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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 6  NBC  July 9, 2019 6:00pm-6:59pm PDT

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today some answers. the man had just wrapped up his daily bike ride when a driver hit and killed him. today the man faced the judge. nbc bay area is in san jose with the latest. >> reporter: understandably the family is still in shock and today the daughter of the victim spoke out in court to try to make sure that the suspect doesn't get out on bail. the victim was an avid cyclist. last friday was no different. when the 62-year-old didn't return home, his wife used a phone tracking app and it led her here. her heart sank. >> the coroner told me he didn't make it. >> reporter: the police say a car slammed into him and the driver took off. that 35-year-old driver was in court today to answer to charges
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of vehicular manslaughter and hit and run. >> i'm very angry and i don't understand it. >> reporter: kristen says her dad was an incredible father and grandfather. the sharks fan loved to surf and read, but it was his kindness that set him apart. >> anybody that knew him, he would help anybody. >> reporter: she first met bob in kindergarten. they had been married 43 years. >> we lost bob. my children and my grandchildren, everybody who was in bob's world, we lost bob. >> reporter: the family says they plan to honor bob by working to slow the traffic in the area and doing all they can to make sure the driver who hit him is convicted. >> we are committed to making sure that nobody else gets hurt. >> reporter: the family says as frustrated as they are that the
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driver didn't stop to help bob after he hit him, they say they're also touched that more than a dozen strangers ran to assist him after he had been hit. reporting live in san jose, nbc bay area news. >> thank you. the major earthquake has come and gone, but the ground is still shaking in southern california and scientists expect about 34,000 after shocks in the next six months. the impact zoinspectors are inspecting the area. >> there's more damage here than what people see and even if it's not catastrophic, it's hard on people. >> i've been in fours and fives, but that 7.1, i thought it was the end. >> more help is on the way. the governor announcing today the white house has approved his
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request for an emergency decoration. a shopping center, a brush fire broke out coming dangerously close to restaurants and shops. you can see the buildings right there. this started this afternoon around 1:30. our sky ranger was overhead. thankfully firefighters were able to get the blaze under control. no word on the cause. they fought the fires and now they may have a new battle on their hands. sample taken from firefighters who fought the tubs fire. the idea to identify what chemicals they were exposed to and what impact they may have. some results were released today. >> reporter: the chief here at headquarters says that firefighters are dying with their boots off, meaning they aren't dying from fighting fires
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or rescuing people, they are dying from cancer from exposure to toxic chemicals and the most dangerous fires are the wildland fires we have seen burning up urban areas. the tubs fire that burned down the san jose park is the fire that sparked this testing. san francisco firefighters cancer prevention foundation paid to have samples taken from firefighters. >> we saw elevated mercury levels. >> reporter: the investigator of the study says that firefighters show higher than normal levels of cancer causing compounds and they had less protection. >> they don't wear a bottle on their back because they need to be mobile. >> reporter: the most troubling chemicals are found in firefighting foam and the fire resistant clothing.
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>> we're asking the manufacturers to come up with something different that will protect us and not poison us. >> reporter: the chief says testing was also done after the camp fire. the results expected back soon will be shared with other fire departments. the chief adds it's a personal issue for her. in 2012 she was diagnosed with an aggressive form of cancer requiring surgery and 16 rounds of chemotherapy. >> i've seen colleagues of mine die from cancer and i don't want anybody to have to go through that. >> reporter: cancer is regard reportedly the leading cause of death -- >> we apologize for that issue there with the sound. an overturned big rigcommut. the truck turned over this afternoon. you can see it backing up traffic. it blocked the lanes on north 680. it was a mess.
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the lanes are clear now. no word on the cause of the crash, but from video it appears that that big rig skid off the freeway and then on to the ramp. a much different tone at the warehouse trial today. the co-defendant was back on the stand and was pointing fingers. he doubled down on the claim that no one warned him that that warehouse was unsafe. the mother of one of the 36 victims says he is putting on a show for the jury. nbc bay area was in the courtroom and shares the details. >> reporter: yesterday we saw some tears. today it was more finger pointing. we don't know if derrick's teary testimony won him any sympathy points from the jury, but a mother who lost her 33-year-old daughter in the fire says those were crocodile tears. today derrick claimed as many as 50 city employees visited the warehouse more than 30 times. he said cps workers,
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firefighters, police officers and teachers toured the warehouse. he said no one ever warned him the warehouse was unsafe. he also claimed that the warehouse co-owner told him to lie to authorities and say that no one lived in the warehouse. he also contradicted key testimony from an arson investigator who claimed she never stepped inside the warehouse. he said she lied under oath and that he gave the woman a tour of the building. family members of the victims sat quietly as he answered questions, but once outside the courthouse this mother told us what she really thought of him. >> he's such a liar. he speaks around his answers. he tried to negate what he has said in the past and he lies. >> he's fighting for his life and he's doing a good job.
