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tv   Late Night With Seth Meyers  NBC  August 31, 2019 12:37am-1:37am PDT

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♪ [ cheers and applause ♪ >> announcer: from 30 rockefeller plaza in new york, it's "late night with seth meyers. tonight -- star of "where'd you go, bernadette," actor billy crudup, creator of the "black lady sketch show," writer and comedian robin thede plus a very special guest. featuring the 8g band with julian dorio ♪ [ cheers and applause ladies and gentlemen, seth meyers. [ cheers and applause ♪ >> seth: good evening. i'm seth meyers. this is "late night. how's everybody doing tonight? [ cheers and applause that is wonderful to hear. in that case, let's get to the news president trump's social media director dan scavino tweeted yesterday about trump's visit to dayton, ohio, and said trump
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was, quote, "treated like a rock star." specifically jackson maine when he pissed himself at the grammys. [ laughter ] a local television station released video today showing president trump bragging about the crowd size at his rallies while talking to medical staff treating victims of the el paso shooting said one doctor, "that's very interesting, have i shown you our psych ward?" [ laughter ] [ cheers and applause former vice president joe biden said during a speech today that, quote, "half of winning is showing up." the other half is obama. [ laughter ] [ cheers and applause after sparking outrage by claiming on his show that the rise of white supremacy is a hoax, fox news host tucker carlson announced last night that he will be taking a vacation and man, is he going to be upset when he finds out who's sitting
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in for him [ laughter ] presidential hopeful andrew yang has qualified for the next two democratic primary debates while john delaney has qualified to -- save 15% on his car insurance? [ laughter and applause lego announced today that it will offer a new building set based on the sitcom "friends." they have lego versions of rachel, monica, phoebe, joey, chandler, and ross [ laughter ] [ cheers and applause officials in barcelona passed a law this week allowing women to swim topless in city pools said women in barcelona, "we asked for equal pay. [ laughter ] [ cheers and applause that's right barcelona passed a law allowing said men in barcelona,
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"niiithe." [ laughter and applause it's maybe my favorite joke of the year [ laughter ] according to a new study, people switching from normal-sized houses to tiny houses reduce their energy consumption by nearly half. said people living in tiny houses, "nice, ow! [ laughter and applause today was national cbd day, but i got to say, i couldn't really tell [ laughter ] [ cheers and applause according to a new study, feces from giant clams is necessary to feed coral reefs and i think i speak for everyone when i say, coral reefs, you nasty. [ laughter ]
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we had every option not to do it [ laughter ] can't be mad -- i can't be mad at them. [ laughter ] and finally, two zebras escaped a ranch in texas this week and eluded officials for two and a half hours they were finally found hiding inside a foot locker [ laughter and applause ladies and gentlemen, we have a great show for you tonight you can see him in the new film "after the wedding" in theaters friday as well as "where'd you go, bernadette," which is out next weekend billy crudup is here, everybody. [ cheers and applause plus, she is a very talented writer and comedian who produces and stars in hbo's "a black lady sketch show. robin thede is back. [ cheers and applause and we have a very, very special guest tonight. can't say who it is just yet, but man, am i excited for this before we get to all of our guests and surprises, the president is already back to
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lashing out at his critics and taking his cues from the nra for more on this it's time for "a closer look." ♪ [ cheers and applause >> seth: we are now once again going through the absurd post-tragedy ritual of watching the media speculate over whether donald trump is capable of changing his tone. the media seems desperate to believe trump has a bunch of different tones and moves and strategies, but he doesn't he's not a swiss army knife, he's just a sharp stick. [ laughter ] but yesterday he insisted to reporters that he had already changed his tone, and he began by stating the obvious >> what do you say to your critics that believe it's your rhetoric that is emboldening white nationalists and inspiring anger? >> so my critics are political people they are trying to make points >> seth: yes i agree. they are trying to make points that's not a defense that's just a literal description of what's happening. [ light laughter ] "so my critics are human beings
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who are forming sentencewith their mouths [ laughter ] -- and out of those mouths are coming words that are in english. [ laughter ] sounds like an alien trying to explain the rules of basketball. "they are tall beings who use the orange orb to make points. [ laughter ] trump can't go a day -- he can't even go a few hours without fighting with someone, because that's his favorite thing to do. it might be the only thing he likes doing. if he weren't president, he would be a guy around the city waiting for someone to accidentally bump into him that's why he always walks around with his chest puffed out like that. [ laughter ] "hey ass[ bleep ], did you bump into me? you want to go let's go right now." [ light laughter ] for example, just hours after he lied and said he changed his tone, trump found time to respond to a speech by joe biden. >> "watching sleepy joe biden making a speech, so boring the lamestream media will die in the ratings and clicks with this guy. it will be over for them, not to mention the fact that our country will do poorly with him. it will be one big crash, but at least china will be happy.
