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tv   Today  NBC  September 7, 2019 5:00am-7:00am PDT

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good morning. dorian's last gasp. the hurricane nearly gone for good, but this morning it's still bringing high winds and heavy rain to new england. devastation in its wake, north carolina's outer banks swamped. residents forced to flee to higherun to survive for rescue. while in the bahamas, hundreds of neighborhoods gone. >> our home is gone. everything is gone. >> we have the latest. stop vaping now. the urgent warning reporting five deaths and 450 suspected issues ofious lung injuries. the warning signs and what you need to know. desperate plea.
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felicity huffman asking the judge for probation rather than jail time after admitting she paid to have her daughter's s.a.t. scores raised. her husband and her desperate housewives star leaping to her defense. prosecutors unmoved asking for jail time. what will a judge decide? all that plus moon disaster. india loses contact with its unmanned lunar rover as it tried to make a first ever touch down at the moon's south pole. the raiders are not suspending troubled wide receiver antonio brown. he releases a video online with what appears to be a private conversation with his head coach. >> let me ask you this, do you want to be a raider or not? chasing history. serena williams hoping to win the u.s. open tennis tournament this afternoon tying an all time record. it will be a royal affair. meghan markle will be cheering her on from the stands today,
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saturday, september 7th, 2019. from nbc news, "today" with sheinelle jones, peter axander and dylan dreyer live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. welcome to "today." thank you for joining us on this saturday morning. what a weekend here in new york for some good -- >> my goodness. we're off to a busy start. serena will turn 38 years soon. this will be her -- she hasn't won a major since giving birth. there's a lot of pressure. i'm sending her positive vibes this morning. >> looking for her 24th grand slam victory. we'll be cheering her on later today. >> let's get to our top story this morning. hurricane dorian almost gone but not done just yet. >> this morning the storm is moving up the east coast into new england after causing catastrophic flooding in the outer banks of north carolina and leaving destruction and death behind in the bahamas. we have this covered from all
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angles this morning beginning with the recovery efforts in north carolina's outer banks. katie beck is there in naggs head. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, peter. as you said, the heavy winds and rain have gone and what's left behind, the damage and cleanup. it took dorian ten days to get here, but just a couple hours to do all of this. the road to recovery just beginning for coastal north carolina. hurricane dorian making a devastating last landfall stop on the way out to sea. the storm now heading north making waves along the m mid-atlantic on its way to coastal new england. >> the hurricane has left behind destruction. >> reporter: an event memorable even to outer banks loek calls like kasey mcfear son who ride out hurricanes every year. >> the back end of it was pretty powerful. the wind was pretty impressive. >> reporter: powerful storm leaving thousands without power this morning.
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many already starting to clean up the mess left behind. ocracoke island swallowed by flash flooding. dorian's storm surge caused water to rise seven feet in two hours. washing away cars. hundreds stranded in need of rescue. the coast guard bringing medical help and supplies. the punishing winds in naggs head strong enough to blow the roof off of this beach front building. metal and debris landing in the adjacent parking lot. >> that's a pretty big piece of something to be flying around in the air. >> reporter: and south of the outer banks, recovery in progress after a reported 20 tornadoes torr through homes turning communities inside out. power crews with their work cut out trying to restore what they can. the wind and rain of dorian has moved out but the impact of this storm still being felt.
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officials here on the outer banks still are not allowing re-entry into this area. they say it is simply too dangerous for folks to return. peter and sheinelle. >> catie beck, thank you. dorian became a tropical storm two weeks ago today. while the hurricane is almost gone, we're still feeling the effects. >> we are feeling it across nantucket and cape cod and it is going to northeast maine. winds are at 85 miles per hour and we are still seein some of that heavier rain move into bar harbor. you can also see that the tail end of the heaviest rain is moving through central cape cod and will eventually clear out of martha's vineyard. eventually after that it will clear out of nantucket. it is still a category 1 storm. it is going to move up towards nova scotia as we go throughout the day today. because of that, we do still have tropical storm warnings and up through nova scotia we have hurricane warnings still in
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effect. it should weaken into a tropical low but nova scotia will be next feeling the effects. we could see minor beach erosion. nantucket produced wind gusts up to around 51 miles an hour. we should stay in the 20 to 40-mile-an-hour wind gusts going forward. winds will ease as we go into this afternoon. as for additional rainfall, maybe another inch or so across nantucket. up across down east maine we could have 1/2 inch especially the farther east you go. we'll see the impacts further south you go. chenel. >> we'll get to the rest of the national forecast in a minute. meanwhile, in the bahama the death toll continues to rise with the fate of thousands of people still unknown. parts of that island chain flattened. residents there desperate for help. morgan chesky is in nassau with
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the very latest. good morning. >> peter, good morning. officials really starting to acknowledge the sheer challenge that lays ahead of them. many islands still cut off and with the death toll already at 40, they fear that number may only go up as they desperately try to reach those from those who still need help. >> reporter: this morning, heart break in the northern bahamas. forced to start over amid dorian's destruction. >> everything' gone. >> reporter: as many as thousands still unaccounted for. home after home destroyed and desperation running high. >> i just -- i'm just dumfounded. >> reporter: in the town of marsh harbor, dozens gather near the airport, hoping, waiting and praying for a chance to leave the island, a place they used to call home. >> helicopters and planes have been going nonstop now. you're here.
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what are you hoping for? >> we hope to get out of here and make it back to nassau and get in contact with all of our loved ones. >> reporter: for those who can't leave, hoping to get help. >> nothing? skbl nothing. our home's gone. everything gone. no clothes to wear. no food to eat. >> reporter: here in the bahamas the buildings have to be built to withstand a category 4 hurricane. a quick look around in any neighborhood shows you the difference with a category 5 and what it can do. so far the coast guard's rescued more than 200 people and as relief efforts start to begin in earnest, the prime minister is pleading for patients but the boats will be coming in. now a frantic effort to ferry survivors. >> all women and children. >> even a local telecom company shipping in supplies and evacuating the stranded.
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>> we need help. >> reporter: some displaying remarkable optimism. >> we are the bahamas. we going to make it. >> reporter: it is encouraging to see that optimism in the face of such challenge ahead for the bohemian people. tents are being set up here so that those people brought in from abaco island have a place to go. stand in the shade and start that long process. >> thanks. meanwhile, the battle over whether president trump was right when he claimed dorian would likely hit alabama has turned into a battle with government agencies. now noaa is jumping into the middle of it all releasing a statement saying the president was, indeed, correct. a top national weather service official is calling that move, quote, utterly disgusting. mike carron is at the white
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house. >> reporter: dorian left a track of destruction. he said friday brought another ominous sign of a slowing economy. the agency in charge of weather forecasts, noaa, now wrapped up in president trump's latest controversies over whether alabama was in hurricane dorian's path. on sunday the national weather service in birmingham tweeted that alabama will not see any impacts from dorian in direct response to mr. trump's tweet about the storm's path but late friday noaa backed the tweet and scolded its own agency over a sunday tweet saying they spoke in absolute terms that were inconsistent from the forecasts at the time. >> overnight the union president fired back. let me assure you the hard working employees of the nws had nothing to do with the utterly disgusting a disingenuous tweets sent out by noaa.
