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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  August 14, 2019 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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is taking to try to keep people safe. "today in the bay" continues right now. a very good wednesday to you. thanks so much for joining us. >> i'm marcus washington. mike will get us through the community this morning. >> a lot of -- >> it's going to be a hot day. that's what everyone will be talking about. at least we have mild temperatures to start, but we do have a heat advisory in effect. solano county, you'll have an excessive heat warning as we come back online, even though it will be 66 those temperatures ramp up quickly, and what's ahead, mike you're tracking a
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possible problem. >> yes, the operations center has moved the camera and zoomed? i'll monitor this very closedly. so far the last five minutes haven't seen a problem, but you may sigh the metering lights slow down a bit. we'll trach all those maybes. right now we are show you a smooth drive. it's a bit of a 680 and we'll take about livermore and the tri-valley coming up. 6:01. in just a couple hours, a new school year will start at gil y gilroy. bosh redell is live outside that
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campus bob? >> correct, the unified school district, they'll have crisis counselors behind me and the 14 other schools if the district. today, tomorrow and friday, so basically for the start of the first school week of this new years. the school direct, they want to offer assistance to students, oknow someone who was there or someone who was shot. students might also feel anxious giving that christmas hill park is less than a mile away from gilroy high school. the district is urging parents to talk to their children about what happened. from a traffic point of view, if you're taking your kids to school, christmas hill park is still down. miller avenue is shut down at uvas and luchessa.
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they unanimously approved support for a ban of assault epps weapons. and now the aunt of kayla salazar, one of three people shot and killed, she spoke to the board and asked them to do something to tighten up gun restrictions. >> thank you, above. gilroy not the only city experiencing grief. more than a week after the deadly el paso shooting, people will hold a memorial service tonight. more than two dozen were hurt when the gunman started shooting. it's being investigated as a hate crime. a controversial battle is brewing about a proposed homeless navigation center in fremont. a public workshop on that issue is being held at harborlight church at 5:30 this afternoon.
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two sites are being considered, one near the reagan nursely, the other behind fremont city hall. the city says homeless numbers are up since 2017. but some say it would sit too close to businesses and schools. debate is heating up after police say a transient violently attacked a woman in the lobby of her own condo. >> it's crystal clear, though the video is tough to watch. the opponents say that this validates their concerns about increased crime in the neighborhood. the video, you can see it she's walking into the lobby of her condo at about 1:30 monday morning. you see a man approach her, try to drag her how much building repeatedly. she said the man was telling her he was trying to protect her
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from robots, and he would kill the security guard just top gain her trust. he was arrested, and he gave for address. >> the city is denying the fact that we are unsafe is so irresponsible. >> the mayor and supervisor matt hainy who support the navigation center say the city is safer when people are housed and have regular access to social services. as for san francisco police, they say they responded immediately to the report of an assault, but that the initial call that they got in the situation was about a trespasser. if you want to see the back story about the navigation center, you can find it at i also tweeted the link as well. laura? thanks, kris. 6:05. kaiser permanenti working gearing up for what could be the largest strike in officer 20 years.
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they are voting on a possible strike. employees up range from workers to phone operators and janitors. this is video from when mental health workers went on amoustri. a forum is being held this afternoon. a new proposal to help young adults in the south bay. a supervisor is proposes a program to assist those ages out of foster care, providing basic income payments for 18 to 21-year-olds. there's no word on exactly how much those payments would be. the supervisor is requesting a county board address several questions surrounding the proposal later this month. investigators are now looking at whether guards were sleeping on the job when jeffrey epstein killed himself in his prison cell. sources tell nbc two guards were working on overtime.
