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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  October 15, 2019 11:00pm-11:34pm PDT

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test. breaking news. explosions about 30 minutes ago. folks are being asked to keep their windows and doors shut. >> i'm standing on it right now. the is not a car to be found. they've been stuck in their cars for hours. >> this is a story we've been on for the past five hours.
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>> right now at 11:00, we continue our breaking news coverage between our series of earthquakes, this may know fire and the shutdown of instate 80. it has been a dramatic evening to say the least. >> let's start with the traffic mess. instate 80 reopened about an hour ago. what you're looking at is that nustar energy facility. the fire is finally out. to the relief of drivers, i-80 is moving again. that was not the case some seven hours today. 80 was close in the both directions from highway 4 in, her liz to 780 in vallejo. >> and that is the reason why that explosion at that fuel
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storage facility in crockett. the two tanks you just saw moments ago live that were flattened. that is them fully engulfed in flames. they're holding ethanol, heavy black smoke as you can see. triggering a shelter and placed the order. it was lift in the past 40 minutes. as for the fire at nustar energy, we just showed you a picture of it. firefighters say the fire is out. >> there are still some serious concerns including our air qual. it has been on fire about nine hours now. cheryl hurd is in crockett with the very latest. >> we just got a major update not long ago. we cannot say it enough. instate 80 is now open. a major relief for the people who use this may know highway. right now, authorities are now on the scene investigating. there have been numerous
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flare-ups throughout the night and the day. to that officia say those flare-ups are over. >> this is what the nustar storage facility looked like at the height of the fire. this is what it looked like now. the massive fire is finally contained. >> all the shelter in place warnings have been lifted. for both the freeway, interstate 80, and the community of crockett, rodeo and the northern part. >> the explosion that send the top of the tank flying in the air caused the area to shake right before the massive fire ball appeared. plumes of thing black schmoke could be seen for miles. especially for this family. it wasn't this bad a little
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while ago. >> it flared up many times. county health officials testing the air at the height of the fire. the health risk has been lift. >> with an all clear we asked residents to please open the doors and windows to air out buildings and homes. you can resume normal activities at this time. >> reporter: well, normal activity is relevant. i talked with the school superintendent for john sweat unified and he told me he has canceled classes for 1,400 students there. he didn't want to take any chances. authorities are still here on the scene. he'll be here all night conducting their investigation. reporting live. nbc bay area news. >> an abundance of caution for sure. >> about 3:00, the chp has been telling you, shut down i-80 in both directions from 4:00 to
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780. the very busy stretchf road reopened. about 9:45. terr mcsweeney live at the toll plaza. things are moving again. we see the cars and trucks behind you. we saw you on 80 and there was nothing. not a car on that roadway. >> yeah. earlier as you mentioned, people lost hou and hours sitting in their cars and some of them lost their tempers. >> four hours, an almost eerie sight on instate 80. no vehicles. and the coming skyway, the reason. why sergio saw some bad behavior out here. >> a lot of people were getting out of cars. you knew people cutting off people. on the road. regular driving. >> there is excuse for what
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he saw when he like thousands of others was detoured off the road. >> they got spun out on the freeway. that stopped and helped them to get clear. >> it's because of frustration of the p on 80 itself. >> social media was crowded with the report that typically the one-hour drive taking three or more. this man had things to take care of in vallejo. >> today for some reason, 15 minutes from the creek. >> it has been a long strange 24 hours for simms so we go from having an earthquake to this. i'm all over the place with it. >> reporter: you might be thinking it was an allout brawl but it wasn't. i was stuck in the traffic about three to four hours and a lot of people were cutting in front of
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you. everybody kept it cool. nbc bay area news. >> thousands of people were diverted to other freeways and that caused the domino effect of traffic and of course, frustration. let's look at the live traffic map. earlier there was a lot of red. you can see it is may notally green in the past 15 minutes. from 680 in concord with more. melissa? >> well, traffic is looking good for terry, that means it is looking good for me. we're at the interchange in concord. and hours ago, this area was jam packed. this was one of the detours that commuters were forced to use. i want to show you right now. traffic is flowing pretty well now that i-80 is open in both
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directions. >> where are you going? >> is this the worst you've ever been in? >> tonight drivers stuck for hours in their cars. vented their frustraon for us. >> he said he hates the bay area traffic. >> and who could blame them. they forced the chp to shut down all lanes of interstate 80 from, her liz to vallejo. >> there are cars everywhere. >> you can see on the sides of the street. yeah. >> the shutdown from highway 4 to the carquinez brink forced thousands to find another way home. >> i'm going to try to wait it out a little bit longer. otherwise, i'll have to go 680. >> how long have you been in traffic? >> the drivers were on the way north to cities like vallejo,
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even as far as yuba city. the traffic mess also spilled into neighborhood streets. please be mindful while driving home. we want you to get to your destination safely. >> reporter: there were concerns this would affect the morning commute. thankfully that does not appear to be the case. nbc bay area news. >> hopefully that is not the case tomorrow morning and we can have smooth sailing. this is over i-80. they're right on the brink. air quality is improving. one of the remaining questions, what start the fire this afternoon. what went wrong at the nustar energy facility. a facility that has a clean record with cal osha for the past ten years.
