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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  October 1, 2019 4:30am-5:00am PDT

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welcome to tuesday morning. also the first day of october, and you can feel it as you walk out the door. a live look outside overlooking the city by the bay, you can see clear skies out there, makes for a chilly morning. >> it does. >> good morning to you. thank you for joining us. i'm laura garcia. >> and i'm marcus washington. mike is going to have a look at the commute in a bit but first let's talk about the weather, kari. >> you need a jacket headed out the door. it's a chilly start to the day, as we take a live look in san jose, skies are all clear, as we go into the morning, we have upper 40s that will stay with us through about 8:00 and then it will start to warm up as we head through the day, eventually reaching into the low 70s this
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afternoon. we're coming out of the 60s we had yesterday, a little bit warmer this afternoon, but still much cooler than normal as we reach into the mid-70s for the inland east bay. we'll talk more about what's ahead coming up. mike, there may be some flares in san jose. >> activity south 101 trimble. sometimes they're a distraction, it's by sjc landing area. a smooth drive on the speed sensors for the south bay and pretty much everywhere around the bay. getting a new report of perhaps a disabled vehicle around the interchange headed toward the san mateo bridge. i'll follow up on that. you see the speeds and the travel times headed toward the bay bridge, those are just fine. back to you. >> thank you, mike. breaking news out of asia this morning, take a look at this video. it catches the moment the towering arch bridge collapses, this is in eastern taiwan, the collapse sends an oil tanker truck falling on to boats, in
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the tiny but busy fishing village. ten people were hurt in the collapse, six being treated for major injuries. the bridge is a tourist attraction for that area. it looks like juul's big push to overturn a san francisco ban on vaping products has suddenly gone up in smoke. proposition c is already set to appear on the november ballot. it would reverse the recent ordinance banning ecigarette sales. san francisco's juul lab has been plowing millions into the yes on c effort but last night juul's new ceo released a statement saying in part "we must strive to work with regulators, policymakers and other stakeholders and earn the trust of the societies in which we operate." juul says it will no longer fund the yes on c campaign, not everyone is convinced, that includes leaders in the no on c camp. >> we've got a lot of work to do to educate voters. . can't come off the ballot, so if it's true, it's a welcome sign.
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hopefully it won't be as contentious a campaign. >> juul says its tv ads and mailers in stop in a matter of days and the actual ban is not supposed to take effect until january. police tell us they plan to look further into a violent altercation outside of oakland arena saturday night involving a security guard and a man with a hotdog karcart. it happened at the end of the rolling loud music festival. the guard can be heard telling the seller to move and leave. the guard became more aggressive even though the seller was already moving along. the video shows a police officer at the scene but we don't know what that response was. the security company did not return our calls. happening today, the homeless man seen in video attacking a woman as she tried to enter her san francisco condo building will be back in court for a hearing. this is video of austin vincent reportedly attacking the woman and this went viral last month,
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reigniting controversy about a navigation center being built nearby along the embarcadero. vincent is charged with attempted robbery, false imprisonment and two counts of battery for the attack. his attorney said vincent was having a mental health crisis at the time of the attack. despite recently losing support from the mayor's office, two san francisco supervisors today unveil their bold plan to overhaul the city's mental health system. the proposed measure called mental health sf is supposed to appear on the ballot next spring. critics argue it would negatively impact long-term mental health care patients. the measure's authors insist recent compromises make it a more workable plan. santa rosa city councilmember also vote on raising the minimum wage to $15 an hour in line with many other cities around the bay. north bay city could join a statewide push to increase pay for low income workers. if passed the change would take effect in 2023. several other bay area cities already passed measures raising