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>> seth: think about how much of a narcissist you have to be to tweet about how much better you are for tv ratings on a day when you are supposed to be consoling victims of a tragedy it's like if you crashed a car while drunk driving and your first thought was, "oh, my god, i'm going to be on 'cops'! [ laughter ] yesterday, biden was asked if he wanted to respond to any of trump's attacks on him and he had a very curt response >> do you want to respond to the president responding to you? >> he should get a life. [ laughter ] [ cheers and applause >> seth: that's -- that's the problem. that is the problem right there. fighting with people online is his life that's all he wants to do. if he were president in 1996 instead of 2019, biden would have gotten an aol instant message from someone named thedonald69 that said, "you suck loser, sad, see you at school tomorrow." [ laughter and applause in fact, trump seemed to spend all day lashing out at people
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even if they didn't actually criticize him. for example, he picked a totally bizarre fight with the mayor of dayton, nan whaley, and ohio senator sherrod brown. according to cnn, after trump's trip, brown said trump was received well by the patients, was comforting, and did the right things whaley said victims were grateful to see trump and that he was treated well by the victims for sure neither of the two democrats alleged that trump was badly received at the hospital now, you might think, "how could he possibly find a way to get mad about that?" well, if you're thinking that, congratulations. you don't have donald trump's brain disease, because - [ light laughter ] despite saying only nice things about his reception at the hospital, brown and whaley were both subjected to nasty tweets from trump >> the president weighed in, saying, quote, "just left dayton, ohio, where i met with the victims and families, law enforcement, medical staff and first responders it was a warm and wonderful visit. tremendous enthusiasm and even love then i saw failed presidential candidate 0% sherrod brown and mayor whaley totally misrepresenting what took place inside of the hospital." >> "their news conference after i left for el paso was a fraud it bore no resemblance to what
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took place with those incredible people that i was so lucky to meet and spend time with they were all amazing. >> seth: first of all, in case you missed it, he accidentally wrote "amazing-o." [ light laughter ] which i guess is a knock off version of spaghetti-os. [ laughter ] "dad, we want spaghetti-os for dinner." "here, have some amazing-os. they're just as good i bought them at shop wrong. [ laughter ] second, and i'm asking this sincerely, what the [ bleep are you talking about? how did you manage to take what they said about you and get mad about it what chemical are you missing from your brain that makes you like this? is it the same chemical responsible for telling you which direction to walk in so you don't amble around in circles on the white house lawn - [ laughter ] -- like an old man who wandered away from the group home i mean, look at him, just shuffling around like he's looking for a golf ball. "you guys seen a titleist with a dollar sign on it? they're gonna have to put a sign around his neck that says, "if found, return to 1600 pennsylvania avenue." [ laughter ] [ cheers and applause then, then after trump's
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unhinged tweet barrage, we got to watch the mayor of dayton find out in real time that trump had tweeted about her, read the tweet, and try to figure out what the hell he was talking about. >> "just left dayton, ohio." it's -- he added two tweets. >> "totally misrepresenting. >> what does the tweet say >> i don't -- i mean, like, i'm really confused. we said he was treated, like, very well. so - >> i would love to hear what was -- >> i don't know what he's talking about misrepresenting. so - oh, well you know he lives in his world of twitter. >> seth: you know, it's such a relief to see a politician have a normal human reaction to trump's tweets usually, you either get republicans making excuses or democrats justifiably, angrily denouncing him but, it's rare to see someone in real time just be, like, "what [ laughter ] i -- i -- what i guess somebody put something in his amazing-os.
