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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  October 15, 2019 6:00am-6:55am PDT

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pleasant hills striking at 10:33 and people across the bay and beyond that reported feeling the ground move. this morning live team coverage. i'm scott mcgrew and marcus washingtf. >> i'm laura gar secia. we're going to check in with kari you have more on it. >> happened at 10:33 and people were awakened around parts of the east bay and i want to show a map of where that happened near the concord green valley fault. we have seen some minor after shakes during the overnight hours and we haven't seen anything stronger than about a 2.5. so as we wake up and get ready to head out the door this morning, a live look outside at walnut creek. as we go throughout the day, a chilly start and a few clouds moving by. 49 degrees and then we'll see the temperatures going from the upper 40s to the low 70s today. eventually reaching into the low 80s for an afternoon high. san jose reaching the upper 70s. oakland today 74. and san francisco reaching 66 s in
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napa today. we'll talk more about what is ahead with the chance of rain in the forecast. mike how is it looking on the commute? >> on the first map, everything is pretty good. that is a great flow of traffic. we are showing an exception as you come into the area from gilroy. 152 right behind the shield you see a lot of slowing and a crash still in lanes right there. the benefit for anyone north san martin and san jose that traffic lighter than even the lighter we showed. the rest of contra costa county approach and smooth drive towards the bay bridge and despite that light drive, we had the lights turned on earlier at the bay bridge, but things are starting to ease up. maybe someone was just quick on the switch at the bay bridge but no harm done. back to you. let's look at our size seismograph this morning. besides the things fall on the ground the scientific evidence of that big tremor.
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>> take a look at the things that fell on the ground. that is what happened in pleasant hill and that's where we find sharon katsuda live at a safeway store. >> that's right, scott and laura. i have been here since 3:00 and they have been working so hard to clean up after this earthquake. i want to show you. look at the shelves here. you can see the alcohol, the bottles they spilled over on the the ground here. they left a stain. they mopped up the spill, but you can see the stain it left behind. let's take a look at some video of pictures that were taken last night after the quake where you can see that the strong jolt. i even felt them last night when i was in a deep sleep. it woke me up. i felt about five strong jolts. those jolts were felt throughout the east bay, especially near this area. and it knocked over bottles off the shelves and a lot of people said they felt it and were concerned about the after shock. >> honestly ihen i looked over at
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a a and was like is that an earthquake? everyone else at the restaurant is like oh, yeah we felt it too. >> okay. >> and you can still see here at safeway all these bottles tossed along the shelves here. they are still having to do a lot of cleanup, but doors opened at 6:00. so they're trying to do what they can for the customers. fortunately, no injuries here but they're just trying to get the shelves stocked at this point. reporting live in pleasant hill i'm sharon katsuda. >> a lot of extra work for people this morning. let's continue our team coverage kris sanchez is out in walnut creek checking on b.a.r.t. going to be okay. are the rails okay. a.r.t. is saying everything should be smooth and the walnut creek b.a.r.t. station where things should be moving pretty normally and b.a.r.t. did move trains through slowly so they could inspect
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20-minute delay and this morning a normal day's business. we did stop folks to talk here at the walnut creek b.a.r.t. station and they felt and felt it for a while. >> it woke me up. and then itd. i have a and a you felt that viewer told me he felt it i live in the south bay. on our way here we did stop by the contra costa fire station number one that was reporting some damage. we don't know how extensive that damage is but when we drove by we couldn't see from the outside and the firefighters seemed to be sleeping peacefully. kris sanchez, "today in the bay." >> thanks. as soon as the earthquake struck we sent out an alert which turned out to be a great resource for the last week or so. so much going on where you may not have access to television
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but you have access to your mobile phone. download it and you'll get the free updates. this morning questions and confusions for the tech ceo found dead in san jose over the weekend. they want to know how she died and why police they say, didn't do more to find her. >> ian cull reports this is difficult for that family. >> reporter: a memsaturday. many unanswered questions and poide the rental car so many were looking for. her husband flew in the day after she missed her flight back to utah because she wasn't making any sense on the phone. he spoke with us on friday. >> trying to figure out where she was. she was still saying i'm going to the airport. but also bouncing off of topics total flight of ideas. >> reporter: ian psychologist friend feared erin was having a manic episode, although no history of mental illness. police deemed it a voluntary missing person case. >> feel like the cops should have been looking for her instead of friends flying from utah. >> reporter: scott was a close
