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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 5  NBC  October 9, 2019 5:00pm-5:29pm PDT

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tonight. the sun is out but parts of santa rosa are in the dark. gas stations shut down. businesses put closed signs up. some restaurants scrambled to save food from spoiling after the power went out overnight. >> it's a lot. if we wouldn't have moved them, we're looking at about $5,000. >> reporter: on the streets, lhts went dark. at mendocino avenue and steel lane, that led to honking, confusion, and even crashes. here you can see two cars enter the intersection and smash into each other. diane snelling was driving one of the cars. >> the sun was in my rearview mirror, and i was looking at that and didn't see any lights whatsoever, thought, oh, i'll ex-navy pilot, so it'swi to like take a deep breath and just roll with it. >> reporter: as dugan wai at histhat why he left to go out t lunch when this happened. still, he understands why pg&e preemptively cut power to his
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neighborhood because he was here for the north bay wildfires two years ago. >> i think they're really trying very hard to do the right thing. >> reporter: so no one was hurt in the two accidents that we saw out here at this intersection in santa rosa. but the city of santa rosa says police and fire departments responded to multiple accidents throughout the day at intersections that lost power and in five of those accidents, people were hurt. meantime as far as when the power is going to be back on, pg&e would only tell usha'r goi reassess and try to figure out if they can turn it on by tomorrow at the earliest. reporting live in santa rosa, ali wolf, nbc bay area news. >> let's stay in the north bay. thanks so much, ali. sky ranger is there at soskel avenue and imola. this is in south napa near napa valley college. traffic lights have been out all day, including ats intersection. a big backup at
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where the lights aren'turay sto. take your turn. be patient. make sure t is no traffic crash. now, not only the city of napa, but parts of napa county are also in the dark. that includes the wineries which caught a lot of tourists by surprise. they're in the dark. we're going to show you how everyone there is handling it. plus the bold steps some other businesses are taking to stop potential looters. that's coming up in our newscast in about ten minutes. let's take a look at our live cams across the bay area. not much wind. you can see the flag pickup there in fremont, the ride side of your screen. pg&e actually pushed back the timing for the second round of outages. let bring in our chief meteorologist, jeff ranieri. has the forecast changed a lot here? what prompted pg&e to delay this outage for the second round? >> we have been calling so i have to say i am not surprised they pushed back these outages because i know there's a lofrustrated people out there right now. your power is out. you might be watching us on the web, and the trees aren't even
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blowing where you currently are. so, again, they likely did it because of the forecast. we saw that a few days ago, so they're just kind of lining things up, at least at this point the way it looks. so the fire warning for the northeast and also for the south bay. what about the wind today? we did get a maximum gust of 47 at mt. diablo, but that's it so far. it's beginning to pick up 5 to about 20 miles per hour right there to the north. you can see that area of yellow. that's the wind event that's beginning to build closer. here is the deal. 7:00 p.m. tonight, starts to pick up near saint held lena, napa, vacaville. by 9:30 this afternoon, 30-mile-per-hour gusts possible. saint helena, napa, picking up in arin diablo. the main focus is the north bay and the east bay the way i see it right now. we'll take you through this hour by hour forecast and track this wind moving through northern california. i'll have that update in about 15 minutes. >> jeff, we'll see you in a bit. as we mentioned, the south bay is in phase two of the power shut down happening at 8:00 p.m.
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tonight. it includes the east foothills like al am rock area, los gatos and the santa cruz mountains. business owners were dreading the power outage originally scheduled for noon. they're still dreading it, but this power outage pushed back to 8:00 p.m. marianne favro. >> business owner here are not in the dark yet but many tell me they feel like they've been in the dark all day waiting for pg&e to tell them exactly whent power. at pomodoro pizza the own tmplo today because he thought pg&e would shut off power at noon and he'd have to close. he even made a sign to alert customers. but noon came and went, and now it looks like the outage won't help until 8:00 at the earliest. he says he's fed up being in limbo.