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[ laughter ] but, in that press conference, whaley and brown did offer some justified criticism of trump that had nothing to do with the hospital visits. brown, for example, said trump would never act on gun violence, because he and senate majority leader, mitch mcconnell are, of course, beholden to the nra. >> republicans for years now have dug in and done the bidding of the nra. the national rifle association, the gun lobby gives millions of dollars to republican candidates and spends millions and millions against democrats like me that get an f from the nra, that have stood up to the nra. we can't get anything done in the senate, because mitch mcconnell and the president of the united states are in bed with the gun lobby. >> seth: that's true, but the only quibble i have is with the metaphor i don't think trump ever goes to bed. i think he spends all night wandering around the white house lawn looking for reporters to yell at. "where are you, jake tapper? come out!" [ light laughter ] but it's true, of course, trump takes his marching orders on gun policy from the nra. in fact, yesterday during a q&a with reporters on the white house lawn, amid a national
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crisis over gun violence and white supremacy, trump said that there was no political will for a ban on assault weapons and offered some vague, half-hearted comments about background checks where even he seemed unclear on what exactly he was proposing. >> i have had plenty of talks over the last two days, and i think something is going to be - come up with -- we are going to come up with something that's going to be really, very good. beyond anything that's been done so far i think we can bring up background checks like we've never had before i think both republican and democrat are getting close to a bill on -- to doing something on background checks. [ light laughter ] >> seth: they're doing something on background checks this is a national emergency and he talks about it with all the specificity of a dad who has no idea where his kids are. [ laughter ] "i don't know, i think they're upstairs doing something on the computer i also think i heard a bobcat. [ laughter ] but trump reportedly got a call from nra ceo wayne lapierre warning him to back off. >> what we are told by the reporting of the "washington post" is that there was a tuesday phone call from wayne lapierre with the
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president and the message from the national rifle association would be that the trump supporters in that powerful organization would not support the president if he were to move forward with background checks the message from the nra to the president was, "careful about doing that." that goes against what the president has been saying publicly >> seth: of course it does, because you can't trust anything this president says publicly first of all, he barely said anything to begin with i mean, listen to how vague he was. >> i think something is going to be come up with -- we're going to come up with something that's going to be really very good beyond anything that's been done so far >> seth: i mean, he is a master of using a bunch of words to say absolutely nothing [ light laughter ] he always sounds like the guy in a movie whose job it is to distract the security guard while his partner steals a painting from the louvre [ laughter ] "they are going to come up with something. something that's gonna be so good, very good beyond anything - that's right
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[ laughter ] roll it up." [ light laughter ] trump and the nra are closely linked for many reasons, one of which is something they both have in common they are grifters and scam artists. take, for example, trump's visit to el paso yesterday this isn't the fir time he's been there in fact, he held a rally there in february and his campaign has racked up more than half a million dollars in expenses owed to the city of el paso expenses they still haven't paid >> donald trump is going to el paso while he still owes the city of el paso over half a million dollars from his last visit to el paso the president has an outstanding bill of $569,204.63 for police and public safety services associated with a february campaign rally in el paso. >> seth: man, going back to el paso when you owe the city half a million dollars is a bold move they're going to have to put the boot on air force one. [ laughter and applause