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>> the warden has been reassigned. a guard was supposed to check on him every 30 minutes. sources say the check's not been done for several authorities. stories are still calling this suicide even though autopsy results have not been released. the nfl looking toward hip-hop for guidance. the league signed a major deal with jay-z's entertainment and sports company. the nfl has been looking for reshape its image after the national anthem controversy involving 49ers -- or 678er 49 zest colin kaepernick. steph curry isn't the type to live in the past. he's looking forward the future. in a new interview, he's embracing new beginnings as the
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oldest player on the team. he also is praising the three years he shared with kevin durant on the team. curry said he knows the two will one day reminisce with fondness of the time they played together. fyi, the first preseason game at the new chase center is october 5th against the lakers. football is around the corner, and summer is hanging on. >> we have the a's playing the giants today. it will be very warm out there today. for our air quality, that would be the issue, as we see this beautiful, colorful sunrise. sometimes that's because we're seeing smoke drifting in, and this layer of ozone is trapped near the surface. as the kids get ready for the
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first day of school in walnut creek, look how quickly the temperatures heat up. mike, you're starting with the bay bridge? >> yes. chp says in this tunnel as you're approaching the exit, there's a slow lane blocked by a disabled vehicle, but i have not seen a problem. in fact it's getting a bit lighter. it may be an issue for folks back at the toll plaza. lighter traffic on the span, at least a bit. you'll find more slowing off the berkeley -- that may be a factor as you left the pilut where the build is on for walnut creek as well. we are looking forward the san mateo bridge or perhaps a fender bender reported. back to you. all right. thanks, mike. 6:09. next and new this hour, special delivery.
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>> there for a few days it was overwhelming. >> new this hour, the reason these bakers are celebrating amazon. it looks like today on wall street will not be a piece of cake. president trump looks ahead to christmas and gifts. we'll talk about it when "today in the bay" continues.
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right now at 6:12, we are under a microclimate weather alert as you're getting ready for the day. the first day of school will be very warm. just t-shirt and shorts today for the first day of school in palo alto. 83 at 1:00. it's going to be even hotter for some of our inland valleys. i'll have move on that and a cooler weekend in less than five minutes. the san mateo bridge, we are tracking the report of a crash. a very good morning, a very happy wednesday to you as well. markets moved up triple digits on tuesday though we're still negative for the week. the broad are markets, apple in particular, moving higher. particularly on iphones. this is a good news.
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enjoy it. soak it in. here comes the bad news. the yield curve. we have talked about this before. i suspect my bosses cringe when i get into this, it's not sexy, it's government bonds, but this is what happens. the longer you lend the government more money, the more money you should make. this is exaggerated, but if this flips over, and it just did, then shorter loans pay more, and that's a flash sign that something is wrong. a group of youtube creators has sued the youtube, accused of quashing some videos. they hope the lidge will allow them to turn it into a class-as suit, and they're using the argument, that youtube behaves lie a monopoly. if you want somebody to see your video, you have to put it on
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youtube. youtube has not commented on the lawsuit. marcus and laura, this is a facebook post from a mac book pro user whose laptop caught fire recently. apple has recalled a certain number of this is mac book pros, offering a free battery re34r5i6789. this morning the faa is so concerned, they have banned those laptops from flying. it covers mac book pros, and you can look up the serial number to see if yours is affected. the problem is people just are not going to be as careful about this -- maybe i have one. i haven't looked it up yet. we're going to have more and more of these production, you know -- do you have the one that catches fire? oh, geez, i don't know.
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i just think there's so many products, so many model numbers, et cetera -- remember samsung. i think this will about a serious problem in the near future. thanks. >> thanks, scott. trending this morning, this might make you hungry. what do you get your wife who can order anything she wants from amazon. am an zone box cake? le requested this cake no north carolina. he says his wife emily loves receiving amazon packages. the photo of the cake went viral. the bakery says they have been busy, because everything from lettering to labels is edible. for this one to go viral is kind of a surprise. >> it seems you can't have your
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amazon cake and ship it, too, but it's only available for pickup. well, we used part of the bandwidth today. you try about people like amazon. get something some water. >> you want to make sure you're still drinking water. this is a look at our live view looking a little hazy. especially in the south bay. the bay and the coast will have fairly good air quality today,
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but why so hazy? we have high pressure, which causes the air to sichgs and has an inversion on top of the pollution. what we put ute there as well as the ground-level ozone gets trapped and we have to breathe it in we always advice that you catch public transit. warming up into the mid 90s, so happy first day of school in pittsburg and i suspect recess will probably be inside for this first day. expect a high of 98 degrees.
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half moon bay, and 102 in clear lake. the bay bridge series, it will warm up. that would feel really hot. we're still hot tomorrow. as we go into the weekend, we'll have much cooler air with mitt to upper 8 09s. mike, you're tracking a few crashes. >> but they are at critical points even the try valley looks good. we thought we had early problems. over there, though, continue on 84.