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>> for all those hours. it wasn't just the smoke that fill the sky. ash as well. from when the fire first started well into the evening. let's bring in jeff ranieri you saw the pieces of ash on jody's arms from being out there. >> she was right next to it. for the most part, the weather situation probably helped across the greater bay area as the smoke started to rise. a lot of it was lifted to the upper atmosphere. rodeo, crockett, back into been eastern a. for those who did smell the smoke. right now, winds at six miles per hour only see gusts up to 15
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miles an hour. the good news, the air quality has improved. it should be said, most of the day, it was moderate to approaching unhealthy upon a closer look at a very unhealthy station. we are looking at most of the locations just approaching unhealthy this afternoon. and the good news, most areas in the moderate. we'll talk more about the air chances coming up. tonight, nustar said that the he pipe hines in and out of the facility are now shut down. they stay region is for safety. the price, the question is, is it bad news for gas prices? >> that's a big concern. this is not a refinery tech nickly so in theory gas prices shouldn't be affected. we're all very cynical.
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>> absolutely. they just recently spiked. several viewers voicing concern on social media about the potential of price hikes. here's one person saying, gas prices going up again? here come them gas prices. for an expert opinion, we turn on patrick who tracks the complex economics. here's what he tweeted. knowing about the fire. he said he does not see a supply disruption because of the fire. and therefore, he does not expect any impact on gas prices vut. that's really good news for bay area drivers. aaa said one gallon has already shopped $4.48. aaa amtraks that. >> thank you very much. we've been posting updates all
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night. we'll keep going all evening into the morning. you can watch all the news conference updates. join in the conversation about the air quality as well. >> our coverage is not done. three sizable earthquakes rattled the bay area within the past 24 hours. do seismologists think there's a connection? >> then the biggest presidential debate in 2019. we'll let you know who came out on top. it's been reported that there's a cyberattack on business every 39 seconds.
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we continue our breaking news of the fire in the fire. the tankers, 24 tankers there. two of them are just a shell. if we pull out with our sky ranger, you can see how close that nustar energy plan is to i-80. and this is good news. you can see it is open and
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moving smoothly. it reopened about, after being shut down for about six to seven hours. >> let's show it to you. this is another aftershock that hit this evening in last night's quake. the third substantial jolt we've felt in the bay area in the last 24 hours. the map shows where the quakes were centered. pleasant hill, holster and then this evening another jolt. live in hollister. the east bay and the south bay both getting shaken up. >> reporter: for sure. most people said they if he a good shake this afternoon in hollister. the biggest city near the he said center. just to the south of us out in the hills. they say they came into work early to check for damage. >> you may not see it but you can hear when the earthquake
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starts. this was inside on a small stretch of road that leads to pinnacles national park. it is one of the closest businesses to the epicenter of the 4.7 quake. >> a nice jolt. >> reporter: she was at home but rushed in to check on the building that stood here through many quakes in the past 140 years. >> just heard bottles moving around. probably in the wine cellar. >> reporter: she was also home with her 1 and 2-year-olds. >> i fell my house move. it was like an ocean. we had some waves going on and i heard my kids start screaming because they didn't think it was the coolest thing in the world. >> and this shows the store owner running out of her shop. and some say they barely felt a thing in class. >> they just said to get under
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the desk. all of them saying it is a good reminder to prepare. >> we always think about, yeah. what your plan is. >> reporter: the police and sheriff tell me luckily there were no reports of any dang or injury. here in hollister, it is near san andreas fault. most say this is the biggest they've felt in about two years. >> it is unnerving for at love us. we mentioned the 3.4 aftershock tonight near pleasant hi and walnut creek. that struck right near last night's quake. a lot of people felt the jolt across the bay area really. no injuries. no major damage. you are seeing this. this is the safeway in pleasant hill. plenty of bottles broken. >> let's break it down for you.
