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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 6  NBC  October 15, 2019 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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it might be busy right now because everyone is taking that. or take 580 through tracey all the way into central valley and avoid the entire thing. it's going to be very busy, lots of traffic, thank you in advance for your patience. that's just how it is this evening. >> [ inaudible question ] >> i don't have much more really. >> [ inaudible question ] >> we want drivers to avoid the ar sohat thegencies can do their job safety and also the particulates in the area, whatever's going on and if it were to get bigger, spread, whatever. we want people to be away so they can do their job. that's the idea. we don't want people congesting the area. that's why we have to shut it down. thank you very much. we'll have more later. >> you've been listening to the chp coming out confirming what we heard from contra costa fire that it is because of the integrity of the facility and keeping the safety of the facility and that in addition to the particulates in the air and
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the air quality that they have decided to shut down i 80 from highway 4 to 780 in vallejo. they are saying at this juncture they're looking at a six-hour closure which puts us into the midnight hour. that's not an exact science they've got going. they're going to reassess as the evening progresses but you have to plan for the worst case scenario. he went through a list of different alternate routes you could go to, but the bottom line is there's going to be traffic no matter where you go. your best option is to avoid this at all costs but there's going to be traffic. >> it's an eerie scene in the foreground, that's interstate 80. it is rare we see a shutdown of this magnitude for several hours. there's interstate 80. you see zero cars on that except for fire crews. just about 50 or 100 yards away is this fire. if you watched throughout the afternoon, at some point there
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were raging flames, an inferno. right now it's much better. it's almost out but we've seen that before and it seems to flair back up. here's a live look at the traffic map. you can see the red on the left side of the screen. that's 80 through hercules and vallejo. 680 is your best option and any other way to get around this because you have no option to go through i 80. >> they were talking about people could see this fire and the plumes of smoke were so far, you have to take into consideration how high the plumes were because this storage tank facility sits about 80 feet down in a valley. it is lower than you might see regular traffic. it can be seen for a long way away. a couple of things that steve hill corrected for us. obviously he's getting new information, we're getting new information, the information is changing. so, clarifications. he is now saying not three tanks, only two tanks were
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burning. he also said that one of the tanks did collapse, continued to call this a risky situation. one of the things you're seeing when you look at that is you see the close up picture we'll get for you in a moment is it looks like almost snow over it. that's a blanket of foam. he says one of the tankers, especially the one that collapsed, they blanketed it to create a blanket over it so that no oxygen gets in. we keep seeing the flare ups and the flare ups are created by oxygen mixing with the fuel in the tanks. >> it's encouraging what we're seeing now. again, we hardly see any flames which has been different from the many hours we've been on the story. that's the encouraging part. however, it could flare up at any time which we saw around 4:45 this evening where we saw very little flames and turned into an inferno again. a few things we're watching, the timeline. this all started around 1:50 this afternoon.