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there were more signs of a slowing economy. with the 130,000 jobs added in august falling short of estimates while the unemployment rate stays steady at 3.7%. t they lashed out at federal reserve chair jerome powell. where did i find this guy jerome? oh, well, you can't win them all. he has a prescheduled speech in europe. >> our main expectation is not at all a recession. >> reporter: as for the trade war with china, the president's int man says it's all under control. >> we have no immediate urgency if that's what you're asking. there's no anti-recession policy making because we don't see a recessi recession. >> reporter: and, sheinelle,
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there is another late breaking probe. the house oversight comttee wants to know why the u.s. military is using a private financially troubled airport near the golf resort and why the resort is offering discounting it. revenue increased by 3 million last year. >> we want to bring in white house bureau chief for the washington post phillip rucker. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. >> let's talk about the economy. unemployment numbers remain unchanged at 3.7%. the job numbers cooled. the hiring cooled in the last month of august there, an indication that the president's trade war may be having a negative impact on the economy these days. how concerned is the president and the white house? >> well, peter, there have been growing anxiety over the last few weeks inside the white house and with the president himself
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about a possible economic downturn in the months ahead, and that's because of the president's re-election just 14 months from now in november of 2020. his calling card to win a second term is the economy and if there's any dip in the economy that spells political trouble. >> phil, let me ask you about the president defending this tweet here. you heard me talking about it with mike. obviously his claim that alabama would likely be hit. why not say i was wrong, frankly? >> as you both well know, this is not a president who will admit defeat and apologize simply. he doesn't want to back down. he sees that as a sign of weakness. he is digging in. this is now almost a full week of talking about the alabama threat and defending what he did and of course we saw that sharpie line on the map and this is characteristic of president trump. he's somebody who will not
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apologize. >> meanwhile, the memes about the sharpie gate continue to ricochet. let me talk 2020 politics. this weekend you have 19 democrats in new hampshire. this coming week you're going to see the stage a lot smaller, ten of them on one stage including joe biden and elizabeth warren center stage. she's had a great summer, he remains the leader. what do you see? >> i'll be looking back at how they contrast. we have not seen them face to face on the stage. this debate in new hampshire and next wk marks a new phase in the democratic primary if that field has narrowed and the intensity grows on the front-runner, joe biden. >> phil rucker helping us out, nice to see you. >> thank you, you too. now for an important topic this morning, federal health officials have a important message for millions of people. stop vaping. on friday they reported that vaping has been linked to five deaths and 450 cases of serious
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breathing i willnesses. many involve cannabis products. the cause of the illnesses is still unknown. dr. john torres will join us in the next half hour with what you need to kn. now to the deadly dive boat fire off the coast of california that killed 34 people. this morning an investigator was questioning whether the employee fell asleep on the dock. as hundreds gathered to remember all those who were lost. gaddi was falling. >> his driving families are looking for answer. where was the night watch man on the vessel and were they following proper regulation? ♪ amazing grace >> reporter: overnight grief along the waterfront as hundreds gathered where conception once docked. >> remember our brothers and sisters that perished in the
5:16 am
sea. >> reporter: this morning the 75 foot boat that burst into flames before sinking is still upside down at the bottom of the sea. so far divers have recovered all but one of the 34 victims who perished at z. >> the indicate horse show that the victims probably died before being burned. >> reporter: was the night watchman awake and when did the fire start? >> there was a watch for that vessel. >> did that roving watchman fall asleep? >> i'm not at liberty to discuss that. >> reporter: mean white, the owners of the concession launched a preconception lawsuit. the owners say they're cooperating with investigators. >> i want to get to the bottom of what it was just like everybody else does. >> reporter: for grieving families, there is pain.
5:17 am
>> beautiful, special. >> they did everything right. i don't understand. >> reporter: for others, outrage. >> it just seems unreasonable that something like this can happen and nobody could get out. >> reporter: the victims from across the country and all over the world, including families together for a holiday weekend and scuba diving snmpt stand by me ♪ >> reporter: their memories honored while so many unanswered questions remain. this morning divers will be back into the water to assist with the recovery effort as authorities prior to bring it back a crane and tow it in. . it could take more than a year. >> terrible lass for so many families. thanks. let's go back to dylan for another quick check of the weather. good morning. >> good morning, guys. we are waiting as dorian continues to depart new england.
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we have severe storms possible across the midwest and heat is going to be a big story down south where it will feel like 100 and we've got a cool start this morning in san francisco. live look right now. we're expecting a cooler weekend ahead. into the inland areas, down to the south bay, temperatures will start out into the 60s and only expect to hid the low to mid 80s, areas like concord can expect to hit about 80 degrees. and we're going to keep that cooling trend through today and through sunday as cooler temperatures remain with windy conditions tonight. >> and that's your latest forecast. >> dylan, thank you. as officials sound the alarm on vaping, more potential risks. some of the week's wildest moments caught on camera including the angry bull that
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leave the structure, call 911, keep people away, and call pg&e
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right after so we can both respond out and keep the public safe. we are back on this saturday morning with a look back at the week that was. >> the divisive gun news and a major retailer making surprising headlines. retail giant walmart stepped into the middle of the gun debate announcing new guidelines for sales at its stores. the move coming just weeks after the massacres at a walmart in el paso, texas. >> walmart will discontinue sales of ammunition for assault-style weapons and handguns and discontinue handgun sales in alaska, the only state where it still sells handguns. >> walmart discouraging customers from openly carrying guns in its stores while calling
5:22 am
for stricter gun laws. the nra quickly responded saying walmart is becoming too anti-gun elite and victimizing law abiding citizens. one american soldier and ten civilians dead after a taliban attack in afghanistan. dozens more wounded in a series of attacks as the u.s. prepares to announce a proposed agreement. if the taliban will enter peace talks with the afghan government. actor and comedian kevin hart recovering after a horrific car accident in los angeles. the driver, a friend of hart's lost control of the plymouth barracuda. hart was able to walk away from the scene but later underwent back surgery. breaking her silence. >> in newspapers my name was unconscious, intoxicated woman. i had to force myself to relearn my real name, my identity. >> chenel miller, known as emily
5:23 am
dough, revealing her identity for the first time. turner was convicted of three felonies but only spent three months behind bars. >> three months is not enough. emergency, emergency, emergency. >> a nightmare in australia when a student pilot had to take control of a small plane when his instructor went unconscious. >> the instructor was taken to the hospital in stable condition. praying for relief. pope francis stuck in an elevator for nearly a half an hour as he went to pray. when finally appearing, he asked for forgiveness. some of the week's wildest moments caught on camera. chaos at a bull fight in spain when an angry bull jumped into
5:24 am
the stands. 20 people were injured in the panic. pedestrians in south china were struck by a fallen barricade trapping them until some good samaritans stepped in to help. and american skier jenny simons took a scary head over heels tumble. incredibly she was okay. finally, it was truly the long. what kind of paper is that. >> the girls hanging on. >> the paper towel role. >> still to come today, actress felicity huffman asking a judge for mercy as she faces the
5:25 am
possibility of jail time in the college admissions scandal. jenny la vat tow with an unedited photo. serena williams will have a royal fan in the
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good morning, everyone. 5:26 this saturday morning. take a look outside downtown san francisco. good morning, thanks for joining us. vianey arana is here with a look at your microclimate forecast. >> we're going to get another round of great weather because the temperatures will be a lot more comfortable in through saturday and even sunday as well. right now in san francisco, 58 degrees, a little breezy at about 13 miles per hour in through san jose, current temperatures right now, 61 degrees and the wind speeds are calm. we will expect to see some winds
5:27 am
kicking up later this evening as well. especially if you're going to be hanging out anywhere around the coastline. about 1:00, 2:00, we'll get a mix of sun and clouds. the temperatures will remain fairly cool up until 12:00. concord only topping out in the low 80s. we're going to be a lot cooler today. we've got a cool air mass just off to the north. that's going to keep our temperatures a lot more comfortable through today and it's going to be a great day to go out and get a lot of physical activity. >> thank you so much. we begin with a night in san francisco, metallica ushering in a new era performing at the chase center. a good test run on the traffic flow as thousands packed the new arena. metallica and 72 members of san francisco symphony played on a low rotating stage so there
5:28 am
wasn't a bad seat in the house. 20 years after their first collaboration, it is still an exhilarating performance. >> you better be on your game. there's a dare element of that that's sort of really appealing to me and all members of metallica. and we love when the safety net is pulled away. police were out in force making sure things went smoothly outside chase center. people said it was crowded but efficient. for the second time in a week thieves robbed an apple store on the peninsula. police say three member with their faces covered, stormed the store, stole 40 items before hopping into a get away car. investigators say they're trying to work with apple and other starts to better secure the merchandise, trying to make it harder for thieves to grab and
5:29 am
go. >> apple puts out products that are popular and it makes sense that if criminals are going to target products, they want things they know will be attractive and popular when they go and try to sell them. >> the suspects descriptions in that case are similar to the ones in san mateo. expect delays and cancellations at sfo. the construction project that will cause a backup at the airport, that plus all of your top stories. that will come up at 7:00. right now, we will head back to "today".
