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tv   Early Today  NBC  October 15, 2019 4:00am-4:28am PDT

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ter. it's that jif'ing good you'd dress up like a squirrel for it. . approximately 6 p.m., aaron bean was arrested. n dean was ar murder of miss jefferson. >> a texas police officer resigned and formally charged with murder. after fatally shooting a woman in her home responding to a wellness call. >> new details involving the ukraine investigation. testimony and officials call the effort a drug deal and referring to trump attorney giuliani as a hand grenade. >> a new lead for isis trumps decision to pull out ofo new hope. >> hit and run shocker
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a driver plows into a group of children two injured. police are working to confirm the identity of the person behind the wheel >> heartbreak for lions fans we'll have the he >> the impeachment inquiry is shining a new light on president rudy giuliani campaign to pressure ukraine into investigation the political opponent even within the white house itself according to testimony we learned the president former top adviser on russia and europe told congress the former national security adviser was so disturbed by efforts to dig up dirt on democrats he called it a drug deal and wanted no part in it first reported by the "new york times. hill testified that bolton called giuliani a hand grenade going to blow evne responded for comment. the latest from d.c. good we have motere tr this beak. >> exactly
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today m a former deputy assistant secretary of state. accused of trying to dig up dirt and the european union ambassador set to testify on thursday about his involvement in the pressure campaign on ukraine and whether he got information straight from the president without any independent knowledge of whether the president was trying to pressure youk ukraine comi coming up thursday there's a focus on rudy giuliani and his role ir administration in defining a shadow foreign policy in ukraine. there was l foreign policy which was at the same timing to counter attempting to counter corruption id rudy giulg that couldn't shoot straight thathim. >>i faces a deadline today to turn over documents
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under subpoena to congress. it's not clear if he will turn over those documents the white house faces a deadline they made it clear they're not going to comply. and there's a subpoena deadline for the defense department even though the white house is saying no. it looks like the secretary of defense will be providing that information. >> all right the latest from washington >> white house is trying to distance president trump from a video showing during a conference at his flor resort showing a likeness of him violently assaulting political opponents and the news media we havo so violent we can only show a few seconds of it. president trump face onto a shooters body. inside described adds the church of fake news he shoots, stabs and lights on fire depictions of political
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opponents like sanders and clinton. and news organizations like the "washington post." the trump campaign says it didn't produce the video which appears to be based off a movie. the "new york times" which first reported on the video says it was played at protrump conference by an outside group at the president resort in miami. both sides of the aisle disgusted sgr it's a tragedy it should be denounced by the administration. >> president trump blasted what he calls fake news >> it is the enemy of the people. >> and two years ago tweeted this controversial meme pretending to body slam a cnn logo the president has not seen this newest video yet but based on everything he heard he strongly condemns it. president trump hasn't publicly denounced the clip despite tweeting two dozen times including about dancing with the
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stars. >> president trump is facing growing chaos in the middle east syria plunged into violence ever since the president signed off on turkey invasion and abandoning curdish allies. now he is calling for an immediate cease fire and imposing economic sanctions against turkey joining us is erin what's the latest. >> president trump putting economic pressure on the announcish officials. as well as putting a halt to progress in terms of trade negotiations $100 billion trade deal with turkey in the works. as well as raising steel tariffs all this designed to put pressure on turkey president to halt his offensive in to northern syria at this point showing no signs of slowing down. anything but
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with the new flash points emerging or the curdish city syria state tv announcing that assad troops have arrived. after they reached a deal with the curds. the curds say they had no choice after u.s. announced the plan to withdraw from the region but to form an alliance with the assad. meanwhile militants announce they made progress toward as well creating a situation the possibility of clashes between russian backed syria forces and turkish backed anthu will pull all thousand troops from syria back to other parts of the middle east it monitor the situation. with respect to isis >> all right thank you. >> we turn to breaking news from texas. new developments in the shooting death of atatiana jefferson
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killed by a police officer after he was asked to perform a wellness check at her home her death sparked out rage in the community. the officer has been charged with murder. >> this is the booking photograph for former police officer aaron dean >> approximately 6:00 p.m. he was arrested for the murder of jefferson. he has been booked >> his arrest hours after he resigned from the polithe threa fired and charged in the death. >> i would have fired him for vilss of several policies encolluding use of force deescalation policy. and unprofessional conduct >> the shooting happened saturday morning a concerned neighbor called a police non-emergency number. seen in body camera video. approaching a window
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he fires almost immediately. never identifying himself as a police officer the family says jefferson was watching her 8 year-old nephew when the officer shot her. she died at the scene. >> she's a law-abiding citizen in her house it's hard to hear that you're in your house and it's in the safe >> after public out cry and protest. three top leaders apologize to the family police asked the f termine whether dean broke federal civil rights laws. lebn controversy with his comments about the nba relationship be china. after his houston rockets general manager tweeted in support of hong kong antigovernment protests. it wasn't enough to prevent backlash the lakers star spoke about the situation at
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so many people could have been harmed we freedom of speech but there can be negative. >> shortly after he said that. he took to twitter to offer clarification. saying people need to understand what a tweet or statement can do to others. >> search and rescue under way to free a worker who is trapped in the rubble of a hotel that collapsed under construction officials are using dogs to try to find the man. authorities say the entire building is still unstable >> reporter: new orleans facing a growing danger a building debris with one man trapped inside the concern a repeat of what happen the collapse of the fure a dell search and rescue mission. two workers caught inside were killed one of them the beloved family man not supposed to be there he called into work on his day
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off. >> hug and a kiss. i told him i loved him those were the last words. >> at the scene family members of the man trapped inside still waiting for word >> how much of the building is still too unsafe to search >> the entire building >> cause of the collapseying itn >> thent win over the cardinals. they were unbeatable on both sides of the ball. a seven run lead the only time washington slips up all night literally. led to the only run the cardinals get. washington wins it 8-1 >> first check of the weather. >> we are watching this rain for the south and southeast. it will be continuing for the 24 hours. this batch of rain flowing through montgomery into georgia. this is actually a tropical low coming in from mexico.