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wages, that includes sflan, oakland, sonoma, petaluma and san jose. 4:34. certainly a sign of the times in the bay area, a san jose man is suddenly seeing a carport with a car and futon as a living quarters. an ad on craigslist boasts the low rent, $400 a month and a carport with a station wagon to sleep in, that's a quote. there are some rules, no smoking or pets, no bathroom either, and don't even think about inviting visitors. we spoke with san jose's code enforcement division manager. he says it is a serious violation and potentially expensive for the property owner. >> there's no weatherproofing, there's no heat, no sanitary facilities, no running water, so these are all inherently dangerous situations. >> the man who posted the craigslist ad tells nbc bay area his landlord increased his duplex rent from 1700 a month to $2500 a month forcing him to
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sublease the carport to make ends meet. coming up next on "today in the bay," holiday shopping season is closer than you think. a look at how much people are expected to spend, compared to last year. plus, amazon looking to bring its cashier-less stores to more people and more places. what the possible plan looks like and where we uld sethe new age technology. a peek at the golden gate, wow, what a beautiful shot. see how clear it is out there as well, that's leading to a chilly start of the morning, 1st day of october. we'll have more coming up. ♪
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good morning. i'm rahel solomon at cnbc headquarters and here are today's top business headlines. wall street is set to open higher this morning as we kick off the final quarter of the year. stocks rising yesterday ending the third quarter on an upbeat note. investors continue to focus on u.s./china trade developments. the treasury department has no plans to limit stocks in china at this time. reports the government was considering that idea rattled stocks on friday. today's watch list, reports on manufacturing, construction spending and auto sales. americans are apparently in a buying mood. the annual holiday survey says most consumers expect to spend as much or more than last year with many turning to physical stores for inspiration, expected to spend an average of $637 with
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men spend being 15% more than women. gift cards clothing and footwear top the list of planned purchases. amazon is in talks to license a technology that powers its cashierless stores to other retailer. sources tell cnbc possibilities include movie theaters, mini martz and airports and concession stands at sports stadiums. amazon believes it can install the technology in as little as two weeks and have hundreds of scores using the scan and go checkout by next year. it could give amazon another source of revenue without having to build an entire store. back to you. >> interesting. >> who do you go to if you have a discrepancy? >> not me. >> all right, thanks, rahel. >> that's a really good question. >> thank you. >> discount, too, retail. >> we'll give it to you. >> we'll figure that out for you. right now check in with kari with a look at the forecast. >> it's a chilly start to the day. we have a lot of upper 40s as you get ready to head out the door. a live look in walnut creek with
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our temperature trend that starts out at 47 degrees. we'll drop down to 46 and then see it slowly warm up today. we'll talk about this and what's ahead in the rest of the folks comi forecast coming up next. the nimitz past the fremont, truck scales, smooth drive, light traffic flow, another crash farther north getting toward the nimitz and perhaps more coming out of the tri-valley. you're watching "today in the bay." can your hair survive damage?
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taking a live look for you this morning on this tuesday, a look at the bay bridge toll plaza there. pretty easy right now, but will it change? typically it does. >> that's because air not sitting in it. >> that's true. looking good for some people this morning. mike will have a look at the commute coming up for you in a bit. 4:44. on the other hand, think we have to get up early in the morning. it's a tradeoff there. >> avoid all the traffic getting up so early. >> true. >> there you go. that's the secret to it, too. >> yep and it's cold out there. it made it hard to get up out of bed and out the door this morning, but hey, we have to do it, and as we take a live look outside in san francisco once again, golden gate bridge and it's going to be a chilly start to the day. let me show you some of these temperatures you'll feel as you head out the door. we're now at 54 degrees in san francisco and that's the warmest temperature i have on the map. it is 41 in napa and in santa rosa. 45 in livermore. san jose we're walking out the door to 49.
