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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11AM  NBC  October 10, 2019 11:00am-11:30am PDT

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phase two of pg&e's power safety shutoff plan is in effect as dangerous fire conditions continue. pg&e tells us if you have power right now, it is very likely your power will stay on. here is a look at the people that don't. latest numbers say pg&e has shut down 262,000 homes and businesses in nine bay area
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counties. sonoma county with the most, 65,000. santa clara county, 38,000. contra costa county, 37,000. pg&e says it' continuing to monitor weather forecasts and th let us know when they're turning that power back on. now, we could take a look at the area that's burning, as you just mentioned, scott. but even closer, take a look. when you zoom in to the actual site, it kind of gives y breakdown of the actual areas where the power remains off. this can take you down to even individual street levels there as well. it's happening throughout the bay area. we have seen a little bit of improvement along the way, especially in some of the outlying areas of san jose and what have you. you continue to monitor what's going on, hoping for updates from pg&e. even deanza community college, half of it without power, the other half with.
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take you to live pictures from nbc bay area's sky ranger. this shows you the actual burn area from that fire in moraga. power lines were already shut off when this fire started. now ta that's daylight you can see the damage. close to 60 acres burned likely cause bid something else. we don't know what just yet. with the power off in that area, people evacuating in the middle nig had a ver time. they had to evacuate in the dark. in fact, take a look at this map showing exactly where that fire burned, close to the sanders ranch community near merrill drive and sanders ranch road. just a mile from st. mary's college. the college is fine. they're still without power right now. we've been on the fire lines all morning long, talking to evacuation -- evacuees, i should say, all morning. >> bay area national weather service put this out on twitter. that fire flared up on
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satellite, it was that fog they usually use the satellite to monitor fog at night. bob redell is in moraga at the evacuation center. >> it's closed as most of the residents have been allowed back in their homes at the gated community about a mile or two away from here. however, there are about 30 homes still evacuated because the fire department has their equipment blocking their street. we do expect the fire department to be out there for a little bit longer. i do want to show you some new video and photos we just received from the moraga lorinda fire districts. it gives you a sense how erratic and how dangerous, and how steep the terrain was. 50 acres, a new number, in the space behind these homes. the fire department is still trying to confirm but does believe that the power was out when the fire started around
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1:00 this morning. out because of pg&e's power outage. no lightning in the area. right now, the cause is unknown. they might get a better idea later this afternoon. now we spoke to one fire captain on the front line thi morning. he tells us this fire jumped in size very quickly. because of the dry fuels, steep terrain and wind. he believed wind gusts topped out at 30 miles an hour. about 140 homes were threatened at one point. that was a frightening fact. not lost on the residents who had to evacuate. >> i went outside, it was pretty scary. it was like smoke everywhere and everything was red. the moon was red, too. i was kind of freaking out. i'm not going to lie zbl. >> i saw the red lights. this huge plume of orange smoke was going up. i said we've got five minutes to get out of here. >> that fire has been out and right now it's 80% contained. bull dozers and hand crews have been digging lines around the
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burn area to obtain that 100% containm there wa a hot spot in there. you don't want it to start up again, you want those dirt lines there to spread into the new vegetation. the firefighters are still out there working on those containment lines, doing mop-up, monitoring any hot spots. reporting live in moraga, bob redell, nbc bay area news. >> take a look at nbc bay area sky ranger overhead. we found a fire that is burning in brisbane along guadalupe canyon road. so far we know crews have called for backup at least once. >> of course, it's fire worries that are causing all of these power outages, pg&e deenergizing
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lines so they don't fall and cause fire. kris sanchez is in san jose. she's covering the power outages there. what's the latest there, chris? >> hi there, scott and lawyer. this is one of the businesses without power. how often do you see a gas station sign that's blank? if you push in there, you see those orange pylons. the city's transportation department minimized a number of will left-hand turns to go from two left-hand turning lanes to one in an effort to minimize the confusion. these lights are not working. at another intersection where the traffic lightlies were out, most people seemed to treat it as a four-way stop but we did see a handful of people blowing through that intersection, making for a pretty nerve-racking ride.
