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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  October 15, 2019 4:30am-4:57am PDT

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♪ ♪ (fake squirrel noise) jif peanut butter. it's that jif'ing good you'd dress up like a squirrel for it. afterwards. right now on "today in the bay." the bay area shaken up. our team tracking more minor aftershocks overnight following a 4.5 magnitude quake in contra costa county. >> the quake struck at 7:53 last night. people reported feeling the ground move. this morning team coverage for you. good morning i'm scott mcgrew. >> i'm laura garcia. the quake is every the story that everyone is talking about this morning. put, first, talk about the forecast for today. >> yeah, we are going to, of course, continue our earthquake coverage as we're seeing that 4.5 that happened last night at 10:30. of course, rattling some nerves across the bay area. want to show you happened.
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so we are continuing to watch for the potential affany aftershocks and seen quite a few since then. as far as the shaking intensity, we've seen moderate to strong right around that area of walnut creek and pleasant hill. we'll see more aftershocks through the morning and we'll continue to track that. a quick look at the forecast few minutes. how is it looking out there on the roads? >> that earthquake up until about an hour and a half ago, the capital corridor train was able to cross because they needed to inspect that after the train yesterday. the first train in either direction was not able to move since then. they should be home just in time to start once again today. 4:31 and a very light drive around the bay. the rest of the bay is looking great. back to you. >> thank you, mike. taking a look at the seismograph. this is when the quake hit last
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night. you c see clearly the jolt across the bay area. a lot of people felt it, especially in the east bay. it. > definitely. the east bay at the very time when it happened, i was in a deep sleep and the jolts were so strong it woke me up and i noticed for some ten seconds really hard jolts for ten seconds and about five jolts. so, definitely, we're feeling it out here. we were about 10:30 last night. take a look here at safeway, you can see some of the damage that is still here. some bottles still knocked over. this was the aisle that got some of the worst damage. but you can see down here the bottles got tossed to the floor and this is the leftover mark from the alcohol that they've just mopped up. but more bottles along here tossed over. luckily they did not fall down. then over to this side i want to show you they have, still trying to clean up. supposed to open at 6:00.
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you can see all the bottles still tossed to the side he a lot o aut >> that's all we can ask, nobody hurt. kris sanchez the damage you're seeing. in walnut creek where a lot of people felt that jolt. kris? >> a lot of people thought this was, in fact, the epicenter because it was so strong here in walnut creek but sharon showed you some of the damage and some of the damage that happened that is not vizable to the naked eye. this is the contra costa county district fire district number one where they had a bit of damage. not clear whether or not it's the kind of damage that sharon was showing you with things falling off the walls or what not or any damage to the structure. what i can tell you is i cannot see it here from the outside. as soon as that earthquake happened, san francisco, b.a.r.t. slowed the trains
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immediately so that they could do an inspection of all the lines and make sur rails were not damaged by that morning. we're reaching out to b.a.r.t. but they have not said anything at this point. we're going to roam around and leave this location at walnut creek and go to the b.a.r.t. station and see if we can talk to folks about what they felt. i live in the south bay and i didn't feel it down there and i sleep like a baby. the bad news is that i missed the biggest event we're talking about this morning. kris sanchez, "today in the bay." >> general safety tips to keep in mind. buildings and, of course, stay fixtures and get clear of any away from power lines. now last night's quake comes just as we are days away from the 30th anniversary of t prieta. coming up ininouye to tell us w
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was. this morning questions and confusion for friends and family of a tech ceo found dead in san jose over the weekend. they want to know how she died and why they say police didn't do more to find her. >> as ian reports, it's very difficult on many different levels. >> reporter: there are many unanswered questions. police found her inside the rental car so many had been looking for. her husband flew in the day after she missed her flight back to utah because she wasn't making any sense on the phone. e was still saying, i'm going to the airport but also bouncing off of topics, total flight of ideas. >> reporter: panchologists friends feared she was having a
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psychotic episode, although she had no mental illness. >> friends flying out from utah to find her. >> reporter: scott was a close friend for seven years. their businesses were next to each other. at just 33, valente was very successful. graduated second in her class from georgetown. make apps for many companies and oversaw 120 employees in utah and pakistan. paul says her death is troubling. where she supposed to fly back was winning female in tech and she was one of the 20 finalists and she wou never miss something like that. >> reporter: the san jose police say there isdeo h investigation. however, the coroner is expected to perform an autopsy later today. ian cull "today in the bay". we reached out to san jose
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police and they refused to talk about the missing person case or the death investigation. a ride on the iconic cable car, people were sitting on the cable car bench there yesterday afternoon. fortunately, police say all the injuries appear to beal fight for proposed in-n-out burger in campbell. not all burger lov new restaura. they want to build near hamilton avenue and highway 17. some say it is overdo in the area and others argue the proposed location is already too conge congested. today will be the last public hearing and then the issue will go in front of council for a final approval. next and new this morning, the multi-million dollar effort to make your morning coffee run more greener. their pledges for the future.