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we are past four hours in this breaking news environment. it is an air quality issue. if you recall back in 2012, the richmond refinery caught fire, more than 15,000 people sought medical attention for the breathing issues. so, that is a major concern. and of course interstate 80 could be closed until midnight tonight. with us is nbc bay area cheryl herd. earlier you joined us from sweat high school in crockett. where are you now and what's the latest from your location? >> reporter: i'm still here. i arrived here about 4:30. when i got here there was smoke billowing in the air. it's pretty clear right now. we can only keep your fingers crossed that it stays clear and hope that the fire does not flare up. you can see to my left it's some type of detour going on. i'm not that familiar with the situation so i don't know where the detour is going. but there's a steady stream of cars going here beyond john swett high school keeping the
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cars off of intertate 80. i talked to the superintendent of schools here and he called what happened here at john swett high school a systematic dismissal. when we got here students were holding their noses, the air was just a little smoky, and middle schoolers got on buses at about 4:00. high school students got on to the buses at about 5:30. now, the superintendent today has told me that this has been a very challenging day. but he also said that this is what we train for. we train for disasters like this. now, we spent some of our time at 5th and california. that's in rodeo over the hill. and there you can see the thick black smoke in the air. now, the folks i talked to felt it necessary to shelter in place. we did, however, talk to a few people about their situation. >> you know, air quality is very
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bad right now. so, staying inside the house, not going outside. >> well, i don't think it's that big of a deal unless we start to really smell it. so -- >> well, it was going that way. now it's turning more this way. >> reporter: now, the smoke did follow us here to crockett. it has dissipated tremendously since we've been here for about an hour and a half. now, the school that you're looking at right now is now empty. the superintendent tells me that he's trying to decide whether or not school will be opened or closed. he's making a decision on that as we speak. the health department has been posted here all afternoon. they have since left. and so i'm going to call the superintendent to try and find out what his plan of action will be for his students tomorrow to see if school will be opened or
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closed. we'll give you that information a little later on in our continuing coverage. back to you guys. >> okay. thank you, cheryl. the supervisor telling cheryl they're going to make a last minute decision about whether the school is going to be open. we're now looking over live pictures from sky ranger of that storage facility in crockett. this is owned by nustar. it has 9,800 miles of pipeline and 74 terminal and storage facility which is what that facility is right there. it stores and distributes crude oil, refined products, specialty liquids. in this case we heard the two tapgs contained ethanol. ethanol is used to mix in with gasoline. it's one of the products that they use in gasoline. it is a san antonio-based company a company, and it has again 74 terminals. this is one of those facilities. >> among the questions we ask,
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what's the backgrounds in terms of safety records for nustar energy based in texas. we have discovered they have a clean record in the past ten years. that is something worth noting. let's bring in jodi hernandez. he's right down where our chopper is on the ground level, give us perspective of where you are. i know you're just a few feet away from interstate 80 and we can see the tankers behind you as well. >> reporter: that's right. we're right next to this situation here. we've been here for now about -- over three hours. we're four hours into this emergency situation. and as you can see, the smoke has died down. the flames have died down for right now. but again, this can change. we've been watching this happen all afternoon long where the flames and the smoke flare up and then they die down. now, we did get some clarification in that last news conference that two of the storage tanks were on fire, not
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three. and that they contained ethanol. on of them 167,000 gallons of ethanol and one of them did collapse during this fire. and it is now covered in a bed of foam as you can see right there. that's where one of the storage tanks used to be located now covered in a bed of foam. they're trying to keep these chemicals from flairing up again. another new development is a specialized team is now out here at the team. it's called the petrol chemical mutual aid. that's a team of special firefighters from chevron, shell, marathon, and other companies as well that are out here. they have their special equipment, foam, and they are trained to deal with situations just like this. they are here on the ground, just got here a short time ago, and will be helping in this fire fighting effort. there's a huge presence out
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here. we're told about 200 firefighters. as of right now they don't know when they're goio get the situation under control. firefighter pio says it's their desire to get handle on this situation so they can deem this area safe and perhaps reopen interstate 80. chp now estimating highway 80 will remain closed for at least another six hours well into midnight. you can hear the sirens going off in the background. at's because the air is unhealthy and hazardous levels so they want to make sure people are taking precautions, staying indoors, keeping windows and doors closed and taking every precaution because they don't know what the particulate matter, what kind of damage it can be doing. the air quality management district has folks out here. we saw them with their canisters collecting air samples, sample they told me they're going to bring back to san francisco to the lab in san francisco to
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determine exactly what is in this air, what we're breathing. but they're taking every precaution, every effort to get this situation under control. and now a specialized team is back here on the ground to help out. so, that's the latest here from the scene. we're right here with the structures behind us. i 80 has been closed for a few hours and we'll continue to keep you updated. >> the warning sirens we've been aring for four hours letting people know what's going on there and also just consistently telling people that uts a sign to stay indoors, try to avoid this air because they don't know the quality. obviously ethanol burning, that's a chemical compound used to oxygenate the gasoline. some of the effects we've been reading online from ethanol exposure to ethanol, respiratory exposure can be nausea, dizziness, in dire cases preps
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toir paralysis. it is a vapor when it gets into the air and it is an irritant. >> you're looking at video of about an hour or two ago from the smoke plume. we're going to be tracking that. we're back with the latest information. we're going to take a short break but we continue to follow this story, fire at nustar energy and the shutdown of the interstate.
