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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 6  NBC  October 14, 2019 6:00pm-6:59pm PDT

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superintendent. the news at 6:00 starts right now. i'm raj mathai. >> and i'm jessica aguirre. it is fall out from the high cost of living in the bay area. two schools are slated to close or consolidate next year. and potentially there's a third the following year all because enrollment is dropping dramatically. damian is live at dove elementary. that's one of the potential closures. the big issue is this becomes a ripple effect. the more schools close, the less children, the less money the government will give the district. >> no skule has been officially named for closure. one school board member did mention dove hill elementary as a possibility, but nothing is official just yet. too many children are simply ng away. >> come on, let's go get your brother. >> reporter: there is no
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columbus day holiday in this district. >> i did graduate from the school back in 1993, so i really enjoyed being here and hopefully my son could graduate here as well. >> reporter: but there is a big problem. the school district has lost 2,500 students over the last few years. >> our school districts have faced an enrollment crisis. i will call it a crisis. the cost of living has pushed many of our families out. >> reporter: dr. amy flores took over in july and was immediately tasked with overseeing the closure of two schools by next year because they don't have enough students to sustain them. why the exodus? dr. florez says a few families are choosing charter schools. district data says most are leaving the district all together. she knows the reason for the move. >> i can tell you i have sticker shock every day whether it's
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food, services, san jose is extremely expensive. and it's difficult for families to raise their children here. >> reporter: this has been a long-term discussion in the evergreen school district. decreased enrollment has increased the deficit. it's expected to balloon to 16 1/2 million dollar by the year 2022. over the next few weeks, the board will study the numbers and decide which campuses will be closed or con sol tated and they want to make a decision soon to give families enough time to react. >> it makes me sad because like i said, it's the school we all went to, me and my sisters, and now the little ones are going. nbc bay area news. we have an update. a landscaping truck crashed into a cable carl passengers. it happened just about two hours ago at washington and jones streets in san francisco's knot
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hill. paramedics rushed five people to the hospital. you can see the landscaping truck there. it rammed right into the cable cause some streets are still closed. first it was boulders on a sidewalk, now some want to block the homeless with a plywood wall. people who live there say lately they've found needles in their yard. and when the alley is used a toilet, they can't open their windows. at the end of september, neighbors boarded up the opening with permission from the city. a week later the plywood wall was gone but the neighborhood is lobbying the city for more decorative iron gates. how much is your frustration worth. governor newsom urged pg&e to give credit to those who lost power last week. 100 bucks for residential
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customers, 250 bucks for commercial customers. the cdc listed immediate fixes it wants pg&e to make. robert handa joins us with details. >> reporter: well, there are some hard feelings over here. but in a statement, pg&e says for safety's sake it's still believed the shut off was the right decision and says it welcomes future input from regulators, lawmakers, as well as customers. if that's the case, pg&e will get an ear full. >> it was a nightmare. >> reporter: many businesses and homes had power cut off last wednesday and at the time, no one really knew for how long. >> we rely on electricity for everything. so, that was a pretty difficult day. we had to cancel our whole outfit. we had emergencies we couldn't take care of. >> reporter: this homeowner
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lives up the street and also had to scramble. >> the night before we were all crazy pumping gas, going to the store to buy water and groceries. and i mean, yeah, it was pretty chaotic. >> reporter: both power outage victims approved of the governor urging pg&e to provide a rebate to customers. mostly for the principle of the thing. >> fix what already happened. it was very difficult for all of us and our patients were in pain and we couldn't take care. >> reporter: the cpc also sent pg&e a list of corrective actions to take, power restoration within 12 hour, better public information, and agreements with governmental agencies. >> we're all panicking thinking that something bad is going to happen just because it was so short notice. i think they do have to make more changes.
