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tv   NBC Nightly News With Lester Holt  NBC  October 8, 2019 2:07am-2:35am PDT

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what the hospital is doing now. chil c admitting to 93 murders. the suspect sketching victims for investigators. wh for help. scary moments on the field, the monster hit the nfl star suffering a concussion his teammates rushing to his aid. fans horrified and outraged. what the player who delivered the blow is saying and the alarming security breach at an airport how did a woman without a boarding pass or id get on to an airplane. >> announcer: this is "nbc nightly news" with lester holt. good evening news tonight of someone reportedly offering first-hand knowledge of that phone call between president trump and ukraine's president is rocking the impeachment seco by democrats as someone who might fill in the blanks of that ca a
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democrats paper washington with more subpoenasks is at the white house. >> reporter: president trump tonight on offense. >> the impeachment inquiry is a scam it's a scam by the democrats to win an election they're not going to win in 2020 >>ep blower, this one with first-hand knowledge of that controversial call in july between president trump and the leader of ukraine according to the attorney for the first whistle-blower the person is also cooperating with the intelligence community inspector general and might be able to clarify lingering questions about the call in which president trump asked the ukrainian leader to investigate a political rival, joe biden the president's republicanalli . aout this phone call than the second or the first whistle blower. >> reporter: democrats disagree. >> you know, there aren't a lot of people who are listening in on those conversations and those people have finally said this is crazy, this is enough. >> reporter: house democrats are
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now considering having the original whistle-blower testify privately as a remote location to protect the person's identity and perhaps masking his or her face or voice according to the washington post as the standoff with the trump administration escalates. democrats demanding documents from the department of defense and the office of management and budget about military aid to ukraine, a topic at the center of questions about a quid pro quo. those two new subpoenas that bring the total to five against leaders in the trump administration in a fight that shows no sign of slowing soon. on a different site, the president lost a court battle to keep his tax returns secret with the judge tossing out a suit to keep them from the manhattan district attorney but the president won't have to hand the returns over right away, lester, not until an appeals court weighs in. >> hallie jackson at the white house, thank you. the president is facing sharp criticism for his plan to syria ju fight against isis are being threatened
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the plan even sparking bach from some of the president's allies richard engel has late details. >> reporter: with critics saying it puts gains against isis at risk and leaves u.s. allies, the kurds open to attack president trump is defending his plan to pull u.s. troops out of northern syria. >> we only have 50 people in that area. that's a small sector. i don't want those 50 people hurt or killed. >> reporter: the president tweeting it's time for us to get out of these ridiculous, endless wars but the kurds are blasting it as a betrayal warning they could face ethnic cleansing, preparing to launch an attack against them the kurds fought shoulder to shoulder for four years against isis special operation forces for four years against isis. we join on the front lines and saw how much elite u.s. military rely on them to fight the terror
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>> they led >> reporter: what kind of partners did you find them to be? >> committed dedicated. >> reporter: tonight the president slammed by many allies calling it catastrophic and a grave mistake. republican lindsey graham saying it's a stain on america's honor. >> the decision was made with no consultation and deliberation with expert advisors and that's how presidents get themselves into trouble. >> reporter: after the backlash the president tweeting if turkey does anything i and my unmatched, great wisdom seems legitimately off-limits, i will totally destroy and obliterate turkey but now there are feeshs these detentio focus on ddi and their families. call between president trump and turkey's president after the white house suggesting oppose a turkish advance against
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the kurds. tonight a senior administration official walking that back saying there was no green li >> richard engel in istanb we're following tragic news at a hospital in central pennsylvania three newborn infants dying in the neonatal icu. while being treated for an infection they got there here's nbc's rehema ellis. >> reporter: tonight this hospital in pennsylvania is transferring babies after three newborns died from an infection in the intensive care unit the infants all born prematurely were being treated at the geisinger medical center's neonatal icu when they contracted the water-born bacteria in all eight were infected, four recovered, one is undergoing treatment. in a state tied a result of the infection complicating their already vulnerable state, due to extreme prematurity. >> pseudomonas is a very common bacteria but when it's in a
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hospital system it can become dangerous and drug resistant and for premature inand fats, that could prove to be fatal. >> reporter: as a precaution, the facilitytrbabies born at le weeks to other hospitals and diverting pregnant women that could deliver more than eight weeks premature. it's also working with the department of health and cdc to prevent any additional cases tonight, families in fear for their already vulnerable infants. rehema ellis, nbc news. tonight, the fbi is asking for the public's help in connecting old murder cases to a man they are calling the worst serial killer in u.s. history. he has confessed to more than 90 murders and his video confessions are chilling tom costello has more. to 93 murders that occurred ic between 1970 and 2005. investigators believe he's telling the truth and say little to sketch victims later calling minute haunting details of eacho
