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tv   NBC Nightly News With Lester Holt  NBC  October 15, 2019 5:30pm-5:58pm PDT

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we'll have that at for now we'll send it over the nightly news and lester holt. breaking news tonight. the major power shift in syria russian forces on patrol, filling the void left by the u.s. withdrawal new video from an american base, apparently deserted. tonight vice president mike pence preparing for a critical trip to turkey, as that country's leader responds to president trump's demand for a ceasefire. also breaking, president trump's personal attorney rudy giuliani defying a subpoena in the impeachment inquiry. late word vice president pence also won't comply.iuani privately testifying, and democrats facing off in tonight's debate as joe biden's son breaks his silence on the ukraine controversy. actress felicity huffman beginning her 14-day sentence in the college cheating scandal. what her life will be like inside prison.
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the ex-officer out on bail, charged with murder for shooting a woman in her own home the chief's emotional apology. >> no action we take can replace the loss suffered here i'm deeply sorry for what occurred >> what the victim's young nephew says he witnessed moments before the deadly shot the mystery in paradise an american prosecutor gunned down days before her wedding anniversary. nor'easter forecast to rapidly intensify and impact travel for millions al roker with the track. >> this is "nbc nightly news" with lester holt >> good evening, everyone the balance of power in volatile northern syria is dramatically shifting tonightrussn troops qy filling the vacuum left by retreating security role held by american soldiers until they were abruptly ordered to abandon their kurdish allies this evening, the white house is dispatching vice
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president pence to turkey, hoping to stop the bloody advance on the kurds that the u.s. administration helped open the door for. richard engel remains in syria and has the latest >> reporter: the u.s. out, russia in tonight these photos show russian forces moving in to northern syria as u.s. troops evacuate some of their bases. some russians are making fun of what they consider u.s. weakness this video on twitter showing a russian-speaking man on what appears to be an empty u.s. base saying "let's see how the americans live." and turkey is thumbing its nose at the u.s. bombardment of u.s. allies the kurds just afr the white house said it would no longer tolerate turkey's assault tonight i spoke to general kobani, commander of all kurdish forces here. he says president trump promised him last night he'd stop the turkish onslaught. do you think that president trump will keep his
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word to you? "he wants to keep his promise," he says, "but if you look at what's happening, it's not as he said." the general accused turkey of pursuing aclibnse two million kurds here and the turkish army is using extremist militias which officials say include former isis members to drive people away or kill them. so the kurds who fought with american forces against isis have turned to russia and its ally, the syrian army of bashar al assad to save them. why did you decide to realign with the syrian government he says "i can say it was the best of bad options. tonight president trump is sending vice president pence to negotiate with turkey and is threatening tougher economict tuey's president just said the sanctions don't worry him. lester >> richard engel in syria tonight, thanks. now to developing news in the house impeachment inquiry.
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vice president pence tonight refusing to comply with a request for documents, and the president's personal lawyer rudy giuliani saying he won't comply with a subpoena. hallie jackson is at the white house. >> reporter: the president's personal attorney late tonight defying a subpoena from house democrats as rudy giuliani blasts what his lawyer calls an unconstitutional, baseless, and illegitimate impeachment inquiry. >> what's the message you hope to share with house investigators this morning? >> reporter: but a career diplomat, george kent, who oversees ukraine policy is complying today with his own congressional subpoena after trying to sound the alarm about giuliani's push to dig up dirt on the bidens in ukraine, according to documents obtained by nbc news, alerting colleagues about what he called a fake news-driven smear. following the explosive revelations by a former white ned ona estiedformer national security adviser blow everyone up,
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describing his hand grenade who is going to work in ukraine as a drug deal according to a source in the room. "the new york times" saying bolton was so worried, he told her to alert white house lawyers. >> we will find that rudy giuliani, once the greatest mayor of this country is nothing more than a small-town crook. >> reporter: the president today accusing house democrats of allowing no transparency at the witch hunt hearings. >> adam schiff, who is running this secret proceeding behind closed doors where the president gets no rights and the minority doesn't get subpoena power like adam schiff has, this is the most ridiculous, wrong, unfair process. >> reporter: but democrats argue hehey're simplyting investigation, pledging the transcripts will be made public. and late tonight we learned the vice president's office is saying he will not comply with requests for documents from him lester >> hallie jackson at the white house, thanks. as the democratic esake th stage tonight for their latest debate, joe biden goes into it potentially cing questions
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about his son's work in ukraine an issue hunter biden spoke about today. we get more from nbc's peter alexander. >> reporter: tonight hunter biden speaking out for the first time, defending his business dealings in ukraine, saying he did, quote, nothing wrong at all. but acknowledging to abc news what he calls poor judgment. >> did i make a mistake? well, maybe in the grand scheme of things, yeah. but did i make a mistake based upon some unethical lapse? absolutely not. >> reporter: biden was given a position on the board of a ukrainian energy company which reportedly paid him $50,000 a month while his father was vice president. ould have been asked to be on the board of burisma? >> i don't know. i don't know probably not i don'tha loofme wasn't biden. >> reporter: hunter biden faced withering attacking from president trump. >> hunter, you're a