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. welcome back to our live coverage of this fire at the nustar energy plant in crockett. this is our nbc bay area sky ranger live pictures. we're going to try to give you a perspective of where this is. here's what we know right now. this started around 1:50 this afternoon. right now the air quality is unhealthy to hazardous in the immediate area. what you're looking at now is the traffic across the east bay and in contra costa county. interstate 80 remains closed and wi b closed perhaps until midnight tonight. so, plan on other routes to get around contra costa county because right now from highway 4 hercules up i 80 into vallejo is closed as you can see the sky ranger shows from the traffic. just about a mile or two up the road, that is i 80 in the
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foreground, and here are the tankers. two of them are on fire. it appears right now at 6:15 that the fires are almost out as opposed to what we've been seeing for the last four hours where we've seen major inferno there and all that thick black smoke going directly up in the air, then hovering a bit, and then going toward vallejo. >> contra costa has said to expect flare ups. they've blanketed the tanks with foam. oxygen air is what causes those flare ups again. so, they say they have 200 fire personnel on scene, 42 units there, and the goal is to keep it blanketed so no oxygen gets into that. getting back to the traffic. because this is still an unsafe situation, they closed the freeway down and it's going to remain closed potentially until midnight. we want to bring in chris chmura. chris, a couple of things for you, one, where do you go if you
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can't go on i 80? what are the options? and two, when all this settles a little bit, the next question people are going to be asking is is this going to impact my gas price? this is not a refinery, but it's a storage price. >> people are already asking that question all over social media. let's cover that. why is this going to remain closed so long. this is a zoomed in area of the map. this pen represents about 400 feet. these two are the runs that burned. here's the pen, 400 feet, that's how close intertate 80 is to this scene of the fire. they certainly don't want to let drivers run through here so close to a situation where as jessica describes where if a little bit of oxygen gets under the blanket of foam we could see another flare up. we see i 80 closed perhaps until midnight. that's what the red and exciwhi
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line is on google maps. the more red, the more bad news. there is tons of it. drives try to go north and east. i know you don't want to hear this but your alternatives are not very good. you can head on highway 4 and pick up 680 and head northbound. that also is a mess. it does clear up a little bit into sri niche voir dire. there's an alternative on this side of the map where we can head northbound and around the 37 to. the gas prices real quick. from the posts we're seeing like crazy, my view of the next reason for higher gas prices. this is patrick from gas buddy, they get paid to monitor gas prices for a living and understand the dynamics. he says in regards to the fire in crockett california this is
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not a refinery but a storage facility, so this is not a disruption of gasoline production unlike events that could cause gas prices to soar, not expecting impact on gas prices. that's the silver lining to the very dark cloud rising in the sky right now. >> especially with gas prices in. let's bring in jeff raniere ri. we're watching this more of a silver lining here. the wind direction is not too windy. however the air quality is still bad. you can remember in 2012 the richmond refinery, 15,000 people sought medical attention in the hours and days after that. >> we saw the smoke plumes, there's so much of that particulate matter floating around in the atmosphere and some o that is going to be dropping to the ground. that's why we're under a shelter in place for a lot of olocations right near this fire as it continued to burn. the good news we had seen the
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ignition source starting to get put out as they're putting the foam on it. as we put map locator on this, you can see rodeo right here. the fire just off to the north at the nustar refinery. the way the wind has been blowing, it's been fairly light. only out of the west at six-miles-per-hour. only the i only see gusts up to 15-miles-per-hour. that will continue to blow some of the particulate matter into crockett, glen cove, back into bah niche i can't. vallejo you should monitor this as well. if you smell anything unusual, shelter in place. keep the windows, the doors shut. you want to get a wet towel, put it near the door to keep the seal tight. any of the streets around here and then right here from this