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friend of the ceo for severalcessful and graduated second in her class from georgetown worked at an investor in summit partners in san francisco shortly founded tinkr which makes apps for major companies and sold apps for major companies in utah and pakistan. >> she was supposed to fly back here for a ceremony where she was winning females in tech and she was one of the 20 >> reporter: the san jose police say there is no update on the death investigation, however, the coroner is expected to perform an autopsy later today. in san jose ian cull "today in the bay." we reached out to san jose police and they declined to talk with us about the original or what is now considered a death investigation. a ride on san francisco iconic cable cars landed five people in the hospital. a landscaping truck broadsided the cable car on powell hyde
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near nodd hill where people were sitting on the benches of the cable car. all the injuries appear to be minor. a final fight for a proposed in-in in-n-out burger in campbell. highway 17 while some say it is overdue in the area others argue the proposed location is hearing. the issue will then go in front of city council for final approval. multi-million dollar effort to make your morning coffee run a little greener. the problem some high-profile companies are encountering that is a problem for the future. how amc new music service is about to launch and how it works. le look outside in
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the south bay as more clouds move by. we're going to also have some cool temperatures to start. in evergreen, you are at 51 it grees through 8:00 and normally reaching 75 degrees and we will go slightly above that today as we reach into thes for the inland valleys. also tracking a chance of rain in the forecast. i'll show you the timing of this storm system coming up in just a few minutes. and the timing here for the san mateo bridge pretty standard as things start to build and a lot of folks timing their drive to get there at the same time. looking west across 92 with no major issues. just the little build that happenedsens to be right there in yellow. 680 in the tri-valley and highway 4 you're kind of slowing out of pittsburg and upper east shore freeway. north bay, you're moving well.
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>> good morning i'm rahel solomon. here are the top wall street headlines. stocks fell slightly yesterday on skepticism over the u.s. trade talks and partial deal announced on friday. earning season kicks off with results from jpmorgan nd starbucks are pouring millions of dollars into eco friendly and disposable coffee cups and struggling to find products that are mass produced. a push comes amid a global crackdown on plastic and a debate at the u.n. general assembly last month. mcdonald's recycling packaging at all of its restaurants by 2025 and earler i this year more than 40%ders for sustainable cups and packaging. amc theaters is launching an on demand system working similar to itunes. 2,000 films available from disney warner brothers
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universal and sony pictures and para paramount. new releases will be added and each film cost between $3 and $6 to rent or $10 and $16 to buy. guys i'll send it back to you. this week on our nbc bay area podcast we'll talk to wade chambers who has experienced advising young tech entrepreneurs who are sometimes a bit too enthusiastic about their own idea. >> you will watch a lot of entrepreneurs get to the point of oh, my god, this is the coolest thing ever. if i build this every single human on the planet and all of the extra terrestrials are going to want this. and they are so stuck on the idea that they never go out and try to prove it. >> take a look at this. that is wade on the right, obviously, back when he was 19. he worked in the reagan white house at a time when most kids are just starting college. i'll talk to him about that and our pod cast sand hill road and
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you can find it on apple podcasts and google and wherever you find your podcasts. he said if he stayed in small town missouri he would be dead because of drugs. >> all right. well 6:14 right now. want to get a look at the forecast. talking about that feeling of fall in thehe door. it's been nice don't you think? >> crisp mornings and nice warm afternoons. we'll see that continuing today. also at this time reflecting on loma nd sharing our stories on facebook. posted a little bit of some loma prieta facts yesterday and we had people sharing their stories and annette said she was in sonoma and just got home from babysitting and laying on the bed with the door closed and all of a sudden a loud banging sound and she opened her eyes and saw her room shaking violently. if you're following me on @karihallweather post where you were when loma prieta
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happened 30 years agoe. we felt some shaking last night and now everything has since calmed down. hopefully it stays that way as we take a live look in san francisco. fog is back this morning. we're seeing the fog at about 1,000 feet and below. we'll have a cool start with some mist and drizzle and temperatures in the low 50s leading into low 60s throughout the day. let's get a look at our and how our day are at 12:30 and going to be at about 70 degrees in danville and concord and san mu teo 63 degrees. we have upper 70s for the san jose during the middle of the day and some low 60s and then dropping back into the mid-50s. as we look at this next storm system on the satellite imagery it will bring rain to the area as we go into late tomorrow night into thursday we can see showers moving through. the timing is during the overnight hours and before you wake up on thursday. and then another system right behind that for the weekend that will keep it cool and also bring
