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tv   Late Night With Seth Meyers  NBC  October 15, 2019 12:37am-1:35am PDT

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[ cheers and applause ♪ >> announcer: from 30 rockefeller plaza in new york, it's "late night with seth meyers. tonight -- justice sonia sotomayor, star of "the deuce", actress maggie gyllenhaal, author and journalist tatiana schlossberg, featuring the 8g band with carter mclean. [ cheers a a i'm seth meyers. this is "late night. how's everybody doing tonight? [ cheers and applause that is wonderful to hear. in that case, let's get to the news according to cnn, president trump told fema officials this weekend that he has never heard of a category 5 hurricane before,
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despite puerto rico being hit with one in 2017 said trump, "well, i've also never heard of puerto rico [ laughter ] so" -- president trump faced international criticism this weekend after he was seen playing golf instead of staying in the office to monitor the progress of hurricane dorian though, honestly, would that be better [ light laughter ] making trump monitor the hurricane would be like making your 4-year-old do the dishes. after about five minutes, you'd be like, "you know what, tyler, just go out and play [ laughter ] go out and play. [ cheers and applause president trump fired his personal assistant last week, after it was reported that she made derogatory comments about his family to members of the white house press pool though that wasn't the main thing he was angry about "we've had a pool this whole time [ laughter ] find out where the pool is."
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[ applause ] the white house recently provided reporters with a 26-point list of what it considers to be president trump's key accomplishments. though, i have to say, it's not very encouraging [ laughter ] according to reports, prince harry and meghan markle are considering buying a house in malibu of course, they'll have to run it by their queen mother first [ laughter ] disney world closed early today in preparation for hurricane dorian while seaworld told their whales to shut up and enjoy the fresh water. [ laughter and applause bugatti has become the first car manufacturer to come out with a vehicle capable of going over 300 miles per hour it comes fully loaded, as will your pants [ laughter and applause the "washington post" has published an article about a trump impersonator who has seen an increase in business since
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the 2016 election. before that, it was just once a [ audience oohs [ laughter and applause "i don't know -- i don't know, you look a little different. "i'm your dad. let's just take a picture. [ laughter ] taylor swift is facing criticism from people in the uk for her new song, "london boy," which they say does not accurately portray the city specifically, when she sings about eating a basket of fish and fries under big bill [ laughter ] a 52-year-old former navy seal recently began classes as a freshman at yale when asked how he got in, he said, "through that air vent up there. [ laughter ] and finally, according to a new study, nearly half of americans have worn the same pair of underwear at least two days in a
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row. [ audience groans that's right that's right nearly half of americans are men. [ laughter and applause all right, everybody we've got a great show for you tonight. she is a united states supreme court justice. and her children's book "just ask! be different, be brave, be you," is available now justice sonia sotomayor is here tonight, everybody [ cheers and applause our first supreme court justice. you can see her in the third season of hbo's "the deuce," which returns september 9th. maggie gyllenhaal is back. [ cheers and applause this is very exciting. she's an acclaimed writer and journalist whose new book, "inconspicuous consumption" is on stands now. tatiana schlossberg is joining us [ cheers and applause we got a great show for you tonight. before -- before we get to our wonderful guests, a dangerous been saying some very dumb stuff about it for more on this, it's time for "a closer look."
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♪ [ cheers and applause >> seth: donald trump's first and only goal has always been enriching and protecting himself. in fact, you might remember that during his congressional testimony, trump's ex-fixer michael cohen recounted that trump's presidential bid began solely as a way to advertise his personal brand and make money, calling it the greatest infomercial in political history. and one of the very specific promises trump made in his year and a half long infomercial was that he was the only candidate who could protect americans. like the time he aired an ad that ended with the slogan, "donald trump will protect you he is the only one who can." [ laughter ] which is not only wrong but it sounds like something that would be scribbled on a note slipped under the door - [ laughter ] by a stalker at a lifetime movie. you expect to hear that after your estranged husband appears on the balcony in a thunderstorm [ laughter ] "donald, you startled me." "i'll protect you, cynthia, i'm the only one who can."