5:30 am
we are back on this saturday morning, september 7th, 2019. hurricane dorian taking one final swipe at the u.s. this morning. >> tropical storm warnings are in effect from massachusetts to maine until tonight. >> and dorian is where we begin this morning with the check of the headlines. the storm stranded hundreds of people in north carolina's outer banks. there are widespread reports of power out tables and flooding and the damage catastrophic. food and water being air lifted to abacook island. they're watching the wind today. wildfires crept within feet of homes.
5:31 am
a homeowner describing a wall of flames burning across his yard as, quote, like being in a 1,000 degree oven. mandatory evacuations have been lifted this morning but officials callings they could be reinstated at any time. >> an intentional moon landing could have been lost. they don't know yet if it crashed. this is the third attempt at a moon landing this year. china was successful. israel's robot suffered the same. ladies and fellas, it's going to affect your fantasy team. a new twist with antonio brown. last night the troubled nfl star released a video much of it is a conversation between brown and a person who sure sounds like his head coach, jon gruden. >> let me ask you this, do you want to be a raider or not? >> i've been trying to be a
5:32 am
raider from day one. i've been [ bleep ] my [ bleep ] off harder than anyone. >> i don't know if it's a question of me being a raider. >> brown released the video hours after the raiders announced he will be allowed to play on monday. earlier this week brown was angry at being fined by the team had a confrontation in practice with the raiders general manager. >> meantime, actress felicity huffman, who shot to fame on desperate housewives, is making a desperate plea. she asked the judge for probation. prosecutors say that's not enough. sam brock, good morning and welcome. >> sheinelle. good morning. thank you very much. there is no disagreement over the facts here. felicity huffman acknowledges cheating on behalf of her daughter paying for higher test scores but huffman is asking for leniency on jail time,
5:33 am
nonethele nonetheless, something prosecutors don't want to budge on. >> felicity huffman is facing jail time behind bars. prosecutors are saying she spend a month in jail and pay a $20,000 fine calling her conduct, quote, deliberate and manifestly criminal. prosecutors say neither probation nor home confinement in a large home in the hollywood hills with an infinity pool would constitute meaningful punishment. >> hey, guys. whatcha doing? >> the former desperate housewives mainstay now desperate to avoid jail expressing her regret for paying $15,000 to have a proctor prop up her daughter's s.a.t. score by as much as 400 points telling a judge, in my desperation to be a good mother i talked myself into believing that all i was doing was giving my daughter a fair shot. i see the irony in that
5:34 am
statement now because what i have done is the opposite of fair. >> everything's going to be okay. >> reporter: desperate housewives co-star, eva longoria, one of 20 plus people going to bat for huffman writing a letter of support saying, quote, her humor always made things better but it was her heart and intentions to make sure i was okay that meant the most. her husband said everything good thing in my life is because of felicity huffman. now a judge must weigh strong sentiment of regret against a confession of fraud. >> with her set to be sentenced on friday, just under half have come to plea agreements. lori laugh lynn rejected such a plea deal and is digging in for what could be a long, legal fight ahead. >> folks will be watching this one. sam brock, thank you. dylan is back here with
5:35 am
another check of our forecast. >> another big story is the heat down south. we have 10 million people with some heat advisory or heat warning and this will last through sunday. it's mostly down along the gulf coast where not only is it who the hot but it's humid. high temperature in shreveport 1, 02 t. will feel like 105. panama city, 101. jacksonville, florida, will feel like 100 degrees. tomorrow more record highs possible all along the gulf coast. mobile, alabama will feel like 110 degrees. same in tallahassee where the feels like is 107. as we go into early next week, we will see warm temperatures. 89 on wednesday. new york it takes until wednesday before we hit the 80s. 58 degrees right now in san francisco and get ready for a
5:36 am
cooler afternoon throughout the bay area. we're going to see the winds kicking up this evening as well. expect gusty conditions at times. san jose topping out at 75 degrees. 71 degrees for oakland, 80 degrees for concord. and along the coastline expect to see some cooler temperatures for half moon bay. >> and that's your latest forecast. >> up next, the urgent government warning that people everywhere stop vaping. dr. john torres on what you need to know. and later superstar adel about to release new music? about to release new music? so josh, you going for our drive safe and save discount? ♪ yup, using the app. driving safe. heh. you wanna go? wanna go bro? hey, uh, do not mess with my discount. woooo! you could save up to 30%. let's go!
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it's your skin's living protective layer. a barrier. so, we do have to protect it. now dove discovered its moisturizing formula cleanses without stripping skin's microbiome. dove body wash. microbiome gentle. softer, smoother skin. if your mouth is made to amaze, let philips sonicare give its care a raise. get healthier gums in 2 weeks guaranteed. give it philips sonicare. next level clean, next level care. there's always a way to make life better. philips sonicare this morning on your health. as we've been reporting today, an urgent new warning for anyone who vapes. >> officials with the centers for disease control, cases of people with lung injuries are
5:40 am
going up dramatically along with the death toll. they're saying anyone who vapes should stop. dr. john torres is here with what you need to know. good morning to you. >> good morning. >> i'm looking at the pictures behind us with devices. i know several people who say it's safer. they're not getting the things from cigarettes or what have you. what is the deal? >> one of the things that's been taughted over the years by experts, it's safer than cigarettes but it's not as safe. >>right. >> i'm not sure we can say that anymore. yesterday the cdc had a big teleconference. i was on the phone with them, the fda, experts and us as well, they've said these numbers of cases have shot up dramatically across the country. 450 cases in 33 states. the states are all across the country. at first they thought there was a geographical center and bad devices. >> right. >> again, it's all across the country. they can't pinpoint exactly what's going on. it's not a specific device, it's not a specific liquid, it's not a specific ingredient.
