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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 6  NBC  September 30, 2019 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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room, the sexual assault investigation involving a high school football team in the south bay. the news at 6:00 starts right now. good evening starting for joining us. >> those allegations of sexual assault between members of a football team at a south bay high school, police in gilroy are now looking into weather several players attacked a teammate in the locker room. david is live at gilroy high on a story you'll only see here, damian. >> reporter: yes, the school has taken immediate and appropriate disciplinary action against the football players. and tonight this case is in the hands of police. the gilroy mustangs played everett high school on friday, but the mustangs were apparently missing as many as five players. they weren't allowed to play because they're under investigation by gilroy police for allegedly assaulting one of their teammates.
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>> on the surface it was reported as a sexual assault. we need to dll down and figure out what specifically happened, the motive and intent behind the contact. it was unwanted. >> reporter: the alleged sexual assault happened last week after practice in the locker room. no one will confirm what took place but it upset the player so bad he notified school administration and administrators called the police. >> once we get those facts we'll determine what is appropriate and we'll site the individuals for criminal conduct. >> that's sad. that's not -- that's not right. >> many parents we spoke with were just finding out about it today. >> you think schools -- the kids are safe. wow. that's sad. >> students say it's been the talk of campus all day with everyone forming different opinions. >> i think they should get kicked off the team. but everyone else, i don't think
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they should be in trouble for something they didn't do. the person should be kicked off the team. >> reporter: gilroy unified said it's, quote, committed to the the safety of all its students. it said they've taken disciplinary action but won't say if they've been suspended. the district will not cancel the football season. the next game is on friday against palma high. >> thank you, damian. a major change today to college athletics in california. the state is the first the in the nation to allow athletes to make money from their name or likeness. the governor signed the bill with several star athletes but the new law doesn't take affect until 2023. a couple of players chimed in today during media day. >> i love player friendly things that put people in positions to
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be successful and to get what they're owed and deserved. >> it does not make any sense. i can make all the money off your likeness and the moment you decide to make some money off your likeness, you can't play here anymore. you're ineligible. you're suspended. it's backwards. >> the ncaa responded to the new law saying it agrees change is needed, but it needs to happen at the national level through the ncaa rules making process. at 6:30 we'll have more reaction about this new law from a local sports star who's been recruited to top colleges. >> while he's accused of setting 13 fires in the foothills earlier this month including what you're looking at right there. police say just hours later, freddy graham went to his high school reunion. today graham in court to answer arson charges. marianne ann is live at the hall of justice with what we've learned.
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>> reporter: graham did not enter a plea this afternoon when he was in court. there were some of his high school classmates in court to show him support. they say at the reunion, he was jovial. so, they were stunned to learn that what he may have been up to just hours earlier. freddy graham travelled from kansas city to reminisce with friends at their 50th high school reunion. what his classmates didn't know is that just hours before he smiled for this photo, investigators say he was lighting fires in the milpitas foothills nearby. now graham is behind bars accused of setting a total of 13 fires during the reunion weekend. his classmates who have known graham for 50 years are stunned. >> absolutely no indication that he had done anything wrong or was regretful or remorse or anything. >> reporter: graham was in court today to answer to arson charges. >> the charges reflect various
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serious conduct in that it was extremely dangerous to set fires up in the foothills at this time of year at that time of day given the temperature and the location. >> reporter: the fire scorched 128 acres. 68-year-old graham did tell investigators his wife recently died and he was overcome with emotion while driving because he had hoped to share the drive wither had. >> it just sounds like something snapped. >> reporter: graham also attended a reunion breakfast and picnic where classmates could see the smoke from the fire he leged set. >> he's a good actor or completely justified what he had done. >> reporter: during the weekend, graham switched rental cars. he was later arrested at the airport as he was trying to fly home to kansas city. in san jose, marianne favro, nbc bay area news. the search is on for an air
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conditioning repairman who sexually molested ahild johnson skipped his court hearing two weeks ago and has been missing ever since. detectives say he abused a young girl for more than awe decade starting when he was just six. the girl didn't tell anyone until 2016 when he was hospitalized for a panic attack. an east bay tour operator is facing charges for spying for china. he's a u.s. citiz but he's smuggling secrets for china. mark math youths is outside the courthouse. >> reporter: he ran a tour company here in san francisco, u.s. tour and travel, but that companyolded in 2014 and a year later the fbi was tailing him around tipped off by a u.s. double agent who said pong was a spy for china.