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others in his place might collapse. you canmoonally collapse. >> more cross-examination tomorrow. what's the strategy for the prosecution? how do they discredit what he said on the stand today? >> reporter: prosecutors are most likely going to bring up that police body camera video that they played for the court during their opening statements in which you see and hear him lying to police officers telling them that no one was living in the warehouse. another topic that will most likely come up is the building's electrical system because witnesses said in the months leading up to the fires there were multiple blackouts. >> some witnesses said the warehouse was a death ship. reversing course and making a run for the presidency after all. the billionaire announc today via video that he will be entering the democratic field.
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>> i think people believe that the corporations have bought the democracy and politicians don't care about them. >> he is best known for his campaigns to impeach president trump and generate action on climate change. the hedge fund manager focused on politics and saying it leads to injustice. >> he's behind. he has to qualify at 2% over the next two months around four national polls. all of these factors, the fact he has no national name recognition, weigh against him. >> he has more than enough money to fund his own campaign. it's not clear if hewill. we to reach his campaign for comment, but we have not heard back yet. bernie sanders featured the housing crisis in china town and
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a new campaign video. >> how long you have lived here? >> six years. >> six years. and you share a kitchen with 30 other sros? >> uh-huh. >> sro stands for single room ey of four in one single room measuring 6 by 10. sanders' wife is getting the tour. she's the woman in the video. the video shows the city's loss of thousands of apartments which were allowed to be demolished or converted into condos. the plan to paint over a 1930s high school mural in san francisco is getting national attention. that mural is called life of washington. it's on 13 panels at george washington high. last month the city's school board voted to paint over the mural because of the scenes of sl sl slavery. it shows white settlers stepping over a dead native american. thousands of artists and teachers have signed a petition
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to save the mural. they say the artist who created the images intended to expose and denounce racism. the green light muni service will be back in operation this saturday. the center closed last september when inspectors found a crack on one of those beams. there was a lengthy review process. up next, the popular high school student killed in front of a taco bell. the search anyway for that gunman. a battle over cell phone towers. the peninsula is looking to put one upen and the the fog, the drizzle is back in san francisco right now. i'll show you the impact it has on temperatures tomorrow. plus, what you need to watch out for if you're doing any travel. i'll have a new update in seven minutes.
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the hunt is on for this guy. police say he shot and killed a teenager. it happened outside a taco bell restaurant. police say it started as an argument that escalated. nbc bay area is at that taco bell. that is a popular taco bell. teenagers are there all the time. you don't expect it to happen there. >> reporter: no, it's been flooded with teenagers all day today. they're here to pay respects. they've laid out candles and flowers in honor of the victim. they're paying tribute to a boy who scho school. this was his music. police have not identified the victim, but his friends say emanuel was a star athlete, 16 years old and an inspiring rapper. >> he's an athlete. he can make anyone laugh no
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matter what was happening. >> reporter: today the police returned to the scene. they interviewed witnesses and talked to the victim's friends. detectives say the shooter is this man. they had an argument. >> everything is on the table, but we haven't had anything to say this is gang related. it sounds like they knew each other and there was a prior dislike of each other. >> reporter: a s.w.a.t. team raided the suspect's home this morning, but he wasn't there. the family says they're at a loss to explain what happened. >> he was young. he was a great kid. >> reporter: continues as a high omesol to g losing a popular classmate. there will be a vigil tonight either here in the parking lot or over at the high school. the school district says there willable for those who it during summer
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school hours at the high school. nbc bay area news. >> thank you. she is gone, but her memory will live on. the city of davis wants to permanently honor the 22-year-old officer who was killed earlier this year when she responded to a traffic crash. the city council will discuss several ways to pay tribute to her. a bay area little league is asking for help tonight after thieves broke into a storage facility and stole thousands of dollars worth of equipment. the leaders say friday night thieves got into a new school borrow board controller and the speaker system that the league uses to announce its games. the total loss is about $2,000. the league is hoping to replace the stolen items by this saturday because it's hosting thetournament. not in my backyard and this
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time it's about cell phone reception. the towers are causing a stir in this city. we are joined where discussions are happening right now. scott. >> reporter: the city council is having what it called a study session to learn about the antenna. as far as the people who live here, they say they have mixed feelings about whether they should be installed. it's the debate of the day. more cell phone antenna or not. some say they don't want to rock the boat. >> i don't want that. >> reporter: how come? >> i think this is a nice quiet town. others cite false a 400 percen cancer increase. >> reporter: the american cancer institute says cell towers like the one rising above the fire ct they do improve cell service, a
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frequent wish here. >> on the one hand i don't love the idea of radio waves everywhere, but i think we need cell reception and it's been low. >> no concern at all. >> reporter: you say bring them in? >> yeah, better reception. >> reporter: at&t, which announced plans to add 11 smaller antennas, says reception will improve with no effect to health and safety. the city council will discuss the plan after it meets. . we talked to the city council members and they said they didn't want to speak out until they learned more about the antenna. reporting live, nbc bay area news. >> thank you. we'll keep you posted on that story. let's bring in jeff to talk about we are almost mid week. >> i know. >> the whole week looks beautiful. >> it does. the weather lately is almost like every day is a friday.