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♪ my new $4.99 blt cheeseburger combo, deal talk! comes with fries and a drink. all for just the change iyot u. kevin?! try my new $4.99 blt cheeseburger combo. good morning. here's today's top business headlines. wall street open higher this morning. stocks fell slightly on skepticism over the u.s. tenet trade talks and partial deal that was announced on friday. the market snapping a three-day earning streak.
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results from jpmorgan chase, citigroup and wells fargo. mcdonald's and starbucks are pouring millions of dollars into developing more eco friy produc. several packaging companies pitched their products to the assembly.s last month during the mcdonald's has p to recycle packaging by 2025 and earlier this year more than 25% of starbucks holder to report on owners for sustainable cups and packaging. amc is launching an on-demand video service letting customers buy or rent movies similar to itunes. the service is live today with 2,000 films from disney, warner brothers and sony and paramont. the film will cost between $3 and $6 to rent or $10 a buy. scott and laura, back to you. >> sort of a home box office, if youllption
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fooday in the bay." kari hall tracking our fall forecast. a cool start to the day as we get ready to head out in walnut creek. we'll see temperatures in the upper 40s turning to some mid-60s by 11:00. it will be another nice and warm afternoon. ialver a look at that in the forecast coming up next. tremfya® helps adults with moderate to severe
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and a very good now tuesday morning to you. the feeling of fog is in tall i the air. >> and the fog is back. san francisco and a marine layer and fog at about 1,000 feet. it's covering the city right now and will make it mist and drizzle. i think this will linger throughout much of the morning and it is something that is lacking for a few days now. a live look now in san jose as geout, another cool start. dropping back to the upper 40s in the next couple hours and then seeing our temperatures in the low 60s by 10:00 and 64 degrees by 11:00. a nice start to the morning as we go throughout the day. a little warmer than yesterday reaching 79 in downtown san jose and morgan hills reaching up to 84 degrees. we have some low 80s in pittsburgh today and up to 75 in hayward. as we look at the peninsula, we're going to see the temperatures reaching 75 and san
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mateo 72 and for tukiah. next couple days few changes ahead and having to adjust our system that will be passing by l of showers goin thursday night into early friday and then we're also going to see a couple more systems passing by for the weekend that we'll have to watch that could bring in a chance of showers. as we go hour by hour, we see that clouds will start to move in by tomorrow afternoon. as we go into late wednesday night, we see those showers moving from north to south that will bring in the potential of a trace amount of rain in time for that thursday morning commute. so, i'll be watching out for that. seven-day forecast. inland areas reach the low 80s and start to cool off with the next front moving in. mid-70s throughout the rest of the forecast leading into the weekend. mike, you have been tracking the roads, how is it looking out th? >> pretty good. 7:47. crews clearing over the next 45
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minutes. sometimes spotty flowing here and 680 and 84 in through livermore and pleasanton. the speed sensors are still moving and changing as we speak. a little slowing is expected later on for southbound and to where you get the two lanes from one or one lane to two lanes. no problem. about 17, 18 minutes to get there to 580. over here looking, as well. as you look at the area you see walnut creek and rest of contra costa county is where we had the earthquake over last night. we have no problems but capital corridor has about a three-hour delay for trains waiting to cross the bridge that has reopened. should be okay this morning. mike, as we talk about last night's quake in pleasant hill, with this week 30 that destroyed thousands of buildings and left the bay area in shambles.
