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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11AM  NBC  October 14, 2019 11:00am-11:30am PDT

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right now at 11:00, christopher columbus defaced. the search on for whoever defaced this statue ahead of the national holiday and the message the vandals left in plain sight. good morning. thank you for joining us, i'm scott mcgrew. >> and i'm laura garcia. some have the day off but some say the famous italian explorer is underserving a national holiday. >> and that is evident in san francisco where the statue was vandalized and has paint all over him still on his shoulders. sharon katsuda is live where locals and tourists are still in
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shock over what they found. >> reporter: it is beautiful out here just like all weekend but there is a dark close over what is going on with the statue. you could see the red paint at the base of the statue and then when you look up you could still see the red paint, the remnants of it on the christopher columbus statue. we got video of the native americans celebrating indigenous people day by alcatraz and some came up to show disdain for the christopher columbus statue. workers spent the day taking the paint off and at the base including all of the words, destroy all monuments of genocide. a dispute whether columbus was a spanish or italian explorer but many locals are upset with the show of protest. >> the colonization of the united states, i guess,
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initiated the pride of the indians here which is a shame so there is something to be said about that. i don't know if this is the way to express that. >> they probably don't want it there but it is part of the history of our nation and also a monument here so i can't imagine why anybody would just tear it out or what we would replace it with and why that would be productive. >> reporter: police have surveillance video and are going through it to catch who responsible for the vandalism. meantime, out here we just spoke to one of the native american protesters and she would like to see the statue taken down and replace it with a native american statue so we're definitely hearing a lot of differing opinions out here on this issue. reporting live in san francisco, i'm sharon katsuda, nbc bay area news. >> sharon, thank you.
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school is in session in the mt. diablo unified school district parents got an earful as they arrived to drop kids off to school. >> the teachers staged near the campus to make sure families knew contract talks were not going their way. >> kris sanchez is here with how likely a strike is. >> our teachers tell us they are ready to strike as early as early november should it come to that. [ crowd chanting ] >> teachers and their union the mt. diablo education association say the negotiations aren't going their way, at least the way their bargaining team wants. today both sides are meeting with a mediator for a second time and the teachers say they are willing to strike not just for themselves but to make sure their students are getting the resources they should. >> teachers deserve better salaries. we need more counselors, librarians and nurses in the school and smaller class sizes.
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they won't even give us a cost of living increase. it is ridiculous. >> so i did just get a statement from the mt. diablo superintendent that reads in part, the primary goals of the district are to reach a settlement agreement through the mediation process that sustained the district's ability to provide services to students and meet their needs and appropriate compensate district employees and stay in positive financial coherence per the parameter provided by the state. the superintendent added they have handed over data and information to the bargaining team but the union said they haven't gotten the information they need to bargain in fair -- >> so they're steel debating over who has what? >> they are still arguing. the district gave up what they are supposed to and the union said otherwise so that is part of the negotiation. >> they have to clear that up too.
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thanks, kris. pictures in of a fire in alameda county that broke out at about 11:00 last night about six mile news cul canyon. they did not spread to nearby vegetation. nobody was hurt. crews are looking into what caused the fire. a live look at a camera over san francisco. definitely jacket weather out there this morning. >> but how long can we expect that fall accessory today? kari hall timing it all out. >> it looks good as we get r to head out and we're nearing that lunch hour. more people will be going outside as we see all of this sunshine looking live right now in walnut creek, it is a beautiful start to the day. we're heading quickly into the upper 70s by the afternoon. so a warm-up happens very fast as we go hour-by-hour for all of our microclimates we take it to 1:00. we're at 75 in concord. 73 in novato and san francisco still in the mid-60s. in the south bay we're at 73 degrees and then going into the
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rest of the day, we'll see those highs in the upper 70s and in many spots, a few areas reach the low 80s into tonight we'll see a dropping back into the low 50s and we may start out tomorrow morning again in the 40s with a few north bay valleys in the 30s. so it is going to be another cool night ahead. we're going to feel weather on repeat with a few minor changes ahead. i'll talk about those changes as we go into the next several days where we may see a slight chance of rain. i'll have more on that coming up in the full microclimate forecast. >> thank you, kari. the notorious serial stowaway that vexed airport security up to her old tricks. on friday police in chicago's o'hare arrested marilyn hartman accused of trying to bypass security and held on felony charges. that is not the first time she's done this. remember she once succeeded in boarding an if fjc flight without a ticket and did the