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>> it's very hard to run a business. it feels exactly like waiting to be executed. >> reporter: the owner of pavel cleaners next door is also frustrated. if the power goes out, she can't press clothes and says she stands to lose thousands of dollars if the electricity isn't restored for days. marilee fong owns a nail and hair salon and has been getting texts from pg&e all day about impending outages. she says not happen. if she can't blow dry or curl clients' hair, she says she'll have to close. >> it will be bad for my business, for everybody business around here. >> reporter: including this cvs store, which says it may have to close in the lights go out. and even tonight, the owner of pomodoro pizza here says he's not even sure whether he should be taking orders or not because he's worried the power is going to go off before the pizzas are cooked. reporting live in san jose, marianne favro, nbc bay area
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news. >> this in limbo phase can be certainly frustrating. thank you. morgan hill is taking action to prevent possible crime or looting during this power outage. the city decided to impose a curfew to go into effect at 7:00 p.m. tonight but will not be enforced until the power actually goes off, which will probably be around 8:00 p.m. police say they'll be looking out for people loitering in areas where there's no power. the curfew will go until 6:30 tomorrow morning, and the city will then decide tomorrow whether to do that curfew again. nbc bay area drone ranger also up in the air, checking out some of the places santa clara county that could lose power in just about three hours from now. the county actually declared a state of local emergency because of the looming blackout. the county's office of emergency management told reporters today the county is ready and the declaration will free up additional resources. it also used the gathering to remind the public what they do. >> charge phones, charge their
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computers, charge their -- any of their systems and make sure they've got food and water for the duration of this event. >> and that duration could last up to five days according to the county. the city of san jose also said the police department will have extra officers on duty in the neighborhoods that are expected to lose power. get ready. in alameda county, more than 36,000 customers expected to lose power. many police departments are beefing up. oakland police officers will be out in full force this evening. as of right now, schools in the castro valley school district are planning to be open tomorrow as are all schools in t san ramon valley school district as well. across the bay, 8:00 p.m. is also the new outage time in mateo county. the pg&e website, you probably know, is down. but ours isn't. you can input your address at to see if you're in the outage zone. now, southern and coastal san mateo county will see a lot of blackouts. and here's a look at the outage map in contra costa county. it covers the la more rin da
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area as well as walnut creek, san ramon, and bay point. tim daly joins us in lafayette where the power is still on for now but that's expected to change, tim. >> reporter: yeah, that's true. today at noon with a power shut down looming, it was an adventure for drivers getting through some of these intersections out here. it's been a different sort of adventure today for business owners. for lafayette restaurant owners, it was decision time. stay open and risk losing power during a busy lunch hour or shut down and play it safe. pastino was closed. metro, wide open. >> it was to dealing with unexpected things. so we just figured we'd show up and open the door, and if somebody came in, we'd take care of them. >> reporter: it was a good call since the threat of a noon shutdown came and went. now pg&e is saying 8:00 for a possible power cut. >> they said they were open, so we looked it up online, and they
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said they were open. so we're going to try to eat as fast as we can and then i guess get cold food when the power goes out. >> reporter: drivers faced other decisions like when exactly to make it across lafayette's busiest intersection. police put out cones, stop signs, and the lights were flashing to best prepare them for the outage that never actually came. when it does finally happen, cops hope this driver's ed lesson kicks in. >> when the power goes out, intersections turn off. then it bec here in lafayette today, well, it couldn't have been more calm with light ee in cal t tunnel will remain open. at one point caltrans says the tunnel would close if the power went out. but this morning, good news. caltrans said it brought in four emergency generators at the tunnel. the generators will keep the lights on and operate the ventilation system. caltrans also said it has generators at the tunnel at devil's slide in san mateo county so that will remain open as well. >> we mentioned the problems
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with pg&e's website. it cannot handle all the web traffic. a lot of people seeing this when they try to get on the site. not only that, pg&e's phone lines are jammed because too many people are calling. so it's now only taking emergency calls. here's what you can do. head to our website, we made it very easy. an interactive map that shows you if your home or business will lose power. that map is right on our home page. you click on. you can either zoom into your location or type in directly an address. we're following some breaking news right now. firefighters are working to put out a grass fire in solano county. you can see these live pictures now from our nbc bay area sky ranger. this is highway 12 west of rio vista. the chp is encouraging drivers to avoid this area. again, you can see the smoke. you can see the flames there in solano county. this grass fire, we're going to stay on top of this and let you know if it's going to continue to spread. again, this is in solano county.
