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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11AM  NBC  October 3, 2019 11:00am-11:30am PDT

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kevin?! try my new $4.99 blt cheeseburger combo. right now at 11:00, decision 2020, the presidential race making itsay through the bay area cash machine right now, former vice president joe biden is on the peninsula, raising money. the visit comes, of course, as president trump is under fire for asking another country to investigate the vice president. and new poll numbers show the democratic front-runner status here in california too close to call. live in palo alto at his first stop, roz plater. what do you know so far? >> reporter: we th is at the
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evier restaurant in downtown l palo alto. this is for a luncheon here. they are setting up for a buffet, we're told, a variety of seafood, meats and salads. the restaurant seats about 100 or so people. we don't know how many are expected to attend. it is a fund-raiser, after all. and at least 1,500 to attend, we are being told. now a new poll out with a public policy institute of california shows a tight three-way race in california with elizabeth warren at 23%, mr. biden at 22%, bernie sanders at 21% and they are far out ahead of kamala harris, who is polling at 8% in this poll in her own home state. as for mr. biden, once he wraps up the luncheon here, he is headed to san francisco for an afternoon reception, dinner later on tonight, both of which are hosted by senator dianne feinstein. we're live in palo alto.
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i'm roz plater, bay area nbc news. >> bay area nbc news, you can get updates on president trump is suggesting china investigate the former vice president and his son, hunter biden. >> you may very well fine that there are many other countries that they scammed, just like they scammed china, ukraine. basically who are they really scamming? the usa, and it's not good. >> in response to trump's comment comments, biden's campaign manager said in a statement, quote, trump is flailing and melting down on national television, desperately clutching for conspiracy theories that have been debunked and dismissed by independent, credible news organizations. this all comes as kurt volker, the former u.s. special envoy to ukraine is set to testify before three congressional committees. volker resigned from his post
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after he was named in a whistle-blower complaint involving a phone call between president trump and the president of ukraine. according to that complaint, trump also asked the ukrainian leader to investigate biden and his son, hunter. that call has top democrats launching an impeachment inquiry against the president. today the trump says the report was, quote, totally inaccurate. bernie sanders plans to participate in the next debate. the vermont senator just underwent surgery, having two stents placed. he was having discomfort in his chest and doctors found a blockage in his artery. he canceled events the next few days and says to be in good spirits but will be ready for that debate, october 15th in ohio. back here at home, new details in a deadly crash involving a taxi and a wrong-way driver that shutdown northbound 101 near candlestick for much of the morning commute. chp said it was about midnight when a woman driving a
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volkswagen the wrong way, in the wrong direction on northbound 101 near the paul avenue off ramp hit a taxi carrying passengers. those two passengers and both drivers all died. chp is investigating why the driver was going the wrong way in the first place. >> at this point, we don't know who were all involved. that is something we look at not only in this collision but traffic collisions this time of day or night. >> lanes were shut down nearly seven hours this morning. see the backup there before the sunrise. barely got better around 7:00 this morning. turning to your microclimate weather forecast. a live look at walnut creek where we are leaning forward to reach into the weekend and it's going to be a warm one. meteorologist kari hall is trackitrac tracking it for us. >> as we get ready to head out for lunch, a live look at the golden gate bridge in san
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francisco. feels really nice out there with our temperatures in the low to mid 60s. we have upper 60s in fairfield and brentwood. we're at 65 in livermore, 63 in palo alto and oakland at 62 degrees. lunchtime temperatures in concord will be about 72 degrees. you may want to make plans to get outside. if not for lunch, l on today as we stay in the mid 70s. we have another day of weather like this, where our high temperatures will be slightly cooler than normal, only reaching 74 in palo alto, oakland reaching 74. and in livermore, some mid 70s there. as we go into the weekend, though, we talked about it. it's going to get hot. i'll show you those numbers as we make weekend plans coming up in a few minutes. governor newsom signed nearly two dozen bills for wildfire protection. one measure will establish a state-wide network of automated weather stations and fire detection cameras. other bills encourage communities to adopt new standards aimed at making homes
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more fire resistant. all of this comes, of course, in the wake of last year's fire season, which was one of the most devastating ever in california, including the deadly campfire in butte county that wiped out paradise. just in, the man accused of shooting people inside a california synagogue pleads not guilty to those charges. he is accused of killing a woman and injuring three people inside the synagogue in april. he is also accused of setting a fire at a nearby mosque. ernest also faces 100 hate crime-related charges. if convicted he could face the death penalty. details in the 2017 mass shooting at a las vegas concert venue, mgm resort and victims of the mass shooting reach aid landmark settlement that is said to be worth $735 and $800 million, depending on the number of claims. mgm says that the settlement is not an admission of liability