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it feels so nice outside. i know some of you are saying no, it's not. it feels so good for july outside. a little bit like the weekend's coming around the corner. as we look outside, let's get you into this tuesday night. you can see we do have some haze back towards the tri-valley tonight. it was warmer today, but not too hot. we got up to a high of 81 degrees. right now we're dropping down to 71. a little bit of humidity in the air so that's good news for fire danger. we have low clouds moving into tonight and numbers dropping down into the 60s. those low clouds coming from the fog at the coastline, which is thick right now. you can see looking back towards the coast, that fog is rolling in. normally you can see the san francisco skyline about here, but that's not visible. watch out for fog and drizzle.
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fog at the coast tomorrow morning through the afternoon. it keeps us cool. temperatures in the 60s. it's what we like for july in the bay area. 65 in san francisco and 61 in half moon bay. notice as you go back towards the inland valleys, we'll be in the lower to mid 80s for the east bay. nice tomorrow, but we do have some changes coming our way as we head throughout the next four days. i see heat building over this area of high pressure. we'll talk more about that coming up at 6:48 tonight. if you're traveling, watch out this weekend. we could have a tropical system hitting louisiana with three to seven inches of rain. we'll know more in the next coming days. more on our local forecast at 6:48. he loves to communicate with the masters, but there's something we can do on twitter that president trump cannot.
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pack your iphone and your
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patience. a popular tourist spot is turning into a traffic nightmare. that scenic drive is becoming even more congested. this is video on the fourth of july. you can see all the people there. this is a photo op there at the bridge. that backed up traffic for three miles miles. the bridge has gained popularity since it was featured in the hbo show. a local group hung this banner from the bridge reading over tourisms speech. social medias have denounced tweets that are based on religion. they will see how the policy goes into effect before deciding how to address the rule. president trump can no longer block twitter critics. back in 2017 some twitter users filed a lawsuit against the
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president because he blocked them. a judge ruled that that violated the amendment. the president can no longer block followers if it turns out they didn't agree with him. mark zuckerberg is out of a job. he has been working with the family since 2017. he was recently placed on leave after allegations of sexual misconduct and racist remarks about zuckerberg's wife. according to relatives, an investigation didn't substantiate the accusations, however they agreed he shouldn't return to work. a crackdown on social media. instagram launching an artificial intelligence tool that will review words in posts. if the post is offensive a message will pop up saying are you sure you want to post that. the tool will send the user information about why the post is hurtful. the tool might give people a chance to reflect on their post
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before it can eraduated from his medical residency. the memorial going on right now for a doctor killed in a car crash. the future of obamacare is in the court's hands. the arguments made today and what it could mean for millions of americans. just when you thought you were done painting...
