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tv   NBC Nightly News With Lester Holt  NBC  October 15, 2019 2:07am-2:36am PDT

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u.s. tonight they're demanding justice for their son after the wife of an american diplomat fled the uk, claiming diplomatic immunity after a crash that killed their son. we have the new twist in the case shocking surveillance, the hit-and-run driver plowing into a group of children, two injured. the search for the person behind the wheel. my nbc news exclusive, the woman sentenced to life for murder when she was a teen her case becoming a rallying cry for criminal justice reform capturing celebrity attention. her first interview since her release from prison. good evening, everyone the situation on the ground is spiraling out of control tonight as u.s. forces withdraw from syria. a bloody turkish assault on the kurds is escalating. the door was opened last week when president trump suddenly ordered u.s. forces to stand down the president late today carnage, but the move may come too late. an effort to slow down the and there is also word of the apparent release of isis
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prisoners amid the chaos richard engel is in northern syria. >> reporter: tonight a historic land grab is under way, reshaping the middle east as the u.s. pulls out of syria. turkey is driving ahead with a full force of its military, grabbing kurdish territory, capturing 50 villages and towns in six days. and turkey is also using arab militis today they tore down symbols of kurdish rule u.s. officials say the militias include former isis and al qaeda members. the kurds, u.s. allies, are losing -- and dying. 130,000 so far have fled turkey's advance the kurds made a devil's bargain, calling on their old adversary, syrian president bashar al assad, for help. the syrian army rushing in
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to fight with the turkey from tg in the middle are u.s. forces ordered to leave, already emptying some bases as they consolidate troops to depart more safely president trump tweeting the kurds, who lost 11,000 men and women fighting isis with u.s. forces, are not america's responsibility anyone who wants to assist syria in protecting the kurds is good with me, whether it's russia, china or napoleon bonaparte. isis sees this as an opportunity. hundreds of isis prisoners have escaped camps and prisons as guards go off to fight at a packed prison we visited with 5,000 isis detainees, this isis member told me now is their moment. >> everybody have a good feeling. everybody have a good feeling that somebody else will take over here. >> rter: now optimistic, u.s. troops leaving syria will remain in the region president
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trump said in a statement, and a small number will actually stay here in syria to fight isis. a tiny footprint as the borders of the middle east tonight are being redrawn in combat. lester >> richard engel in northern syria, thank you, richard. there is breaking news in texas. a ft. worth police officer who shot and killed a woman in her own home over the weekend has just resigned. but her family is demanding criminal charges and answers gabe gutierrez is there. >> reporter: tonight, the officer in this disturbing body camera video has resigned. and has now been booked into jail on a murder charge. >> had the officer not resigned, i would have fired him for violation of several policies. >> reporter: ft. worth officer aaron dean is seen here graduating from the police academy last year. >> shots fired. shots fired. >> reporter: early saturday morning, police say he shot and killed 28-year-old atatiana jefferson. in the video, he never identifies himself as an officer as he walks around the outside of the home shining a flashlight then he approaches the side window and opens fire.
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>> show me your hands! >> reporter: jefferson's brother, navy veteran aderious carr, is devastated. >> in your view, complete overreaction >> absolutely. two seconds from verbal command to dy >> hi, my name is atatiana - >> reporter: her family says tay as they call her was at home playing video games with her 8-year-old nephew. >> i'm calling about my neighbor, her front door has been open since 10:00. >> reporter: when that 2:00 a.m. call from a concerned neighbor to a non-emergency number prompted a dispatcher to send an officer for a welfare check -- >> it's hard to hear that you're in your house and it's still not safe. >> reporter: today mayor betsey price apologized. >> there is nothing that could justify what happened on saturday morning, nothing. gun found inside the home is irrelevant. >> reporter: atatiana was a victim >> reporter: the police chief here says he's reached out to the fbi about potentially launching a civil rights
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investigation. so far former officer dean hasm. lester now to the impeachment inquiry in washington and testimony today from a key witness on the trump administration's dealings with ukraine. we get more from nbc's kristen welker. >> reporter: tonight, the president's former top russia advisor delivering critical testimony on capitol hill, a person familiar with the matter telling nbc news fiona hill planned to tell lawmakers that the president's outside lawyer rudy giuliani sidestepped official channels to run a shadow foreign policy in ukraine. giuliani denied that allegation to nbc news today. chairman of the house intelligence committee ada>> gdh appearance is also stoking fear among people close to the president thursd a source familiar with his sondland plans to c that when he told the top diplomat in ukraine there was no quid pro quo, he was relying solely on what president trump