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in some more scattered showers, especially to our north. we'll be watching out for that. meantime we're going to have clear skies today. this is a look at tomorrow afternoon with some partly to mostly cloudy skies and then a little rain starting to move from north to south. by midnight we could see that rain approaching san francisco. moving over towards the east bay and kind of falling apart as it but our rainfall totals look to be very light at this time. about a trace to maybe a few hundreds of an inch. so it's going to be a light one and it could make the roads wet and then as we go through the rest of the forecast for the inland areas we have low 80s today and some mid-70s for the rest of the week and into the weekend and then in san francisco we're staying in the 60s and watching out for that chance of rain early thursday morning. we'll have more on that and, mike you're tracking the issues as far as related to the quake. all those issues are cleared and we're looking at a drive for the
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transit gentle build for this map. we'll take you through the south county because the issue is here south of here towards the map and maybe i can't pull up the map. we'll talk aboutwhat is going onbout what is going on in the south county. things south of here. northbound 101 coming up into san mar teen outtin out of gilroy. they did just clear that. so smoother flow now traveling north on 101 getting up towards morgan hill and little easier and the traffic flow will be a problem as folks travel up to the area. the opposite side of the crash as you and south bay things are moving nicely. we are looking at a drive, again, southbound 880 slows a bit towards the san mateo bridge and 880 in the middle of your screen and a crash at tennyson just moved to the shoulder and looks like everything is clear and we'll track that. meanwhile, we're just about 45
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minutes the build coming out of brentwood and slo narrows from two lanes to one. typical patterns and nothing surprising about that. we're looking at a nice easy drive down the east shore freeway and 23 minutes frommiway 4 to toll plaza. we were concerned and now things have a typical pattern, maybe even lighter than a typical tuesday. any delays we is just fine on the b.a.r.t. back to you. >> you know what i just learned what great shape you are in mike. he was running during that report and didn't get out of breath at all. thanks so much. 6:19 right now. certainly staying on top of the developing story everybody is talking about this morning. that earthquake that rattled contra costa county. >> this comes on the 30th anniversary of the loma prieta earthquake. back in a moment.
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♪ you must be steven's phone. now you can take control of your home wifi and get a notification the instant someone new joins your network... only with xfinity xfi.
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download the xfi app today. welcome back, everythingone.t creek could come into focus tonight. the city council is expected to vote on a 30-year plan aimed at transforming the area. supporters say it will increase development near the city's b.a.r.t. station as well as adding homes and offices and attract more jobs among other things. the proposal was put together in part following five years of public meetings. it's no surprise the bay area has a lot of traffic and that puts dangerous amounts of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere but you may be surprised to learn that san jose is way ahead of the rest of the country on cutting down on harmful emissions. since 1990 a boston 13%. unveil its new phone. the tech giant will hold an event in new york city later to unveil the pixel 4 and some
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other hardware products. google announced the phone will have a second camera it's expected to come in regular and large sizes and the prelaunch video here released by google shows pixel 4 will recognize hand gestures for touch-free swiping. all week long we're looking back at 30 years since the loma prieta earthquake. >> killed dozens and destroyed thousands of structure. the timing of the earthquake that caused the bay area to really see what the destruction n loma prieta shook the ground on october 17 1989 it happened during evening rush the earthquake. many describe seeing an ominous ground roll as the earthquake moved towards them. when the earthquake first erupts the primary seismic waves cause the ground to compress and expand while moving outward. the overall motion is often demonstrated with a slinky. the energy is parallel while
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alternateing between squeezing and stretching. next comes the secondary wave while taking longer to travel create a more side to side shaking. then comes thes liquefy. seismologists keith knudsen explains. >> it was damaging because of our urban infrastructure. it shook parts of the bay area much more intensely than we may have anticipated and that intense shaking especially where around the margins of the bay where there is soft soil that intense shaking did damage. >> tomorrow i talk about the difference between magnitude and the modified mercalli shaking intensity scale. it's how we measure damage to structures in an earthquake. >> thank you, kari. the high cost of living in the bay area could shut down a few schools. evergreen lost 2,500 students over the last several years. high cost of living forcing families to move so evergreen is going to have to close or
