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tv   Early Today  NBC  October 3, 2019 4:00am-4:30am PDT

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m relieves wet and dry coughs for 12 hours with 2 medicines in 1 pill. look, biden and his son are stone-cold crooked and you know it. we don't call him shifty shift for nothing. he's a shiy dishonest guy. >> president trump's day of rage, attacking democrats and using profanities as the ukraine inquiry gains steam ahead of today's important deposition >> a jaw-dropping moment in court. an ex-cop is sentenced to ten years in prison after killing the neighbor and the brother asked to give her a hug of forgiveness. >> at least 17 passengers are
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dead when a world war ii plane crashes during an emergency return to a busy hartford airport. >> fears on the eve of a joker movie premiere why they are on alert and one movie chain is telling parents not to bring the kids. >> how one study found super group bts an economic power house contributing $3 billion to south korea's gdp. >> and trump was really in a foul mod -- this is true -- he tweeted that the do-nothing democrats are wasting everyone's time and energy on b.s. take a look yeah mike pence saw that tweet and washed his eyes out with soap. mother mother >> "early today" starts right now. good morning i'm phillip mena >> and i'm frances rivera.a cen impeachment inquiry will testify before congress in just hours. former u.s. special envoy to uks one of the administration officials named in the whistle-blower complaint that set all of this in motion. volker resigned last friday when
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the complaint revealed he had met with ukrainian leader volodymyr zelenskiy the day after president trump urged his counterpart to investigate joe biden. overnight, the former vice-president fired back. >> i'm not surprised donald trump asked a foreign government for help to beat me. i'm not backing down i'm not going to be distracted by his lies, his conspiracies, distortion and name calling. we have to do more than beat donald trump we have to beat him like a drum. [ cheers and applause >> biden's comment after mr. trump lashed out at democrats online and on camera let's turn to nbc's tracie potts who joins us with the latest from d.c. tracie, in a tweet the president's comments using choice words we have to warn our viewers about. >> rte look. the president tweeting about what he called do-nothing democrats and this impeachment inquiry using an expletive to show his frustration with what he says is just a made-up probe.
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and this also spilled over into his news conference with the president of finland, where president trump was visibly angry and frustrated at the media. but also at democrats, including intelligence committee chair adam schiff. >> we don't call him shifty schiff for nothing he's a shifty dishonest guy. he should resign from office in disgrace and frankly, they should look at him for treason. they have been trying to impeach me from the day i got elected. i've been going through this for three years. nancy pelosi hands out subpoenas like, you know, she has to approve it. she hands out subpoenas like they're cookies. >> reporter: but clearly democrats think there is some merit to asking these questions, to this inquiry. and last night on rachel maddow, former rival hillary clinton wondered why some republicans don't, too >> we need some republicans to step up. and for the life of me, i don't
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understand it. i know some of these people. i served with some of these people and the fact that they're letting this man run roughshod over our constitution, over separation of powers, over checks and balances, over the rule of law -- absolutely makes no sense to me >> reporter: you mentioned that former envoy kurt volker is testifying here today. democrats are warning the administration about trying to slow-walk or stone wall others set to testify back to you. >> tracie potts for us tracie, thank you. >> breaking news, one person has been arrested in dallas after a night of protests. dozens of demonstrators marched in the street, some chanting, no justice, no peace. one person was taken into custody for blocking a road. this was all the reaction to the ten year prison sentence given to former police officer amber geyger who was convicted of murdering her neighbor botham jean in his apartment. a prayer service was held for jean last night following a very emotional day in court where the victim's family spoke out about
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their grief and amber geyger learned her fate here's nbc's gabe gutierrez. >> can i give her a hug, please? >> reporter: a powerful moment in court as the brother of amber geyger's victim forgave her and asked for an embrace she sobbed in his arms. >> no justice, no peace. >> reporter: but outside the courtroom outrage as geyger learned her punishment >> assess at 10 years imprisonment >> reporter: they asked for 28 years the age botham jean would have turned this week. the jury took less than two hours of deliberations to hand down the sentence, capping a dramatic trial during the emotional punishment phase, jeher broke down on ver the him. i won't see him. i still won't see him. >> reporter: his son was shot and killed last september in his
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own apartment. geyger claimed she mistook him for a burglar after accidentally barging into his unlocked apartment, thinking it was her own. for the first time we heard from geyger's mother who described how her daughter was sexually mow defenda molested as a child by a man she dated. she said her daughter was distraught after jean's death. >> she said she wished she could take his place she feels very bad about it. >> reporter: before the proceedings ended, the judge gave amber geyger her personal bible and told her this is where you need to start. as for that hug, the district attorney here in dallas says that he's never seen anything like it in his career botham jean's mother is using this moment to call for reforms at the dallas police department, but some activists are calling for protests, saying the sentence is too lenient. phillip? >> all right, gabe, thank you. >> a rare chance to fly aboard a