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loser! >> reporter: tonight he says he will no longer work for any foreign companies if his father does become president. still, he says he does not regret his actions in ukraine. >> what i regret is not taking into account that there would be a rudy giuliani and a president of the united states that would be listening to this ridiculous conspiracy idea, which has, again, been completely debunked by everyone. >> reporter: all of it a new challenge for joe biden, now sharing front-runner status with elizabeth warren. >> and i've got a plan for that >> reporter: biden now targeting y torenil get things done. we're not electing a planner. >> reporter: tonight's debate will also be a critical moment for senator bernie sanders returning to the campaign trail for the first time since that heart attack earlier this month lester >> peter alexander in ohio tonight, thank you in northern california today, actress felicity huffman began her two-week prison sentence for her role in the country's biggest college entrance cheating
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scandal, the first parent to be locked up. miguel almaguer is outside the prison tonight miguel, what does huffman face thpleading guilty to fraud, felicity huffman will behind me. the actress facing a real life role she never thought security prison just she would, that of an inmate reporting to federal prison today, felicity huffman is now inmate 77806-112, serving her two-week sentence at this sprawling penitentiary in dublin, california she'll wake up at 5:00 a.m., wear a brown prison uniform, and answer to five inmate role calls every day. jennifer meyers spent 14 months in federal prison on drug charges. >> unless you've been incarcerated and had the experience of being strip searched, you have no idea what it feels like. leang her hollywood estate behind, huffman will have visitation onweekends, allowing husband, william h. macy and her children to see her.
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the actress will now mix with other prisoners, have work duties, be allowed to shower once a day, and purchase items like mascara, lipstick, and moisturizer. >> she is going to be in a state of shock that probably isn't going to leave until she gets out of prison. and it's going to continue, even when she's been out. >> reporter: huffman is now the first parent to be locked up. others like fellow actress lori loughlin are fighting the charges, hoping to avoid all but certain prison time if convicted. but tonight huffman has lost her freedom, a hollywood a-lister now a felon, trading the red carpet for a prison cellicithuffman hollywood. she'll have to serve 250 hours of community service. she'll have to spend one year supervised release time with a probation officer. lester >> all right, miguel, thank you. new developments tonight in the investigation of that deadly police shooting in
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fort worth, texas. w charged with murdering a woman in her home gabe gutierrez has the latest >> reporter: tonight former fort worth police officer aaron dean is out on $200,000 bail after being charged with the murder of atatiana jefferson today interim police chief ed kraus choked back tears. >> it's very emotional because the officers, they try hard every day to try to make this city better. >> reporter: he said he was deeply sorry for what happened >> i think that's going to be all. thank you. >> reporter: before abruptly ending a news conference police say the 34-year-old dean never identified himself as an officer when he went to check on a home early saturday morning. as seen on this body cam video, he opened fire within seconds of drawing his weapon. >> put your hands up show me your hands [ gunshot >> jefferson's family said she had been playing video games with her 8-year-old nephew ard boy toldit t ar the window after right to protect herself with this gun, and that officer dean did not follow proper procedures >> rookie cop is not going to be
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the scapegoat for what happened >> reporter: at this department, there have been six deadly officer-involved shootings so far this year. what needs to change at the fort worth police department >> we're looking at bringing in an independent third party group to come in and alpolicies >> reporter: late today, dean's defense attorney told nbc news that his client is sorry and his family is in shock lester >> gabe, thank you the family of that british teen killed in a car crash involving an american diplomat's wife had a meeting at the white house late today cle was hit by a car allegedly driven by anne sacoolas claiming diplomatic immunity, she flew home to the u.s. dunn's parents want her to return to britain for questioning. tonight nba superstar lebron james is facing backlash in hong kong after remarking on a tweet that strained relations between the league and china nbc's ron mott has the fallout. >> reporter: in hong kong
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tonight, basketball superstar lebron james under fire his famed jersey up in smoke, furor growing over his response to this tweet sent by houston rockets general manager daryl morey earlier this month in apparent support of anti-government protesters >> i don't want to get into a feud with daryl morey, but i believe he wasn't educated on the situation at hand. >> reporter: those comments setting off a political brushfire here at home republican senators quick to pounce rick scott of florida writing clearly king james is the one who isn't educated on the nebraska's ben sasse, you're parroting communist propaganda china is running torture camps, >> reporter: the league's most bankable brand and the nba have a lot riding on the chinese market advocates for social justice, that he has got to find a better way to express what he's feeling, because it makes him look very craven it makes him look like he just cares about the money.
