a lot of music as well as line dancing you saw there. and plenty of activities for the kids as well. the chinese community street fair is now in its 29th year. the big parade ringing in the year of the pig was held last night. >> and unexpected visitor to home in the north bay catching a lot of attention tonight. imagine seeing this in your bedroom. as the wild turkey. not the kind you drink. it is actual wild turkey. crashed through a window near linwood hill park. the family said first they were in a panic. but once they secured the bird. called wildlife workers and everything was all right. everything is expected to be okay. >> nice job. >> nice job. do you have what it takes to be a singing star? >> yes i do. >> yes you do. i heard the voice here on set, ladies and gentlemen. a chance at stardom. begins tomorrow in the bay area.
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auditions for "the voice." >> i'll be there. >> a storm ranger mobile doppler radar picking up a few light showers off shore before the heavy rain and gusty wind arrive monday. at redfin, we charge you a 1% listing fee. and because is america's #1 brokerage site our agents get more eyes on your home so you sell for thousands more than the one next door. don't get stuck in the pas wh.
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than the one next door. that leave therea lasting impression. like the feeling of movement as a new journey begins, or the sight of soft fur, warmed by the morning sun. you might remember new flavours, the sound of an old friend's laugh, or a view that defies all expectations. these are the memories that stay with you, long after the moments have passed.
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reunite families separated at the border. 10-year-old lily ellis and her best friend lauren two bay area girls in berkeley taking action to help reunite families celebrated at the border. -- separated at the border. they held a bake sale. sold mexican hot chocolate, cheer rows and other sweets today. they were inspired by a 7-year-old in texas who raised thousands of dollars to help president trump build a border wall. instead they want to help reunite immigrant families. >> so many people are supports us which is amazing because a lot of people do things think that kids can't be activists. but this proves that there are people who believe in us.
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>> i think no child should be separated from their loved ones. >> the girls hope to raise 5 to $10,000 for those separated families. soim aspiring bay area singers hoping today was their big break. hundreds came out to audition for "the voice." "the voice" has been on the road for the past two months. looking high and low for the best voices in america. san francisco just one of several cities where hopefuls enter open casting call. lot of people feeling a mix of excitement and nerves before and after the audition. >> yeah, i'm really excited. it is something i've been wanting to do for a long time. so i'm really looking forward it. >> ♪ ♪ >> i think she win answer early favorite. we have an early favorite. anyone picked from today's casting call is competing in
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season 17 of the voice this fall. wow. season 16 of "the voice" premiers tomorrow night on nbc bay yair. >> i can't believe its been so along. >> me either. how is your singing voice? >> -- by the way. >> heard him sing. >> national anthem. >> at the coliseum. he's good. >> rob may disagree, you have a busy week ahead. >> this time tomorrow. big changes. right now 54, a few sprinkles at time. high today of 57. and walnut creek. right now our storm ranger
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mobile doppler radar not seeing much in terms of clouds. the rain up the coast. if there is good news for tomorrow morning's commute. notice the future cast because bring some showers into the north bay between now and 8:00 tomorrow morning. but in terms of substantial rainfall, really holding off until about midday tomorrow. thanks to the cloud cover, highs trending a little cooler. mid fifties around the north bay and rain and wind on the increase heading into the afternoon. hour by hour for monday. rain in the north bay. as we approach the evening commute, look at that. santa cruz mountains, east bay hills. north bay, soaking rains coming down by 7:00. as we head towards 11:00 now you are beginning to see the rain head into the south bay. what's interesting about this particular set up. if you notice here, as you look closely, heading into the tuesday, how that rain just stays hung up across the north bay. might catch a little break briefly early tuesday morning and the next wave starting to push in as we head towards tuesday evening and tuesday
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night and that is the time frame from 11:00 p.m. tuesday to 4:00 a.m. wednesday when most of the bay area will probably see the heaviest rain. the day wednesday, rain lets up but the 36-hour window of rainfall could bring the rain totals to over 8 inches in girnville. that is the wherey the river co be close to flood stage by wednesday. similar totals to napa. 4-5 inches. and the santa cruz likely will see somewhere between 2-5 inches of rain. by next weekend another storm on the way. we'll catch a break wednesday night and thursday and then another relatively fast moving storm friday into saturday. if there is good news there, the rain doesn't look as intense. first half of the week front loaded with big rain totals and gusty winds. the time to watch late tomorrow and tuesday night into wednesday. as rivers will likely crest as