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world war ii era bomber ended in a fiery disaster for sight-seers aboard a vintage plane in connecticut. at least seven people were killed when the crew of the civilian-owned plane tried to make an emergency return to the busy hartford airport. the plane careened off the runway and exploded. nbc's ron allen has the latest >> reporter: minutes after take off a deadly and fiery crash, the black smoke visible for miles. >> there's a massive fire on one of the runways over here >> reporter: a b-17 world war ii bomber, offering flights to the public, crashed and slid offer the runway at bradley international airport near hartford also striking a maintenance building three crew and ten passengers aboard >> i worried that it was a passenger flight i had no idea. >> then i just saw all this big billow of black smoke. i was like, something happened there. there's a fire or something. >> reporter: the crash so intense, rescuers struggled to identify the victims a foundation that preserves war planes brought it to connecticut this week for an exhibition. in a statement saying, our
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thoughts and prayers are with those who were on that flight and we will be forever grateful to the heroic efforts of the first responders the b-17 nicknamed the flying fortress, featured in the film memphis bell investigators say this plane took off at 9:45 a.m. five minutes later, the pilot told the tower he wasn't gaining altitude, and circled the airport, then crashed at 9:54. the airport shutdown for hours >> this definitely is very overwhelming sanu r >> reporter: now one connecticut senator demanding the grounding of all vintage airplanes pending investigation. >> before we take these airplanes out of the skies, we need to know whether they can be better maintained or equipped. but for right now we need to know exactly what the cause was here >> reporter: authorities have now confirmed seven people died in that crash. bradley international airport has reopened the crash site still blockin cancellations. the ntsb now in charge of the
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investigation. frances? >> we appreciate it, ron allen thank you. >> wall street took another big hit on wednesday this comes just as the white house promised to slap new tariffs on european products, including planes, wine and whiskey. the dow lost 494 points. that's 838 points in the last two days mostly over concerns that the economy is slowing >> amazon c.e.o. and "washington post" owner jeff bezos paid tribute to slain saudi journalist jamal khashoggi bezos made a brief appearance at a vigil in turkey to commemoratt telling his fiancee her experience was unimaginable. the journalist was a critic of saudi arabia's crown prince, and was murdered at a saudi consulate in istanbul. >> one of the 2020 democratic
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front runners is cancelling events until further notice. senator bernie sanders is putting campaign appearances on hold after undergoing a heart procedure for a blocked artery his campaign says the procedure went well and he is in good spirits. nbc's andrea mitchell has more >> reporter: senator bernie sanders, one of the most animated candidates on the trail. >> working people are sick and tired. >> reporter: known for his a aerobic delivery and booming voice. >> this is the moment history will judge us by >> reporter: now hospitalized after experiencing some chest discomfort, doctors discovering a blockage in one artery, inserting two stents the procedures involves inserting a catheter tipped with a balloon, which is then inflated to open the blockage. a stint is left behind to keep the artery open. >> it's a very quick recovery, a minimally invasive surgery that is accomplished quickly and has fantastic results. >> reporter: sanders whoa turned 78 last month seemed fine to observers at a fund-raiser
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a week ago talking about his health to stephen colbert. >> i'm in good health and, you know, running a vigorous campaign >> reporter: at the last debate, sanders was noticeably hoarse. >> we must do more >> reporter: promising to release his medical records before the primaries >> the american people have a right to know whether the person they're going to be voting for for president is healthy >> reporter: sanders is the oldest of three front runners. joe biden is 76. elizabeth warren 70. >> everyone here wishes him well, wants to see him strong and back on the trail as soon as possible >> our thanks to andrea mitchell for that report. >> we are three days into october. for a lot of us it has not felt like it at all let's see what we're going to turn this around >> this is the high temperatures we saw yesterday too many -- not all-time records. all-time october records washington, d.c. at 98 i like the charlotte headline. 99 degrees in charlotte yesterday. that was their warm est day of the entire year. warmer than any summer day we're going to do it again today.
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61 potential record high betters we go through the weekend. it looks like monday into tuesday of next week, the south will finally get at least a little taste of fall we're getting that this morning in areas of the northeast. it's umbrella and jacket weather in the north east which is a big change from yesterday >> we don't know what to do with ourselves now with the weather we're having bill, thanks in today's quick hits, the u.s. coast guard officer is expected to plead guilty today to ill lelly stockpiling firearms and compiling a list of political and media figures he wanted to kill lieutenant christopher paul heson will enter the plea in a maryland court >> a bar in florida donated $14,000 from the bar's walls to hurricane dorian relief in the k
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the rays were shining bright in oakland for the a.l. wild card game. that is tampa bay's yandy diaz setting the tempo with the lead-off homer in the third he does it again. leading that inning with another solo home run. that would put tampa bay up 4-0. the a's would never recover. tampa wins the game 5-is now they will fly to houston to play the astros. >> donald trump, jr. and his girlfriend kimberly guilfoyle are visiting florida next week and the student body is divided accordinto tampa baycomped to past speakers. kevin o'leary of shark tank was paid 95,000 and pitbull took home 130,000 the event is getting a lot of pushback with some students asking for their money back.
