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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  October 14, 2019 11:00pm-11:33pm PDT

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bay. right now at 11:00 we begin with breaking news. a 4.5 earthquakn felt it not only in the east by but the south bay, peninsula and north r nbc bay area newsroom. >> it hit in the town of walden, which is right in contra-costa county, sandwiched in between walnut creek and pleasant hill, right in that very area, but we're hearing reports of people feeling it throughout danville and pleasanton, all the way down
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to the stanford campus as well. again, the walden area is mostly a neighborhood made up of lots of high rises and condos. but we did feel that people were saying that they really did feel what was like an initial shake and then some rolling after. >> right here in the nbc newsroom we felt the initial shake. a fewle ros right after that. we knew right away, probably as all of you watching and listening to us, that it was an earthquake. here are some of the numbers here, 10:33 p.m., so about 30 minutes ago. it first was a 4.5. it was upgraded, this happens pretty often, upgraded to a 4.7 and back to a 4.5 followed by an aftershock of at least a 2.1. lots going on this hour. keir going to check through the area to see if there was any damage or injuries with this. >> we want to bring in sara minuteson of the usgs. good evening, sara. we understand this happened on the concord green valley fault. is that correct? >> that's actually not clear at this point.
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it look like it may be off the green valley fault on some perhaps small unmapped fault. it looks to be sort of left of the concord fault. so besides the main faults in the area, there are lots of tiny faults that accommodate the strain on the main faults. they're physically so small that they are really only capable of hosting very small earthquakes. >> sarah, thanks for your time. what did you see in terms of the usgs perspective in what this earthquake, how it happened in terms of the intensity, the magnitude and perhaps why the magnitudes changed there for the first few minutes. >> well, in the minutes after an earthquake, the location of an earthquake get updated as additional data come in, and the source parameters of earthquake can be better refined. it's not uncommon for the magnitude to change a little and for the depth -- >> we appear to have lost sarah. sarah, are you hearing us still?
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>> i hear you. >> okay. perfect. i'm sorry, we lost you in that. i noticed that you said before that this seems to have happened on a smaller fault and you feel the intensity. is that what you were explaining to us? you can feel it a little more dramatically when it happens on a smaller fault? >> well, smaller magnitude earthquakes can, in fact, create intense shaking because they tend to radiate at high frequencies, which are very -- which are somehow felt better than more low frequencies that can be more like sea sickness. >> okay. we get it. so you're saying that the kind of the abruptness of it was felt more -- >> mmm-hmm. > -- because it's along a why peoplre something which felt very dpr k dramatic to them because it happened so quickly with intensity. >> yes. >> okay. sarah minson of the usgs, thanks for your time.
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just to be clear, you're not re it's perhaps an unmapped fault from your perspective. >> that's what it appears to be at this time. the data is still coming in. >> okay. sarah, thank you. we'll get back to you. we appreciate your time. if you're just tuning in, perhaps you felt it in the small area of walden, just north of walnut creek, 10:33 p.m., the earthquake and then aftershocks. let's bring in our chief meteorologist jeff ranieri. we've been talking so specifically on the 30th anniversary of the loma quake. you're doing in-depth reporting on earthquakes. what are you seeing from that area? >> well, just as we heard from the usgs expert, likely close to the green valley fault and the running through that area that could have relieved a little bit of that pressure tonight. i know down here in san jose we definitely felt it in our studio. maybe eight to ten seconds of rocking back and forth, which i
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know a lot of you back home have felt. a 4.5 four miles below the earth's surface. that's relatively shallow and why many of you did feel it this evening. what about aftershocks? this is live data coming in from the usgs. we had a 1.6 coming in before that 4 p.5 at 10:11. 10:23, we had the 2.5. after the main earthquake we had another 1.2 aftershock and a 1.6. safe to call this a swarm of earthquakes right now. here's pleasanton. there's walnut creek. most of that activity, you're feeling it at home right here certainly in pleasant hill with your house continuing to shake. with that kind of a swarm that we're seeing at the current moment, we likely could continue to see some smaller engines as we head into the overnight hours. we are of course not sure if this is a larger earthquake. i want a lot of you to start
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thinking about your flashlights, your batteries, your radios, what you would do if a larger earthquake were to hit. we don't want to cause any undue alarm, but with this kind of a swarm happening, it is something that comes to the front of our minds. let's go ahead and bring this out wider. and what i want to take a look at here, we showed you the fault, is the shake intensity map. i want to show you immediately around the area as our computer loads up with the data. you can see this green ring right around the epicenter. of course the source of the earthquake. some pretty good moderate shaking there. just outside of that it was light to moderate. and then, of course, most of the bay area did feel this shaking. so this rating on the mercalli shaking scale is once again considered moderate. everyone in the area felt it. unstable objects could have fallen off some of the walls. so remember to drop, cover and hold.