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>> reporter: also pg&e did not address the governor's request for a customer rebate, but it may come up at an emergency meeting called by the cpuc this friday with top pg&e executives. live in san jose, robert handa. taking a bite out of crime literally. check out this video as a k 9 officer in contra costa county chases down criminals this past weekend. in this case, the police were caught on camera as that man there suspected of trying to carjack a drive jumped on the roof of that car to get away from the police dog. nbc bay area jodi hernandez is live in antioch. criminals must be saying who let the dogs out at this point. >> reporter: well, jessica, you might call it dog gone good police work. this gas station parking lot is where keira, the police k-9 helped stopped a suspect in his tracks. >> it appeared to me that he was desperate to try and get away.r
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chased by police appeared to try to carjack a driver at the gas station friday night. seconds later the suspect had a pittsburgh police k 9 on his tail prompting the man to jump on top of a car to avoid getting bitten. >> he jumped up on the vehicle. he really did his job. >> when they know the dog is there, the game is over. they don't want to run. they don't want to fight. >> reporter: antioch police officer patrick says it was a busy weekend for k-9. his partner apprehended another car theft suspect saturday morning after police spotted a mercedes reported stolen from lafayette. >> the guy didn't want to follow instructions. i used the dog to get him out of the stolen car. >> reporter: mayer says when it comes to tracking down criminals, k 9 officers really are a man's best friend.
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>> you can't put a price on it. if someone runs from a stolenw to where they ran to. >> reporter: two suspects are in jail tonight thanks to highly trained police dogs, a furry force criminals don't want to trace. >> they're the front line when there's a situation at hand. >> reporter: and we're back here live now. in addition to police dogs keira and deks, another contra costa police dog also had a successful case. i am told a dog named hancock from the concord police department helped police track down 25 grams of heroin. reporting live in contra costa county. >> jodi, thank you. it's the number one cause of harmful gases into our atmosphere. we're talking about the cars we drive. new information shows the bay area's biggest city is way ahead of the rest of the country when
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it comes to cutting down on emission ots why san jose is leading the way. >> reporter: plenty of cars, most of them gas powered. but the studies says enough san jose drivers have gone electric that that city is number one when it comes to cleaning up. >> it's no surprise that the bay area has a lot of traffic, and that puts dangerous amounts of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. but you may be surprised to learn that san jose has lowered its c 02 emissions from cars more than any large city in the u.s. let's get to the numbers. since 1990 a boston university study found for example, stockton saw a 56% jump in greenhouse gas emissions from cars. san francisco and los angeles each up by 16%. but san jose, over nearly three decades, has lowered its auto emissions by 13%, better than
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any other big city. >> we are the highest purchasers of electric vehicles in the country. our statewide average is about 5%. >> reporter: even higher in san jose. that's why you see so many teslas and leaves. >> we see this in our data every day. >> reporter: it's backed up by colleen jansen. they've made 100,000 chargers for electric cars. >> 20,000 of those places to charge are right here in the bay area. so, the nine counties that make up the bay area are really participating in this new fuelling network. >> reporter: as for san jose's mayor -- >> we're really doubling down on electric transportation. >> reporter: -- he says he's surprised but the big drop but chocks it up to a city willing to change. mayor la carte went on to say
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they'll add new electric charging stations. up next at 6:00, a columbus statue defaced on this federal holiday. the reason some native americans are against all this vandalism. no toll for the cookedest street. why the governor vetoed a bill that would charge a fee to go down lumbar. what the local lawmaker who proposed the bill plans to do now. >> more warm weather for tomorrow. i'll have details on how hot and how we're doing so far for the rain fall season. that's coming up in about 8 minutes. announcer: time magazine reports: "the new american
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we are getting an up close look at a rescue that happened in san francisco bay. people on a sport fishing boat had cameras rolling as they pulled a man from the water yesterday afternoon. he told the rescuers he had been in the water about 15 minutes, long enough to be showing signs of hypothermia. they warmed him up. he was delivered back to the cargo ship he fell from about a mile away. we talk to the men who pulled that sailor out of those cold waters at 11:00. it happened today in rhode island, san diego, and san francisco. vandals defacing statues of christopher columbus along with blunt messages. last year san francisco made