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identify his victims miami 1972. >> short cream mini skirt. it was cream and red. >> reporter: new orleans 1982. >> her and her sister, two sisters. >> reporter: covington, kentucky, 1984 >> she was like partially concealed but vegetation, left her there. >> reporter: little rock arkansas in the early 90s. >> tell me what that girl looked like. >> oh, man, i loved her. i forget her nam oh, wait i think it was ruth. spread across the country from california to maryland, arizona to south carolina. dna evidence linked little to several cold cases he's now serving three life
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sentences. >> he suggest his motive is just killing, there was something in him that liked to kill and unfortunately, he was very good at finding potential victims. >> reporter: tonight, here at fbi headquarters, investigators believe that samuel little killed more people than serial killers ted bundy, john wayne casey and jeffrey dahmer combined >> chilling doesn't describe it. an american diplomat in britain who was allegedly involved in a deadly car crash siting diplomatic immunity she left the country and boris johnson is threatening to intervene. >> reporter: tonight after the death of a teenager in a brutal car crash, british prime minister boris johnson is threatening to intervene >> i don't think that it can be right to use the process of diic immunity for th im death of 19-year-old harry dunn, an american diplomat's wife fled the country under the cloak of immunity
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prime minister johnson calling her out by name as 42-year-old ann sacoolas dunn's parents are devastated. >> she's a mom all she's got to do is look and see what she's done to us as a family. >> reporter: the crash happened outside london, a country road dunn was riding his motorbike. according to british police, the suspect was driving on the wrong side of the same road. the two collide killing dunn u.s. officials refuse to waive the suspect's diplomatic immunity the embassy released a statement immunity is rarely waived. >> you want to see justice. >> of course. >> we need her to come back. >> reporter: british officials say they are disappointed with the u.s. response an person p house. lester tonight, the nba is trying to minimize damage after an international incident that started when an executive publicly supported anti-government protesters in
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hong kong. that infuriated china, a highly lucrative market in the league the drama playing out with big stars and big money. here is jeff bennett. >> reporter: tonight, china no longer playing ball with the houston rockets following an uproar over this new deleted tweet from the team's general manager daryl morey that support protests that have both angered and embarrassed china's government basketball is big business in china. the league says an estimated 800 million watched nba programming last season in china where the rockets are one of the most popular teams. thanks to china's own yao ming that played eight seasons following the tweet, several earned reputation for social consciousness, the nba distance. a swift backlash leading quick walk you know, we love china.
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we love playing here. >> reporter: and from morey himself, i did not intend my tweet to cause any offense and the rockets and adding the economic impact is already clear. republican and democratic lawmakers crying foul. >> it's unamerican to gag people when they are speaking out on behalf of freedom. >> reporter: some republicans quick to condemn the nba while staying silent about president trump's latest overture to the communist regime caught between two cultures that washington an urgent manhunt is underway in texas tonight for who killed a key witness in the trial of amber guyger, the former dallas police officernvis police officer of murder tonight, dallas p.d. trying to solve the mystery of who killed joshua brown. the scene six miles from the complex where brown lived last
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year when he heard the fatal gunshots fired by amber guyger killing botham jean. by the time police arrived here at the complex, officers found brown outside one of the buildings shot multiple times but alive. the only clue who pulled the trigger a silver four-door sedan seen speeding from the scene brown died at a nearby hospital but days before his family attorney says he expressed fears the high-profile trial made him a target his testimony expected in an upcoming civil suit filed by jean's family against the city of dallas. >> how pivotal a role would josh have played? >> joshua would have been one of the first witnesses we called. >> reporter: lee merritt, who represented botham jean's family and the browns is calling for an independent investigation. >> the trial ended and three days later a star witness was dead. >> reporter: there are no suspects but they remain committed to solving the case. morgan chesky, nbc news, dallas. there is anger among pittsburgh steeler fans after a scary hit on the field left
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quarterback mason rudolph with a concussion nbc's stephanie gosk with more now on the backlash. >> reporter: steelers quarterback mason rudolph dodged tackles. making a clear path down field just before he got drilled, apparently losing consciousness. right now for mason rudolph. >> reporter: rudolph eventually stood with assistance. >> there is serious concern the refs called a 15-yard penalty on the ravens. >> i did not intentionally try to hurt him. i heard he's at the hospital my prayers are for him and his family >> reporter: he suffered a concussion, even after leaving the hospital and new helmets and new rules, this is a dangerous game >> these are big men moving at a pretty fast clip when they hit each other, there's going to be injuries >> reporter: zwrim jim mcmahon is a legendary quarterback.