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the surge of moisture will cause the flooding potential to be high for the south-southeast totals are impressive. two to three inches. carolina getting into this locally amounts up to six > goo. we'll start off chilly with lots of 40s for the mornternoon, a s. a slight chance of showers we night and thursday morning. feeling like winter for the northern plains. we have places in northern plains colder than the north pole we'll show you that coming up. >> teaser there. all right. monday night football highlights now. questionable call illegal use of hand to the face on detroit. a very crucial moment of the game made all the difference. packers were down byd rogers bew 35 yard touch down and that would lead to this.
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try vicks vapocool drops. it's not candy, it's powerful relief. ahhhhhh! vaporize sore throat pain with vicks vapocool drops. leading the news shocking videof run outside of boston. police searching for a driver caught plowing into a group of children before speeding off two of the victims were treated and released with minor injuries hard to believe. >> rough to see. police in maryland are mourning the lsz of one of their own this morning. officer thomas a 13 year vet of the department wasly shoficials the disorderly subject in the parking garage officers discovered him suffering from a gunshot wound police don't havh continues to
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microsoft is working to prevent bullying and inop live. users can set to friendly, medium or unfiltered to control the messages they see. >> an a conservative california school district was crowned homecoming queen. he ran for prince previously but didn't win he took a different approach. >> sean spicer hit the dance floor dressed as woody from toy story. before the disney themed performance. president trump showed support for his former guy >> you have a friend in me >> newe deatof angels pitcher ss a team employee is admitting to
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supplying him with drugs in the past and the team knew a troubles >> at 27, skaggss sudden death this summer shocked baseball found in his teams texas hotel autopsy revealed a mix of fentanyl and alcohol direct tr of communication told investigators he supplied and abused opioids with skaggs for years. told officials were told about the drug use before his death. he gave the pitcher pills days before his death but doesn't believe that triggered the fatal over dose and told the dea the names of five other players he believed were using opioids while they were angels. >> is this just a skaggss issue or baseball issue. >> he says i tng to do
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a tour and they will join it's n honor to be invited to the white house. >> tracking your temperatures. >> hockey season >> cold here we're watching temperatures part of montana colder than interior alaska. this morning currently 27 the arctic air will be in place for the northern plains. it will spread by midweek. look at highs drop about ten to 12 droes from oklahoma city. to nashville winter coat. >> thank you so much just ahead your chance to drink like ron swanson andr hearts last week captures a homecoming crown. inspiring america today. get released, and are then circulated by your ac system. to stop the cycle of odors try febreze car vent clips.
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amc launching an on demand video service. with approximately 2,000 films available. you'll earn a points with every purchase to receive special offers and mot 3 to $6 to rent. 10 to $20 to buy >> parks and reck. now you can. he's getting his own special edition single malt scotch whiskey. which will be available later this year. he has partnered with them for years and has a you tube channel with them. this video just sitting silently by a fire sipping whiskey. had 3 and a half million views wow. >> another teen inspiring people across the country after suffering a traumatic brain injury he was told he would never run
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again. he's proving everybody run and became high school royalty in the process. >> what a week what a year what a journey >> never give in >> crowning another victory on the homecoming the senior and his will to run after a serious car accident two years ago the track star suffered a brain injury. his parents prayed at the bedside. told their son would never walk or talk again. >> we're grateful. we know where he could be. >> his recovery defied all odds. standing, walking and talking. and finally back to running. last week competing with his track team to complete a 5 k. he found the way to his fatigued feet and crossed the line
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on the same field where he taught himself to run again. another win. >> the king is mr. freeman. >> wearing a suit instead of sneakers the homecoming king continuing to bravely conquer new ground. >> hope your day is off to a great start. >> coming up on the today show cyntoia brown will share her story for the first time since her release from prison. she was convicted of first degree murder when she was 16. after 15 years she was granted clemency thanks to a celebrity campaign that brought her case national attention. the news continues right here.
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aftershocks overnight following a 4.5 magnitude quake in contra costa county. >> the quake struck at 7:53 last night. people reported feeling the ground move. this morning team coverage for you. good morning i'm scott mcgrew. >> i'm laura garcia. the quake is every the story that everyone is talking about this morning. put, first, talk about the
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