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tv   Today  NBC  October 7, 2019 7:00am-9:00am PDT

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we expect that getting to the peninsula. >> hope your monday morning is great. thanks for joining us. we'll be back at 7:25 with a live local news update. >> don't forgeto toin us for our midday newscast, always a fun time for us there. we'll see you then. have a great morning. good morning, new whistleblower, a second person comes forward with information aboue ent's dealings with ukraine. >> chuck, let me finish. >> the gop ccles the wagons around the president, but former secretary of state colin powell says it's time for republicans to step up. >> they need to get a grip, and when they see things that are not right,hey need to say something about it. >> just ahead, the key witnesses set to testify this week. we're live at the white house. breaking overnight, captured, a man accused of opening fire inside a crowded kansas bar killing at least four people taken into custody. a desperate manhunt now underway for a second suspect armed, dangerous and still on the
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loose. gunned down, a key witness whose testimony was crucial at police officer amber guyger shot and killed just days after the verdict. his lawyer now asking is there a connection. those stories, plus the former harvey weinstein assistant speaking out after two decades of silence. simone-sational, the world's greatest gymnast does it again, and what made that move at the world championship even more meaningful. and tale of survival, the incredible rescue of a dog trapped in hurricane rubble for nearly three weeks and the pet they call miracle is with us live, today, monday, october 7th, 2019. >> from nbc news, this is "today" with savannah guthrie and hoda kotb, live from studio
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1a in rockefeller plaza. hi, everybody, welcome to "today," nice to have you with us on a monday morning. we shouldn't make people wait to see this sweet story. this little dog named miracle, right there, and it is a miracle that he was able to survive. >> when you think about three weeks in the rubble, they said this little guy survived on rain water, and getting a lot of love this morning. this is a live picture of him. we're going to visit with him. >> it's a heartwarming story, and brings our attention to all the people suffering there as well. we'll get to that in a moment. we'll start of course with this impeachment investigation and the latest now, a second whistleblower has emerged, what sets this person apart is this person claims to have firsthand knowledge of the events at the center of the inquiry. in the meantime, new witnesses will be heard from throughout this week on capitol hill, including a key figure in this investigation. the u.s. ambassador to the european union. we've got complete coverage. we'll start with nbc's white house correspondent, kristen welker, good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you, that second whistleblower could be critical. according to legal sources as
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you say, this person has firsthand knowledge of events which could bolster the first whistleblower who relied largely on the accounts of other u.s. officials prompting attacks from the president. all of it as some key trump allies are struggling to mount a unified defense. this morning, the impeachment crisis intensifying, a second whistleblower said to have firsthand knowledge of the president's july phone call with the leader of ukraine is now cooperating with the intelligence community's inspector general. that's according to the attorney for the first whistleblower, a cia employee who filed the initial complaint at the center of the house impeachment inquiry. president trump lashing out over the weekend. they are going to the bench, and another whistleblower is coming in from the deep state. keep them coming. and tweeting support from pundits. >> it is not an abuse of power to ask for information from a foreign government. presidents do it all the time. >> reporter: all this as republicans struggle to defend the president's public calls for foreign powers to investigate
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joe biden and his son hunter's business dealings despite no evidence of wrongdoing. >> china should start an investigation into the bidens. >> reporter: key ally congressman jim jordan pressed over the weekend. >> you have been going ten minutes, you still can't say whether you think it's right or wrong. >> i don't think it's going to happen. i just don't think that's what the president was really saying. >> reporter: in a combative appearance on "meet the press", republican senator ron johnson drudging up past investigations. >> it's pretty clear we're only dealing with the facts that we have. not the facts you wish them to be. >> i can't get the answers, and i can't get the answers, the american people can't get the answers. something fishy happened during the 2016 campaign in the transition, early part of the trump presidency, and we still don't know. >> reporter: small cracks are forming in the president's wall of support, including this
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criticism from susan collins. >> asking china to get involved in investigating a political opponent is completely inappropriate. >> reporter: former secretary of state colin powell making headlines for these comments about his party. >> the republican party has got to get a grip on itself right now. republican leade and mbers of the congress, both senate and the house are holding back because they're terrified of what will happen to any one of them if they speak up. will they lose a primary? our foreign policy is in shambles, in my humble judgment, and i see things happening that are hard to understand. >> reporter: now the president is also pointing fingers trying to pin the controversy on his energy secretary, according to sources familiar with the matter, in a phone call with house republicans, the president said rick perry urged him to make that july call with ukraine's president, saying it was a call he didn't even want to make. savannah. >> kristen, thank you so much.
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let's turn to nbc news analyst, jeremy bash, former chief of staff at the cia and department of defense. good morning. >> good morning. >> a second whistleblower has come forward, considering the whistleblower complaint mentioned many officials who had been witness to the events, are you surprised there's a second whistleblower, what's the significance. >> not surprised at all, and it blows a hole in efforts to undermine the credibility of the first whistleblower. it's a mounting body of evidence along with text messages and witness testimony that trump wasn't just being trump on that phone call with president zelensky on ukraine. this was part of a carefully orchestrated effort by key administration officials by presenting an ultimatum to the ukrainians, you have to get involved in the 2020 election, help trump win reelection and if not you're not going to get the benefit of american support, including the military support. >> the president denies a quid pro quo. what the president has acknowledged and is as clear as
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day is this rough transcript of the phone call in which the president says to ukraine, i want you to do me a favor and talks about investigating the bidens. the president has said repeatedly that is perfect call. is there anything wrong with that call, these facts that the president has acknowledged? >> well, imagine savannah, if a president of the united states said to china, hey, you can invade your neighbors or said to north korea, you can build nuclear weapons if you do me a favor, though, in effect, it's putting american foreign policy, american power, american support on sale for a very low low price, and there are the lot of countries, a lot of dangerous countries in the world that will take advantage of that and could potentially hurt american national security. >> and finally, we heard some of the president's allies in congress saying, look, when the president went out on camera and said that china should investigate the bidens, he was
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just kidding. people can look at the tape and determine whether or not he was kidding or not. let's say for the sake of argument that he was, you used to work at the cia, how do you think china would receive those comments? >> first, he wasn't kidding, he was serious. second, even if he was joking around, china would interpret this as a very serious invitation. they saw what happened in 2016, russia clearly interfered and they were rewarded. >> all right. jeremy bash, thank you so much. also breaking out of washington overnight, the white house announcing a major shift in u.s. policy pulling forces out of northern syria. today's senior international correspondent keir simmons has the latest on this breaking news. good morning, what can you tell us. >> hey, savannah, good morning, this announcement comes after a phone call between president trump and th trump and the president of turkey u.s. forces will withdraw and turkish forces will move into northern syria u.s. forces were there to help fight isis with a key ally, kurds, the kurds warning of a genocide, thu.s. withdrawal is
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being portrayed by some as america betraying a key ally the white house saying turkey will take responsibility for thousands of isis fighters captured by the kurds, but there are fears this morning that those imprisoned isis fighters may be released, potentially setting off an isis resurgence. >> keir simmons, thank you. new developments on the manhunt for two gunmen who killed four people and wounded five others. one of them taken into custody overnight. nbc's blayne alexander has the latest on this this morning. >> reporter: good morning to you. today this close community is still very much in mourning with so many people reeling from that brutal shooting inside the bar now overnight authorities revealed one suspect has been captured but another is still on the run this morning and he should be considered armed and dangerous. this morning, this community
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gripped with grief after police say two gunmen walked into a kansas city bar early sunday and started shooting >> i just kept hearing the shots and shots and shots and shots, and he was shot here, and the man next to me was shot. >> reporter: four people killed, another five rushed to the hospital overnight, police revealed they have arrested one of the suspected gunmen, javier alatorre his accomplice is still on the run. he should be considered armed and dangerous. these surveillance images show the men inside the bar. >> the first shooter, the guy who came in we had an altercation before. >> jose valdez was bartending, he saw one of the alleged gunmen earlier and refused to serve him because he walked in shouting gang slogans. around >> he threw a cup at me, and proceeded to come around and threw a bottle, you know, some
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of the customers got him, you know, got him out of the bar. >> less than two hours later, valdez says that suspect returned with another man. >> he just walked in and looked for who he was looking for, and then just started shooting we lt me good people, young people one of the guys were 50 years old, his first time ever in our bar. >> police say they believe it was an isolated incident. >> we do not believe that we have two people that are just running around shooting up people, and shooting up businesses. >> reporter: but for those inside the bar and around this close knit community, it's a devastating scar >> i don't feel like i'm ever going to be the same after seeing something like that every time i close my eyes, i see it, and i think about it like, all i can see is their faces. >> reporter: and officials say that both suspects have been charged with four count of murder hoda and savannah. >> blayne in kansas city, thank
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you. the search for answers in dallas, key witness at the trial of amber guyger was shot and killed over the weekend. morgan chesky is following this story. morgan, good morning. >> reporter: savannah, good morning, the shock of the amber guyger trial is sinking in in dallas, which makes this death more disturbing. police are actively searching for suspects brown's family has confided to their attorney, they fear his testimony could be tied to his death. the search is under way for a killer of a key witness. they met him at his home, took his life. >> please say your name for the record. >> joshua brown. >> reporter: less than two weeks ago, brown testified at guyger's widely watched trial. >> do you recall hearing anyone say, hey, put your hands up.
