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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11AM  NBC  October 15, 2019 11:00am-11:27am PDT

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. and right now at 11:00, the latest reminder we live in earthquake country. newin sie new newin -- new insight into the nerves and causing trouble at an east bay refinery. go garcia. now. 4.5 earthquake shook things up across a large part of the bay area last night. at about 10:30 usgs said it was not far from the b.a.r.t. station. kris talking to officials and kari hall looking closer at where it felt but we start with sharon katsuda lmpac
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on a east bay refinery. >> reporter: scott, we're hearing late word that the earthquake also affected the refiner and we're hearing from shell and the safety devices triggered compressored to turn off and caused a shut down for a hour and a half and now restarting theny of the firefig strong jolt and did a perimeter check and found a couple of areas that may have shifted or buckled but they'll have an inspector come out today and check minutes away at safeway also saw damage. hoppers racketed the store when hill epicenter on alert. >> everything seemed to beka talked to her at the pleasant it lasted a little while and there was a loud crash before it happened so it was alarmle. >> according to the battalion chief on duty, a crumb of
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ceiling tiles fell out and the structure itself shook but it looks like it slipped on the foundation. >> i actually have a front office here to i came to check if anything is broken -- because i'm sure things could fall down. >> reporter: this east bay resident did not find any damage at her office and firefighters say that is what you should do after anck your lines and a public information officer gave me this pamphlet to remind people at home to look on the contra costa department website and find this information. he wants to remind team to drop, he said you could find all of lle safety ships o pleasant . >> thank you. we're getting a better idea felt it. >> kris sanchez is live at the
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just spoke with experts there. >> reporter: hi there. the reason so many of us felt it is because it was relatively strong, 4.5 and nothing to sneeze about but in the middle of a dense populated urban area and a lot of people to feel it. usgs geophysicist brian kill gore showed us where that quake struck. the peppy center nine miles below pleasant hill is between a southear of a concord fault and the northern part of the calaveras fault and 70,000 people signed on the site to register they felt part with the fact it happened in a populated area. >> so the shake alert system, it is working in the bay area. it is not live. it did issue an alert about 5.5 seconds after the event. and for this particular
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earthquake, i think if it had been live oakland may have received a couple of seconds warning and san francisco four or five seconds warning. >> reporter: so the shake alert system is still in beta testing mode. but in the future it could trigger automatic responses for systems like b.a.r.t. and cal trains. disclosing a sound that will automatically open the doors at fire stations. now we talked with folk this is morning who said the shaking seemed to go on for quite a while. >> and it shook a lot. it was largest one that we've felt lately. >> i was sleeping and it shook really -- it woke me up. >> reporter: a lot of folks say that is how they woke up this morning. usgs said this is a wake-up call and all of us and we should make sure we have our go bag ready and make sure we have copies of important documents and food and water. we do have resources on
11:05 am if you are moved to get yourself together and make sure you have the things you need because it is not a matter of if there is a earthquake as we all know, it is in menlo park, kris sanchez, "today in the bay." >> i'm feeling like we're getting warning. reminders. nbc bay area meteorologist kari hall looking at how wide of an area this quake covers. >> yeah. so a lot of people felt it and it was a fault that is now in the east bay, concord and green valley fault is where it was closest to and so we've seen just a few minor after-shakes and the last one a couple of hours ago but abo aftershocks but where it was felt, you have the purple indicates weak shaking and we're seeing a lot of teal cor as well as green in the east bay showing that there was moderate but anywhere really closeter was, y that strong shaking at about 10:30 last night. and so as we look closer here,
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we've had several aftershocks and there was even one right before that that was the 2.5 that happened at about 10 minutes before that shock was felt across the east bay and then once again the ones after that have been fairly weak. so we'll continue to monitor for that possible that we could see a little bit stronger going into the next several days. scott and laura. >> as we talk about earthquakes, good reminder, loma prieta was 30 years ago this week. we're covering it from all angles. tonight janelle wang speaks to people who lived in san francisco marina district which as you remember was overcome by flames after the quake. you could hear that story of people who stepped up to save their neighborhood tonight at 5:00 on television on our digital app and set your dvr. new details, the college admissions cheating scandal act ves felicity huffman has reported to an east bay prison to serve her sentence. let's go to melsa coloive outsin
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dublin with details. good morning. >> reporter: guys, this is a far, far cry from hollywood. desperate housewives star felicity huffman has started her 14-day sentence here at the correctional facility in dublin. i want to show you from our vantage point what we are looking at. there are barbed wire everywhere and seeing tennis courts. she will spend two weeks here at the federal correctional institute in dublin and pay a fine of $30,000 and perform 250 hours of community service. this is a low security facility. she'll be one of roughly 1200 this is the prison facility that her defense team requested for him and if you are wondering, forbes magazine call this detention center one of the ten cushiest prisons in america and others been here is patty hearst and sarah jane moore after her attempt to assassinate gerald
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ford and hollywood madam heidi flies. so she'll spend the day having her fingerprints and photograph and receive her schedule and what her daily tasks will be. a sobering two weeks for the actress caught in this large-scale college admission scandal, guys. >> melissa colorado reporting from dublin. thank you. authorities so far not revealing how a man now in customer is tied to the death of four people outside of sacramento. roseville police discovered the bodies of threeeo man admitted to killing the victim the as -- at his home in fourth person was found in the car. investigators are not calling it a random crime. thousands of new electric scooters hit the streets of san francisco this morning. part of the next phase of sfmta powered scooter program.