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and one group is organizing a protest. the decision does have a few supporters who say diverse views are needed on campus >> melinda gates is fighting to advance gender equality in the united states. she will be committing $1 billion over the next ten years to expanding women's power and influence. in an op-ed for time, gates wrote, in part, i believe that women's potential is worth investing in >> still ahead, instagram's creative new way to cut down on bullying and bts is big business. why the boy band is practically part of south korea's dna next on "early today. cascade platinum. it's specially-designed with the soaking, scrubbing and rinsing built right in. cascade platinum's unique actionpacs dissolve quickly... remove stuck-on food. . . for sparkling-clean dishes, the first time. choose the detergent that lets your dishwasher do the dishes! cascade platinum the number one recommendeddo the brand in north america.
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here's johnny! >> god, there are memes. have you ever seen that movie? it's probably the most famous y it fetched over $232,000 in auction. it got almost four times the amount people thought it was going to go for. even though it was used to kwhop down that door there, it's still reportedly in good condition >> the ptsd a lot of us have from that movie when we were younger seeing that. >> classic >> crazy all right. bts is taking the korean economy and the world by storm
4:20 am
this seven-man k-pop sensation accounts for, get this here, $4.65 billion in south korea's gdp. putting them in the same league as samsung and hyundai well, this is all due to album sales, all their merch, tourism dollars and other revenue generators their success has made them the first group since the beatles to score three number one albums on the billboard 200 chart in less than a year. you go figure. there is a reason why they came back from their hiatus, and that didn't last very long. >> exactly they're like, we're going to take a break someone is like, no you're not >> the country will go in shambles and fall apart. they contribute that much to their gdp. >> incredible, seven dudes if you're in texas or the south, you know a guy named mattress mack he's a furniture store mogul and known for helping hurricane harvey victims and a huge sports fan. this year mack is betting 3 1/2 million dollars on the houston astros to win the world series
4:21 am
his stores are also promising to refund their purchases of $3,000 or more if the astros win, and he stands to make $7.7 million if houston gets it done. >> you with mack when it comes to this, you think they're going to do it >> i'm a huge astros fan >> that's why i'm asking you >> if i had the money to bet with him, i'd be with mattress mack verlander. >> he's there. all right, insta is continuing their efforts to fight online bullying. the photo sharing app has rolled out a new feature called d strict to help users protect interaction. here's how it works. you can restrict someone by swiping left on their comment through the privacy tab or on the profile you want to restrict once you enable it, comments from restricted users will only be visible to the person who set the comment. and also the user whose profile the comment was made on. the company says the restricted person will not know if they have been restricted >> less trolls, the better just ahead, stepped up security
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in today's top stories, the trump administration cracking down on undocumented immigrants. announcing a new rule to collect dna samples from hundreds of thousands of people in federal immigration custody. their information would then be entered into a nationwide database that authorities use to identify criminal suspects the new rules would also allow the government to collect dna from children as well as those who seek asylum at legal ports of entry >> the worlds's largest poker site is now part of the world's largest online gaming company. the owners of fanduel have agreed to buy poker stars for $6 billion. both owners flutter and the stars group will merge their betting brands which will also include paddy power, sky bet, and fox bet.
4:27 am
the companies will continue to operate separately, but will focus on different segments of the market >> three suspected drug smugglers used bags of cocaine to stay afloat after their boat sank the trio was spotted in the pacific ocean clinging onto their product as flotation devices. look how many there were before being rescued by members of columbia's army 1.2 tons of cocaine was seized by coast guard officials alongside the men who will now face drug-related charges. in this case, they say the cocaine saved their lives. >> wow, it can kill, but for them -- >> right there >> who knew, cocaine floats like that so much to learn with the joker movie set to open tonight, cities are stepping up se unknown theater may be targeted. here's nbc's miguel almaguer >> reporter: ahead of opening weekend, warner brothers' new film "joker" depicting the life of violence is triggering
4:28 am
real-world security concerns police departments in new york, chicago and los angeles stepping up their presence around theaters it comes seven years after a mass shooting in colorado during the premiere of another batman movie. >> we're aware of the significance, historical significance of the opening of this film. we'll be deploying officers, they'll be visible on the street >> reporter: joker depicts an outcast struggling with mental illness who turns to violence. on the string of deadly shootings this year, despite no credible threats made, some theaters are banning masks, costumes one chain telling parents to leave their kids at home, warning of brutal violence and overall bad vibes. while some police departments are not planning to step up patrols in other cities, plain clothes officers may be sitting inside the theater star joaquin phoenix said the movie is meant to be thought provoking. >> it's really good when movke the van gogh.
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good morning to you. we're following breaking news so early this morning. all lanes of northbound 101 are now shut down after a deadly crash involving a taxi and a wrongway driver. i'm kris sanchez in for laura garcia. >> and i'm marcus washington. straight to that breaking news. we have team coverage with mike inouye watching the traffic. we begin with "today in the bay" live there with the latest. pete? >> reporter: we're just getting an update from chp about this deadly crash. i want to step out of the scene and show you what we're looking at. chp is on the scene of what is said to be a wrongway driver. we're told that


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