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>> no, ma'am. >> his testimony was credited with helping get a conviction and a ten-year prison sentence lee merit, a civil attorney for botham jean's family representing brown's family. he says brown already feared for his life after being shot in a club last year >> josh brown expressed concerns about the exposure he would get from this trial. >> reporter: one of the few witnesses who could describe the moments before and after amber guyger shot and killed jean in his own apartment. >> how soon after did you hear the sound of gunshots? >> right after >> right after >> it was quick. >> quick >> reporter: that scene in the courtroom making this scene friday night even more tragic. >> i just heard three shots. >> reporter: someone shot brown multiple times and drove off sunday night, dallas police chief renee hall releasing a statement reading in part, there are no suspects or motives at this time, we are committed to
7:14 am
solving this case, and will work diligently to apprehend the individuals responsible for brown's death. but the mayor believes dallas should hand this case off. >> given the suspicion surrounding this death, i can't emphasize how important this is, and i hope the city of dallas handles that the right way. >> this is just so shocking. you mentioned that he was shot just last year what do you know about that shooting, and is there a concern that that might have some role here as well >> reporter: yeah, savannah, motive definitely being looked into we know the brown's family had told their attorney he expressed concerns the trial would put a target on his back, and he could be viewed as a snitch for cooperating with law enforcement and the prosecution. meanwhile, after being shot at that bar last year, brown had said he was always afraid someone might come back and finish the job savannah.
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>> thank you very much. a huge upset last night on sunday night football, the unbeaten kansas city chiefs were hosting the colts, the colts scoring the first touchdown. the story of the game was the high octane chiefs held to 13 points on the night. the colts win it, 19-13 pulling off the stunner of the weekend so congrats to the colts. >> absolutely. let's turn our attention to our own stunner, al roker here with a check of the forecast, good morning, sir. good morning, guys, and thank you for getting your first national weather from us we're watching this cold front that's making its way from new england to texas last night, parts of tennessee, upwards of 4 1/2 inches of rain, memphis, the most they have seen since hurricane harvey a cold front is pushing its way from new england all the way back down into northeastern
7:16 am
texas, showers will arrive late in the day, along the i-95 corridor, and then by tomorrow, it dips down into the southeast and florida. it's going to be noticeably cooler behind front, and as far as rainfall, 1 to 2 inches in florida, heavier amounts stretching from tennessee to new england. 1 to 3 inches and we have a little bit of a flash drought in the mid atlantic and northeast so they need that rain here's another interesting thing we're watching for today a weak low develops near southern florida and meanders up the coast, getting caught along a front we're going to have to watch this there's a 30% chance of a subtropical system developing off the coast, potential impacts, gusty winds, high surf, riptides, and it may cause some problems as we head on into the long columbus day weekend. we're going to get to your local forecast coming up in the next 30 seconds of other americans get dressed
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for millions of other personal moments - big and small. at stitch fix we don't just see your size or style. we see you. stitch fix. personal styling for everybody. good monday morning. i'm meteorologist kari hall. it's still going to be a very warm day, but this is the last one for quite a while. as we reach into the upper 80s and low 90s for many of our inland areas. in san francisco, oakland we're in the low 80s. inland up to about 88 degrees. going through the rest of the forecast we start to cool off tomorrow but the winds pick up by the middle of the week. gusty winds also lead to high fire danger for inland hills and we'll keep that milder weather throughout the weekend. >> and that's your latest weather. guys.
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>> al, thank you so much. coming up, the international outcry after a u.s. diplomat's wife is accused of killing a 19-year-old man in a deadly wrong way crash. she has left the country just ahead, our exclusive interview with the victim's parents. plus, harvey weinstein's former assistant breaks her silence after 20 years with troubling new claims why she waited until now to tell her story. but first, this is "today" on nbc.
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you little heart in my honey nut cheerios. happen one morning and one cup at a time. trying to tell me you love me? or are you saying you taste great and can help lower cholesterol? [announcer singing] ♪ honey nut cheerios a very good morning to you. it is 7:26. i'm laura garcia. san jose police investigating the death of a man who was stabbed in a fight. it happened about 9:00 last night an alum rock and close to where it crosses over highway 101. officers responded to reports of a fight involving multiple people. they arrived to find the unidentified victim who later died at a hospital. developers today break ground on a new transit village near the walnut creek b.a.r.t. station. web it's all finished it will cover 16 acres with nearly 600 apartments and 26,000 feet of retail space. let's check the forecast for today, sounds like summer's hanging on. >> for one more day. as we get a live look in san
7:27 am
francisco, we start out with some very warm weather there, some 60s, headed up to 83 degrees. we'll also see a high of 83 in oakland, some upper 80s and low 90s in the north bay, the inland east bay, even down to morgan hill, where the warmer spots will be up to 92 degrees. going through the rest of the week, it will cool off but it will also be windy. especially on wednesday and thursday, and that will increase our fire danger for the inland hills, going into the weekend, we keep the nice fall-like weather as we reach into the upper 70s and some low 60s, upper 60s i should say for san francisco. let's see what's happening on the roads with mike. >> crashes in hayward and fremont cleared to the shoulder. mild slowing 808 continues. i'm concerned about this, traffic alert westbound 580 approaching schaeffer ranch road, a big rig, a le fire there as well. no injuries but definitely a spectacle and i believe right two lanes are blocked right now off the dublin grade. getting toward the bay bridge a smooth drive, we have slowing
7:28 am
680 southbound past treat, the disabled vehicle looks like it may still be in lanes and a live look at the bay bridge, we may see some smoke, there is a fire in oakland. back to you. >> thank you very much. another update in half an hour. see you then.