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also 49 now in oakland, and if you thought yesterday morning was chilly, it's even cooler this morning, compared to yesterday. so napa's about 9 degrees lower compared to the time you got out the door yesterday morning. brentwood our morning commute at about 46 degrees at 6:00 and temperatures through about 7:00 and the rest of the day some low 60s by the morning but leading into some mid-70s today. it will be slightly warmer than it was yesterday for the afternoon hours reaching up to 74 in morgan hill and gilroy and milpitas, east san jose, 73 degrees. walnut creek reaching 75 and 74 today in livermore and for san mateo expect a high of 70 degrees while san francisco stays in the 60s today. for the north bay highs in napa reaching 75 and 72 today in clearlake. going through the rest of the
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forecast it will be a cool start to the day but warming up this afternoon, slight warming for the next several days and by the weekend it gets much warmer, as high pressure builds and gives us more of a northerly wind. the winds flowing around high pressure always clockwise and that may provide an offshore wind that could make it dry and increase our fire danger. a look at our seven-day forecast we have low 70s today in the inland areas, upper 70s tomorrow, then low 80s. you can see the trend of those temperatures going up headed toward the end of the weekend, upper 80s by sunday, and for san francisco we have mid-60s today but leading into some mid-70s by the end of the week. mike, you have a few scattered incidents. >> i do. i told folks we'd check on the incident for hayward and get a second look at the speed sensors looking great for the major commutes. hayward side of the san mateo bridge eastbound 92 where the disabled vehicle was reported over the last few minutes,
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looked like they were clearing everything off the report and no slowing over the last seven minutes. i think we're okay. we'll double check that but i'll let you know if there's problems. slowing vasco south from marsh creek road headed through the typical construction zone this appeared a few minutes ago and recovering right now. i think they were moving the crew there overnight. we didn't have any major problems until a few minutes ago, not major problems, some slowing. southbound 680 around main there is a crash off to the shoulder and speed sensors indicate the same thing. that's about it for contra costa county. highway 4 at speed. antioch toward 680, walnut creek interchange and the caldecott moving nicely all bores. the bay bridge we talked about that when we came back from the breck, a few cars waiting, the cash lanes we have one row that's not open, typically happens before 5:00 we'll see things clear up in the next 15 minutes and speeds toward the bay bridge very smooth drive,
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upper east shore and the roadways 880 and 580 out of oakland. back to you. >> thank you, mike. 4:47. nbc bay area has learned that some immigration officials did not follow their own policies when they deported u.s. military veterans who got into legal trouble. >> our investigative unit is uncovering layers of the story for years. here's senior investigator stephen stock. >> left behind by the country they served, we found more than 300 u.s. service veterans who have been kicked out of the country under a policy first enacted under bill clinton's administration. i.c.e. has special procedures for handling immigrant veterans but this report by congressional investigators shows i.c.e. did not consistently follow its own policies when deporting veterans who are not citizens. nor does i.c.e. electronically track those vets either. according to the government accountability office or gao, i.c.e. did not consistently follow its own policies involving veterans.
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in some cases, agents were unaware the policies existed and some veterans removed may not have received the level of review and approval that is appropriate for cases involving veterans. >> they don't follow their own procedures. they're supposed to be keeping account and finding out who is a veteran, who wore the uniform for our country before they deport them. they don't follow their own internal policies. >> we discovered that that has had a severe impact on many u.s. veterans, leading to hardship, family separations, health problems and in at least one case, the death of a u.s. veteran. we follow one veteran as he struggles to reunite with his family for more than two years. find out what happens to him and what the congress may be doing about this, tonight at 11:00 on "nbc bay area news." >> if you have a tip for our inativig unit, want them to look into something, give them a
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call 888-996-tips or logon to our website like a scene out of "oceans 11" a burglar scales a building and drops in through a busted window to break into a pittsburghiquor store. his climbing skills were all caught on surveillance camera. the burglar makes it to the register and realizes his only way out is the way he got in. the owner says the store was covered in shattered glass and blood. police are looking for that injured suspect. a shooting in antioch marks a deadly m for the city, a 45-year-ol man was shot and killed on monday. it's the third deadly shooting in september and the ninth for the year. police arrested 33-year-old arnolfo carando. officers found a large amount of heroin and methamphetamine on him during the arrest. the victim has not been identified. meanwhile, this antioch man, 28-year-old pedro meres, is now in police custody, accused of
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stabbing another man to death in his home. it happened early friday night an alpha way in antioch. police say the suspect had recently met a 61-year-old man who he suddenly stabbed three times in an unprovoked attack. the boulders are gone for now but they may be back. san francisco's public works department removed the big rocks yesterday morning. neighbors installed them to stop the homeless from camping and using drugs on their streets. when opponents rolled the boulders onto the street, that forced the city to get involved. >> could be some kind of landscaping, it could be something different but we're going to work with the neighbors on something that they want. >> city leaders say they've learned a lot from the controversy, it became such a flashpoint some people who live in the neighborhood claim they received death threats. it's 4:51. coming up on "today in the bay," "nbc bay area responds." >> her five-figure hospital bill was supposed to be paid in full but a surprise bill more than a year later just wouldn't go away. i'm consumer investigator chris
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chmura, "nbc bay area responds," next. and happening now, the united states and north korea will resume nuclear negotiations on saturday. talks have been stalled since the february summit between president trump and kim jong-un. after those negotiations, north korea started testing short-range missiles again. the trump administration says it will continue to pressure north korea until the country ends its nuclear program. this program is going on, a lot of news ahead. it's 4:52 right now. is skincare from around the world better than olay? olay regenerist faced 131 premium products, from 12 countries, over 10 years. olay's hydration was unbeaten every time.