5:41 am
there's a lot of things causing this and they simply don't know. their advice is don't vape. basic advice. >> for clarity, in terms of a commonality, they haven't been able to pin point exactly what connects all of these cases? >> they haven't been able to pinpoint all of the cases and in some states and some of their cases they've been able to pinpoint vitamin e as one of the culprits behind this. vitamin e has been used as oil in the cartridges if they have thc, nicotine because they need that oil in order to vapor rise. it turns into a smoke much like your skillet when you burn the oil in your skillet. it turns into an oil and coats the lungs. that causes the immune response. >> almost fat deposits on your lungs? >> exactly. that causes the immune response and starts causing the illness behind that. >> walk us through if you can the symptoms that folks should be looking for right now. the broad message is stop vaping. a lot of people will ignore this right now. what should they be keeping an
5:42 am
eye on or their loved ones look for? >> what the cdc said on the teleconference says don't buy any that are third party, off the street and consider not vaping at all. that's their big message behind everything. the symptoms are basically i just got something bad into my lungs. coughing, shortness of breath, chest pain. the strange symptoms that are unique are the nausea, vomiting, abdominal pain. they're sending out the message. it's important. get to your doctor quickly if you notice this. if you can stop vaping, please stop vaping because that's one of the things causing these problems. they simply don't know. they can't pinpoint the one thing that's causing this. the fda is wrestling with regulatory issues. cigarett cigarettes, it took us decades. >> it seemed like it happened so quickly, such a short amount of time. >> the popularity blew up in the last couple of years. >> it did, it blew up since i think 2007 is when they first came out. 2000 fine is when the fda started wrestling with how can
5:43 am
we regulate it? it's not a medical device, food. it's hard to figure out who can regulate this. the fda will regulate it. they're wrestling with how they can do that. >> oil deposits on the lungs, thank you. >> you bet. and the number of kids doing it. nice to see you. just ahead right here, why some people are still in prison for life even though the laws that sent them there no longer exist. right after this. if you live with diabetes, why fingerstick when you can scan? with the freestyle libre 14 day system just scan the sensor with your reader, iphone or android and manage your diabetes. with the freestyle libre 14 day system, a continuous glucose monitor, you can check your glucose levels any time, without fingersticks. ask your doctor to write a prescription for the freestyle libre 14 day system. you can do it without fingersticks. learn more at you can do it without fingersticks.
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we are back now on a saturday morning and all this week nbc news is taking an in depth look at the criminal justice system. part of the series we are calling "justice for all." the first step act is a major revision in prison reform. some feel left behind. we have a streaming service nbc news now and they have more. >> let's call him. >> let's take a look. >> i have to come to grips that on paper i'm never getting out of prison. >> terry malone is an inmate at the jessup federal institute.
5:47 am
he committed drug related non-violent crimes and in 1999 was sentenced to life without parole under the three strikes law. terry's been incarcerated for more than two decades. >> have you seen folks walk out of there who have committed violent crimes? >> many a time. there is no justification for that reality. i'm just hoping that politicians will understand that. >> reporter: some politicians say these policies are problematic. even former president clinton admits his crime bill led to prison sentences that are too harsh. >> i signed a bill that made the problem worse. >> reporter: congress recently changed the law that put perry behind bars for life. president trump signed the first step act. >> we are a nation that believes in redemption. >> reporter: but it doesn't help people like perry because it only applies going forward, not
5:48 am
retroactively. >> we roughly estimate 40% of the life without parole population for drugs are three strikes. >> reporter: brittney barnet is fighting for that inmate. >> did you get calls from your clients after the first step act was passed. >> yes. so many calls. my team is taking calls to break the news to people that this law that would have freed them is not retroactive. >> reporter: kiara mason is perry's daughter. she drove seven hours to visit her dad in georgia. >> how are you feeling? >> i'm excited. i'm ready for this. >> that's kiara's car. she hasn't seen her dad in about seven years. >> we met up later to talk about her visit. >> reporter: what's been the effect of his absence on you and your family? >> him being absent from all of the milestones that i've actually reached in my life,
5:49 am
it's been really tough. >> what did your dad say about the law. >> he's been saying there will be a law passing soon and be it's going to help me come home immediately. >> did he think it was going to affect him? >> he definitely did. he definitely had his hopes up. i think we all had his hopes up. >> some are getting out. more than 3,000 people have been released since the first step act was signed but thousands more remain in prison unless the law changes again. senator dick durbin helped pass the first step act. >> to make this bill bipartisan we had to draw it in narrow terms. if it were too expansive we would have lost people on the right f. it were too restrictive we would have lost people on the left. the fact that anything was passed and signed i think is nothing short of a political miracle. >> does it not strike you as kind of wrong that there are people serving life in prison under laws that we have said are wrong? >> that's why we call it the first step act. it invites the next step. >> reporter: so when i give perry malone a call, what can i
5:50 am
tell him? >> i'd like to write to him. i want to see if there's a loophole or gap to be closed. >> perry did write. he is hopeful. >> i am hoping still that soon our leaders will make the right decision and do what is right, give us another chance. we deserve a second chance. >> for "today," dasha burns, jesup, georgia. >> you can see more in depth reporting in our justice for all series across all nbc platforms including a special town hall inside singsing. >> so many powerful pieces they've done over the course of the week. this will be the first ever televised town hall from inside a maximum security prison. you can watch that sunday night at 10, 9 central on msnbc. coming up, serena williams chasing an all-time record in the u.s. open finals. >> we'll be watching. we'll be right back.
5:51 am
5:52 am
5:53 am
still to come on "today," saving andy the dachshund. how surgeons used a 3-d printer to help the little guy walk again. you won't want to miss this. plus we'll take a look at the best shows this fall from comedy, drama, to fun for your entire family. >> after these messages. wayfair's got your perfect mattress. whether you're looking for a top-brand at a great price. ready to upgrade. moving in. moving on up. or making big moves. deliveries ship free and come with a 100-night free trial. no matter your budget. or your sleep style. we have quality options for everyone. so search and shop. save and snooze. and rest easy, knowing that we've got your back. literally. that's what you get, when you've got wayfair. so shop now.
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good morning, everyone. 5:56 is the time. we're going to take you out this morning to walnut creek. the sun is not up yet. but it sounds like we're in for a beautiful day when it does. thank you so much for joining us. vianey arana is here with your microclimate forecast. i was just watching the "today" show. and they were talking about 100s across the country, but not here. >> if you thought yesterday was beautiful, wait until you see today. 53 degrees in mill valley, 60
5:57 am
degrees in fremont. we have the fog rolling into san francisco. take a look at your daytime highs. down to the south, we were talking about mid 70s, morgan hill, 77, one thing that's going to be a big change from yesterday, yesterday was a little bit breezy. tonight we're going to get gusty conditions through the coastline and in through sonoma. we're talking 20, 30-mile-per-hour winds. it's going to keep us nice and cool. >> that's fantastic. i can't wait to enjoy the day. we begin with a night in san francisco. metallica ushering in a new era, playing at a packed crowd at chase center. it was a good test run of the traffic flow. metallica and 72 members of the san francisco symphony filled
5:58 am
the arena playing on a low, rotating seat, so there was not a bad seat in the house. after 20 years since their first collaboration, it's still an exhilarating performance. >> you better be on your game. there's a dare element of that that's sort of really appealing to me and to all members of metallica and we just love when the safety net is pulled away. >> police and muni workers were making things went smoothly. lots of people said they took muni to the event. the latest apple store left happened in san mateo. three men stormed the store and stole 40 items. investigators say they're trying to work with apple and other stores to better secure the merchandise. trying to make it harder for
5:59 am
thieves to just grab and go. >> apple puts out products that are popular and it makes sense that if criminals are going to target products, they want things they know will be attractive and popular when they go to try and sell them. >> an apple store in another city was hit last week. that robbery was caught on camera. the suspects on that case are similar to those in san mateo. >> coming up, this morning on today in the bay, expect delays and cancellations at sfo. the construction project that will cause a bit of a backup. right now, back to the "today" show.