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the rains subside. the river levels. girnville. hopland. and the napa river shows going about a foot above flood stage tuesday into wednesday. a stormy start for the weekend. flooding potential through the day wednesday even as the rain totals start to come down. >> rob, thanks very much. >> thank you, rob. ♪ my resume consisted of, you know, a ged, and driving experience. >> from high school dropout to tech manager. coming up next how a loved one's cancer diagnosis inspired a man to spend countless hours working hard and land the job of his dreams. manager of a tech startu
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have a college degree... but the man we )re about to introduce you to... took a very different route to silicon valley. and it all started with a cancer diagnosis. you might envision he'd have a college career but he started
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with a high school diploma. -- >> mike dunlap tells me growing up in the central valley town of porterville he loved math as a kid but other things got in the way of his education and he didn't even finish 9th grade. but as mike is proving every day, with the right determination, your path doesn't always define your future. >> remember the other trick -- >> reporter: at the fuel yard in san jose, see mike dunlap teaching a new employee about all the technology wired into one of their tankers is not uncommon. what is uncommon is where mike learned much of what he teaches. not long ago you see mike, a high school drop out drove a tractor trailer for a living alongside his dad. >> we went out as a team. we'd stay out on the road for two months at a time. just running all over the country. >> it wasn't really what mike wanted to do but his father needed help. paying off medical bills.
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after cancer treatment. their time on the road turned into an education for mike in more ways than one. from his dad, mike learned the painful lesson of living with regret. >> how short time is. and how quickly you realize that you are 40, 50 years old and hey i haven't even accomplished everything i want to accomplish. which is what inspired mike's other type of education. during their endless hours on the road. mike turned to online lectures from elite schools like mit and yale. >> listen to anything and everything i good. electro magnetism to just learning about electrics and how things work. >> he basically gave himself a degree in engineering. without the degree of course. >> consisted of basically a ged
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and driving experience. >> but that was enough to get a job driving for booster an on demand fuel delivery service. working for a free wheeling start-up mike seized the opportunity to use what he taught himself to pitch in on the technology end of things. >> i didn't jump in right at first. i -- yes i did. >> within a month mike was presenting a mock up he made of booster's app to the head of engineering. and using his self taught coding skills to make the entire operation run more efficiently. less than two years after being hired as a driver. mike is already program manager for fleet operations. >> that's good. proud to be teaching new drivers not just about what powers their trucks, but the powers within them. >> you are only limited by what limitations your put o on yourself. >> reporter: and as you might
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have guessed, mike isn't done learning. he says he's still soaking up all the knowledge he can so he can rise even higher in his career. garvin thomas, nbc bay area news. still come tonight a lot of unanswered questions remain about the untimely death of san francisco public defender jeff adachi. the latest on the investigation is next. first, preparing for a potentially dangerous storm. the flooding it could bring. deliver with doordash. ♪ ♪ it doesn't matter what you're hungry for. it doesn♪t even matter ho restaurants come to you. delicious at your door. download doordash. first order, no delivery fee.
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thanks for joining us:igh i )m terry mcsweeney. right now at 5:00 the bay area bracing for a strong storm. could be a harrowing week. i'm terry mcsweeney. >> and i'm vicky nguyen. meteorologist rob mayeda has been monitoring the storm. >> a slow-moving rain event powered up but another atmospheric river. and for that reason flood watchs
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in effect. the bay area, flash flood watches for smaller creeks and streams monday through tuesday night. specific think north bay could see average 2-5 inches of rain. back into the central bay we're talking rainfall average of about 2-3 1/2 inches. and for san jose may see an inch and a half of rain but the santa cruz mountains could go over five inches. a lot of that heavy rain coming down monday night, all the way through tuesday night. yes the radar not seeing much on the north coast but again this is a long duration the last go around gets started tomorrow and stays right on top of the north bay and bay area through tuesday night. coming up t


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