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[ thunder [ cheers and applause , if you saw the trump infomercial and you bought the product, that's what he claimed you were getting a president who would protect you from danger and if you order now, two free travel-sized containers [ laughter ] but now it's clear as it's ever been that much like any other product you buy from an infomercial, it was a lot [ bleep ] than it looked on tv for example, trump was asked this weekend about a rebel faction in the country of colombia known by its spanish acronym, farc, whose former leader has called for a return to violence after a peace deal this is obviously a major foreign policy issue that any president should have at least a basic knowledge about and yet when trump was asked about it, he barely seemed to even know what the reporter was talking about. >> about colombia, howo ngo the- >> colombia, you said? >> yeah, colombia. former leaders of farc >> you're talking about the
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country of colombia? >> yeah. >> we have a great relationship and they're not doing badly. they have a problem, because of venezuela. lot of people are pouring in but colombia, we've had a great relationship with colombia >> seth: good lord it's like when the dumbest kid in your class is giving an oral report and stalling for the bell, but he's so dumb he forgot class just started [ laughter ] "colombia, you say yeah, sure, here we go buckle up, everybody, because here comes an oral report about colombia which is a country, that is our friend come on, ring, bell, ring. "donald, it's 9:01." also, what do you mean you're talking about the country of colombia what else could he be talking about? did you think he was talking about columbia pictures? "we have a great relationship with columbia. in fact, we're right now in the
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process of obtaining a vhs copy of 'the shawshank redemption.' [ laughter ] of course, trump probably thinks farc is just how they say fork in boston. "honey, we don't need new silverware, i'll just go to dunky's and steal some plastic farcs. [ laughter and applause so trump maybe doesn't know there's a country called colombia and then there's trump's ignorance when it comes to hurricane dorian, a category 2 hurricane currently approaching the u.s. trump apparently knows just as much about hurricanes as he does about colombia, because when it was first classified as a category 5 hurricane, trump went out of his way to say he had no idea what that was >> dorian is the fourth category 5 hurricane to threaten the u.s. since president trump took office. but the president said at a fema briefing yesterday, he's never heard of such a thing. >> i'm not sure that i've ever some category 4s, you don't even see them that much but a category 5 is something that i don't know that i've ever
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even heard the term, other than i know it's there. [ laughter ] >> seth: what -- what do you mean you've never heard of a category 5 hurricane you've already had three of them as president [ light laughter ] you've definitely heard of them, you just forgot. is that why you're wearing a hat that says "usa" to remind you of which country you're in? "god bless the - [ laughter ] usa. also, that's not - [ applause ] that's not what anyone wants to hear from the president when a hurricane is bearing down on them it's like, if you called 911 and the operator said, "[ bleep ]. 104-degree fever i didn't know they went that high [ laughter ] gary gary did you know it went to 104? [ light laughter ]
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gary knew. [ laugis ihter ]it's not even t time trump has used this line. in fact, he has repeatedly claimed throughout his presidency that he's never heard of a category 5 hurricane before >> they've never seen a category like this come in, because it came in really at a 5. it was a category 5. i never even knew a category 5 existed [ laughter ] this has been a category 5, which few people have ever even heard of a category 5 nobody's ever heard of a 5 hitting land category 5 hurricane category 5 never heard about category 5s before got hit as a 5 category 5 storm which literally never happened so we've never seen it actually touchdown as a category 5. people have never seen anything like that. >> seth: the best part of that montage are that the faces of the people around him are definitely saying they have heard of a category 5 before [ laughter ] look at that, that is the face of a guy thinking, yeah, i can