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this is fbi surveillance video. the agency says it shows edward pong taping money to the bottom of a drawer the in a bay area hotel room. he would then leave the key to the hotel room at the front desk while another man would collect the money and leave a secure digital memory card full of information. >> the precise information conveyed was cleared and controlled by the united states for passage to the prc. >> reporter: the u.s. attorney says what pong did not know is that he was feeding the chinese information from a double agent, a person recruited by the peoples' republic of china, or prc, but who in fact was working for the u.s. >> the charges today provide a rare glimpse into the efforts of the prc to obtain classified national security information of the united states. >> reporter: over four years, pong is alleged to have transported money and information for china six
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different times, each time in money in the envelope was either 10 or $20,000. pong was arrested at his home in hayward last friday. a neighbor took these pictures of the raid. >> about 6:00 a.m. i seen about 40 federal agents come up the street, stop right there, and raid the house. when they did the raid, fbi, search warrant twice real well. >> reporter: pong's tour business was once headquartered in this empty building on van es. he's pacing a possible ten years in prison and i aquarter of a million dollar fine if he's convicted. his next court appearance will be wednesday here at e federal building. reporting from san francisco, mark mark matthews. he wants to be with his family while he waits. the jury deadlocked when it came
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to al me na. this friday al men na will be back in court. he filed for significant reduction of his bail. he faces 36 counts of involuntary manslaughter from the 2016 fire. members of the university of hawaii football team are home safe after a mid-air scare forced the plane to turn around. it dropped about 20,000 feet. the pilot received notification about a pressurization issue and turned back to sfo. the plane is being ferried back to be inspected. the battle is far from over in san francisco. city public works department removed the big rocks this morning after neighbors put them there to stop the homeless from camping and using drugs, they say, on their street. people upset about the rocks
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rolled the boulders on to the street, the city had to get involved. >> could be boulders, could be landscaping, could be different. but we're going to work with the neighbors on something they want. >> city leaders we want on to say they have learned a lot from the controversy. it became such a flash point that some people who live in the neighborhood say they are getting death threats. new at 6:00, a sign of the affordable house crisis. someone is renting out their carport for 400 bucks a month. that person is using craigs list to advertise a private driveway with a couch. there's no bathroom. the person must be gone during the day. while the city of san jose says it is illegal, it's hard to crackdown. >> it's illegal to rent out your carport. >> the city is asking neighbors
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to report anyone who may be renting out their carport. >> if you have trouble finding a charging station for your electric car, you could be in luck. private parking garages to change 10% of stalls into electric charging stations. right now there are 750 public charges ports in the entire city. if the legislation passes, 8,000 more spots would be added. garages would have until 2023 to make those changes. up next is the video you've got to see. a burglar take ace tumble while breaking into a liquor store. detectives need your help tracking him down. plus -- this gives us an opportunity to create something new and special. >> ready for new era in warriors basketball. steph curry prepping for another championship season. so comfortable outside right now. 65 in concord and sunny skies. i'll show you what's up for
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tomorrow. how chilly will be as you step out the door. that's coming up in about 8 minutes. the juul record. they took $12.8 billion from big tobacco. juul marketed mango, mint, and menthol flavors, addicting kids to nicotine. five million kids now using
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e-cigarettes. the fda said juul ignored the law with misleading health claims. now juul is pushing prop c, to overturn san francisco's e-cigarette protections. say no to juul, no to big tobacco, no to prop c.
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he apparently doesn't have any spidey senses. this man scaled a building, broke in through the roof, but his plot went sideways when it was caught on camera. jodi hernandez is live in pittsburgh where police are looking for a bruised suspect still on the run. >> reporter: the suspect targeted this liquor store using this rock to break through the top window. the entry didn't go off quite as planned. >> he just broke the glass and then he climbed up on the door. and at that point he was looking like a spiderman to me. >> reporter: but this burglary
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suspect's spidey sense wasn't the only thing tingling as he dropped into the store on the floor. >> he was not able to stand up on his feet. >> reporter: the crook finally made it to the register, grabbing cash before realizing there was no easy exit. the only way out was the way he got in. the owner says the the store was covered in shattered glass and blood. >> just to get money out of the store, he was badly hurt, all the blood out of his body on the floor. >> reporter: tonight police are looking for the badly injured burglars and customers are shaking their heads. >> you're not super man. you can't do that. you can't do that. he learned his lesson. he should. he's hurt. he might have broken bodies. >> breaking their stuff and hurting their sales and taking from other people, it's not what's up.
