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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 5  NBC  October 14, 2019 5:00pm-5:30pm PDT

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>> lauren runs the front desk for a dentist. where many businesses and homes had power cut off last wednesday and at the time nobody knew for how long. >> we were rely on evr . we had to cancel the whole office. we had emergencies we couldn't take care of. >> she had to scramble. >> the night before we were crazy. pumpin going to the store to buy water and groceries. it was chaotic. >> both power outage victimsove pg&e to provide a credit rebait. mostly for the principle of the thing. >> it's not going to fix what already happened. it was very difficult. and our patients were in pain. we couldn't take care of them. >> we had to find baby sitters.
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that covers the cost for the babysitter of the day. i think that's an a list of dem them to under take immediately. faster restoration time. better public information and coming up at 6:00 we'll have more details on that. as well as what victims think of the demands. >> thank you. we are learning more about what might have sparked that massive fire near l.a. so cal the electricity company reported having an electrical malfunction in the area before the fire started. like pg&e, so cal shut off power in areas last week to prevent fires. it didn't shut off power in the area of this fire. investigators are looking alt burn patterns. and talking to witnesses to determine what started the fire. that fire continues to burn in
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the valley. north of l.a. it's burned 8,000 acres and 50% contained. forced 100,000 people to evacuate. so far one person has died. three firefighters have been injured. >> today is a fall holiday with a will the of controversy. intended to celebrate christopher columbus. it's become a movement to honor the indigenous people to have the country. and sparked vandalism. statues were defaced in san francisco. southern california and rhode island. there's a debate on whether san francisco should taek down the columbus statue. >> san francisco tower draws tourists from around the world every day. today it was the vandalized statue of columbus. that stole some of the attention. >> over the weekend somebody or
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a group poured red paint over the statue. a public works crew managed to scrub away graffiti that red destroy all monuments of genocide. and kill all colonizers. on monday the statue was drenched in paint. >> there are better ways to protest. and make the point. >> we can all agree today is october 14th. while many consider today to be columbus day. here in san francisco, it's officially. >> happy indigenous people day. >> last year the board of supervisors voted to make the change in a move that recognized the discrimination and violence against native americans. >> we have been robbed or not acknowledged as we rightly should be. >> families celebrated the day. where the topic of the defiled statue came up. >> we need to be better educated about the history. shod g to th
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who -- respect to the people who the land belong to. >> statues have been vandalized across the country. this is in chula vista. red paint was also used. >> in rhode island. red paint and the word genocide on the the base of the statue. >> 20 years after a teenager was brutally raped in the north bay police arrested the man who did it. thanks to dna evidence. the girl was walking down the street when he grabbed her and raped her. she was able to get away. so did he. until last month. he was arrested in the central valley for public intoxication. a dna test linked him to the rape. >> canine officers taking a bite out of crime.
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cameras capture a suspected car thief. he appears to try to carjack another driver. before a canine chased him down. you can see the dog goes after him. he jumped on a car. witnesses say the canine knew he had to motivate the suspect to surrender. >> he knew what he was supposed to do. if he went and did that task and didn't try to be overly aggressive. which is awesome. >> the police department canine officer also scored an arrest. he caught a man driving a stolen car saturday morning. >> police say the man wouldn't follow officers orders so dex got him out of the stolen car. and into custody. >> more job cuts at uber. the company is cutting 350 more jobs. in july and september. similar situations. laying off 800 workers. the ceo says the company is too big. and hopes a smaller team will make it more efficient.
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uber laid off workers in the food, self-driving, safety and insurance department. this is the final wave of lay offs. >> back to work. congress returned from a break to hear president trump former add virz on russia testify in the house impeachment inquiry. hill is an intelligence officer. president trump's top adviser on russia and ukraine. she left her job before the july 25th phone call with ukraine president. which launched this. three house committees subpoenaed her. in which lawyer rudy giuliani sidestepped. >> they were working with official government policy. which was to oppose and root out corruption in ukraine. >> president trump kept up his attacks on social media. tweeting about biden's announcement he'll step down
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from the board of a chinese company. despite no evidence of wrong doing. >> thursday is the 30th an verse rift of the 1989 earthquake. october 17, 1989. you know exactly where you were when that quake hit. lt magnitude 6.9 killed 63 people. most victims from the day died after the upper deck at the freeway claptsed in oakland. others survived thanks to first responders and doctors. including an oakland surgeon. who saved a little boys life. >> doctor james has been a surgeon at the children's hospital for 40 years. on october 17, 1989, he was working at the hospital when the bay area shook. >> put together a group of people, myself and emergency department physicians.