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>> reporter: james and his teammates recently returned from a trip to china with controversy hanging in the air he tweeted, "my team and this league just went through a difficult week i think people need to understand what a tweet or statement can do to others." words now cutting in both directions ron mott, nbc news a powerful fall nor'easter is on the horizon tonight forecast to rapidly intensify into a bomb cyclone. with the risk of floods andel al roker has the new track. al, what are you looking at here >> well, lester, we arwith down in the south with the radar. heavy showers and thunderstorms along this stalled front. southeastern atlantic coast. tomorrow the storm intensifies rapidly off the midatlantic coast. heavy rain from new york all the way down to the delmarva peninsula. we move through the day on thursday, with rain and mountain snows for new england, howling winds for the northeast.
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rainfall amounts anywhere from 3 to 5 inches but locally could be more wind gusts of anywhere from 30 to 50 miles per hour, and airport delays stretching from washington, d.c. all the way to boston, lester, with airports and roads a real mess. lester >> sounds awfully ugly, al thank you. in a new york court today, actor cuba gooding jr. faces additional charges of sexual misconduct, and prosecutors say there are as many as a dozen other incidents. here is ron allen. >> reporter: cuba gooding jr. in handcuffs arriving in court in new court documents, a second unidentified woman hollywigators the gooding had already beeninvolving a different woman at a new york bar. the surveillance video obtained gooding, with his girlfriend next to him, allegedly placed his hand on the other woman's left breast and squeezed it. and prosecutors gave the judge a list of a dozen other uncharged incidents of alleged sexual misconduct dating from
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2001 to 2018 gooding has pleaded not guilty to all charges, and his attorney denied all allegations. >> we are shocked, outraged, and absolutely dumbfounded that the district attorney's office has wasted the taxpayers' ne >> reporter: the judge will rule whether a jury ever hears any of those 12 uncharged allegations while gooding remains free on his own recognizance lester >> ron allen here in new york, thanks just ahead, the murder mystery in paradise. an american lawyer working as a prosecutor shot to death. also, lunch shaming. school districts weighing their kids' lunch bills. we hope you'll stay with us. there are those who will say that you're:
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too fat. too hard. too soft. too much. too unexpected. too limited. and to them we say too bad. because at kaiser permanente, we believe that everyone deserves the right to thrive. zblooenchtsing. thanks for joining us. we are breaking into our coverage of nightly news to bring you our breaking news
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coverage we've been following for the last several hours, the fire at the new star energy company in crockett. this is right near the bridge. a few things we are keeping an eye on right now, is this fire contained? what's the status of interstate 80. right now i-80 has been closed for a couple of hours and will be closed for several more hours in this area. also the air quality here in the neighborhoods. >> some of those issues are being addressed right now at another news briefing we're having right now from contra costa fire. let's listen in. >> causing conditions that range from unhealthy conditions to people with sensitivities to respiratory problems to hazardous levels of particulates. it's been varying a bit. we have teams out there measuring that air quality right now and we're getting updates on that on a fairly regular basis.
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we'll lift shelter in place orders when it's safe to do so. one note from county health, people that are experiencing -- of course people should stay indoo rs and out of the air that's filled with these particles, but anyone who's experiencing respiratory distress should call 911 to have those medical concerns addressed. and i think with that, that's all the updates i have. i think the important thing is there's only two tanks burning, not three. and we have a very fluid situation right now. i think it's in a bit of a lull as it was when we spoke last time. then the fire erupted again right after we spoke an hour ago. that's because the infrastructure that connects these tanks is damaged. fuel gets exposed to the air. the foam blanket we have on it
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gets disrupted, air gets to that fuel, and we see these flare ups. we're working hard to get it to the point where we don't have anymore flare ups but at this point we anticipate we'll have flare ups for some time to come. with that, i'll take your questions. >> [ inaudible question ] >> one tank did actually experience structural failure. it did collapse. there are >> [ inaudible question ] >> well, we have firefighters -- fire fighting is a risky business. this is a defensive fire. there are certainly large implications for the potential for a fire like this. so, we have to figure that into the mix, the risk, picture if you will. we have firefighters down there. you can probably see them behind me putting waters on those tanks to cool them that aand continui fires that are burning. it is a risky situation, but
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we've done our best to calculate that and keep our firefighters from safe distance. >> [ inaudible question ] >> that's not true. the first call came in at 1:50. say within five minutes and they immediately went to work on that fire. numerous fire apparatus down there on those tanks in that tank farm fighting that fire. and iy chained some of them out over the ensuing hours that passed, but we've had firefighters on those fires from the beginning. >> can you tell us a little bit more about the three other tanks that you say are threatened? >> yes. >> what do they have, and when you say "threatened," would you elaborate please? >> there are tanks filled with varying amounts of flammable materials. they either have ethanol like the two that are burning which burns pretty well or jet fuel. and so our concern is that we
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keep those cool and keep the fire away from those because the last thingfilled with volatile . >> [ inaudible question ] >> the question was regarding the earthquake last night around 10:30 i believe in pleasant hill. it was a 4.5 or 4.7 earthquake and whether that might be related to this. at this point it would be purely conjecture. what i can say about that and the investigation of the fire is that in the last few minutes the decision has been made by the incident commanders to bring in the con fire fire investigation unit and they've begun their work to investigate the fire. they won't be able to do all of it until we get the fire contained and ultimately out. but the con fire fire investigation unit will be investigating the fire.