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area back through very niece i can't venetia. it's going to be hard to see the particulate matter in front of your face. you could be breathing it. you're going goat a tight chest, watery eyes, and coughing. you've got to monitor that. i want to give us a little bit of a quick update on tomorrow's weather. we're going to see a change, temperaturing cools by about 10 degrees, clouds increase, and eventually watch this, we're going to get rain fall possibly moving in, light showers by wednesday evening. so, this weather system likely would quick anything that's left over into the central value and of course the air equally monitoring, that could be a little bit of an issue there. but rain would help to bring this down to ground. that's the latest we've got right now. >> thank you very much, jeff. a lot of you may be saying what is going on? fires, earthquakes, not just the fire in contra costa county. we had a second earthquake in less than 24 hours this
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afternoon. the first one last night near pleasant hill. a lot of people said they felt the jolt. this afternoon another quake, this time in hollister. that one registering a 4.7. this is a map of where the two earthquakes hit. again, the one in pleasant hill that was a magnitude 4.5. the one in hollister initially 4.8 but downgraded to 4.7. no word of damage from the hollister earthquake or the one in contra costa last night. but a lot of people are asking what's going on? nbc damian trujillo joins us. that has to be unnerving for no contests there. >> reporter: a lot of questions here. people are going about their business now going into the dinner hour here in hollister. again, not a lot of damage. we reached out to several here in hollister. they did have shelves swaying back and forth but fiat had a lot of damage as far as the
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stores go. but a lot of rattled nerves. people are asking a lot of questions here. the owner of one liquor store did share surveillance video with us that she had, shows her running out of the store when the earth started shaking. and about ten seconds later is when we noticed the store shelves starting swaying. and that was it. not a lot of damage. the owner was worried about the heavier bottles on the top shelf, but they did not come crashing down. a few people say they did not feel a thing. that was mostly students who say they were in class at the time. >> the students went to the black top. the teacher gave us backpack. >> the teacher said to get under the desk. we do and sometimes during drills. we get out of the classes and go to basketball area. >> and there were a few after
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shocks today. most of them were in the twos. even those can seem scary. luckily no injuries were reported out here. hollister does sit next othe the san andreas fault or near. people here are used to these kinds of tremblors. but it's not something you really get used to. you just kind of know they're here and they might happen any time. we're live in hollister. >> damian, thank you. it has been a sobering 24 hours. as for last night's quake, so many of us felt it, 4.5 magnitude near pleasant hill. a lot of people across the bay area feeling it inside our news room. this is a look at video a viewer sent us from their nest cam. you can see the camera moving there, the cabinet jolting, the pumpkin on top of the bookshelf. take a look at these photos from the safeway in pleasant hill, items falling from e shelves, bottles broken. no reports of any major damage
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or injuries from the earthquake in contra costa county or anywhere else. a lot of the stores had a lot of clean up. even the target had items on the floor. several small after shocks. there were at least 16 small after shocks that continued in the overnight hours. scott budman joins us at the usgs. >> reporter: yeah, raj, they use a lot of technology to track these things here at usgs. as you said two separate earthquakes on two separate faults. one doesn't have a name. one is well known and is now said to be creeping. >> this is the fault here -- >> reporter: the two earthquakes were almost the same size and came within about 14 hour of each other. but according to the u.s. geological survey, they're not related. >> coincidence. >> reporter: geophysicist brian
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kilgore says the quake shook from different faults, monday night from an unnamed fault located between the cal var ras and concord falls, today's quake along what's called the creeping section of the san andreas fault. >> it's called the creeping section because it tends to move slowly continuously. so, there's a lot of small earthquakes continuously going on there. >> reporter: kilgore tells us that shake alerts did react to at least the pleasant hill quake and would have provided a little warning to bay area residents had it been up and running. >> oakland may have received a second or two of warning, san francisco a few seconds more. >> reporter: now the usgs tracks these things online. they say these quakes were felt by a lot of people, not because they were powerful but because they were centered in highly populated areas. scott budman, nbc bay area news.