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>> i don't even want to go down capital. i said forget t i took the day off, too. i don't want to drive through this. >> reporter: this is one of more than a dozen businesses with power outages. in the same plaza, some businesses still had power. it's a bit of an inconvenience for customers. certainly an opportunity for others. we found this guy, who spent $3500 on the last two generators he could find on the peninsula and then posted them on craigslist. >> this is an opportunity, get what you can and offer it when it's needed. >> reporter: i haven't check in with him to see if he had a sale or not.
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it's a difficult situation to go through these by daylight. if you can avoid driving at night in these outage areas, this would be very difficult and not everybody seems to quite understand what you're supposed to do at these dark intersections, which is to treat them like a four-way stop. we're going to stay here for you a bit longer to see how things develop. certainly, the biggest impact, though, is all those folks dealing without power at home. kris sanchez, nbc bay area. >> thank you, chris. >> speaking of sam lacardo, such a busy time for you, with all the emergency services enacted right now. this could be days long for the south bay here. >> we've been in communication with them. i'll be talking to their ceo in about an hour. we want to make sure that
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obviously ly populated areas are >> that's interesting. all the various cityies will be competing. you're going to try to tell pg&e let's do san jose before, say, some other city. >> we're not really interested in a competition. we just think that obviously safety considerations should be primary. we know the impacts are greatest where we have the most medical baseline residents who are dependent upon things like respirators and densely populated areas. having traffic lights out, having traffic signals out is a great danger. >> it adds to another element people are having to deal with as well. you're trying to make sure that city services themselves remain intact. all those services continue.
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>> we've got city employees working around the clock. i was there last night at midnight to testify to it. we had a couple dozen city employees making sure we be prepared for the next day and making sure we're responding as quickly as possible. >> what do you think about this being our possible new al? how would you adjust as a city? >> it can't be our new normal. i've been very vocal about this for three or four months that you simply can't get a private utility, unilateral decision make i making there's got to be greater insertion of public authority, certainly i testified in sacramento to that effect. we're working with scott weiner on a bill in the senate up there. >> on the flip side of that, you know, i think it would be great if cities had a say not just
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pg&e. on the other hand you're not dealing with fires across san jose right now. >> no, we're not. cities can be great partners. pg&e is strapped for resources of the they've got a lot of people out there running around. we would like to have city staff taking photographs, distribution lines to confirm that, hey, this can be reenergized. we can put the power back up if pg&e is willing to work in partnership with us. that's what we want to see. how can we work together to get the power up. >> liability, what happens there, too. we have to figure out a way. >> we're the ones with the fire departments, fair to say. we're the ones who will respond. >> we can legislate that, figure that out? >> great concerns. try to pull together and pull where we are right now. >> absolutely. the good news is that the community is pulling together and we'll work hard to make sure we get through this safely and then obviously in th future see how we can change how this rolls >> sam, mayor of san jose, thank you. after you talk the pg&e ceo, if there's anything new, we want to
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bring that to our viewers. >> great, thank you. >> great to see you. live to that breaking news, fire that is burning in brisbane. sky ranger over the scene right now. much closer look as you can see. smoke billowing into the air there. pretty thick brush they're dealing with. this is a three-alarm fire right now. doesn't look like high winds in that area. in for kari right now >> we're not seeing the gusts we saw this morning. overall beautiful day. we don't want folks to put their guard down. let's look at the wind speeds taking us through1:00. these are your sustained winds to give you an idea. very breezy right now. not necessarily as strong as overnight. we're at 11 miles per hour, san
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francisco, 10 miles per hour. elevations, anywhere between 1,000 to 3,000 feet, that's where the concern lies. the futurecast of the wind gusts in terms of miles per hour. 24 miles per hour, and i'm going to take this all the way through. we're still expecting to see those gusty conditions at the high hilltops all through the evening hours, which is why as of now the national weather service is saying that that red flag warning will remain in effect through 5:00 p.m. because of those higher elevations. and that's because we're still seeing those dry conditions. a lot of folks are saying if the winds are dying down, why do we have a red flag warning still? let me take you through the criteria for what a red flag warning is. it's typically issued between 12 to 24 hours in advance. which we saw. relative humidity has to be 15% or less,hich is what we've seen, down to the single digits in terms of humidity. we are also expecting frequent gusts, 25-mile-per-hour plus. both conditions occur typically
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simultaneously. between 3:00 and 6:00, some of our higher mountain tops, including mt. diablo, saw gusts of 70 plus miles per hour. we saw pretty gusty winds. we'll keep an eye on this. another date coming up shortly. >> if you are some of the people without power, live stream nbc bay area coverage is just a tap away on your phone or tablet. you need the nbc bay area app that is free to download. at&t has told us the data is free. >> once you load that app you scroll to the bottom and click "watch live." after you put in your provider details, you'll be able to view our coverage via live stream any time. you'll just have to do that that one time. covering the new fire in brisbane. we'll take a look at that from our helicopter, a live look. blr combo, comes with... 100% beef and hickory smoked bacon, plus fries and a drink
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nbc bay area sky ranger is overhead. lot of dry brush. you can see from that picture right there as they widen out. to give you an idea of where this is, this is burning along guadalupe road. just north of the south san francisco sign. >> exactly. >> we'll note that is a power line right there in the center of your screen. if you continue to watch that and investigate and find out what's going on. >> crews have called for additional backup as well. at least it's a three-alarm fire at this point. you see the smoke going up, that it's not helping to fume fooul those flames as well.