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for that 2017 shooting. 58 people were killed. hundreds of others were injured. it is the worst mass shooting in modern american history. the sentencing for a former dallas police officer convicted of murder ended up with a surprising show of forgiveness from the victim's brother. botham jean's 18-year-old brother asked the judge if he could hug amber guyger before she was sentenced for that killing. >> i don't know if this is possible, but can i give her a hug, please? >> last year, guyger shot botham jean in his dallas apartment. she said she thought she was in her apartment and he was an intruder. a jury found her guilty of murder and she was sentenced to ten years in prison. yesterday outside the courtroom, a different scene on the stres allas. people feeling less forgiving. they marched to protest guyger's sentencing, saying it's too short for a convicted murder.
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she could have gotten up to 99 years in prison for killing jean. authorities on the peninsula are searching for a man with a knife and ax. it happened yesterday in menlo park. the man left the scene before officers arrived, running into an empty field. police say during the search they encountered a belligerent homeless man who ended up hitting an officer with a tree branch. officers subdued that man with the taser but he and the officer are both expected to be okay. the football season is over for the gilroy high school varsity team. four players were arrested for allegedly sexually assaulting a teammate. the victim, according to the complaint, was not physically injured. four more teammates walked off before the game.
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that's what canceled the season. the move comes as a disappointing surprise, students say. >> bummed out about it. >> feels like we were robbed of the opportunity of like winning. >> of the decision to cancel the varsity program this year does not include junior varsity. the junior varsity players, jv players, they will continue to hit the gridiron for the rest of the season. santa clara county service workers are out on the picket lines again today. it's the second day of their strike. [ crowd chanting ] >> social workers, nurses, even public defenders supporting that union. they walked off the line yesterday as well. workers have been without a contract for three months and they say talks are at an impasse. the count says the strike, so far, is not having a major impact on services partly because right now this is a rolling strike, so the entire 12,000-worker union is not on strike all at the same time. action amid growing concerns
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over reats. movie theater chains banning several items as a lot of folks plan to go see a brand new movie. plus is your phone tracking you? the surprising report revealing just how much it's tracking you, coming up next.
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an evolving story out of paris where four police officers are dead after being stabbed by a man at the police headquarters there. the attacker worked at the station and other officers shot and killed him. that attack happened near notre dame cathedral and one day after police went on strike across france due to increasing violence against officers. your phone may be tracking
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personal data and your every move more than you thought. >> reporter: your smart phone is constantly in action, even when you're not using it. the apps on your phone can access your number, email address, even your precise location, tracking information about you to build a profile. but what happens when that data goes beyond the apps you signed up for to third-party tracking companies? >> your phone is sending this extra data to these people you don't know exist. >> patrick jackson is the chief technology officer for the phone security company disconnect. he showed us all the data shared by the apps on my phone. nordstrom rack app allows third party to know a lot about me. >> is your email vickie [ bleep ]. .com? >> yes. >> i didn't enter that information anywhere. >> i know. >> there's more. my gender, full name, products i viewed and, get this, my real-time location, all given to
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companies i've never heard of. this is actually a location very close to whe i live. this is probably at some point when i'm going somewhere, not realizing i'm being tracked. >> not only do they want to collect your information in the digital world, they're using that to track you in the physical world as well. >> my door dash app gives out motion data about my phone, letting trackers know if i was on the move. and calm, meditation app, sent my information to five different tracking companies. disconnect developed an app privacy pro to block many of these trackers. door dash told nbc news it shares customer data to prevent fraud sbim prove service, adding it doesn't sell customer data and bans third parties from selling that data. yet its privacy statement says door dash is not responsible for the privacy practices of those third parties. calm and nordstrom did not respond to our request for comment. a privacy expert with a nonprofit electronic frontier foundation, the group lobbies for more regulation to protect your data.