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consolidate two schools by next year. >> i could tell you that i have sticker shock every day whether it's food, services. san jose is extremely expensive and it's difficult for families to raise their children here. >> the school board will study the numbers, decide which. ca campuses will have to pay the price. still ahead at 6:30 we're talking about that earthquake that rattled contra costa county. live team coverage. we jus
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>> house jolted. really abruptly. and then we had a couple of little rippling feelings afterwards. welcome to the bay area. yep. earthquake hits overnight. our team is tracking minor aftershocks that we're feeling after that 4.5 magnitude quake in contra costa county. >> that quick struck at 10:33
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last night. people across the bay reported feeling the ground move. this morning live team coverage. good morning, everyone. garcia. let's check in with kari right now. >> monitoring for the potential of any aftershocks as we go throughout the rest of the day and possibly the next several days. on the mercalli shaking scale that was a five. in that area it was felt by nearly everyone and some of those unstable objects fell off the shelves. we'll have more reports the day. more clouds moving in and our temperatures go from the upper 40s to the low 50s and then eventually up to about 66 by early afternoon. more on those temperatures and a chance of rain in the forecast. mike you're getting out the door with a look at that morning commute. >> an early start at the bay bridge. there was concern we would have heavier volume of traffic and haven't seen for this tuesday ard ptern and showing it move up towards the rest of silicon valley and you move in
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and typical pattern. not bad here. 88 south that crash is over on the shoulder and it's a distraction, but not a problem. and 92 west across the san mateo bridge and folks heading to the peninsula which is still at speed for the most part. over here slowing for walnut creek and the upper east shore freeway, guys. back to you. >> thanks so much. you may have felt the earthquake this is a way for you to see the jolt. this is a seismologist map that we have in our newsroom where you can see how quick, how violent it was and it happened in the east bay. >> the way to figure out what happened is to go where there are lot of on a shelf and that's where sharon katsuda is at a safeway. >> i was just talking to a couple customers and they just opened at 6:00 here in the poet's corner and they're pretty
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derog groggy because they felt that jolt. they knocked over liquor bottles here in safeway and some that fell to the floor, you can see, they mopped up the spill, but they left the liquor the alcohol left stains here on video of what happened right after the quake. they had to evacuate this store. the shoppers evacuated because bottles, as you can see, were flying off the shelves. they just wanted to make sure everyone was safe. fortunately, no one was injured. they did get out safely. but, we talked to some shoppers who said boy, they couldn't really get back to sleep after they felt that last night. >> that everybody was okay and then i got a little paranoid you know you get nervous about gas leaks or things shaking loose in the house. but everything seemed to be okay. it lasted a little while, though. >> so you can see back here live some of the bottles still here on the shelves and employees trying to restock
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shelves and clean up this mess after the quake. cans that fell off the shelf. a lot of dents in them. they're trying to still, the store opened at 6:00 and people are shopping. some messes in the stores i'm sure. and just report it to the employees, if you come across any. it's a group effort but they're back open here at safeway. reporting live sharon katsuda. >> thanks so much sharon. let's check in with kris. erage in walnut creek with the latest on b.a.r.t. >> yeah, so, i'm not too far from where sharon is. but we are at the walnut creek b.a.r.t. station and the rail inspections are now complete and that the commute should proceed as normally as you might expect for tuesday morning. now, on our way here we stopped by contra costa fire station one where we were hearing reports of damage. but it was all quiet and we couldn't see much from the street. so perhaps minor damage there. look at this shake mapu see it was
6:30 am
felt pretty far away. on facebook a viewer told me he felt it down into san jose not far from the airport and we also overnight talked with a dad who felt it in berkeley but pretty gad his kids slept through it. >> pretty brief, but startling moment and we checked to see if everything was okay and our youngest was still asleep. >> did anything fall from your shelves or any p >> the shelf, nothing really sueveresevere. >> so just a reminder in case you don't remember what you do in an earthquake. you drop you cover and you hold on if possible. if you're in your car, pull over and make sure you wait it out. in walnu "today in the bay." >> that's a tough thing. when you're in your car it's tough because you can't tell because you're moving. here's some general safety tips. if you're indoors, stay away from windows or light fixtures. they could fall.