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headlines when it renamed the day indigenous peoples' day i instead of columbus day. melissa colorado is in the city with us. >> reporter: raj, this is a decisive issue. lots of people with different opinions, sometimes in different languages. this is a tourist destination. i just want to show you the red paint is still there. crews are going to have to somehow scrape it off. this is similar to the debate in the south of whether statues of confederate generals should be torn down. but more pressing, how to remove the red paint? >> we h who is san francisco say go to coy tower. >> reporter: coy tower attracts guests from around the world. but on monday morning it was the vandalized christopher columbus statue that stole peoples'
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attention. over the weekend someone doused the statue with red paint. a public works paint managed to scrape away the gra feety that said destroy all monuments. other statues of christopher columbus in san diego and rhode island were targeted as columbus day comes under scrutiny who see the legacy as a symbol of genocide. here in san francisco, that scrutiny came in the form of a vote last year when the board of supervisors replaced celebrating columbus day with indigenous peoples' day. >> we don't have stand for vandalism. >> reporter: should the statue remain standing or does it deserve the criticism directed at confederate statues in the
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south? >> its part of history. it should stay. >> it should go. we should pay respect to the people who this land belongs to. >> reporter: san francisco police still investigating and trying to find out who is behind the vandalism. i'm melissa colorado. well, the crooked street toll just hit a detour. despite more than a year of pushing and pulling, there will be no toll for driving down lumbar street. it would have cost tourists as much as $10 to visit the city's most iconic sites. people who live on that street probably not too happy. >>. >> good evening, jessica. people on the street, you might be surprised at their reaction. phil ting, the prosal to charge up to $10 was shot down by the same guy who used to represent the neighborhood as a county supervisor. >> the governor recollected a
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paid reservation for driving down this section of lumbar saying the iconic section should be open to all. that's how debra from detroit sees it too. >> it's beautiful. it's a beautiful place to see. >> reporter: more than 10 million people drive down this street every year. in the summer months, the back up often stretches for blocks. a long time homeowner told me that in 40 years a lot has been tried and nothing's worked. >> the only thing that works is the normal flow of thing. there will be longer lines, therefore less people will come, and maybe eventually somebody will straighten the street out and make it from one end of the city to the other the way it used to be. >> reporter: he told me he would vote to take out the flower gardens and the curves and make it a straight street. kylie lives on the street and admits traffic is irksome. >> it's a hassle but i don't
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know what the toll would have done besides cause more stops at the beginning, getting all the money from people and stuff. >> reporter: phil ting proposed the bill to put a paid reservation system in place. he told nbc bay area that he would like to sit down with the governor to come up with a solution to come up with something everyone supports. >> i think the issue is still alive. >> reporter: you're looking at a live picture of the people who are here on lombard street. pedestrians can walk up and down as they do now. interestingly enough, it is pedestrians who the residents say is the mn doorbells asking can i use your bathroom. by the way, the nearest public bathroom,m . sure. that would be annoying.
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>> that could be annoying. >> disrespectful to the people there. let's just call a spade a spade. that's disrespectful, right? . that's not nice. >> it's a special part of our city. we had amazing weather. looking up at the jets yesterday. >> yes. zblits other going to continue as we head throughout the next couple of days. beautiful weather compared to last week when we had the extreme fire danger with us. i don't see high fire danger and that's the good news as we begin on this monday. we'll get you outside to the live sky camera network in contra costa county. we've got a little bit of haze back off towards the distance but a mostly clear sky. it is 75 degrees after a high of 78 and we'll drop to 60s as soon as t cooler 50s by 10:00 or 11:00. you might need the heater or the blanket tomorrow morning. the morning temperatures in the 40s by tomorrow afternoon decent warming moving back in. this will put us in the low 80s for livermore, concord, antioch.