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at the approach, you may find one finder bender and no slowing shows up there. same thing for the san mateo bridge. and the approach looks like this crash may be on the shoulder as well no big build, traffic through pittsburg, a shoutout to the schools on this map. san jose unified back in service, so you'll see a change to the commute today. no problem, but you may find a slower metering light, a disabled vehicle reported mid span. we don't see any change to the live shot. in fact, looking at the left lanes, they're still a bit light. that's better news than we thought. back to you. >> thank you, mike. still ahead this hour, the show may not go on. at 6:30, an uncertainly future
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for a south bay community theater. all this summer we've been asking for your help in supporting our schools. are we making the grade? i have a progress report, next. first, this will cool you off this morning. check out this time lapsed video of the clouds over the golden gate. be sure to follow nbc bay area on your favorite social media platform. we would love to hear from you. you're watching "today in the bay."
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6:23 right now. new this morning, today doctors and patients will celebrate a milestone at one of the bay area's largest hospitals. suddeners cpmc campus in san francisco recently performed its 500th heart transplant. the oakland man who received the heart is now on the road to recovery. >> nice to see. 6:24. this is great, too, classes starting, thanks to our viewers, thousands of kids are sporting new backpacks and school supplies. >> we have an update. >> good morning. i'm pleased to report we are within striking distance of our goal, 5,000 backpacks for bay area students. we were on hand at washington elementary in san jose yesterday where students could pick out a backpack of their own. this is playing out as family giving tree distributes as many as 41,000 backpacks to kids in
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need. >> you see their smiles, see the curiosity, but more importantly you see the support they know they get. >> thank you, thank you, thank you, we all appreciate the backpacks they gave us. >> there's still time. you can help nbc bay area and telemundo reach our got of 5 houses backpacks. just go to our website, you had can build a virtual backpack or make a cash donation there. back to you. thanks, chris. this saturday is our annual clear the shelters pet adoption program. >> that's when we team up with telemundo 48 to find forever homes. among the 90 local shelters, the director sat patty santana talked about her dream to help
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larger dogs. they helped to raise $500,000. >> i texted her a picture and said, okay, now it's your turn. >> i could have fainted. i just couldn't believe it. and the amount? i was look, okay, you know, make five grand, ten grand. i almost fell back. >> the money she raced should help fund the program for five years. again 90 shelters and programs taking part of the weekend. go to right now for more information under clear the shelters. still ahead this hour, talk about the dog days of summer. extreme heat, we expect some spots to be the hottest they have an year. we're also live in the east bay talking to people overnight there. and also overnight, a shooting, the investigation in
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contra costa county. what police are telling us so far. later, airport on edge. after days of protests and violent clashes in hong kong, at of:45, we'll at ttell what you happened overnight. ♪
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right now at 6:30, a live look. wall street where futures are suggesting some pain at the open, with the dow ready to drop more than 1% after a new overnight recession warning.
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the yield curve inverted. scott mcgrew is watching that story. thanks so much for joining us. >> i'm laura garcia. >> and i'm marcus washington. we want to head to kari hall to talk about the heat. we have a lot of kids going back to school today. a lot of kids will be out there. >> and we have a lot of schools coming back online on one of the hottest days of the year. we're dealing with excessive heat and heat advisory in effect for many areas in the santa cruz mountains, the south bay, inland east bay as well as the north bay. this will also be in effect for tomorrow as well. getting you out the door, your school day forecast starts out with mid 60s. it will be nice walking to school, coming home will be an issue. we'll talk about that and what's ahead for the weekend. you're starting out with an ongoing issue. >> we're talking about one major
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roadway impacted. tully just off motte ray road, we'll talk about what exactly is going on. there's a short section around 7th you have to watch. we're track ago minor crash reported clearing, a similar case over at the san mateo bridge, and i'm told the disabled vehicle that has cleared now, it's clear off toward the fremont exit without any problem. back to you. >> thanks, mike. we want to go back to the weather alert. the dangerous triple-digit temperatures, heading back to the bay area with east bay going to feel some of that extreme heat. pete suratos is they to talk about it. >> reporter: here in concord, it's expected to hit 106 degrees. it's going to be very hot in this area.