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glass could shatter and injury you. if you are outside, stay clear of any buildings and, of course always stay away from power lines. last night's earthquake comes as we're days away from prieta earthquake. all this week we'll look back at the devastating quake. coming up in a few minutes, mike inouye will join us to talk about where he was and the devastating impact it perspective. this morning questions and confusion for friends and family of a tech ceo who was found dead in san jose over the kdweekend. want to know how she died and some issue with how they interacted with police. >> ian cull reports it's so difficult for the family members on many levels. >> reporter: a memorial at the place where erin valenti was discovered saturday. many unanswered questions. police found her inside the rental car so many were looking for. her husband flew in the day after she missed her flight back the phone. he spoke with us on friday. >> trying to figure out where she was. she was still saying i'm going
6:32 am
to the airport but was also bouncing off the topics. ideas. >> reporter: ian's friends feared erin was having a manic episode though she had no history of mental illness. a voluntary missing person's case. >> felt like the cops should have been looking for her instead of friends flying out from utah to find her. >> reporter: scott was a close friend of the tech ceo for seven years. their businesses were next to etch to other. at 33 valenti was very successful. graduated second in her class from georgetown and worked as an investor shortly after college and founded tinkr which makes apps for major companies and oversaw 120 employees in utah and overseas in pakistan. paul says her death is troubling. >> she was supposed to fly back here for a ceremony where she was winning females in tech and she was one of the 20 finalists. she would never miss something like that. >> the san jose police say there is no update on the death investigation, however, the
6:33 am
coroner is expected to in san jose ian cull "today in the bay." we reached out to san jose police but they declined to talk to us about the original missing person's case or what is now a death investigation. other news. a ride on san francisco cable car landed five people in the hospital after a truck hit the side of that cable car on the powell hyde line. people were sitting on the bench in that cable car on the side. they were hit, fortunately, police say, all those injuries appear a final fight for a proposed in-n-out burger in campbell. not all burger lovers are for the new restaurant. in-n-out wants to build a new restaurant near highway 17. some say it is overdue, others argue the proposed location is already too congested. today will be the last public hearing. the issue will then go in front of city council for final approval.
6:34 am
the community worried about tr your area and also worried about traffic here at the bay bridge. the approach a lot lighter than the last 15 minutes. fast track off to the right. interesting you are looking at a lighter flow right now at the bay bridge those metering lights were turned on early and worried about all the your commute out of brentwood about 45 minutes, almost 50 down from marsh creek road to 580. no surprise as we see the build continuing down towards 580 where traffic is even lighter there through the trivalley. the crash over at 880 on the shoulder, a distraction, not a problem and south bay moving slow. richmond san rafael bridge and seeing multiple things thank you. taking a look at the weekend forecast. we know it's only tuesday but nice to take a peek right? >> absolutely. i'm already starti weekend. the weather we had from last weekend continues as we look at
6:35 am
our seven-day forecast. inland in the mid-70s and reaching to the upper 70s by sunday and for san francisco, we're looking at some low 60s on saturday and upper 60s on sunday. so if you are planning to head out of town maybe you're going to lassen national forecast a chance of rain there even with a chance of snow early saturday morning. but other than that nice with some sunshine and cool temperatures. tri-valley highs to reach into the low 70s on saturday and 75 degrees on sunday. ide and maybe carey. reaching up to 74 degrees on sunday. and if you're making beach plans a little bit farther south, maybe going to santa barbara. there you'd have warmer weather reaching up tobout the temperature trend coming up today. that's coming up in three minutes. coming up next following a developing story out of the middle east. the steps the u.s. are taking in syria and turkey to stop the violence.
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pool. carnival. choose fun. good tuesday morning. let's get you ready for the morning in do have a really nice day ahead.mid-70s by early afternoon. we'll talk about this and also somess than five minutes. and looking right here palo alto picking up the volume. but that is not a bad thing. look at all these people waiting to get on the southbound 101 university avenue. smooth drive on the peninsula side. slowing on the east bay side. typical pattern through the south bay and everybody showing a typical pattern with lighter than average build.