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>> thank you, very much scott. a little bit eerie for people who are remembering very soon loma prieta. you're looking at a live picture of what we're dealing with today which is the tanker fire in crockett at this farm. right now conditions are getting better, not for i 80 though. expect it to be out till midnight. back with more in a moment.
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we continue our breaking news coverage, this story we have been following for more than four hours. you can see why. two tanks at a fuel storage facility in contra costa county right near the car tee nas bridge caught fire sending the thick black smoke into the air. this is happening at the nustar facility in crockett. this is a major public safety concern because of the air quality. and traffic, i 80 remains closed and could be closed until midnight. >> fire broke out about 1:50
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this afternoon. initially people said they heard two explosions. some people said they felt like they felt their homes just shake. and all of a sudden there was engulfment of these two tanks. smoke led to shelter and place order for the immediate area south of that terminal. they call it a power line terminal or pipeline terminal because that's where all the different refined fuels come in from different companies. >> we have the latest update from the different officials. the air quality has changed from unhealthy to hazardous. one of the reporters on the scene more than four hours ago, jodi, what's the latest? >> reporter: so, i'll tell you raj things are definitely looking a lot calmer than they have since we've been out here all afternoon. i'm going to step away so we can zoom in and take a look at what the situation looks like right now. you can see there is black smoke coming up from those tankers, from those tanks. and they are pouring water on to
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the situation but we don't see a lot of active flame and we don't see those big huge plumes of black smoke coming up. there are hundreds -- a couple hundred firefighters on scene out here. as you can see they've been using this special foam to blanket over one of the tankers, one of the tanks that collapsed earlier today. again, the situation does seem to look a lot better. we talked to con fire just a short time ago. this is what they had to say. >> we have a blanket of fire fighting foam over top of the collapsed tanks. so, the idea behind that is to keep oxygen from the fire, deny the fire oxygen. and so what's happening is you're seeing these flare ups because we're getting breaks in the foam blanket. the heated fuel is being exposed to air and of course that's creating situations where it
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flairs up. >> and you are looking at that foam and they're also using that foam to try to keep the rest of these tanks cool. now, we have learned that these tanks contain jet fuel. and the one that collapsed contained ethanol, 167,000 gallons of ethanol. now, i mentioned there are a couple hundred firefighters out here including these ones right here on the hillside. another thing that happened this afternoon is the fire from the tanks spread into the vegetation, went up this hillside, and firefighters have been working hard to keep that situation under control. they've done a great job putting out the hotspots on the hillside. another piece of information that we learned is there's now a specialized team out here, the petro chemical mutual aide team that is a group of special firefighters from chevron, shell, and phillips out here
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with special equipment foam. they are trained to deal with situations just like this and they are now here on the ground trying to get this situation contained. we don't know when it will be deemed safe. and con fire says it is their deep desire to make it safe. the latest that we heard from the california highway patrol is that the interstate 80 will remain closed at least until the midnight hour. so, that's big news for commuters. if you're traveling this way, you definitely need to take an alternate route. but again, things are definitely looking better from what we can tell. we'll be getting updates throughout the evening ask approximate bringing them to you. reporting live in contra costa county, i'm jodi hernandez. >> couple things. couple hours ago when the height of the really thick black smoke to now, in terms of what you're breathing and what you can sense from that, do you have a discernible difference in the
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air you're breathing? >> reporter: yeah, it definitely -- the air is not -- yeah, it doesn't smell so fumey. it was starting to hurt my eyes at one point. obviously we've got the masks here. but it definitely seems to be getting better. earlier today as we told you earlier there were crews from the bay area air quality management district that came out with their canisters. i saw them collecting air samples. they're going to bring those samples back to san francisco to their lab and try to determine exactly what is in the air, what we're breathing. but it definitely does feel a little bit better. the air is crisper. it's starting to cool down out here, so that is a good sign. but those shelter and place orders and advisories remain in effect. if you live anywhere in the area, you're urged to stay indoors. keep your doors and windows closed. avoid going outside. >> do you anticipate the same people from the bay area air quality management will be back to take a second version sample.