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one of the respiratory therapists. got equipment and then met by a motorcycle escort from oakland police and drove down to the structure. >> the structure was extraordinary. chaos. the first responder up there came down was very panicked. and she came up to me said that there were children trapped. you have to go up there. >> he climbed up a firefighter ladder. cars were smashed under tons of concrete. inside one of the cars, two dead women. and a six yeerd boy. boy was still alive. >> he was almost unconscious. pretty much so. he was trapped in the backseat. it was obvious that we were going to have to do something pretty dramatic. and pretty radical. to be able to extra kate him.
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>> lying on my stomach i ended up then amputating his leg through his knee. >> after the amputation the boy was rushed to the hospital. he performed several surgeries on him and he survived. >> people asked what would you do if another event like that happened. and it would be i would hope and think that not with my training or experience. just as a human being. or a person. that you would respond in that way. i think you don't really know until it happens. >> a lot of heros from that day. you can see an encore presentation of the documentary series. 30 years later. this saturday again at 4:00 p.m. you can watch the entire episode online. >> it's a really well done
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earthquakes. we talk about magnitude and intensity. explainer about the difference of the terms. >> i want us to be focusing on magnitude and intensity. just for the simple fact we often hear about magnitude. and intensity is left far in the background. so the big picture you do not have to be direct tli hon a major earthquake fault or right near it and you could have very violent damage. magnitude. we know about magnitude. that's the amount of energy released right at the source. the epicenter. the thing we often don't hear about too much and try to train yu better on this, is the shaking intensity. this is based on the shaking scale. this is how far out the violent during an earthquake. i can show you this better. to the weather wall. and we'll get a look at a 7.0 simulation. if an earthquake occurred. near richmond. at the epicenter.
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intensity olent shaking. scale. look at how the violent shaking could spread of course to oakland. as expected. maybe back to fremont. look at livermore. you could get violent shaking close to what oakland has. i think the big message on this map is everyone has to be prepared even if you are not directly on the fault. or not next to it. certainly some startling and eye opening information on this. it's all about the shake intensity map. and we are going to be showing that more as we get quakes in the future. tomorrow night a look at the earthquake and have more particulars behind that on the damage that happened in san francisco and why. and i'll be back in about eighth minutes. >> we'll be highlights stories from that day in october. 30 years ago. and the lasting impact.
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head to our web site for complete coverage. we have a special page for all of the content. you can see it online. >> still to come. no more high school practices before 8:30 a.m. the lan mark bill the governor signed and the research behind the decision. >> more scooters on the streets and sidewalks of san francisco. beginning tomorrow. breaking ne
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san francisco. a homicide in the tenderloin. a look at the crime scene there. the police tape. the murder happened this afternoon near jones. right next to market street. still no information on who victim is. anyone with information is asked to call police. officers say you can remain anonymous. >> california has just become the first state in the country to require middle and high schools to push back school start times. governor newsom signed the legislation into law. the change does come with controversy. live in the willow glen neighborhood. reaction from students and administrators and parents. >> students here start class at 7:35 a.m. but under this new law governor newsom signed, they'll start at 8:30 a.m. that extra 55 minutes is
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designed to let them get more sleep to perform better in school. >> reporter: when the alarm goes off, many students feel like her. >> i wake up and i don't want to wake up. >> that may change. now that governor signed a new law that public middle schools in california start no earlier than 8:00 a.m. and high school start no earlier than 8:30. sounds good to her. >> i have a lot of home work. i can stay up later and get school on time. and not be tired. >> some working parents with long commutes are concerned about managing the later drop off time. other parents applaud the move. >> more pleasant. they'll learn better. they'll be able to do a better job at whatever they're trying. whether it's sports or schools. or being nicer to parents. >> the new times will be implemented in 2022. giving administrators time to
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make the change. >> one of the benefits is students that get breakfast at the school site will have a chance to do that with less pressure. drop off will be flexible. kids can get the important meal of the day and get into the classroom. >> the california teachers association opposed this law. saying it will negatively impact working families especially families that work in the service industry. or laborers. sfwl. thank you. famously crooked street is still free to drive on. for now. over the weekend the governor vetoed a bill that would have t driver up to $10 teet. the bill was designed to limit t on the street. today several residents told us they support the veto. they didn't think it would work. >> the only thing that works is the normal flow of things. it will be longer lines.