6:39 am
you see west 24 in lafayette and an easy drive and ride as well. no major delays for mass transit. guys back to you. new developments this calling on syria to stand down as well. "today in the bay" tracie potts has the latest. >> reporter: amade growing criticism for pulling out of cease-fire. >> we're calling on syria to st down and end the violence and come to the negotiating table. >> reporter: he's sending vice president pence to the region and slapping new sanctions on turkey for invading syria. >> he clearly green lit this operation and now it's panicking. >> reporter: as congress returns today, democrats and republicans are considering a joint resolution against the president's decision to leave. >> what was mr. trump thinking of? for god sakes, he handed a victory to assad, the russian armed forces and iran. >> reporter: violence in syria is escalating as lawmakers prepare to hear privately today
6:40 am
from george kent. the president's attorney rudy giuliani to dig up dirt on trump campaign officials. overnight, nbc confirmed what former white house reportedly told lawmakers on monday. >> she was a remarkably thorough and authoritative witness who had truly amazing powers of recall. >> reporter: he'll reportly testify that john bolton was at odds with giuliani over the campaign to pressure ukraine into investigating joe biden. calling it a drug deal that he wanted no part of. giuliani faces a subpoena deadline today, so does the white house. they've made it clearcomply. and so does the pentagon. they're expected to turn over those documents. tracie potts, nbc news washington. >> thank you, tracie. back here at home thousands of new electric scooters will hit san francisco streets today. next phase of mta powered scooter program. starting today, jump line scoot and spin will be allowed to rent
6:41 am
out 1,000 scooters each. so that's 4,000 on the streets as of today additionally. if that goes well that number will go up. canine officers taking a bite out of crime literally. a suspected car thief who tried to get away from police in antioch. take a look at this tried to carjack another driver before pittsburg police used a canine officer. he h away from that dog. a lot of times people are more inclined to obey orders when a canine officer is around. the only options are deall s ares are delivery or pickup. door dash opened a shared kitchen in redwood city. it's to go only and served food from four different restaurants. all bay area favorites. nation giant hamburgers rooster and restaurants say this allows them to expand without the expenses of opening a new location.
6:42 am
customers can order on the doordash on door da kitchen. an industrial kitchen and then sends it out to door dash. >> that's not even an industrial kitchen, it's just a middle man. >> i think tre cooking for several restaurants. >> oh, more efficient. >> check it out. >> helps out the smaller guys right? >> for sure it does. absolutely. >> wearing door dash red this morning. >> well done, kari. >> get you ready for breakfast. i don't know. let's get you outside as we take a live look at dublin and people getting out the door and out to work this morning. a cool start, once again. temperatures there in the mid-40s. and then throughout the rest of the day, once we get that sunshine warming things up we are heading into the 70s by mid-afternoon. let's get a look at our high temperatures for today with mid-60s in san francisco and
6:43 am
ukiah reach 83 degrees and antioch and san jose we'll see a high. we're all clear today and this storm system approaching rain late tomorrow night. this storm system will also keep it breezy as we go throughout the nex quick-moving showers before we get to the weekend. but then we see several more storm system right behind that. so we are going to have some active weather and gusty winds and even a few rain chances going into the next several days. we're clear today, once again. but for tomorrow we're starting to see some clouds moving in. we could start to see some rain move in before midnight in the north bay and then approaching san francisco, parts of the east bay early thursday morning. this is before you wake up and head out the door. we will see a round of wet weather and our models are showing very light 0.04. just enough to make the ground wet before we go back into some dry weather. our temperatures reach into the mid-70s inland. we're looking at 70s even going
6:44 am
into the end of the weekend for san francisco, not changing too much as far as temperatures. but at times we'll see sun, clouds and even a chance of those showers early thursday morning. mike tracking the roads, how is it looking out there? >> we're looking all right. the san mateo bridge taking a look behind me. eastbound not a problem and westbound moving well. taillightsighter than your typical tuesday. we show a slow down for the nimitz and the san he bay. right at the camera the most traffic and still holding steady for san jose and silicon valley. 580 eases up and slows, again. right around north first and then slow for 84 and 684 heading down and we're sticking around with similar speeds 50 miles per hour and down here for the nim nimitz as well. slower drive for walnut creek and lafayette and 680 and 24 ighway 4 continues to feed and areas for contra costa
6:45 am
county and developing in richmond but no surprises. in fact nothing dramatic. about 25 almost 30 minutes from highway 4 to the bay bridge toll plaza. theic bap and icbackup and metering lights turned on early. no reason we saw for that. >> that's good. let's get you back up to speed on that 4.5 magnitude earthquake in contra costa county. last night was centered in pleasant hill. here are some minor damage to tell you about. people felt it across the bay area and this morning we're monitoring very minor after shocks. a lot of them cannot be felt. usgs says a 2% chance of a stronger quake within the next week. and, of course this all coincides with our look back all this week at 30 years since the loma killed 63 people and destroyed thousands of buildings and left the bay area in shambles. >> mike inouye one of the many