6:00 am
good morning. dorian's last gasp. the hurricane nearly gone for good, but this morning it's still bringing high winds and heavy rain to new england. devastation in its . north carolina's outer banks swamped. residents forced to flee to higher ground to survive. hundreds in need of rescue while in the bahamas, entire neighborhoods leveled. >> our home's gone. everything gone. >> we're live with the latest. stop vaping now. the urgent warning from federal health officials now reporting at least five deaths and 450 suspected cases of serious lung injuries. this morning the warning signs and what you need to know.
6:01 am
and chasing history. serena williams looking for her seventh u.s. open title this afternoon which would tie a record for major wins. and it's going to be a royal affair. the duchess of sussex, meghan markle, will be cheering her on from the stands today, saturday, september 7th, 2019. ♪ ♪ i'm tiwana and it's my birthday. >> it's our anniversary. >> all the way from louisiana. >> from new york city. >> here from buffalo celebrating avery's 11th birthday. >> i'm melissa from california. >> we're glad to be here in new york for my birthday. whew! good morning to you.
6:02 am
welcome back to "today" on a saturday morning. you guys can't see this, but we watch it sometimes. when we show that little open and people get to say hi to their family members and friends. we watch them watching themselves. >> it's the best. >> and then they clap for themselves. >> as they should. deservedly so. we clap for them and thank them for being here. americans are clapping for serena williams. she's playing a canadian who is nearly half her age. this is going to be awesome to watch. >> she turns 38 in a couple of days. >> 19-year-old is looking for her 24th grand slam victory. we have a lot to get to. we want to begin with today's news that is hurricane dorian almost gone but sadly not gone yet. >> this morning the storm is moving up the east coast into new england after causing catastrophic flooding in the outer banks of north carolina and leaving destruction and death behind in the bahamas. we're covering the storm from all angles beginning with the recovery efforts in north carolina's outer banks. nbc's katie beck is in naggs
6:03 am
head. good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning, sheinelle. the sun is finally out. they're sighing relief after all of that wind and rain has moved out but likely folks will return to the outer banks to assess the dabble and the cleanup. the road to recovery just beginning for coastal north carolina. hurricane dorian making a devastating last landfall stop on the way out to sea. this storm now heading north making waves along the mid-atlantic on its way to coastal new england. >> the hurricane has left behind destruction. >> an event memorable even to outer banks loek calls like kasey mcfear son who ride out hurricanes every year. >> the back end was pretty powerful. the wind and stuff was pretty impressive. >> reporter: the powerful storm leaving thousands without power this morning. many already starting to clean up the mess left behind. ocracoke island swallowed friday by flash flooding.
6:04 am
dorian's storm surge forcing waters to rise seven feet in just two hours washing away cars. hundreds stranded in need of rescue. the coast guard bringing medical help and supplies. the punishing winds in naggs head enough to blow the roof off. metal soaring landing in the adjacent complex parking lot. >> it's bad. that's a pretty big piece of something to be flying around in the air. >> reporter: and south of the outer banks, recovery in progress after a reported 20 tornadoes tore through homes turning communities inside out. power crews with their work cut out trying to restore what they can. the wind and rain of dorian has moved out but the impact of the storm still being felt. authorities still haven't lifted the curfew for the outer banks. we expect that could happen sometime later today. they're just making sure that the situation here isn't too
6:05 am
dangerous for folks to return. guys? >> makes sense. katie beck, thank you. dorian has been a named storm for more than two weeks now. it is still going, fortunately not as strong as before. dylan is here with the forecast of where the storm is headed next. good morning. >> good morning again. we've been talking about the storm for so long. it is finally starting to exit, especially the northeast. nantucket, you're just about done with the rain. it's still moving northeast at 25 miles per hour. winds still up to 85 miles per hour but the worst is over for the united states. now it is going to continue to weaken as it approaches nova scotia, but we do still have tropical storm warnings and hurricane warnings in effect because of the hurricane force winds. it's a category 1 storm that will become extra tropical as it crosses over nova scotia. that happens tomorrow night. it is moving forward very, very quickly. we will still see the impact especially along the coast. you will see the rough surf. that will create minor beach
6:06 am
erosion. the rip currents will be rough for the next several days. we've hit a peak wind gust of 51 miles per hour on nantucket. across new england and down east main we could see wind gusts for 20 to 30 miles an hour. the rain again is ending on nantucket. we'll see it on the outer cape and then through down east maine we could see one to three inches of rain but by this afternoon we will already see some significant improvements. peter. >> dylan, thanks very much. the death toll continues to rise in the bahamas where the full scope of devastation is still coming into focus. rescue and recovery is coming into play with aid flowing in. morgan chesky is in nassau with the latest. morgan, good morning. >> reporter: sheinelle, good morning. the devastation from dorian is just now really getting into focus. there are still many islands that are inaccessible, cut off as a result of the devastation that are still being checked out
6:07 am
right now so crews can hopefully recover any survivors and bring them back here to receive much needed medical care. search and rescue efforts ongoing all day long here at the nassau airport. that's where hundreds of people have come off of ab aco island. i had a chance to visit marsh island to find dozens upon dozens of people waiting at the airport trying to find any way off that island that they can because they simply can't call it home. right now more than 40 people have been said to have been killed as a result of hurricane dorian but officials stressing that that number is likely to go up significantly. i think that is a key word to prepare everyone for what we're hearing in the days ahead as a result of dorian. meanwhile in neighboring grand bahama, we know 50,000 people are dealing with unprecedented flooding. royal caribbean turned several of their cruise ships towards freeport bahamas where they
6:08 am
handed out 30,000 meals to people in desperate need of help. we do anticipate a full update later today but right now in the bahamas the recovery effort just getting started. thank you. a warning for millions of people, stop vaping now. federal health officials issuing this recommendation after a fifth person died of lung disee linked to vaping. 450 illnesses related to various ecigarettes have now been involving cannabis problems. the cause of illnesses is still unknown. facebook is under investigation for antitrust investigations. eight states are looking into facebook's advertising crisis, what's app and instagram. dozens of states are set to launch an antitrust investigation of google. scrutiny has captured the attention of both republicans and democrats. ready for a weekend boost. >> give us a boost. >> i feel like this weekend we
6:09 am
deserve a boost. >> how about a couple of newlyweds. >> hi. >> they had an uninvited guest at a recent wedding and the bride ended up feeding the hungry wedding crasher. they snuck away to take pictures in an idyllic setting but a very friendly deer spotted the bridal bouquet and started to take a nibble. they may have been disappointed. they were happy to feed the deer and remarkably later they found only a single white rose uneaten. morgan and luke said it was the final rose on the bachelor. >> that's something they can cherish forever. >> amazing photos. >> do they just come up to you? >> bambi. the rest of their lives. all right. still to come, fans of singer demi lovato loving her recent candor on instagram. plus, serena williams just a what a time to be alive. the world is customized to you.