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it's the simplest advice. we can forget it. if we get a larger earthquake, you got to drop, cover and hold. you don't want to run out of a building. that is the way people get killed in earthquakes. please think about your environment, where you ary just in case this was the foreshock to a larger earthquake. >> thanks again, jeff. while you want to be prepared and that is wonderful information, it doesn't necessarily mean you're going to get a bigger one because we have a swarm. we've seen swarms of earthquakes in danville clustered together which have unnerved people, and it has not produced a larger earthquake but we need to be prepared and ready for whatever comes next. let's bring in mariana from san ramon. you're right in that shake intensity area that jeff has just been talking about. thank you for being with us. tell us a little bit about what you felt. >> well, extremely intense, i'd say. it actually felt like my house was being torn down. i've felt earthquakes before, but this one was really, really
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intense. >> how long did it last for you? >> just about 30 seconds to a minute. and absolutely no aftershocks. that's strange that you had aftershocks in some areas and not others. i did a quick check of my house and my little alice in wonderland doll, small, fell down and a lamp fell down. a lamp was knocked over. that's kind of scary when lamps fall over because you never know with electricity. >> all right. marianne from san ramon, we appreciate your description there. what else? you said lamps fell down. any other dishes or anything that kind of jumped off the counters? >> no. i'd say a lamp and a doll. >> okay. >> and the interesting thing is my dog didn't feel it at all. usually animals feel it first. >> okay. well, we certainly hope that
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you're prepared -- >> let me clarify for you. i'm a realtor so i really know this area very well. waldon is not a town, it's a subdivision. >> like a neighborhood, right? >> a neighborhood, exactly. >> that's good information. thank you, marianne. let's go now to nbc bay area's reporter sharon katsuda joins us in walnut creek, right next to waldon. it's raj and jessica. what did you feel? >> hi, raj and jessica. definitely the hanging light above our dining room was swinging when this happened. but i was in a very deep sleep when this happened. at 10:30 because as you know, i was supposed to go to work for the morning shift in a few hours. so i was in a deep sleep and it was enough to wake me up. and when i did, i still felt a lot of shaking for about ten seconds. i'd say about five strong jolts. and it was enough for my
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daughter, my older high school daughter, who was studying, to run over and say, what's going on, what's going on? and she's -- everyone's okay. my husband also ran from the living room very well aware of what was going on. and so everyone's fine. electricity's still on. no damage. but definitely felt it very strong here in walnut creek. >> sharon, we felt the initial jolt here in the nbc newsroom here in san jose. i personally did not feel any aftershocks. i'm assuming you felt some aftershocks in walnut creek? >> that's interesting. i heard the previous caller. we did not either. you've been getting reports of that. i've been walking around after i called the newsroom and have not felt anything since that first earthquake. so, no, not here. >> did you feel anything before? litrding to jeff1.6 one, e bit more and then at 10:23 there was a 2.5 earthquake before you had that 10:33 one,
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which was the 4.5. so you didn't feel anything before that one? >> exactly, no. i was in a deep sleep. so it was enough, the main one, to wake me up, for sure. and i'm looking across the street. i see, you know, electricity still on with my neighbor's home. my younger daughter's just waking up right now saying, what's going on, mom? so obviously some people have felt it, you know, who were up. but not strong in huff to wake others up who are already sleeping, the youngsters. >> okay. thank you so much, sharon. we know you're going to be here bright and early in just a couple of hours. >> that's right. >> you'll be reporting on this story. i have to sayn my house, i called my house. i live in pleasanton. i called my house and my daughter said she definitely felt it and yet, you know, other people that were sleeping didn't feel anything. >> that's the thing. thankfully it's not over a 6. usually anything under a 6 around here, most people feel it but sometimes people sleep right