12:52 am
in fact, the bill -- "let's get out of here oh, no [ bleep ]! [ laughter ] in fact, the bill has actually gotten bigger the longer it goes unpaid trump owed an initial fee of about $470,000, but the city tacked on a 21% one-time late fee in june. and of course donald trump has incurred a late fee. [ light laughter ] that's so him. i'm surprised his oval office desk isn't covered in unreturned blockbuster dvds [ laughter ] "you guys seen 'tango and cash'? [ light laughter ] it's really good lot of chemistry between the two leads. [ laughter ] i'm a tango guy. [ laughter ] teri - [ laughter ] got a young teri hatcher in it." [ laughter ]
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[ laughter ] and by the way, by the way [ cheers and applause and by the way, at the same time -- at the same time, trump is ignoring a half million dollar debt to el paso, he also scheduled to headline fundraisers in the hamptons with tickets run as high as $250,000. but this is something trump has in common with the nra they're also huge grifters, as we learned from a recent string of financial scandals that have nearly crippled the nra. in fact, just yesterday the "washington post" reported that lapierre sought to have the nonprofit organization buy him a luxury mansion selecting a french country style estate in a gated dallas area golf club. a 10,000 square foot estate with lakefront and golf course views on the market for about $6 million a $6 million mansion in texas. meanwhile in new york, bedroom condo and your landlord is an actual rat [ laughter and applause this explains so much --
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so much of our politics right now. donald trump and his fellow grifters on the right sell their base racism and paranoia and all the while, they and their wealthy patrons are cashing in we've seen corruption and racism from presidents before but what trump is doing now is - >> beyond anything that's been done so far. [ laughter ] >> seth: this has been "a closer look." ♪ [ cheers and applause we'll be right back with the stars of "tango and cash." [ cheers and applause ♪ ♪ >> announcer: for more of seth's "closer looks," be sure to subscribe to "late night" on youtube. -and...that's your basic three-point turn. -[ scoffs ] if you say so. ♪ -i'm sorry? -what teach here isn't telling you is that snapshot rewards safe drivers with discounts on car insurance. -what? ♪ -or maybe he didn't know. ♪ [ chuckles ] i'm done with this class.
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♪ [ cheers and applause >> seth: our first guest tonight is a world-renowned journalist and legendary news man tonight he's going to perform comedy for us. he also hosts "the ron burgundy podcast" on iheartradio. please welcome to the show ron burgundy, everyone [ cheers and applause ♪ ♪ >> wow wow. wow. well, thank you. thank you very much. thank you. well, that's so nice that's lovely. always, always great to be back
12:59 am
here in new york city with my hipster buddy, j.j. hipster. [ laughter ] isn't it great to be back in new york >> i live here, [ bleep ]. [ laughter ] >> okay. that's right, j.j. you live in brooklyn now, don't you? that's where all the hipsters live [ light laughter ] >> would you give me a [ bleep ] break? [ laughter ] are we really doing this >> ha ha ha ha yes, we are. we are doing this. this is our act, j.j so, j.j., let me ask you this. what part of brooklyn do you live in? is it greenpoint no, no, wait, wait williamsburg >> neither i live in a neighborhood called pagimm >> pagimm? >> yeah. pagimm
1:00 am
>> i have never heard of that neighborhood how do you spell it? >> p-a-g-i-m-m >> oh, i see it's an anacronym. [ laughter ] >> yes, it is. >> and what does it stand for? >> it stands for put a gun in my mouth. [ laughter ] because that's what i want to do whenever i work with you >> j.j. hipster, everyone. [ applause ] you are full of it tonight oh, you're getting some applause, j.j. so j.j. and i, we went to the empire state building today. >> shut up no, we didn't. you're such a hack [ laughter ] >> j.j., you better be quiet or i'll put you back in your box.