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>> reporter: the owners say they've been targeted before, but this caught on camera, a definite first. >> when he was doing that i was feeling like he's on the monkey bars kind of stuff. >> reporter: now, the burglar was in the store for just three minutes before he managed to escape from that same window there. again, police are looking for him. if you have any information on who he might be, you're urged to call the pittsburgh police department. reporting live in pittsburgh, i'm jodi hernandez, nbc bay area news. was a high school game cancelled or postponed? that's up in the air tonight. last week they called off their football because of a safety threat. the school is trying to reschedule that game but the coach in oakland says it should be declared a forfeit. no decision yet. new season, new home, new era. kevin durant may be gone but the warriors have a revamped roster
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as they chase another championship at chase arena. ali wolf is live in san francisco after attending media day. the warriors say they've still got game. >> reporter: that's right, jessica. they're optimistic. a lot of talk about new beginnings at media day today. the chase center is a metaphor for the season ahead because not only do they have a new place to play. the team also has a lot of new players. chase center has been open for less than a month and the golden state warriors are settling into their new home. >> being in this room is weird. >> reporter: but during the team's first media day at chase center, steph curry says he's optimistic about his team's new chapter in san francisco. >> this building is going to create opportunity for us to walk into a new era, appreciating, you know, the accomplishments we have. >> the new building is almost a metaphor for how we can approach
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the season. we've got a chance to reset some things. >> reporter: head coach steve kerr acknowledged the team is starting the season is challenges. there are a lot of new players on the roster. >> we will have to work much harder than the last four seasons because of the number of new players. we've got a lot of work to do. >> reporter: another challenge, one of the warrior's stars klay thompson is injured and expected to be out until after the all-star break. >> as much as it kills me, patience is a virtue. >> reporter: coach kerr says he'll rely on veteran players. steph curry is now the oldest player on the roster. >> stop reminding me. >> reporter: jokes aside, he's ready to set the tone for his team. >> we want to be a team that's feared across the league. >> reporter: so, since chase center has opened earlier this month there have been a number of concerts, different events here. but there has not been a warriors game.
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that's going to change on saturday when the warriors host the lakers for a preseason game. reporting live in san francisco, ali wolf, nbc bay area news. >> thank you ali. fall may have just started but in some places winter. the mountains are covered in about 4 inches of snow this weekend and they are expecting more to come today. also snowed in, yosemite. that looks great. the roads leading up to the park were closed this weekend but they are now reopened. rangers are asking drivers to be careful because the roads are covered in snow and ice. hard to believe. it's not even october 1st yet. >> i know. >> probably going to melt by the weekend? >> definitely. do you know what i did yesterday? pumpkin spice latte. >> you broke it out already. i did a week ago. >> i know, right? >> i did. >> so good. i saw it on the sign. i'll leave the name of the place out. so, so good. that weather may have you feeling like that with halloween just around the corner and of
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course the other holidays. let's bring you to our snow map. if you missed, this is a view of that snow today. it's a snapshot we took. you can see 8 inches at independence lake. isolated with that. echo peak 3 inches, blue canyon, 2.4, northstar 2 inches. now we are starting to see things dry out. you can see on storm ranger mobile doppler radar it's dry in the bay area and the snow is gone from the sierra, at least with the storm activity. it is about the current temperatures. mostly clear skies. we could not get to this temperature if we tried last week. we had record setting warm mornings and hot afternoons, right near 100 for a lot of the bay area. right now we're at 62. we had a high of 68 in san jose. 50s coming together. you get where we're going with
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this. by tomorrow morning another chilly start. find a jacket, that in between jacket. certainly need more than a light jacket. 47 in san jose, 48 in palo alto, 48 in napa. by the afternoon we'll warm up. you probably won't need the jacket by 2:00, 3:00, 4:00. low to mid 70s in the north bay and 60s in half moon bay. i'll show details on warmer weather in the 7 day forecast in about 25 minutes. but tomorrow looks amaze. see you in a bitting. blocking the entrance, up next what these people were protesting today at whole foods in san francisco. ["white rabbit" by jefferson airplane]
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nbc bay area, we investigate. son's, some neurons change their tune, causing uncontrollable tremors. now, abbott technology can target those exact neurons. restoring control and harmony,
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additional messages. you'll have to specifically open that fold tore see the colorful language. the feature will be used to filter out spam. they chained themselves together, climbed on rooftops, told police, and police took 30 people away. these are members of the animal groups everywhere. they've investigated several farms supplying to whole foods that found evidence of animal abuse. amazon owns whole foods. now the activists want jeff bezos to take action. >> he is the richest man in the world. imagine if he used that money and power to help animals instead of profiting off their abuse. >> whole foods issued a statement saying our high quality standards, including a commitment to animal welfare, have established us for years.