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double, double, oh, there it is. that's the biles. >> that's the biles. we're back at 7:30 with history for simone biles. she nailed that double double on the balance beam and a triple double on the floor at the world championship. >> you know what, when you do that, and you've done it so many times in big competitions like that, they name the moves after you, so now she's got two, the biles and the biles 2. >> and i think if we wait long enough, we'll have the biles 3, the biles 4. >> she's incredible. >> she's amazing. by the way, you can watch simone compete in the team event,
7:31 am
that's tomorrow. in the all around on thursday. the latest on our top story. a second whistleblower related to the president's july phone call with the leader of ukraine has now come forward according to the attorney for the first whistleblower who represents the second whistleblower as well. of course that initial complaint led to this impeachment inquiry. the lawyer, says the second whistleblower can corroborate details of the events in question. white house press secretary stephanie gresham said it doesn't matter how many people decide to call themselves whistleblower about the same telephone call, it doesn't change the fact that he, the president, has done nothing wrong. a british teen was killed in a wrong way crash involving the wife of a u.s. diplomat who has since left the uk. the boy's family is demanding justice in an exclusive interview with nbc news. nbc's erin mclaughlin sat down with them. good morning.
7:32 am
>> reporter: good morning, what happened on this road is the subject of a growing rift between the united kingdom and the united states. this morning we heard from the british prime minister boris johnson saying if this isn't resolved, he's going to personally call the white house. meanwhile, the victim's family is speaking out. charlotte charles and tim dunn say they are stunned and devastated. not only have they lost their 19-year-old son harry, they fear the woman driving the car who killed him may never be held accountable. >> we have gotten no answers, nothing from her to say that she's remorseful. >> reporter: harry dunn was doing what he loved most, riding his motorcycle through the english countryside. meanwhile, authorities say the 42-year-old wife of an american diplomat was driving on the wrong side of the same road. she crashed into dunn, killing
7:33 am
him. shortly after being questioned by british police, she left the country, claiming diplomatic immunity. >> we're appalled, disgusted. we haven't started to grieve properly yet. because nothing is at rest. >> you want to see justice. >> of course. >> and what does justice mean to you? >> she needs to come back and, you know, face justice in the courts. >> we can't see how she can't come back. >> reporter: british authorities say they repeatedly asked the u.s. embassy to waive her immunity. so far the embassy has declined, a spokesperson telling nbc news, a case like this receives intense attention at the senior levels, immunity is rarely waived. so far, there have been no charges in the case. british authorities telling nbc news, in order to interview a person with diplomatic immunity, the police must seek a waiver from the u.s. embassy. british authorities putting pressure on the u.s. >> i do not think it can be
7:34 am
right to use the process of diplomatic immunity for this type of purpose, and if we can't resolve it, then of course i will be personally with the white house. >> reporter: a letter she received from the u.s. ambassador, expressing his condolences. how did this make you feel. >> outraged. they want us to be a family that's going to accept what they told us. they chose the wrong family. >> reporter: the british foreign secretary is piling on the pressure, saying that he phoned the u.s. ambassador, urging him to issue that waiver. guys. >> erin in the uk. thank you. >> we'll continue to follow it, see what happens, it sounds like the prime minister of the uk is going to reach out to the white house. we'll see what happens. just ahead, the opening of tyler perry's new studio that had oprah and beyonce out celebrating. harvey weinstein's former assistant speaking out this
7:35 am
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we are back now, 7:39 with in-depth today, this morning, a new accuser against did harvey weinstein. >> nbc's stephanie gosk is here with that story. good morning. >> good morning, guys, the disgraced former movie mogul's former assistant has broken her silence.
7:40 am
now in a new op-ed, she is detailing her story like never before. overnight, a harvey weinstein accuser comingorward with new details. rowena chiu writing an op-ed in the "new york times" detailing her time working as weinstein's assistant in 1998, writing harvey weinstein told me he liked chinese girls, he liked them because they were discreet, he said, because they knew how to keep a secret. hours later he attempted to rape me. at the venice filmestival this year, chiu says she and weinstein were discussing film scripts late one night when he attacked her. after hours of fending off chitchat, requests for massages and a bath, ultimately i found myself pushed back against the bed. i had worn two pairs of tights for protection, and tried to appease him by taking one of them off and letting him massage me, but it hadn't worked. frightened, she says she managed to escape but she and a colleague faced resistance when they tried to report what happened. the message was always the same, who would ever believe us over the most powerful man in
7:41 am
hollywood. chiu says she was pressured into signing a nondisclosure agreement and accepted a settlement of $200,000. she struggled to find work following the incident, blamed herself for what happened. and even attempted suicide twice in the years that followed. i lived in constant fear of harvey's abuse, control and power, that the story would come back to haunt me. i suffered completely isolated from those around me who could have provided the support i needed, a loved one, trusted pastor, a respected therapist, even the man i married. the attorney for wean harvey weinstein says that there are t sides to every story. >> offered to keep a secret
7:42 am
while i was working and that was a very difficult thing to do over 20 years. >> she appeared with actress ashley judd and "new york times" reporters jodi kantor, and megan twohey who first broke the weinstein story. canton showed up on chiu's doorstep when they were first investigating weinstein. it took her two years to come forward. >> it'a fascinating read and really sheds a light on, you know, the process that individuals have in terms of deciding to come forward and break their silence. what about the criminal case against weinstein. that continues to go forward but is there a trial date set, what's happening? >> yes, there is a trial date, it's january here in new york. he faces two trials, not to do with chiu, two separate accusers, one of them rape in 2013, he has pled not guilty to both charges, and he recently lost an effort to get the venue switched out of new york city to somewhere else so it will be here in new york in january. >> we're going to have more on
7:43 am
this story on the 3rd hour of "today." >> let's switch gears with a check of weather with al. it's going to be affecting temperatures coast-to-coast, the first brings warm air ahead of this front. we're going to see temperatures that climb near 80 degrees in new york city, 75 in boston, 81 in norfolk. behind the front, 6 degrees cooler in pittsburgh, 4 degrees cooler in nashville, 8 degrees cooler, i should say, in nashville as that pushes through. the second front, the more powerful of the two, minneapolis will be warmer than usual. behind the front, 55 in seattle, medford, 66 and look what happens by the late week period. one day temperature drops, we are talking about anywhere from 15 to 45 degrees in one day. rapid city will see over a 40 degree temperature drop, probably, i should say, denver, a 40 degree temperature drop in 12 hours.
7:44 am
we go from 77 to 33. kansas city from 73 to 57. minneapolis from 68 to 50 degrees, and that will continue its trek to the east. >> we'll also have some significant cooling in the bay area but today is the last really hot day, as we look live in san francisco, where our temperatures this afternoon will reach into the low to mid 80s. we'll see a high of 83 in oakland, and 88 in san jose, up to 92 in morgan hill, and 87 degrees in napa and in clearlake, and for the rest of the week, it turns much cooler but also windy, and that will increase our fire danger for the inland areas. it does stay mild even into the weekend. 's your latest weather, hoda. >> thank you, al coming up, the true miracle, this little puppy was found alive in the bahamas nearly one month after hurricane dorian, how he survived and how he's doing this morning. >> he's getting a little nap right now. >> a little love from kerry. >> we'll have the story right after this in about 5 minutes
7:45 am
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7:48 am
we're back we're back at 7:49 with that incredible survival story in the bahamas. >> this is a sweet one, a puppy who was pinned under debris for weeks in the wake of hurricane dorian found alive and rescued,
7:49 am
and nbc's kerry sanders is at big dog ranch rescue in florida with little guys being cared for mainly by kerry at this moment hi. >> reporter: good morning, hi. >> reporter: good morning, well, look, skin and bones, but alive. and the really great news is just after being rescued, today, miracle here took his first couple of steps. he's resting right now, but he points out to us that so many of us really have forgotten about dorian because it was so long ago, but there are a group of dedicated volunteers who are still out there in the bahamas looking for lost and missing pets it's a miracle in every sense of the word, this puppy alive and defying the odds, believed to be buried in debris for more than three weeks on great abaco, the hardest hit of the bahamian islands. >> seeing this poor little darling dog just trapped underneath there, and thinking about how hard he fought to stay alive.