1:01 am
[ laughter ] >> oh, please do put me in that box duct tape it, shut and drop me in the river because this -- this right now, what we are doing in front of these people is a nightmare >> whoa. someone hasn't had their edibles. [ laughter ] >> shut up listen to yourself no one thinks this is funny. >> no, no. hold on here some people are laughing >> yes because they are nervous for you. [ laughter ] they're nervous because you're not funny and you have no talent you have never had talent for anything not one thing. [ audience awws
1:02 am
>> you listen to me, j.j., okay? you listen to me you will not address me in this way. are we clear you will treat me like a human being. this is a comedy act, okay?! it's a two-way street. and you have to contribute all right? do you hear me [ laughter and applause for once you've got to write some material or pick up a tag you can't just stand there and look at me and say that's not funny. living in new -- brooklyn and just lording it over me. [ laughter ] i'm so sick of it, j.j., and i'm so sick of you i'm sick of it i'm sick of it, j.j. sick of it sick of it [ audience ohs ] [ laughter and applause j.j. [ laughter ]
1:03 am
j.j. say something, j.j no, you made me do this, j.j damn it, wake up, j.j. wake up. i know you're faking i know you're faking you piece of [ bleep ] get up [ laughter ] no no >> seth: do you want to -- do you want to come over to the desk >> yeah. that's my time [ cheers and applause >> seth: that was -- >> seth, you saw what happened he drove me to that point. >> seth: yeah. >> he was relentless >> seth: yeah.
1:04 am
>> you know, he never gives me a break. >> seth: yeah. is this an act you've been working out in the clubs >> yeah. i've been doing stand-up lately. i really enjoy it. >> seth: yeah, you can tell. it comes across. >> we had a good run [ light laughter ] i wish -- we don't really need to talk about this, okay >> seth: yeah, yeah, yeah. no, we'll -- i think we'll edit out, you know, the - >> yeah. >> seth: parts of it [ laughter ] >> but, yeah, i've been -- [ laughter ] >> seth: are there -- you know, uh --e are there hipster - are there hipster things you like >> he was my friend. >> seth: yeah. >> but he just -- we come from different generations. [ light laughter ] you know >> seth: yeah. >> i love hipster culture, i do. >> seth: yeah. >> i like juuls. >> seth: okay, yeah. >> yes and, um -- skinny jeans >> seth: oh, yeah, sure. that's -- that's a good
1:05 am
reference to that. >> the new vampire weekend album just came out. [ light laughter ] >> seth: yeah. >> fishbone. >> seth: oh, yeah. okay i do want to -- before you go i do want to make sure we plug your podcast >> yes, please >> seth: "the ron burgundy podcast. >> right >> seth: do you listen to podcasts, ron? >> i enjoy them. i love "60 minutes" and um -- uh, "the voice." >> seth: okay. [ laughter ] i think those are -- >> "the bachelor." >> seth: sure, yeah. >> all podcasts, yes [ laughter ] no, they're great. >> seth: yeah. >> they're great we're having a great time. we've had some amazing guests. >> seth: who are some of the guests you've had? >> oh, my gosh one of my favorite interviews is former president gerald ford >> seth: oh, wow [ light laughter ] >> the ghost >> seth: the ghost >> yes >> seth: that's a good get >> what's compelling about interviewing a ghost is you can't see him. >> seth: yep >> you'll just feel a cold breath on the back of your neck. [ laughter ]
1:06 am
and that's when you assume they're there. >> seth: yeah. >> then it will be gone. then like a door will open and shut real quick and you won't know - president ford, was that you we had the ghost of gerald ford, a werewolf, and cheryl tiegs >> seth: well, that is - if that was season one i can't wait for season two. so hey, ron, what a pleasure to have you here. >> thank you, seth >> seth: thank you so much i think, you know, there's probably parts of that you wish had gone differently but i thought it was perfect >> well, i really appreciate it. i think -- yeah, 80% of that was some of the best material i've ever done. [ laughter ] >> seth: well, take that away. let that be your takeaway for the night. >> i'm not going to be bummed out. >> seth: okay, great ron burgundy, everybody! [ cheers and applause second season of "the ron burgundy podcast" available on the iheartradio app or wherever you listen to podcasts. we'll be right back with more "late night. [ cheers and applause ♪ ♪ erful signal, reaching farther than ever before.