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starting today jump line scoot and spin are allowed to rent out a thousand scooters each. if all goes well, the total number could go higher. in the south bay, a final fight for in n out burgner campbell. they want to build a new restaurant less than half a block away from an exit ramp for highway 17. some neighbors worry traffic near that location is already too congested. the next meeting is the final before the issue moves to the full council for final approval or disapproval. the white house trying to undo some of the damage of the decisions in syria. but is it too late. >> and a bold art fest from a popular art gallery near union square and some captured on video. find out how the thief took even workers there by surprise.
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now to decision 2020. another key night in the race for the democratic presidential nominee. 12 contenders will take the stage for the largest one-night
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debate left. we have debate in houston when ten candidates appeared and tonight's debate is in ohio. on who will take part, bernie sanders, now back on the campaign trail after his recent heart attack. this will be the first debate since the impeachment inquiry and president trump's ukraine scandal. developments in syria. president trump announced new sanctions against turkey in hopes of slowing down the turks assault against kurdish fighters and civilians in syria. that invasion began after president trump announced he would move u.s. troops out of the way giving turkey the green light. and as nbc's richard engle reports from syria, vice president mike pence is on a mission to to rein turkey back in. >> reporter: the white house calling for an immediate ceasefire in northern aggression. president trump peeking by phone last night with the top british commander and turkey's president.
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>>nitestates of america is simply not going to tolerate turkey's invasion of syria. any further. >> reporter: mr. trump sending vice president pence on an urgent diplomatic mission to the region. >> we'll be leaving as quickly as possible to travel into the region to pursue a ceasefire and a negotiated settlement. >> reporter: at the same time, treasury secretary steve mnuchin announcing new sanctions on turkey. >> the president has been very clear. these sanctions are very, very strong. he is prepared to remove these sanctions if there is the necessary actions on turkey's part. >> reporter: so what sparked the administration's new push for peace in it appears at least three major developments all of them predicted by u.s. military officials, all against u.s. interests. these turkish-backed arab former i atrocities that
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u.s. intelligence has been niis prisoners less protected as their kurdish guards need to fight that have been escaping and perhaps most critical of all, the kurds struck a deal with syrian president bashar al assad to join them. but is it too late to change events on the ground here in northern syria? after all it was president trump who gave turkey strong indications that the u.s. would not oppose turk's military incursion. the white house said that the president gave no such green light. turkey said that is exactly what happened. richard engle, nbc news, northern syria. police are hoping surveillance video could help crack a art theft from a gallery near union square. police say the man who you see her walking out of the gallery on sunday grabbed a copperla edged by salvador dolly and left in the direction of union square. the director of the gallery said the print is valued at $20,000.