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count to 5 trump is incapable of and uninterested in delivering on the basic duties of his office in fact, he often makes the situation worse. like when he tweeted on sunday, "in addition to florida, south carolina, north carolina, georgia, and alabama, were most likely be hit much harder than anticipated looking like one of the largest hurricanes ever. already category 5 be careful god bless everyone." okay first of all, why is the word, "much," -- [ laughter ] in parentheses like it's a secret "they'll be hit harder 'much' harder. [ laughter ] second, and most importantly, trump was wrong because 20 minutes later the national weather service had to issue a clarification saying, and this is real, "alabama will not see any impacts from dorian. we repeat, no impacts from hurricane dorian will be felt across alabama the system will remain too far east." the president of the united states aate was in danger from a hurricane when it wasn't and the government had to correct him. i hope we newildfire ever again do, can you imagine the trump
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tweet? wildfires spreading quickly from california to new jersey to spain. [ laughter ] everyone in barcelona, be careful, and god dios, bless you. seriously, what -- [ cheers and applause what other corrections is the government going to have to put out as trump's brain continues to deteriorate we're like a week away from the justice department tweeting, contrary to the president's tweet, the joker is not a threat [ light laughter ] he's a character in a movie played by joaquin phoenix. there is no evacuation of gotham under way, nor is gotham a real place. [ light laughter ] trump inaccurately spreading disinformation about dangerous hurricane heads toward the u.s., despite the fact that he made a big show of staying in washington to monitor the storm and even skipped a trip abroad sending vice president mike pence instead >> president trump announcing today that he is canceling his trip to poland this weekend because of hurricane dorian. the poland trip was intended to mark the 80th anniversary of the beginning of world war ii. the vice president mike pence will attend in the president's place.'s bhonest,
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he hates going abroad. there's no fox news, the mcdonald's there have different but he has to wear a full suit and tie instead of whatever this look is. [ light laughter ] i guess you could call this retiree chic eventually, though, they're going to have to add a message to the top of the hat that said, "if found, return to the" -- also you know the other world leaders were probably relieved when they heard trump wasn't showing up because when he does, he always says something insane. like at the g7 in france last week when he was asked about the climate crisis which, of course, is making natural disasters like hurricanes far more frequent and intense. and he said this insane thing. >> mr. president, there was a significant talk at the summit about climate change i know in the past you've harbored some skepticism of the science in climate change. what do you think the world should be doing about climate change and do you still harbor that skepticism? >> i feel that the united states has tremendous wealth. the wealth is under its feet i've made that wealth come
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alive, and i'm not going to lose that wealth. i'm not going to lose it on dreams, on windmills, which, frankly, aren't working too well i'm not going to lose it >> seth: no, you've definitely lost it. [ laughter and applause you're rambling about windmills and making wealth come alive under our feet you're like an old prospector. you should be wearing a stetson hat with a canteen around your neck [ laughter ] "there's riches in these hills, boys, right under our feet we just got to make it come alive! [ light laughter ] on top of that, trump alseich himself by reportedly encouraging pence to stay at trump's private golf resort in ireland on pence's way back from poland, with taxpayers once again picking up the tab pence was in ireland holding meetings in dublin and yet he chose to stay at trump's resort which is three-hour drive away, on the other side of the country. that's like if every night when i did this show, instead of going back to my apartment, i oi baltimore because lorne michaels