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through it or don't feel it at all. sharon, of course, in walnut creek felt it but didn't feel the aftershock. it's hit and miss. san jose people felt it. peninsula, especially the east bay where this is centered. when jeff comes back, he was talking about a few hours ago today the magnitude versus the intensity. the magnitude is one thing and the intensity scale's another thing. it's much more widespread. >> i did get a text from danville where they said they had photos fall off a bookcase and felt that intensity. danville being very close, obviously, to walnut creek. >> go ahead. >> we have someone else on the line. daisy, are you from concord? >> yes. >> hi, daisy. thanks you for calling in and talking to us. tell us a little bit about what you felt. >> oh, my>> rlly? >> it was such a big, huge jolt. my neighbor felt the same thing. so scary. very alarming. but it was just that one jolt
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flash. i was on the couch with my cat. didn't bother her but i was pretty alarmed. >> okay. but you're okay? did you see anything fall off the shelves or anything in your house or is everything okay? >> just a pictured moved. that's all. >> okay. >> daisy, we don't expect any major damage, but have you taken a peek outside to see if the power's on for the neighbors or any other activity outside? >> oh, yeah, the power's on. yes. >> all right. that's good news. power's on and nothing outside. we're checking with all the fire departments, all the hospitals to see if anything's offline for the local first responders as well. >> did you feel anything before or after, daisy? >> not a thing. >> so that one big jolt is what you felt? >> oh, yeah. it was terrifying. i'm not kidding. usually the rolling earthquakes, those don't seem to bother me. but this was just something out of nowhere. >> okay. well, stay safe and stay prepared. >> thank you. >> thank you, daisy. that's daisy from concord. let's bring in nbc bay area cheryl hurd who joins us from
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lafayette. cheryl, you arrived on the scene. we see you there. we see the power on so we're not expecting any major damage. so what did you feel and what's the response where you are? >> reporter: well, the power is on here, but i just checked with b.a.r.t. and b.a.r.t. is running their trains at a reduced speed until a further notice. i jumped out the car and ran into matthew smith. matthew says he felt the earthquake. he happens to live in lafayette. matthew, what did you feel at the time? >> so i was brushing my teeth and the house jolted really abruptly and then we had a couple of little rippling feelings afterwards. it was pretty brief but a startling moment. so we went, checked to make sure everything was okay and that our youngest was still asleep. >> reporter: did anything fall from your shelves or any pictures move? >> the pictures went askew. a number of those we had to straighten. just one toy fell from the shelves. nothing really severe.
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>> so what did you think about this? >> reporter: it wasn't as bad as '89, which we're all remembering these days, but, you know, it was definitely okay, yeah, we're still in earthquake country. but you grow up here and go, okay, that's normal. >> reporter: all righty. thanks for talking to us. so matthew is here. possibly waiting for someone to get off this train. these trains are running at a reduced speed. we happen to be in alameda at the time. my photographer and i were sitting there editing our story and the car started shaking. i accused him of shaking the car. he says, i'm not doing that. so we dit felt it and things rolled on from there. i've been getting calls from family in san jose. i even got a call from a viewer in santa rosa who says that he lives in an older home and his house felt like it was on roller skates. so everyone all over the bay area is feeling it, even mr. smith here says i said, hey, did
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you feel the earthquake? and he says who didn't feel the earthquake? this quake has been felt far and wide. and there's a police officer -- well, there was a police officer here. he left. people are here waiting for the trains. it may be delayed, like i said. that the trains are running at a reduced speed right now. back to you guys. >> okay. thank you very much, cheryl. yeah, we're hearing a lot of people talk about how they felt that jolt. it is a powerful reminder as we go into the 30th anniversary, which is on the 17th, that we do live in earthquake country. and i think a lot of times we get a little complacent and think, tal to people in danville who have been feeling swarms of earthquakes. they are a little more cognisant of this reality that we live in, but it is something that kind of falls by the wayside when you don't feel something like this. a couple of years since napa, which is the last time we really felt -- when we saw strong damage. this is the reminder that it can happen at any moment. >> it can.