6:46 am
people watching the devastation unfold back on that fateful day he joins us now to talk more about it and take us back to your version of october 17th. >> i have grown up in the area and at that point i was in college in ucla and i was sort of just hanging out with a bunch of other folks from the bay area apartment watching the world series as this happens. the picture goes to black. we're kind of chuckling thinking someone pulled the wrong cable and that was it. come back to find out they're talking about an earthquake. separated by hundreds of miles now and my parents they were fine and my brother in later. that was unusual. we didn't usually have things fall down at our house. so we went on to check things out and we wat picture came in and more information. and then my buddies trieded to call home and they couldn't because the phones were not connected. >> we did not have cell phones. >> a lot of people didn't. >> we didn't even have cordless in our apartment. then we saw the bay bridge collapse. there was the upper deck that
6:47 am
was a huge issue and then we were showing this cypress structure here, as well. the 880 and there was a structure there connecting what is now a curve. there is first of all, let's look at the smoke. this used to be a double decker freeway. the upper deck collapsed down on to the bottom deck and in between dozens of cars. >> a lot of people did not survive. some people were stuck in their car. >> same thing we're watching to see if there were more survivors. similar to what we watched with 9/11. just hoping they will find another sign of life. then let me show you how far this was as far as the distance on 880. the nimitz for those who are not so familiar. this is a critical way we travel up towards fremont and bay bridge.e'res you approach the maze the yellow section there. that was the old section called the viaduct. that is what collapsed. that pink section had to be rebuilt and it took eight years to do that.
6:48 am
mile and a quarter. critical connector between the bay bridge and the nimitz. that is replaced and we don't have the bay bridge which collapsed. that pink section took eight years and the bay bridge one month. >> they had to do whatever they could to get it up and running again. >> we were concerned about the bay bridge and now, interestingly, i think about that and watching over the bay bridge with you guys. >> speaking of the bay bridge, we talked a little bit, people may or may not know there is a troll that was put there for good luck. >> by the steel workers. update and now it's back there, againp. >> speaking of steel workers, you have a tie. >> my grandfather helped build the bay bridge. right. exactly. so i >> we'll hear your story. >> i was in college at st. you more. >> two perspectives. >> yeah exactly. i was lucky. exactly. >> >> thanks, guys.
6:49 am
it's 6:54 right now. last look at headlines, weather and traffic all coming up next. stick around.
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welcome back. before you head out the door here are the top stories on "today in the bay." >> everyone is talking about the 4.5 earthquake that hit the east bay last night. it was centered near pleasant hill struck about 10:30. this is what it looked like on our nbc bay area seismograph. >> kris sanchez is in walnut creek and getting reaction from people. >> hi there. well the b.a.r.t. trains moving smoothly. things are back to normal. although they slowed things down just to inspect the rails. while we were out here this morning we talked with folks who said they not only felt the quake, but they felt it for a long time. >> it woke me up.
6:52 am
so yeah. like jostled, like i hait. folks saying that they bay. right here we did stop by contra costa fire but by the time we got there this morning, things were all quiet and looked like the firefighters were back to sleep. hopefully that is how it worked out for you, as well. >> thanks so much kris. let's get a check of your weather as you head out the door. >> i can see them early this morning in dublin walking with flashlights and inspecting those b.a.r.t. tracks. good to know that everything is running smoothly. temperatures very chilly and we have upper 40s to start and low 80s for the inland area into the day. tracking a chance of rain late tomorrow night into thursday morning and keep checking in for more updates on that otherwise we are loo forecast extending into the weekend. >> looks good. wow, rain. stay tuned for that one. >> i have mostly a clear drive, but i am concerned about one crash and i'll tell you why. let's look at the map,n the shoulder
6:53 am
and perhaps in the fast lane and near the center divide and the details an elderly gentleman who is slumped over. i am concerned about that. chp will arrive shortly. i'll track that and let folks know if there is a problem for their commute. >> all right. of course. thank you very much. thanks for joining us this morning. that is what is happening this morning. we're back at 7:25 with a local news update. >> back at 11:00 and on hours after resigning. >> to the citizens and residents of our city, we feel and understand your anger and your disappointment. >> we're live with the latest on the investigation, and reaction from the victim's family. explosive, a key white house
6:54 am
insider testifies for nearly ten hours on capitol hill revealing john bolow everyone up. so what do investigation? shaken, a strong earthquake
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