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i'm not sure if it's record breaking, but either way it will be very hot. important to know, as kids are headed back to school, and important to know for drivers, and i want to talk about that, according to a study by life, that on 100-degree dead, your steering wheel can reach 127 degrees within an hour, the dashboard to reach 157 degrees. inside the cabin of the car, it with reach 116 degrees. just last year, 53 children died after being left in a hot vehicle. so this is very important information to take in. a live look around the bay area at the current conditions, heat advisory is in place if you're living in the valleys of the north bay, east bay and santa clara. spare the air alert is once again in place for the second day in a row due to the rising temperatures. with that heat there's always a
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concern with fire danger, but it's not quite a red flag warning as of yet. here in concourt, i did get a chance to speak with folks working out this morning, some runners, in fact, that's why they're getting the workout in early in the morning. >> get the early morning work in, so we don't have to deal with the heat, stay hydrated. run in the dark. work out in the dark. >> very important to get it done now. later there's a lot of procrastination that happens, and then it doesn't get done. >> reporter: as for the fire danger, crews are keeping an eye on ten acres of land that burned during a brush fire. it started tuesday evening off of redwood parkway. ten homes were danced as a result. cal fire put the fire out quickly, the cause is under investigation, so to recap, stay hydrated. i expected to be a hot one
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pretty much anywhere inland. i'll probably have to lose this coat as the day goes on. 9 heat advisory will wrap up tomorrow evening. on reporting for "today in the bay." >> yes, if it gets too hot, take that jacket off. new overnight, an apparent shooting in west contra costa county this happened will 1:00 near california street. this is just into our newsroom. you can see a van that appears to be shot. investigators are marking those bullet casings with evidence markers. at this point we still haven't heard from deputies if anyone was injured or in any arrests were made. 6:34 light now. when jurors return for the deliberations today, it will mark eight days since they first received that case. yesterday the jury did make one
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notable request. they asked to have read back to them all four days of testimony from master tenant, and also asked to rehear testimony from two other men, one of which is on the original lease. the other manned the front door on the night of the fire which killed 36 people. the question being asked by some, did san francisco police cross t line and try to get answers from a bay area journalist. that question and allegations of mistreatment were the focus of a meeting last night for the society of professional journalists. the journalist in question, brian carmody, who took center stage. he says that in may he found officers pounding at his front door with sledge hammers. they had a warrant and warranted the i.d. of his source who leaked information about the death of a public defender. >> he said here's your phone, go
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ahead and unlock it for us. you know, that was the hard pass on that, of course. >> the judge who issued the warrant has since said she was never told it involved a journalist. 6:36 right now. good news this morning for teachers in the south bay. saint clara county leaders have -- in 2018, supervisors said aside $6 million for the project. construction should start doone on a county-owned lot on grant road. a lot of people in milpitas wonder if the show will go on after a decision leaves young aspiring actors heartbroken. >> they're upset about a recent decision to close the center stage performing arts program. the city recently decided not to renew the contract. that means dozens of young students hope to do the annual fall play will not be able to do
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so. >> i just couldn't believe how sudden it was, and i was honestly really sad, because this is all i really do. >> milpitas gives the theater group about $76,000 per year, as it stands the fall and winter productions are canceled, but they plan to meet today to see if the show can continue until a cost analysis study is completed. >> always nice to see the kids in plays. >> you learn so much. >> were you guys acted. >> i performed down the treat from there. >> give us some jazz hands. >> look this right here. >> take it away, mike. >> actually our folks can dance the way to work. everybody dances on the way to work. looking toward the tri-valley, we do have a little slowing. and reports of a crash over on
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the shoulder. let's take you with our partners at waze, you may be a little slow because of fender bender we talked about. confirmed by this wazer's name. great name there. >> smooth drive peninsula side. it's going to warm up today, but could get off by,end? >> i'm so looking forward to the weekend. we're going to have the temperatures today in the triple digits, but then look at saturday et cetera forecast. 87 degrees. that's in some of our warmer spots. the bay low 80s. the coast will see the clouds rolling back in, and for sunday we're going to see more of the same. in fact a bit even cooler for the valleys on sunday, and the bay reaching 80 degrees, 68
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degrees for the coach f you're planning to head to santa cruz, check out these numbers. look so good. there will be clouds in the mix, and still pretty on hot in lake shasta. 97 on friday, then on saturday, 94 degrees, some upper 80s on sunday. if you'll be at napa valley this weekend, chuck out the changes here. by sunday, the high is only 78, so a big coolout is headed that way. for l.a. we're looking at pretty even temperatures. if you let me know where you're going or your weekend plans, let me know about events, too. we'll talk about what's going on today. that's coming up in three minutes. thanks, kari. >> it's 6:39, up next more storms. of course, still grieves over the garlic festival mass shooting, but there's a new
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school year beginning today. we're live with the steps that schools are trying to take to ease that transition >> all new overnight, a deadly crash, a pursuit that ended with tragedy in a -- we'll also talk about the traffic impact this morning. president trump was in pennsylvania, but was it an address or rally? what makes the huge difference is the big board this morning, the dow industrial is down 355 points. i'll tell you why this is happening on marcus's facebook live. he'll start right after our newscast. you're watching "today in the bay."