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owned it you know, if you don't want us toh [ laughter ] and when he was asked today about this obviously corrupt practice, pence clearly did not have a good answer >> vice president mike pence took over the boss's duties overseas, sparking criticism by going well out of his way in ireland to stay at a trump resort there >> just to give you a chance to respond, democrats have criticized you today for staying at the trump property in doonbeg. they say you're enriching the president. what's your response to that criticism? >> it's wonderful to be back in ireland. >> seth: nothing is better than watching the fake principal, o t short circuit. mr. vice president, as a religious man, what are your thoughts on the president paying off an adult film star to cover up an affair he had while being married? [ laughter ]
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"it's great to be back in ireland. [ laughter and applause he was so flummoxed his brain literally froze. in fact, after that, he just stood there on the lawn for a few hours while technicians rewired him. [ laughter ] the president sold himself as a strongman who was uniquely suited to protecting americans and he has repeatedly made clear he's utterly incapable of even that basic task. both because he's incompetent and because his only interest is enriching himself. we've had corrupt, stupid presidents before, but donald trump is at a level - >> which few people have ever even heard of. [ laughter ] >> seth: this has been "a closer look." ♪ [ cheers and applause we'll be right back with justice sonia sotomayor. [ cheers a
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♪ [ cheers and applause >> seth: our first guest tonight is a united states supreme court justice. her children's book, "just ask! be different, be brave, be you," is available now please welcome to the show justice sonia sotomayor. [ cheers and applause ♪
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>> seth: welcome to the show >> i am so happy to be here. thank you. >> seth: we're very happy to have you we do not -- you are the first supreme court justice we've ever had on the show this a big deal for us >> well, i hope not the i rson >> seth: i hope not the last, too. we've got eight to go. [ laughter ] i want to ask, having a supreme court justice in a family -- >> mm-hmm. >> seth: because obviously you have one, do people ever in your family ask you to rule on disagreements? is that something that ever comes up [ light laughter ] >> they did once >> seth: they did once how did they -- did they regret it in the end that they asked you to rule? >> i regretted it. >> seth: you regretted it, yeah. [ laughter ] >> nobody listens to me. >> seth: yeah. [ light laughter ] and i would say, in an interfamily, if there was ever a time to recuse yourself, it would be - >> that would be it. >> seth: yeah, that would be the time there are obviously a lot of questions i'd love to ask you about things, goings on at the supreme court.
12:59 am
but you're not in a position to answer them and i am too stupid to trick you into doing so [ laughter ] but you can -- you can tell us about your book. so tell us about the story, and what brought you to write this one. >> well, the story, and the line, "just ask," came from two separate inspirations. the writing of this kind of book happens because the daughter of a woman who worked with me has an unusual childhood conditiond sick and would miss school or activities she wanted to engage in and once, she was very sad about that sad about what she was dealing with sad about the things she would miss in life and her mother, by happenstance, read her a children's book not written by me, but about me. at the end of reading it, she
1:00 am
looked at her mother and said -- now, mind you, most 5-year-olds can't say my name. >> seth: yeah. [ light laughter ] >> but her mom worked for me, so she could say my name. "justice sotomayor, she could do it with diabetes, i can do it, too. [ audience aws ] and i'm gonna do exactly what she did. i'm gonna to study hard and not let this stop me." [ audience aws ] she's now 12 >> seth: that's wonderful. [ applause ] >> the story -- the story created two things in my mind. the first is that children with difficult circumstances like hearing that other people have made it. and so i knew there might be some power to my story and so i first did a parent book, where i told more details dealing with my diabetes among many other things.