7:50 am
>> reporter: he's now known fittingly as miracle, pinned under an air-conditioning unit, rescue teams believe miracle survived on rainwater, fighting to endure another day. >> miracle is doing better. >> reporter: lori simmons runs big dog ranch rescue in florida, and has dedicated her life to saving animals in need like miracle. >> we were kind of running through options and you're combing through, looking for a needle in a haystack. >> reporter: miracle was discovered by a drone, that detected the dog under rubble, a symbol of survival, offering a glimmer of hope as massive recovery efforts in the bahamas only just beginning. hurricane dorian destroyed portions of the bahamas, the category 5 storm devastating great abaco and much of grand bahama island, the death toll, still not calculated but
7:51 am
believed to be in the hundreds >> miracle, you're going to be okay, baby. >> reporter: miracle isn't simply a survivor, he's a fighter. now serving as a beacon of light in times of darkness >> it's hope for the people that have been through so much over there knowing that miracles do happen >> reporter: now, the vets are saying that miracle here is going to do just fine. i've got a little bit of food here let's see if she's interested. not for the moment she's so lethargic laying here, they have the highest hopes. there we go, look. showing a little life. see if she wants a little food here >> yeah, look at that. >> she's very happy. they're giving her just a little bit of food and what we have here is a mixture of salmon and some other nutrients that is all prepared by chef rachel. look at this
7:52 am
this is the first time we have seen her stand up. look at that, look at the strength >> we had to give her a good reason breakfast. >> there we go. >> having been on the receiving end of a kerry sanders massage, you know that really does it >> so a lot of people are wondering what will happen next with miracle they're hoping to find miracle's owner, but they have already received more than 10,000 inquiries about adopting miracle here from as far away as london. this is good news. this is really good to see such life here, live oh, look at that well, guys, truly an amazing, truly a miracle. >> he is so cute. >> that was like watching a flower bloom literally watching it. that was awesome, kerry. >> i'm not going to wake up from my nap for just anything he needed a reason. >> thank you kerry got him.kerry got him. all perfect. >> jus all perfect. >> just ahead, natalie is hopping aboard a one of a kind
7:53 am
all girls flight aimed at inspiring the next generation of pilots you'll love this story, but first, a check of your local news, your weather and these messages >> that was awesome. awesome. - [narrator] meet the ninja foodi pressure cooker with tender crisp technology. the best of pressure cooking and air frying are now in one pot. and only the ninja foodi has tender crisp technology, so you can cook foods that are crispy on the outside and juicy on the inside. you may never need another appliance ever again. the ninja foodi pressure cooker. the pressure cooker that crisps.
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7:56 am
good monday morning. right now at 7:56, as you get ready to head out the door, we have a beautiful sunrise and this is a live look in walnut creek, we are also going to have some very warm temperatures today. it will still feel like summer for this one last day before it cools off in the forecast and we're reaching into the upper 80s and low 90s across many of our inland areas. by tomorrow we're in the low 80s and then by wednesday we're in the mid-70s. but it will also be windy and we'll have the concern of a high fire danger between wednesday and thursday before we see a slight rebound in temperatures friday and coming back down with more storm systems moving just to our north and some cooler air moving into the bay area. for san francisco, expect low 80s today but look at the difference between today and tomorrow, we're cutting down to 70 for the high and it will stay breezy and much cooler for the
7:57 am
rest of the week. let's head over to mike for an update on the commute. >> south bay and peninsula standard for a monday at this time. we're looking toward the tri-valley, where we have a lot of slowing west 580 approaching schaeffer ranch road. it looks like there's improvement in the speeds but a big rig fire and cleanup reported on the right two lanes. they may have cleared another because speeds are improving. slow west 580 approaching keller, a new crash moved to the shoulder and the bay bridge with the backup. back to you. >> thanks so much. happening now, developers breaking ground on a new transit village in contra costa county, it will be located next to the walnut creek b.a.r.t. station. when it's all finished it will offer 600 new housing units along with a large new retail complex. link to more on our home page. a legal defeat this morning for president trump and his battle to keep his tax returns from being released in a criminal probe. the judge in new york this morning rejected the president's challenge. head to ouri twitter feed for more details.
7:58 am
another local news update coming up in about half an hour.
7:59 am
8:00 am
it's 8:00 on "today," coming up, coming up, coming forward, a second whistleblower now claims they have firsthand knowledge of that phone call between president trump and the leader of ukraine, so where does the impeachment investigation go from here we're live with the latest. plus, fighting back, prince harry files lawsuits against two major british tabloids over alleged phone hacking. we'll have all the details on the legal battle just ahead. and taking flight. >> who's nervous. >> we'll meet an inspiring group of young women setting their sights on a future in the air. >> we thought what better way than to put them on an airplane, take them somewhere, and introduce them to the world. >> "today," monday, october 7th,
8:01 am
2019 ♪ >> from tennessee. >> hello to our family and friends in columbus, ohio. >> happy 13tbiay nicholas >> today is my 60th birthday. >> good morning, everybody welcome back to "today" on monday morning nice to have you with us craig has the morning off. we have a great crowd out there, made even greater because of the physicians assistants on our plaza, and they're getting younger, look at this little one. holy cuteness. >> babies, one there, and look the coach, fashionista right there. >> an awesome october to remember it's going strong. two more special guests are set to join in on the fun tomorrow, we have tonight show jimmy
8:02 am
fallon, live on our show and priyanka chopra talking about her new project. and international day of the girl, we're going to introduce you to girls doing great things all across the country. plus, michelle obama has a special announcement for us, and grammy winner alessia cara will be here. a second whistleblower has apparently come forward with new information about the phone call that's led to the impeachment investigation of president trump. nbc white house correspondent kristen welker joins us with the latest on it good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you. this could be a significant twist. according to legal sources, the second whistleblower has firsthand knowledge of events, which could bolster the first whistleblower who relied largely on the accounts of other u.s. officials. for his part, president trump is starting the weekend attack mode this morning the impeachment crisis intensifying, a second whistleblower said to have
8:03 am
firsthand knowledge of the president's july phone call with the leader of ukraine is now cooperating with the intelligence community's inspector general. that's according to the attorney for the first whistleblower, a cia employee who filed the initial complaint at the center of the house impeachment inquiry. president trump lashing out over the weekend. they are going to the bench and another whistleblower is coming in from the deep state keep them coming all this as republicans struggle to defend the president's public call for foreign powers to investigate joe biden and his son hunter's business dealings, despite no evidence of wrong doing. >> china should start an investigation into the bidens. >> key ally, congressman jim jordan pressed over the weekend. >> we have been going ten minutes, you still can't say whether you think it's right or wrong. >> i don't think it's going to happen i just d thinkhat'what
8:04 am
the president was really saying. >> reporter: in a combative appearance on "meet the press" ron johnson drudging up past investigations. >> it's clear we're only dealing with the facts that we have, not the facts you wish them to be. >> i can't get the answers and if i can't get the answers, the american people can't get the answers. something fishy happened during the 2016 campaign in transition. >> small cracks are starting to form in the president's wall of republican support including this criticism from maine senator susan collins. >> asking china to get involved in investigating a political opponent is completely inappropriate. >> reporter: former secretary of state colin powell making headlines for these comments about his party. >> the republican party has got to get a grip on itself. when they see things that are not right, they need to say something about it, because our foreign policy is in shambles in my humble judgment and i see things happening that are hard to understand. >> reporter: now the president is also pointing fingers, trying
8:05 am
to pin the controversy on his energy secretary, according to sources familiar with the matter pall th house republicans, the president says rick perry urged him to make that july call with ukraine's president saying it was a call he didn't even want to make. savannah. >> kristen welker at the white house, thank you. in a major foreign policy shift, the white house is withdrawing american forces from northern syria to clear the way for a turkish military operation. president trump said this morning it's time to get out of ridiculous endless wars. turkey wants to remove syrian refugees from its border the kurds say they feel betrayed by the u.s., but turkey considers the kurdish militia to be a terrorist group. alex trebek went public with his cancer fight in march.