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they took one a couple hours ago when you saw the smoke behind you. you haven't seen somebody else come out to get another sample to see the difference in the air quality? >> no, i haven't seen them out here for several hours. but i'm told that there are representatives here. there are also folks here from the county, from the county hazardous materials team. and they're also collecting samples. so, we need to check back in with them and see if they've gotten any early results. yeah, but i haven't seen them out here collecting samples for a couple of hours. >> the key part in all this is the air quality of what we're breathing, for so many people in that area. jodi, thank you. we'll come back to you as we continue our coverage. let's go above where jodi is, our nbc bay area sky ranger. again it's kind of this oscillation back and forth where we see a lot of flames and hardly any flames.
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right now more flare ups. that was the concern. that's why i 80 is closed, the fear of the fire spreading, the congestion in the area because they want the fire crews to be able to move easily in the area, and the air quality. these 24 tankers are just maybe 100, 200 yards away from interstate 80 and that is the primary concern. and that leads us to the traffic. could be closed until midnight. let's bring in nbc bay area's melissa colorado along 680 in contra costa county and we see just a mess and congestion behind you. tell us exactly where you are. >> reporter: raj, you better believe thousands of dinner reservations are getting cancel med tonight because this is a nightmare. we're at the 680. people have been in their cars for hours. a drir who came from south san francisco heading to fairfield, he's been in his car in this stop and go traffic for the past five hours.
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chc said i 80 will be closed until midnight between highway 4 and the car teen yas bridge. this is horrible news for people heading home. so, these detours, they include highway 4 eastbound. you can also take the venetia bridge or take 580 and cut through the central valley. but i can tell you the drivers have been stuck in their cars for hours. and by any indication they are not getting home until very, very late, especially since we're hearing from the chc that parts of i 80 will be closed until midnight. of course it's a fluid situation, but drivers i spoke to -- really i've yelled at. they're taking it in stride. they're waving. there's not much they can do but be stuck in this traffic. your heartbreaks for the super commuters, those folks coming from the city all the way to sacramento, heading to other parts of the north bay. these folks are going to be stuck here for quite some time.
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you can just see the back up, the stop and go traffic all because of this fire happening in the crockett rodeo area and clearly this is the after math. this is what commuters are having to deal with. we'll send it back to you. >> thank you, melissa. we want to turn things over to cheryl herd and check in with her. cheryl is in crockett. she was there when they had the big dismissal of schools. she's been talking to the superintendent there to figure out if there will be school for kids tomorrow. cheryl, are you there? >> reporter: i am here. and it was a tense situation here at john swett high school earlier today. now just before 2:00, the superintendent tells me that he heard a boom and thought it was an earthquake. and that was about 2:00 this afternoon. now, the students here were told to shelter in place, and that situation lasted for about three
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hours. the school is now empty because around 5:30 the last wave of students started boarding buses to get home. this was a challenging situation because of all the road closures we've been talking about. the superintendent is calling this a systematic dismissal, but also says this is what they're trying to do. you can hear the community sirens going off just right now. but tonight the decision has not been made regarding school tomorrow for some 1,400 students. >> we don't know when the shelter and place will come to an end, and we need to make some determinations to inform families what to do in the morning. we're leaning towards closing schools. we want to make sure we are just thoughtful in making that decision. >> reporter: now, this is the scene from rodeo at around 3:00, very scary situation for
6:41 pm
hundreds of people there. now, if you can come back live, you can see that the air seems to be much clearer than what it was. not all the way clear, but much clearer than what it was earlier today. the community siren is going off. it's been going off periodically all afternoon letting people know that a dangerous situation is here. so, we're talking to the superintendent. he said that he will be making a decision on whether or not school will hope. again, you just heard from him. he said that he's leaning towards closing school for some 1,400 students here. i'll check back with him and try to get the answer to whether school will be open or closed here tomorrow. back to you guys. >> okay. cheryl hurd reporting from swett high school in crockett. you can hear the community warning sirens not only piercing into your ear but also alarming and disturbing. that is the reality of it.