1:01 am
but i also knew that i wanted to reach all of those children that have conditions that they deal with every day of their lives. and just about everybody knows a child like that. whether it's something like an allergy or asthma or other things that you can't see. autism, attention deficit, down syndrome, some of those you can see. but there are so many kids out there, who every day live with courage, and who add so much to the quality of our living. and i wanted to be a voice for them so i wanted to write a book. but the title and how it came to life was something that had happened to me >> seth: well, it's so wonderful you did that
1:02 am
and obviously, you have such a unique story among the many things that are unique first hispanic on the court. and obviously, there have not been a lot of women on the court over the years [ cheers and applause you're also -- i mean, most importantly for us here in the city, you're from the bronx. >> that helps. >> seth: that helps. [ cheers and applause and -- and while i do not find this -- as a red sox fan, i find it very distressing that you're - >> ooh, i liked you until that >> seth: yeah, well. [ laughter ] well, how do you think i felt when i saw this photo? [ laughter ] >> you know -- [ cheers and applause >> seth: and it's nice a couple of judges from the bronx. i want to ask this, you know, again, we can't talk about when you and your colleagues talk about cases that are from the supreme court. but i think one thing that's fascinating to people like myself, who don't understand the workings of court, what do you talk about when you're on break? [ light laughter ] what do you talk about is it true that you have lunch together >> after every argument --
1:03 am
>> seth: mm-hmm. >> and after every conference on friday and what do other people talk about when they're not talking about business the movies books. >> seth: uh-huh. >> the family. whose child is behaving and whose child is misbehaving [ light laughter ] we talk like anyone else >> seth: when you talk about movies, is it always that five people like it and four don't? [ laughter and applause do you ever -- are there ever unanimous opinions on movies >> well, for a different reason, there isn't. there are some people on the court who don't really look at movies >> seth: yeah, right [ light laughter ] >> and there are other people on the court like one of my colleagues who speaks french, so when he's seen a french movie, i can't watch it and tell him whether i like it or not >> seth: i see [ laughter ] >> so, but, no, not -- thankfully, not all of us watch the same movies. >> seth: that's good [ laughter ] that's probably, i would say, for the best you -- really quick, you know,
1:04 am
obviously, ruth bader ginsburg, an iconic figure she had some health scares this year she is back. how's she doing? and is it -- is she a good colleague to have? >> she's a wonderful colleague to have. [ cheers and applause that i've been on the court, justice ginsburg has been there to welcome me. from my very first day there, where she lent me, or gave me, a copy of her bench manual that tells you how she runs her chambers, so i didn't have to start from scratch to the time i issued my first opinion and she sent me a note telling me what a fine opinion it was to everything else that she does to help my life thon and she's an amazing, brave,rong i call her the steel magnolia. [ light laughter ]
1:05 am
>> seth: that's very nice. >> delicate on the outside, but she has an iron rod behind her [ laughter and applause >> seth: well, thank you so much for being here >> thank you >> seth: and i wish the best to you and all your colleagues. >> thank you >> seth: and this is justice sonia sotomayor, everybody [ cheers and applause "just ask!" is available now we'll be right back with maggie gyllenhaal. [ cheers and applause ♪ somebody living with hiv? keep being you. and k y. used for hiv in certain adults. to help you get to undetectable. that means the amount of virus is so low it can't be measured in lab tests. serious side effects can occur, including kidney problems and kidney failure. rare, life-threatening side effects include a build-up of lactic acid and liver problems. do not take biktarvy if you take dofetilide or rifampin.
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♪ [ cheers and applause welme ba, everybody. give it up for the 8g band, right ovittihe in with us this week, he's the multitalented drummer for broadway's "the lion king" as well as the jamie mclean band. be sure to check out his award-winning instructional, "concepts & creativity", which is available now carter mclean is here. welcome back, carter >> thank you, sir. [ cheers and applause >> seth: and thank you so much for being here our next guest is an emmy and academy award-nominated actress you know from films such as "crazy heart" and "the dark knight." she produces and stars in hbo's
1:10 am
"the deuce", which will premiere its third and final season on monday let's take a look. >> so, what do you do? >> um, i make films. i make erotic films with feminist bent. "fem erotica", i call it basically it's skin flicks it's porn. yeah, i make porn. it's different um, i do it different. it's not your usual affair but i'm a pornoger so, there it is. you watch much porn? [ laughter ] >> seth: please welcome back to the show, our friend maggie gyllenhaal. [ cheers and applause ♪ >> seth: welcome back. >> thank you so much >> seth: we were talking backstage, obviously it's the first day after labor day.