8:06 am
trebek told an interviewer he and his medical team will, quote, play it by ear until we either win or lose the 79-year-old host says he has lived a good, full life, and he's not afraid of dying trebek has hosted jeopardy for 36 seasons. >> he is incredibly courageous, and inspiring, too, as he goes on this journey. it's time for a boost. >> i tnk i have one for you. some of the best gifts are one you aren't expecting a young boy opening his present, inside there's a book titled becoming a big brother it took a couple of seconds for it all to sink in. take a look. >> are you serious >> yeah. >> what does that mean you said you wanted a little brotr or sister. >> are we really
8:07 am
>> yeah we're really >> the boy was overcome with emotion. >> now i am overcome with emotion. >> he broke down in tears. >> oh, my god. >> the told his mom he was excited. >> how about that. >> oh, my word. >> and now you expect me to go ahead and read what's on the prompter there. >> that is so beautiful. >> i love that what a doll. >> he's going to be a great big brother, i can feel it. still ahead, we're going to keep the good feelings going natalie has a high flying adventure with a remarkable group of young women. >> from salt lake city to houston, all 120 of these ladies are traveling over a thousand miles. if you're wondering what the future of aviation looks like look at this >> all right go girls. but first, prince harry steps up his battle against the british tabloids with new accusation of hacking phones and stealing voice mails coming up, we're live in london right after this
8:08 am
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8:11 am
we're back with "today's" talker, the duke and duchesses battle against tabloids. >> it is intensifying, keir simmons has the latest on this one. hey, good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you, again, you know, i covered the phone hacking scandal here in the uk for many years in which british tabloid journalists were accused of illegally listening to voice mail messages. i think the fact that prince harry is prepared to go back to those allegations underscores the depth of his anger against the newspapers. this morning, prince harry preparing for a legal battle with some of britain's biggest tabloid newspapers over claims that journalists listened to cellphone messages. buckingham palace says claims have been filed at the high court regarding the illegal interception of voice mail messages. victims included hollywood actors like angelina jolie and
8:12 am
brad pitt, rock stars like mick jagger, author jk rowling and british prime minister tony blare. but it began with the royal family. they never gave evidence to avoid embarrassment. news group newspapers opened by rupert murdoch who owns fox news has confirmed the claim. hugh grant who won his lawsuit pier tweeting that piers morgan should be concerned. mr. morgan said at least have the bs to tag me when you spread disgusting lies. meanwhile, responding to a separate action launched by meghan, meghan telling he allowed excerpts of a letter to be published in order to defend his reputation. meghan is suing "the mail on sunday" for breach of privacy.
8:13 am
prince harry said i have been a silent witness to her private suffering for too long. to stand back and do nothing would be contrary to everything we believe in. for harry and meghan to see comments from her dad in the same newspaper they are suing for breach of privacy, they allege, but i think these phone hacking claims by prince harry the most likely to cause headlines. remember, it was a brutal battle in which a british newspaper was closed. journalists went to jail and on the other side, i think prince harry can't possibly know where this all ends. guys. >> keir simmons, thank you. we turn to al. get another check of the weather. what's shaking eggs and bacon. >> on the upside, she has amazing handwriting. >> she does. >> let's show you what we have going on right now, a big vigorous front stretching from new england all the way down into texas. heavy showers and thunderstorms in the lower mississippi river valley. temperatures toasty through the
8:14 am
southwest with 90s in southern texas, 80s in the south. that front will move through. heavy rain in the northeast, mid-atlantic states later today into tonight, tomorrow it pushes down into the south, a frosty start through the good morning, i'm kari hall, a beautiful sunrise coming through the clouds. we're going to start out with upper 50s and low 60s as you go out the door and it will be a warm afternoon. even oakland and san francisco will have some warm weather. today our temperatures will come down and it will be windy with very dry conditions. that increases our fire danger through midweek. >> and that's your latest weather, savannah. >> al, thank you so much. well, everyone is assembled for pop start.
8:15 am
>> i can't get out of the way. i do pop start tyler perry opened his film studio in atlanta, being called the hollywood of the south it was a big opening, star studded affair, and pop start correspondent -- >> i did i got a big promotion, and a big weekend for mr. tyler perry. the studio is a 300 acre studio built on the site of a former confederate army base. the symbolism resonating with many of the stars who celebrated opening night with perry. >> major stars including oprah, samuel l. jackson, and beyonce came out to celebrate tyler perry's achievement. >> i am like a proud big sister tonight because he did it his way. he didn't wait for hollywood he didn't wait for anyone to tell him how to do it, he did it his way. >> perry recently spoke about what his studio represents at the b.e.t. awards. >> the studio was once a confederate army base, and i want you to hear this, which
8:16 am
meant there was confederate soldiers on that space, plotting and planning, how to keep 3.9 million negros enslaved, and now that land is owned by one negro. >> the tyler perry film studio is one of the biggest in the south. it has multiple back lots and 12 sound stages, each named after a trailblazing black artist, including diahann carroll who passed away just last week carroll made history on "julia" as the first african-american women to star as a career woman, not a domestic worker. directors and producers were among the many stars who came out over the weekend posting part of the studio tour look at sunday's gospel on instagram and giving a behind the scenes look at sunday's gospel brunch at the b.e.t. awards, perry said he hopes his studio will inspire the next generation to dream
8:17 am
big. >> when i built my studio, i built it in a neighborhood that is one of the poorest black neighborhoods in atlanta, so poor black kids can see they can do it too. >> multiple film and tv projects have already been produced there on that lot, including some of those fan favorites like black panther, pitch perfect 3. >> he grew up in extreme poverty. to watch this guy get to the mountaintop like that is amazing. >> it's a full circle moment not only for him but the people supporting him and the people who want to partake in this industry and see themselves represented. >> all the people he's bringing along. >> and big business to atlanta. >> big business to atlanta >> maybe we'll move "the voice" there. you never know. >> closer to home. >> less of a flight for me. jimmy got the week started with a post sunday night
8:18 am
football show. if you're a fan of jimmy's mash up ♪ just stay, staying alive, staying alive. staying alive. staying alive. ♪ >> that song works as a mash up with any song forever. >> perfect very good though we're going to have jimmy with us tomorrow, and alessia cara is going to be here to perform. amy shumer very open about
8:19 am
her journey through mother hood, she's getting candid about what it's like to return to work. schumer writing on instagram, five months today, and like all moms, i love him so much, it felt good to be back at work i was worried about it, and was afraid to go back. a couple of days i have cried, but it's good to be back and be a better mom and appreciate the time even more. i have it a easier than many people but i wanted to share jenna bush hager commented, this is so important to say pretty cool. >> i love what she wrote, it was honest and kind of captured all the conflicting feelings you have when you go back to work. you're sad because it feels like the end of an era, but when you go back, you realize it's going to be okay and i like what she wrote. >> and it is true. i think your time, you're focused more exactly where you are, which is something when you're at home all day, sometimes moments go by. i thought she was amazing. adam levine stopping by ellen, revealing, not everybody
8:20 am
is a fan of her singing. >> you would think she would like it, she doesn't like it very much. i wish i was lying she's like, this one moment, i spent with her playing guitar, and she was playing with stuff looking up at me it's working, i was auditioning for my daughter, which is ridiculous, and finally she looked at me and touched the guitar and she was like set that down put that down. cool, i have been trying, i don't know if i have the courage to confront her again, and perform music in front of her. >> talking about dusty rose's 3-year-old, the other daughter loves the music. that's pop start. >> thank you, carson. we move to a kickoff of the week filled with girl power, leading up to friday's international day of the girl, we're doing a special live event on the plaza again this year. >> it's going to be a lot of fun.