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illegally possessing a gun. the judge said no and sent him to prison. now a freeman, he says he's ready to get back into physical therapy so he can walk again. what's in a name? now orange county is asking you wondering if it should remove actor john wayne's name from its airport. the orange county website raised the question today. wayne making insulting statements about gay men, blacks, and native americans. me say it's not appropriate to have the former actor's name on the international airport in light of that. democrats are digging deeper into the phone call president trump with ukraine's president. the big name they just released. plus will it be a trend-setting move, california allowing college student athletes to make money on
6:27 pm
endorsements. one local high school star thinks about it. the juul record.
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they took $12.8 billion from big tobacco. juul marketed mango, mint, and menthol flavors, addicting kids to nicotine. five million kids now using e-cigarettes. the fda said juul ignored the law with misleading health claims. now juul is pushing prop c, to overturn san francisco's e-cigarette protections. say no to juul, no to big tobacco, no to prop c.
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right now at 6:30 as he faces mounting pressure over the democrat's impeachment probe, president trump is drawing criticism for retweeting a message that removing him from office could lead to civil war. new information today is drawing the secretary of state into the house impeachment investigation. >> two u.s. officials say secretary of state mike pompeo
6:30 pm
was listening on that call between president trump and the president of ukraine. alice barr shows us president trump appears most concerned about the unnamed whistleblower. >> reporter: facing a tomorrow of controversy, president trump is turning his focus to the anonymous whistleblower who triggered impeachment inquiry. right after that remark, the whistleblower attorney tweeted his attorney is entitled to keep himself secret. >> it is a threat undoutably to the whistleblower's safety. >> reporter: the house intelligence committee is moving ahead with rapid fire testimony this week ramping up with three committees issues subpoenas for documents from rudy giuliani. s we've got a lot of questions to get answered about what happened between the president and the president of ukraine. >> reporter: when president
6:31 pm
trump asked ukrainian president to investigate joe biden and his son. the whistleblower calls it an abuse of power and accuses the administration for trying to cover it up. the president's supporters are attacking the whistleblower because he wasn't a direct. >> i would have no choice but to take it up. >> reporter: republicans confident they have the votes to kill it. alice barr, nbc news, washington. a new poll finds large majorities of black and latino americans think president trump's actions have made things worse for them. 92% of blacks and 83% of hispanics disapprove of the president's handling of race relations. the associated press poll finds they expect racial issues to get worse. a new york republican is
6:32 pm
resigning from congress before he likely goes to prison. chris collins sent a resignation letter to nancy pelosi earlier today. he expected to plead guilty to insider training. he was indicted last year. he is accused of tipping off family members to sell stock in a drug company before it tanked. he built a charge of lying to the fbi to cover up the scheme. he is the first member of congress to endorse president trump for the presidency in 2016. we told you the governor signed a new law, fair pay to play, allowing college athletes to make money from their name, image, or likeness. the ncaa is seething tonight, but many athletes are cheering. nbc bay area's robert handa is here to tell us why college sports may never be the same. >> reporter: the rules of the game do appear to be changing. that's going to make a big difference for the athletes who play the game.