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closer to the water, closer to the ocean breeze, 74 oakland and san francisco at 66. so, it's another dry day in the forecast. i did want to spend a little bit of time on how we're doing so far for the rain fall season. the brand-new calendar flips over for us in the weather department starting october 1s. as you can see, we have not picked up any rain fall since october 1s. so, this is putting us in a rain fall deficit. it's only a quarter to half inch so far. we can make up for that. we're going to add to the rain bucket just a little bit ut the timing of rsday. the possibility of a few showers. i'll have details on that in about 25 minutes. >> we'll see you shortly. up next, her facebook. how elizabeth warren is using online ads to make an important point about fake new
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with the next debate less than 24 hours away, elizabeth warren is taking the offensive and trolling mark zuckerberg. she bought phony ads on facebook about zuckerberg. one reads, breaking news, mark zuckerberg just endorsed donald trump for re-election. she wrote it's not true explaining donald trump is spending a million bucks a week on ads. she's also linking her ads othe a petition supporting the break up of major tech companies including facebook, google, and amazon. >> so, how much money a serces ? that's what the federal reserve is trying to figure out. almost everything we use on the internet is free from social media to search engines. that'sgovernment to evaluate th economy. the feds are trying to see how much the internet is worth. a survey by mitt got the answer.
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it found that people would give up facebook a whole year for about $600. they would give upstreaming services like youtube for about a thousand dollars a year. search engines are the most valuable. to stop using google, consumers would need to be paid $17,000. >> up next at 6:30, later start time, what the new law means for middle and high school students around the bay area and around the state. you've heard of a sports coach, probably a life coach, how about an earthquake coach? meet one next.
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right now at 6:30, back to school a bit later in the morning. california is the first state in the nation to order middle and high school students to push back class start times. students are staying up later and paying the price in the morning. governor newsom signing this new legislation into law but the change isn't without controversy. >> it is a game changer for so many schools. >> reporter: students here at willow glen high schore early c morning. under this new law, ty'll be able to start at 8:30 instead. that extra 55 minutes is designed to help them get a little more sleep so hopefully they'll perform better in school. >> when the alarm goes off on school days, many students feel like malia.
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>> i wake up and i don't want to wake up. >> reporter: but that may change now that governor gavin newsom signed a new law mandated that public middle schools start no early than 8:00 p.m. and high schools start no early than 8:30. >> still be able to sleep in and get our work done and get good grades. >> reporter: but the california teachers association says the statewide start time change is a bad move because it could have a disproportionately negative impact on working families, particularly laborers and service industry employees who don't hav a long commute she would still be forced to drop off her son before 8:00. other parents say the change is long overdue. >> i can see it's going to be causing conflicts with sports and fitting everything in, but i think kids need more sleep in order to perform well. >> reporter: the chemistry teachers welcomes the new start
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time. >> student engagement, student alertness, their ability to concentrate in the morning. >> reporter: the principal of willow glen middle school says there could be other advantages. >> students that do get breakfast will have the access to do that with less pressure. >> reporter: new times will be implemented by the beginning of the 2022-23 school clear. marianne favro, nbc bay area news. governor newsom signing roa. this allows drivers who hit animals to take the animal home. the driver must apply for a free wild life salvage permit. you're not allowed to do it on interstates. are you interested in a raise? hayward could be growing list of
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the hiked minimum wage from $12 to $15 by 2022. that's a year ahead of the state's plan of $15 minimum wage by 2023. alameda county have already adopted the ordinance. we're learning what might have sparked the big fire in southern california. an electricity company down there reported having an electrical malfunction in the area right before this fire started. like pg&e, it did not shut off the power in this area where the fire was. investigators are looking at burn patterns and talking to witnesses to determine what sparked the fire. the saddle ridge fire continues to burn in the san fernando valley north of burbank. it's burned more than 8,000 acres and it's 50% contained. >> this week we're marking 30 years since the loma earthquake.