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same thing from two other airports receiving probation for fraud and impersonation. that is when a judge ordered her to stay away from airports which apparently she's having a hard time doing. happening today, immigrants and right about visits plan to gather for a rally at the berkeley hall to pass the dream and promise act which house lawmakers approved in the spring. the bill protected the so-called dreamers but immigrants with temecula protective status and many believe it will not ps the republican-controlled senate let alone signed by the president. big news for families across the state. governor gavin newsom signed a bill to let middle school and high school student get to sleep in just a little bit. under the new law 8:00 is the earliest start time for middle school. 8:30 the earliest start for high schoolers. reaction to the changes has been mixed. some say more sleep translates to learning better in the classroom. some parents are concerned the morning routine may cost them
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more money and upended. >> students who start later have decreased rate of depression and higher test scores and less car accidents in the community because they are driving less drowsy. >> day care cost, that is a potential expense that i just don't have at this momen and they'd have to go to day care before school. >> teens need eight to ten hours of sleep and seven out of ten don't get it. the changes are expected to be in effect in the 2022 to '23 school year. now to a sign of fall and half moon bay. we're talking about the biggest pumpkins anywhere. this morning the 46th annual pumpkin wail got under way. the prize $30,000. in past years we've seen record setters. this year's growers are coming in from across the nation and one from washington state told us what it took for her pumpkin to reach the maximum size. >> this is the mothership.
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and it is a very atypical pumpkin. it grew upside down. and so it was a problem child all year long. i was constantly working up solutions to keep it from tilting down and breaking itself off of the vine. and so instead of growing tall like other pumpkins people see hoer -- see here today, it got wider and wider. >> and pumpkin fest takes place saturday and sunday. a former top adviser to ukraine and russia is testifying before congressionalawmake this morning. what she's expected to tell them about president trump's lawyers alleged involvement in digging up dirt on the former vice president. plus all week long we're remembering the devastation. 30 years after the earthquake many across the bay area are wondering when the next big quake will strike. you'll meet one woman whose
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mission it is to make sure you are ready. > welcome back to our
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broadcast. turning to decision 2020, this week's democratic presidential debate will be the biggest ever. 12 candidates will share the stage tomorrow night. more than any other one-night prooem debate in american history. the same ten candidates from last month will be there as well as hawaii congresswoman tulsi gabbard and billionaire activist tom steyer who now have the numbers to join. it is hosted by cnn and "new york times" and live here in california at 5:00. the battle of ideas comes as elizabeth warren and joe biden remain the front-runners. with bernie sanders rounding out the top three. the latest quinnipiac university poll shows warren with 29% of the democratic vote, biden with
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26% and sanders with 16%. no other candidate tops 4%. today begins a busy week in on capitol hill when it comes to the impeachment inquiry. fy ona hill is a top aide who left a week before the phone call between president trump and the ukraine president. hallie jackson has more on what she's expected to say to lawmakers. >> reporter: congress back in town and back to work with thorning with key testimony expected today from fiona hill, a former top adviser on russian and ukraine expected to say rudy giuliani side-stepped official channels to try to dig up dirt on the bidens in ukraine. later in the week another diplomat, gordon sondland the ambassador to the european union who plans to defy orders by appearing and want to know about his involvement with ukraine considering that country is not even in the e.u. >> you understand why the ambassador to e.u. was the point
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person on ukraine? >> i don't. >> you have not gotten an answer to that question. >> no. it doesn't make s becse obviously he shouldn't be. >> reporter: sondland one-time trump donor in a text message exchange defended the president when a state department staffer wrote it is crazy to withhold security assistance for help with a political campaign. sondland after speaking with trump responding, the president has been crystal clear, no quid pro quo of any kind. adding i suggest we stop the back and forth by text. now nbc news has learned sondland plans to tell congress he doesn't know why u.s. military assistance to ukraine was held up nor who ordered it according to a source familiar with his testimony. that is all bucertain to raise questions about whether the president was telling the truth when he denied dangling aid for his attacks on joe biden and his son hunter. >> he flies into china and he takes out $1. billion --