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♪ [ cheers and applause >> seth: welcome back, everybody. give it up for the 8g band right over here. [ cheers and applause all this week we've had the drummer for the excellent english rock group band of skulls, who will begin a u.s. tour next month in support of their wonderful new album "love is all you love. you can keep up with the tour and more on his instagram page julian dorio, everybody. [ cheers and applause thank you so much for a great week it was awesome having you. >> thank you >> seth: our next guest is a tony-winning actor you know from such films as "almost famous," "watchmen" and "spotlight. he stars in "after the wedding" which is in theaters friday as well as "where'd you go, bernadette" which opens august 16th. let's take a look. >> i was curious about the medicine that they wouldn't fill for you at the pharmacy. >> oh, i know. this doctor wrote me a prescription it turned out to be haldol i had no idea. >> is that for sleep >> sleep what's that?
1:12 am
>> honey that's no good and how'd you get that prescription are you seeing a psychiatrist? >> no. >> do you want to see a psychiatrist >> god, no >> seth: please welcome to the show, billy crudup, everybody. [ cheers and applause ♪ ♪ >> seth: welcome to the show >> thanks, man i'm happy to be here >> seth: this must be happy as well you have two films coming out in two weeks. that's very exciting >> i'm so happy about that there's not many weeks that i have two films coming out. >> seth: back to back. >> mostly never. [ light laughter ] >> seth: are there any similarities to the role were there things that drew you to each? >> the first one is "where'd you go, bernadette." that's directed by richard linklater and stars cate blanchett, as you saw, and kristen wiig, as well. that's based on a novel.
1:13 am
the second one is called "after the wedding. directed by a good friend of mine, bart freundlich and starring julianne moore and michelle williams. and they both involve -- "after the wedding" is a drama. it's a real tearjerker it's based on a danish film. and they go deep with the emotions there and "where'd you go, bernadette" is more of a romantic comedy so, very different, tonally. so you guys can take your pick >> seth: yeah. [ laughter ] >> whatever you need over the next week or so, i got you covered. >> seth: or like, "after the wedding" first and then cleanse the old palate with "bernadette. >> that's a great idea [ laughter ] >> seth: why not don't let them just pick one re, billy. i think you can get both out of them >> let seth curate your weekend. [ light laughter ] they both involve parenting and children there's always a moment for a child when they realize that their parent isn't just their parent, that they are actually a person as well, too. so i think both of these, that's a general theme. and it occurred to me as well that there was a moment that i
1:14 am
remember my father he was -- it's hard to describe my father. he was a very colorful guy >> seth: we've got a picture of you. that's you, right? >> that's me, yep. i was very serious that's my dad there in the ray-bans that's coach hannah right there. that's sixth grade soccer in dallas, texas. i'm sure you guys remember, we won the championship that year [ laughter ] >> seth: yeah. think most people do >> that was the green giants thank you. [ laughter ] but i remember one saturday inweere going to a soccer game. my dad said, "disky, we've got to leave a little bit early. he called me disky disco was my nickname because i liked to dance >> seth: okay. >> clearly this was the '70s 1979 it had shortened to disky. we had to leave a little bit early. got a pit stop we're going to make on the way. so we're both dressed in those outfits. and we were in dallas. we go to the little beltway and find an off-ramp there
1:15 am
he says, "so we' got a couple of cases of alaskan king crab legs that we're going to offload. and i was like, "huh how'd that happen? and he's like, "they fell off a truck and we're going to find a home for them. [ light laughter ] he pulls -- he says, "you wait in old green." that's whahe called his cadillac, old green. you wait in old green. puts in an 8-track of lou rawls. so you know -- ♪ you'll never find comes on then he goes to the back, pops open the trunk and he's got two cases of stone crabs and a sign. and the first car to pull up is a state trooper. [ light laughter ] at which point he says, "disky, we're going to be leaving in a second let me talk to this fine officer. and he comes back a little bit gruff shortly there afterwards having unloaded the two cases apparently for no money at all but we got out of there, got to soccer practice and ari ned that my dad wasn't just a soccer coach. [ laughter ] >> seth: yeah, he was also an under the table alaskan king
1:16 am