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inouye watching the devastation unfold on television talk about what you saw, kind of what your version of october 17th, 1989. >> as you guys know, i'm from the bay area. my family was there. i was away at college at ucla. a bunch of bay area folks gathered together to watch the bay area face off in the world series and we see this. it goes black and we're chuckle. somebody tripped over a cable, they're going to lose their job and then it comes back on and we hear mention of an earthquake and i ran over to the phone and called my parents and check on them in mountain view and they immediately answer and say, e're okay. later and hung up footage come in aiterally standing up yelling at the screen because i believe we saw live -- >> a car. i was watching the same feed. cars just driving down the bay bridge and there is a hole. >> one car stopping and you're in shock and you don't know what
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was going on. that was the driver who died on that bay bridge. when the upper deck collapsed on to the lower deck. that was just dramatic. that changed our perspective and no longer a chuckling situation. very serious. >> not only that. >> the bay bridge collapsing was enough because that's a major structure. that really struck home. but then this video we're looking at right here, this is the area of 880 and about a mile and a quarter long and it collapsed, a double decker. sandwiched below the topof cs. area that did collapse. let's show you. we'll zoom in. the nimts fritz in through oakl and up towards the area.
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880 curves around but that yellow line is the old structure to talk about. pretty straight cut that you can replace by that pink route that we have there. took them eight years to replace that. so much lost. that area of the freeway is now replaced by a walk street called memorial there. that was a tremendous eight years for that to get replaced. but one month for them to fix that bay bridge because they had to. that is the main connection. >> they have ferry service going and people still had to try to resume their lives and go to work. friends that work in the city. >> they wanted to get things -- >> because life has to go on but i remember all this unfolding. it was amazing. >> before snapchat. we had no other way because the phoneswo full circle there. so, we will continue to follow
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that. the official anniversary is coming up now on the 17th. >> that's right. >> we'll have lots of coverage from all different kinds of reporters where they were and what they were d >> you have a connection with the earthquake and the bay bridge. >> i do. my grandfather helped build the bay bridge. he works for the steel company. and have a connection of being here in the bay area when the '89 quake hit. there you go. we'll share it a little bit later. thank you, mike. the high cost of bay area could shut down a few of san jose schools. lost 2,500 students over the last few years. the superintendent says the high cost of living is forcing families to move. evergreeil close or shock every services. san jose is extremely expensive and it's difficult for families to raise their children here. >> the school board will study the numbers, decide which
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campuses are going to have to have close. the long-term future of downtown walnut creek could come into clear focus tonight. city council is expected to vote on the 30-year-old plan. supporters say it will increase development near the city's b.a.r.t. station and attract more jobs among other things. the proposal was put together in part following five years of public meeting. coming up on "today in the bay." nbc bay area coumer advocates g shopping under cover. what did they fi? i'm consumer investigator chris chmura. we'll explain, next. deal talk! my new $4.99 blt cheeseburger combo, comes with...
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>> then some consumer advocates did the same and later this morning they'll announce the result of their investigation. consumer investigator chris chmura here with a preview of their investigation. >> when we went shopping here in the bay area we found lots of recalled cars for sale even though they hadn't been fixed. 10% of the used cars we found. problem. consumer advocates will hold a this morning at 10:30, the news conference in fremont. we plan to be there and we'll have have their findings coming up at 6:00. in pas the national auto dealers association says its dealers are complying with federal law, which only poprohibits the sale of recalled new cars. if you have a tip for us, go to or call us 888--tips. coming up on "today in the bay, kari is tracking our forecast. >> as we get out the door in
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dublin, another chilly start. live look outside and those mid-40s with us, once again. we'll stay there through about 9:00. a nice warm up in store today and we'll talk about a chance of rain inthake that rattled contra costa county. eam coverage, coming up. ♪ halloween is awesome.
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overnight following a 4.5 magnitude quake in contra costa county. the quake was centered in pleasant hill.. striking at 10:33 last night. people across the bay and beyond reported feeling the ground move. this morning live team the bay and beyond reported feeling the ground move. this morning we have live team coverage. good morning, everyone, i'm story that . everyone is talking about this morning. a lot of people on social media, of course, tweeting and talking about the event overnight. >> let's check in with kari this morning. did you feel it? >> i did not feel it myself, but i know a lot of people did. if you were around that area, walnut creek, parts of the east bay, you felt that 4.5 that happened at 10:33 last night. we can see it here on the map and as we open up the view, i wanted to show you that it did happen on the concord green valley fault. we will potentially see more
4:59 am
after shocks as we go throughout the morning. the shaking intensity shows that if you were anywhere from the north bay over towards the trivalley and even the peninsula, we did see that people felt that earthquake and, so, we had several aftershocks after e la one was a 2.5. that's the strongest after shock we've seen since as we get out the door this morn
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