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>> reporter: the former vice president's son speaking out for the first time in a new statement through his lawyer saying, despite no evidence of wrongdoing, he will step down from the board of a chinese investment company by the end of the month. a month seemingly intended to rob the president of a key talking point. >> no one -- no one has asserted my son did a single thing wrong. no one has asserted that i have done anything wrong except a lying president. >> that was hallie jackson reporting. time is running out if you filed an extension on your8 tax return. the deadline to file is tomorrow. if you are going to miss that deadline prepare to pay a 5% failure to file penalty. 2018 tax season was a complicated one for accountants and filers. it was the first time taxpayers submitted returns under the new tax cut signed by president trump. the new law nearly doubled the standard deduction eliminating personal exemptions and putting new limits on certain itemized
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deductions. [ bell ] markets not really moving this morning. nasdaq up a single point. bloomberg had reported that the president's progress with china was not working out. in fact, we have not seen the actual document that the president said china and the united states has agreed on. all this week we're talking about the 30th rrs of the loma prieda earthquake. >> and chris chmura is focused on the future and the one question is, are you ready for the earthquake. >> good morning. it is a big question. now a small oakland business aims to help you answer it. meet sarah yoens, she calls herself an earthquake coach. she's visit your home and create a customized top to bottom report to help you assess your earthquake risk. >> it tarts with small things like having some things by the side of the bed and it goes all the way up to retrofitting and
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ensuring. >> tonight at 6:00 we'll follow the quake coach as she inspected a home and what customers get and what she charges and where you can find free help. if you have a consumer tip, head to our call us at 888-996-tips. i'll join you again tonight at 6:00. >> well tonight as well nbc bay area janelle wang has a story of heroics of how people came to the rescue of a young boy stuck under a collapsed deck during the loma prieda earthquake. tune in tonight at 5:00 on television or our digital or set your dvr. earlier kari was telling us about the origins of the earthquake. you're going to talk about where you were. >> was here in the bay area and interesting torys and we all remember if you were here. >> we'll tell them this week. >> and i've also been seeing people's stories on facebook so it is nice to share.
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and it makes you kind of reflect back to that time to possibly get ready for the future. >> always have to be. >> yes, you do. all right. so as we start out this rning, we felt some cool temperatures across the bay area. and here is a live look outside in san francisco. we had some low clouds across the bay this morning but now you could see it is tarting to clear out. and then we head inland to dublin where we are going to see more sunshine throughout the day. it was a chilly start in many spots starting in the low to mid-40s and now starting to rebound out of the low 50s into e 60s and san jose is all clear now. so it is starting to feel nicer but look at these temperatures. it is still yajacket weather. right now it is 65 and 64 in concord. now we're approaching the lunch hour it will heat up quickly for the rest of the day. martinez up to about 72 degrees at 1:00. and then some upper 70s holding
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steady at about 78 degrees from 3:00 to 5:00 and then cooling down quickly once again. so we do have some very dry air as we look at our south bay high temperatures, gilroy will reach up to 78 degrees. and all of these numbers are about where we should be for this time in october. looking at some upper 70s in concord, 80 in pleasanton and hayward will reach up to 72 degrees. in the mid-60s in half moon bay. and san mateo reaching 68 degrees. san francisco also up to about 68 in the mission district. and the north bay, mill valley reaching 83. clear lake will see a high of about 77 degrees and 80 in santa rosa. going throughout the rest of the week, we will have some more change as head but temperature wise we won't feel much of a difference going into tomorrow. we'll start to warm up a couple of degrees as that storm mem approaches from the north. but by websidnesday into thursd
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there could be showers to the north of the bay area. so if you are traveling, keep in mind you may run into rain but for us mostly dry and a strong onshore wind flow that will keep it breezy and also cool for t the -- for the end of the week. for the weekend, high pressure building but we won't have much of a rebound in our temperatures but our winds will turn northerly which will give us more of a dry wind and when we have gusty dry winds that increases our threat of our inland areas getting in on a high fire danger. so we'll be watching out for that as we go throughout the week. meantime we're going to enjoy some beautiful fall weather. slightly warmer tomorrow for our inland valley reaching up to 80 degrees. some mid-70s on wednesday and coming down to the lower 70s inland and our morning temperatures is when we feel the cool air with a lot of upper 40s. and for san francisco expect highs in the mid-60s. and just a touch warmer tomorrow but not seeing many changes
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here. going throughout the week. upper 60s and low 70s in the forecast for the weekend. and morning temperatures dropping back into the lower 50s. but overall we do have a nice fall week. very quiet here and no major concerns. of course i'll let you know if we'll track the potential of a high fire danger into the weekend. scott and lara. >> that is important. thank you. coming up, fortnite players are upset and it has gone dark. how they are having a problem getting back in. but now a dangerous rescue effort under way in new orleans. firefighters look for a worker inside of the hotel that partially collapsed over the weekend. two people were killed. another one was hurt. two cranes have been brought in to try to stabilize that building. the city's mayor said crews will remain in rescue mode until that person is found. we'll be back right after this break.