crab salesman. >> sure. he was a seafood dealer. >> seth: he was a seafood dealer >> and i had no idea >> seth: you've also done a ton of stuff on stage. >> i have. >> seth: you did a show where you basically -- a one-man show where you played multiple characters >> it was a solo performance that's correct, seth >> seth: different accents as well >> i did do some different accents. i'm not sure where they all came from but with a solo performance -- it was written by david cale and directed by leigh silverman. we did it downtown at the minetta lane theater but it originated at the vineyard theater, which was also the first place that i ever did a play in new york city. where i appeared completely nude for $212 a week. >> seth: wow [ cheers ] you were giving it away cheap. [ cheers and applause >> acting seemed like such a great profession until, like, two weeks in and i realized what i was doing. >> seth: yeah. [ light laughter ] >> awfully cold theater. in any case, the solo performance was about a guy who
1:17 am
lives in midwestern united states and adopts a british accent because it feels more close to home for him and he gets alienated by his dad. he sort of leads a life of solitude until his parents die and he can move to new york and become the person that he wants to be and live with this british accent in any cast, i start the -- it's an hour and 20 minutes where it's just me and a glass of water and a chair. so, it's already terrifying for me >> seth: right >> i'm not saying that like that's a good thing. it was scary for me to be out there. and so you're never entirely sure how the audience is going to respond but people loved the play. so by the end of the run i had an expectation they would like it and clearly there was some dude who was dragged there by his wife as soon as i said my first line, i could see them in the second row. i said i could always do an immaculate english accent. he just looks up at me and goes,
1:18 am
"oh, [ bleep ] this. [ laughter ] i'm like, "i can see you i'm an adult man what the [ bleep ] are you doing? in any case, i had to deliver the monologue anyway for the next hour and 15 minutes and then at the end, because i'm competitive, as you can tell from that photo, and i couldn't get this guy off my mind i pointed to him at the curtain call and sarcastically said, "thank you very much." at which point, he looked up at me like, "oh, my god, i can't believe this guy can see me. [ laughter ] so, fair warning if you come to the theater, we can see you. and we know what you're doing. [ laughter ] >> seth: a very helpful public service announcement thank you so much for being here billy crudup, everybody. [ cheers and applause we'll be right back with robin thede. thanks, buddy. >> thank you, man. [ cheers and applause ♪ ♪ messes with sprays.
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1:24 am
hbo. let's take a look. >> you love me, right? >> yeah, i got love for you, babe >> okay, then just say "i do." >> all right i -- dah dah da-dah-- [ beat boxing >> bam, we good. >> bam, we ain't >> chris, it's not hard to say >> i mean, it goes without saying >> it very much does not >> all right hold on. [ clears throat y'all hot? is it hot? no just me? whoo >> chris, quit playing and just say it, god dammit >> it, god dammit. heh-heh. >> seth: please welcome back to the show, robin thede, everybody. [ cheers and applause ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ [ cheers and applause >> seth: how are you
1:25 am
>> so good >> seth: back in new york from l.a. does it feel nice to be back in the city >> you know, it would if i hadn't left all my hair in l.a >> seth: oh, no. >> flew in this morning and had to buy her now she's here [ laughter ] >> seth: oh, wow >> thank you, york city. >> seth: there's nothing we don't have >> honestly. thank god. >> seth: there's a lot of cities you could have flown into where that would have been a crisis. >> oh, my god. i would have braided a paper bag into my hair [ laughter ] can you believe that was me in that clip? did you guys know which one i was? >> seth: yeah, that was fantastic. >> i was the guy [ laughter ] i had to grow a beard for this show [ laughter ] >> seth: i do want to ask about -- you know, you have -- there are so many characters in the show i think there is, over six episodes, a hundred plus characters >> yeah. >> seth: tell me how you -- a little bit about some of them. >> yeah. sohis is chris >> seth: okay. >> this is chris you saw him in the clip. so you know how you have an ex-boyfriend and he's a jerk and then you guys break up and then you get an hbo show and then you have a character and you name him after him and then you also impersonate him? yeah, that's him [ laughter ] >> seth: that's it, okay that's good to know. [ cheers and applause
1:26 am
who's this here? >> oh, my god. this is dr. hadasa olayinka ali youngman, pre-ph.d >> seth: wow >> she's a hertep, which is a woman who spouts lots of conspiracy theories. >> seth: ah. >> and most of them about white people [ laughter ] and yeah, she's fun. >> seth: this is really cool when you come up with a character you actually -- you will do a drawing of it. >> yeah, so my head writer, lauren ashley smith got this framed for me. so i drew her here and then the hair, makeup and wardrobe team which is just fantastic, created her. these little notes say, like, "faux locks, blonde!" all caps green eyes i don't know why my eyes are green. i didn't need to put that. [ laughter ] an africa belt buckle, which i didn't get but i did get this amazing necklace that our wardrobe designer gave us. so they're amazing >> seth: do you think you put green eyes just so it made it very clear that you were going to play her? because i know - >> yes, i had to, because our cast is so good.