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when it hit, the epicenter in the santa cruz mountains. >> some of the worst problems were 60 miles away in san francisco. meteorologist rob takes a look now why the shockwaves travelled so far. we talked about this for 30 years but still learning more about it. >> it taught us about the bay area geology where not all ground is equal. going from moderate shaking through bedrock and compacted sediment. you begin to see the energy amply fly as y the highest shak right there near san francisco where during that big quake in 1989 you had more than 100 buildings damaged with multiple gas line fractures and water line breaks. it's part of the geology of the bay area that makes it beautiful to live but also high risk when it comes to earthquakes. unlike wild fires or floods, there's no earthquake season that meteorologists can predict. so you've got to be ready at all times. the question is are you.
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consumer investigator found a local business woman who may help you answer that question. >> she calls herself an earthquake coach. and you can hire her to figure out two things, if your family and your home are prepared for an earthquake. >> this east bay property has seen decades of disaster. the original house here survived loma but it burned down in 1991 in the oakland hulls fire. today the clayton family owns the rebuilt house. they are aware of the risk they face. >> we lived in japan. led throu 1989 earthquake. >> reporter: for a personalized adiness, they hired sarah jones who calls herself an earthquake coach. >> it starts with small things like having some things by the side of the bed and it goes all the way up to retrofitting or insurance. >> over a couple of hours on site, jones evaluates the house
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itself. she identifies best es akip routes and demonstrates when to shut off gas. >> in the 1906 san francisco earthquake, it wasn't the eric . homeowners have a lot of shelves built in so it helps keep things from coming out. you want to secure tall bookcases using a bracket method. this one they had a little bit different method of securing this bookcase to the wall. it involving velcro. >> reporter: jones teaches families what they need to shelter in place. she developed a step by step strategy to store food and find clean water which might be closer than you realize. >> anyone who has this type of water heater has a ready supply of water on hand. you can hook a hose or bucket to the spigot. >> the earthquake coach says he
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provides families a play book, a custom guam plan in writing that's ready to go for the next quake. >> if you take the time to make some plans and prepare, it will give you peace of mind. >> reporter: there are two ways you can get free help. first, check with your local fire department or emergency management. it hosts two hours of example personal preparedness training for free. also pick up your smartphone. there are smartphone apps that might help you. trembler is one of them. it shows details down to the street level about fault lines, risk of landslide, and other factors around the house. again, it is free. we've posted a link on our website we also have a list of preparation essentials there. rob. >> good information there. it's important to point out nbc bay area has chronicled the the earthquake in our award
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winning documentary series "bay area revelations." head to if you would like to see a re-broadcast of that special, we're reairing it this saturday at 4:00 right here on nbc bay area. >> it is a powerful documentary. you want to see it. up next, who is the big winner? literally? big. we're going to show you the record breaker at this year's half moon bay pumpkin weigh off.
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the notorious serial stow away who once snuck on a flight is up to her old flights. on friday, police at o'hare accused of trying to bypass security without a boarding pass or id. she's being held on felony charges. this is not the first time she's
6:40 pm
done this. you may remember she once boarded a flight leaving san jose international without a ticket. she did the same thing at two other airports. teachers are ready to strike if they are pushed too far. teachers protesting outside schools. they say they've been working without a contract since last summer. they want higher pay, smaller classes, more counselors, librarians, and nurses. the superintendent says the radistrive but the negotiations are not headed in the right direction. how much does your pumpkinh championship pumpkin weigh off -- >> that's a biggie. >> there are a lot of biggies there. a lot of different colors there. growers come in from all over the land competing to see who has the biggest waistline, if you will. >> gives everybody that opportunity, hey, i can grow something that's phenomenal. and to see that and that gives
6:41 pm
somebody something to shoot for. >> and the waistline for the pumpkins of course. >> yeah. >> the winner is leonardo urenna. this is the second time he's won the prize. it's $7 per pound. that's what you win. his pumpkin weighed in at 2,175 pounds. we did a quick calculation here, that's more than 15,000 bucks. >> what do they do with it? of pumpkin pie. >> oh, yes. >> think of the face you could carve. >> a nice casserole. >> what, about six weeks away? >> halloween. halloween is right around the corner. >> you like it dry on halloween. let's see what happens. live look outside right now. we are mostly clear and 58
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degrees. we'll talk more about shower chances ahead in 15 minutes.
