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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 5  NBC  October 11, 2019 5:00pm-5:30pm PDT

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>> homes and neighborhoods i thousands of acres what's called urban interviews where the forest meets the suburb. >> this is a very dynamic fire. we have calculated that the fire is moving at a rate of 80 oh acre acres per hour. the cause of the fire has not yet been determined. >> there it is, beautiful. >> more than 100,000 people are evacuated in los angeles county. >> the winds blowing so bad that the smoke is right --ight over my house. an i don't know if it's standing or not. >> these are the conditions the california power company say they feared while taking the unprecedented move of shutting off electricity to an estimated 2 in million homes and businesses up and down the state in the last few days. >> the the winds like we saw over the 24 hours and the condition of the vegetation, we couldn't continue to run parts of this system given the risk to public safety. >> their power lines blamed for
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sparking fires killing 85 people and burning 13,000 homes in paradise california last year. but the extreme measures still, no match for the extreme conditions that once again make the golden state a year-round fire risk. jennifer bjorklund, nbc news, los angeles. as pg&e told us a few days ago this is a statewide event and now down south. here a live look from the nbc chopper in the l.a. area along i-5 appear the 210 freeway, a major interchange. it will impact traffic heading south this we could. let's bring in jeff ranieri tracking just how difficult the situation is in and the fierts saying it's really dynamic, the conditions down there. >> you have all the higher he feels, that really play into this. and the good news i can tell you is tonight the system that is bringing the wind that also brought us our wind should start to pull away. so at this point, the red flag fire warning until 6:00 p.m.
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tonight they may extend that a few hours. but for now 6:00 p.m. tonight red flag fire warning in the location. tornadoic wednesday from san diego down to los angeles. let's get a closer look of the fire. the saddleridge fire, 7500 acres north of san fernando. i can show you the closer view where we are seen the growth with the fire perimeter mapped here. it's the north, west and also the southern side. putting green ada hills all too close to flames where homes have already burned. we have gusts tonight up to 45-mile-per-hour. 78 degrees. it goes warmer tomorrow. 84. but the wind gusts go down to 20 and sustained winds of 7. more on the bay area forecast coming up in 15 minutes. >> okay seal you soon thank you, jeff. now the other top story. slowly but surely the power coming back on. a live look at pg&e power auto oxygen mop map you can see grown spots but that means few power
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outages right now. crews have switched the lights back on for about 75% who lost power during the outages. many of the customers were just in the bay area. now the process is not as quick as customers hoped for because crews are first required to respect the power lines before bringing in neighborhoods back online. using helicopterance and ground crews to make it happen as quick as possible. we expect an update from pg&e and the ceo bill johnson in about an hour. nbc bay area thom jensen joins news orinda and we hear everybody has the power back on there tonight. >> that's right, janelle. after checking through all the power lines that weave through the trees on the populated hillsides in contra costa county. -- in fact i got off the phone with pg&e a couple seconds ago as we were going on air. the spokesperson told me that about 95% now of all of the customers mere in contra costa county have power back on. about 85% of the customers in
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alameda county. a lot of people counting blessings they made it through the outages with just financial losses. the high voltage lines in the contra costa dooft county hills humming against as a business leader surveys the closure signs in the door with as of pennsylvania lafayette shopping center. >> i honestly never thought it would come to this. and it's really busy ards. >> board member of the chamber of commerce. critical of pg&e preventative shut off policy. >> illustrate amazing they let it go this long, this far. appear they put all these 800,000 people through a miserable, scary existence for the last few days. >> business was bust willing at lafayette's trader joe's even before the shut off ended. thanks to this the maeft generator and early plan zbroog work hasn't missed a boat. we had it on generator before the power went out.