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the work is locked on the wall to an easel and they are not sure how the thief removed it so quickly and how no one noticed. [ bell ] markets moving ahead this morning. up about 1% on the dow. that is 291 points. we're starting to get into earnings season. and the numbers that we've seen from companies so far remain pretty solid. pg&e under fire a week's outage and the public utilities want sanctions and they want everyone who lost is this all r customer and the political grandstanding. we are in marin city where the blackouts lasted two days. >> i lost almost $2,500. >> reporter: now he has to make up for the spoiled food at bbq and curry and he also lost power
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at his moment nearby when pg&e cut it on purpose to prevent wildfires during strong and now the governor $100 to each residential customer who lost power and $250 to each business. >> it is something better than nothing. we'll take it. but still, not as much as we should get. >> reporter: california puc president is jumping on pg&e demanding it restore power in 12 hours not the current goal of 48 and avoid large-scale outages and develop better ways to communicate with the public and goes on. >> the puc should give that message beforehand. >> reporter: melody is with the group rn and we pay pg&e for electricity we can't rely on and we pay pg&e we pay for. >> reporter: pg&e ceo bill
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johnson responding with a entertainment acknowledging there were areas where they fell short but also before and after the event representatives from those agencies, the cpuc and the governor's office of the emergency services were embedded in our emergency operations center and we welcomed and accepted their help and counsel. terry mcsweeney, nbc bay area news. tonight walnut creek long-term future could come into clearer focus. city council members expected to vote on a 30-year plan to transform north downtown. the development plan is focused on an area between civic and park side to add homes and offices and supporters say jobs. >>ew morning, universal studios is coming to china. they just announced details on jurassic park and hollywood a water world. it is set to open 2021. >> i
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over. fortnite players can log in rebooted with a new map to explore as it launches an all new chapter 2. it was in preparation for the reboot. it went live at 1:00 and users had trouble logging on but everything was up to speed two hours later. i think we just lost about half of our viewers. it's back on. >> stick around for the forecast. >> very popular -- >> and we're going to see the possibility of rain heading in om here is a francisco. still some low clouds hovering over the city and much of the bay area. and then as we head to the south bay once again we have seen the clouds this morning but now as it clears out we see the haziness left behind and then toward walnut creek it is all clear as you get ready to head out for lunch and make sure you have the sunglasses. we're in the mid-60s and quickly
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warming up. we go from 65 degrees to 79 degrees at 4:00. and then we'll see our temperatures hold steady there and then fall as we go into the evening. but we are looking at a nice day ahead. and our south bay high temperatures will reach into the low 80s and in east san jose up to 84 in morgan hill. we'll see a high of 84 in 7 mid-70s for palo alto while daly city is in the upper 60s, will also stay in the upper 60s with a brisk westerly wind up to about 15 miles per hour and the north bay reaching 83 in napa and ukiah. the rest of the forecast, talking about changes. a look at the storm system and rain across the pacific northwest as this starts to move in by tomorrow afternoon and we start to see more clouds moving in and that chance of rain by tomorrow night. so going through the timeline of what to expect with a gusty
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wind, this will help bring in some cooler temperatures just briefly as we go into thursday and friday. and then the weekend will start to warm up again but there will be a couple of more systems passing by. it could bring in showers to the gusty to see more clouds by tomorrow afternoon. not as much sun a today. and then we're at 11:00 and starting to see rain moving into the far north bay approaching santa rosa. that starts to make way into san francisco in the east bay but it looks like some of the rain kind of breaks up. so maybe not all of us will see the showers moving through and it looks to clear out before we wake up and head out on thursday morning. i think by 5:00 or 6:00 we're seeing the rain pushing out and the rest of the day as mostly clear. many of the rainfall totals have been very light. and some of our models showing trace amounts of rain up to a few hundredths of an inch of rain in spots that do see it. and then back to our dry weather going into the weekend.
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breezy winds, comfortable temperatures. very nice fall-like conditions going into the weekend. once again we'll be watching out for a couple of more her sys just a slight warup beteek. but once again, we'll have more updates on thach forecast, laur scott. >> kari, thank you. a girl stairs downifoment. the digs she took that may not have saved not only her own life but her mothers. and we know why taco bell recalled 2 million pounds of ground beef. the u.s. department of agriculture said it might have been contaminated with metal shavings. there have been no confirmed reports of injury our illness and taco bell has pulled the potentially contaminated beef immediately. inspectors are concerned some product could still be in restaurant refrigerators. we're back after the break. aur
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coloradoin last week blue them into yards and streets. look at that. a wall o them. homeowners say it is as high as ten feet. the city is providing a dumpster for disposal but it is full. some people are hiring outside help to get rid of the big weeds. bay area is ranking high in
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a diversity study. oakland came in at number seven making it the highest ranking california city and scored first in the nation for the racial diversity. p black. wallet hub put san jose at the study by the finance website number eight largely because of the language diversity. san francisco ranked 11th. a 12-year-old girl in alaska received an award after safely stopping a car while her mother was having a seizure behind the wheel. ronnie is not old enough to drive a car but stopping the car from the passenger seat may have been the only way to save her and her mother's lives. she and her mother nicole johnson headed home after shopping when johnson had a saysure. melania called 911 and and her eventually stopping the car. mother by >> she wasn't talking to me and she wasn't really responding back to what i was saying or what i was >> it is just a scary moment in both of our lives.
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hahad ever happened. >> mom had a medical problems in the past but never a saysure. >> quick-thinking for that girl. all right. >> another check of the forecast. >> it looks good over the next several days. i'll watch for quick-moving showers between wednesday night and early thursday morning. i'll have a nice cooldown with mid-70s by the end of the week and into the start of the weekend. then warming up slightly between sunday and monday. and then for san francisco more of the 60s in the forecast. we'll also have some cool morning with some low 50s ahead. >> pretty good. >> thanks so much for join ug. the next newscast at 5:00 tonight. also get the latest information all day at >> see you tomorrow morning. come try my really big chicken sandwich combo with
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