1:27 am
gabrielle dennis, ashley nicole black, quinta brunson they are fantastic we would have -- [ cheers ] yes, thank you for them but the applause for me was better i just want to - [ laughter ] >> seth: we all know this. >> so we would have rehearsals right before our table reads, right? and we would -- because, like you said, we're playing a hundred characters between the four of us -- sometimes we would swap roles and just see who would be better. i was like, "yeah sure, you guys can read a couple of my roles and they stole every one out from under me. they are that good >> seth: that is good. >> they're fantastic >> seth: it's very nice that you, as the show creator, you appreciate that spreading the wealth is a sum positive >> i do and it was too late to fire them. so - [ laughter ] >> seth: you've got a couple more though that you've got. >> yeah, oh, this is tina. oh, speaking of hair, honey, look at her. >> seth: yeah. >> all the way down. so she's a member of the bad bitch support group. >> seth: yeah. [ laughter ] >> yep [ cheers and applause thank you. that group is headed by none other than miss angela bassett [ cheers ] >> seth: and how was -- such a
1:28 am
powerful actor, angela bassett >> oh, i thought you meant me. >> seth: what is it like -- oh, both - [ laughter ] both of you. >> she's good. [ laughter ] >> seth: yeah. what is it like to have her on set? was she a good sport was it a blast >> oh, my god. she's amazing. first of all, she is just such a regal queen. she looks amazing. you've met her you know but she's amazing. she came on set and i forgot all my lines so i'm acting across from her and she's acting and i'm like -- they're like, "cut, please, can you act? i'm like, "i'll try. >> seth: also actors historically -- comedians i think, think, "oh i'll just get it on the day. like, actors show up prepared. >> prepared. she knew all her lines i had four and forgot them all >> seth: and who are you here? >> oh, yeah. this is claude, of claude and the boppers, you may have heard of them. >> seth: sure. >> they're a motown group that sung a song called "ice cream shop" and i decided i wanted to change the lyrics to make them about sex. >> seth: oh, no. >> so i start humping the ground, humping people you know, classic. >> seth: all that and more you can see on this fantastic show which is getting such wonderful
1:29 am
reviews. congratulations. >> thank you >> seth: it's so exciting to have a show like this on tv. and it's so exciting to have you back give it up for robin thede, everybody. [ cheers and applause "a black lady sketch show" airs fridays on hbo we'll be right back. [ cheers and applause ♪ ♪ this is something big. this is something bigger. [ "movin on up" by primal scream ] that is big. not as big as that. sure that's big. that's bigger. big. bigger. big. bigger. big. but that's bigger. wow, big. so much bigger.
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[ cheers and applause seth: my thanks to ron burgundy, billy crudup, robin thede, julian dorio. 8g band. stay tuned for "carson daly. we'll see you tomorrow [ cheers and applause ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> carson: good evening


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