6:10 am
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6:12 am
the most common side effect is nausea. quit smoking slow turkey. talk to your doctor about chantix. ♪ ♪ >> history could be made at the u.s. open. serena williams is in position to win a grand slam title. she is in the finals against a 19-year-old canadian. >> there already royal eyes watching her. nbc's ron motte is outside arthur ashe stadium. ron, good morning. >> reporter: hey, guys. good morning. we have a nice little breeze out
6:13 am
here this morning. you can feel the excitement in the air because of what's on the line later today for serena williams. a win, she goes into the record books with a stunning 24th grand slam title. first, she's got to get past a surging young opponent. serena williams back on the grand stage at the u.s. open and yet another date with history. the 37-year-old legend eyeing a record 24th grand slam championship a win putting her alongside margaret court for the most wins ever. she's playing 19-year-old canadian bianca andrescu. >> this is the biggest stadium for tennis, period, in the whole planet. it's such an honor for me and my opponent to be out here and play in front of these crowds. they come to watch us and, like, it's amazing. >> reporter: williams has been chasing the elusive record since
6:14 am
beating her sister at the 2017 australian open coming up three times short afterwards. >> how can you say that? >> i have never cheated in my life. >> including last year's u.s. open in my life. >> andrescu. >> against serena. >> williams was sure to make a statement with her ensemble. always uniquely serena, though no hints about the look she's planning to rock. >> i can't give away my fashion secrets.
6:15 am
>> reporter: all right. she's not giving out secrets. her win today is the u.s. open singles title. that will break that ty with the last win back in 2014. no one can fault her if she takes on a new nickname, the queen of queens. >> i wonder what she's doing? do you listen to a hype music. listen to massage? >> think about that. >> a mile away. it means someone must be celebrating. >> dylan. >> can you talk to the gods.
6:16 am
>> let's see what's going on. >> on nantucket. >> that will taper off and the winds will ease later on this and we have a little bit of marine layer trying to build in over san francisco. get ready to enjoy a cool and comfortable afternoon, but also windy. the south bay will climb into the mid to upper 70s, san jose 75, up through the east bay, we're talking about low 70s for oakland, 80s for concord. and expect to see these gusty winds pick up.
6:17 am
>> turning 50. >> that's amazing. >> guys. >> still to come. >> superstar adel. aetna takes a total approach to your health and wellness with medicare advantage plans designed for the whole you - body, mind and spirit. that means aetna is helping you get ready to be the best grandmother the world has ever known. we simplify medicare by connecting
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6:19 am
we're back ready for a little bit. . we're back ready for a little bit of pop start. >> i did my research all night long and i bring you your pop start. demi lovato is getting praise for posting an unedited swimsuit pick this is my big guest fear me in
6:20 am
a bikini she's tired of being ashamed of her body the 27-year-old said she wants this new chapter in her life about being authentic to who she is and she's proud to own a body that's fought through so much. in the same post, she revealed she's back in the studio working on an anthem >> nice. >> imagine if all celebrities did that what a difference that would make in communities. >> everybody was watching those pictures, oh, we're all normal moving on to adele lots of rumblings about new music from the artist. while she stayed quiet on the matter "people" announced she's ready to release new songs sooner than later. she talked about last year was difficult and creating new music is almost like therapy you can tell she's ready to share with her fan the 31-year-old announced her
6:21 am
long time separation from her partner in the spring. if we learned anything about adele is she pours her heart into her work. we'll have to wait and see remember when she slowly released her album the last time, the little black screen with the number on it and everybody got really excited so good. >> finally kelly clarkson in 2002 "american idol" sang her way into our hearts and homes. 25 million albums sold three grammys. two kids and another hit reality show she's adding talk show host to her resume we paid a visit to the set and turned the tables on clarkson. >> i'll dora paid fire dream guest. >> meryl streep. >> steve carell. >> kelly clarkson. >> what's the craziyest things your kids did. >> my daughter punched my son in the face and went to my husband
6:22 am
what >> did you ever think this girl you couldn't remember her name would amount to anything >> by the way kelly revealed her first guest was supposed to be kevin hart that couldn't happen as the comedian of seriously hurt in a car accident last sunday so what does she do? call in a favor from hart's best friend, dwayne "the rock" johnson. >> looking forward to it >> kelly clarkson. >> still to come on "today" how a 3-d printer is helping save a dog's life >> how to turn your summer dress into a fall fashion statement. but first these messages fight for 7 am makeouts. every year, walgreens helps millions of people
6:23 am
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6:26 am
good morning, everyone. 6:26 is the time. if you're just waking up, there's a peek outside of san jose, this morning, the sun just starting to come up. the clouds hanging on this morning. but it sounds like it's going to be a gorgeous day. vianey arana is here with your microclimate forecast. a little cooler. >> gorgeous. because even though we've got some cloud cover, that cloud cover is going to help keep us cool. we're going to get a good mix of sun and clouds. the clouds have lingered a little bit longer into the afternoon and linger for the coastline. current temperatures right now, comfortable at 61 degrees.
6:27 am
the most noticeable change will be the winds, they're going to start kicking up this afternoon right around 4:00 or 5:00, we'll notice the wind speeds getting gusty, especially around the coastline and into some of the higher elevation areas. san jose about 71 degrees by 1:00, and look at how comfortable we're going to be, down through the south bay, we're talking mid 70s, low 80s in through the east bay. it's going to be a great day to go out. how long is this going to last? >> your to-do list is get outside, get outside and get outside. thank you very much. we begin with a night in san francisco, metallica ushering in a new era playing before a packed crowd at the chase center. it was a good test run on the traffic flow. metallica filled the arena with some amazing music, playing on a low, rotating stage so there's
6:28 am
not a bad seat in the house. the drummer says 20 years after their first collaboration, it's still an exhilarating performance. >> you better be on your game. it's -- there's a dare element of that, that's sort of really appealing to me and to all members of metallica and we love when the safety net is pulled away. >> police were out in force making sure things went smoothly outside the chase center. lots of people tell us they took muni to the event saying it was crowded but efficient. for the second time in a week, thieves robbed an apple store on the peninsula. the latest theft happened thursday night in san mateo. police say three men with their faces covered, stormed the store and stole 40 items before hopping into a gate away car. investigators say they're trying to work with apple and other stores to better secure the
6:29 am
merchandise, trying to make it harder for thieves to grab and go. >> apple puts out product that is are popular and it makes sense that if criminals are going to target products, they want things they know will be popular when they go to try to sell them. >> another apple happened last week. coming up this morning on today in the bay, escape delays at sfo. that and all of your top stories coming up at 7:00 this morning. right now, let's get back to "today."
6:30 am
we are back on this saturday morning, september 7th, 2019. one more time. good crowd out here today. >> having fun. >> still to come in this half hour of "today," we'll get you caught up on the must-see tv shows for the fall season plus we'll revisit a couple of old gembas. >> plus from fall, how to go from summer to fall without buying a whole new wardrobe. joy bower is here with tips to make your weekly meal prep easier. >> fall chill out here. >> i know. i have the denim jacket on.