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danville area, the east san jose foothills getting a lot of swarms in the last few months. there are a lot of us who feel a little tinglings. but tonight this was a bay area-wide feeling for most of us getting this 4 pat.5 magnitude 10:33. let's get back to our phone lines. tim, appreciate your time. so you're near the epicenter. tell us what you felt at 10:33 p.m. >> no, i didn't just feel something, i heard a snap, pop, crack and then i started to feel a slight roll. grabbed a sitting on the dresser so they didn't fall down. it seemed to have lasted a good 30 to 40 secondse. circular aro good 10 to 15 feet in a circular motion. >> good description. i believe that -- how long have you lived in the bay area. seems like you know what you're talking about in terms of describing earthquakes? >> yes, i do.
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i'm an ex-reporter for a lot of local news and international news. and i just haven't been doing it for a while, but i'm getting ready to, you know, i've been trained for the search program. so i'm going to be ready for the next one. but, yes, it was definitely a heavy duty shake. i heard from a friend of ours over in downtown martinez that it knocked him clear out of his bed. >> so, tim, you're just north of diablo valley college. not far from the epicenter here. do you feel any aftershocks? we're getting a mixed bag. >> yes, i have some things that i havean purpose just to see. there is slight movement but nothing major. i can pretty much tell the area that we have there is a pool in that general area, and i was monitoring that. that seems -- it seems to keep moving. so i'm sure the aftershock's
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still happening. like i said, i did hear a report out of santa rosa that was pretty heavy duty. >> okay. >> all the way around. >> all right. we appreciate you taking the time to talk to us very much. we want to bring in our chief meteorologist jeff ranieri. jeff, i know you've been back to worki working on your computer for get information. what have you learned? >> since we've been hearing in these reports from these telephone calls, from viewers and also our shang was widespread. so we had that 4.5 at 10:33 tonight. just before that we didav few small shakers and after that we had certainly some very small aftershocks. so i wanted to get a look at the shake intensity map. this basically shows how far the shaking has traveled across the bay area and points beyond. and of course the focus is right there over concord, pleasant hill, walnut creek, mount diablo
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with moderate shaking. we had light even moderate shaking and the same thing down here to the south bay. let's get you in closer. this is what people are reporting. the maps are lining up just with that. some strong shaking right around mount diablo. parts of pleasant hill. and close to walnut creek. so that's why your house was swaying back and forth with 4.5 earthquake. that was rather shallow due to the strong shaking that is being shown on the shake intensity map. let's put that on a scale. the shake intensity is part of the al the shaking we felt for most of the bay area was moderate. some objects could fall. strong shaking near mount diablo. we might find some furniture moved, even plaster in the walls
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might have cracks in it, which goes along with moderate to light shaking. you can see the aftershocks. we have primarily seen have been at a 2.0 and lower over the past hour. but you can see how active it continues to remain right here around pleasant hill. so certainly a swarm of activity tonight. we're going to continue to track this. i just do want to reiterate that while this was a 4.5, there is the chance this could be a foreshock to a larger earthquake. i don't want to alarm anyone, but just remember, drop, cover and hold. and if we do have a larger earthquake that happens, do not run out of a building. that is one of the number one ways that people do get killed during earthquakes. so it's a great thing to think about your flashlights, your radio, everything you need to it's dark outside. if we got a big earthquake, it would be hard to hurry up and get all that stuff you need. so think about that right now. be safe. i'll continue to monitor those aftershocks. >> jeff, just before you go, the