1:11 am
a little jarring to be back to the real world >> uh, yeah. [ laughter ] it really is >> seth: i mean, i think a lot of people -- >> i really need a haircut >> seth: yeah? [ laughter ] i just got mine. that's the thing >> you managed that? just cut your hair the minute you walk in. >> i should consider that. i was thinking that might be a good job for me. >> seth: yeah. well, don't -- you know, infringe - >> i'm totally kidding [ laughter ] that would be, like, the worst job for me >> seth: i'll let you play candy and i get the talk show. this is the third and final season and this character, candy, has been quite a journey from where we first saw her to where we see her now. >> have i talked to you every year >> seth: yeah. you've been here for three years for "the deuce." >> yeah. >> seth: and it's a wonderful character. and i imagine it's a character that's going to stay with you when you finish this role. do you feel that way >> you know, i've never played any character so long. >> seth: yeah, of course >> i mean, it's been four years. and um, no, i'm sad to let her go i really haven't let her go yet. i really can just, like, pull out the candy accent, like, start talking like her i do and sometimes almost without meaning to, which is silly
1:12 am
>> seth: what -- what things happen that brings out your inner candy? >> well -- [ laughter ] the other day -- it was, like, mid-july actually. and i was walking with my family in times square. actually, we'd gone to see "hadestown," but i got the time wrong and i went to the matinee instead of the evening one so, we were, like, just killing time in times square and this woman just, like, cut us offunder the scaffolding. i was like, "excuse me." and she turned around and went off on me. and i just became candy. [ laughter ] i was like - i was like, this is when it's going to really help me. [ applause ] >> seth: it was very helpful >> and, i mean, i don't know, like, i love her i really -- i hope she stays with me a long time. anything you took from set any prop or anything that you want to have to help remember her? >> you know, honestly, everything in season three is just my favorite it's the -- but, anyway, the jeans in season two are maybe better and i'd like to maybe get my hands on those.
1:13 am
>> seth: okay, gotcha. [ light laughter ] you know, one of the things that's interesting about this show, is again, it's about new york city. it's about, you know, people in the adult film business. and then over the course of this show that started before donald trump was president, not only is he president, but adult film actress stormy daniels has become not just a public figure, but almost a political figure. is that, been an eerie thing to live through when you make this show, sort of the roots of that? >> well, i love the thing that david krumholtz said you know david krumholtz, who, um, plays harvey, who's really my partner - >> seth: wonderful actor >> on the show >> seth: yes >> brilliant actor and is such a wonderful guy. anyway, he said at one point, "i think a porn star's going to bring down the president." [ laughter ] and, so far, that hasn't happened >> seth: yeah. >> i also think just the fantasy that that's so crazy that, you know, a porn star is somebody who doesn't have a mind >> seth: right >> is, um, i love that that's being taken apart. >> seth: yeah.
1:14 am
and you realize that they -- the same legal avenues are available to them as anyone else >> and the intellect >> seth: yeah. >> and interest in all of this and, you know, i mean, i just think i love that that kind of really broken fantasy about what a porn star has to be has just been, like, taken t >> seth: yeah, nothing broke the fantasy for me more than the fact according to her, they then watched, "shark week" in his hotel room [ laughter ] in any fantasy i've ever had, it never ended with, like, and then "shark week. [ laughter ] >> really? >> seth: yeah, well, although once i heard it, i was like, "i don't know." [ laughter ] the show is critically well received it's very popular. there are some times -- 'cause i remember david simon when he was on the show first talking about it like, it seems like it should be even more popular because it is -- it ticks so many boxes of things that i think have a real excitement to them not just new york city, but the '70s and the '80s and -- >> sex >> seth: and sex uh, are you surprised? are you satisfied with the amount of people who see the
1:15 am
show or do you -- or you feel like it should be more >> you know what the show does and what i think all of david simon's ow for you, this is the good guy, this is the bad guy. now you can chill and space out. you're constantly having to assess for yourself, "how do i feel about this? nobody's telling you this is what to think and this is what to feel. think -- pieces of art that do that are never wildly successful but at the same time, i also think david's shows, they don't -- they're not over until they're over i mean, like, season one, great. season two, that's half -- that's a part of a story >> seth: yeah. >> the entire piece is three seasons long d ivedo be three seasons long so, like - like, i guess i kind of think when people see all of it, you know - >> seth: well, i also think, and again to speak to david simon's work, be it like a show like "the wire", or "treme," or this show they also endure because they're not, you know, to some degree they're a period piece, but also, i do think because so much television now is made without
1:16 am
the end in sight >> uh-hmm. >> seth: and with somebody like david, it does they do -- like, because they end up feeling like novels, you can go back to them and watch them with a show like "the wire," which i don't feel like ever had the attention it deserved in the time it was airing, now is properly respected because they just hold their quality so well. >> yeah, and they really are about what's happening right now. i mean, this is a critique of capitalism, and you know, and sexism and i mean, like, that's pretty on the table right now >> seth: yeah. [ laughter ] well timed, ed and thanks so much for being here you gotta have a new show so you to have a reason to come back. [ cheers and applause maggie gyllenhaal, everyone. "the deuce" premieres monday night at 9:00 p.m. on hbo. we'll be right back with tatiana schlossberg. [ cheers and applause ♪ to look at me now, you don't see psoriasis. you see clear skin. you see me. but if you saw me before cosentyx...