6:31 am
first a look at an innovative medical procedure for man's best friend. surgeons are taking a creative approach to a spine operation using a 3d printer to give a dachshund a second chance at life just when his owner needs him most. the story from nbc's john torres. >> reporter: andy the dachshund has always been full of energy. his owner, lorraine young, says he has two speeds, fast and faster. >> high energy guy. >> reporter: very play full? >> very. >> reporter: andy was a constant companion to lorraine's late husband robert. how did they get along? >> very well. they were best buddies. >>. >> reporter: but one day andy's get up and go just disappeared. >> he got up and he couldn't get out of the bed and he was dragging his legs behind him. he was paralyzed. >> reporter: andy was suffering from a life threatening spine
6:32 am
condition. she learned the bad news. he needed emergency spine surgery. >> the longer you wait, the great jest risk that you're going to have permanent paralysis. >> reporter: it's a very risky surgery. andy's bones, blood vessels and nerves fit in a tiny space the size of a finger. if his surgeons were a fraction off, it could spell disaster but andy had fortune on his side. the dog's surgeons had recently teemed up with the human doctors at thomas jefferson university in a revolutionary program. andy was their first patient. together they created the 3-d printed model of andy's spine. it was the roadmap his surgeons needed to save his life. >> it not only helped me know where it began but it helped me know the direction of where all the material and the damage was. so by having the 3-d rendering i knew exactly where to go in the surgery. >> the operation was a success and soon andy was wagging his
6:33 am
tail again. >> there he is. >> reporter: he now goes to physical therapy twice a week and lorraine says he is already back to his energetic self. >> as lorraine deals with the loss of her beloved husband, andy's body is healing just in time for him to help heal her heart. >> reporter: do you take care of andy? does andy take care of you? >> that's a good question. i think we keep each other in line. >> reporter: for "today," dr. john torres, nbc news, new jersey. >> how awesome is that. >> i love that. >> absolutely. look at that little dog. your turn. final check of the weather. >> it is a little chilly but it's going to warm up nicely across the northeast, especially down south where it's not feeling like fall at all. temperatures will be on the very warm side today with a feels like about 105 to 110 degrees. we also have heavier rain throughout north dakota. some storms could be isolatedly
6:34 am
severe. we're keeping an eye on down east maine where now you're getting the winds and rain from what's left of this category 1 hurricane dorian. that will improve as we go into the afternoon. conditions for nova scotia will rapidly go downhill as the hurricane moves over the area. tomorrow, storms in the west and southwest. it's also pretty wet across pacific northwest. the heat will continue with more 58 degrees in san francisco and it's getting foggy out there, cool afternoon. we're going to keep the cloud cover that you see right now on san jose through the midafternoon, and expect a cooler saturday compared to what you saw yesterday by a couple of degrees. hitting the 60s by 11:00 a.m. and temperatures are expected to be in the low 80s inland. word of the day, isolatedly.
6:35 am
>> in'tid know it was a word. >> it came out of my mouth. it's not a real word. >> isolatedly. >> thank you, dylan. coming up next, the best fall tv shows to watch together as a family plus a great fix on your kids on the bed. >> i tried to put isolatedly in a sentence and i can't do it. >> it's not meant to be there. (paul) wireless network claims are so confusing. america's most reliable network. the nation's largest and most reliable network. the best network is even better? best, fastest, best. enough. sprint's doing things differently. they're offering a new 100% total satisfaction guarantee. i mean i think sprint's network and savings are great, but don't just take my word for it. try it out and decide for yourself. switch to sprint and get both an unlimited plan and one of the newest phones included for just $35 a month. for people with hearing loss, visit dog food, veggie tray, barbie toy dog food veggie tray barbie toy dog food! veggie tray!
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to unwrap, and unwind... with lindor. a milk chocolate shell with a smooth, melting center. crafted by the lindt master chocolatiers whenever. wherever. lindor, only from lindt. it's my turn. start with the "today" show -- >> i'm comfortable. >> fall is fast approaching and with it comes an exciting new season of television shows, but with network tv, cable and
6:38 am
streaming all releasing their own original content, it can certainly be hard to know what's really worth your time. >> i can lay back and get comfortable. to help us narrow down our tv guide, pop goes the tv guide. brian is here with the topics. while he's looking ahead he's going to fall back and spotlight shows that you may have missed this summer. it's hard to keep pace with all of these shows. >> so many between streaming and regular broadcast networks. somebody went to the trouble, what's this, in real life this would be sitting right here. >> popcorn. >> feet would be on the table. >> so much on tv right now and so much you may have missed but can still catch up on. >> kids are back in school, sometimes a little family time in front of the tv is a nice way to wind down. what are the best shows families can watch? >> i don't know if you've seen blackish. it's called mixedish. it follows a story of tracy ellis's character when she's 12 years old. there she is living in a commune
6:39 am
slash maybe a cult. she thought she was living the perfect life and then suddenly the atf stepped in and she was thrust into suburban life and her parents, there we go, being raided, okay? >> that's hilarious. >> 12-year-old rainbow is now suddenly in suburbia in high school and no one ever told her she was of mixed race. these kids in high school and school are like, what's your background? what do you mean? anyway, i have to tell you, these kids are so adorable. just like in blackish. >> when can we see this? >> on the 24th on nbc. >> we will run out of time. >> man delorean. i don't know if you follow the "star wars" trilogy. if you don't know what they are, you probably won't watch it. it's a race of people on the planet mandelore. if you're into sci-fi, that's on disney plus. "the musical the series" is the title on disney plus. good place on nbc is going to
6:40 am
be -- that's the high school musical there. "the good place" on nbc. let's talk about what we missed quickly. >> great british baking show. have you watched this yet? >> no. >> it's amazing. >> what is it all about? >> you don't have to catch up. >> okay. >> this season just came out on netflix and it's ordinary people, you know, on reality shows in the u.s. they're all spray tanned and 28 inch waste. here it's all walks of life, all amateur bakers competing against one another. you would be surprised how competitive and compelling this show gets. >> i love it. let's talk about drama. if you want something with some umph. >> apple tv, apple plus is going to be launching "the morning show." jennifer aniston, reese witherspoon, steve correll. it's about duelling morning show anchors. we don't know what it's inspired by but it's a morning show. that's coming out this fall.
6:41 am
no date has been set yet. >> then we have the college admissions scandal movie which i am all about. now they don't actually say the character's names are felicity huffman and lori loughlin. it is ripped from the headline. suh many similarities. there we have the blue screen where they're making them athletes that they weren't. it draws upon the action story. >> can we talk comedy? >> yes. >> what is the primary comedy choice? >> the unicorn on cbs. middle age and single. he's a hot commodity. no dating game. the politician on netflix is going to be a ryan murphy story. he wants to be president of the united states but first he has to be president of the student body. >> does he sing in it? >> i don't know if he does. >> i hope. >> but it's one of those classic dark comedies. there could even be a murder plot. it will get juicy. >> time for one more. the emmy awards are coming up.