11:22 pm
south napa earthquake that we had in 2014 was a 6 the .0, so significantly larger than this one. between this -- is this the largest one -- i know i'm putting you don't know the spot that you can remember since that napa earthquake or have we had some bigger than this? >> i want to say we have had some earthquakes that have been slightly bigger than this. there is definitely a lot that goes into it when you have an earthquake on who is going to feel it. how deep are the earthquakes? they're anywhere from 4 to 8 miles below the surface. so they're very shallow and what proximity are they to the population? this is a heavily populated area. so people are feeling it. you're closer to the primary wave here in pleasant hill and walnut creek. and that's going to create that big, big force when the earthquake strikes. now, you mentioned the napa earthquake. we had a few years ago. that was 15 times stronger, if i do the math here right in my head --
11:23 pm
>> right. >> -- than what this is. but nonetheless you're close to it. your house is going to shake. it's going to move. and it's a jarring reminder. i was actually rehearsing something for tomorrow on earthquakes, and i said, wait a minute, the studio is moving here. we had thehe tvs. it was going for about, i'd say 8 to 10 seconds. so we've got the aftershocks. just be ready to go. it's a good reminder for us. let's hope this is not a foreshock to something larger. >> all right. good perspective for us there, jeff. >> it is a good reminder. concord, novato, san jose, palo alto, it chance you felt it. it has been five years since bay area-wide we felt something like that napa earthquake. in the napa earthquake there we yet. >> that we won't have that much structural damage. we have a lot more coming back. we also have video as this earthquake was happening. stay with us.
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welcome back to our breaking news coverage of the earthquake that we felt at 10:33 p.m. so almost an hour ago. this is some video from one of our viewers. you can watch it carefully here. we're going to play it on a loop. you can see the moment the earthquake -- >> right there. >> goes off. the little motion there. you see the pumpkin in the cabinet there. we felt it in the nbc newsroom. the jolt and 15 seconds of rolling. we all knew right away what was happening. >> we've been talking to a lot of viewers in the san ramon area. also that creek/concord area saying they felt a really strong jolt and
11:27 pm
rippling after. terry mcsweeney joins us from merkley. people felt it in a lot of different areas. people felt it in berkeley? >> reporter: they felt it here on university avenue. joining me now here is ala. let's talk to ala first. you were sitting here. what did you feel? >> i just felt my chair shaking a bit, so it was like a slight tremor for aortebout t okay. what goes through -- was there the adrenaline rush, thinking is this the big one? what went through your mind? >> honestly, i actually thought it was very light. so i just thought maybe a car passed by really fast. it was very mild. i looked over and she was like, oh, is that an earthquake? we're like, oh, it's an earthquake. we both felt it. and then everyone else in the restaurant was like, oh, yeah, we felt it, too. >> reporter: okay. so you also felt it, but it was nothing to get your adrenaline pumping to get you to get up and
11:28 pm
run out of here? >> no, not like that. it was just, like, shaking my chair. i looked at the walls. they were shaking a littleit. looked over at ala. did you feel it? she said, yeah. was it an earthquake? she said, yeah, probably. then people behind us they were sitting there and they were talking about it as well. so, yeah, it was like a slight earthquake or -- >> reporter: i'm beginning to think this is not your first earthquake? >> i experienced a slight one in las vegas. i actually live in las vegas. so this is my first earthquake in san francisco or around san francisco. yeah, in bay area. so, yeah. >> reporter: not that frightening for you tonight? >> no. i'm here with her so i feel >> reporter: all right, ladies. thank you so much. that's the story from here. university avenue. we did drive over to the four street section of berkeley. we're looking around over there. there seemed to be no one out in the street wondering what was going on. everything seems extremely normal here in berkeley. >> all right.