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♪ [ cheers and applause >> seth: our next guest is a journalist writing about climate change and the environment, whose work has appeared in "the new york times," and "the atlantic. her first book, "inconspicuous consumption: the environmental impact you don't know you have", is available now. please welcome to the show tatiana schlossberg, everyone. [ cheers and applause ♪ >> seth: welcome to the show >> thank you so much for having me >> seth: so, i think sometimes people are afraid to even read about climate change, because t depressing your book made me feel a little more optimistic and hopeful about it
1:28 am
was that the goal you had?how e that >> yeah. so before i started writing about climate change, i never wanted to read about it, because it made me so anxious. and, so -- but i felt, like, you know, once i learned more about it, it's not that the problem became any less serious or less scary. but i felt, like, i really understood it. and, so, what i wanted to do with this book was to, you know, bring people along in that journey of learning about it and hopefully becoming slightly less anxious along the way. but, um -- but, yeah, i -- you know, it is -- it is serious and scary. but it's also really interesting. and so i -- that's why i wanted to write the book. >> seth: and you make it personal in that you also go about researching your own impact on climate change how did you find your way into that and were you surprised by what you found >> yes, so i had felt like reading about climate change, as i'm sure a lot of people do, that the scale didn't really make sense like it was, you know, you need to change your light bulb or we need 100% renewable energy in a year and, so, i wanted to kind of bring it down to the scale of our own lives and, you know, have it make sense there and, so, i thought there must be
1:29 am
something in between that. so, i wrote about the internet, and food and fashion and fuel, as kind of a way to do that. and, you know, like i said, i wanted it to be a guide of, you know, it's not me lecturing anybody, because i'm definitely not better than anybody else i love iream [ laughter ] but, yeah, just you know to help everybody understand how we're all involved in this problem >> seth: you tracked your electrical output and then, also did it for your friends. how did your friends feel when you came over to their house to both research and then let them know how they were negatively affecting the climate? >> yes, so something people don't actually really like is when you come over and unplug all their appliances and then re-plug them back in [ laughter ] a lot of resetting of clocks [ light laughter ] but, yeah, it was really -- i was really surprised to find things like, you know, your cable box uses a ton of energy even when it's not on. or, you know, lots of other things that you know have like a light on them. or, you know, are turned on by a remote, they're drawing power all the time and it's something we don't
1:30 am
think about but it adds up to quite a lot of electricity and it's just one of the ways that, you know, we are consuming electricity and resources without even thinking about it >> seth: you write about how your own education in this has left you - or should say, led you to taking your civic duty very seriously, especially here in new york city. you are very proud to report energy that's being wasted >> yes i'm a passionate rule follower always have been that's why i never won laser tag. but i -- [ laughter ] >> seth: but they did give out -- they said at the end of laser tag, every time you lost, they said, "best rule follower. >> yes, best rule follower "she always walked never ran. just like we told her. [ laughter ] but something that i loved to do is - so in new york city, it's illegal to have your doors open and your air-conditioning on for a store. so, i will take the long way home and i will report all of the businesses - [ laughter ] -- to 311. and then, you know, feeling very proud of myself, like, finding the address and writing it all in my phone, and exactly what my
1:31 am