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10 hours, that's how long president trump's former adviser testified to congress today. fiona hill is an intelligence she left that job just before the july 25th phone call with the ukrainian president. that call has triggered impeachment inquiry. three house subcommittees had her in to discuss accusations of democrats claim the president's private lawyer side stepped official channels to dig up dirt on former vp joe biden and his son, hunter. >> they were working across purposes with official government policy which was to oppose and rout outcorruption in the ukraine. >> the president kept up with
6:45 pm
the hearings. our political analyst is here. there's a lot of noise for many americans, all of this is. what do we expect in the next few weeks that stands out to you. >> more of the same. intentionally more of the same. they'll be bringing up as many with that. nancy pelosi was skewered by a few rush to impeach. her plan was let's let it unfold. that's how watergate went. that doesn't mean it'll happen. doesn't mean he'll be convicted. but the fact is that is an absolute plan on her part. and you can expect this to go on for another two or three weeks. >> what was the biggest thing we learned. >> well, we had the validation, if nothing else, validation of what was claimed in part by the secret informer. that's one thing. and also what you saw with fee
6:46 pm
nona hill is she was painting a picture about how rudy giuliani rudy giuliani as you said early on was circumventing the ukrainian ambassador. she got upset by that and fiona hill was upset by that as well. two questions: why did he do it? what was he trying to get? and was he ordered to do so or given permission to do so by somebody? and there aren't too many somebodies between him and the top? >> in the next 24 hours we have the democrati debate, 12 candidates on the stage. will this be brought up? >> it's hard to know. i think there are two things to worry about or watch i should say tomorrow. first of all, the big three. they've each got issues. biden has lost steam. can he get it back? warren, ascending, can she keep it going. and sanders has lost a lot of steam, fallen out really. there's a distance there. the other thing is what about the other nine, the 30 seconds
6:47 pm
each of them may have or whatever. we have to assume that the only way any one of them is going to come out is if something explosive happens. in other words they come with something nobody expected that gives them momentum. >> what does kamala harris he f came out strong and we haven't heard much from her since. >> she was up 13 points at the beginning. she was up there. but she's fallen down every time. the biggest problem i think people have with harris is that she's wishy washy. she doesn't put another. you saw that on medical issues for example. people don't want people to think about it. they want a plan. >> and elizabeth warren has a lot of momentum going into tomorrow night. a historic land grab is under way as the u.s. pulls troops out of syria. turkish troops are rushing in grabbing the kurdish territory.