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>> the orinda safe whatnot as fortunate. forced to throw out perishable frozen and refrigerated items and replace with new merchandise. more important than financial losses, dennis eric also feeling fortunate, the shut off didn't hit his home where his life saving bedside oxygen machine doesn't work without power. >> there are so many things people need electricity to stay alive especially if ner at home. what are they doi? how do they deal with it? >>s talking about financial losses, though, i just talked to a spokesperson from safeway, she told me that more than a dozen of their store nots just in ornd iaaf had to be closed down. they don't know what the full financial impact is at this point. they said right now they're focusing on helping the communities recover. live in orinda thom jensen, nbc bay ea nuss. >> thank you so much. a huge relief for wineries in sonoma where the lights are back on just in time for the
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busy weekend. the general manager of the this wintry said the business's perishable foods during in his refrigerator at home. the lights came back on in time for pennsylvania wedding tomorrow. power or no power they had a backup plan in place. >> we were prepared to operate the events without direct power via generator or other systems. but people were a little bit concerned. >> other small businesses in sonoma said they lost tens of thousands of dollars working of food in the outage. coming up as 6:00 why the business owners are worried the losses won't be covered by insurance. >> a sad turn of events. firefighters say a man dependent on oxygen tank died about 12 minutes after pg&e shut off the power. this happened in el dorado o county. early wednesday. pg&e says it hasn't confirmed the report. a tech company ceo from utah
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vanished while visiting the bay area. tonight her friends and family are here in town trying to unravel the mystery and most importantly track her down. nbc bay area's kristi smith spoke to her husband and joins from us the last known location in nay np kristi what do we know? >> well, that woman is 33-year-old erin valenti. they say this is totally out of character for her to not be in touch and not come home. they ared quite worried. they was actually they say last seen in palo alto. but based on information they have on her phone tracking they also believe that she may have been here after palo alto in in san jose neighborhood. now, erin's husband and her parents and her brothers were actually in town from out of state. they're handing out fliers trying to see if anyone mht have seen her monday when they spoke with her.
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she is she is the ceo the tenger ventures a utah tech business there is concern about her in the tech commune. her family says she was in the bay area for conferences and to meet up with friends. she is 33 and last seen in palo alto. but they say she did not make mere flight home from san jose. and in in re last conversation with her she sounded confused disjointed and not acting like herself. >> so my last communication was on the phone with her monday night after the last person saw her. and it was on the phone trying to figure out where she was. np she was saying i'm going t the airport but also bouncing off of topics. >> now, the rental car she was in is missing too. that's a 2020 gray nissan murano with the california plate. 8 lud 641. the family reported this to san jose police to say they are treatsing this is this has a voluntary missing person's case but the family disagrees.
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they say she has no history of unusual behavior and is quite accomplished, athletic and outgoing. she is 5'4", 150 pounds and she was wearing a white tee shirt and torn jeans. the family says there has been no activity on her account eerpt. as you can imagine they are quite worried and hoping they can find her. reporting live in san jose, christie smith nbc bay area news. >> hopefully she is found thank you. >> the case is now closed even though know cause found in a massive construction site fire in the south bay. you may remember this happened in june when the site burst in flames near scott's blchd in el camino real in santa cla. nearby residents forced to evacuate. hours ago firefighters say the cause is undetermined. investigators thought construction work inside the building could be the cause but no conclusive information could be found. foul play not suspected. a bay area convicted in the college admissions cheating scandal sentenced today and becomes the first person to avoid jail time.
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peter jan ton sonar to mental o park. admitted to paying $15,000 to rig his daut's sat in 2007. today sentenced to 250 hours of community service, probation, with a $9,000 fine. his attorneys argued for leniency because he is genuinely rest mothersful and the first parent to plead guilty. one of 25 poirnts pleading guilty including desperate housewives star. felicity huffman. he lones a food company in san francisco company that makes frozen natural food products. well two days of trade talks between the u.s. and china wrapped up with president trump announcing a partial deal. next week's scheduled tariffs on chinese goods are now suspended. while china will increase imports of u.s. agricultural products. wall street liked the new was the dwou closing up more than