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we go back live to the nbc bay area sky ranger. again from ten minutes ago we hardly saw flames to now a few more flames. it is certainly much better than we've seen throughout this afternoon and the early evening. but the bottom line remains, interstate 80 is closed until perhaps as late as midnight and the air quality concern is a real threat to thousands of people. what we're going to do is take a short break. we're going to be back in i amoment with new information from this and we'll continue our coverage on the two earthquakes in the last 24 hours.
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become to our live coverage of the fire there at the nustar energy facility in crockett. you see the flames picking back up. this has been common in these last four and a half hours we've been on this story. we've seen huge flames and plumes of smoke and now kind of moderate level. it looks like snow surrounding the two tankers. it's actually foam firefighters have been using.
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we've been talking so much about air quality as we zero in here as we focus on those flames and we're getting very close to interstate 80 which remains closed down now from hercules in the vallejo, i 80 remains closed in both directions. i 80 might not reopen until midnight tonight. we want to show you video from a couple of hours ago. we had teams come out and take readings and samples. we had contra costa county teams measuring the air quality. you can see them. what they're doing now -- this was taken about 90 minutes to two hours ago. they're going to analyze that air quality, the reading, and report back to us. we're waiting for those readings. but right now the initial scale was unhealthy to hazardous. this of course affects primarily elderly and young people but also everyone in between. keep an eye on that. we're going to back live to the sky ranger and continue to
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follow this in crockett impacting the bridge as well. >> just a short time ago we saw some of the students that had been kept in crockett. when they were dismissed around 5:00 you saw students leaving with t-shirts over their faces. thats raises the issue of what do you do when there's this type of air quality. we saw this during the campfire and recent fires. chris, this is an area you've got very much into because there's a particular type of mask. you want to go for the one you're wiring. >> this is in m 95 mask. this is the typical painters mask you'll find at a home improvement store preside improvement store. if you want toal protect yourself, go with m 95, it blocks out about 95% of the particulate matter in the air. you might not be able to
6:47 pm
reference what's in the air that could hurt your pulmonary system, your lungs. so, this is the kind of mask you want. we've been watching some of the maps online. this is the epa waiting for an update to see what the air quality is doing, whether it's improving. we're not seeing granular data just yet for the neck of the wood where is the fire took place. still showing moderate conditions the in that area. that likely is going to change. here's another map. still all yellow in the bay area as the colors get darker and darker, that indicates when the air begins to get unhealthy, very unhealthy, and hazardous. we'll keep an eye on that to see what's happening with the air. in the meantime if you manage to get yourself an m 95 mask, couple important things about them. the manufacturer of this one, 3m told us that this mask can be used indefinitely provided you keep it dry and clean. even if you've got one that's
6:48 pm
dry and clean, the most important thing to do is cover your face and to seal it against your face. if there are any gaps between the edge of the mask and your face, you're going to allow that bad stuff in and you're basically going to defeat the purpose of the mask. so, ensure that it's completely wrapped around the back of your head with these elastic bands and there's a good feel on your face. i can tell you from two years ago when we were handing these out in the north bay during the wine country fires, there's a bit of a restriction in your ability to breathe. that means it's working. that being said if you have difficultly breathing to begin with, there are some experts that say it's not a good idea to put this on because you shouldn't be outside in the first place. try to stay inside and make sure if you have air conditioning or heat on, if there's a filter in that, try to make sure that's clean. that's a really important point for us when we're dealing with these things that degrade our
6:49 pm
air quality. it's important to have not only a mask on hand at work, in the car, at home or all of the above, but also in your home to have a spare, clean, new ready to go air filter for your air conditioning or heating system so that you can filter out anything that's outside that you don't want to come inside. if you're going to get the mask, m 95. forget the ones you might have in the garage. they're not going to do what you want them to do. we'll keep an eye on these maps to see if the yellows turn to darker colors. there's even more of a reason to wear these. >> refresh our memory about how much for the m 95 mask. you probably get them in bulk. >> you should not pay more than a couple bucks for these things. they're sold in boxes at various home improve stores. also some of the specialty contractor stores sell them. we did see these being sold individually which the manufacturer says they should not be sold individually during the wine country fires. we saw them being sold for roughly 20 bucks a piece.