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the juul record. they took $12.8 billion from big tobacco. juul marketed mango, mint, and menthol flavors, addicting kids to nicotine. five million kids now using e-cigarettes. the fda said juul ignored the law with misleading health claims. now juul is pushing prop c, to overturn san francisco's e-cigarette protections. say no to juul, no to big tobacco, no to prop c. 4:54 for you this morning, and nbc bay area responds to a san leandro military veteran who ended up with a medical bill she should not have had to pay. >> when her own efforts came up
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short, she asked consumer investigator cishmura and his team for a hand. >> good morning. l.v. had to go to the emergency room in late 2017 and didn't expect any bill, because she is a disabled navy ten. the va picks up the tap but more than a year laler, elvi got a bill for $1,038 from a radiologi radiologist. she sent that bill to the va but it never got paid. elvi paid the bill herself with her credit card and asked us to help make things right. we reached out to the veterans affairs department. it couldn't share any details about elvi's case because of privacy rules but elvi got a reimbursement check for the full $1,038. veterans in california who run into problems have another advocate on their side, the california department of veterans affairs or calvet. it offers free assistance to those who served. find them at and you can always call us,
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888-996-tips or visit warriors star draymond green is a member of janet jackson's rhythm nation, while younger warriors are dancing to their own beat. >> they don't want to see janet jackson, i was super excited to see janet jackson. i'm sure if it was gunn, i would have ran here, too, but i also ran here for janet jackson so i guess it's a little different. >> he feels like a grizzled old vet with the new, young players. green is only 29 and the warriors newest rookie was born in 2000. just some information for you, janet jackson talking about her concert at chase center on the 21st of september. this is the 30th year for the release of that album "rhythm nation 1814." he's 29. it was released before he was
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born. >> nice he appreciates it. >> that's true. >> everybody loves a little janet, maybe not as much as you. >> that's probably true. >> fun facts with marcus. coming up on "today in the bay," a look at our top stories. kari hall is also tracking that tuesday forecast. >> it's a cool start to the day, here is a look at our concord temperature trend, yes, upper 40s, as we get this day started, but it will be a nice afternoon. we'll talk about this and more, coming up next. still think being draymond being younger than "rhythm nation" but watching traffic. san mateo is fine. we'll talk about contra costa coming up. plus breaking news for you, protests in hong kong take a violent turn overnight, what we're learning about a shooting that just happened during the clashes.
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up in smoke, san francisco-based juul backing away from a big push to overturn a ban on vaping products. a live report on what the company is saying about its decision this morning. plus -- >> i'll get all my evidence together, i'll get my charts. >> i think he's in trouble. i think he knows it. >> president trump's lawyer, rudy giuliani, fires back as congress demands that he turn over evidence detailing his ties to ukraine. this morning, our washington insider weighs in on what's next for the impeachment inquiry. and two years after the north bay wildfires, recovery efforts are still under way, but now victims are facing tens of
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thousands of costly unexpected bills. a very good morning to you. thanks so much for joining us, tuesday now. i'm laura garcia. >> and i'm marcus washington. mike will get us through the morning in a bit. first we want to start out with a cold start with the weather for this morning. meteorologist kari hall? >> it is a cold morning and we'll have another really nice day. as we take a live look in the south bay overlooking san jose, we're going to head over toward mountain view, a look at our temperature trend for the morning, we start out at 46 degrees and then we lead into some mid-60s by noon. overall, a nice day shaping up. we'll talk about this and a warmup in the forecast. mike, a couple of updates for contra costa county. >> traffic is light so we'll show you overall the bigger map, not a major issue, south bay, peninsula. over here highway 4 in pittsburg at railroad avenue the on-ramp there may be a crash on the side of the roadway. i see a tiny blip, maybe a signsign tiny slowing. 0


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