complaint is and then -- >> seth: and you call it >> you have to do it online. >> seth: okay. so, you go online. >> yeah, so i dot like, five months later that they went and checked it out and there was no problem [ laughter ] so it's just, like, in the moment it feels so important and then it never turns into anything but i haven't learned a lesson yet that it's a waste of my time >> seth: and is it possible that when they're checking, five months later the seasons have changed? >> it is -- yeah [ laughter ] yeah it's usually, you know, by the time they get there in december, the air- conditioning's not on but, you know, there's always hope [ laughter ] >> seth: you talk about air-conditioning and paternalism in a very interesting way in the book can you explain a little bit by what you mean by that and how it's a different way of looking at it? >> yeah, so i think one of the always something that should be a bigger part of the conversation is inequality. and, so what i wrote about in ct responsible for climate change, like, india and bangladesh are getting really hot and it's at the same moment that
1:32 am
more and more people there are able to afford air-conditioning. so it's very easy, but air-conditioning has chemicals that if they're released into the atmosphere, have a very powerful global warming impact and they use a ton of electricity. and so it's very easy for me to sit here, you know, in new york or watching, you know, stores blast air-conditioning and say, "well, actually, you know, we can't have any more air-conditioning in india because of climate change. so, i think there's a dynamic to that that i think is - it is paternalistic, you know, for us in the west who are the most responsible to kind of be, you know, depriving other people of the lifestyle that we've marketed to the rest of the and, so i think we have to be very conscious of how to, you know, transition justly to a better environment >> seth: and so i think one of the things anybody watching -- obviously, everybody should read the book but what is something we can all do what is something you can put your hands around and say this would be a helpful step? >> so, the most important thing to do is to vote and to -
1:33 am
[ cheers and applause and, you know, politicians saying that they believe in climate change as if it's something to believe in, is not really enough anymore. you know, they have to be supporting the right policies and we have to hold them accountable. and the second most important thing to do, is to talk about climate change with your friends and family, because the more people talk about it, the more willing they are to support policies to mitigate climate change and to consider it a risk and the third thing is, you know, a lot of -- a lot of what my book is about, is the power that corporatis ir responsibility that they have to do things better so, an example is, like, you know, making a single pair of jeans can use up to 2,900 gallons of water but, it shouldn't be up to me, the consumer, to figure out, you know, if i'm standing in the store which pair of jeans used less water all of the companies should be doing a better job and we don't have to buy ones from the companies that aren't at the very least telling us what they do
1:34 am
so, those are the three biggest things >> seth: well, that's wonderful. and thank you so much for being here i really appreciate your time. [ cheers and applause >> thank you for having me >> seth: congrats on the book. tatiana schlossberg, everybody "inconspicuous consumption" is available wherever books are sold we'll be right back. [ cheers and applause ♪ ♪ hey. hey. you must be steven's phone. now you can take control of your home wifi and get a notification the instant someone new joins your network... only with xfinity xfi. download the xfi app today.
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[ cheers and applause >> seth: my thanks to justice sonia sotomayor, maggie gyllenhaal, tatiana schlossberg, everybody [ cheers and applause carter mclean, and of course, the 8g band. see you tomorrow [ cheers and applause ♪ [ cheers and applause
1:37 am
[ cheers and applause >> lilly: tonight on "a little late with lilly singh," i've got the one and only anna faris. [ cheers and applause >> technically not the only one, but you know that's okay >> lilly: wait, what there's more than one far but yes, there's another anna faris my twin sister


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