6:50 pm
a lot of people thought that was gouging. unfortunately the way the law works, that's not gouging. if you see that, that's capitalism because of increased demand and limited supply. these can be important if you have respiratory problems. >> the key is to have those in advance like you have the earthquake kit and have supplies. i have a box of these in my car. you never know what situation. you have flairs, all these things. it's easy to add it to your repertoire of water and whatever else you need for whatever situation you need. >> the particles are so small. we are getting new updated information on the air quality. and where we are see it the worse right now -- so, i do want to bring us into our forecast tonight. we'll also get local weather mixed in here as well. and the latest on the air quality based on the station that is coming in vallejo is reading unhealthy, up to 161 for
6:51 pm
that particular matter. if you're in vallejo, even if you haven't received a shelter and place alert, you should stay inside. as we've been talking about, keep the windows shut, the doors closed. the weather forecast in the wind department has been cooperating with us at least a little bit today. it certainly c be a lot windier in this area. right now winds only out of the west at 6, gusts up to 10, tonight i only see gusts hitting up to 15-miles-per-hour. fire near rodeo. and the wind pattern blowing some of the particulate matter that's still left over into crockett, glen cove, back to venetia and vallejo. vallejo worse air quality at this moment. we have been talking about these particulate matters. we heard chris mention the m 95
6:52 pm
mask. the reason you need that special mask is because these particles -- this is a blown up view of a human hair. it is smaller than a human hair. these red dots right there represent how small pm 2.5 is and that's why you need a mask if you're going to be outside for some prolonged time when you have smoke filtering around in the atmosphere. keep the windows and doors closed. don't use fans or air conditioning because the pm is so small it can creep in. what about our forecast. big changes coming our way. as we hit tomorrow clouds increase all the way through the afternoon and look at this. showers approach by 11:00 at night throughout the north bay. eventually overnight into early thursday morning we see those showers move near san francisco. then by # 5:00 a.m. it moves to the south. eventually see it clear out by thursday morning. trace amounts to about .59 hundreds of an inch up north.
6:53 pm
san francisco back into the 60s this up coming weekend and inland valley slight chance of spotty showers and we have 70 the next couple of days. the rain will help bring the pm down to the surface. that will be a little bit of good news. but, you know, the wind could have been a lot worse today but it's floating around. >> we dodged a bullet certainly. >> we'll get back to you in a few minutes. we're back in i amoment . this is live pictures. the flames are picking up once again. we're not done. stay with us. ♪ hey. hey. you must be steven's phone.
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okay. we want to pivot here for a seco give you updates on sports world. 49ers and raiders getting ready for their game this weekend. >> baseball playoffs today, packed house at yankee stadium. josh reddick crushes a home run. astros leads 2-1. when we get back we're going to
6:57 pm
continue breaking news from the fire in crockett at the nustar energy plant.
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we're interrupting regularly scheduled program to continue breaking news. this is a story we've been on for the past five hour oris so. what you're looking at is the nustar energy plant. this is a texas based company that has an operation in the bay area. this is near the bridge. in the foregrounds interstate 80. you can see fire trucks there. interstate 80 is to the right side of the screen, shut down. it has been for the last few hours and will continue to b


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