6:33 pm
one day soon college players could earn money for their on field image. star football player noah short and athletic director joe have new things to discuss. the 17-year-old junior is having a stand out here and has division one college recruiters calling. today's new law will have noah scrutinizing offers. >> you get busy a lot of times so you don't get opportunity to get a job and make money. so, the fact you can make money off of your skills definitely appealing. >> reporter: the bill's coauthor and the governor agree. >> the student athlete is not really given the real opportunity to get their education. and at the same time they're denied the opportunity to make any money. >> that balance of power has been perverted over the course of many, many years by the extraordinary amount of money in this system. >> reporter: in a cautious statement, the ncaa vowed to come up with solutions both
6:34 pm
realistic in modern society and tied to higher education. stanford and cal echoed a pack 12 statement the policy will have consequences and will blur the lines for how universities recruit athletes and compete nationally. >> realizing it's probably only going to be a small percentage of those athletes that get the endorsement deals so we want to keep them grounded and keep everything in perspective. >> reporter: the ncaa has time to come up with a national policy since the law doesn't go into effect until 2023. the clock is ticking because a lot of other states are considering similar measures. thank you robert. she shot and killed a man entering his own apartment. now the jury has to decide if the former dallas police officer is guilty of murder. she shot both m gene has he entered his apartment. the former officer says she
6:35 pm
thought he was breaking into her apartment. the defense states that the death was a rest of a simple mistake. >> you don't ask the jurors in this case decide this case on emotion and sympathy. who would not have sympathy for bothom jean? that is not part of the consideration. >> the jury will be allowed to consider lesser charges for geiger including manslaughter. joker backlash. family of those who lost loved one in aurora are concerned about the spin off. 2012 massacre happened during the premier of a batman movie. in a statement to nbc news, warner brothers says gun violence is important to them. the studio has a long history of donating to those touched by violence. as of now, the studio does not have plans to cancel the film. nancy pelosi back in the bay
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area today but not to talk about impeachment. she's here to promote the international aids conference. it's the first time the conference will be held in san francisco in 30 years. the city was at the center of the hiv crisis 40 years ago. it was the city at that time with the most hiv patients in the united states. >> we were losing our friends all the time. some of us were going to two funerals a day. >> pelosi says the conference will focus on combatting hiv and aids in the bay area. not so forever anymore, forever 21 filed for bankruptcy this past weekend. they make trendy clothing mostly for teenagers. they couldn't keep up with online retailers that responded more quickly to changing trends. customers are looking for more ecofriendly clothing. the store will close about 300 stores around the world. the remaining stores will be reorganized and consolidated.
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it's okay to eat meat. that's what new information out says. leading nutritionists are fired up about it. the independent health group completed the study. it's a new group of nutritionists that helped researchers. they lotook a look at other studies and didn't find enough evidence to say it raises heart problems or diabetes and cancer. some in the medical community don't agree. they've filed a petition to correct false statements in the report. up next, ready or not, it's happening. new numbers showing californians not ready for the real id.
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at at&t we believe in access. the opportunity for everyone to explore a digital world. connecting with the things that matter most. and because nothing keeps us more connected than the internet. we've created access from at&t california households with at least one resident who receives snap or ssi benefits. may qualify for home internet at a discounted rate of $10 a month. no commitment, deposit, or installation fee. visit, to learn more. stacey dash has been arrested for police say attacking her husband. dash arrested on charges of domestic battery last night. deputies say she got into an argument with her husband and pushed and slapped him in the face. police say they did find red
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scratches on his arm. dash claims she was only defending herself. a gofundme account is in place for betty reed hoskins. he's the oldest park ranger. she just turned 98 and recently suffered a stroke. as you can imagine her medicals bills are mounting. her gofundme page has raised around $20,000. it will cost $100,000 to care for her while she recovers at home. it is real. the real id program, we've been telling you about it for months, but we're not ready. 57% of americans are unaware of the real id requirement that goes into effect next october. so, october 2020. 7 out of 10 people are unsure if their current id is actually the real id. and almost 40% don't have a passport or an alternate form of
6:41 pm
identification like a birth certificate that would get them through airport security. >> i already hate this picture. >> do you have a passport? >> no, i don't. >> at least you have a year. >> yeah, i've got a year. >> ats a process. we all have to go through it. it's for the safety of everyone. >> you're going to have to get it. if you want more information about getting a real id, head to our website. despite the giants disappointing season and the retirement of bruce bochy yesterday, the team remains exciting about the future. there' rendering of a waterfront park that could hold 5,000 visitors. it's part of the team's 28 acre mission rock project. it includes construction of the parking lot as well as office buildings and residential space. construction is expected to begin this winter. so, the giants are doing this and then in front of the warriors the city is going to build a waterfront park there as
6:42 pm
well. that's part of the lan ford development. so, the whole area is going to be a place to hang out by the bay. >> with a jacket today. >> you got it. >> it's changed so much in five years in that area. >> it has. jacket weather today. liver more, usually one of our hottest spots, only a high of 68 today. 62 right now. 40s tomorrow morning. we'll talk about the chill and how long it's going to last. a thief or someone else runs up a 500 tab on football tickets but the victim can't get a refund. i'm chris chmura. nbc bay area responds next. the . they took $12.8 billion from big tobacco.