8:21 am
to start us off, natalie morales took off, setting careers in aviation and aerospace >> reporter: i can tell you the future of aviation is very bright, as you said this weekend, i joined delta and 120 girls on the wing flight, women inspiring our next generation, and brought together an all female flight team on the ground and in the air with one goal in mind, encouraging these young girls and perhaps future pilots to fly high. >> we're so excited to have you here today on our flight >> it was an early morning in salt lake city, but there wasn't a red eye in sight these girls were all smiles and ready for an experience of a lifetime, but this wasn't just any regular flight from tsa security to the gates, on the ground, and high above in the tower. >> even our "today" show crew,
8:22 am
all women. >> the girl power was in full effect, it's all part of delta's annual wing flight, introducing the next generation of girls to careers in the traditionally male dominated field of aviation. >> we thought what better way than to put them on an airplane, take them somewhere and introduce them to the world itself. >> reporter: some girls had never been on a plane before. >> who's nervous >> me. >> both of you are a little nervous? >> oh, my god, i'm going. >> reporter: and others were already pilots in the making. >> you just got your driver's license not that long ago, and you're already flying planes. >> i flew a plane before i got my license. >> reporter: but every one of them was excited to meet women already living their career dreams. >> i met some women that have already flew and realized it was a possibility, something i could do too. >> there's an expression, if you see it, you can see it >> i don't think enough of them get to see it, therefore do it
8:23 am
and i think that's why we're doing this today. >> reporter: as we prepared for takeoff, i got in on some of the fun. i'm so excited to be sharing this journey with you. today, you are all first class fliers, and i have one question before we take off today, who runs the world girls. and with that, we were off, our destination, houston these young women would get a chance to tour nasa and learn about a different type of flight mission control, here we come. first we flew the skies, now it was time to shoot for the stars. we got a peek inside mission control to see where all the action happens >> even though you have tried to think of everything, something else still goes wrong and that's the fun part of the job, you and your team get together, and figure out what to do. houston, we have a problem, we need more girls. who better to show them the way than one of the coolest girls in
8:24 am
nasa what do you tell young girls >> things don't happen overnight. it's all consistency over time, and making sure you do very good work, and make sure you do something you really love. >> reporter: some day we're hoping a woman will set foot on the moon. >> yes >> reporter: is that someday coming soon? >> hopefully by then, we will have a female crew on the moon >> reporter: what do you think of that? >> i think it would be amazing. >> reporter: until then, we were happy to touch a piece of the moon we even got a chance to step foot on an actual space shuttle. >> you have to know all of those buttons. >> i'm sure it took a lot of time, when you're passionate, it makes it easier. >> reporter: helped create delta's wing flight five years ago, and she was moved by how far it has come since then. >> to see these girls and the expressions on their faces, what
8:25 am
was that like today? >> that is the most rewarding part you see that glimmer in their eyes, and they know there's a possibility they could be doing this, and it's something they probably have never thought of in many cases. >> reporter: by the end of the day, it was clear, the future of aviation is bright and more female >> well, there are less than 6% of female pilots in the country. but so far, over 600 girls have taken part in delta's wing flight, so their generation may very well be the one to change that statistic, guys it was such a fun weekend, and such a great adventure, and i think so eye opening for all of those girls to have that opportunity. >> oh, yeah, to get up close and personal with their dreams >> definitely. >> thank you, natalie. >> you got it. just ahead this morning, we cannot wait to introduce you to this young woman, cleo wade, an inspiring young writer, some people call her the millennial oprah. and korean comfort food with chef judy joo, first, your local news
8:26 am
good morning, it is 8:26, i'm mauer caurcus washington. police are investigating the death of a man stabbed in a fight. officers responded to reports of a fight involving multiple people. they arrived to find the unidentified victim who later died in the hospital. and a breaking ground of a new bart station. it will cover 16 acres and nearly 600 apartments and 26000 feet of retail space. over all the pattern is still pretty typical, holding steady for the south bay.
8:27 am
the crash on the shoulder is still a distraction, but this is the one i'm concerned with. the traffic alert is still in place. it is jammed up as it rippled. things are starting to move better but no word on the clearing for the big rig. a typical slow drive through the interchallenge, and no problems getting through the bay bridge. good news, a trance former fire, roadways reopened and they're still working on the electricity. >> thanks, mike. we'll have another local news update in 20 minutes.
8:28 am
8:29 am
8:30 am
it is 8:30 on monday morning. a beautiful fall morning on the plaza. oh, my gosh. we have a packed house, but okay hold on. baby alert i got you.
8:31 am
>> now, i have been looking at josiah all morning isn't he the cutest. i just met his mommy, and i said can i bring him over, and he said okay, and she said okay we want to salute our physicians assistants. >> you are all awesome thank you for coming to see us. >> isn't he the cutest. >> i can't handle. >> look at you. >> hi little one >> hi little toes. >> where's carson. >> over here talking to the fine people, physician's assistants you go to hurricane florenhofst. >> yeah, hofstra university. >> physicians assistants are great. we can do everything, treat patients, prescribe medications, lots of stuff! who's here today, a lot of you. >> there's 50 or 60 of us, a couple professors as well. we're really excited. >> i love your sign. thank you for all the work you do
8:32 am
>> i returned the baby i returned the baby. coming up, guys, cleo wade, a huge social media following, words to help people stay connected. also, chef judy joo is here, whipping up korean comfort food. a few unexpected twists but you're going to love these recipes. we'll do cooking. >> by the way, it's cleo wade, i said chloe. >> julie did korean turkey a couple of years ago, the best fried turkey. coming up on the 3rd hour of someday, jimmy smits, he is back as a lawyer, and we're going to find out why he's so good at playing an attorney on tv. in the fourth hour, one of the hottest acts in country music, king callaway, they are making their national morning debut. they're amazing right here in studio 1a. a check of the weather.