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told him, not on any firsthand knowledge of why u.s. military assistance to ukraine was held up or who ordered it the president denied dangling military aid in exchange for investigating the bidens it comes as president trump is keeping up sustained attacks against joe biden and his son hunter. >> by the way, where's hunter? >> reporter: the president accused the younger biden who had business dealings in ukraine and china of profiting off his father when biden was vice president. there has never been evidence of that still, hunter announcing over the weekend through his attorney, he will step down from the board of a chinese investment company by the end of the month. for his part, former vice president biden pledged no family members would have west wing offices in any future administration of his, nor would they have conflicting business interests with any foreign entities lester >> all right kristen welker at the white house, thanks. tonight the white house is trying to distance the president from a disturbing video showing a likeness of him violently attacking his political
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opponents and the news media it was apparently played at a conference at one of the president's florida resorts. hallie jackson has that story. >> reporter: it's a video so violent, we can only show a few seconds of it. president trump's face superimposed onto a shooter's body inside what's described as the church of fake news. in a graphic scene he shoots and stabs, bludgeons, and in one instance, lights on fire depictions of his political opponents, like bernie sanders and hillary clinton, and news organizations, like "the washington post" and nbc news. the trump campaign says it did not produce the video, which appears to be based off the movie "kingsman: the secret service. "the new york times" which first reported on the video said it was played at a pro-trump conference by an outside group at the president's resort in miami last week. both sides of the aisle disgusted. >> it puts lives at risk it's not who we are as people. >> i think it's a tragedy. it should be denounced by
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the administration blasted what he calls fake news. >> it truly is the enemy of the people the enemy of the people. they are the enemy of the people. >> reporter: and two years ago tweeted this controversial meme pretending to body slam a cnn logo the white house press secretary says the president has not see this newest video yet but based on everything he's heard, he strongly condemns it still, president trump has not publicly denounced the clip incling about "dancing with the stars. hallie jackson, nbc news the white house. also developing tonight, the parents of a british teen in the u.s. demanding justice for their son killed in a fatal accident the driver, the wife of a u.s. diplomat who left the uk claiming diplomatic immunity we get more from nbc's kathy park >> reporter: tonight a powerful plea from grieving parents. >> talk to me about your personal mission, why you decided to come to the u.s. >> mainly to try and get anne sacoolas to come back to the uk.
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>> reporter: charlotte charles d m nn's 19-year-old son harry died in a wrong-way crash in august. anne sacoolas is the suspected driver of the car that killed harry. the wife of a u.s. diplomat left the uk, claiming immunity. now nearly two months after the tragedy the wife is breaking her silence saying she's devastated and would like to meet with mr. dunn's parents so she can express her deepest sympathies and apologies for this tragic accident harry's parents say they will only meet with sacoolas if she returns to the uk. >> i would just like to ask her if she went to comfort my son after the accident as he was lying in the ditch >> reporter: i understand you were there offering comfort for your son. >> i managed to have some words with him before they sedated him. the british foreign office says diplomatic immunity is no longer
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relevant for sacoolas since t io charges filed by uk prosecutors. >> we promised harry as a family that we would do what he would have done, which is stand up and fight for justice. >> reporter: a diplomatic tug-of-war only deepening the wounds for a family looking for closure. kathy park, nbc news, new york tonight a woman convicted of murder as a teenager and sentenced to life is speaking out for the first time about the groundswell of celebrity support that led to her recent release from prison. after 15 years, cyntoia brown-long was granted clemency by then tennessee governor bill haslam the attention on her case revealing a painful back story it was the moment she prayed for. >> it was like the most amaz >> reporter: but could hardly imagine. >> i could just like exhale. freedom. >> i've sat with people in
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situations like this, except the difference is they were exonerated they had been wrongfully convicted. that's not your story. >> no, it's not. i'm still a convicted murderer per the law. i won't disappoint you. >> reporter: yet to her supporters, she is looked on as a victim too >> it's been really smooth. >> reporter: at age 16, cyntoia shot and killed a man who had picked her up one night. just weeks earlier she said she had been forced into prostitution by another man. ovs having been raped by different men, you know. >> reporter: in fact, she was being trafficked for sex >> i thought this is my boyfriend. i'm in a relationship. i'm his bonnie he's my clyde and this is just what i'm doing i'm playing a role in a relationsh >> you didn't see yourself as a victim >> not at all. >> reporter: in 2004, cyntoia went home with her victim, a stranger named johnny allen. in the book you wrote everything
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that happened at his house plays in my memory like a movie out of order. i remember a cabinet full of guns and fearing for my life do you think much about what transpired there and how it went down >> yeah, i think about it a lot. i think back on the past few weeks, the previous weeks and always feeling like, you know, violence was around the corner always feeling like i had to defend myself. inot him, it coue been any other man that night? >> yeah. >> she earned two college degrees in prison and learned the true nature of sex trafficking, which she nowes. >> i think it's important that all of you know what happened with me so you can prevent it from happening to yourself. >> reporter: a celebrity-driven campaign for clemency brought attention to her case, but also potential risk >> i was like, i don't want the governor to think, like, i've done this to push his hand. >> reporter: cyntoia was freed in august, seven months afte her sentence was commuted.