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mhat we willet >> well, there's a couple things going on there. one is we have a blanket of frightifire fighting foam over the top of the collapsed tank. so, the idea behind that is to keep oxygen from the fires, deny the fire oxygen. so, what's happening is you're we're getting breaks in the foam blanket. the heated fuel is being exposed to air, and of course that's creating situations where it flairs up. that's what you're seeing there. >> [ inaudible question ] >> well, one tank is all but completely collapsed. that one leaked into the containment area, the secondary c containme containment area around it which is oil and contents are in the
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earth and dikes. it was my understanding a couple of hours ago that some of the infrastructure that actually connects those tanks, the pipe, if you will, may have been damaged as well. we may have been having problems with leaks with that. i don't know the status of those but aisle try to find those for the next briefing. >> can you talk more about the. [ inaudible question ] specialized firefighters? >> all of the refineries and other oil industry, pe tro chemical industry companies that have a presence here in the county have some degree of fire facility and the risks. each of these companies
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organization, specialized firefighters with specialized equipment to deal with fires like these. >> [ inaudible question ] >> i'm not certain, however i would say given the short time in which it took them to arrive, i would have to assume that they come from the companies that contribute to that organization here in the area. >> [ inaudible question ] >> that's correct. we have two tanks that are currently burning. we are cautiously optimistic that we are going to get the upper hand on them. but as you've seen observing the fire the -- these fires the last couple of hours, we've had our ups and downs. our goal was to get those fires contained and extinguished. and while we're doing that a fl ups from time to time, adjacent tanks to keep them cool so they
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don't become involved in fire themselves. >> [ inaudible question ] >> that's a good question. t't have anstate 80 will be reopened. as soon as it's safe to do so, we will. there's two considerations there. one is the safety from this facility itself and what could occur here. that seems to be getting under control as the hours go by. the other consideration is the air quality which is something that county health is monitoring right now. >> [ inaudible question ] >> it's impossible to estimate that standing here right now. i would say so far every hour that passes we get closer to that point. but at this point right now, i can't answer that have every desire to get these fires under control and extinguished and reduce the risk t
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so, with that, we'll do another update at 6:45 if warranted. is that okay for you guys? thank you very much. >> you've been listening in to steve hill, a spokesperson with the contra costa county fire department. this is raj mathai along with jessica aguirre. it has been an active afternoon. for more than four hours we've been watching this combination of flames, thick black plumes of smoke and white smoke at this nu star energy facility. a few things is when interstate 80 will reopen, also what's the air quality in this area. a lot of people could be impacted here. >> i 80 closed down aboutstarte.
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let's listen in. >> agencies, contra costa fire department. steve gave great information to everybody about what's going on safety-wise. that's the most important thing. we are just supporting the effort with controlling the freeway and everybody in the public. 80 closed from 4 to 780 in vallejo. we expect it to be closed until about 6 hours from now, about midnight. we're hoping for something earlier but we're going to wait for the word from the first degree fire department and update you. it's going to be until approximately midnight full closure from highway 4 all the way to 780 in vallejo. the alternative routes best to take if you're coming from the city oakland trying to get to central valley area, sacramento, highway 4 eastbound through antioch to the60 bridge. that's through the south sacramento area.
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it would be great if you can handle that. the benito bridge is another alternative route. it might be busy right now because everyone is taking that. or takehrgh tracey all the way into central valley and avoid the entire thing. it's going to be very busy, lots of traffic, thank you in advance for your patience. that's just how it is this evening. >> [ inaudible question ] >> i don't have much more really. >> [ inaudible question ] >> we want drivers to avoid the area so that the agencies can do their job safety and also the particulates in the area, whatever's going on and if it were to get bigger, spread, whatever. we want people to be away so they can do their job. that's the idea. we don want people congesting the area. that's why we have to shut it down. thank you very much. we'll have more later. >> you've been listening to the chp coming out confirming what we heard from contra costa fire that it is because of the integrity of the facility and
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keeping the safety of thecili ao the particulates in the air and the air quality that they have decided to shut down


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