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two earthquakes. one in the east bay. one in hollister. they hit about 14 hours. pretty close together and similar size. but the people who measure quakes say it is just a coincidence. the two earthquakes not at all related. they said they're on different faults. the unnamed fault between calveras fault, today it hit along the creeping section of the san andreas. >> it is called the creeping section because the fault tends to move, slowly, continuously. so a lot of really small earthquakes continuously going on there. >> he tells us the early warning system did react and maybe would have provided about a second or two of warning to bay area people if it had been up and running down in hollister as
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well. there's that difference between that creeping earthquake and more of the flip-flop one where you really feel the jolt. >> yeah. and it's just across parts of the east bay. we have been following all the aftershocks. i want to take you to our micro climate forecast. what you'll be able to see is over the past 24 hours, we have seen at least 30 aftershocks. this evening, at 7:11 tonight, you can see it is concentrated at pleasant hill. most of the aftershocks have been at 1.0 to 2.0. this is unusual activity. we can we know what a joet you've had. so we will monitor these aftershocks and any other activity throughout the bay area. >> i want to show you the air quality in case you missed it.
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in case there is a shelter in place that has been canyoned. we did have a very unhealthy rating. that was an erroneous site earlier tong tonight. most locations were moderate and a few were approaching unhealthy. nonetheless, the air quality has started to improve from that fire near crockett. so let's move into the forecast. temperatures in the 50s, at least the cloud cover. 7:00, 8:00, and 9:00. san francisco, 53. feeling at least a little bit like fall as we start out in the morning forecast. we have a little cloud cover to start for the morning. by the afternoon, it will feel a lot different for you as the cloud cover increases throughout the entire bay area. we have a storm system that will
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start to approach. it looks impressive off to the north by 8:00 p.m. wednesday. this really does break up wednesday at 11:00 p.m. even intoer wednesday morning. i think we might get a few spotty showers out of this before we clear up later on thursday. so here's how it looks. the temperatures clear out. 60s at the coast. so you'll see on the extended forecast, the chance of rain. close to the oregon border. 11:00 p.m. wednesday. a slight chance of showers. then we clear out with 60s in san francisco. inland valleys, a chance of a spotty shower. 73 here on saturday and then once we hit sunday, 79 degrees. so a very small system moving in later tonight.
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i'm waiting on something much, much bigger. >> felicity huffman reported to jail today. she is starting her sentence for the nationwide college admissions scandal. a low security jail for female inmates. she paid $50,000 to have her daughter's s.a.t. score listed.
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snpt 12 democrats on stage. tonight's debate taking place in ohio. >> and there were fireworks.
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jean is in san francisco with some of the key moments. >> reporter: 12 candidates, three hours of debate. voters at a watch party here in san francisco say they are ready for more. 12 democratic hopefuls range in issues from health care to job to foreign policy. she rises in the polls. >> i want to give a reality check. >> reporter: a tactic they didn't approve of. >> i hate the fighting. >> reporter: some voters stand firmly behind the candidate. for sarah mark, senator warren. >> i come here to be competent. to know what she's doing and to have the backs of the american people. >> reporter: others are still being persuaded. >> it was elizabeth warren and bernie sanders both. and going out, it was the same except i was really impressed
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with kamala harris. >> tonight this crowd has a favorite. jeanelle, nbc bay area news.
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okay. fires. earthquakes. let's get a break. the frymaners and the raiders. >> the undefeated 49ers in washington this sunday. the raiders coming off the bye week are in green bay. baseball playoffs tonight. a big deal. get ready for some champagne. in washington, d.c., who are the nationals in they beat the dodgers and tonight they sweep the cardinals. the nationals are going to the world series for the first time in franchise history. we're back in a moment. ♪ hey. hey. you must be steven's phone.
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many are nervous the next big quake to strike at any minute. >> plus magnitude versus intensity. what's the difference? join us tomorrow morning at 4:30 to 7:00 a.m. >> okay. a lot to digest. a fire that burned most of afternoon and evening at a fuel storage facility in crockett. a she will in place lift.
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the cities were doing that. now an investigation begins in earnest over how that fire broke out. >> and our investigative union is into that. our morning team in the newsroom. they'll begin our live coverage at 4:00 a.m. so about four and a half hours. just talking generalory. >> and we'll be moderate activity. we have a slight chance of showers late thursday, early wednesday morning. up next, jimmy fallon. >> announcer: and now, president donald trump >> jimmy: thank me [ cheers and applause thank me thank me very much you're all very happy th'm


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