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her victim's family saying, we feel like the judicial system failed again for victims everywhere no matter how this ended, you still killed a person. >> uh-uh. >> the fact that you were seen as a victim, does that make llea victim >> no, it doesn't. i can't sit here and say i feel that i'm deserving of compassion and then sit here and say at the same tim't hone any compassion for this person no, he is a victim, you know. >> reporter: in prison, cyntoia also found love. so this is your courtship. marrying jamie long. >> i believe the more your story gets heard. >> reporter: a man whose letters touched her. cyntoia brown-long starting over knowing redemption is earned. >> i know there are people looking at me saying, okay, well what's this girl going to do is she really changed? i feel like it's an honor to actually be a picture of what
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rehabilitation looks like, of what it looks like when we do give people a second chance. >> cyntoia brown-long remains on parole until 2029, and she will share much more of her story live tomorrow on "today." there is much more still ahead here this evening including new details on the shocking death of a major league baseball star. what a team employee is tellin investigators about that fatal overdose also, the horrifying hit and run, a car plowing into four children then taking off police urgently looking for the driver. the desperate search for a man missing e after a construction hotel site collapses. stay with us
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investigators about that fatal stay with us
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next tonight, new details is a team employee is admitting to supplying him wirugs ithe past and says the team knew about his troubles here is miguel almaguer. >> reporter: at 27, tyler skaggs' sudden death this summer shocked baseball found in his team's texas hotel, his autopsy revealed a mix of
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fentanyl, oxycodone, and alcohol in his system. now eric kaye, director of communication for the angels, has told investigators he supplied and abused opioids with skaggs for years, claiming two team officials were told about the drug use long before skaggs' death. kaye says he gave the pitche oxycodone days before his death so doesn't believe the pills triggered the fatal overdose he also told the dea the names of five other players he believed were using opioids while they were angels >> the question is, is this just a tyler skaggs issue or might there be a >> reporter: through his attorney kaye says, i made the decision to cooperate with law enforcement because i felt it was the right thing to do. both the angels and major league baseball say they were unaware of any information involving skaggs or any other player or team official who abused drugs when tyler skaggs died, it was eric kaye who acted as spokesman for the angels
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details about the sudden death but tonight he says he will no longer remain silent miguel almaguer, nbc news, los angeles. up next tonight, the shocking hit and run children struck. police looking for the driver.
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we're back now with shocking video of a hit and run tonight, police outside boston are searching for a driver caught on surveillance plowing into a group of children before fleeing the scene. and released with minor injuries it's a miracle they survived in new orleans crews are desperately searchinhor l under construction collapsed, killing two others here is morgan chesky. >> reporter: tonight, new orleans facing a growing danger, a building buried in debris with one man trapped inside the concern, a repeat of what happened saturday. >> oh my god. >> reporter: the collapse of the future hard rock hotel launching a delicate search and rescue mission.
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crews confirming two workers caught inside were killed. one of them anthony magretta the beloved family man not even supposed to be there, called into work on his day off. >> a hug and kiss and told him i loved him. and those were the last words i got to say to him. >> reporter: at the scene, family members of the man rdapped inside still waiting for how much of the building is still too unsafe to search is in very, very precarious situation. >> reporter: because of the collapse, still under investigation. and tonight another concern is weather. a storm is expected this evening bringing potentially high winds and heavy rain, which could put this building at even greater risk of another collapse lester >> morgan chesky tonight, thank you. up next a big win for a young runner who has captured our hearts
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in tonight's "inspiring america," our follow-up on a teen we told you about who came back after a devastating accident over the weekend another big win we wanted to share here is catie beck. >> reporter: what a week, what a year, what a journey for caleb freeman. >> never give in. >> reporter: hoping to crown another victory on the homecoming game field friday night last week we introduced you to the high school senior and his miraculous will to run. after a serious car accident two years ago, the track star suffered a traumatic brain injury caleb's parents prayed at the bedside, told their young son would never walk or talk again. >> we're super grateful for where caleb is. because we know where he could be >> reporter: caleb's recovery defied all odds, standing,
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walking, talking, and finally, back to running. last week competing with his track team to complete a 5k. >> you got it, you got this. >> reporter: caleb found a way to his fatigued feet and crossed the line on the same field where caleb taught himself to run again, another win. >> the king is mr. caleb freeman. >> reporter: this time wearing a suit instead of sneakers, the gracious homecoming king continuing to bravely conquer new ground catie beck, nbc news. >> and congrats to caleb what an amazing comeback. that's "nightly news" for this monday. i'm lester holt. thank you for watching and good night.
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