11:29 pm
terry, hang tight. we might come back to you. terry mcsweeney from berkeley. >> we haven't heard reports of any damage. people being more stunned than anything else. no reports of damage. >> it was pretty alarming. to have this go through, again, 4.5, most of us could feel that. it happened in waldon in a small enclave of walnut creek. the usgs sarah minson telling us it's not clear what fault, it could be an unmapped fault. but it was near the green valley fault. ron wrote us, the strongest quake i have felt since the '89 quake. as ron was saying, actually centered in waldon. we talk about the 30th anniversary of the world series and the loma prieta earthquake. one of the giants' coaches says this is the strongest quake he felt since 1989. >> jeff was mentioning how close you are to it gives it that
11:30 pm
intensity. seven aftershocks is what we've heard so far from jeff. there was a foreshock slightly smaller, a youaw a 2.3 and fina 4.5. since then, seven aftershocks after. jeff is saying this is without question a swarm of earthquakes. b.a.r.t. has reacted by slowing down their trains. let's turn things over to cheryl hurd at the b.a.r.t. station there. have you talked to anyone getting off a train yet? >> reporter: yes, i have. i talked to a number of people, jessica, who came off that train. they told me they slowed the train down, they stopped it for about 10 or 15 minutes while they can check the tracks and then the train ended up here. and i do believe they tell me that the train, i think it's gone now, but the train stayed here for a while while they were checking the tracks and the trains were also going slowly. so there are a lot of people waiting for people. maybe they were about 10 or 15 minutes behind schedule, but
11:31 pm
they said that b.a.r.t. was great. they got all the information they needed. they told them that there was an earthquake because, of course, the folks on the train didn't feel the earthquake. of course they all have their phones and their family calling them and calling them from different locations. the ironic thing. you guys have been saying it all night, some people felt it and some people didn't. i was getting calls from all over the bay area. some people saying that they felt it strongly and a lot of folks saying that they slept through the whole thing. but b.a.r.t. is doing what they normally do during this time. the train is running at a reduced speed. not sure when it will speed up. but that's the situation here. the lights are on. these gentlemen are here. i don't think that -- i don't want to misrepresent. i don't think that they're dealing with any checking or anything like that. i think they're putting up some signs and things like that. but i hear a train coming in now. we'll check with b.a.r.t. and see what the situation is for now. but that's the situation here. back to you guys. >> cheryl, do you know what
11:32 pm
lines are running at a reduced rate? which b.a.r.t. lines? >> reporter: i don't. i think -- i think all the b.a.r.t. lines. that's the protocol when there is an earthquake. they'll slow down the trains in different locations. i think it's station-wide because it's so late at night. maybe it's not as noticeable. check your twitter. they're pretty good about putting updates there to make sure that the trains are running properly during the commute hours. >> right. we probably only have another 30 minutes or so before b.a.r.t. shuts down for the evening. they'll have to make sure there are no problems on the tracks. inspect them. >> cheryl, you are right. this is b.a.r.t.'s protocol after an earthquake of inspecti. right now expecting full service for b.a.r.t. tomorrow morning for the commute. thank you, cheryl hurd there. let's bring in our chief meteorologist jeff ranieri. we heard from the usgs spokesperson, they still haven't specified which fault this is, but it's near the concord/green
11:33 pm
valley fall. >> that's exactly right. that's what i've been seeing behind the scenes. there are some smaller faults in this location, but the concord/green valley fault, that is the closest one to a lot of this activity. they'll have to take a closer look at the maps and certify this nonetheless. the concord/green valley fault is the closest to this activity. interestingly enough, my map doesn't fully show it, but martinez at the top of the map has now had a small little earthquake liky this. we've had about ten aftershocks below a 2.0. so nothing larger than the 4.5 we had tonight. concord/green valley fault, last notable earthquake was october 23rd of 1955. a 5.4. there was one death and $8 million in damage. and also you have to think about the refineries in this location. they're going to be doing some checks and looking at everything. so, again, a 4.5 tonight. we're going to monitor those aftershocks. >> okay.
11:34 pm
we have a lot coming our way overnight. we're going to have a team of people reporting and following this. we do know one initial shock, 4.5 at 10:33. so far according to cal tech and usgs, 16 aftershocks. >> we're going to continue to work this for you throughout the evening. our morning crew is already here working the story. we'll continue to keep you update and on our morning show "today in the bay," which starts in just a few hours. >> thanks for tuning in. have a safe night. za here in and now, here's your host, jimmy fallon


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