6:48 pm
there are report that is the turks have captured 50 villages and towns in days. the kurds are being killed or pushed out. an estimated 130,000 kurds have fled. president trump tweeted the kurds are not america's responsibility. isis prisoner versus escaped. vice president mike pence and steve mnuchin announced the u.s. is levying sanctions againstto . october is the transition period where we start to see drastic changes in our weatherer and it's going to get cold again. >> cooler this week. i think you're maybe looking forward to that. >> i just want a decision to be made. >> i'll make it for you. we are going to go cooler as jessica just mentioned this week. and the possibility of a few showers. it is that transitional month in
6:49 pm
october. let's bring you right into tomorrow morning's forecast. you've probably noticed lately numbers getting colder as you step out the door tomorrow morning that's going to be the case. we're back down into the 40s. the one good thing this is for, we have a lot of mosquitos. i think most recently it seemed like they're flying around. the cold temperatures help to kind of freeze them out, lock them out. so, that is the good news, at least a little side bar there. 49 for the south bay tomorrow morning. light jacket will be needed. 48 in the peninsula and the tri-valley at 48. you can see where my brain's going with that. had a lot more. i live in the east bay. east bay 46, san francisco 48, and the number one chill, north bay will be at 44. i think as we head to the day tomorrow i really see a beautiful day in the forecast. we start on the chilly side. by the afternoon, temperatures they do warm back up. will be above average in the south bay, 84 in morgan hill,
6:50 pm
79. not that windy. wanted to point that out after the fire danger last week we do not have any major fire dangers this week and of course that is certainly some good news. 83 in pleasanton, 77 in vallejo. i have 78 in palo alto. half moon bay 63. mission 68 to the marina 64. napa 83, santa rosa 78 and right down to navarro 79 degrees. tomorrow it's due to the area of high pressure. we'll see warm temperatures over the afternoon. we just talked about that. but big changes once we hit wednesday and thursday. it's not a big storm system by any means but it'll bring the possibility of a few showers and it'll pick up the wind as well. so, my extended forecast plays it like this. this is what i have fine tuned for us here. once we hit wednesday, cloud cover increases. by 9:00 p.m. a chance of a spotty shower.
6:51 pm
we'll hold on to the chance of a few spotty showers until 7:00 a.m. on thursday. and breezy winds, 15 to 25-miles-per-hour. that's a cooler westerly wind. it's not a dry fire wind. even though we have the wind picking up, fire danger will not be with us. we have 60s as we move to the weekend. inland valleys, you get a shot here of wet weather wednesday night into thursday morning. and we'll drop down from 80s tomorrow to 75 degrees. we hold on to 70ht into saturday and also on sunday's forecast. so, a fairly nice section 7 days. rain chances, i wanted to go more on this. you'll see towards the california/oregon border, .33 of an inch possible. napa, .01 of an inch. the big problem for us has been the pollen lately. i don't know about you guys. i was doing leaf blowing this weekend. it's one of my favorite hobbies.
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>> he really does. that's the truth. he loves leaf blowing. >> it is a hobby. i'm that guy. but the pollen is just like coming right off the driveway. >> it felt like spring. >> yeah. >> saturday. come on over. >> we can online sign ups. >> secret's out. >> up next is the crying in hockey. absolutely. it was a special moment. sharks fans welcome home the legend patrick marlow. ♪ hey. hey. now you can take control of your home wifi and get a notification the instant someone new joins your network... only with xfinity xfi.
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okay. did you see this last night? one of the most special moments i think i've ever seen at the shark tank. patrick marlow returned to san jose, his first home game since signing with the team last week. watch carefully. brought to tears. a standing ovation. >> big tough guy tears. >> today marlow used his wife's twitter account and thanked everyone for such a warm welcome back. by the way, the sharks are 2 and 0 since marlow's return. cool to see. >> that's nice. it took just seconds, say
6:56 pm
salva doer daly etching stolen. we'll show it to you tonight at 11:00. >> on this monday we're going to talk about the back to work week and halloween right around the corner. >> monday back to work, ugh. >> i know. this week i think it's going to be fairly nice for us. cool, crisp mornings. temperatures in the 40s to low 50s. sunny skies on tuesday. clouds increase on wednesday. slight chance of spotty showers wednesday night and thursday morning. >> we can handle that after last week. >> you got it. >> thanks for joining us. have a great week.
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reese witherspoon's there too. >> she's not in the circle. >> i'm sorry, we are in this circle.
7:00 pm
>> now kit's cutting me out? >> honestly, kit. >> did we just break news to ellen about best friend jen's goddess circle. >> this is the face of kindness. >> the donny and marie such you'll only see here. and you'll never believe who michael douglas is talking about. >> he getst, i'm glad he's settling down. why nikki bella feels more free in this relationship. >> with art em, i don't have to walk on egg shells.


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