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less people will come. and maybe eventually somebody will straighten this street out and make it a street from the way it used to be. >> of course it's a hassle. i don't know what the toll would have done. besides cause more stops at the beginning. getting money from people. >> he hopes to hear from residents about other ideas to reduce the problems that come with the tourist traffic and locals. and wants to sit down with the governor to find a solution. >> less than a year away from having to get real id. now is the best time to do it. you must have a real id by october 1 of next year. they government to help fight terrorism. you must have one to get on a an
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airplane. or bring a passport. officials salines are shorter than ever to apply for win. >> for the people who want the id. come in now vs. august of next year. when the line will get quite long. we are trying to get the message out. >> we can help. we put together a video explaining everything you need to know. check it out on the you tube channel. >> some are calling it scooter geden. thousands of schoolers will be coming to the streets. tomorrow it's part of the next phase of the power scooter program. jump, line, scoot and spin. the companies will be allowed to rent out 1,000 each. 4,000 new scooters in the city. if the companies prove to follow the rules, that number could go up. >> man. they're convenient and fun. but dangerous. and nuisance. people dump them. >> all over the place. >> i have never tried it.
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>> i would be nervous. >> i need a helmet. >> happy monday. after what went through last week with the wind and fire danger you'll be happy with the forecast. let's bring you into the forecast. and we'll bring it right into tomorrow morning. the top headline through the next couple hours will be the chilly start. into your tuesday morning. notice everybody starting off with the 40s here. south bay 49. peninsula 48. mostly clear skies. 46 for the east bay. chilliest start right over to the north bay. with 44 degrees. tomorrow afternoon i don't see major changes in the temperature. numbers go up a degree or two. a little bit above average. no 90s or 100s. 79 san jose. 83 concord. 82 livermore oakland 74.
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san francisco i have you in the 60s tomorrow. nice day in the mission at 68. not that windy winds only 7 miles per hour out of the southwest tomorrow. that's good news for the fire danger. 75 in valley. high pressure keeping it warm tomorrow. you'll see that on my weather map here. so that's a one day event. by wednesday and thursday, this weak system could bring us possibility of a few showers. i do see wind. it's not a dry fire wind. it's a cooler west breeze. the wind will pick up kp chance of showers. a better fix on what we're thinking with this. wednesday cloud cover increase. that will be the first noticeable difference. 9:00 p.m. a spotty shower moving in. holdo 7:00 a.m. thursday morning. we dry out. thursday morning would be with
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that breeze picking up. friday saturday and sunday. looking dry. with a mix of 60s. we have the same shower forecast for the inland valley. dropping it to 75 thursday. back up to 79 on sunday. over all not too hot. this shower chance is minimal. it could be enough to wake up and your car has drops on it. >> thanks for the warning. >> i'm here all week. >> up next door dash is opening a rest rauntd on the peninsula. there's a catch. you can't eat there.
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there's a new restaurant on the peninsula. you can't eat there. the only option is delivery or
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pick up. the door dash opened a shared kitchen in redwood city. to go only and serves the food of four different restaurants. all bay area favorites. nations rooster and rice. the restaurants say this allows them to expand without the expenses of oepening a new location. they can order on the app or pick up the food. >> oakland number 7 making it the highest ranking california city. it scored first in the nation for racial diversity. with the population almost equally white, hispanic and black. largely because of language diversity. san francisco is eleventh in the study. >> great pumpkin weigh in. this years winner. he's a plump one.
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tonight at 6:00 not enough students. the reason a superintendent says her south bay school district is losing students and what it's forcing her to do. >> that's a lot going on there.
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getting into the fall spirit with really big pumpkins. today the 46th annual weigh off. it half-moon bay. pumpkin growers from all over the country. the super bowl. they come to see if they have the gert. the grand prize $7 per pou. win. 2175 pounds. a ton. >> $15,000. >> the cash. who won it? of all over the country. a local guy. from napa. it's the second time he's won. >> those are a beauty. >> a lot of pumpkin pie. >> the forklift. >> congratulations. to all the growers. thanks for joining us. lester holt is next.
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breaking news tonight, syria spiraling into chaos all remaining u.s. troops now ordered out of northern syria. president trump calling for an medias cease-fire. announcing new punishments against turkey for the escalating invasion. the targets, u.s. allies the kurding shifting loyalty to join forces with their former emy, the syrian regime. isis fighters escaping prison, seeking resurgence richard engel is inside syria. also breaking, the deadly shooting outrage the texas police officer resigning after body cam video showed him opening fire on a woman in her own home. her family speaking out. >> it's hard to hear that you're in your house and it's still not safe. >> what they are calling for tonight.


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