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300 points. well the impeachment inquiry into president trump is accelerating this evening with the key witness a new witness talking to congressional investigators. house committee leaders were armed with subpoenas when they heard that the state department wouldn't let the former u.s. ambassador to ukraine testify today. she did talk though in a closed door meeting hearing, be marie yovanovitch told investigators president trump wanted her out and his attorney rudy giuliani and an unnamed contacts wanted her out of the way of their money making opportunities. >> if you remember the phone call i had with the president, the new president, he didn't speak favorably. but i just don't know her. she may be a wonderful woman. >> another key denominate, u.s. ambassador to the european union gordon sondland first declined to testify as well. now he says he will talk if he too is subpoenaed. we're learning about a bay area man with ties to rudy giuliani's associates. those associates were reemt airportsed at louisiana airport
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with one way tickets. new video sfrpsed of the president's attorney with igor fruman and lev parnas, the two men witnesses in the impeachment inquirien a charged with violating campaign law. tonight we know that andrew kukushkin was also arrested originally from the ukraine he had a san francisco company charged with violating campaign law. and we want to show you exactly about google. goingle's plan called downtown west. a tech giant is revealing its most detailed plan yet for the planned village in san jose. look at this new artist rendering 807 acre plan next to diridon station. homes, office space, parks with hotel rooms and parking. the city evaluated the plan today and society up a website for public comment. the mayor says he believes the plan addresses community concerns and will revitalize the area. and we want to show you another
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view from sky ranger. taking this video today. in the background is the diridon station. to the right s.a.m. right in the middle would be downtown west. that would be the development right in the middle. now let's show you the artist rendering again. s.a.m. spernt on the right diridon station up top and there it is the google development at the center, the purple triangle what they call the cultural hub and arts center, around it a lot of office space. and a few neighborhood plazas. up next at 5:00 a back and forth between president trump and steve kerr. what the warriors coach had to say after the president called him out. >> plus a spectacular show in the air and in the bay. live at fleet week to show you what you missed today. but you can check it out. and what a view over the golden gate bridge right now. but will it stay fog free for fleet week this weekend? i'll have the full forecast coming up in a couple of minutes.
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the scathing incompensate report about the f.a.a. and bogey and how a critical law in the 737 max was overlooked on nightly news.
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it's the unmistakable sight and sounds in san francisco. a parade of ships sailing the golden gate bridge. it's fleet week people. blue angels back. the navy presizing flight team always a fleet week highlight and a reminder it's going to be very crowded this weekend in san francisco.
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nbc bay area scott at the fleet week and a great place to check out ships and blue angels. >> it never gets old a gorgeous day to see angels in the sky and our military might. it's become an iconic sign of fleet week. a high-speed high voltage show from the broo blue angels. >> that is so cool. >> part of a day that even impresse vietnam veteran frank arch i balanced. >> it keeps the country as we know it like that anybody tries to take it away our military is there. i like that. >> four hours worth of planes. >> our swimmers are brought back up. >> helicopters and ships. >> go navy. >> punctuate eight a week's working of patriotism and power meant to inspire the old and the young. >> what's important to me of course is teach our young ones
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the importance of you're military. >> the big crowds meaning big planning to keep everyone safe. >> creating safety is always par mount to everything we do. luckily we can rely on our partners like the local police department to help have our backs. >> but plenty of room to maneuver for the perfect shot. >> heritage, obviously the beautiful everybody flaying out of the sky is important. >> you can still see all the planes and all the ships all weekend, saturday and sunday launching from here at marina green starting at noon. live in san francisco, scott budman, nbc bay area news. >> it's beautiful out there. thank you, scott. the controversy over a high school mural in san francisco may now be headed for the ballo. this has exploded in the last several months in a national don't. initially the debate over the george washington mural was whether to paint over it or cover it up. but now a group of supporters wants voters to decide whether the painting's violence and
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slavery scenes should be protected and left on display at the high school. presser innovationist and high profile lum alumni of washington high launched a petition to get the issue on the november ballot. a white house politics and name calling include steve kerr but now the warrior head coach fires back at president trump, a day after mr. trump referred to the coach as a little boy. >> it was surreal. it was very, very strange. but as i said, it's -- you know, just -- he quickly moved on to his next bullying victim today. i'm not sure who it was. >> coach kerr very thoughtful after giving a lengthy response after the game about the back and forth with the president. all stemming from the nba rocky relationship with china, the two are at odds after an nba executive tweeted support for anti-government protesters in hong kong when asked about the situation coach kerr declined to