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good wednesday morning. we are under a microclimate weather alert, as kids head back to school today. >> then it quickly heats up. yeah, looking at this view, sunny, sun at their backs the. thanks so much. in a couple hours, the new school year will start for many students, but we're talking about gilroy high school.
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"today in the bay's" bob redell is live outside that campus where students may be able to get help if they need it. >> reporter: we also spoke with gilroy unified the school district. they're definitely going to be making -- there will be crisis counselors on site at the 15 schools. today, tomorrow and friday for the first week of school. or who knew people. the district is encouraging parents if they haven't already done so. also in el paso and dayton.
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, some as i mentioned -- and miller avenue is closed at uvas and lu chessa. they raised the flags to full staff yet. they unanimously approved support for federal passage of a comprehensive assault weapons back, and took a stead towards a new ordinance that would require safe storage of firearms in homes. she spoke to the board, a very passionate speech, begging them to do something to strengthen gun laws. bob redell here, "today in the bay." new for you this morning, a deadly crash in the south bay has left a busy street closed.
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ives are not identifying the person who died. 6:46, new this morning, the search is on for a man who robbed prescription drugs from a cvs in petaluma. authorities say these images showed that suspect. the robbery happened at 8:30 last night. he presented a note at the counter saying no one would get hurt if he got what he wanted. hong kong's airport is back open this morning. hundreds of flights were canceled by thousands of protesters. passengers were forced to stay in local hotels while airlines tried to find out ways to get them to their destination. it marked an escalation of demonstrations against what some in hong kong see as an increasing erosion of freedom. the president was in
6:47 am
pennsylvania tuesday, as he stayed in the 2020 election. >> but scott mcgrew said it was not a political rally? >> no, it was not. a regular appearance, laura, by the president which would normally be kind of routine. at the speech a shell oil plant, it was supposed to be about energy policy, he tuismd on that, about you also called the opponents names, joked about cancelling the next election, and the ratings of the recent academy awards. he has every right to talk about whatever he wishes, but there's a financial side to it. presidential visits are paid for by taxpayers, campaign rallies are paid for by the candidate's political party. a presidential visit on the other hand is an official white house business visit. realistically any president showing up to anything is going to be political.
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they push their agenda, and politics will always politic. president trump's pick to run the citizenship and immigration service ken cuccinelli is defending a statement he made yesterday on npr. we played it for you moments after it happened on tuesday. he referenced the famous colossus, he said give me your tired and poor who can stand on their own two feet. >> the poem doesn't say that's correct right? >> i didn't bring up the poem. >> well, you. >> an npr reporter did, and now you have. i'll answer your substantive and intelligent question, please ask one. this whole argument over a poem comes as the trump administration trying to tighten rules that would prevent certainly legal immigrants. let me make that clear, legal
6:49 am
immigrants who are getting public benefits from getting a green card or citizenship. two u.s. doubts have sued to stop that from happening, san francisco county, and santa clara county. we're paying attention to everything that's happening in every county. you can follow me on twitter. i'm scott mcgrew. 6:49 right now. the impact social media is have got on teenagers has been widely reports. new today, savannah sellers talked to three teen girls about how they navigate high school online compared to their male friends. >> there's a lot more judgment between girls. i think that's one of the reasons why it affects us. we're always like, maybe, what are other people going to think? should i post this? maybe i look so weird. >> at 7:00 on the "today" show, how young girls are specifically influenced by the pressures of
6:50 am
online relationships. all right. so this morning one thing we're all going to have to deal with is some form of heat. >> even francis is reaching into the 80s tonight. it will be warm out there, and then in the inland areas we're talking triple digits. we have fairly mild temperatures, but they have this hazy skies to start with. the inland east bay, that's where it will be most unhealthy. a spare the air alert has been issued, and why so hazy? it's because we have high pressure, and that causes the air to sink, and acts as an inversion or lid. it traps the pollution below some of our hills. it won't bibsening ute. necessarily we're putting out in the atmosphere, that will get trapped. with strong high pressure and
6:51 am