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still to come, we are going to go live to napa, napa county. one of the first places to go dark overnight. we're going to tell you what businesses are doing there. also, should you get a generator to keep the power on at your home or business? nbc bay area responds to some key questions. very calm for most of the area through today, but we're pinpointing that wind. we'll let you know when it picks up
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we want to get back to our breaking news. you're looking now at a grass fire in rio vista. this is in solano county. this is a live look from our nbc bay area sky ranger. this is at highway 12 west of rio vista. you can see there the intense flames down below and the smoke. concerned about is the fire danger here, the hot temperatures, and the wind. we'll check in with jeff ranieri in a few minutes and ask about the wind direction and if it's picking up and what direction that wind is going in terms of where this fire might be spreading. firefighters are on the scene. again, this is in solano county just west of rio vista. we're going to keep a very close eye on this fire as we continue on this newscast. well, the power shutdown has hit the north bay especially hard. schools, businesses, and wineries are without power, but most people from locals to tourists are trying to make the best of it. nbc bay area's jodi hernandez joins us in napa county where it's still busy season in wine
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country, jodi. >> reportet it has been a challenging day for folks here in the north bay. we're here at the intersection of highwayan see the street lights are out and the traffic is completely backed up to roll with the punches as they deal with this power shutoff. the lights may be out at elizabeth spencer winery in rutherford, but the wine is still flowing. >> my feeling is you need to be prepared for the unexpected. >> reporter: the winery is using generators to keep their wines cool and the operation running. the pg&e power shutoff has forced some businesses to close. many had backup plans in place, and customers willing to go with the flow. >> you can put up with anything if you've got good wine. >> we evacuate for hurricanes that don't ever happen all the time, so we're kind of used to this. so we're good. >> reporter: these women are
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here from south carolina on a girls trip they planned for months. >> we had a rental home ready to go, woke up this morning to no power, so we have moved on to the local hotel here, and still no power. they're under generator, but we're okay. >> reporter: much of neighborin. and schoolchildren are learning to adapt as well. ten schools in the fairfield school district don't have power. some schools are holding class outside and using battery-powered lanterns to light the restrooms. >> because we believe we can keep students safe. and in many cases, safer than the situation that students might have at home if they were at home without power. >> reporter: we are back here live. you're looking at the traffic backup on highway 29. people doing their best to try to get home safely. everybody wondering when this is going to end. in fact, we just had a couple of
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cars drive by, people yelling things about pg&e and wanting their power back on. reporting live in the north bay, i'm jodi hernandez, nbc bay area news. >> they're going to have to be patient. it might be some time. thanks, jodi. many people ran out and bought a portable generator to keep power upf guidelines? what are some pro tips when it comes to generators if you can still buy them at stores? chris chmura has some expert advice. you have some tips about what's going on here, chris. >> reporter: every hardware store we called this afternoon told us they just sold out of portable generators. that means we have several hundred, possibly a couple thousand novice generator owners around the bay area right now. so let's talk about some of the risks. they seem like a life saver, but they do pose serious hazards. first, there is a shock risk for sure. also carbon monoxide poisoning, heat and fire. let's talk about that shock, though. today we talked to a brisbane electrician who emphasized how
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dangerous an improper hookup can be. he said only a pro should wire a generator directly into your home's electrical system. >> not only could you cause anyt also a fire if you do have a short. youbackfeed pg&e's supply. if a pg&e gentleman is working up on a pole to restore power, so that worker could g serious . safely venting a portable generator c the generator inside your home or garage. it must go outside to be safe. here's why. the consumer products safety commission says 52 people died last year when their portable generator poisoned them with carbon monoxide gas because they fired it up inside without properly venting the exhaust. finally, keep an eye on that generator. they get hot while they're running, posing a fire hazard.