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welcome back. a warning for student at stanford and for anyone at a party. a woman said someone slipped a date rape drug in her drink over the weekend. it happened at an on-campus party on friday night. the victim passed out. the next day she took a drug test which came back positive for ghb. the public safety department said there are no indications
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the woman was sexually assaulted. while student as appreciate stanford alerting students of the incident, more needs to be done. >> the school responds to these kinds of things isn't dramatic enough. just because college campuses are liberal and seem safe and all of that, they can be far from it. >> officers say the incident was reported through campus security authority not directly to police. last year seven people say they were drugged at a sigma kye party and led to the fraternity losing its chartser. >> new, a new green tax district in the area around san francisco delores park is getting pushback. supporters want to tax property owners to cover costs for more cleaning and security services. other districts in the city have similar programs. but this morning the examiner reports opponents are questioning the reasons for the added tax and how those rates
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would apply. fortnite fans are dewildered. they have been unable to log in since yesterday. in the afternoon the game, a rocket blew up the landscape leaving a black hole and no way for users to play. it is believed when the game is back up and running it is a rebooted version featuring a brand-new map. in the meantime, playstation has issued a statement confirming the game and players debug so the virtual currency weren't gone for good. so you could play. maybe you want to sit back and watch. simone biles now the most decorated gymnast in history. >> she took gold in the balance beam final at the world gymnastics championship in germany on sunday. this is her 24th medal in the world breaking the record. she's not even doing this in slow motion. she can do that. less than two hours later she would extend her record to 25 by earning the gold in the floor exercise and becoming the first
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gymnast to win 5 gold -- gold medals in a single world championship since 1958 but can she become the second woman ever to take home five golds in the olympics when she competes in tokyo next summer. >> it is amazing. i would watch that video over and over. >> and i wonder if i could do a cartwheel. >> try it. we got time. >> not trying to hurt myself. all right. so let's get a look at that forecast. it is going to be beautiful today. we're all getting outside and maybe trying that out there at the park. it is going to be in the mid-70s. 80 degrees tomorrow. and the rest of the week still looking fall-like even though cooler than normal with low 70s. san francisco more sunshine there with some highs in the mid-60s and breezy winds picking up at times. >> that looks like a nice fall forecast. >> it does. >> maybe it will be like the ice bucket challenge. >> a lot of pulled muscles.
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>> if i'm sideways tomorrow you'll know why. we'll back here tomorrow morning from 4:30 to 7:00 and of course midday. ♪ sup. wh- whacha doing? i'm watching food. try my $3 cheddar bacon loaded curly fries. get 'em delivered with doordash.
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♪ try my $3 steak and parm loaded curly fries. get 'em delivered with doordash. right now on "california live," malou has high-tech gaj elts to keep your kids online. >> when all else fails, put them in the cell phone slammer. >> and then lunch with lauren. >> i'm talking about breakfast and lunch and dinner and come on back for a bite to eat. >> and look who we caught kim hanging out with. >> i have all of the information and i sent my daughter donuts for breakfast this morning. >> plus the kardashians of telemundo play the newly wed game. >> my husband on our wedding night did what? >> we fell asleep. >> and we're introducing you to sofia loren's son. it is all happening right now on


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