6:42 am
is there a sleeper hit we should binge watch? >> flee bag. hosting snl this season. it is a little racy. >> okay. >> but there's only two seasons in the entire life of this show. they're both out. it's so funny. not for your kids. season two is not to be missed. if you -- >> it is really funny. >> it is hilarious. >> it will pull you in. >> pass the popcorn please. >> now we can eat. >> you chew popcorn. coming up, how to transition your favorite summer outfit to fall. i like this one. this is going to save you some mo
6:43 am
6:44 am
we are back now on a saturday morning with today's style. september has been the month you swap your summer wardrobe for a new fall one. we have good news. you don't have to take your go-to summer pieces out of
6:45 am
rotation just yet. style author is here with a few styling tricks and trends where you can transition your favorite pieces into fall. >> we have our own personal stylist here to help make the transition. >> it's so great to be here. i think that your closet should be like a toolbox, right? you should have the things in there that you need and the way that you've styled them and put them together will take you into the next season. you should have fun while you do it because fashion should be fun. >> it should be fun. not a challenge. you'll make it that way for us. >> something as simple as the summer dress we've worn 100 times can be transitioned. >> here you see the summer dress, nothing underneath. we'll bring tracy out and show you how we paired it for fall. it looks amazing. tracy, show us, yes. we did this black turtleneck. >> totally different. >> we see this look all over the runways for fall. it's amazing. black ribbed turtleneck, the black hose and great laceup booties. the whole look is fall. she looks cool and modern and
6:46 am
it's all very inexpensive. again, it just gives her that cool factor. >> i'm assuming you need a nice turtleneck that's fitted. >> all about the layers and it still looks slim underneath the dress and it looks cool. if she wants to she can put a boyfriend blazer over top of it and go to work. >> fantastic. >> summer jeans tend to be lighter in color. they've got the rips and whatnot. >> absolutely. >> this is a light weight jean and this is a light wash. this is actually american eagle stretch high wasted kirby jeans. we're going to start with anna. this is cozy, monochromatic. we've seen this look on celebrities. we did the white bootie with it so it keeps the leg going so it's cozy, soft and feminine. i'm all about the monochromatic. if you don't have this color sweater, you could do a pastel. >> okay. >> we go to this wonderful look on jessica, more polished, sophisticated. men's wear. we did this navy blouse instead of black with a jean and then
6:47 am
the cognac boots are so great from lulu. she puts her hair behind her ear, you'll see this great orange earring that pops the whole thing into place. >> yes. >> i love this. the booties, the jeans. i'm a big fan of the denim skirt. >> so it's all about a denim skirt. you have to have it in your closet. this is the self-tie patch pocket button front. this is a great skirt. a-line. great for all body types. we'll start with anna maria. this is soft, feminine, pretty, right? she has the self-tie tied as a bow. we've done a great mock neck ribbed top which is beautiful and we go down to the shoe which is our great snakeskin embossed shoe. holding it together with the statement earring. then jenn, sassy jenn. sassy and edgy. yes, jenn. so we're doing this black moto jacket and wrapped blacktop and then we do this great little soft bootie and black and denim
6:48 am
is a great combination. the leopard scarf is fabulous. if you want the leopard trend or animal trend, start with an accessory and it's easing its way in. >> we can't leave out the men. my husband has a blue button down shirt in every shade of blue. >> absolutely. we can't leave out the men, right, dylan? this is all about the chambray shirt. look at cole. this is really great. he's wearing it with this great j. crew stretch cord roy jacket in navy and cool chino pants. this is olive color versus khaki. this is anthem and plaid. it makes it cool. then we paired it with these great, great flannel sneakers by flag and anthem. it's all cool, modern and elegant. >> as we bring all of our models out, i love all of these looks. we don't need to shop for a whole new wardrobe. >> that's right. it's all in how you style it and put it together. fashion is fun. >> thank you so much. coming up next, joy bowers
6:49 am
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is greater than nature. ♪ this morning on "today's" food, joy power is here to show you how to make easy and healthy meals for the week. good morning to you. >> good morning. >> i love this segment. we're trying to prep ahead so during the week it's not as stressful. >> i'm going to share with you a few tips that i do. sheinel sheinelle, it saves hours in the kitchen during the crazy, hectic weekday. >> let's get started. >> bagels. you love a good bagel? >> who doesn't. >> normally it's made with refined carb. >> are you about to make a bagel? >> making a bagel. >> dylan, have i ever made a bagel? >> you only know how to buy bagels. >> we're making bagels and simply make them and stash them in the freezer so that they are ready to pop in the toaster oven all week long.
6:52 am
>> mind blown. let's do it. >> in here we have equal parts whole wheat yes flour, chie a seeds, i get down and dirty with my hands. knead it into a dao. come over here. you divide it into eight equal balances. put a little flour on your hands. >> i'm doing this? >> take your balancls. >> the kids would love to help with this. >> i feel like when they help they're more likely to eat it. >> you make a circle. we have a bagel here. dip it in whatever topping you want. i am doing everything but the bagel topping over here. >> sugar? >> you could do everything. ses is a my, poppy, chia seeds, raisins, cinnamon. >> i'm going to do cinnamon raisin. >> you pop this into the oven on 350 for 20, 25 minutes and they are beautiful.
6:53 am
>> this is light cream cheese. i put nut butter and sliced grapes and all sorts of things on them. >> so good. >> even with a little bit of butter, it's really delicious. >> i love it. the next one we're doing dylan does it. the overnight oats. i buy them every morning at "30 rock." >> you don't even need to waste your money buying them. they're so easy. all you need to do is the night before you mix your oaths with a little bit of milk. i do a mashed banana. >> what's the green spec in here? >> oh, they're hemp seeds. i added hemp seeds because we're getting into germ season and hemp seeds boost your immunity. and great for your kids. >> only in yours. >> hemp seeds are okay. >> that's super simple. now these are my crispy chicken fingers. every family needs a chicken finger recipe but i don't use a
6:54 am
fryer. you make your breading and stash it in the fridge. have i wheat germ, whole weet, bred crumbs, garlic, onion, cayenne. take your chicken, put it in the egg. >> they're good. >> so good. >> it's crunchy. >> you bake it in a hot oven. nothing unhealthy about this. >> it's really good. >> i like to dip it in warm marinara. >> we have a minute left and we have to get to this. >> when you look at this it looks like an >> when you look at this it looks like this extravaganza saucy cheesy casserole, chicken enchiladas here's the secret ingredient whole chicken i make in my slow cooker i get up in the morning, put in my clicken breasts, sal saks seasoning, put the lid on. set it for eight hours you get home later at night you have this unbelievable -- you shred with a fork, this chicken and this entire thing from start
6:55 am
to finish out of the oven 15 to 20 minutes >> how does it taste >> delicious >> you build your enchiladas and put them in the oven >> this is way less intimidating >> healthy everything is healthy. >> if you want to get the full recipes for your own weekend meal prep head to >> coming up tomorrow our friend will catch up with sheryl crow he'll talk about her new album, sexism, music business and what it's like to have her boys with her on stage >> on monday on third hour of today a very brady renovation. all six kids from the brady bunch will be here they will the talk about coming toek to renovate that iconic house they shared. >> we'll have them all here on monday on the third hour of "today".
6:56 am
we get to keep eating while you guys start your weekend. >> have a great weekend, everyone >> see you guys. good morning. i'm garvin thomas. metallica opens the new chase center. how the rock legends feel about being chosen for the first ever show. a deadly shooting in the middle of a south bay shopping center. what witnesses say they saw in the aftermath. and get ready for cooler weather to return. a wind saturday, just ahead. >> monday on california live, we are one on one with kelly clarkson and mr. science. it's all happening on california
6:57 am
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and you get first dibs on that brand... that price? that's yes for less. seriously, get the fall brands and styles you love and save 20 to 60% off department store prices. at ross. yes for less. ♪ good morning, everybody. welcome to the broadcast. thanks for making us a part of your saturday morning and that goes for all of you living in walnut creek right now. that's what it looks like outside your window as the sun comes up this morning at 7:00 this morning. got great news for you, if you like it a little bit cooler, it sounds like the weather today is going to be gorgeous. good morning, thanks for joining
7:00 am
us. i'm garvin thomas. vianey arana has all the good news about your microclimate forecast. >> i think folks are going to like it. good morning, by the way, thank you for joining us on an early saturday morning. have you had your cup of coffee yet? >> i'm on number three. >> current temperatures in the 60s, we're so comfortable but we're a little cloudy, look at the south bay, 62. you can see the clouds throughout the entire bay area. check out the east bay. in san francisco, that marine layer might even catch some drizzle. 54 degrees in the north bay. we can all thank this to a nearby system that's going to keep us a little bit cooler. some areas are running about 10 degrees below normal for this time of year, including san jose, only expected to climb into the mid 70s. that is comfortable weather. we're going to get a good mix of sun and


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