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for sharp lines every time, frog it! there's no such thing so start driving and don't stop. because no one takes off at the finish line. and the only way to get that trophy, is to take it. net generation. official youth tennis of the usta. right now a memorial for
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this young doctor in walnut creek killed in a fiery crash on the fourth of july. he is being remembered for his positive spirit and a doctor whose medical career was just taking off. >> he had just graduated from his residency there just a few short days ago. >> reporter: that's right. the timing makes this even more devastating. the doctor was supposed to be starting a new fellowship program this week, but instead right now his friends and his colleagues have gathered here mourning his death. one friend that we spoke to says everyone is still shocked. hoping tonight helps them heal. >> this is a photo of us. >> reporter: remembering a compassionate young doctor with a big heart. >> you always knew you would be smiling and laughing. >> reporter: she is devastated
6:30 pm
over the death of her friends. they worked together for three years in medical training. >> not only was he clinically brilliant, but he just cared so much for his patients. >> reporter: his patient is also heart boroken over the death of the doctor who cared for her and her baby. >> i hope that people see how good of a person he was and how we need more people like that in our lives and in our community. >> reporter: sellers lived in walnut creek. he was behind the wheel when his car slammed into a pole on the fourth of july. investigators initially believed speed was a factor in the crash that killed him and his passenger. >> such a joyful and happy celebration. >> reporter: the crash happened less than a week after he residency program. >> that makes it more intense and sad for all of us because we were all so excited about our futures. >> reporter: he was on his way
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to become a doctor, instead his life was cut short at 29 years old. staff are calling him a talented physician with a positive spirit. they say he was enthusiastic about serving the members of his community and the hospital has set up a scholarship fund in his name. >> it is a loss. thank you. the search for a missing scientist has come to a halt. police found a woman's body who they believe is the biologist. yesterday police found a woman's body in a cave. from the blueprint to the green print, jz is getting in on the cannabis business. he has entered a deal where
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he'll be the chief brand strategist and will help the company with creative decisions and outreach. he isn't the only celebrity investing. joe montana helped the company raise close to $75 million. if you plan on going to the movies, you're going to have to leave town to do it. the amc theater closed. you can see empty parking lot. the theater showed its last movie sunday and put a note on the door saying no more movies. it's been the only theater. closure was a surprise to the property owner who was planning an upgrade before the company pulled the plug. the future of obamacare could be in jeopardy. today an appeals court heard arguments on why the law should be struck down. >> reporter: on
6:33 pm
capital hill watching the judges considering the health care future of millions of americans. democrats fighting for the affordable care act arguing millions of americans would lose preexisting condition coverage and medicaid coverage and seniors would pay more for prescription drugs. blue states on defense as 18 republican led states and the justice department asked that the affordable care act be struck down. the attorney general for texas saying it's time to bury obamacare once and for all. republicans and the president who ran on replacing obamacare have yet to put forward a plan of their own. >> we are going to fix health care. >> reporter: republicans tried several times, but failed to repeal and place. thumb's down vote from the late senator john mccain. hin aempt to they couldn't get in congress. >> reporter: some say the republican effort to end
6:34 pm
obamacare could backfire. >> health care resonates and the democratic candidates are focused on improving coverage and affordability. >> reporter: the supreme court upheld obamacare twice and it could end up there again. nbc news, washington. that legal case and the potential loss of health care for millions of americans motivated the governor today. he chose this day to outline his plan to move california closer to a health care for all policy. a key portion provides financial help for middle income families to join the state's insurance pool. >> here's the problem. if we don't have a diverse risk pool, everybody's premiums go up. your premium goes up, my premiums go up. we want to stabilize the market. >> the state's new budget invests more than $3 billion over three years to help pay the premiums of low and middle
6:35 pm
income californian s. it expands to all undocumented young adults through age 25. they will ensure quality providers remain in the program. president trump questioned today about his friendship with an accused billionaire sex trafficker and his decision to appoint the man's prosecutor to his cabinet. the president voicing support for the secretary commenting after white house. reporters asked the president whether he still backs the secretary. >> he's been a great, really great secretary of labor. the rest of it we'll have to look at. we'll have to look at it carefully. >> in 2008 he was the federal prosecutor in florida who brokered a secret plea deal. making the deal secret violated the law. the democrats are calling on the
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secretary to resign. the secret service doesn't just protect the president, it focuses on stopping threats nationwide. today the agency released its report on mass attacks in public spaces. according to the report, 27 mass attacks happened last year. 91 people were killed. these attacks happened in public places. nearly 90% of the attacks were carried out with guns, 93% of the attackers were male and about one-third had histories of domestic violence. despite all the data there is not one marker for identifying potential attackers. >> there is no single profile of the type of individual who carries out this attack. they occur from a variety of motives. usually the number one motive is retaliating. >> the secret service hopes the findings inspire people to report suspicious behavior. ross pero who made two bids
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for the white house has died at age 89. he founded electronic data systems with a $1,000 check. he later sold the company making him an early tech billionaire. he campaigned primarily on lowering the national deficit. he finished third in 1992 and 1996. his appeal to political outsiders made him a forerunner to president trump. picketing outside the hospital, what nurses are calling for. stay with us. it's no ordinary day for our family at denny's.