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>> you can take a look behind me. 15 minutes ago it actually pushed over this heavy-duty flag, this stand here. how are you managing to stay open? >> i think it's a choice. we have plenty of tourists in the area that have spent lots of hard-earned money. we stayed open to accommodate them and the community. >> do you have generators? what are you doing about the
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food? >> we aren't serving any food. we have to have generator power to do that. other than that, it's been straight off line. >> what are you hearing from the community? >> a lot of frustration from what -- the impacts it has personally to people. but one in six people here in sonoma are in hospitality. depend on tourism to earn their living. it's very concerning. of course, we would all rather be safe than sorry. but there's a lot of frustration. >> thank you for joining us and good luck with your business. >> thank you. >> still serving up the good stuff. hospitalized and wine here. we're told pg&e told some the
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power would be back upoday but some are skeptical. others are told it will take days. so they're hoping for the best, at least right now. reporting live in sonoma, i'm sharon kasuda. back to you. >> like many businesses across the bay area. thank you, sharon. >> in the mt. claire neighborhood, melissa colorado. what's the situation out there? >> reporter: yesterday the power was on. you didn't feel any wind in the air. fast forward today. completely different picture. the power is gone. all the businesses along the mt. claire village area shut down. and i want to show you, this is a situation happening outside of the safeway here. yesterday, i was in there and you can tell panic mode has set in for some of these residents. it's row after row of aisles, cold cuts, veggies, drinks completely empty. people heeded the warning and loaded up on the supplies.
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now here is what's going on. it's completely dark in there. i'm being told by employees there is one cash register open. they are allowing people to come in. customers, one by one. they essentially have to be chaperoned. it is completely dark inside. there is only a set limited amount of items, packets of water that are available. big ticket item that everybody wants to get their hands on is ice. it seems like they are running out. they've got this refrigerated truck out here, where they've basically been stockpiling the necessary things that they need to make sure they keep frozen. it is an all hands on deck situation for these safeway workers, who have been here all morning long, trying to figure out how they can get ready. i want to walk over here and show you the situation.