hot temperatures e. we're going back to school. first day of school, it's 66 degrees, as you're walking to school, but then up to 96 degrees by early asp. so it will be a wide range of temperatures throughout the day. we're looking at santa rosa at 77, 79 in cupertino, and danville at 84. but then look at what happens at noon. we're at 95 already in levermore, san francisco in the upper 70s, and this is where our temperatures will be the most dangerous, to spend a lot of time outside today, where we see our highs, and it's going to take its time cooling off later on this evening. we talked about this for the early afternoon game. it's going to be quite warm out there, even in san francisco with our inland areas. also dealing with some dangerous heat, up to 105 degrees, and
6:52 am
then we come down for the weekend. saturday and sunday looking much better. san francisco coming back to the 60s. now, mike, you have a new crash for i-80? >> which is always a concern. we are looking at -- there's a new one i should mention northeast 7th at kurt ner. it sounds like a fender bender, but i will quickly follow that up, because i see slowing already on the sensors. west 80 at san pablo, thank goodness. we had more of a buildup, so westbound i-80, should still move relatively smoothly. also coming off the maze, the travel times for the east shore free ways just above a half hour. that's 36 minutes, built over the last ten. getting toward the rich more center, across into the north
6:53 am
bay, no problems through the north bay, and driving across of golden state bridge. we have no delays reported by any of these systems right here. thanks, mike. happening now a$ap rocky is found guilty of assault in sweden. however, he will avoid further jail time. the rapper was arrested? stockholm after he and members of his entourage got into a street brawl. today a judge ordered him to pay roughly $1,in damages to the victim. next here a quick look at the top stories, including who is listening now? facebook joins the list of companies admitting they pay people to listen to you without your knowledge. that and more after the break. you're watching "today in the bay."
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welcome back. before you head out the door, here are the top satires. >> we're in the microclimate weather alert as dangerous heat moves back in. a big chunk of the bay will hit triple digits. other cities expected to be close to 105. >> according to a recent study, your steeler wheel can reached 127 degrees within an hour and the dashboard can hit 157
6:57 am
degrees. in the cabin we're talking about 116 degrees. last year across the nation a record number of 53 children died after being left in a hot vehicle. breaking news to tell you about this morning. stocks are once again in free fall with the dow off more than 1.5% in the first half hour of trading. here's a live look at the dow. we have seen it down 450 point, now it's down 375 points after new fears of recession with what experts consider a bad sign, an inverted yield curve. this is the first inversion since the last recession? the mid 2000s. a battle is brewing over a homeless navigation center s two sites are being considered, one close to reagan nursery on dakota road, another behind fremont city hall. the city says homeless numbers are up 27% since 2017 and
6:58 am
something must be done. however, many opposed project in part because it would sit too close to businesses and schools. kaiser permanente workers gearing up for what could be the nationest largest strikes in years. this is a video from when mental heath workers went on strike back in july. some bay area employees plan to protest at the commonwealth club this afternoon, where kaiser's sponsored forum is being held. facebook says that it stop reviewing audio messages. the temp company says it had humans review messages to improve products. yesterday that report came out that facebook selected the audio data from some users' voice chats, sending it to a third-party contractor to tro i. we've been talking all
6:59 am
morning how hot it will be, take cause if you work outdoor especially. >> stay hydrated. we talk about temperatures up to 106 degrees today. it's a spare the air day, and most people don't realize how dangerous heat can be for anyone that's outside for any period of time. so, yeah, take it easy. we'll cool off this weekend. san francisco reaching into the low 90s. back in the 60s by saturday. looking good on the weekend. we want to follow up on the crash on highway 87. >> we'll soo you overall speeds are looking great. really shows the build. north 87, thank goodness they moved this crash at kurtner, that's a good timing, we see the volume building, and tully could ease the closure. we talked about that crash following that up, so that will remain closed for the investigation for the time being. thanks, mike. that does it for us for "today in the bay" this morning. right now you can go to
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facebook. i'll have a live after the show to get you caught up on what you may have ed, as well as behind the scenes. we'll be back at 7:25 with a live local update. try to keep school. good morning asleep on the job. good morning asleep on the job. the guards watching jeffrey epstein placed on leave. reports they were asleep for hours the night he took his life the prison warden reassigned a team of federal investigators set to arrive today. path of destruction. storms causing trucks to flip over dylan is tracking a new severe weather threat for millions today. on defense an nbc news exclusive on those immigration raids in mississippi. >> i think this was a textbook operation.


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