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can consumers do anything to fight back ainst trackers? >> yes. you can be vigilant in making sure that you know the apps you're installing. >> if they're collecting your phone number, could that be used for robo calls? if they're tracking your email, could that be used to sent spam? >> it often is. once that information is out there in the system, it's very lightly regulated and companies that collect it can do almost anything with it. >> the only way to control what happens with your information is to limit what you share. >> sometimes consumers think it's too late. i already put this information out there. what can i really do now? >> it's not too late. companies that collect your information need more of it. >> lastly, doordash announced 4.9 million users data, including delivery addresses, partial credit card information was compromised by a third party and that's exactly what our expert warned can happen in these situations. happening now, safety
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concerns are mounting for movie theaters and police coast to coast with that new "joker" movie set to open in theaters starting today. police departments in new york, chicago, los angeles all confirm that they've stepped up patrols at theaters that are showing that film. it comes seven years after a mass shooting in aurora, colorado, wear gunman killed 12 people and shot many more during the premier of a different batman movie. >> we're aware of the historical significance of the opening of this film. while we always pay attention to large gathering spaces, we'll be deploying extra officers, there will be a lot of them visible on the streets. >> with no credible threats made, police say the show of force is out of abundance of caution. amc theaters are banning masks and landmark theaters are not allowing moviegoers to wear costumes. some of gandhi's ashes were
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stolen at a memorial in india. the word "traitor" was also painted. some view him as a traitor for his advocacy of unity. after his death, his cremated remains were sent around the country to various memorials. live look now at the big board. at least we're in the green this morning. stocks did rise today, recovering from big losses earlier in the day as expectations for the federal reserve to further ease monetary policy. calm concern over the u.s. economy. do you want to get far away, maybe roam halfway around the world, launching new nonstop flights around the world from sfo starting next year. service will be available july 1st and october 28th, thee days
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a week. fly on monday, thursday or saturday. round-trip tickets start at $1,500 more if you want to go first class. part of the promotion is sfo, holding a contest for free tickets. find the instructions to get in on that on the sfo facebook page. new at 11:00, alabama is reporting its first concerned vaping death. health officials say an adult man died from a vap-relae-relat illness. he would be the 17th person nationwide to die from a lung illness related to vaping. there are more than 500 illnesses related to vaping across the country. retailers are burning certain heartburn medications, pulling them off the shelves, including zantac, after health officials warn of a possible link to cancer. walmart and kruger are joining
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right aide and cvs for drugs containing ranitidine. 135 million sold last year, zantac alone. now the roughly one in five americans who have complained of heartburn are left wondering what they should do. that includes nbc's carson detadaly. >> i can't take zantac anymore. >> no plans to stop manufacturing zantac or other ranitidine drugs. one day left before the weekend, and it's kind of odd. so cold this morning. you say it's going to feel like summer again. >> we're going back to summer for the weekend. we've been on a roller coaster where we're all over the place. it's been a nice, cool week. we know that's about to change.