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at age 52 he was diagnosed with dementia. >> it doesn't matter what you put on your head it's not going to stop your brain from smashing into your skull when you hit somebody. >> reporter: last week the nfl suspended raiders' linebacker vontaze burfict for the year, in part because of this hit he has been suspended for illegal hits before is appealing. while the ravens' quarterbac wished his opponent well. >> first and foremost, i want to extend my thoughts and prayers to mason rudolph i hope he's doing good. >> reporter: concern from everyone who knows far too well -- >> he's down and he is out. >> reporter: how it feels. stephanie gosk, nbc news, new york. >> tough to watch. there is much more ahead tonight including alex trebek's struggle the "jeopardy!" host getting deeply personal and opening up about his cancer battle. the woman who boarded a flight without an i.d. or boarding pass. how did she get on the plane
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next tonight "jeopardy!" host alex trebek is opening up about his cancer story and his chemo.
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nbc's miguel almaguer with trebek's new'sage. >> reporter: for 36 seasons of "jeopardy!" alex trebek has had the answers. >> virginia. >> reporter: but now as he continues his battle with stage four pancreatic cancer amid setbacks in his treatment, the television host is offering answers to someone else's questions. >> there are weaknesses that i feel in my body, but i can always suck it up when it come time to tape the show. >> reporter: trebek struggles with carrying the burden of being the face of pancreatic cancer. >> to be the inspiration for a lot of other peoplke feel good but it does place some responsibility on me that i feel i'm not deserving of. trebek wears a wig and struggled to annunciate words on the show. >> i will keep doing it as long as my skills do not diminish and they have started to diminish. >> reporter: insightful and reflective, trebek is facing his own
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mortality. >> i'm not afraid of dying i'm 79 years old so i've lived a good life, a full life and i'm nearing the end of that life. >> reporter: tonight, the answers aren't always easy to hear but for alex trebek, the show goes on miguel almaguer, nbc news. >> we continue to send our good wishes to alex trebek. up next, the woman who made it all the way on to a plane with no ticket and no i.d. the investigation is now underway
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all right. now to that story about how a woman with no ticket and no i.d. managed to make it all the way to a seat on a delta flight here's scotty schwartz >> reporter: on the tarmac at orlando, a cell phone recording video of a bizar e a woman showing flight attendants and police a selfie on her phone when asked for i.d. >> i'm showing you a picture i.d. this is just as good. >> reporter: passengers say they waited 45 minutes as the woman was asked if she had a ticket. >> i just threw it out when i got on the plane. >> reporter: eventually the woman identified as sylvia
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rictor was escorted off. >> she would not budge. >> reporter: nbc news has not been able to locate her for comment and no word if charges have been filed. the tsa says she was screened the ticket agent at the gate delta said safety and security is always our top priority and says while this is alarming, ultimately, she was stopped. >> we're trying to prevent someone from getting on a plane that shouldn't have been on the plane in the first place that's security the tsa needs to focus on as does the airline. >> reporter: now officials once again on the lookout for any others that may try to sneak aboarde in the bahamas nearly a month after hurricane dorian volunteers found miracle using a specialized drone. he was under a crushed air
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conditioner. up next, the man who won't let age or injury slow him down.
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finally, he's 95 years old from inspiring america today here is harry smith. >> reporter: it's not for nothg, by many as a best example of a former preside he's worked tirelessly to end disease in africa. he's traveled the world, promoting and defending democracy. and then of course, there is habitat for humanity where he's volunteered for decades not just as a spokesperson but as a hammer and saw swinging man of the people so when carter took a hard fall, no one would have blamed him for skipping his turn at building
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another house for the needy. >> i took 40 stitches in my forehead and my eye is black as you notice, but i had a number one priority and that was to come to nashville to build houses. >> reporter: and he did indeed go back to work as he and roslyn 4,000 homes.y is ♪
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