8:33 am
your week ahead, heavy rain in the northeast, in the mississippi and ohio river valleys, october warmth out west, a cool fall feel through the plains we get into the midweek period, cool showers along the mid atlantic, big snowstorm making its way through the rockies, warm from the plains, and then by the end of the week, that heavy snow is in the upper midwest, showers and storms. all the way to the great lakes that's what's going on around th good morning, i'm kari hall. we have one last really warm day reaching into the upper 80s and the low 90s for many of the inland areas. it will heat up with low 80s today and tomorrow we start the cooling trend, the rest of the week is working really nice. the only problem will be the high winds that could increase our fire danger especially in the north bay hills going into wednesday and thursday. we do keep the cool weather even in time for the weekend. and that is your latest
8:34 am
weather. >> we're back inside now, studio 1a, coming up next, poetic wisdom from one of the country's most influential women, cleo wade is here good morning, good to see you. we'll chat but first, this is "today" on nbc. welcome to the carnival 30 minute tour.
8:35 am
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you take this man to be your husband? i do. married. no time for basketball. pool. carnival. choose fun. welcome back, a welcome back, a few months ago, we introduced you to a welcome back, a few months ago, we introduced you to a woman who's inspiring an entire generation, one post at a time. >> her name is cleo wade, an artist and activist, a poet whose uplifting instagram mantras have earned her over a half million followers >> she has a new book, staying connected to hope during tough times, harnessing your personal power, it's called "where to begin. cleo, good morning. >> good morning. i'm so excited to be here. >> i know, you have so much going on you're six months pregnant. >> i am. >> you're giving birth to a book today. >> a lot of births. >> i read that you had your earlier book and i read that you
8:37 am
weren't really looking to write a second book but something moved you to do so, what was it? >> no, you know, i spent so much of last year on the road i mean, i think i was on the road 80% of last year. i did everything from a smaller town tour to a bigger city tour, and i heard the same thing over and over again, if someone asked me a question and said what's your self-care like right now or how are you handling the 24 hour news cycle, and they would always end it with, especially during these times, and you hear something over and over like that, you feel called to speak to it, not only for the people you're talking to but for yourself, what are we doing, especially during these times. you know, they are unusual times. >> that's a tall order you're coming off a book that did so well, and you have your own personal thoughts. you're a poet. you include your own poetry. there's a lot of yourself in this book. when people read this, what are
8:38 am
you hoping they take away? >> ynow, ilways say i hope you won't walk away from this book at all, i hope you'll keep it with you. it is a resting place. i think that in these times where you just feel so overwhelmed and so anxious, and it's hard to escape all of the constant chatter of what's happening, and this book is really supposed to be a place where you can go to find comfort and at the same time, encouragement to get back into the world on the days you feel like you want to turn away from it. >> the book is called "where to begin," and it begins with a poem of yours. stretched out over 91 pages. >> yes >> which is a lot for me because usually people find my work in short form. >> and why did you start there, and what is your message >> you know, that entire poem is really a conversation with the world, so it might start out saying, you know, the world will say to you, what are you going to do, and do not be afraid to say i know i can't do everything but i can do something
8:39 am
and everything is about finding your new beginnings each day, and being able to answer those big questions but not always with the biggest possible answer because i think that makes us feel even more overwhelmed. >> you connect wa with -- with a lot of people, and that usually comes from pain. what was it in your life that you felt like you had to overcome to put you into the space where you are right now? >> i mean, there's so many things i've written about, and i actually put a lot more personal stories into this book i talked about a lot of the racism i felt and dealt with as a child growing up in new orleans, and i talked a lot abog so much pain around me that just goes unhealed. you know, we have generational trauma in about just actually witnessing so much pain around me that just goes unhealed. you know, we have generational trauma in our families we walk around with it in the world, and to me, i wanted to really have a conversation about healing. i mean, there are so many poems
8:40 am
in this book about having healing conversations, hard conversations and i think what goes unhealed is actually what causes the most harm rather than the pain that happened in the first place. >> your folks are from new orleans, what do they think? >> oh, my gosh, my mom is freaking out her best friends in her mind, i can't imagine, i think she's jumping up and down. >> hi mom. >> proud of you, she should be. >> what have they said about how you have blossomed into this force, really? >> i think that i feel so blessed to come from a place th, you know, is always celebrating, and so i think they're just happy to have one more reason to party >> cleo, thank you so much >> we appreciate you ain, the book is called "where to begin." it is out tomorrow and it will lift you up. you can find all the details on >> and congrats on the baby. >> thank you thank you so much.
8:41 am
another author with a timely new book, pulitzer prize winner james stewart is here,ut first, this is "today" on nbc. ♪
8:42 am
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welcome back, the disclosure of a second whistleblower with firsthand knowledge of president trump's phone call with the leader of ukraine has led to new accusations by the president that the so called deep state is seeking to undermine his presidency, a charge he has levelled against the intelligence community and the fbi since he first took office and one that james b. stewart investigated for his new book "deep state, trump, the fbi and the rule of law. >> good morning. >> it's interesting you tackle this issue, deep state wasn't in our political lexicon, his allegation is there are people inside these government agencies actively working against him what did you find?
8:44 am
>> you meet these characters in my book, and the fact is in a sense, he's right, there is a deep state, there is a bureaucracy in our country, pledged to respect the constitution, respect the rule of law, they do not work for the president, they work for the american people, and as comey told me in my book, thank goodness for that because they are protecting the constitution and the people when individuals, we don't have a monarch, we don't have a dictator, they restrain them from crossing the boundaries of law. >> the deep state is a pejorative term, they don't mean that as a compliment. >> it's pejorative of how they were treated in turkey, and egypt, protecting their own power. what trump calls the deep state in the united states is protecting the american people and protecting the constitution. it's a positive thing in this sense. >> you know what's interesting, you have been around politics a long time. it always was assumed fairly or unfairly that republicans were
8:45 am
the party of law enforcement and just yesterday on "meet the press"ou had senator ron johnson a republican saying he doesn't really trust the fbi, he doesn't trust the cia, he named in particular, individuals, mccabe, comey, those folks, but what do you think about this larger development that there's questioning of these very institutions, what does that mean >> it's historically unprecedented and it's very dangerous. the reason they're being attacked is the justice department and the fbi are independent. for good reasons they may be called upon to investigator as they did, the white house. they do not answer to the president even though he appoints them. and for them to be branded as trump has as traitors, to alienate them as struck terror into many of these people. many of the people i talked to, they're terrified, they have been branded as traitors, the penalty for traitors is the death penalty. >> what is the mood inside the intelligence agencies, the fbi, now that there are whole groups of people who look at them as scams and say wait a minute, whose side are you on here >> moral has been devastated
8:46 am
i have never seen anything like it i have been inside there these are people who don't make a whole lot of money but dedicated themselves to public service, and they were treated like local heroes, now there's a huge faction of the population thinks they are the enemy of the people, they're traitors, that they're doing something sinister, that is unfair, untrue, and has had a terrible toll on people there what you're getting frankly is people who are willing to be lackeys of the elected officials. >> how does this get resolved, does it bounce back after a period of years, or is the damage lasting. >> there's a lot of damage, it's going to be lasting for many years. i hope it's something the american people will take into consideration, who's going to be able to restore the integrity of
8:47 am
the institution. korean soul food from the great judy joo first, this is "today" on nbc. from the couldn't be prouders to the wait did we just win-ners. everyone uses their phone differently.