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we've had a lot of very hot temperatures. here is a live look outside in san francisco or san jose, rather, as you get ready to head out for lunch. getting ready to hit 101, windows down two. feels very nice outside right around noon at 68 degrees with low 70s throughout the rest of the day and cooling down quickly this evening. here is a look at high temperatures this afternoon with napa reaching 73. oakland will head up to 74 degrees, san francisco, 65. in santa rosa, expect a high temperature today at 76 degrees. bottom of the screen, the seven-day forecast shows hot weather headed our way. if you're planning to see the bluegrass this weekend i think friday is the best day. we'll only reach the low 70s and we'll get mostly sunny skies. now the rest of the weekend as
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we go into the next several days. then quickly high pressure starts to build. that will cause temperatures to spike going into the weekend. it also will provide a northerly wind and our winds blowing offshore will make it hot. we'll also have the concern of a high fire danger as that high pressure sets up, we start to see those winds coming in at about 10 to 25 miles per hour. we will have a moderate risk of some wildfires starting sunday as we get the dry air coming in, going into not only sunday but possibly monday as well. upper 70s tomorrow. and then we see our temperatures going way up for saturday as well as sunday. we can see those temperatures
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peak on monday up to 90 degrees and gradually start to come back down by the middle of next week with san francisco in the mid 70s, we could see some very warm weather for those outdoor festivities. it does look fairly much more comfortable here, compared to what we feel in the inland valleys, and then cooling down for the middle of next week. be watching out for that high fire danger, keep checking in for more updates and we'll talk more about that heat. kris? >> thank you very much, kari. the a's season is now over after losing last night's wildcard game. the record the team hit. happening right now, move over pumpkin spice. mcdonald's announces first seasonal drink of 2019, cinnamon cookie latte december 6th along with the returning mccafe donut sticks.
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i haven't had them. the drinks will be served hot or cold. small latte will cost about two bucks. white chocolate mocha was six years ago.
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do you have concerns about mild memory loss related to aging? prevagen is the number one pharmacist-recommended memory support brand. you can find it in the vitamin aisle in stores everywhere. prevagen. healthier brain. better life.
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thankful for her flexible schedule that allows her to spend time with her son. be sure to follow nbc bay area on facebook, twitter and instagram. to sports now, lose something never any fun, especially when it's one and done. they needed to beat tampa in order to advance. instead they whiffed. they never managed much of a challenge. 5-1 they lose to the rays. fans were bummed. they say there's always next year, but listen to this first guy. >> i've been a fan of this franchise since my conception here on earth. too bad i was born after '89, right? >> we're going to get it next year. >> next year! >> we're going to get it next year. >> game did make some history. largest ever kraud for a wild card game. it's only 175 days until opening
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day. you have that, too. fans can also pivot straight to hockey, pretend it never happened. sharks season got under way last night in vegas, but it didn't go as planned. maybe vegas looking for revenge. sharks first goal of the season in the first period. that was nice. but then nothing else happened. that was the sharks only goal as vegas went on to win 4-1. all right. we are enjoying this nice, cool weather. if you have any outside chores, putting out your halloween decorations, today is the day. >> today is the day, tomorrow is nice. the weekend starts to get hot, highs from the 70s to the upper 80s, even peaking at 90 degrees. then it will cool down once again for the middle of next week. but, yeah, a few days of really hot weather. >> that won't feel very festive at the pumpkin patch. >> probably not. >> pumpkin spice latte.
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get it iced. thanks for joining us. our next newscast is coming up at 5:00. you can get the day's latest stories at have a great day. at at&t we believe in access. the opportunity for everyone to explore a digital world. connecting with the things that matter most. and because nothing keeps us more connected than the internet. we've created access from at&t california households with at least one resident who receives snap or ssi benefits. may qualify for home internet
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at a discounted rate of $10 a month. no commitment, deposit, or installation fee. visit, to learn more.
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right now on "california live" it's mom and me time. >> escape from all motherhood duties, it's moms in cars. >> welcome to our sanctuary, girl. malou is making magic in the bay. >> it's not going to pop rierktrierkt, right? >> that's how science work. >> wonder where winnie went? we found her. >> a matchmaker looking to solve a mystery. plus, getting jimmy smits to reveal his secrets. it's all happening right now on


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