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the gas station owner has the job of telling people where they can find the closest gas station to fuel up. he is taking this day as a day to basically clean up his area and pump up tires, things that do not require electricity. they were fchled unfortunately a bit too late that the restaurant is closed. they have to figure out a way to get home. ac transit is working and they are seeing folks follow traffic rules. traffic lights people understandably frustrated. they're rolling with the punches, in brisbane this
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morning. it's a three-alarm fire. they are calling for backup off guadalupe road not far -- north really from the industrial city sign that you see. it's not really blowing across. hopefully, that will fight firefighters. the swiwind is not blowing that area. you were watching that for us. >> one of the big concerns with that fire, you saw how brown that mountain is. it's going to be the -- excuse me i was about to --
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>> you have a forecast to do. >> so the big concern, you saw how brown that mountain is. it's the dry brush. because it's so dry, humidity is still so low, 63 degrees in san francisco, though taking this timeline through 1:00, notice areas like san francisco, nine miles per hour. look at fairfield. these are sustained winds, 30 miles per hour. higher elevations that we're really worried about, anywhere between 1,000 to 3,000 feet. if you take the time line 2:00, 2:30, notice how the higher hill tops are still 25
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plus-mile-per-hour gusts. because we're dealing with the low humidity that could be a cause for concern. you notice the timeline, i take this through 5:30. red flag warning is set to expire through 5:00 p.m. gusts start to diminish between 15, 20 miles per hour. sustained winds are getting even lighter through the evening hours. sant yat cruz mountains, later portion of the day. if you were asleep early this morning, our peak winds happened between 3:00 and 6:00 a.m. just how windy it got. some of the strongest gusts are mt. diablo, elevation at 3500 feet. 75-mile-per-hour gusts, 52-mile-per-hour sustained winds. mt. st. helena is 77 miles per hour. you think of all the dry brush,
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flat valleys, rolling hills surrounding these areas, you can think how quickly that can spread. 33-mile-per-hour sustained winds. sure, you might be living down below. you might not think it's windy. gusts and higher elevations, that's where the cause for concern comes into play. daytime highs for today will be warmer. keep in mind, it will remain breezy, with conditions getting better by tomorrow. back to you. >> thank you vianey. breaking news. live pictures. you can see crews are on the scene as well. sky ranger is overhead in brisbane right now. from this vantage point, the fire is moving upwards. we're told that the winds in that area will be minimal. you can see how quickly things will change. this is a three-alarm fire. crews are calling for backup at this time. you can see crews out here hustling. >> indeed, they are. you see sort of the breeze, sort of the violence of that fire.
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this is behind, essentially, the city of south san francisco, the industrial city sign as you come up 101 and 280. this is a big fire. probably zoom out here to give you a bit more idea as to the size. we do know that air support is on its way as well, either helicopters or the big tankers as well. now, there are no structures really very closeby. this seems to be at the top of the hilltop. the smoke obscures it. earlier, we were watching, this is running along some power lines. it does not mean the power lines caused the fire, but it is an interesting coincidence, because, after all, the power outages -- there, you see the power lines. the power outages throughout the bay area are because of this worry of high winds knocking down power lines, activated power lines and starting fires.
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it could be one of the things. >> now you can see the scope of it along the san bruno mountain there that we see no, structures threatened. look how they're trying to already surround it. build some fire lines around it if they're able to, to try to keep it from spreading. >> you can see the fire roads there are not going to allow them to get around the entire fire itself and you can definitely watch the direction of the wind as it pushes the fire up the hill. now we have several more crews arriving. i think laura, as you said, it's going to be a three-alarm fire. >> it already is, yeah. >> they'll be calling for backup. >> cal fire has requested air support as well. if they can tackle it from any angle, looks like they're just trying to shore up some lines there. we're told power is available in this area as opposed to some other areas around there. you can see it's mountainside.
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there's not a lot of structures to report there. you don't need something like this. they're going at it a little bit there. you can see it's like a tinder box in a sense. that brush is so dry out there. our green hillsides dissipated a long time ago. >> which gives us that red flag warni warning, as we continue to watch this fire in brisbane up near the sign for south san francisco. you can see how hard those guys are working. earlier, bob redell was able to get close-up. we're watching the dosers working as well and you're reminded how dangerous a job this is. recently a fireman was killed with one of these as this is very steep terrain, very dangerous, and we appreciate the hard work they're doing. >> an upclose look of the fire lines they have.
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steep terrain, getting down there in the areas. they try to tackle it as best they can from up above right there. in the last 30 minutes or so that we've seen this fire, it erupted a little bit before we went on air at 11:00 this morning, when we had already launched nbc bay area sky ranger. it has grown considerably. vianey, i know you're on call for kari. we can see the direction of the smoke it's headed. it should, in a sense, help firefighters at this point but to we expect the winds to pick up? >> the threat for the wind gusts will remain through that 5:00 p.m. hour, which is why that red flag warning remains. wind speeds in the surrounding mountain areas as well. we're looking at 10 to 16 miles per hour. but at times i have seen some gusts up to


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