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comment at link. the president accused kerr of being hypocritical since kerr usually speaks out about mr. trump's domestic policies. >> let's get a check of for example forecastings. process i woke up with three layers now just one. >> well tomorrow you might need four. >> that chilly in the morning. >> it's getting colder, a lot more locations will have 40s as we start off the morning. let's get you ready for that weekend forecast. i know we are all ready for it after what has been a long week for many. i do want to start off though with the fire danger. this has now moved to southern california. in case you missed our earlier update there is a large fire that is burning just north of san fernando, at least 750 oh acres pb green ada hills really on the edge of this with the most fire growth today on the north, the west and also the southern sides of the fire. 78 gusts up to 45-mile-per-hour possible tonight. good news tomorrow. even though temperatures warm up
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to 84 gusts lower down to 20 with sustained winds at 7-mile-per-hour. we'll have fuloverag of this of course on tv and online at and make sure to get our app as well for alerts if you need them. here through the bay area as we move through the weekend it's a slick picture for us into saturday as we see this the area of. helping to keep it warm across the bay area. then by sunday fast changes. this low pressure system will bring in milder air. i think sunday will be a cooler day for us. so as we start off tomorrow morning, it's going a little bit chillier. might need that extra blanket. 49 for the peninsula. 48 in the tri-valley. back to the south bay 50 degrees. mostly sunny skies. some nice cool crisp err air. the east bay 48, san francisco 51 and down to 45. some of the coldest temperatures moving into tomorrow morning. by the afternoon, nice warm day, probably won't need a jacket at all. this puts news the south bay at 83 in san jose. 85 in gilroy. right through the east bay, 86
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in concord. 84 in pleasanton and oakland at 77. the peninsula redwood city 81. san francisco, stay in the 70s from the mission to the embarcadero. and if you're headed there for fleet week, saturday, that's the mildest day. and look, i don't think we'll have any problems on saturday or sunday with seeing that action off into the sky with the air shows from noon until 4:00 p.m. right here across the north bap. 82 in novato and process in napa. extended forecast shows moving into sunday overall in san francisco, numbers do drop and will stay with 60s heading throughout next woke. we have some showers to the north by thursday. but right now i don't see any big chances for rainfall. inland valleys at 84 on saturday. down to cooler 79 on sunday. look at this. 70s owl all next week. right now no weather events i see that would increase our fire danger. so of course that is good news.
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we have almost made it to the weekend. i almost said we made it to the weektd but almost. >> you have the fourth layer ready for tomorrow morning. >> yeah. >> you got to send a photo. >> long johns. i don't know. >> you'll be good. >> thanks, jeff. >> up next the first rab y case in and why health officials say not to work. announcer: time magazine reports: "the new american
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addiction. how juul hooked kids and ignited a public health crisis." other news outlets report- juul took $12.8 billion from big tobacco. markets e-cigarettes with kid friendly flavors and uses nicotine to addict them. 5 million kids use e-cigarettes. juul is "following big tobacco's
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playbook." and now, juul is pushing prop c to overturn e-cigarette protections. vote no on juul. no on big tobacco. no on prop c. . take a look. that's a bat found in the east bay. this bast tested positive for rabies. someone in the north gate neighborhood called animal tsafoss about the dead bat on their driveway.
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there is no signs the bat came in contact with people or other animals. that's the good news. police say there haven't been other reports recently and the last case of rabies in fremont was four years ago. >> the next installment of the award-winning documentary series bay area revelations marks the 30th anniversary of 6.9 magnitude loma preeta earthquake. survivors unsunk heroes share stories from the day. october 17th, 1989. tim process peterson, a former firefighter survived with freeway collapse. driving on the nim it's when the upper deck crashed down on top of him. >> i thought i hit something. that was a thought for pennsylvania do i have four flat pyres. >> we all know how big a dodge ram it was down to 22, 24 inches, the earthquake 30 years later aires sunday october 13th at 10:00 p.m. we'll be right back. ♪
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before we leave you here at 5:00, not even steph kerry is immune to bay area traffic. last night he admitted to being about 25 minutes late to chase center for the preseason game. got there before the game
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started. he is he lives in atherton get used to the 101 or 2807 corridor because it's busy from here on out. >> needs sky ranger. >> he does zbloop didn't stop him. 40 points. >> bye. tonight. the deadly wildfire emergency. the explosive infern owes burning out of control in california. 100,000 and mandatory evacuation in and around lang. the fast-moving fire is spread by powerful santa ana winds. multiple deaths reported, houses destroyed by the flames the smoke is right over my house. >> our correspondent in the fire zone. also breaking, the dramatic testimony the ousted ambassador to ukraine speaking behind closed doors in the impeachment inquiry, defying orders from the trump administration the accusation she leveled at president trump and taking aim at his personal attorney rudy giuliani. the major deal just


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