8:48 am
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8:49 am
we are back with "today" food on our menu, korean soul food judy joo is here from her new book, judy joo's korean soul food those two words together just perfect. >> comfort food at its best. >> i love it. >> hugs you back makes you happy. >> so we got short ribs we're going to do, short ribs and fried chicken. look how happy everyone is we haven't even started. >> makes you happy from the inside out. >> these are my barbecue korean short ribs, starts out with korean aromatics, we have pear. >> for sweetening as well as tenderize.
8:50 am
>> okay. >> you know, pepper, ginger, garlic, can't get away from ginger and garlic in korean food, two types of onions and we're going to grill peppers. >> you got to pick the right meat. >> short ribs, it's cut along the bone and the butcher can do it for you or buy it that way. and i like to score it score it lightly, that's not only going to speed up the cooking time but help the marinade penetrate faster. we've got to make the marinade i have grated the pear already. >> what's this this? >> that's soy sauce. >> >> that's soy sauce. >> salt. as well as a fermented product that's sesame oil. >> okay. >> that's good marin, sugar, sweetness. korean barbecue gets that nice, sweet. >> i love that. >> and caramelization.
8:51 am
>> ginger. >> why is it green. >> it's oxidized a bit >> you just mix that in there. of course my garlic going on here >> and you've got your brown sugar. is that pepper >> pepper. some heat. >> we've got everything in there. that's our marinade. >> yep. >> how long do you let your meat soak in that >> as long as you can up to overnight, an hour or two hours. >> in the fridge, though. >> in the fridge. >> i pour this on top? >> you see the meat score there. >> look at that great marinade it's like sweet but not too salty. that's the soy sauce as well as the fragrance of the garlic and ginger. >> you take it >> i bet you that cooks like in a second. >> it does. >> it depends if you like well done or medium rare. just a minute on each side >> you can do this outside on your grill. >> and you love a cast iron. >> cast iron is perfect.
8:52 am
>> i'll flip those. >> now you've got the meat finished. >> and the way, if you want to, of course you can cut it off the bone and you eat it with a piece of lettuce. >> yes >> and some rice, and we have some here, and you put some rice, lettuce. >> wrap it up. >> wrap it, and of course some hot sauce. >> oh. >> and a bit of your spring onion salad, if you want to. >> just like that. >> that looks yummy, wrap it like a burrito. >> what do you think of this >> you have no idea, it's so good. >> how hot is the hot. >> it's not so hot it's the good kind of hot. just a little bite, you know. >> just kidding, it's really hot. >> you can handle the heat in the kitchen. >> that's good >> now we're doing fried chicken. >> korean fried chicken wings and this starts out with wings, the great aromatics of asia,
8:53 am
ginger, garlic, onion, fermented soybean paste salt, sugar, water, pepper corns, leeks, onions >> soak the chicken in there.. l >> soak overnight. we're going to make a >> soak overnight. we're going to make a presoak, corn flour, salt and pepper. we don't want that to burn light the kitchen studio on fire we're going to dump our chicken in here, and that's going to be the base just like that. >> got it. >> and we're going to put it on a rack, and shake that so it's all, you know, dry, and then we're going to make the batter. >> oh, okay. >> so it's the second time >> there's matzo meal. that's my secret ingredient. that's what makes it so crispy onion powder, garlic powder, salt, more corn flour. >> and we dump it right in >> hold on >> vodka and water >> whoa. >> wake up, carson >> vodka and water >> there we go >> so you put it in a liquid
8:54 am
thing. >> in a liquid batter. >> sorry, i didn't know! that gives it an extra thin crusty shell. >> could you use tequila. >> any alcohol that's 40% or higher but tequila has a flavor. >> how long do you cook that in that hot oil. >> it depends how big your wings are but about 7 to 8 minutes. >> how is the chicken you guys. >> light >> these are our korean chicken wings, and serve with spicy sauce, and soy sauce. >>, get a copy of the book, korean soul food. >> it's not intimidating i couldn't do it but y guys could. we saved a little time because we wanted to check in with kerry sanders and miracle,
8:55 am
who was having a bite earlier. how is he doing, kerry >> reporter: great, we actually had a little break, as you know, and miracle went outside and took a couple of steps lori simmons is here with us what do you think? what's the prognosis. >> he's got a long road ahead of him. he's got to have a lot of physical therapy to gain what he lost in his muscles, and slow feedings and it's just going to take time, but we feel he's a fighter, and he's going to make it. >> obviously an incredible fighter because he survived underneath that debris for so long the folks here at big dog ranch rescue have all of their efforts, not only for miracle here but actually more dogs that are coming in from the bahamas that they're finding, none that have been trapped underneath the debris like this, but many that have been separated from their owners and of course the big question now, as miracle gets his health back, finding, if possible who his owner was. >> we hope to find his owner
8:56 am
if that's not possible he will go into a loving and forever family that will cherish him and adore him. >> we know there's a long line for that adoption. back to you. >> such a cool story, and to see just that survival instinct in that little pup, have to remind us of the folks in the bahamas who are still suffering and need our help it's a good way to draw attention to that as well. >> we're back with the 3rd hour of "today" coming up and the fourth hour right after this first a check of your local news and weather. have a great day good morning, 8:56. fleet week festivities are starting to wrap up. all right, listen to that unmistake abunmis
8:57 am
t unmista unmistakeb unmistakeable roar. if you're in san francisco look at the skies and the water. they begin their practice runs on thursday and over the weekend san francisco expecting nearly one million people to show up for the events. the blue angels will be part of next weekend's hair show. there will be events for visiting members. >> as part of what is happening now, there is a joint drill meant to me sure that everyone is ready in the event of a massive earthquake. >> a legal defeat this morning for president trump and trying to keep his tax returns from being released. go to our twitter feed for more details including the response f from his attorneys. rough migrai? (man) you ok to watch a movie? (woman) yes. i'll pick. (avo) imagine what you can do with more migraine-free days.
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(woman) here, catch! (avo) when you're not fighting through migraine, imagine the possibilities. once-monthly emgality is a preventive treatment for migraine in adults. it's specifically developed to help give you more migraine-free days. with emgality, about 60% of people had their migraine days cut in half or more. don't use if allergic to emgality. allergic reactions, such as itching, rash, hives and trouble breathing can occur even days after using. common side effects include injection site reactions. (woman) what should we watch tomorrow? (avo) ask your doctor about emgality. and imagine more migraine-free days. up in smoke. >> the bay area city banning flavored tobacco. >> and the wildfires that swept the north bay. looking back.
8:59 am
. today on "california live." hooptopia. and dion coal is bringing the funny to our studio. >> that is all this morning on nbc bay area. it's been reported that there's a cyberattack on business every 39 seconds. ouch. i don't even want to think about it. comcast business has a solution. we go beyond fast with a cloud-based security system that automatically updates, so you always have the latest protection. phishing. malware. risky sites. it can help block all of that. get fast internet and add comcast business securityedge for just $29.95 a month. it's one less thing for us to worry about. comcast business. beyond fast.
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live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza, this is the 3rd hour of "today." >> good morning, everyone, on this monday, welcome to the 3rd hour of "today," i'm sheinelle here with al and dylan. craig is off, a couple of days of vacation. well deserved. we have a l to talk about today. hard to believe but it's been almost two years ago to the day that "the new york times" pli published the report of harvey weinstein, leading to the downfall of the hollywood mogul. we recently had the journalists behind the report, jodi kantor and megan


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