6:43 pm
juul marketed mango, mint, and menthol flavors, addicting kids to nicotine. five million kids now using e-cigarettes. the fda said juul ignored the law with misleading health claims. now juul is pushing prop c, to overturn san francisco's e-cigarette protections. say no to juul, no to big tobacco, no to prop c.
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nbc bay area responds this weekend to a man who found himself with two tickets to an nfl game 800 miles away. >> trouble is he's not interested in the game and didn't buy the tickets. we asked chris chmura to help
6:45 pm
him out of the mess. >> this one begins first thing in the morning. he gets an early morning text, 6:52 saying he had just bought tickets to the seattle seahawks recently and the tab $560. he told game time he never bought those tickets. they refused to give him a refund. we suggested he file a fraud replate. he did, they wouldn't refund it. recontacted the bank and the next day he got the $560 refund. game time told us the purchase was made through a separate payment app and said we have blocks in place to ensure users must confirm that they intended on making a purchase. he did something great here. he addressed the unexpected charge quickly. and that is so very smart.
6:46 pm
banks expect you to report fraudulent activity like that immediately. if you wait too long, they might not actually give you your money back or reverse those charges. policies vary. that's when we recommend setting up alerts for your bank and payment apps so you can catch bogus charges in real time. call us any time, 888-996-tips or online at that's not how you want to wake up first thing in the morning. >> i get alerts. >> we'll work on this. >> here's my phone. thanks. take it away. >> okay. we have a dog food alert for you. you may have to throw some of it away. performance dog frozen pet food. it tested positive the record lis salmonella and listeria.
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the home is in arizona at the edge of the phoenix mountains preserve. wright began to design it but died before he could finish. his apprentice finished the design. it's been on sale since 2018. now heritage auctions will sell it to the highest bidder on october 16th. it says the house will sell no matter what the bid or how low the bid. >> wow. is that a hot tub or a fountain? i don't know. it's beautiful. >> you could go in really low. >> kind of like the flintstone house a little bit. >> but it's frank lloyd wright. that's a master. >> all right. >> weather. >> we get that house, we need a fire pit. >> we do. i'll put one in if there's not one. >> it'll be cozy. >> we'll get it done. the weather forecast finally did start to drop for us, and i know that has been welcomed relief
6:48 pm
for so many of us that have been tired of the heat. we get you outside to a live view here in the east bay. that is mount diablo standing up. there's haze in the distance but visibility has been excellent today. just a high of 70 degrees. right now already dropping down to the 6 # 0s, nice crisp refreshing air, humidity is rather low. it's just enjoyable outside. tonight we keep mostly clear skies and 50s as we head into early tomorrow morning. i want to show what's on the way this week. i have two different systems moving in. no big chance of rain fall. the number one thing this is going to do is help to keep our temperatures out of the 100s. so, that's good news there. more good news, there's no big rain chances as we mentioned. in october we can average .87 of an inch. we are looking at rain fall averages beginning to tick up
6:49 pm
there. i think by the second or third week of october, we could get into spotty showers for northern california. i think i really want to keep a close eye on tomorrow morning. if you're doing anything heading out 5:00 to 7:00 in the morning, it's going to be chilly. have the jacket ready by the door. 49 for the south bay, 58 in the tri-valley. beginning to feel like fall outside. by tomorrow afternoon numbers warm up. we'll get out of the 60s, back into the 70s, but this is really enjoyable. 72 in san jose, little bit of breeze at 16 makes it pleasant. right over in contra costa, up to 76 in concord, 74 in pleasant ton, oakland you're at 69. the ocean, going to be cool by the beaches, 62 in half moon bay. salve, your jacket is going to
6:50 pm
be needed from the morning to the afternoon. this is the one exception with the motion breeze out of the west at 18-miles-per-hour. we have 60s for embarcadero to the engel side. we have 75 in napa, 72 in north valley. you might have an extra kick in your step on top of temperatures being enjoyable. it might be because your allergies have improved. look at this latest report. we are in the low category when it comes to the pollen in the atmosphere. we had drizzle most recently that did add up, trace amounts to about 200th of an inch. that has been really good. i think we'll keep the allergies low the next couple of days. we get temperatures warming up this weekend, mid-70s in san francisco. it'll be more apparent in the inland valleys, 87 on saturday, 88 sunday, but we do drop on down. so, no 100s as we head throughout the next 7 days. and that is a big time relief.