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everything we just discussed is likely covered in the manufacture's instruction booklet. please read it cover to cover. back to you hank. for giving u run-through. >> very good. thank you, chris. jeff ranieri back with us. you have consistently said the winds are coming later tonight. pg&e now shifting its timing based on what you were talking about. >> yeah. i mean they've got their own behind the scenes thing going on there, so i'm not going to try to figure that out but definitely the forecast has been pointing towards this evening and also into tomorrow morning. so, you know, a lot of folks are frustrated. their power is out. the wind hasn't picked up. we really have, again, not been calling for gusty winds until this evening. so i feel some of your frustration there, but ahead and get you through it. we'll give you everything you need to know about the wind, when it moves in and when it moves out. the red flag fire warning in effect right now until 5:00 p.m. tomorrow for the northeast and the higher elevations of the south bay. so let's get some more particulars on this. specifically with this warning,
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once again it's into tomorrow. i think the main focus of the wind would be 9:00 p.m. tonight into 10:00 a.m. on thursday. that's when we'll get those maximum winds. hills at 1,000 feet and above, that will be the number one danger with on and off wind gusts of about 50 miles per hour. keep in mind the sustained wind will be about 10 to 20 miles per hour. that's what most of us will experience. then we'll see these periodic gusts come on up. i want to give you a closer look at how the wind is going to be moving through northern california tonight. it's a really fascinating look at what we're waiting on. it's like waiting for a plane to land. you can see the wind field right here. those areas of yellow and also orange, those are some of the strongest winds. you'll see the key down here at the bottom of the page. as we advance this, you'll see tonight it starts to move closer with the main focus over the north bay and for parts of the east bay. that's really where we're anticipating the best chance of these gusty winds. let's put some numbers to this for you. you can see how things will be
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playing out. 6:00 p.m. tonight, not that bad. 10 to 15 miles per hour. once we hit 9:30, there we go. that bull's-eye. the winds start to move closer, picking up in napa to 30, oridaa 22. stay with those winds to 3:00 in the morning. begins to pick up to livermore. we're with these sustained winds until 8:00 tomorrow morning. then we'll see a cl we hit tomorrow afternoon. tonight into tomorrow morning. temperatures will start off cool. it's going to feel strange with the wind kicking up. 50s here, mostly sunny skies throughout the bay area. a nice start at least if you don't have air-conditioning. don't have to worry about a super hot day. by the afternoon, 80 in morgan hill right through the east bay. 83 in danville. the peninsula. 80 in redwood city. san francisco warming up to 77 in the mission. for the north bay, 82 in sonoma. my forecast holds strong here with winds calming down on
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friday and 60s to 70s in san francisco this weekend. inland vile valleys wind calming down on friday. 85 saturday. 79 on sunday. we're dry all the way through next wednesday. but the good news, maybe some showers as we hit next thursday and friday. i will keep a close eye on that. of course, the main focus picking up tonight, early tomorrow morning. >> thank you, jeff. some other headlines this evening. president trump targeting warriors head coach steve kerr. we'll show you why next.
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president trump has a new target. it's warriors head coach steve kerr. this all stems from the nba's rocky relationship with china. the president referring to kerr as a little boy. >> i watched this guy steve kerr, and he was like a little boy. he was so scared to be even
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answering the question. he couldn't answer the question. he was shaking. oh, i don't know. he didn't know how to answer the question, and yet he'll talk about the united states very badly. >> mr. trump made these comments today after coach kerr decided not to give his opinion yesterday about china. the nba and china have had a strained relationship recently after the rockets' general manager tweeted support for anti-government protesters in hong kong. now, the president accused kerr of being hypocritical since the coach usually speaks out about mr. trump's domestic policies. fire danger, power outages, even an earthquake today. a 3.4 quake hit the south bay last night. this is what it looked like on the nbc bay area seismograph. it happened actually overnight near alum rock near 2:15 this morning. there are no reports much damage, but some people awake at the time say they felt it. we'll be right back. tv just keeps getting better.
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we have a lot coming your way at 6:00. we continue to track our breaking news. this major power outage in the north bay right now and more expected outages across the rest of the bay area beginning at 8:00 p.m. tonight. pg&e will be giving us an update in about 30 minutes from now. we're going to bring you that new information live on our 6:00 newscast. those power outages tonight means traffic problems tomorrow morning. we're going to be on early, 4:00 a.m., so you can get caught up
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with all the developments with the power shutoff situation. we're going to be live throughout the bay area and kari hall is going to be tracking the wind and mikey noway will be tracking all the traffic issues. >> that wind will really pick up tonight. >> 9:30 tonight no about 7:00 a.m. tomorrow morning. and after that, that wind will calm down. >> lester holt is next with "nightly news." >> we'll see you at 6:00. breaking news tonight. the major attack on u.s. allies. turkey's military launching lives. ordered troops the kurds critical
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u.s. partners in the fight against isis


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