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it's crepe day. a family tradition we started about 22 minutes ago and now we can continue that tradition at home with denny's delivery. see you at denny's or
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we're following breaking news in san francisco. sfpd tells us two men caught that man breaking into cars. this happened a couple of hours ago in the city. the man was trying to break into a car in the parking lot.
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paramedics rushed that suspect to the hospital. a $500 reward tonight for anyone who has information about the men you see in that video. a store owner says they broke into the summit store yesterday morning. the man with the t-shirt over his face grabbed bottles of licker. the store owner says there were three men. you can see them trying to steal the cash register as well. he says they took about $4,000 in alcohol and other stuff from the store too. nurses inay hit picket line. this is what it looked like outside good sam hospital and gi medical center in san jose san jose. they are worried about the staffing shortages. >> patient care requires nurses to be rested and nourished because our job is a complex job. >> nurses say the picketing is not a strike. it is not taking away from
6:41 pm
patient care. the hospital is working to negotiate with those nurses. here is the best story of the day, a burrito supreme with a million dollar view. the taco bell in our own backyard has transformed into an all-new beach front cantina. they will offer taco style food. they offer alcohol. we have to see what it is. >> i want cheesy crunchy gordita. >> there's no drive-thru here. it's a walk up. you can come counter and order. the grand reopening, you know where we're going to be -- rday. >> i shouldn't have sounded that excited, right? >> saturday is the review.
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>> i like that. >> i have to try one of those. >> that's the crunchy one on the outside? >> i love cheese. >> oh, man. i like the crunchy tacos. >> i like those. >> who doesn't mind taco bell? >> how is the weather for saturday? >> we're looking at the 60s. we'll get that classic fog at the coastline. we'll tell you what that means for the temperatures tomorrow and into the weekend coming up. he's one of the world's most famous tattoo artists. we're going to give you a peak.
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nbc bay area responds to a website for another. >> you have to be really carefully especially when someone is spoofing. >> we want you to be careful when you're looking for government info like social security or public records online. you're typical search engine
6:45 pm
might sends you to unofficial web pages that could charge you to do things that are free on government website. be skeptical of web addresses that end in com or org. government sites don't charge you to fill out forms. let us know if you have a consumer complaint. we've got a lot of diverse artisans in the bay area, but one of them is a legend. >> ed hardy, the tattoo artist, we'll explore at his new exhibition. >> i just got obsessed with tattoos. this is so cool. >> reporter: there are some that find their callinga age.
6:46 pm
ed hardy was 10 years old when he discovered the art of tatt tattooi tattooing, initially the kind that washes off. >> i had a tattoo shop at my mom's house. it looked pretty real. i thought this is what i want to do when i get big enough. i want old enough to have a tattoo. >> reporter: when he got big enough. >> my first tattoo i ever got. >> reporter: following a stint at the art institute, hardy began revolutionizing the world he turned bare flesh into high art at his north beach shop. >> it's been a big thing in my . i've had both hips replaced twice. >> reporter: hardy retired from tattooing, but not from art, replacing his tattoo needles with brushes. >> painting a lot. this is a weird shape. i call it a ghost. these were just kind of
6:47 pm
traditional tattoo kinds. >> reporter: at some point every artist will look back over their career, but hardy is getting help as he looks back. san francisco's museum is opening an exhibition dedicated to the artist and his lifetime of creating. >> it goes to my childhood drawings and paintings i did like six months ago. >> reporter: the exhibit, which opens saturday and runs through october, includes 300 of hardy's works. there's high tech displays for those who don't care for needles. w people might have mentally, culturally with s an art form. >> reporter: it's a time capsule of sorts for a man who can't help but make art, evidence that colorful journeys begin at the beginning. >> i can't believe it worked. i can't believe i got away with
6:48 pm
it. >> reporter: nbc bay area news. >> what a body of work. >> this is all those t-shirts that we saw ten years ago? >> exactly. >> he licensed and it's a huge apparel brand. >> that's a big-time career. >> exactly. >> we can get our shirt and go to the beach and go to taco bell and do the whole thing. >> i'm feeling a motorcycle too, right? >>ye tomorrow it's not quite the weekend yet, but we are getting close. tonight we know we have the fog at the immediate coastline and across the inland valleys. we have blue skies and a little bit of cloud cover filtering in. it was warmer today, but not too hot. 83 for the high. humidity at 55%. that's good news for fire danger because the air is not extremely dry. when this number gets to 10 and 20%, that's when the fire danger
6:49 pm
starts to increase. currently 73 degrees. temperatures dropping down into the 60s and those low clouds are coming back because of the fog at the coastline. while it has been beautiful the past several days, we're starting to notice changes in the atmosphere and it's from a storm system that's beginning to pull away from the bay area. it shows across the pacific northwest, this storm system is going to move o room for this a high pressure to bring back warmer air. we'll get the fog in the morning, but by the afternoon over the next couple ofays we'll see these temperatures increase. that would eventually get us back to the 90s. tomorrow morning we're starting off in the low 60s and low clouds. more of that cloud cover for the east bay, san francisco and the north bay. while we start off with fog tomorrow morning, you can see by the afternoon we get sunshine across the inland valleys.