6:51 pm
so, enjoy tomorrow. it's like a 10 on the scale of things i think at this point. >> it looks good. thanks jeff. >> got it. >> we'll take you back to the chase center where the warriors have big plans for the first season in their arena. sports is next. tv just keeps getting better. how you watch it does too. this is xfinity x1. featuring the emmy award-winning voice remote. streaming services without changing passwords and input. live sports - with real-time stats and scores. access to the most 4k content. and your movies and shows to go. the best tv experience is the best tv value. xfinity x1. simple. easy. awesome. xfinity. the future of awesome.
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["white rabbit" by ♪ one pill makes you larger ♪ and one pill makes you smaller ♪ ♪ and the ones that mother gives you ♪ ♪ don't do anything at all ♪ remember what the dormouse said ♪ welcome aboard. ♪ feed your head
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okay. playoff baseball is coming back to oakland. more than 50,000 rowdy fans expected at the coliseum on wednesday. a one game winner take all wildcard game. the this is the first playoff game at the coliseum since 2013. oakland's own mc hammer will throw out the first pitch. if the a's beat tampa they will move on to play the houston astros in the american league divisional series. the game is at 5:07 p.m. the warriors reported for duty at their new office, the chase center of san francisco. >> they love the new digs. what is not to love. and can't wait for the season to start. they won't have long to wait. the warriors host their first game in chase center this saturday when they welcome lebron and the l.a. lakers. with the departures, the
6:55 pm
warriors will be ringing in a new era. >> to sustain this level of play and great bs doesn't happen often. we need to retool. it may look different, but the great thing, great players figure it out as they go. >> the first regular season game at chase is october 24th against the l.a. clippers. >> okay. to football now. the raiders got bad new. vontaze burfict is suspended for the rest of the season for a helmet to helmet hit yesterday on colts tight end jack doyle. he has a history of suspensions for on field behavior. he was immediately ejected from the game. the suspension is longest punishment ever handed down for an on field act. caught on camera. a brutal attack on a food vendor. coming up at 11:00, it may have
6:56 pm
involved people paying to keep people safe. a bay area animal shelter couldn't bear to separate three furry friends. this is the trio. at the top, two older cats have helped feed and nurture kittens. the shelter is looking for someone to adopt the whole family. >> you can't separate the family. >> the eyes were like an orangey color. cool. >> you should get them, jeff. >> i've got a full house already. >> okay. jeff, the week is looking good. >> it is very good. look at this, 76 there as we head into tomorrow's forecast. beginning chilly too. 40s to start for tuesday and wednesday morning. so, time to find some sort of jacket because you'll need it. >> yep. that's going to do it for us. we'll see you back at 11:00. bye bye. >> bye.
6:57 pm
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i'm not here for you to judge me. i'm just letting you know it's all good. >> no judgment here. "access hollywood" goes way back with angelinael and michele. irwin filling in for steve on wedding day. they met as kids. now every romantic detail plus justin and haley's wedding reveal. >> she's not the only bride, but what should j-lo and taraji wear down the aisle? and our special message for self-proclaimed little women annie murphy. >> are they coming now? [ laughter ] ♪ ♪


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