6:50 pm
if you're headed to the beaches, expect that nice cool breeze and the fog to stay put. this is going to warm us up tomorrow a couple of more degrees as that area of high pressure moves in like we talked about, but right here in the south bay it still puts us near average, the low 80s. it will be warmer and certainly noticeable back across the inland valleys. 85 in pittsburgh. 80 in martinez. no 90s or 100s. we know how that can sneak in in july. 77 in redwood city. san francisco, 60s. napa, i have you at 82 here. extended forecast has numbers warming up in san francisco to the upper 60s friday, saturday and sunday. i think we could have a few low
6:51 pm
70s in downtown san francisco this weekend. it looks beautiful for whatever you have planned and we'll drop off a few degrees by the beginning of next week. 89 friday, 90 on saturday and 91 on sunday and we'll drop back down as we head through the early part of next week. if it's too warm for you this weekend inland, head to the coast and grab your hardy and hit the taco bell and beach and send us a photo. we'd love to see it. >> and your leather you crosse >> she's talking about yours. >> maybe i'm talking about mine. >> or yours. >> joke. up next, the warriors continue to clean house. another big name leaving town. show me the crown. show me homecoming. baby sloth videos on youtube. amy, do you uh mind giving someone else a turn? oh... yeah i made myself a little comfortable here.
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no surprise here. the tradition continues. in sports and you end up on the cover of sports illustrated. >> who's it going to be? the u.s. women's soccer team striking a pause. megan striking a pose after scoring goals in the world cup. tomorrow the team will be honored with a parade in new york city. it's going to be huge bright and
6:55 pm
early. look at them. all those bags of paper. it will happen 6:30 in the morning pacific time. >> we have to wake up and watch that parade. >> exactly. get ready. the overhaul continues. another major piece of the war year's dynasty is gone. shawn livingston is out. one of the most respected players in the locker room. the 33-year-old spent the last five sso warriors. here he is at a chart event we didn san jose. >no what she's doing. following her stunning run at wimbledon, coco gauff on the today show. >> she is so cool. she doesn't have a driver's license. here she is this morning. she says it still feels like a dream battling her idol at wimbledon. she talked about her fame and
6:56 pm
getting a tweet from former first lady michelle obama. >> i looked up to her for so long and seeing a black woman in the white house was special for me. >> it was really cool to watch that interview this morning. she says her goal is to be the greatest tennis player of all time. she's the youngest woman to reach the fourth round of the school. she missed a lot of time. >> maybe she can get her permit so she can drive. thanks for joining us here. have a great evening.
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there are moments in life that leave a lasting impression. like the feeling of movement as a new journey begins, or the sight of soft fur, warmed by the morning sun. you might remember new flavours, or a view that defies all expectations. these are the memories that stay with you, long after the moments have passed.
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j ♪ >> extra, extra now on "extra", the new "bachelorette" cheating scandal. the front-runner jed fighting back as he is accused of hiding secret girlfriend who he claims is threatening his family.
7:00 pm
plus, next week's make out marathon that turns hannah b. into hannah beast. disney star cameron boyce's father speaking out about his heartbreak. the latest on the investigation into cameron's death as the autopsy report comes in. >> extra barbra streisand taking on thee giant hint she dropped abot her relationship with charles after his split from diana. new photos, sean mendez and


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